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Xavier: Super Eagles Stronger Opponent Than Senegal

Xavier: Super Eagles Stronger Opponent Than Senegal

Brazil assistant coach, Clever Xavier, has told his Selecao charges not to expect the kind of game they had against Terranga Lions of Senegal when the file out today (Sunday) against the Super Eagles of Nigeria, warning that Nigeria is completely different from their West African neighbours, Senegal, completesports.com reports.

The South Americans held out strongly to a 1-1 draw against Senegal in their first friendly game of the Singaporean tour on Thursday.


But while there has been hisses back home against the winless run of the Brazilians since annexing the COPA America last July, Xavier warned his charges that the Eagles are of different species from the Lions they drew with on Thursday.

Xavier spoke at the pre match match press conference on Saturday ahead Sunday’s big showdown.
“Nigeria is different from Senegal”, Xavier said pointedly and went ahead to unmask the qualities of the Super Eagles.

“(They are a) younger team, (with their player in the) average of 22 and 23 years.

“(They) play supported and also in transition. Nigeria has design changes, has important players.

“(Have) defender (like) (William Troost) Ekong and Everton’s Iwobi, which is a highlight”.

By Sab Osuji

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  • Mind games or sincere assessment of the Super Eagles? Whichever is the case be rest assured we are giving it our best shot, no compromises. You guys will sure come up against a different team full of steam.

  • Pompei 4 years ago

    Assistant coach CLEBER is being CLEVER with his words. Iwobi should go ahead and show them that they are correct in their assessment of him. The other Naija players should also do their best. The interesting clashes on the pitch I look forward to seeing:
    Osimhen vs Thiago Silva
    Iwobi vs Casemiro
    Neymar vs Awaziem or Ebuehi
    Firmino vs Ekong
    Chukwueze vs Alex Sandro
    Key things to accomplish for a respectable result or even a possible win:
    – Avoid short passes in and around our box. Too risky.
    – Avoid selfishness when goalscoring opportunities arise. The man in the best position to score should receive the ball.
    – Play with the same intensity and focus until the final whistle. We don’t want to see a repeat of what happened against Ukraine.
    – Defend as a unit, deny Brazil players time and space on the ball. Press them high up the pitch and in the midfield to achieve this.
    If we execute properly, Brazil will struggle, and we will have a great chance to beat them.
    Let’s show the Samba Boys the stuff we are made of. Come on boys!

    • Shehu 4 years ago

      U will be appointed to chan eagles wen pinic comes back ok

      • Pompei 4 years ago

        Hahahaha…Shehu my brother, I no be coach oooo. I no sabi the job at all. I just know a few things about football, beause I have been watching it for a long time. Thanks for the compliment 🙂

  • Chinenye 4 years ago

    This one knows nothing about African football. Senegal is the best team in Africa. Their players are not just regulars in their respective clubs but key players as well. This coach is just playing a mind game, dazz all.

    • Mr Hush 4 years ago

      Although I respect your opinion.
      But how is Senegal the best team in Africa?
      Mean no disrespect,
      But the last time I checked, Algeria is African champions.The Algerians beat this Senegal twice in the same competition.So I think the bragging rights should go to Algeria in that regard as the best in Africa.
      Besides,you can’t really assess how good a national team is by how regular they are in their respective clubs.the national team is a total different ball game to club football. And different precedence have proven that ,if not ,teams like England and Argentina would be winning the euros ,Copa,world cup regularly.we know how long they have won any silverware.
      And as it is,since the 2000s,Senegal has always had players in good teams in Europe. If I am not wrong,I think they have more professional players in the diaspora playing in Europe than any other African team,that is apart from yours truly;Nigeria.
      But that really doesn’t translate to having the best national team side.
      That’s why Senegal has no silverware to show for it compared to again,Nigeria.
      Yes.right now they have quality players,a good team but it is a push to say ,they are the best.
      Because that can be argued by the Ghanaians,Algerians, Moroccans,Ivorians,Cameroonians, Egyptians etc..the best list is long and it is based on perception.

      The Brazilian assistant coach just did his own analysis and gave his own view on how he sees both teams,and how they play. He feels Nigeria is more of an attacking threat than the better defensive Senegalese. Mind game or no mind game,it is part of the game.and the results would be judged on the pitch.

      • Glory 4 years ago

        You definitely one of the few enlightened mind outta here just like @ Pompei, @ Drey etc. The few I come here to read. One love man.

        • Mr Hush 4 years ago

          One love @Glory

          Takes one to know one…
          Knowledge is always a continuous process

      • Great anaylsyis. Some just make comments without valid facts to back it up. How is senegal the best in africa. Thanks for your analysis

  • Samchi 4 years ago

    Well now we know it isn’t only Mr.Rohr that highlights the quality of his opponent_ some insensitive fellows would tag that Cowardice’
    Message to Mr.Xavier; the truth actually is that no matter how Clever you think you can be, this Young and hungry set of players ain’t gonna make things any easier but worse for the ‘hissing’ Brazilians`

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Hehehehehe…I have been waiting for them to come and say Xavier is clueless, lack confidence, keeps talking up the opponents players and all that junk they always say. Lolz

  • Samchi 4 years ago


    Coach of the senior national team of Nigeria Gernot Rohr has been criticised for the Super Eagles approached to games in the past by the media, fans and some former players of the senior national team of Nigeria.

    The coach who is gearing up for his team’s high profile friendly match against Brazil later today has however defended his playing style explaining that the idea is to use the available players to get the best result possible.

    Rohr said the Super Eagles under him play a brand of football that involves keeping opponent high up their pitch by pressing them in order to frustrate them from playing out of the back with ease and building momentum.

    ” The players know how we want to play and it’s very simple because we have players who can do it with ease unlike before. It’s very simple on paper but difficult in interpretation”, Rohr told Owngoalnigeria.com.

    ” Our players should not make it easy for opponent to pass out of the back because that will help their rhythm before getting to us and in attack we have to move the ball a lot quicker with the forward players giving us options with their movement.

    Speaking on players who he rely on to make the system work, the Franco-German coach named Moses Simon in the absence of Samuel Kalu as one player who provide the sort of balance he need while playing in his preferred way.

    ” Kalu understands this perfectly but we don’t have him with us. Simon is very technical in interpretation of tactics. He will be useful for us against Brazil in the way we want to play and other players will also play their part”, the coach concluded.

  • firmino will score and swallow mistake prone ekong.

    casemiro will pocket childish learning iwobi.

    ebuehi or awaziem will pocket great neymar

    if not play with caution, chukwueze could let thiago go injury or red card.

    simon as usual, will do countless stepover, but will never go past even ant.

    osimhen will trouble brazil defence, but will not score.

    iwobi wil prove his believers includin wrong today that he cant drag players out of position.

    gabriel or firmino will capitalise from ekong mistake.

    all together brazil2 and nigeria1

    am not prophet but expect these.

    • Kweli 4 years ago

      A realistic assessment that I happen to agree with in principle. Sometimes reading comments from SE fans, one could be forgiven for thinking that it is Nigeria who won the World Cup 5 times, not Brazil. Humility my dear brothers, humility.

      • greenturf 4 years ago

        Fans are normally optimistic everywhere,that’s why they support a team.
        Obviously when your team comes up against an opponent,irrespective of strengths of both teams,whether its club sides or internationals you definitely should support your team to rout its opponent.
        That glimmer,that hope is what drives both a team and its supporters to go into a duel,no matter how high and mighty the opposition is,there is that chance if you give it your best shot with your fans behind you and a bit of luck,things could end up unbelievably well.

      • Brazil..world champions 5x, pls d recent is more dan a decade..nothing special abt this Brazil team..old Glory

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          They are the current champions of South America…..In case you missed it.

        • Kweli 4 years ago

          Excellent and valid point. Now on to the next point. How many times has Nigeria been the WC champion? We have not even reached the quarter finals yet. Please o. I am an avid supporter of African teams in the WC and hope some day we will make it to the top, but please let’s be realistic. Even this ordinary Brazilian team had us running in circles in the second half and we were lucky to escape the two occasions of the ball hitting the cross bar and the post. Did we do badly? Not at all. But let’s not exaggerate.

  • Mr Man forget about that mind games we will give your team a good fight today

    • The score line will be 3-2 in favour of the Super Eagles! I’m sure about it.

  • Pls guys help with links to watch this match online from Australia. No site cable network seems to be interested here even bein as sports Australia is not showing it. Abeg o

    • Glory 4 years ago

      Google skorlive. Click soccer.
      Hopefully that should help.

    • You can also download wowsportlive.com. it’s an apps where you can all live matches, well almost all live matches.

  • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

    Up Eagles but Senegal is stronger than us any day anytime at the moment! What pains me is the absence of my midfield dynamo Etebo…

    • greenturf 4 years ago

      Yes we shall miss Etebo.This is the kind of games he thrives.
      Apparently,he’s one hell of a midfielder but less ambitious.His absence is a good thing for others to show what they can bring to the super eagles but against Brazil,you need your best on parade and Etebo definitely is one of the best in Nigerian colours.
      Obviously,we shall miss super midfielder Oghenekaro Etebo.

  • Sunnyb 4 years ago

    True assessment or hyping we shall see in few minutes. Pretenders will be separated from real ballers today.

  • I am sure of one thing: Neymar will score. Star players always score against us

  • The determinant today id the discipline of our defence. No school boy rrrors. Our defence must be professional all through.

  • Torino 4 years ago

    I can see that expectations of many are unusually high. I want to see how many people will abuse Rohr after this match.

    Let’s keep expectations low and accept whatever outcome.

    Brazilians are not our mate in football. Far better than us as a team and individual. That Senegal held them does not mean we have a team that can prevent them from scoring. 90mins will tell

    My opinion though