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‘You Can’t Stop Me From Performing Anywhere In Nigeria’ –Davido Replies Pinnick

‘You Can’t Stop Me From Performing Anywhere In Nigeria’  –Davido Replies Pinnick

Afrobeats super star David Adeleke popularly known as Davido has responded to the serious allegations levelled against him by the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF).

Former NFF chairman Amaju Pinnick had initially accused Davido of receiving payment of the sum of $94,000 and a booked flight of$18,000 for his event in Warri which is called ‘Warri Again’.

He compared Davido unfavourably to his colleague Burna Boy who he described as bigger than him.

He also called out Davido for having an over inflated ego and that he’s feeling like a big boy unnecessarily.

In a video on X (formerly known as Twitter) Pinnick blasted the 30 year old singer.


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“We paid Davido $94600 on the 6th of April. We paid $18000 for his plane.

“If he says he’s a big boy, we will tell him we are bigger than him.

“I’m not joking. So while he was playing his games back and forth, we decided to hunt and find another artiste Shallipopi.

“You see when people say they are big, I’m amazed. Is Burna Boy not the biggest artiste in Nigeria today? Burna Boy is half Itshekiri. Burna Boy’s paternal grandmother is Itshekiri. So he’s bigger than him (Davido).

“Is there anyone bigger than RMD in the acting industry? Or someone bigger than Ali Baba in the comedy industry? We have stars aplenty in Warri.

Davido in return responded to the message in a foul mouthed tirade on his X (formerly known as Twitter) handle.

“🙏make I no talk😂.”


Davido was born in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America.

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  • Sunnyb 7 months ago

    Imagine this ugly failure threatening someone, we know blame u, in an organized society, corrupt fools like you are wearing orange jumpsuit. 

  • Obaiy 7 months ago

    Amaju pinik should hide his face in shame upon all the corruption he brought to our football he still has the guts to be talking about davido imagine the amount he claims he paid davido yet you owed coaches of the national team this man’s conciense is already dead

    • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

      Exactly that is why I blame CS for publishing this drama, children who put their lives for Nigeria are owed salaries and he’s there paying entertainment Jokers $94k excluding plane ticket. What a strange nation and he still has big mouth to talk!!!

  • Respect is reciprocal 7 months ago

    It will be senseless of anybody to accuse Picknick of stealing money and absolve Davido of any crime. It is criminal for Davido to accept money and failed to render service for that . Am also not happy with Picknic with the way he left our football in shambles but for Davido to breach a contract of agreement says a lot that our society has turned into mess. Who do we trust now to heal this nation. Davido is even still boasting he won’t return the money to him but would rather double it and give to a charity organization. 
    In a law functioning society ,by now Picknic should have been jailed if he is found guilty of misappropriating public funds . Davido too should have been punished for failing to honor agreement and couldn’t even tender apology. While Picknic can be labeled Ole Davido too is arrogant for coming out to say what he said.

    • Amaju and davido’s case should be separated from his position in football……As a private citizen Amaju has the right to go into any transaction and get value for his money……He mismanaged a public office doesn’t give anyone the right to steal from him….. stealing is stealing even if you steal from a thief it is also stealing…..Davido is wrong in this one….Davido is a role model to many youths and his character should teach the youth good values.

      • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

        Speak for yourself, Davido is a role model to secular entertainment enthusiasts because I don’t think any reasonable person with decent moral value see him or his cronies as a role model to follow.

         His attitude and utterance to Pinnick doesn’t surprise me because I don’t expect anything good from people who promote carnality and dropouts. Unseriousness has become the order of the day in Nigeria, no wonder we are yet to have a society that can challenge the corrupt system but bunch of illiterates and half baked graduates to contend with all over the place hyping and making mediocres their Celebrities or Role model.

        • respect is reciprocal 7 months ago

          @chima wise words from you. No wonder we don’t have the society to challenge the corrupt politicians. I can’t agree less, the entertainment industry has been used to contain the mind of the youths and it has successfully taken the future from them to give instant gratification in money, women and drugs.
          Arrogance as a result of too much money.

        • Greenturf 7 months ago

          @Chima if it’s true Davido did what Pinick accused him of,undoubtedly a criminal offence!He should honourably return the money and tender an apology to both Pinick and the Warri people respectively!

  • Can’t Pinnik heads to court or there is no written agreement. Its of no need of exchanging words through media, when one feels cheated then proceed to court of law

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