What Are The Best Supplements For Athletes And Bodybuilders?

What Are The Best Supplements For Athletes And Bodybuilders?

Before getting into the subject, let’s talk about what supplements are, and whether or not they’re good for you. First of all, supplements are not going to transform you from a bad athlete into a good one. The purpose here is to increase muscle strength, size, and get as big and robust as possible. If you are a serious strong athlete, you’ve probably already heard that supplements are a must for your training sessions and diet.

The market is full of all kinds of supplements for bodybuilders and athletes. You might be tempted to try them all, yet you have to be extra careful which ones you use. A lot of information can be found on the internet, especially on personal guru websites. However, we’re here to help you know what to take, how to take, and when to take supplements for maximum results.

Do they work?

First things first, determine your goal; if you want to become stronger as possible, supplements can help you achieve that. Most adults use at least one type of supplement, but do they really need it? We’re not talking about steroids; a supplement is basically complementing your diet. Your body may not assimilate everything that you eat, so a supplement will supplement what your body needs. If you have a solid diet and you train hard as an athlete, such as lifting, running, playing certain sports, you must know that supplements can be very beneficial and help you with your recovery. When you train, you have to recover to get stronger and better. So, your muscles will need some rest to recuperate. Diet and supplements can come into play. As a bodybuilder, it’s incredibly important to diet and use supplements, so that you remain positive and healthy. But be aware, a lot of people can recommend you bad-quality supplements, without even knowing. You don’t have to be a Guru supplement to know what to choose, but a little research should be done before taking any of them. Also, speak to your doctor if you are taking other medication, you are pregnant, or breastfeeding.

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Should you be taking them?

How can you determine if you should be taking supplements? The first and most important rule when deciding whether to take supplements or not is to make sure you really need the supplement. Taking advice from relatives and friends should be avoided, as they aren’t good sources for recommendations. Go and take a medical evaluation, such as blood work, to make sure you really need it. If you need to get more nutrients, see if you can take them from food. If not possible, supplements are a good option to consider in your diet. Also, if a supplement sounds too good to be true, make sure you check the science behind it. It’s essential to research the scientific literature of a supplement and see if it supports their use and efficiency. Also, make sure that the recommended dosage is determined by science. Plus, take into consideration that higher or more doses do not bring better results, so avoid extra doses, they might even come with some side effects. All good-qualitative supplements should come with personalized dosage instructions.

Which ones are recommended?


The first supplement that you should try is Multi-Vitamin. For those who aren’t eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, a multivitamin supplement will provide you with all your necessary ingredients. No one probably has a perfect diet, so a multivitamin supplement will help you get all your micro-nutrients. Generally, it’s recommended to take three tablets per day, but once could be enough, depending on your diet.

Greens Supplement

The next option is greens supplements. You can take this daily, but again, the lack of fruits and vegetables can have a massive impact on someone’s health, especially if we’re talking about athletes and bodybuilders. Some people don’t consume veggies and fruits simply because they don’t like the taste. So, supplements can work best for you if you don’t get along at all with fruits & veggies. Greens supplement comes in a powder form and is high-powered foods & vegetables, stuff that certain people aren’t going ever to eat. One scoop of this powder added to your protein shake in the morning is equivalent of four to five servings of fruits & veggies in one single scoop. It doesn’t mean that you should not eat fruits and vegetables; you should still try to eat fruits and vegetables, but supplements guarantee that you’re hitting those micro-nutrients your body needs.

Whey Protein

When it comes to athletes and bodybuilders, protein is an optimal way to improve muscles’ ability to recover faster after an energetic workout. Whey protein stimulates muscle improvement, as the benefits of protein supplementation are well-known to help and athlete or bodybuilder to gain resistance and increase in muscle mass. Protein has proven to promote muscle hypertrophy and improve body conformation. As an athlete, you have to include protein in your diet. You have to be extra careful when buying supplements, as these can come from companies that aren’t regulated by any agency. Make sure you do proper research before you find a good brand, as some supplements contain artificial flavors, such as flour and sugar, to keep their cost down and make more money. For an athlete, protein is essential. Up to three shakes a day, starting with the first one in the morning, after training, and before bed.


Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are one of the most popular supplements that are generally taken to promote muscle growth, and also may help with weight loss. Proteins are the building blocks of your muscles, so amino acids allow protein to build muscles. It will also help spare muscle tissues, as energy sources; so, if you’re working out faster, or if you haven’t eaten enough, taking a scoop of BCAA will help you make sure that you’ll have energy, and keep your muscles strong. Put a scoop in your pre-workout before you train, and you’ll have wonderful results.

So, these are one of the recommended supplements that can help you gain muscle mass.

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