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World Cup Kiss Scandal: Spanish FA Chief’s Mum Goes Hunger Strike Until Hermoso Tells Truth

World Cup Kiss Scandal: Spanish FA Chief’s Mum Goes Hunger Strike Until Hermoso Tells Truth

The mother of Spanish football chief Luis Rubiales has locked herself inside a church and gone on a hunger strike in support of her son.

Angeles Bejar demanded an end to the ‘inhumane witch-hunt’ after he kissed Spain player Jenni Hermoso on the lips following their Women’s World Cup triumph.

Rubiales refused to resign as president of the Spanish Football Federation but has been provisionally suspended by world football’s governing body FIFA.

Luis Rubiales’ cousin Vanesa Ruiz Bejar, speaking on behalf of her family, said outside the church: ‘The statement I’m about to make is extremely difficult.

‘My name is Vanesa Ruiz Bejar and I’m Luis Rubiales’ cousin.

‘There’s a campaign of harassment occurring that is very unfair.

‘Luis’ mum who is a very religious person has sought refuge in God and started a hunger strike.

‘She doesn’t want to come out of the church. We are all suffering a lot because of what’s happened to Luis which doesn’t seem at all fair to us.

‘He’s been condemned already without being tried. It’s not normal. We won’t to be left alone. The facts speak for them, there are videos, there are audio recordings.’

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  • Four Four Two 9 months ago

    What is all these fuss about. Hermoso is not a virgin. So why all these noise about someone kissing her. Has she not by kissing and having sex before with other guys. From the videos and pics her body language showed she liked and enjoy the kiss. She did not complain about it. Na spanish FA and FiFA dey carry the matter for head like say na their daughter. I see jealous in the whole Matter

    • Four four two your comment shows why you’re not the head of a football federation that acted to safeguard wrong influence over the young ones who are watching. Your comment does not maturity, etiquette and good wisdom. But you are entitled to your opinion anyway

    • Chudynak 9 months ago

      Thank you. Exactly my thoughts. She did not show any sign of resistance when she was being kissed only to come and be shouting “wolf” later. Provided she is not married, I don’t see anything untoward here!

  • This is the spirit of Satan that is controlling the world. How on earth should you kiss another woman on the lip.In front of millions in camera at an important event like the World Cup. She’s 30 years old and might have a man in her life she may want to marry. It tells you how low that man is morally. He is so disrespectful of women even before his Queen in the VIP section where he held his something. He is a shameless fellow. He should be arrested and imprisoned for about 10yrs. The only support he has is the coach, his mother and brother. The whole World has criticized him. Fifa has given him a 9month ban from anything football. If he has any decency, he should have resigned long ago on the same day and hide his family from this attack. His mother is on hunger strike which may lead to her getting very sick or worse. Sorry for her to bear such a shameless son. He’s not even married. His wife will divorce him. No Nigerian should support him or condole his lifestyle.

  • pompei 9 months ago

    Congratulations to Mr. Rubiales on his appointment as the new OFFICIAL KISSER of the Spanish FA. His nickname is now MR. KISSY KISSY.
    Kissing players is a very important part of his job description. In fact ehn, that is his most critically important function. Players need to be regularly kissed, so Mr. Rubiales is there to do the needful.
    The only thing we want to remind him now is that he should not limit his kissing to only the ladies. When the male players perform well, he should also kiss them. He should kiss the whole squad. Nobody should be left out.
    And why kiss only players? That is not fair to the coaches and other staff members. Mr. Kissy Kissy should also be ready to kiss them all. He should have kissed the Spanish coach after they won the world cup. He deserves a kiss too.
    Mr. Kissy Kissy should also be prepared to kiss his colleagues in the Spanish FA when they do their jobs well. Unlike Nigeria’s NFF ONIGBESE, AWON ONIRANU OSHI, the Spanish officials did a wonderful job of supporting their team. They all need to be kissed by Mr. Kissy Kissy. Every one of them.
    Congrats once again, Mr. Rubiales, on your new appointment.

    • Ipetu Madu 9 months ago

      This is correct. The man should have known better. Your analysis is right.

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