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What You Can Expect In A Sports Betting B2B Solution

What You Can Expect In A Sports Betting B2B Solution

Sports betting business owners are about 24,426 worldwide according to Statista. Together, these businesses command a whooping cash flow of about USD 235bn, which includes lottery business as well. So, if you are in the gaming industry and have not thought about entering the sports betting market yet, you are definitely missing something. Good news is that setting up a sports betting site is not an uphill task. With the help of a sports betting B2B solution provider, you can kickstart your sportsbook within a few weeks.

Wondering what you sign up for when you hire a sports betting B2B solution provider?No worries, here is the complete list of features curated for you.

  1. Several sports choices

Quite similar to an e-commerce venture for grocery where lots of product categories are listed, you may find a complete list of sports options in a sports betting B2B solution. The solution gathers all the sports choices at one place and allows the end users to create a basket of bets. Sports from all over the world are included in the menu.

Top choices among sports one can expect in the solution are – Football, Cricket, Basketball, American Football, Baseball, Hockey, Horse Racing, etc. A provision for casino games is also made usually to offer enriched betting options to the users. With the growing popularity of eSports, emphasis has been made on eSports as well.

In addition, the solution may include lottery games, fishing games, etc. Thus, a complete betting solution can be created and that helps cater to a wider audience as well. By taking services of a professional sports betting B2B solution expert, the aspiring bookies can create a single window service for all kinds of betting fanatics.

  1. Access to all possible events

Sports betting site is a single destination platform for all sports. The bettors are offered access to all possible events that happen in any sport. In football, all the events from college level to top-tier are offered for betting. To enhance customer experience, the developers may offer the option of alerts about the events delivered to the bettors’ mobile phones. The designing of the website is such that upcoming events are displayed at the home page and various other strategic locations throughout the site.

As a consequence, the bettors are never devoid of choices. They can employ their research to bet on various events and increase their chances of earnings from speculative activities. By offering several events to bet upon, the sports betting operators also enhance their income levels as the ease of betting directly implies more spending from the end users. Thus, by offering easy access to all events, the bookies can have higher earnings and can achieve exceptional customer experience as well.

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  1. Upcoming fixtures

In a well-designed sports betting B2B solution, there is a provision made for displaying upcoming fixtures. It helps the bettors plan their betting activity well. They can conduct research well on time and find value in the odds offered. Upcoming fixtures are available for all sports. This section can be found classified further into today’s and tomorrow’s fixtures and weekend’s fixtures. Further, the sports betting exchanges may offer the option of comparing odds available at various sites.

Upcoming fixtures are the top attraction of a sports betting site and are designed to handle high traffic. It is one of the most-visited sections as the regular bettors love to keep themselves abreast with the latest happenings in the betting space. Thus, this section is made most visible and accessible in a sports betting B2B solution.

  1. Records of the past matches

A sports betting B2B solution offers the records of the past matches as well. The results of the past events help bettors find the betting markets that are beneficial to them. Thus, it is a crucial feature included in the solution. Past matches’ records reveal the dominating teams, home win and away win records and the risk factor associated with any bet. It helps spot a value in any upcoming odd and plan the betting expenditure. Hence, it is a user-centric feature and serves the needs of the bettors quite well.

Apart from these features, various other features needed for operational ease are included in a white label casino solution. Let’s discuss what these features are.

Operational support features include

The backend of the sports betting site needs to be as robust and seamless as the front end. It can be made like this with the help of various operational features, such as:

  1. Risk Management: The betting site or solution needs protection against risk arising from fraudulent transactions, robots or bots, etc. This protection can be achieved with the help of risk management features like human access check, validation of personal details, two-factor authentication and so on. The sports betting market is to reach about $90 billion by the next decade. Such figures are possible to meet with risk management features that plug all security loopholes and protect income too.
  2. Payment Support: Money and financial transactions are the core of the betting activity. Thus, the payment support can make or break the situation for a sports betting site. The sports betting B2B solution comes with different payment methods. It may include bank transfer, cryptocurrencies, payment gateways, and even QR codes, etc. Depending upon the target market, the payment methods are chosen from the lot. All the payment methods are tested for security and seamlessness to ensure faster betting. It can help bettors bet more per session.

Apart from these, customer support, customer dashboard and personalized alert system are also included in the operational support features.

To conclude,

The very aim of making betting easy for both the operators and bettors can be achieved with a b2b solutions for igaming that comprises all features. While the front end serves the bettors with various betting choices, the back end takes care of the operational requirements. With correct UX/UI technology, seamlessness in all aspects of betting operations can be achieved. So, discuss in detail the development plan and take progress report from time to time to establish the venture well in time.

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