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‘We Want Kelechi’s Statue’- Leicester City Fans Hail Iheanacho Stunner In Win Vs Palace

‘We Want  Kelechi’s Statue’- Leicester City Fans Hail Iheanacho Stunner In Win Vs Palace

Leicester City fans have hailed Kelechi Iheanacho after the Nigerian scored a stunning goal in the club’s 2-1 win against Crystal Palace on Monday night.

The Foxes went behind after 12 minutes when Wilfred Zaha gave the visitors the lead.

Iheanacho set Timothy Castagne for the equaliser five minutes after the interval before rifling home the winner in the 80th minute.

Here’s what Foxes fans made of the result on Twitter.
Crucial Vardy: “Much harder than it needed to be, but get in there.”

Open it Wembley: “Statue of Kelechi needed.”

LLPooleJ: “What a result that is.”

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Spaghetti: “Great win. We’ve now equalled our points tally from last season with 5 Games to spare.”


Drew Thexton: “Woohoo! Way to go Foxes. Congrats on a great win and a stellar goal by Iheanacho! Beautiful!”

Rohan Singh: “CL here we come.”

Trevor Tye: Definitely not our best performance but second half much better. Once again it’s Seniorman @67Kelechi who made the difference and I’m so happy to see Kels being in this position as he deserves it after the years of toil. One step closer to #UCL”

K: “Massive 3 points and it was really important for us. After a sloppy first half but we’ve got the W and we are grateful. Up the Foxes.”

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  • Gowetok 3 years ago

    Congrats@seniorman .keep the fire burning.
    In view of the impressive performance of several Nigerian strikers i took time out to watch their goals on youtube today. My findings are as follows:
    Victor Osihmen remains number one while Kels is the best support striker.
    Terri morfi is next in rank and should be considered ahead of Onuachu , Simmy and sadiq because of the way he scores. He his not this type that hangs around the box waiting for passes from mates to score cheap goals like the rest. I dont wana say much but if Nigeria ignore morfi now they will surely regret it. That guy is an asset that should quicky be integrated into the S.E. In terms of technic he is a bit higher than kelechi . Rohr , Rohr Rohr call teri morfi for world qualifiers. Lets make hay while the sun shines

    • Machaveli 3 years ago

      Your analysis is judgemental and flawed. There is nothing like cheap goals” at this level of football. That being said, you have good intentions but didn’t put it down correctly am afraid.

  • Obidee 3 years ago

    Kudos Kelz

  • Ako AMADI 3 years ago

    Kelechi has become such a soccer ambassador for Africa and a contender for African Footballer of the Year

  • Edoman 3 years ago

    Yes, No one deserves it but Kelechi Iheanacho Of Nigeria. “African Player of the year 2021.” His Statue should be erected in Abuja should he successfully leads his Nation to its fourth African Nations Cup in Cameroon.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Kele sure deserves it. But if Riyahd Mahrez goes on to add the FA cup and EPL to the Carabao Cup he won last weekend…..Senior man might have to wait a little longer.

      • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

        Mahrez can not win the FA Cup. It’s Leicester against Chelsea in the final. He will surely win the EPL and maybe if he wins the Champions League with City then it will be Mahrez. However, I think the battle for the APOY this year will be between Salah, Mahrez, Mane and Iheanacho. Kelechi’s definitely gotta be up there as one of the contenders.

      • Bobby 3 years ago

        Dr Drey you have come again o. Fake Doctor from Aba.

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    AY, your boy has proven us the doubting Thomas wrong, I’m glad iheanacho is doing great, with a serious personal trainer and more commitments from Kele, he can truly win african player of the year.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      Kelechi has never had anything to prove just like Kelechi Nwakali these players are good when they come across a good trainer like you stated but as for proving its a big No they have everything ones they find the right manager. Even Rohr was waiting for Rogers to discover Kelechi’s real position despite calls from Manu Garba and Nduka Ugbade advicing on Kelechi’s natural position. The best u17 team assembled by Garba that conquered the word with total football was built around the ability of Kelechi, Isaac success, Musa yahaya and Ndidi before he fail MRI.

      Honestly speaking i give the credits to Rogers but it took him too long to discover Kelechi’s natural position.

      • You could see the proud look on Roger’s face when Iheancho scored the screamer yesterday; he was like-what, I can’t believe this is my boy!!!

  • pompei 3 years ago

    I have been restraining myself from praising Nacho for a while now. But after today’s performance, I can’t restrain myself anymore. This boy is too much!
    It’s not just the goals Nacho has been scoring. What impresses me even more is the way he CREATES CHANCES FOR OTHERS. His quick passes in and around the box have created dozens of chances for Leicester. Today, with quick passes, he created at least 3 chances for Vardy, who unfortunately could not take advantage. It was Nacho’s pass after some delightful close control in the box that set up Castagne for the equalizer.
    Did you all notice the unselfish interplay between Vardy and Nacho in the dying minutes? Vardy received the ball, and immediately released Nacho. The Crystal Palace defenders quickly closed him down. Nacho saw Perez, and put the ball on a plate for him. Unfortunately, Perez missed.
    The Vardy-Nacho partnership has become almost indispensable for Leicester. These 2 have developed an almost telepathic understanding of each other’s movement. Nacho can give Vardy a pass with his eyes closed. It’s terrific to watch!
    So, again, I’m delighted with Nacho’s goals. But I’m even happier with all the beautiful link up play, the little passes that create chances for his team mates.
    I think I will support the call of those who are asking for Nacho to be named African Player of the Year 2021. He deserves it.

    • @pompei you spoke my mind. You’re a genius. In terms of individual performance this year, mahrez does not really equal nacho. Nacho will still be the pfa player of the month again. He is already the best performer in the fa cup.mahrez will win the league but will not win the champions league.

      Even if they win all his individual contribution is still important.

      Many Nigerian strikers have given more this year.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      Pompei Kelechi has always been unplayable if given the confidence and freedom to roam freely like messi. He just showed Vardy that he can create assist like no other same way he scores. Take your time and watch his clips from u17 to his days at mancity then check the quality of goals in Nigerian shirt, you’ll see the high quality of play that made me wonder why many doubted him at a point in time.

      It was so strange that people don’t see that he needs help. Some players looses form but some are just too good like Messi or De bryne that when they loose form then theres more to it Kels fall in this category. Nigerians are quick to forget even Sadiq that didn’t score just yesterday has been cut off some people’s wishlist i am seeing on this platform, even another guy placed Onuachu on standby of afcon 23man squad because he didn’t score in their last game. Soon we will start taking note of names of people and their first values before they change it because this same Kelechi that Rohr doesn’t utilize well was well out of most of the list here when they start naming first eleven and just to avoid insults I don’t make up a list because i know we all have different opinions and some people can not say no if you don’t buy theirs.

      • Michael Adelami 3 years ago

        @Chima E Samuel, I hail you my chief.
        I made that list yesterday based on current form and the league these players play in.
        Let me point out some of the things that you may think are flaws in the list.
        1. In the defence I chose a player from the championship, I did that because we don’t have a player better than ekong in our defence. I know you may like to mention Semi, but in my personal opinion, I think ekong is better.
        The next question is why awaziem ahead of Semi, the answer is that he also plays at right back, which Semi doesn’t do for us.
        2. The next area is midfield, why would I pick someone from the championship ahead of other regulars in the midfield?
        In my opinion again, I think we have four standard midfielders.
        1. Iwobi
        2. Ndidi
        3. Aribo
        4. Etebo
        Shehu comes to mind but the league he plays in is the challenge.
        Seeing the players we have in the defensive midfield, I think an attacking option is needed and the best that comes to mind now is Michael Olise.
        Semi for me is not needed in the middle of the park, as we already have natural defensive and offensive midfielders enough.
        Although it’s thin here as I could only pick five and remember Olise can also play from the wings.
        3. Since Olise can play from the wings, the I think we don’t need more than 3 wingers since the main formation is 3-4-1-2, hence I chose Chukwueze, Kalu and Simon, but if Ademola can complete his switch on time, then I may have to drop either Simon or Kalu depending on the form of Ademola himself, Simon and Kalu, Chukwueze is an easy pick.
        4. Now the attacking department where we are spoilt for choice, what I did was to create some criteria to choose the players to make this list.
        A. Since I am using 2 strikers at a time, I don’t need more than 4, meaning each of the first choice will have a substitute.
        B. All of them are doing so well so in order not to cheat anyone, I did the following:
        I. Consider the league they play
        in and then number of goals
        scored, in their order:
        1. Kelechi
        2. Simmy
        3. Oshimen
        4. Moffi
        5. Onuachu
        6. Sodiq.
        II. Players who can play other positions apart from CF or SS
        1. Kelechi (attacking
        2. Moffi (right wing).
        III. Based on current form
        1. Onuachu
        2. Simmy
        3. Sodiq
        4. Moffi
        5. Iheanacho
        6. Victor.
        IV. Players who fits the 3-4-1-2
        formation, have 2 players who
        use left effectively and 2
        right footed players
        Left foot.
        1. Kelechi
        2. Moffi
        Right foot:
        1. Victor
        2. Simmy
        3. Onuachu
        4. Sodiq.
        V. Based on speed as this will be an important asset in this very formation for my strikers.
        1. Victor
        2. Kelechi
        3. Moffi
        4. Sodiq
        5. Simmy
        6. Onuachu
        So for the strikers, the scoring system is as follows:
        If you are placed no 1, you have 5 and if you’re place no 2, you have 4 and so on till 0 if you are placed no 6.
        So let’s check the scores:
        Victor 3 0 0 5 5= 13
        Kelechi 5 5 1 5 4= 20
        Simmy 4 4 4 1= 13
        Moffi 2 4 4 3= 13
        Sodiq 0 0 3 1 1= 5
        Onuachu 1 0 5 0= 6

        Based on my opinion and analysis, I think Kelechi with 20 points and the order strikers, Victor, Simmy and Moffi with 13 points each are ahead of the other 2 ( Onuachu and Sodiq).

        All these permutations are my personal opinion though, but I understand what you are trying to say.
        One love bro.

        • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

          Nice breakdown I just feel the new Onuachu should be a back up and come in second half to continue from where he stopped, you know you can’t change a winning team. The guy has improved much more and causes consistent havoc but looking at where you’re coming from the other guys are also good.

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

    My boy is balling!!!! You see Kelechi is one talent I’ve noticed for a very long time. I’m not surprised at his exploits at the moment. I was in Nigeria around 2009 and I have the privilege to watch the U17 WorldCup in person hostel by Nigeria where the likes of Omeruo, Ajagun, Kayode, Onazi and co reached the final and lost to Switzerland at the Abuja National stadium. Then there was the saga of Fortune Chukwudi. Prior to my return to the US I was also privileged to watch an U13 tournament organized by the NFF at the time and I saw a tiny little kid with an unbelievable left foot. I think he was the top scorer in that tournament that year. Everyone watching that day already knew that this kid was going to be a great player for Nigeria in the future. Obviously, like every young people he was playful and kinda lost a bit of focus between his departure from ManCity and the beginning of his Leicester career. Psychologically, when you’re playing second fiddle to the likes of Aguero and Vardy it won’t be that easy, but he’s proving to the world now what a talent he is. He’s definitely gotta be up there as one of the front runners for the APOY this year. Hopefully he wins the FA Cup for Leicester. #FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE#

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    He surely deserves all the acolytes, ride on Kele

  • D-cardinal 3 years ago

    Psalm 118

    22 The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner.

    23 This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.

  • I took time and read so many comments as per this thread and i can see unity all over, if we can behave like this i don’t think they’ll be any disagreement on this forum.

    No preferential for any player.

    No insult.

    No presenting of names and trying to run down a particular player with the aim of trying to bring your favourite for all to see.

    Seeing every nigerian player as the best and whoever the gaffer decides to invite to come and serve his fatherland.

    The above listed issues always brings disagreement on this forum.

    Because a person like me would not wacth u run down any nigerian player bcose u want to present yours.

    I will come out and dig the stats of that your world best just to proof u wrong. Not that i hate the player, but to counter your belly-driven selfish interest.

    Pls let’s continue this way biko…

    Finally; i sincerely congratulate every commenters that contributed to this thread.


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