Westerhof: Super Eagles’ 2-0 Loss To ‘Unknown Madagascar’ Disgraceful

Westerhof: Super Eagles’ 2-0 Loss To ‘Unknown Madagascar’ Disgraceful

Clemens Westerhof has described the Super Eagles’ 2-0 defeat to Madagascar in their last Group B match of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt as disgraceful,” Completesports.com reports.

Westerhof spoke to Completesports.com from his home in the Netherlands on Monday afternoon.

“Who is Madagascar?. Where are they in Africa and the World? Who are their players and where do they play?,” Westerhof who led the Super Eagles to AFCON conquest in 1994 asked disconsolately.

“I’m surprised, its a shame that Super Eagles, with big and experienced players, disappointed us.”

On the reason the Gernot Rohr’s men crashed in the game, the ‘Dutch-Gerian’ says the Super Eagles coach made too many changes in their starting lineup and equally dropped their heads after their first two group games.

“The tactics was wrong, the changes were many from the players that played against Burundi and Guinea,” Westerhof remarked.

“Yes, maybe they didn’t give Madagascar any chance (underrated Madagascar).

“Its difficult to believe Super Eagles lost to a Madagascar team I can’t find (in the map).”

By Sab Osuji

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  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    The man himself have spoken. What else do the coach and his fans have to prove to Nigerians?

    Mobi Oparaku warns the coach before the tournament but his fans said the man was not serious. I also warned Nigerians, they ignored my advice.

    The French man said loosing against Madagascar wasn’t an embarrassing thing but the big boss have spoken now they will attack him as usual because they are not ready to learn from their mistakes. Hmm, so sad. Madagascar has beaten Nigeria 2:0 Ah, abomination. Too bad. Too shameful.

    Mr. Westerhof have thrown questions to the coach, his players and his fans and I hope they will come out and answering all those questions.

    “Who is Madagascar?. Where are they in Africa and the World? Who are their players and where do they play?,”

    “I’m surprised, its a shame that Super Eagles, with big and experienced players, disappointed us.”

    “The tactics was wrong, the changes were many from the players that played against Burundi and Guinea,” Westerhof remarked.

    “Its difficult to believe Super Eagles lost to a Madagascar team I can’t find (in the map).”

    Excuses every day bla bla bla. If they win the tournament in the end, the coach should resigned. We can’t continue like this. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      You’re the one that wants the coach to make all the changes now what can you say about your incessant calling for players to be given a chance?? We the fans have voiced our opinions that you don’t change a winning team, but you always complain that he call this Tom dick and harry. Yes we lost to Madagascar because that’s what you’ve been praying for. Now you have got your wish congratulations, and Rohr is still the so deal with that. After the AFCON you can employ Amuneke. 

      • Omo9ja 2 years ago

        @Ayphillydegreat, you have no choice but to gba fun oga ę omo9ja any day any time.

        You think I will pray for any team to beat my beloved Super Eagles team?

        What is the purpose of my comments on this forum if that was my wish?

        I need to originate you so that you will understand how the football have to be played by coach Rohr.

        What is the aim of every coach when you a match as a good and smart coach?

        To strategized how you win the match abi? This is the second time this will happened to the French coach in charge of our team.

        If you remembered, against South Africa, the South African coach said exactly how he would beat our team and he did just that. Are you sleeping? If not should I continue?

        Okay I will my friend. This Madagascar coach also said the same thing and he also accomplished his goal with 2:0 same margins.

        You are here again attacking any one that voicing out that the coach is not good enough to be Super Eagles coach.

        As a Nigerian, are you happy the way the situation is and embarrassment the coach is given to Nigerians?

        Do you know more than Westerhof?

        Yourself interest won’t help the situation my friend AY.

        What do you think we should do because whatever we say now, you attack us wrongly?

        As you quotes me my lovely friend, don’t you think Amunike can even do much better than this coach Rohr? together with

        coach Obur assistant coach
        Peter Rufai goalkeeper trainer
        Kanu, special adviser to the three coaches.

        For you and your likes, within 3 years, don’t you guys think we can achieve something meaningful and huge than this before the next Afcon and world cup?

        I’m not here to insult anyone oo but enlightening ourselves because I’m always learning and ready to learn because I dont know it all. I will like to hear from you my beloved friend, Ayphillydegreat. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • Omo9ja 2 years ago

          Orientate you I meant to say. God bless Nigeria!!!

          • Omo9ja 2 years ago

            Sorry for my mistakes. God bless us all. Oodabo. God bless Nigeria!!!

          • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

            TA NI ỌGA Ẹ? IWỌ NA MỌ. Within three years we’ve qualified for the WorldCup and AFCON when we failed to play at two AFCON since 2013. Don’t worry Amuneke is my man too any time any day. Maybe we will be in the voice when he take over the team. Maybe you will change against him if results go awry we shall see. For now we stand by the SuperEagles and the gaffer. Rohr and the SuperEagles are progressing in the AFCON while Amuneke’s team TỌN BAN RAKORO WỌN A TI DE Tanzania bai bai. Tanzania is out of the AFCON without winning a match. Amuneke has done his best when he becomes the SuperEagles coach we will support him for the best of the team. I will be here whenever we have a bad result under Amuneke to see how you will support him with your chameleon mouth. 

          • Omo9ja 2 years ago

            [email protected], you know say Oga na master. Stop pretending lolz.

            Even, during the Keshi and Siasia regimes, I did not like both of them over my Country. If Amunike also come on board, I will support him and if something doesn’t go well, it is my responsibility as a Nigerian to tell him that he need to step up his game.

            I don’t follow people blindly and I don’t celebrate failure. You sound like, good or bad we must follow coach Rohr. Who does that?

            I’m pretty sure with our indigenous coaches in charge of this team without NFF interfering, you will see the best of them.

            Instead of wasting Super Eagles time, why can’t NFF make a U turn and giving these gentlemen an opportunity to excel?

            You systematically turned down my questions. No wahala lol. Most of Nigerians love white skin too much I think but skin doesn’t play football o ahahah. God bless Nigeria!!!

          • Destiny 2 years ago

            Rohr is a madman and those people still siding him are extremely mad and totally foolish

            When we say rohr is a empty head coach some foolish bastards will just come out of nowhere and start challenging us and siding him,

            how about
            westerhof,mourinho and Solomon dalung who have criticized him and his foolish tactics so they too don’t know what they are saying abi,

            Well not to go too far and to conclude if you are presently seeing the state of the super eagles and you are still siding rohr,just go to any hospital tell them to do a braincheck up on you cause you are going mad,

            I have said it before and I am saying it again anybody still siding that madman called rohr at this present situation is an extremely madman and that person is more even crazy than rohr,

            so if you are presently still siding rohr,I take god take beg you go check yourself for hospital o cause you don dey mad you nor know o and who dey mad nor dey know say he dey mad

          • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

            omo9ja that’s why I said you’re more of a chameleon. Hosanna today crucify him tomorrow.  No problem that’s your own opinion. I’ve already given my own share of criticism to the gaffer that he paid dearly for listening to people like you by changing and chopping his team, instead of maintaining a winning team for more cohesiveness. That I believe he should learn from going forward. As for the good he has qualified us for the round of 16 at the AFCON after we failed to qualify two consecutive AFCON. That’s a fact you can’t ignore.

            As for you Mr. OLORIBURUKU Destiny. you just crawl out from your rathole after 4 days. Your own Destiny that has turned you to a worthless being you no go even fit collect am back from your mama womb. At least I can still collect my own sense back from my mama womb, but yours is irredeemable from your mama womb. Your mama don use your Destiny do period. IYA Ẹ TI FI ṢE NKAN OṢU DANU. ỌMỌ ALE!! Bastard nonentity. 

  • @Omo9ja, we are in the same team, the SE team of supporters who are discontent with mediocrity and “abeg let’s manage” “a win is a win”.
    It is a shame; because APC and INEC can lie their way into Aso Rock does not mean that all nigerians are idiots or are buyable with “trader money”
    if you spend just two years in Europe or USA, you will unconsciously develop a distaste for MEDIOCRITY.
    Rhor is a joke.

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      APC and INEC can lie their way to Aso Rock, but you won’t say anything about the $500 million found or recovered from Patience Jonathan of the PDP. When you live your shop open to criminals there will be no more shop. We will continue to support the team and the coach till the end and whoever comes after him we will still continue to support the team and the gaffer. We’ve dominated all our matches all we need is put the ball in the net which can still be corrected before Saturday. All you prophets of doom have been praying for us to lose for the past one year. The coach have lost a competitive match to an African side in over a year. You can all enjoy this loss as that na wetin una dey pray for. As for us we will continue to wish the team and the gaffer all the best. 

    • Omo9ja 2 years ago

      My man, I can’t do this alone. Together we stand, divided we fall.
      If indeed we love our team Super Eagles, we have to make a move before it’s too late. I’m not happy about the yesterday match. Very disgraceful display from our players and the coach. It is well. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Some people are here to fight and abuse . God just want to remove d overconfident spirit from d boys. . I said thr 2 goals wil be scored by mistake from d eagles players. . U can all see it wasn’t their fault. It was a spiritual attack on d players by a malagassy native doctor. . Even d referree close his eye to wat wold ve resulted to goal for nigeria. Next game wI’ll be won by eagles but dey must wear white shirt. .

  • I totally agree with Ugo’s view. The coach should eat the humble pie and play the combination of Chukwueze,Onyekuru and Ighalo in round 16. They are young and aggressive too. Mr coach in the interest of millions of Nigerian fans who are presently emotionally and psychologically down as a result of the last match please listen to voice of wisdom. We love you and want you to keep your job.

  • Where is the CAF president from? Where is Gernot Rohr’s from?  Put one & one together you will know that answer to Madagascar. Conspiracy theory going round now. It is clear now. To compensate for the cooperation, we will meet a simple team. Let’s watch and see. 

  • can’t see anywhere he mention disgrace sebi when they beat Burundi, Guinea you guys were saying common Burundi etc… we warned you that there is no minnows in football but u wouldn’t listen. You asked for the coach to make changes which he did,he even said in d interview prior to Guinea match that if they win Guinea it will be an opportunity to test other players which you clapped for.
    This man will leave one day but I know people like you will eat your word’s. Your Amunike will soon come on board.

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    @CJ, don’t worry let them continue to support jihadist Buhari and is killer herdsmen, history would always find a way to repeat itself,I’m sure Afonja is crying in is grave  seeing the same movie, same actors same script, I’m sure the end would be very devastating too for all the participants just like the first movie.Playing three defensive midfielders against Madagascar was serious tactical blunder, one shot on target for 90 minutes, still he allowed Ighalo to galo for 90 minutes. We told them that all pretenders would  be exposed in Egypt they never listened, U can’t take brooms to gun battle and be expecting to win the battle folks.

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    Westerhoff was a great coach in Nigeria’s football history. However, his first contribution was to make sure that we didn’t qualify for the WorldCup in 1990. He was giving all the support because he was building a new team, he qualified for the AFCON that year. Our first match a 5-1 massacre by the host nation. The team regroup and made it to the final before losing 1-0 to the same host. In 1992 he had an established team, but could only come back with the bronze (third place).

    He received an amiable backing from the government and began promoting youngsters from various youth teams to the SuperEagles. The likes of JayJay, Ikpeba, Amuneke, Oliseh were discovered and the SuperEagles qualified for the WorldCup for the first in our history before going on to win the AFCON after the third try. I’m sure if there was social media at the time. People like omo9ja and co would’ve ran Westerhoff out of Nigeria after that 5-1 result.

    Thank God you guys are not the NFF who employed Rohr. Irrespective of the outcome of this AFCON of wish we’ve at least achieved an objective to date. If the NFF decides to sack him it’s all well and good whoever they bring in must be better than him in all ramifications and we will support him and the SuperEagles as usual.

    If the NFF also decides that they will retain Rohr we will continue to support him and the SuperEagles for the future is still bright. We have the qualifiers for the WorldCup coming up and we have vibrant youngsters who can do us proud at the next Olympics. For me I’ve never been concerned about winning this AFCON. Seeing the SuperEagles in the AFCON since 2013 is an achievement in my opinion. We have the team to win it, but if we don’t win this time there’s always too for improvements. Hopefully maybe Amuneke and John Obuh will be able to raise a solid team that will qualify for the next AFCON and win it then take us to the Semifinals of the WorldCup. 

    • I dare say a much stronger pair wud be SiaOne and Oliseh.Beautiful attacking football,fusing with great defensive organization. U go “fear” worldclass football that time. Is it not Oliseh’s,classmates in coaching school that are handling teams? Ryan Giggs handling Wales, Zola assistant at Chelsea and has been headcoach of a Premier league club before. Oliseh himself left Naija and immediately took hold of a team struggling with relegation battle in d Dutch 2nd division,immediately sacked the the older players and same season with a team of very young folks,not only stabilised them but got them promoted into the Dutch top league where Ajax plays. Terrific!
      But I’m quite sure Oliseh’s health issues won’t allow him work in Nigeria for the foreseeable future. So this is just a dream.
      For now it’s Mr. Rohr,some of us hope he learns what is needful. We shud be able to come out blazing in the next match.

      • Skipped me,I was to say this. If ever indigenous coaches must handle our senior team,hen hen NFF must have to do a lot of repenting o.
        The interference and other corrupt tendencies must stop.I think Oliseh’s health challenges that made him loose consciousness at times,was related to this NFF wahala on him.
        I guess Pinnick did what was right then. He was like, since I can’t change the NFF just now,and we need a coach just now,as Oliseh has resigned let me get a white coach- since me people seem to behave when they see a white. Hehe.

        Hope you are enjoying my moon lite stories, no o they are not tales o,they are legit.
        Goodnyt Niger

        • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

          I’m glad you said it’s just a dream and tales by moonlight. Thank God you’re living in reality  obviously, some are still living in fantasy land. 

          • Hehe,but nope my note states,they are not tales.

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    I need someone to tell me the brand of soccer we playing under Rohr, is it attacking or defensive?

  • If you don’t support us when losing please don’t support us when winning. Up eagles

  • @Omo9ja… I’ve known you now since the time of Kick of Nigeria.
    U are always against super eagles Team and their handlers…and I’m not surprised that u and ur are calling back the same people u have once condemned.
    It’s like some people are confused here…as for me, I’ll rather wait till the end of the tournament.
    In Game of Life, You win some, You lose some.this same Rohr has won 18 games for Naija and 8 losses just 3 to African teams.

  • Bishop Joshua 2 years ago

    Any body who knew Omo9ja and his crew remember that he always criticised Super Eagles and their handlers in kick off Nigeria. He maintained that Keshi was not a good coach and had no business being. It is surprising these same folks will still give reference to the same Keshi they condemned during 2014 world cup as example. There are people who are critical by nature and most times it is not constructive criticism. Its just that they are by nature critical.
    We have not bowed out of the tournament yet. We can bring our conclusion after then. Those criticizing the coach and the team now forgot that prior to the Eagles winning AFCON 2013, their performance at the group stage was drab and uninspiring. No one even gave them chance to survive the star-studded Drogba-led CIV. Not even NFF. But they went on and against all odds won and lifted the trophy, improving in play and confidence with every match they played in the knockout. Any defeat stirs up so called Super Eagles fans to write off, castigate and criticize the team at any given instance. It is becoming endemic in our nature. Sometimes we think our constant mockery and criticism of our team is an indication of our love and patriotism for our national team but its not. You ought to support and encourage them also even in tines when they played bad.
    Some of you belong to clubs in Europe that the team and coaches have fumbled in many matches they’re expected to win but you still believe the team would come good some day. but when it comes to Eagles,we become impatient, easily irritable and critical. Every body turns to become good coach and reader of the game.
    Let’s support and encourage them. It is the least you can do to boost their morale and confidence

    • Ikeben 2 years ago

      Well said Sir. Words of wisdom for the matured mind and true fan

  • Mykel 2 years ago

    I have no words for this rohr anymore,we have been disgraced, how do we recover from it. With this coache that doesn’t know his players, doesn’t believe in his players, a glad that we lost, because this will show rohr that u must not be born abroad or play abroad to be in the super eagles. Madagascar players play at home ,yet they defeated our so-called professional players, overrated iwobi, and co,the solution is to get a young and ambitious coach after this tournament, I have already lost hope in this team/tournmaent,we can’t achieve anything, no goal scorers, the beat players /skillful players are on d bench and will not be allowed to play

  • You guys have all spoken well including my man Omo9ja haha.
    There is an adage that says “In the multitude of words/counsel there is wisdom” . I just wish the NFF, Mr Rohr and our players are reading all these comments.
    A word they say is enough for the wise. its time for our coach and his entire crew to sit up and answer all these questions being thrown at them with quality football, sound tactics and win back the heart of our fans.
    As for what our former coach Westerhof is saying I don’t quite agree with him.
    “Who is Madagascar?. Where are they in Africa
    and the World? Who are their players and
    where do they play?
    Let me start by saying we are in 21 st century and the level of football being displayed now is absolutely different from that of then, when he was in charge. A lot of teams have improved in Africa.
    Secondly the fact that Nigeria were the favourite to win Madagascar does mean you would play with the wrong mentality and expect to win. the game I watched on Sunday I saw the way they supper eagles were so relaxed, they don’t press when out of possession, no creativity, no attacking instincts. and still expect to win.
    lastly it does not matter whether you are the favourite to win Afcon if you don’t perform on match day theses underdogs are ready to cos upset..
    The deed has been done and the least Mr Westerhof could do now is to encourage the team and advice them to put the past behind. that’s fatherly advice.
    For me I believe they can still do it, if only they too believe they can by being honest with players selection on match day and avoiding any form of sentiment. Thanks
    God bless Nigeria !!!

  • Mister 2 years ago

    From what I have seen so far Nigeria is already out of this Afcon they are the most weakest team among the favorite. so don’t dream my guys. me I don’t trust that team at all. Selfish striker, no communication, worst selection, mistake all the time so how are we going to win in front of good team. Bye bye Afcon shameless super chicken they spoilt our map. 

    • Crystal chris 2 years ago

      Nothing like most weakest team, weak is weak. Senegal number 1 in Africa lost but qualified for round of 16. The team that played Madagascar was good enough,they underated them. It doesn’t stop us from winning the cup if there’s determination.

  • Mr. Cole 2 years ago

    Mr. Rohr has done his best for us and now is the time for him to step aside for another coach to come in, as far as i am concern, he is already out of idea and it seems he doesn’t know what to do with those quality players we have in the super Eagles anymore. To be sincere I am not against him, atleast he has achieved what he could not achieve with the African teams he previously coached. So its better he go now before he disgrace us at the bigger stage. Thank you Nigerians and for all arguments that do happens here time to time, we are all fighting for the course which is a good course so lets keep the fire burning, i am loving it. I have been to some countries in this world and I can categorically tell you that we Nigerians stands out anywhere, anyday and anytime. GOD BLESS NAIJA. One love

  • abba rossi 2 years ago

    Ayphillydegreat u surprise me a lot the way u re siding some1 who prove to u openly his is tactical in competent but u re still writing stories? Let be honest to ourselves we do watch football week in week out across Europe don’t u think that’s enough for us to be able to know how good or bad a coach is? Or a good tactical team will look? we all know in football there is a good day and bad one but atleast no matter bad the day is, a sound tactical team should able to prove a point not zero on target or one short on target?

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      This is the same coach that played about 3 formations at the WorldCup. My only problem with him is chopping and changing when he already has a winning team starting from the Guinea game. That’s the line up he should’ve maintained. However, at that point we’ve already qualified so I understand he was trying to rest some of his best legs. Honestly I want to see Osimhen and Onyekuru in that game, but the goal conceded in the first half changed the rhythm. Yet we dominated them we just lacked the cutting edge in the final third. I believe they will improve in the next game. But I can’t ignore the few achievements by Rohr after we failed to qualify for two consecutive AFCON. That I can take to the bank. 

  • I think the tactics rohr used against madagascar actually worked against us, he might Love that country more than nigeria, since his wife is from their, he also has inlaw from their.

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    Do we have any creative midfielders in this team, if any,how many chances ve they created ?