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Uzoho Best Eagles’ Goalie, Needs Regular Games To Stay Strong –Idah

Uzoho Best Eagles’ Goalie, Needs Regular Games To Stay Strong –Idah

Former Nigeria goalkeeper, Peterside Idah, has rated Francis Uzoho as currently the Super Eagles’ best goalie, but states that the AC Omonia player needs regular playing time to remain the national team’s number one for a long time, Completesports.com reports

Speaking recently as a guest at Abuja All Stars annual tournament draw, Idah who is aspiring to become the next president of Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, says Uzoho has some good qualities that can develop him more if he gets featured regularly at his club and the Super Eagles.

“I saw Uzoho at the 2018 World Cup in Russia as a young goalkeeper and I must say he impressed. He was fantastic facing the likes of Messi and Aguero and doing well. It’s a gradual process which was slowed by a long time injury that cost his spot as number one at both club and national team,” Idah stated.

“Uzoho is currently our number one and I think he should be given regular games to hold on tight for a long time as Super Eagles safest hands. He is good at cutting out crosses and commanding in his goal areas. In the past, we have goalkeepers like Enyeama who is very good on one on one, Shorunnmu who reads the game well and the late Agbonavbare who is too good aerially.”


Uzoho in Super Eagles training session

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Idaho added: “The national team coaches would do well to give Uzoho a run of games to build his confidence and he can only get better and big clubs in Europe will come for his signature.

“He is only 22 years old and I believe before he is 27, we shall see the best of him,” Idah who would not be drawn into comparing Uzoho and Maduka Okoye concluded.

The Supersport pundit also frowned at the proliferation of the Super Eagles’ squad with Nigerian players in diaspora adding that home grown players have different game mentality and have more of the Nigerian ‘never say die’ spirit.”

By Richard Jideaka, Abuja

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  • Mrstreams 2 years ago

    Oga uzoho ain’t a good keeper he’s shaky…Osigwe a good keeper

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago




  • Obest 2 years ago

    Y’all black shit stars fans, go get lots basket, cos your average team gonna get trashed with lots of goals at the world Cup. Hahaha self made, get 40 basket your self so you can help your team collect the ball from the net each time Ronaldo scores

  • Why can’t you guys mind your business? Is it an obsession talking about Ghana? We have beaten you to the ticket, what is your worry if we are beaten 20-0? Witchcraft is not good oo. What was your useless super chicken going to do in Qatar? If the Ghana team which eliminated you is average, then what’s your team? You guys should shut up when the big boys of African football are talking! You can win under aged tournaments with over aged players, who cares?!…my friend go find some cola chew and sleep 

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 2 years ago

      MAY you never ever see rest and may your pursuers overtake and run you and you whole generation over!
      May your place NEVER remember your punk ass again after they have removed your black shit face from history you bastard!
      The way you BASTARDS come here and some of the things you try to instigate! HELL IS TOO GOOD FOR YOU AND ALL DEMONIC GHANIANS who come and try to instigate restful people into violence and anger.
      I promise you lot I will make an exception of you WHEN I get to you.

      • Ignatius Abo 2 years ago

        Thank you sir cursing Self Made Punk the other day and for unmasking him through his social media account. Things have not been the same for him since his unfortunate encounter with u. Now it is @Yaw’s turn. He is already trembling at the thought of what will happen to his life now after your pronouncements. Hopefully we never see him here again after the dogs have made suya of his carcass. All Ghanaian fans are hereby warned not to incur the wrath of Field Marshall or else they will live to regret it like Yaw and Self Made Loser.

        • Ignatius Abo 2 years ago

          Selfmade stone, Didn’t Field Marshall warn you never to come here again? You are playing with fire.

        • Ignatius Abo 2 years ago

          Back to sender Self made maggot. You brought all this upon yourself by insulting Field Marshal. Keep me out of it.

      • @ field marshall or whatever you call yourself, you are very primitive and stupid. You think this is Nigerian movie you are acting? Can’t believe you spent all that time writing that rubbish you call curse…who cares?! You are very foolish. Kwasiaboy!

  • Lord AMO 2 years ago

    We make ourselves look like fools with every reference to the Ghanaians.  Grow up for goodness sakes.  We lost the WC ticket to them; no amount of U-17, U-20 or womens football success football success can make up for that and we all know it.  

    Did we mess up by losing to what we consider one of the weakest Black star squads? Of course we did and we have to wear that.  To the victor goes the spoil and I think its fair to say that our utterances prior to the qualifying series has earned us a good pasting from fans of our rivals.  Grow up and move on so we can focus on how to make our football better in the long run and also enjoy reading comments on this paltform.

    I wish the Black Stars all the best in the WC as last last, they are representing the continent and all black men and women come Nov/Dec.  Na my own talk be dat o

    • Oga @ Lord, you will live long!

      • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

        These are the Nigerians we want see and interact with and not the BOGUS ONES lol

        Real African there my bro 

        If there’s 10 of u in Nigeria, nepa ll be no more 

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 2 years ago

      You are an absolute idiot for that moronic statement!
      I swear you CANNOT be a NIGERIAN, just another sensless, demented and lost ghaian thinking he is clever trying to infiltrate amongst the “MASTERS” from across the pond

      • Ignatius Abo 2 years ago

        Field Marshall, please I beg you, forgive this one. I can assure you that Lord AMO is a Nigerian who is just misguided. If you curse him he will struggle to put on his table and we can’t have that. He has realised the error of his ways. so we can let him off the hook. If you know who he is on social media, please keep his identity secret. But you can reveal Yaw’s identity once you unmask him on social media. Thanks sir.

      • Lord AMO 2 years ago

        You’re making a mockery of yourself here but no wahala sha.  I hope you find the peace that you’re looking for.  Remain blessed.

        • Ignatius Abo 2 years ago

          Apologies Lord AMO. I never meant to offend you. I just wanted to make peace between you and Field Marshal John Bob. Both of you are highly appreciated.

  • Hassan Tia 2 years ago

    He must join a great club at great leauge like England,Spain,Italy, France,Portugal in order to improve his quality then he benefits himself and Super Eagles, I recommend him to join clubs like Newcastle, Leeds United, Real Betis,Real Socidad,Espanyol, Sampodoria,Roma, Fiorentina, Marsielle, Nantes,Lille,Lens,Sporting Lisbon,Sporting Braga; so if he join one of these clubs he will have a huge quality in his function.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    The main reason forumites have been antagonistic towards Ghana fans is because of the barrage of abuse and ridicule Ghana fans constantly direct at Nigerians.
    It’s a never ending cycle of vitriol. Both parties are equally at fault. Both parties need to grow up and face their busines.
    Nigeria is out of the world cup. Let’s face our business of making our football better and ensuring we qualify for major tournaments in future, and try to add to our trophy cabinet. Let’s face our business of paying coaches salaries and players bonuses on time, providing quality pitches for our teams to play on, focus on player welfare, and all the other benefits that good football administration brings.
    Ghana too should face their business of going to Qatar, and try to avoid the WOTOWOTO that is waiting for them there. Instead of constantly bickering with Nigeria fans, Ghana should be preoccupied with finding solutions to their problem of no trophy at senior level in the last 40 years.
    To your tents, O Israel. Everybody stay in your lane.

    • Marvelous 2 years ago

      I blame some of us Nigerians for the Ghanian noise. Why wish Ghana bad at the world cup? Is it their fault that Equavon and pinnick were clueless, is never their fault that we don’t have a good home playing pitch, Ghanians were not the ones that force Dare, Odegbami and Equavon to conspire and sack Rohr at a die minutes to nation cup and an important world cup qualifiers.

      For crying out loud we disgracefully lost to the poorest Ghanian team ever!! And here we are singing how teams will beat them. If it was that easy for teams to demolish them why didn’t we change formation or tactics and score at least a goal against them on home soil, at least a goal would have landed us in Qatar.

      I wish Ghana all the best in Qatar, if fact I will be glad if the get to the Simi finals. Ghana is representing Africa which is superior than a single countries interest, we are first of all Africans before chosing country. Ghana is representing millions of black people in the world, Ghana is representing the black race of Africa, Ghana is going there to fight for west Africa. I can only wish them good luck and watch all theirs matches as they soldier on. Winning battles are not really for the strong and mighty, David and Goliath is a good story. North Macedonia vs Italy is a good story, etc.

      We Nigerians should channel our grievances to failed government, our useless decision making sport administrators who sack Rohr when the time was not suitable. We should ask pinnick why a single stadium in Abuja and Lagos cannot have a fifa grade A standard pitch. We should ask him why a football club in mushroom countries are having better playing pitch than a whole super eagle in an oil rich nation.

      • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

        Ur name says it all!  Ur iq is as high as a Ghanaian portably u have a Ghanaian ancestry somewhere in ur bloodline 

        What’s a GREAT GUY and if Nigeria has just 10 of ur likes, nepa ll be no more 

        Guys like u make me believe that the AFRICA agenda is still on my bro!! 

        The other non entities on this forum should learn from u lol

  • @Abo, everything you have written shows that you are the stupid one. I don’t subscribe to selfmade’s approach but he will only respond to block heads like you who are filled with hatred for Ghana. No Ghanaian wakes up to start insulting Nigerians, we are not mad! People like you and your comments whip up the animosity between the two countries. I wish your super chickens and all your generational teams the same failure you wish for Ghana. This nonsense must stop. If you mind your business, we mind our business. This article had nothing to do with Ghana and we were minding our business until a fool called Obest decided to rope us in. So is it wrong for selfmade or any Ghanaian to insult you back in equal measure? Let’s respect ourselves and live in peace. Good morning.

    • Ignatius Abo 2 years ago

      @Yaw, by airing my comments on Nigeria’s football on a Nigerian platform, I am minding my business sir. You will never find me airing my views on a Ghanaian blog because I have no business there, that will be overstepping my bounds. Ghana and Nigeria are bitterest rivals just like England and Scotland or AC Milan and Inter Milan. I haven’t said anything above that is out of place or out of step with what obtains elsewhere in modern football. Scan the length and breadth of my entire entry above and you will not find a single place where I mentioned your name particularly. It was deliberate because I was erroneously of the view that you were more civilized than Self made maggot and Ghana fans of his type.
      I don’t have any hatred for Ghanaian people but, just like a democrats Vs republicans in American politics, you don’t expect me to wish my most vitriolic football rivals success simply because they will use that success to score points against me in the future. That is just how football politics works, I was shallow minded to think you of all people would have the intellect to comprehend this simple notion.
      For me, the fact that you wish Nigeria’s national team failure is music to my ears. As our bitterest rivals, I should expect no less from you. Which is what makes our recent successes in youth and women’s football all the more soul satisfying because these Nigerian successes bring misery to all our rivals, not just Ghanaians.
      You don’t subscribe to Self made’s disgraceful attitude yet you comment like him. Examine yourself brother and make changes.
      When Obest commented about Ghana, why not show him that you are the bigger person by preaching love to him. Rather, you come out fighting like a raving lunatic. Don’t you know that 2 wrongs never make 1 right. My guy, no hard feelings. I am glad you didn’t wish Nigeria well before the wafu tournaments. I bet you don’t wish our ladies well for the Afcon that will start this weekend. Just sit down and watch, it is not today that Nigerian national teams started making rival African fans look like the fools that they are.

      • Greenturf 2 years ago

        True talk @Ignatius Abo I like your honesty.
        Most people who wrote to wish Ghana success knows deep down in their heart they aren’t honest just like a Manchester or Everton fan wishing Liverpool success it doesn’t happen,not that Nigerians hate Ghanaians but when it comes to football you wouldn’t want your bitter rivals to win and rub it in your face because that is what’s going to happen whether you support them or not.
        But outside football you should show love and oneness.

      • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

        Have u ever preached love here? Or u think we don’t have ur previous comments of u insulting Ghanaians here?

        Don’t bring ur self!!

        U shallow minded idiot !!

  • Marvelous 2 years ago

    YES I SINCERELY WISH GHANA REACH THE SEMIS. The noise between us and them have made me forget that we even have other teams representing Africa.

    I don’t even have much emotions for those North African countries because they always see themselves like Europeans and less African. My heart in this world cup is fixed with Ghana and Cameroon.

    Anyway this tread was about Uzoho. I can sense things which are not good trying to play out too early under pesiero, he should be careful. They better compare properly between Uzoho and Okoye before they make their choice. Uzoho is an old man and not 22, Okoye is truly young and we know that. We should be careful in the keeping department. Uzoho should get himself a better challenge in Europe if truly he is 22, and not some omonia Nicosia stuffs. He should go to a club he will face better and tested, strikers, wingers,and midfielders.

    I believe we can discover another Enyeama in Nigeria. If we discover Peter Rufia, Enyeama, etc in Nigeria, we can work harder and discover another great one. That’s if we don’t allow football politic, nepotism, ethnicity and sentiments to spoil the search.

    • Ignatius Abo 2 years ago

      @Marvellous, well said about Nigeria’s goalkeeping department. If Uzoho doesn’t play regularly in a decent club and Okoye keeps regularly in England, then it’s a no brainer. Uzoho might not exactly be 22 but trust me he is “young”. If he looks after himself and keeps regularly, we can have him for another 10 years at least.
      About Nigeria Vs Ghana, I go back to my Manchester United Vs Manchester City analogy. Although fans of these two clubs are from the same city and country and sometimes from the same street or even from the same family, they never wish each others well football wise.
      I love Ghana, I wish them well in all other areas of human endeavours apart from football. I will be supporting Portugal, South Korea and Uruguay in Qatar. Ghana must fail, Ghana must fall is my slogan. That is just the way it is my brother. I will rather pray for Cape Verde, Centre Africa Republic or Chad to reach the semi final of the world cup than that Charcoal dust of Ghana. That is just the way it is, no hard feelings.

      • I will pray for any country in Africa to succeed in football but not that shithole country called Nigeria. You see, we can all descend into the gutters if we so wish.  

        • @Yaw we are just waiting for world cup to start and useless Ghana to collect Wotowoto in Qatar and come back early… Mumu country spoils the chances of a star studded team albeit by our doing and neglect of merit for so long, not to worry we have learned our lesseon (I trully hope) but Portugal and Uruguay will show your Monkey nation what ball is anumanu mumu Ghana Black Yansh! Mtcheew!!!

      • Ignatius Abo 2 years ago

        @Yaw, feel free to descend into the sewers if you so wish. Whatever name you call Nigeria is your cup of tea. As I noted above, I should expect nothing else but hostilities from you when it comes to Nigerian national teams just as I expect nothing from our national teams other than to put rivals like you to shame. I will be supporting all the teams that play against Ghana so that they can help me put you people in your place, what Eguavoen failed to do.

        • Thankfully you are not God. Good luck in your quest to see ghana fail…madness! lol

        • Ignatius Abo 2 years ago

          @Yaw, I am only mortal o! I am not God. Nothing in what I wrote suggests that I equate myself with the Almighty God. You seem intellectually challenged as you misconstrue a lot of what I wrote. Please, go back to primary school.

  • @Abo, first of all this platform doesn’t belong to your papa, if it was we will see stories of your family members here. Secondly if you call us shit Stars fans, you don’t expect me to come kiss you and show you love. There’s no other word to describe a fool. Thirdly we can be football rivals and still remain civil. I realized a lot of Nigerians on this platform sieze the list opportunity to insult Ghanaians in the name of football rivalry. You can continue preaching Democrat vs republican politics in football but if anyone dare insults Ghanaians, they will have it more than they bargained for. You are not the repository of insults. Let’s be decent!

    • Mr intellectual, did your intellect tell you that a team which has won 3 afcon titles is better than the team with 4 titles? What is the best performance of the super chickens team at the world cup? Your over aged teams and women teams can win whatever title, it can not be equated to the achievements of a senior team. After all canada and North Korean female teams do very well but they are not considered great football nations because their senior men’s team don’t do well on the international stage. On the basis of this argument, you cannot say Nigeria is better than ghana in any way. Let me even throw in our u20 team, the only African nation to do so. This win will negate the 2 extra wins you have with the u17. The only achievement you have is Olympic gold. Now let’s come to head-to-head between the two nation; Ghana 21 wins, Nigeria 10 wins, 20 draws. I know you will say population doesn’t play football but if you call yourself the big brother, on the back of the statistics above, do you think you have made the most out of your size? We have beaten you since the time of your great grand father, go and ask segun odegbami, okocha,enyema etc. They have all tasted what a ghana team is made of. In our recent memory we have eliminated you from Qatar 2022 and when the big boys of African football meet, you will be conspicuously missing because u lack quality players in your team. Your players are simply over rated by people like you who have refused to understand that modern day football is all about strategy. Stop boasting about intellect, the only time you are better than me is if you are a PhD and even than doesn’t guarantee you superior intellect. Come again.

    • Ignatius Abo 2 years ago

      Hahahaha, @Yaw, please don’t even go there brother. You are boasting because Ghana last won the Africa Cup of Nations when it was played with only 8 teams many, many years ago, 1982 to be precise. Nigeria, your elder brothers, won it when after the tournament was expanded to 12 teams in 1992 and then after it was expanded to 16 teams in 2013, both in more contemporary times. Since Nigeria won the Afcon in 1994, our head to head record against Ghana has been favourable.
      Also, since the number of teams for the Africa Cup of Nations have expanded, Ghana has lost her place in the tournament. The Blackened Stars just cannot keep up with an expanded tournament with no away goals rule to bail them out LMAO.
      The first time after the Africa Cup of Nations was expanded to a massive 24 teams, Nigeria attained a third place podium finish in 2019 and second round place in 2022. What of Ghana, second round in 2019 and group stages in 2022!!!!
      Nigeria is keeping up, Ghana is dropping off!!!
      Nigeria has attended more world cup than Ghana. Quarter final and second round means absolute nothing as both teams are yet to win anything in the world cup. However, Nigeria has attended more world cups and Nigeria has reached the knockout stages more than Ghana. Even attending this Qatar World Cup still fails to tip the balance in favour of Ghana.
      After the world cup, the next highest profile sporting tournament in the world is the Olympics. Every Ghanaian footballer wants to be an Olympian, yet you can only hope to attain what Nigeria has attained in a tournament almost on par with the world cup.
      Should we even talk about women’s Afcon? Ghana has actually tried in reaching the final of the women’s Afcon 3 times only to lose to their elder sisters Nigeria on each occasion…. LMAO
      My guy, wake up and smell the beans, Ghana is not on the same level with Nigeria in football. You recently failed in U-17, U-21 and women’s U-17 and women’s senior team football making Ghana an abject failure in international football. Your saving grace is Eguavoen’s stupidity that gifted your pitiful country a world cup ticket that you know you don’t deserve. Ghana does not have the swagger of Nigeria and the world is mourning that the Super Eagles will not be in Qatar. Whenever Ghana misses the world cup, nobody cares because you are a nobody. Even in African football you are a nobody which is why you have failed continually to win the Africa Cup of Nations beyond when the tournament only had 8 teams.
      Zambia is even better than you because they recently won the Afcon tournament with 16 teams. Ghana are just noisemakers in international football. You have no class, you have no finesse and you have no standout player. You are a waste of African slot to the Qatar World Cup and Portugal, South Korea and Uruguay will soon prove that you have no business being among reputable football nations in the global stage after you cannot even qualify from an Afcon group against teams like Cape Verde!!!!!!
      Thank your lucky stars for away goals ruling but that rule will not be around to save your useless Black arse when next Nigeria demolishes Ghana.

      • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

        U simply a shallow minded idiot who is incoherent!

        The last time I checked, Ghana has still won the afcon more than nigeria!

        Put the WEED down !!

      • Ignatius Abo 2 years ago

        Selfmade penis, do you want to walk naked in the market? Field Marshall placed a curse on you the other day. Do you want more curses?

        • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

          Filed marshal….

          I returned the curses to u with ur DIRTY , UGLY feets haha 

          U have an iq of  BLOW DRYER haha 

          Wogyimi papa haha 

          Can’t believe u can even put sentences together because honestly u think like an idiot 

          In this 21st century, u still believe in curses?

          U not only moronic but BACKWARD THINKER as well haha 

          U BACKWARD wee FIEND 

          Keep it football!

        • Ignatius Abo 2 years ago

          Again back to sender o Self made Monkey. Go and make peace with Field Marshal . Keep me out of your nonsense.

  • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

    U simply a DIM WIT and no one guys like u don’t progress in life 

    Prior to the wc a lot of Ghanaians were given NIGERIAN props because we knew that our team wasn’t good enough but we were still humble enough to admit that this game is 50-50!

    U ignoramus idiot!! 

    Am not even going to waste my time on u apuu 

  • Can we all lay this hatred to rest, we youth in africa should channel our energy into demanding good gorvenance from our leaders all over africa.

    All over africa our leaders are know for corruption and slaves of the white.

    Hence the are looting us and taking our whealt to europe, america and asia why we the followers are suffering from it.
    Expect for any follower who is able to escape like bird from cage to all these forieng countries.

    Fly away from your father land, root, heritage and source. Destroying your links and makes you to vow never to comeback to your father land again due to hardship from bad leadership.

    If our rivalry for football a mere sport can’t be moderated, I wonder what we happen if we have serious diplomatic issues within ourselves.
    Please @yaw,self made and all Se fans let stop this fort and back issue. It is God that destine Ghana to be at this year world and nothing we can’t do about it anymore.

    We have election coming in Nigeria let us focus on our how future will be taken back.

    It hurts when I realize that no African country is really standing on her own and in the eyes of other continent African countries are know for hunger,disease, curroption and etc. I leartnt there was a serious protest yesterday in Ghana over serious economical problem. We know in Nigeria we are also going through most difficult times since the existence of the nation.

    So please Ghanais fans and se fans let moderate our hatred for each other just because football when we neglect the real issue that is threatening our existence.
    Whether we like it or not at the highest Ghana and Nigeria we still continue to meet in football and there be some lose and wins for both sides, so why should we now kill ourselves over just this once a beg let leave this mater.

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