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Waldrum Bemoans Super Falcons Preparation For 2023 World Cup

Waldrum Bemoans Super Falcons Preparation For 2023 World Cup

Super Falcons coach Randy Waldrum has bemoaned his team’s preparation for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The aforementioned tournament will take place in Australia and New Zealand between July 20 and August 20.

While speaking on Sounding off on soccer with John Krysinsky, Waldrum lamented the level of preparation of the girls for the impending tournament.

“I know we are not prepared the way we need to be,” Waldrum said

“(I’ve) been very frustrated with the federation (NFF) and the lack of support. We were supposed to have a camp in Nigeria for another 10 to 15 days, but the federation cancelled the camp in Nigeria.”

The Super Falcons are in Group B alongside Australia, Republic of Ireland and Canada.

Their first match will be against Canada on July 21 at the Melbourne Rectangular Stadium.

The Super Falcons have taken part in every FIFA Women’s World Cup competition since it’s inception in China 1991.

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  • Bobo Colorado Springs 12 months ago

    Is not something new!!!

  • I like the coach, the guy having seen the situation of things the guy is now like should I fail it is not me ho but NFF.

    From the look of things this team ain’t going to achieve anything. NFF can save us this shame by withdrawal from the competition. They can use subsidy removal as an excuse because I know they will never be truthful.

    Yeye body (nff) full of vagabond ppl.

  • chuks haifa 12 months ago

    NFF that is shameful in and out.

  • Ako Amadi 12 months ago

    Eguavoen is likely to take over! Bet me the NFF and Ministry of Sports will spend more money on the Falcon’s dinner this Sunday, than on their camping

  • Chima E Samuels 12 months ago

    They have succeeded in giving College coach an excuse to fail. Samson Siasia was treated like this but he almost won a major tournament. NFF na him cause wetin them dey run from now.

  • Greenturf 12 months ago

    Why should they cancel the camping in Nigeria how much will it cost to fund a domestic camping exercise?I really can’t get my head around it,I’m really sad about this ugly and careless development.
    So 15 days of camping is lost!Wow I don’t really understand this country and leadership strange decisions all the time both in politics and administration that keeps stunting the growth and development needed in all sectors.
    Backwardness seems now the prevailing custom or state of affairs in this country what a shame a country blessed with so much but cursed with unforgivable bad leadership.
    I am increasingly exasperated with the situation in Nigeria may God help us.

    • NFF in their short reply answered the no-camping issue and more. Randy wanted camp for only home based players who he will not take to the world cup and broke NFF said “no need”.
      They fit each other jare

  • Papafem 12 months ago

    So if tomorrow the team fails you will blame the coach. NFF is a very big problem. Forget the useless excuses they are making. Our own camping is starting when others are rounding up. It’s so pathetic. Is this how the Fed Government will be looking at this guys and allow them destroy our football?

  • Ako Amadi 12 months ago

    NFF is an independent, corrupt government, operating within a larger corrupt society that cannot control it, thanks to FIFA statutes.cannot

  • I have been saying this for eons on this forum,the NFF are a disgrace they do not hold our football at heart,all they’re after is the money(their money). preparation is simply an administratory work in a professional environment,it’s a series of meetings between the board,the technical committee and the coaching staff to deliberate on how,when to train and why it’s so.
    Training camps are set across different climes or locations to improve the players general fitness and resistance levels,then both test friendlies and international friendlies are made to further iron out the remaining issues in the team before departing for a tournament.
    All these listed above is made possible by adequate funds from sponsorships and well wishers which further boosts the morale of the players BUT how can a sponsor trust a crooked administrator?,how many well wishers will give the administration their money to give the girls-since it’s unprofessional to give it to them directly-knowing full well the nature of the administrators.
    Y’all where the problem lies. A lack of historic accountability from the Nff is the main reason why they can’t cut major deals to adequately fund our teams and leagues and because of this,the footballers and coaches are the ones who suffer the most.
    Even a serious federal government will stop giving the NFF money to see if they’re serious with their jobs or not.
    I was very optimistic of our chances at the WWC until I saw this news this morning.
    I’ll support this team nonetheless but with no expectations because the expectations will lead to heartbreak,not like we the fans don’t deserve to be expectant after all this team is talented but with administrators like this,I doubt if the talents of our players will be seen.

  • Meanwhile, I learnt that super eagles are in pot one for the 2026 world cup in USA, mexico and Canada.

    Nigeria, Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia, cameroun Egypt, Algeria and Mali.

    We may likely face Ghana, Ivory coast, DR Congo, Equatorial Guinea in the group stage of the qualifiers. You know what that means if our African quadiolas are in charge of super eagles.

    Those of you calling for Peseiro sack without any tangible, credible and affordable foreign coach should think twice else……
    Hoihoihoihoihoihoihoi…… I laugh in Idoma.

    A good start is always the key to a successful finished.

    I rest my case….


  • Ako Amadi 12 months ago

    If the Falcons can find local sides to play 2 or 3 warm up games, 2 weeks should be enough preparation.

  • Ako Amadi 12 months ago

    Waldrum is bold and direct, unlike the timid and polite Rohr who allowed the corrupt NFF and Sports Ministry to destroy the Super Eagles

  • I heard the interview on podcast and I can tell you that the Nigerian media took out a substantial part of that damaging interview.I salute his courage to come out the way he did, obviously he is not looking to continue after the world cup and he came out at a time it will be practically impossible to sack him with two weeks to the world cup.What he said confirmed our suspicion that the NFF are the major problems in our football.He said that during the women AFCON in Morocco, during a meeting with the NFF and the players, The NFF asked for feedback from the players, Tochukwu Oluehi asked for payment of outstanding bonuses and allowances to the players.The NFF replied that there is no money.The poor lady now told the NFF that she has been with the team for 15 years now and every year is the same thing no money.For having the effrontery to ask, Waldrum was asked to drop her from the team.He refused.That before the match against Zambia which they duly lost, the team did not trained at all as they were protesting against non payment of their allowances.That when he submitted his list of players for the world cup with Oluehi name in it.He was asked to drop her and replaced her with an NFF imposed local goalkeeper which he has not met.He refused.It led to back and forth with the NFF.Eventually, the NFF asked Oluehi to write a letter of apology but she refused.That the NFF wanted to tinker with his list and put some of their local players in the list for personal gain, that he refused.It led to a stalemate that he has to remind them that it was in his contract to select players.Seeing his resolve, the NFF backed down but told him that they will not approved the already agreed 2 weekend camping in Abuja and that his female assistant will not be going with him to the world cup.Meanwhile the local assistants imposed on him by the NFF are not up to scratch.Demola Olajire the NFF head of communication was on brila media to half heartedly debunk the allegations but we all knew that the coach spoke the truth.He is not coming back as he will go directly from Australia after the world cup.This report by complete sports is heavily abridged and the damaging truth as said by waldrum was left out.Peserio is facing the same situation.Until the business people and politicians are removed from the glass house, this is what you see.

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