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We Have The Team To Achieve 2022 World Cup Ticket –Eguavoen, Amuneke

We Have The Team To Achieve 2022 World Cup Ticket –Eguavoen, Amuneke

Super Eagles interim coach, Austine Eguavoen has assured Nigerians that the players at his disposal are capable of overcoming the Black Stars of Ghana in the fast-approaching 2022 FIFA World Cup playoff.

Ghana will have home advantage first and both legs will be played between March 23 and 29 with the aggregate winners securing a place at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Nigeria are seeking to qualify for the World Cup a seventh time and, since 1994, have missed only one of seven editions. The last of three appearances by Ghana was in 2014.

For the team’s technical adviser, Eguavoen, it is always an honour to serve the country and he is impressed with the high level of discipline and commitment of the players at the 2021 AFCON in Cameroon.

“I feel privileged to lead the group. We have two tough games against Ghana next month but I am not too worried because we have a squad that knows it is a mountain that we have to climb.

“We have a good headache to deal with – which is a surplus of good players. I want to thank the government and the NFF for all the support during the AFCON; we will need even greater support for the World Cup play-off.”

In the same vein, Super Eagles Chief Coach, Emmanuel Amuneke, on his part said he was privileged to work with the team.

“I have worked with some of the players in the U-17 and U-20 teams, and some others I have known for many years. We have the team to earn the World Cup ticket and we will put our best foot forward for each game,” he promised.


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  • Can you just keep quiet and do your work.Ghana is busy making preparations, yet no single word from them.
    Your own is to open your mouth and talk so the whole World will know what you are up to.

    Am sure Chris Houghton is busy studying your players now. Even the ones you are calling up and boasting about. It is to open your mouth and talk waaaaah that you know.

    • Lucky Ukhun 2 years ago

      My dear Ben, don’t mind them. Nigerians are like that, anywhere you find them in the world, very loud and boastful. Tunisian game still on my mind……The coaches are busy boasting about the players that they have, but no one is talking about team cohesion and tactical capability. This was the same thing that cost us the Tunisian match. We had better players, but they had better tactics. Individual play doesn’t win soccer games anymore these days.

  • The team may not be ready to play this formation and players but I think it could be very fruitful to the team:






    • Bobby 2 years ago

      Forget about their coach. He knows nothing about African football. With the kind of players we have now, it’ll be very difficult for Ghana to defeat us in the first leg.

  • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

    FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS! Shut your mouths and work hard.

  • Gideon -S 2 years ago

    Play against Ghana have never and can never be an easy match any day, even if we have more players ahead of them.. they beat us more time than we do..
    The coaching crew should map out strategy to beat them this time, not making mouth..

    Over here in Ghana were i base, they’re doing everything possible to see us down both juju level, trying to change the venue but Caf rejected, new strong coach’s, going around to bring in ther foreign born for the game..

    Against Nigeria is the topic of every news, to lift up the nation against SE.

    The fever is high over here..
    They see it as a war

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    @ Gideon-s, guy please tell them Ghana would rather die than to lose to Naija, we must warn our players not drink or eat anything from Ghana, they should go there with foods and drinks from Naija. Especially iheanacho and Iwobi the party animals two lazy never serious players. Their defenders will try to take out Osigoal or Moses in the first 30 minutes in Ghana. Our officials should monitors the match officials very closely Ghana is nothing play with ooooo. A foreseen war doesn’t kill a wise cripple, Nigeria pls pay attention talk less.

  • Elijah Samson 2 years ago

    @Sportsfan. Would you rather drop Moses for Dennis or Luckman? I know you are entitled to your opinion but think about it. The best of the best in our quad during Afcon. Taking a test and trusted leg out can end up biting the hill.

    • If Man City drops a player i.e Kevin De Bruyne due to on foreseen issues i.e. Paper issues for Travelling etc a squad player comes in has 2 good games does it mean that De bruyne won’t walk back into the team. My thing is this It is very easy to put blinkers over Nigerian peoples eyes. Look because Moses Simon had one good tournament doesn’t make him our most talented player. In fact I firmly Believe that Moses Simon would be better utilized as a impact player coming off the bench in the 60 mins to finish a team off. as the saying goes Class is permanent form is temporary who is to say Dennis or Lookman won’t blow Ghana away. Moreover Moses Simon choked against Tunisia whcich is to say he ran out of idea’s I am with @Sportsfan Moses Simon is an Impact player. Let us wait and see what happens from now until Ghana Game with the likes of Samuel Chukwueze who as of now is the Only I repeat Only Super Eagle representing us in the Uefa Champions league.

      This is the same way Ahmed Musa has been foolishly able to put the blinkers over Nigerians eyes for over 5 years now 1 or 2 good games in a tournament does not translate to being a Overall quality player. Nigerians really need to wake up from this type of mentality. I may be wrong He Moses Simon may be finally reaching his full potential but It is not to say he is more Talented than Lookman or Dennis Mbano!!!! that is Ludacris. Thank you

      • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

        This guy called @Ugo Iwunze, you are becoming a nuisance in this forum. Here is becoming boring with your everyday ranting of Musa..Can you let go of this your personal hatred for Musa please?

        • HAHAHA LOL, see Minister of Nuisance calling me Nuisance Chai!! Wonders shall never end!.. My brother I only speak sense

          • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

            Then take your bullshit you call sense elsewhere. Besides this is not the thread for it.

  • Ralph 2 years ago

    Player to Player only the Ivorians and Senegalese has what we`ve got, which means we had the players to win AFCON and what we lack is coaches who are technically sound. And that hasn’t changed, with all the players we`ve got with all these coaches we are parading, we will still lose again tomorrow. I mean how can someone in his right frame judge Nigerian losing out in the 16th round of an African Competition as a good display or a positive performance? I cant really understand that. 1-0 win against Egypt? yeah you can thumb up that, but using victories against Sudan and Guinea Bissau as a yard stick for good performance is ridiculous.

  • Super will win the match against the black on the 23 of March

  • Coache 2 years ago

    Matches against Ghana are never easy. In the nations cup matches I have watched, Abedi Pele’s headed goal was all Ghana needed to unsettle and beat Nigeria in Senegal 92. In 2008, it took Asamoah Gyan’s header and a junior Agogo winner for the Ghanaians to carry the day. Ghana and headed goals are like 5 and 6 against Nigeria. If we can stop them from scoring with their head, I think we stand a chance.

  • ABDULRAZAK 2 years ago

    My candid advice to coach Egusvon is to talk less and focus on team tactics and techniques. You are not going to intimidate anyone with all these ” our players can sink the Ghanaians” talk. Also, PLEASE, have alternative tactical formations. DON’T TELL THE PLAYERS TO GO OUT ON THE PITCH AND EXPRESS THEMSELVES!

  • Thank you @ABDULRAZAK You can never hear the falcons coach talk much. Let action speak pls

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