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‘We Will Ensure Nigeria Qualify For 2026 World Cup’ —Etebo

‘We Will Ensure Nigeria Qualify For 2026 World Cup’  —Etebo

Super Eagles midfielder Oghenekaro Etebo says he and his teammates will do everything possible to make sure Nigeria qualify for the 2026 World Cup.

The Eagles missed this year’s World Cup in Qatar after losing on away goals to the Black Stars of Ghana in the play-offs in March.

Etebo was in action for the Eagles as a 1-1 draw in Abuja was enough to qualify Ghana after the first leg ended goalless.

And speaking about missing out on this year’s edition in Qatar, Etebo said he had high hopes of playing in his second World Cup.

“I have had good memories, was at the last edition in Russia and I had hopes of playing in Qatar, but it was not meant to be,” he was quoted on brila.net.

“It hurts not playing in Qatar but as a team, we will ensure we qualify for the next edition.”

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The 2026 World Cup will be co-hosted by three countries, United States, Canada and Mexico.

The three countries featured in Qatar with the United States making it to the round of 16 while Mexico and Canada crashed out in the group stage.

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  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

    To ensure the SE QUALIFIES for 2026 W/C, GENERAL ROAH needs to come back!

    Or a COACH better than HIM….


      • MONKEY POST 1 year ago


        If you like END your COMMENT with ISHA ALLAH we all know who you are in this FORUM..



        Look as long as GENERAL ROAH is still in the COACHING BUSINESS, I will keep CALLING for HIM to come back cos HE still gat some UNFINISHED BUSINESS with the SE..

        HE is the BEST MAN for the JOB..

        Other COACHES will have to start AFRESH if they are brought on but GENERAL ROAH just needs to continue from where HE left off cos he is still FAMILIAR with most of the boys so the CHEMISTRY is already there

    • mikee 1 year ago

      God forbid. He can go and coach your village team.

  • Ellen 1 year ago

    See who is talking..

  • Papafem 1 year ago

    Story. You people think Nigerians are fools. You said mote than this before Qatar, yet we ended up watching from home. No one takes the Super Eagles seriously anymore, nor what players, the NFF or the coaches are saying about the team. A good number of You have lost the goodwill of the people and a reason you are struggling at the club level cos you’ve not helped the national to help your career

  • respect is reciprocal 1 year ago

    Etebo thanks for your concern about Nigeria’s qualification in 2026 but are you kidding to think you have a part to play directly? We don’t need you and co again let’s allow fresh legs and young and ambitious players to take the center stage. Anybody calling for the return of Rohr is mentally sick and just want attention. If Nigeria had qualified with Rohr what are they going to play I bet they would have been worst than Ghana. The way forward is to get a good coach and allow him the liberty and time that Rohr enjoyed

    • Sean 1 year ago

      What do you mean “Worst than Ghana “ How? Do you mean Ghana is the worst in the tournament?
      Be careful o! Those Ghanaian are still around o!

  • Muhammad jafar 1 year ago

    Brothers, no need to quarelling over nothing. For a country to perform well in a soccer tournament, such a country must have good league, naturally talented players, corruption free system, a coach with human relation quality, and a country with realistic unbiased fans that are free from tribalism and nepotism. Brothers! These stuffs are not in Nigeria.

  • TALK UR OWN 1 year ago


  • Chinenye 1 year ago

    You need to retire first

    • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

      LOl..is this the CHINENYE that we normally FIGHT here since from LAST YEAR before the SACK of GENERAL ROAH or a different one…lol..

  • Kunle 1 year ago

    Ghana was not there in 2018, Ghanaians said ghana could have done. Thank God you people were in qatar, Ghana is the worst team among Africa who qualified for World Cup in Qatar.
    They steal believe ghana is the best in Africa, mumu fuo

    • Kunle 1 year ago

      I mean Ghana still believes they are the best in Africa 

    • Dr Banks 1 year ago

      Ghana was the worst team in Qatar? Of course YES

      @Selfie what are you smoking these days? O r you get double dose THC in your Marijuana?

      One win against a hapless South Korea and 2 losses (3pts), what does that make you? Tunisia beat France (4 pts), Cameroon beat Brazil (4pts), Senegal won 2 matches and got to R16, Morocco topped their group and beat Spain to qualify for R8.

      So do the maths and confirm yourself that Ghana was the worst African representative in Qatar……………..evident that na wuruwuru methods carry you enter at the expense of your more illustrious boss Super Eagles.

      Abeg common road jooo

      • Selfmade KING 1 year ago

        So Nigeria wldve fare better? 

        This same SUPER CHICKENS that were beaten blue and white by Portugal 

        This same chickens that fall flat in front of 80,000 Nigerians in their capital to a Ghanaian team that was assembled barely two weeks with new technical team? Haha 

        Some Nigerians can be HILARIOUS haha

        So u think that one dimensional coach eguaveon cldve qualified u guys to the mundial let alone outsmart any European coach in Qatar? Haha 

        Nigerians are indeed concert people lol

        During the Ghana game, the whole NIGERIAN bench didn’t even realized that Ghana has made tactical changes by switching to 352 to load our midfield and u expected this egu lead chickens to performed in the wc lol

        So watching this wc doc, haven’t u realized how coaches are reading the games scientifically?

        So Nigerians we’re going to take this etebo and aribo as their midfielders to the wc? Smfh 

        A midfield that was over rided, OUTSMARTED AND OUTMUSCLES by an inexperienced Ghanaian midfield? Lmafaoooo 

        Nigerians are very fun people and no wonder most of u are living in a dream whiles the rest of the world bypasses u by haha 

        Thank God that Ghana eliminated u guys from the qualifiers otherwise the GRACE wldve be humiliating for u!! 

        Ghana did well because we took only 2 months to build a team and were on the BRINK OF QUALIFICATION!

        • Ono P OKOROSOBO 1 year ago

          Self-made man, I said before the tournament that Ghana had no buisness to go the world cup, we were better than Ghana in the first leg and the Ghanaians did a good job by stuffing the midfield in the second leg obviously knowing that if they come out they will be defeated.Good pne but your team was totally rubbish, what kind of striker is inaki williams, he was absolutely a disgrace.Your coaching crew was dead in the match against Uruguay, no pattern of play , just disjointed plays.
          Ghana should do better you guys were actually the worst African representative.

    • mikee 1 year ago

      Lets be honest, Ghana was not the worst in Qatar, they were robbed against Portugal that took us to the cleaners, scoring two good goals and it took a false penalty that the referee refused to use VAR to determine its correctness for Portugal to win. They battle Serbia to a draw and only lost to Uruguay. They were never disgraced like Puerto Rico.

      • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

        There is LOVE in SHARING my BROTHER.Next time make sure the WEED goes round. Don’t SMOKE alone!

      • Ono Peter Okorosobo 1 year ago

        My brother what about the penalty we had in the first leg in Ghana that was awarded to us.The freak penalty that was given to Ghana in the match against South Africa in jo burg.
        Pls in football it happens that is the beauty of the game.
        Ghana should go back to the drawing board and build a good team around Mohammed kudos and do better and play as team with the team spirit like the Moroccans.

    • I think this Kunle guy is sick in the head. Which world cup did you watch to refer to Ghana us the worst African team. Masa shine your eyes and stop the fooling

    • Papafem 1 year ago

      This guy won’t still stop his rants here, even after Ghana’s disgraceful WC outster. Wow! I was amazed by the kind of support Ghana recieved on this platform during competition, even from people I never thought could queue behind them. Yet, he won’t still stop insulting people and yelling up and down. When exactly will this dude grow up. You’re making enemies for your people everyday here and that is nothing to you? I can now see that there’s more to your hatred than we all know. Don’t worry, your nyash go soon open

  • Prince charming 1 year ago

    Some people are saying Roah stayed longer in the super eagles is it not because of his work and results It gets in games at the beginning, till they give us a good coach Roah is the best

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Hahahaha…thank you for your honesty my brother. They keep biting trees about Rohr staying as SE coach for 5 years, as if he was just getting his contract renewed without meeting the targets given to him by his employers.

      They will tell us if Rohr would have stayed on for 5 years if he couldn’t qualify for ordinary AFCON or reach the quarterfinal of AFCON…..LMAOooo

      • Papafem 1 year ago

        There are always two sides of the story anytime the situation surrounding Rohr’s departure comes up.

        Going back 2001, when Nigeria was wobbling and fumbling under Bonfere Jo in the qualifying series for Korea/Japan WC, the NFF sacked the Dutchmam after Liberia had taken the lead in the group. Amodu Shaibu came in and did a good job. We made it to 2002 WC and the decision of the NFF to sack BJ became highly justified. No body remembered Bonfere Jo again and his case in Nigerian football was closed.

        Had Nigeria not qualified for that WC, a lot of people would have said what many are saying now. That Bonfere Jo would qualified us for the WC if he had been allowed to pilot the team to the end.

        In Rohr’s case, it is natural that the failure of the SE to achieve anything after Rohr’s departure could be attributed to his sack. If the Eguaveon they brought in had done better than Rohr at the AFCON in Egypt or equal his record by qualifying for the WC or even go past the first round in Qatar, no one will remember Rohr again. Instead of the German using every opportunity he has to talk about what he would have achieved if left alone to do his job, he would have been talking about the players he discovered for Nigeria who made that success possible.

        The bottom line is, if you are nullifying one decision to satisfy another, the latter should yield a better result than the former. Otherwise, you’ll keep on reminding people of a lost opportunity and not an advantage gained.

        Therefore, people like Dr Drey and Monkey Post won’t stop talking about Genot Rohr until we get another coach who by his excellent performance erase the memory of the German. So rather than being angry with those in fanour of Rohr for dragging us back, we should face the NFF and compel them to do the needful by giving us a winning coach, a winning system and a winning mentality. That’s the way to go.

  • Oakfield 1 year ago

    Brother etebo, this your wish and dream would never come to pass if Nigeria doesn’t get a coach better than rohr. As far as im concerned, this man called pesero ain’t taking us anywhere. That is just the truth. He has played more than six friends (that’s equivalent to playing matches at the world cup) and has lost all! All of them!!!! He was employed bcs his remuneration was within what nff could afford and not bcs he was the best! If u can’t get a coach better than rohr, pls bring rohr back to finish what he started. At least he is way better than pesero. The only place he (Pesero) wins matches is in the media. He will tell u his team would shoot down the stars and then fumble and crumble like a pack of cards. Rohr would talk less, or maybe when he talks , he says the truth as it is whether u like it or not. Most times when he talks, his opponents find it very difficult to know what he has in mind. If our coach is not better than rohr, we will not accept it!

  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago


    What is the NAME of the TEAM HE BEAT 10-0


    Even SHAME no allow you MENTION the NAME…


    Are you comparing PANT ZERO to GENERAL ROAH that BEAT the likes of ARGENTINA (FRIENDLY), CAMEROON, ALGERIA (AFCON MATCHES), etc or which one

    • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

      And mind you those TEAMS that GENERAL ROAH BEAT during his time are known FOOTBALL POWER HOUSE…

      So what made you think he wouldn’t have BEATEN the WORST GHANA TEAM in DECADES that your god EGUAVEON FUMBLE?

      • mikee 1 year ago

        You are really a monkey, how long was Eguaveon in charge of the team? and how long was Your ganddaddy Rohr in charge. Eguaveon did not have the time to build his own team so do not call him a failure. Rohr was in charge for almost eight years and he lost to CAR in lagos. Please. I know most of you hate everything your own, like your president hates our own doctors, so he flies abroad everytime he has a common cold, we do not want our engineers so we hire Chinese to build for us what we can build for ourselves, all our major factories are all closed because we prefer imports. This mindset has to change if we are to make progress in any sphere.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          How many months has Walid Regragui been in charge of Morrocco….?

          How many months was Otto Addo in charge of the Ghanaian team that came to kick you out of the world cup on your home turf…?

          How many months was the Tunisian Assistant Coach in charge of the depleted B side that kicked your ass out of AFCON…??

          Continue defending your dullard of a TD who cannot as much as tell when his opponents have changed tactics….LMAOOoo

          Rohr lost to CAR…LMAOOoo….and so what…?? And so freaking what…?? Deschamps has lost to Tunisia and Finland in the last 1 year…..and so what…??? Keshi lost to Congo on home soil as coach of Nigeria…and so what?? Has that made any of them a bad coach…LMAOoo

          Was that in anyway an objective….? Why did Nigeria make it to the WCQ and not CAR….??? Did Rohr not win all away matches in WCQ for the 1st time in our history. Did Rohr ever lose any competitive away match on this continent for 5 years…???

          Your local coaches that never lost to CAR did they qualify for “ordinary” afcon….? Your Eguavoen that didnt lose to CAR did he qualify for Qatar 2022….? That failure that has never qualified for anything with any of our national teams….LMAOoo. He doesn’t even qualify for his job as a technical director….LMAOoo.

        • TONY 1 year ago

          @mikee, point well made.
          In 1976, then head of state, Lt. Gen. [Rtd] Olusegun Obasanjo announced Operation Feed the Nation [OFN], a massive Agriculture-sector program genuinely intended to not only make Nigeria sufficient in food production but also exporters of food product.
          As is with everything in Nigeria, it was ridiculed by Nigerians who preferred imported rice, corn, beans, tomatoes etc. The program eventually died a premature death because our people refused to buy in. It is conceivable that Nigerians would not have been suffering from starvation presently had they not pooh poohed the program.
          Sounds familiar? The issue of hiring local coaches or hiring foreign coaches. Even of these western nations would tell you that it took them time, multiple trials and failures before they eventually succeeded in their various endeavors.
          Here in Nigeria, some of these crackpots running around with propofol, prescription for disaster think they know better than the late Dr, Nnamdi Azikiwe, the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the late Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, the late Chief Anthony Enahoro and a host of eminent late Nigerians who fought tooth and nail to liberate us from foreign rule and all its ramifications.
          We should not even be discussing hiring foreign coaches in this period of our history. Understanding the mentality of the people you’re working with, is a key element to success in any endeavor. Nigerian coaches have that advantage.
          Mr. Ogunbote, Mr.Ilechukwu, Mr. Yobo, Mr. Ugbade, Mr. Garba [Manu] are some of our competent local coaches. Let them be sent overseas on intense coaching courses, be brought back and employed across our national team set-up. And be paid well and on time.
          Mr. Sunday Oliseh, Mr. Emmanuel Amunike are already tested and true coaches.
          Mr.Ndubuisi Egbo is a Nigerian. He did what no African coach has been able to do so far in Europe, coach a team in Champions League, albeit the preliminary stages. You don’t see people bringing up his name here for whatever reason. They’d be praising him to high heavens if he was from Cote d’Ivoire, Mali or Tunisia.
          Please. let us try and treat this our self-immolation syndrome It has ruined us and continues to ruin us.

    • tancosport 1 year ago

      @Monkey post, you have a good point. But let’s see it from this angle, why can’t we just forget about GR and move on. I was a big fan of GR before he got sacked, so there’s no need crying over spilled milk. I won’t judge JP for now because he hasn’t lost any competive game Thus far. Let’s give him few more times before we know what’s up. Thanks

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Hahahahaha Monkey Post. I guess FIFA gave him 7 points instead of the normal 3 points for beating Sao Tome 10-0. Like Egu-zero, let him go unbeaten and still not qualify for his next assignment, we’ll see if he would not pack his 10-0 with him on his way back to Portugal.

  • tancosport 1 year ago

    @Monkey post, you have a good point. But let’s see it from this angle, why can’t we just forget about GR and move on. I was a big fan of GR before he got sacked, so there’s no need crying over spilled milk. I won’t judge JP for now because he hasn’t lost any competive game Thus far. Let’s give him few more times before we know what’s up. Thanks

  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago


    How COMPETITIVE are/were those TEAMS in the COMPETITIVE GAMES he hasn’t LOST that you talked about???

    • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

      Infact is like am even ASKING a RHETORICAL QUESTION…

      Are you talking about not LOSING to a TEAM(SAO TOME) that is RANKED 48 in AFRICA and 189 in the WORLD?



      Or is it not LOSING to SIERA LEONE that is 25 in AFRICA and 107 in the WORLD?

      OGA don’t stay there and be TALKING about GIVING him MORE TIME o..

      Better join this #BRINGBACKROHR TREND until it gets to the right AUTHORITY..

      Do you want us to FAIL at next years AFCON and then FAIL to QUALIFY for 2026 before your EYES will OPEN?

  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago


    Anybody that INSULT someone for SHARING his own OPINION, should find his way to the SYNAGOGUE CHURCH of all NATIONS for some DELIVERANCE… Cos that PERSON is STUPIDLY POSSESSED by some BENIN WITCHES


    Oooppss am SORRY my BAD


    I forgot that the MAN so known for such DELIVERANCE TB JOSHUA is no more..

    So WE MIGHT have a PROBLEM…


  • Ako Amadi 1 year ago

    Get Rohr hack and pay him outstanding salaries. The guy loves the Super Eagles! Then, never allow anybody with the name Pinnick, Dare, Eguavoen, Odegbami and Peterside come near the Super Eagles! That is how Nigeria will qualify for the 2026 World Cup.

  • Ako Amadi 1 year ago

    The NFF does not have a Technical Team scrutinizing and analyzing what is going on in Qatar currently. How will Nigeria learn any lessons for the future?

  • Hassan Tia 1 year ago

    Mr. Eebo with bad coach called Peseiro who has lost six friendlies can he compete Morocco , Ghana, Algeria, Cameroon, Tunisia; NFF must sack this bad coach then must hire quality coach like Luis Enrique who stepped down from coaching Spain team , if you can’t hire him go to France veteran coach Rimond Domenech who has coached France team in 2004.

  • You nick it .SE needs fresh and ambitious legs to correct the current wrongs

  • Afeez 1 year ago

    Even the players, themselves, have not in anyway shown patriotism.

  • The only way Etebo can ensure the qualification for super Eagle is not to play at all. He is one of the reasons the team is so bad.

  • Razak 1 year ago

    The problem with Nigeria is the Nigeria Football Federation and as long as you are not organized, I will not be surprised if you miss out on 2026 and more apologies, good luck.

  • Razak 1 year ago

    The problem with Nigeria is the Nigeria Football Federation and as long as you are not organized, and these so called Ex players who should keep quiet self professed experts on football. I will not be surprised if you miss out on 2026 and more apologies

  • Olujimi Morgan 1 year ago

    This is the time to reflect on the WC performances and analyse in detail why Nigeria didn’t qualify.
    We must ask ourselves: Would Nigeria have done as well as Morocco or Senegal?
    And then consider: How can we qualify for 2026, and with a team that will perform well and get into the knockouts.

    Frankly, we need to get rid of non performers- and get better performing, more motivated and more technical players. We need a coach who has a winning strategy and man management skills. The players must act as a team that is coordinated. In my view, Morocco has shown best teamwork in this WC.

    Please no point in abusing one another. Nigeria has a huge task ahead. We might and indeed will not always agree on the road map. But surely it’s not difficult to agree on the destination. A winning Nigerian football team.
    Up Nigeria!
    Up Super Eagles!

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