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2022 W’Cup Playoff: Eagles Determined To Conquer Ghana –Musa

2022 W’Cup Playoff: Eagles Determined To Conquer Ghana –Musa

Super Eagles captain, Ahmed Musa says the team is determine to conquer the Black Stars of Ghana in the 2022 FIFA World Cup playoff.

Nigeria and Ghana will battle each other in two-legged FIFA World Cup qualifiers in March.

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The first leg will be played at the Cape Coast Sports Stadium on March 23, while the return leg will take place on March 29 at the MKO Abiola Stadium, Abuja.

Speaking during a virtual meeting with Youth and Sports Minister Sunday Dare, chieftains of the Nigeria Football Federation and Coaches Augustine Eguavoen and Emmanuel Amuneke, on Tuesday night, Musa said: “The FIFA World Cup is the biggest football tournament in the world, and every player wants to feature there. A good number of the players in the team now have not been there, and the few of us that have been there, want to experience it again.

“We just want the NFF to help us get enough fans into the Abuja Stadium for the second leg. We will go to Ghana and dig our feet and ensure we get a result.

“We must admit that Ghana also wants to qualify and they have a strong team. The return leg will be crucial and we are ready for the battle, but we want our fans to be in there cheering us on.”


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  • My Man you will not be there over, You are the most irritating human being I know.. you are lucky this country is still run by Fulani’s otherwise a complete waste of space you are… Only God will have the final say with you judging by the recent meetings held in London and some of our other active stars in other leagues I see no place for you in the team. You should just admit you are no longer good enough to wear that Green White Green shirt

    • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

      Kai! @Ugwu Iwunze regret knowing you on this platform.. I know you’re tribalistic but never knew you are this inhumane! Calling your fellow human irritating? Especially our capt? Haba! What has Musa done to you? Why so much hate on him in particular? Mehn… You just lost my follow on Instagram. Am going to unfollow you right away!

      • Please unfollow me o abeg.. If that what it takes abeg I nor send. How can we be carrying this guy as captain for how long??. He is not good enough Period is he a Cheerleader or something. The guy is not needed we need players and leaders who can be called upon in tight games, This guy is not a leader as Leader’s lead from the front and not back. How many minutes did he contribute in AFCON??.. Lol you are making jokes about Vincent Abubakar’s age yesterday well if you think he is 40 how old is Musa then lol. A player who only had speed in his Arsenal. It is almost 4 years since he contributed 2 lucky goals against lowly Iceland in World Cup since then what has he contribute??. We need Meaningful Leaders.

        • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

          Hahahahaha….”Lowly Iceland”….LMAOooo.

          That lowly Iceland was a whole 26 places ahead of Nigeria at 22nd on the FIFA rankings when Musa smashed 2 goals past them to become the 3rd highest scoring African in the history of the world cup behind fellow legends like Roger Milla and Asamoah Gyan.

          “Lowly Iceleand” indeed….LMAOooo. I guess even Senegal too is “lowly Senegal” having been ranked in the same bracket as the Iceland team of 2018 up till recently……LMAOOooo. I guess anyone who scores 2 goals against Senegal today must have scored against a “Lowly Senegal”……LMAOOooo

          See hatred at it peak….LMAOooo. A man who is hated will be accused of raising dust even if he falls in a pool of water. While a man who is loved will be praised for killing a dragon even when he has just killed a dragon-fly.

          That was how you branded a team consisting of Enyeama, Taiye Taiwo, Chidi Odiah, Yobo, Okocha, Kanu, Oruma, Mikel, Agahowa, Obagoal to mention but a few, a “less talented team” because you wanted to hype Eguavoen…..LMAOOooo.

          Some people were apparently born the day lies became flesh and dwelt amongst men…..LMAOooo

          • Okay let me pose this question. What is the Merited criteria and Basis of Musa continued Stay as captain of this team infact let us talk of inclusion? @Dr Drey, Is it Merited?

          • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

            Hehehehe…you have summersaulted from Iceland being a “lowly team” after being boxed-in, to the merit of Musa’s continued stay as captain…….LMAOOOO.

            Its the same merit and basis of Keshi’s continued stay as captain and member of the SE circa 94.

            Its the same merit and basis of Amokachi’s continued stay as captain and member of the SE circa 2000.

            Its the same merit and basis of Kanu’s continued stay as captain and member of the SE circa 2010.

            Its the same merit and basis of Yobo’s continued stay as captain and member of the SE circa 2014.

            And the same merit and basis of Mikel’s continued stay as captain and member of the SE circa 2019.

            If you like bite trees till tomorrow, should the SE qualify for Qatar (which I pray we should), should he still be playing week-in-week-out in the Turkish Super Lig and free of injuries, Ahmed Musa the SE captain’s front seat on the team bus is as assured as March is assured after February, and 10,000 of you can unfortunately do nothing about it.

            Take heart ehn…..LMAOOoooo

          • @Dr Drey yes Icelan is not a notable European team or World team for that matter they are weak and what did your Flash in the pan produce in the subsequent Argentina game?? Rohr wantyed to remove the guy but was told by Buhari not to and I am the one you call Tribalist may god save your Double Standard Yansh licking ASS….

            again You live in the past Abeg @Igbekun make we kuku build this ode a time machine na wa o.

            Simple Question he cannot Answer. All he can do is say LMAFO rubbish!!

          • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

            Hahahaha…filthy liar like you. A team ranked 26, YES TWENTY SIX places above you is a lowly team…..LMAOOooo…so what does that say of your own team as at then….a gutter team…??? The last time I checked, the same Musa smashed 2 beautiful goals past 2014 WC finalists Argentina when we met them in the group stages….I guess they too were a Lowly team…..LMAOoooo.

            Please tell us which notable team or anyteam ranked at 22nd in the world your so-called “young bombers” met at ordinary AFCON before we got dumped out in R16…..LMAOoooo

            Apparently a senseless nitwit like you also needs that time machine to realize I have answered your senseless question up there. You obviously were still on the feeding bottle at those times I mentioned to know the merit and basis for the continued stay of all Super Eagles captains in the national team since the days of Christian Chukwu….LMAOooo

            Shameless tribal bigot.

            Use your teeth to mow a lawn till tomorrow….LMAOoooo….10,000 of you cannot de-robe Ahmed Musa of the SE captaincy…..LMAOooooo

      • @MONKEY POST Funny how you call me Tribalist yet, Zaidu Sanusi is one of my favorite Left Back in the World and I consider him to be Nigeria’s Best Left Back in the current Set up. This has nothing to do with Tribalism just Common sense it is High time Musa steps aside, a statement compounded even more by a More Active Phisically more dynamic and talented Victor Moses not being part of the set up. I will sing from Mountain Everest that whatever So called role Ahmed Musa feels he is playing in the team will be better utilized by Victor Moses would certainly make more sense in any which way you look at it. call me a Biggot ALL you want Ahmed Musa is a in CAPITAL LETTERS WASTE OF SPACE IN THE CURRENT SET UP AND GOING FORWARD!!!!!

    • @Ugo Iwunze, please, be reminded that Ahmed Musa has served this country well in his chosen profession. He may not have it anymore, but must you savage him, to make your point? I don’t know what it is, but I know that reverse tribalism is equally odious, my brother.

    • Ugo uwunze. Are you sure this is not spirit of hatred. Are you sure this does nit have something to do with tribalism. When you begin to use words as you have used it because of football, then there is a problem.

      Musa us the captain. Musa is needed off fiekd to stabilize the team.

      The sane happened to keshi in 1994. Yobo in 2013. Adepoju in world cup 2002.

      Common take the hatred away. It’s Musa time. The guy does not even get angry when he is benched. Do you think Musa wouldn’t have scored some of the chances missed by our strikers at last afcon.

      Musa is even playing regularly now for his club.

      You see for a great team you don’t look at on field activities again. S lot happens off field too. Musa does a lot of that for the team.

      You can’t do anything about this. Let him be.

  • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

    My brother @Ugo Iwunze what if Ahmed Musa be on the list for inspiration and motivational purpose and not play what will happen? I don’t care about your opinions on Our Capt but it’s your choice words on him.. it was rather harsh..show some respect please. you need to apologise.cos your comments on Ahmed Musa doesn’t represent CSN and still doesn’t represent the opinion of millions of SE loving supporters around the globe.. so please you need to tender an apology!

  • Only desperation will make the coach field both victor Osimhen and ighalo at the same time on the pitch.
    We saw what happened when the former coach tried it.
    I cant speak for the NFF or coaches eguavoen and amuneke on who they invite for the next game but I can suggest that they use players who compliment each other.

    Dennis can play as a winger on the right, he is very decent in ball possession, distribution and scoring so I put him ahead of chukwueze, onyekuru etc dennis is also good in the air and dribbles very well, he can also create opportunities. For me, he is the best choice on the right wing for the Super Eagles going forward.
    He will support Victor Osimhen very well.

    On the left, its a straight battle between Simon moses (the likely candidate) and Ademola lookman.
    Like I said, moses is the first Choice for now, but if ademola lookman can settle quickly into the Super Eagles team, he will add a whole lot more than moses Simon.
    He has accurate crossing with both feet, good shooting abilities, speed, dribbles, he can cut in field with the ball and play like a number 10. He will be a big hit with the Super Eagles, if he can adjust to African football.

    The team may not be ready to play this formation but I think it could be fruitful to the team:






    • Who is Ademola Lukman? Guy, Moses simon is far better than him. Is it because he is playing for Leicester? The only thing I know him for is running or speed like Musa, not goals or one on one take on. I even doubt his crosses. He is good, no doubt but not to the level of Moses Simon.

      • Golden Child 11 months ago

        Both are very good players and @Sportsfan is right. Lookman is a play making winger and not a traditional winger. He can cut in and play as 10 which gives the team a added dimension. @Tols, you are yet to see him play for the SE and you have already concluded that he can not be better than Simon. Let us have an open mind set but one thing is for sure, he will give Simon a run for his money and the team is the beneficiary.

        Ejuke is good but dribbles too much, samuel kalu is out of form. On the left, Lookman would provide the much needed competition on the left wing.

  • Sunnyb 11 months ago

    Musa pleas go sit down, you guys told us you will demolish Tunisia, we know who got demolished, precise you should retire and make room for a younger aggressive player. We don’t need tired legs against Ghana we need serious fighters Ghana wouldn’t come easy.

  • Richie 11 months ago

    For those commenting on Musa’s “benchwarming Captain” role in the Eagles, I’d like to ask a simple question:

    How many minutes did Joseph Yobo (As Captain) get in South Africa 2013 when they won it?

    Was he influential ON the pitch back then, or OFF it?

    Answer that yourselves, and have a good evening.

    • Golden Child 11 months ago

      Or Stephen Keshi @ Tunisia 94. I used to be a critic also untill i saw his leadership qualities. There is no rancour in the team and there is a good reason for that because he is respected.

      • @Golden Child we won it in 2014 when Keshi was Captain moreover Keshi was still playing in Belguim in Anderlecht at the time whe Belguim league was strong. Okay Mr know it all. Afcon Just finished as you are claiming and trying to Make a point of Musa and keshi role in 1994 and recentlu now in 2022. What was the outcome. Abeg una supposed to dey reason well biko

        • *1994 not 2014* typo i am sure u catch my drift

        • Na! Keshi was with Strasbourg FC in France and not Anderlecht in 1994.

        • Golden Child 11 months ago

          @Ugo Iwunze, you need to be calm and not give yourself high blood pressure because of Musa. Truth be told if we are to look at merit, perhaps, Musa should not make the team but there are other complementary reasons he continues to make the cut and you can not disregard them and YES you can lead from off the pitch.

          Some players are in a team not because they are the best but because of the impact they have on the team. Some players have impact on the field whilst others off the pitch. You only need to see Ekong who is one of the senior players in team run from the back line to hand over the arm band to Musa, that is respect! When a player commands such regard even when there are contentious issues in the camp, Musa’s presence as captain can be of significant importance. Respect is earned and Musa has earned it. Besides, the man has come out publicly to announce that afcon2022 and world cup 2022 is his last so based on all he has given to the country over the years, does he not deserve a glorious exit? Make no mistake, Musa is a living SE Legend.

          I absolutely loved Musa’s response to a journalist who was asking how Mo Salah would be marked in the build up to the game against Egypt, his response was lit. He responded that “We do not need to pay special attention to Salah and that Nigeria have many dangerous players like Chukwueze etc. They need to worry about us” (Paraphrased). The players fed off that energy and we all saw the outcome in the game against Egypt.

          Let us show a little respect to our Legends.

          • Richie 11 months ago

            IT IS WHAT IT IS BRO!!

            Your comments have carried 95% of what’s on my mind…..the remaining 5%, I’ll gracefully concede to Mr Iwunze 🙂

    • Lol @Richie but can you guys not try and have some sense at least haba!!!!. Okay so Musa had his Joseph Yobo stint at the recent concluded AFCON 22 did we win it??????.. oh my God what is this rubbis did Musa Give you people Jazz or what??. The guy must Fuck off Abeg!!! He has over stayed his welcome abeg. At least Joseph Yobo played more than Musa in 2013. For goodness sake Afcon just finished Musa was cheerleader Captain we went out round of 16 what is this Musa Madness. Abeg make we hear word Jare

      • Richie 11 months ago

        @Ugo, hmmmmmmmm……. don’t always throw away the baby with the bathwater ooooo, personally I’ve not been impressed with Musa’s output lately too, I won’t deny….but, fit for as long as he’s still kicking a ball, and against the backdrop of all he’s given over the years, as fans, let’s offer him the fighting chance, let’s not use our utterances to lead him into a forced retirement.

        CALM DOWN, Yorubas say FARABALE ooooo

        • Victor Moses has done more, Two flash in the pan goals against Argentina faded against France 2014, 2 flash in the pan goals against Iceland was woeful against Argentina 2018 was woeful in the 2019 Afcon. Did shishsi in recent Afcon Club form is Appalling!. What is this guy still captaining SE for??.

          • Richie 11 months ago

            @Ugo It’s all good, it’s clear you’ve got a serious axe to grind with the man; well, I can’t make you change your mind on that.
            At the end of the day, every man to his opinion

          • I am all gor Merit and Fairness thats me I will never change.. no one man is bigger than a whole Nation period.. mind you watch Calvin Bassey look what he is doing against a whole Borussia Dortmund. Marking the whole attack line out the boy is mesmerising!!!!! Oh wow what a player we have he is the key to that defence he is better than Ekong and Balogun combined wow just wow!!!!

          • Richie 11 months ago

            Aribo with an assist in that game as well….

            As for Calvin Bassey, he’s clearly progressing up the ladder, a ‘Haaland-less’ Borussia Dortmund will always be there for the taking by any serious team, no question

          • Aribo is playing Great.. i see Bassey becoming as good as Koulibaly of Senegal the Boy is a real Star in the making I hope Eguavoen is watching this game if So Bassey is playing Against Ghana no doubt!!

          • Richie 11 months ago

            Definitely Eguavoen will be closely watching that and the Napoli/Barca game, for obvious reasons….if not him, then definitely one or more of his assistants

  • For how looooooong must this Musa rubbish continue before we smell the roses how long???

  • JimmyBall 11 months ago

    Ahmed Musa can still play football but he honestly that does not merit any squad space any longer in the team… If he wants to be at Qatar after we have qualified he should go as member of Nigeria’s technical staff entourage only… When you have a team welcoming Dennis, Lookman and maybe Michael Olise, then Musa is no longer needed on the field… He is no longer the player he used to be five years ago as in honest truth, he cannot be less than 36yrs now in real life. At such an age you cannot compete with boys who are 25yrs – 30yrs in actual reality. He has served well and he is appreciated but he should stop looking up to more caps in the name of trying to make history.

    • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

      Roger Milla was 38 when he took the world by storm in 1990. Musa can even be an X-Factor in Qatar if we qualify. No coach I repeat no coach will drop Musa if Nigeria make it to Qatar. Obviously, after the WorldCup Musa will be retiring. For people to think that a SuperEagles captain playing regularly in Turkey will not make the team to this WorldCup is quite laughable and bereft of reasoning. For me I respect patriotism and leadership. No matter how we want to be sentimental about it Eguavoen and Amunike can never drop Musa if we can make it to Qatar.

      • That 1 be say, if they drop him, you go jump of a bridge na lol. Dont Forget World Cup is only 23 players so reason well.. who will they drop if all of Dennis, Chukwueze, Lookman, Moses Simon Osimhen, Iheanacho and co to name a few are hitting form by end of season. Make we dey here dey look na. Seeing as though a bench warmer is undroppable lol. I used to love Musa in 2014 but ever since it became clear that his position in the team is political I am against it with a Capital A… Let us see if Musa is undroppable whe Bigger players are hitting Form @AphillytheNOTsogreat..

        Playing Regularly in Turkish League dont make me laugh. He gets Turkish Cup matchs if Lucky and is warming the bench coming on In dieng minutes of games.

        • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

          Ugo dumb skull Iwunze if Musa makes the team to the WorldCup when we qualify you can go and jump in front of a moving train or better still consume rat poison. The market women in your village will reserve enough rat poison for you to consume in November when Musa’s name is on the list. Lmao!! A WorldCup they haven’t even qualified for they’re here gnashing about the list. Lmao!!

      • JimmyBall 11 months ago

        @Ayphilkydegreat… What Roger Milla played in one tournament at 38yrs is more heralded and loudable than what Ahmed Musa has played in his entire career. The comparison between Ahmed Musa and Roger Milla is clearly gross…

        I loved Ahmed Musa but while some choose to sing his praise like you just did…

        Where do you fit him in the team? Who is he going to start ahead of? If we ever won’t to achieve anything as a people and nation, we must stop lying to ourselves when the truth stare us in the face… a player’s useful lifespan and cycle in the national team should be max 10years if such a player is able to sustain performance levels commendable… Ahmed Musa has been to two world cups, and several nations cup it is time he bows from the stage since he is no more indispensable.

        We are talking Ahmed Musa in Turkey when a massive player with game winning character like Anthony Nwakaeme is actually the best Nigeria player in that league and he is almost powering his team Trabzonspor to the Turkish title… I can’t understand the fascination with Ahmed Musa continuing with Eagles when he is there only for history making caps these days… the team does not lack leaders to make onfield captain…

        • Igbekun Abo 11 months ago

          My guy no mind AyPillythegreat. He is a secret admirer of Aminu Umar. Left to him, Aminu Umar will be in the Super Eagles ahead of Ahmed Musa.

        • @Jimmyball abeg tell them o hats. You shall excel in every facets of your endeavour and shall reap gross rewards for honesty. My brother grease dey your elbow Jare. Let them keep decieving themselves while SE keeps going down the rabbit whole with this thier outdated mentality

  • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

    It’s quite laughable that they now prefer Odion Ighalo to be in the team because he’s scoring in Saudi Arabia, but want Musa who is still playing in mainstream Europe dropped for God knows who?? Lmao!! First we have to channel our energy on scaling through Ghana and we need all our experienced players who are still playing week in week out to help us prosecute this important qualifier. Then we can begin to talk even if Nigeria hire a world class foreign coach he can never drop Musa for the Mundial if Nigeria qualify.

  • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

    Someone said Musa scored fluke goals at the WorldCup Lmao!!! One of his goals against Iceland was rated among the best goals in Russia 2018 WorldCup. Musa doesn’t anything to prove to anyone at this point in his career. If whoever is in charge of the team call him up then he deserve to be in the team.

  • Igbekun Abo 11 months ago

    @Ugo, leave that talk a beg. Ahmed Musa suppose dey the Super Eagles ahead of Alex Iwobi sef. Who be Iwobi? Which Kain achievement he get for club football in the last 5 years? Who sabi am for England. Na Nigerian yeye fans with rotten teeth go dey peddle mediocrity.
    Ahmed Musa has paid his dues and deserves to be in the Super Eagles. Alex Iwobi needs to tie his shoelace in club football for us to take him seriously. Heaven bless Musa and all accomplished Super Eagles players. Lolzzzz.

    • No way @Igbekun Abo not with what Lampard is doing with Iwobi now. Iwobi can not miss out for Musa dont forget Iwobi was one of our better players in Afcon 2018 when on form now with form and Lampards backing he is 100x more useful dan agadi nwoke Musa!!.. Musa has served reasonably well but we have alot more useful players now. Especially with Lookman. Our cheerleader Captain must make way now. Time has reached for that. Every chapter has a ending. Let others make history and try to achieve what Musa couldn’t at his peak. Thanks

  • No way @Igbekun Abo not with what Lampard is doing with Iwobi now. Iwobi can not miss out for Musa dont forget Iwobi was one of our better players in Afcon 2018 when on form now with form and Lampards backing he is 100x more useful dan agadi nwoke Musa!!.. Musa has served reasonably well but we have alot more useful players now. Especially with Lookman. Our cheerleader Captain must make way now. Time has reached for that. Every chapter has a ending. Let others make history and try to achieve what Musa couldn’t at his peak. Thanks

    • Moreover @ just 25 Iwobi is only approaching peak in 1 and a half.. and him getting more World Cup experience will only benefit Nigeria more in the long run than a Musa that is way past his.

  • Tribalism will always be a big problem in Nigeria

    • @Christian Ministries Nigeria… clearly Nigeria has a loong way to go if you think I am being tribalistic. MUSA is not good enough again period. He came to AFCON was there wasted space is it too much to ask for the Coach to use that spot usefully. You guys keep saying Musa is this Musa is that he does a lot of work off the field okay lets be honest have you heard him speak is he striking you as a charismatic guy. Please my bro. It is time to give our other players a leading role let them get experience let them lead those who warrant it on Merit. Musa had AfCON we failed must we fail at World Cup as well. Please I dont care if this makes you people want to cry the sooner you open your eyes the better. What is this. Didn’t other players retire eventually haba!!!!

  • Eagles has more problem to solve in the defense than any other positions in that team. Aina Awaziem Bassey Zaidu should be tried in a friendly match after the playoff. These are fearless young dudes with nice passes, tackles and crossings in their legs. my opinion.

    • BASSEY is the missing piece to that Defence. A gem of a player.!!!!!

      • Igbekun Abo 11 months ago

        @Ugo, tell yourself the truth, will you pick Calvin Bassey over Musa Muhammad, Olisah Ndah or even Valentine Ozornwafor? Let us be honest with ourselves, Calvin Bassey has a long way to go.

        • Wow @Igbekun Abo I will pick Calvin Bassey over any of them any time any day bros. The boy is the real deal. No be say I dey blow smoke up him yansh but Calvin is the Next Kalidou Koulibaly. Plus he is versatile as well. Between Balogun And him of late despite Balogun injury Calvin is playing 90 mins per game big games spl and europa league week in week out. He is the next big defender. And also he is at the top of David Moyes list (West Ham United) to be signed next season if a deal is reached with Rangers FC and it is looking likely. Not to mention after Next week he will also have facing Erling Haaland under his belt. If he does well which i back him to. He plays like Koulibaly really bro obviously not as refined as the big Senegalese yet but, thats enough to have him ahead of Olisa and co

          • Igbekun Abo 11 months ago

            Even Olisah Ndah is on the radar of coach Sean Dyche of Burnley. Once Ndah moves to the English Premier League, your will forget all about Calvin Bassey.

  • No coach will drop a player who has a string influence in his team off field. In this Nigerian setting where administrative problems are the order of the day. A Nigeria where you need an influential player who will be able to mediate between the players and the administrators.

    A player who will help the bond between players.

    It’s only a foolish coach that will drop such a player.

    Yobo was a classic case in 2013. He did not start matches but he was useful when problems arose between the coach, administrators.

    We have evn talked so much about these young players. We saw what happened with some of them at afcon.

    Musa I still playing in turkey. He is fit. It will be foolish to leave him out of the team.

    Please can someone appluad what he just did to Kingsley obiekwu. Fantastic personality.

    Great influence over the players. Did you notice how ekong usually hand over the band to him with lots of respect.

    It’s only people with experience and maturity that will understand what people like that can do for team in a competition.

    I was a math teacher formmany years. Many teachers fail in classroom because of their relationship with students outside the classroom. Many are successful because they have good relationship with their students outside classroom.

    Off field activities will alwsy go a long way to ensure the success of a team in any field or vocation.

    Musa is still needed

  • JimmyBall 11 months ago

    @Christian Ministries Nigeria… Ahmed Musa can still go to World Cup if we qualify as rallying point to the players as a nonplaying facilitator if his job these days is as a motivational speaker… He does not necessarily needs to takeup a squad place