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‘You Turned My Young Football Career Around’ — Okoye Pays Classy Tribute To Rohr

‘You Turned My Young Football Career Around’ — Okoye Pays Classy Tribute To Rohr

Maduka Okoye has “nothing but praise and gratitude” for Gernot Rohr after the former manager’s sacking by Nigeria, reports Completesports.com.

Rohr was dismissed by the Nigeria Football Federation after over five years in charge on Sunday following the Super Eagles poor performance in recent outings.

Okoye made his international debut under Rohr in a friendly against the Selecao of Brazil in November 2019.

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The young goalkeeper has now established himself as Nigeria’s number one goalkeeper and has also secure a move to Premier League club Watford.

The Sparta Rotterdam took to the social media to express his gratitude to the former Gabon and Niger Republic for his support.

“You turned my young football career around, helped me and gave this career a big boost!
You let me do what I always dreamed of, Playing for my fatherland Nigeria.
Thank you for almost 3 amazing years, your support and your trust.
I’m wishing you all the best Coach Rohr,”he tweeted.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Una don dey hear am now??? Maduka Okoye is the first to speak about Gernot Rhor’s impact on his football. Make we day wait for the others to speak.
    Useless and clueless people – Omo9ja, Jimmylie, Ugo”blabbermouth” Iwunze and Larry.

    • You are truly the blabbermouth Iwunze. A better coach would have developed a better Okoye abi??? Yet there is no better coach in Nigeria that they had to appoint a consortium of coaches to Super Eagles. Ode iranu Oshi. I am waiting for the consortium list of players and their performance review. Blabbermouth Iwunze.

    • Michel 2 years ago

      Okoye is part of of the reason rohr was sacked,he conceded cheap goals throughout his rain as number once there is a shit on goal,it enters.ekong,Musa,ighalos poor showing at his return and simon”s poor football sacked rohr who already was technically deficient

    • Presh 2 years ago

      You are very clueless nonsense

  • TALK UR OWN 2 years ago


  • M. Abbas 2 years ago

    A great tactician he is. I wish Rohr well in his future edeavour. However, ana going forward, a better man is on the seat. We look towards Cameroon.

  • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

    Let him go and prove himself elsewhere he shouldn’t come close to Super Eagles again. He allowed himself to be corrupted by Pinnick and DW. At first he was doing well then all of a sudden he started malpractices. No wonder he couldn’t control the players from misbehaving and all sort. I hope he would be bold enough to speak out now that he’s out the team else he should forever be silent.

    • Sugar Daddy 2 years ago

      Thank you coach Rhor for your expertise. You were indeed a great coach. You redeemed our football image in your short spell as the Nigerian coach even against all odds and unforgiving circumstances and environment. You turned a thick skin against prejudices and unforgiving Nigerian football fans and overzealous football analysts whom themselves,in most cases, no nothing about what they tend to analyse…thank thank you Rhor!!!!

    • Michel 2 years ago

      You will see that rohr will never qualify any African team for nation’s cup not to talk of world cup ,the best bet might be Sudan,where he will be quickly sacked after 6 months due to poor results ,just like other smarter countries did in the past.

  • Michel 2 years ago

    Okoye is part of of the reason rohr was sacked,he conceded cheap goals throughout his rain as number 1, once there is a shot on goal,it enters i..ekong,Musa,ighalo’s poor showing on his return and simon”s poor football sacked rohr who already was technically deficient

  • De Star 2 years ago

    @Chima E Samuel God bless you for your brilliant responses; if an average goalkeeper in the person of Okoye is the best an average Coach Rohr a.k.a Belmadi’s trainee could discover in his 6 years Israelites Journey to no where , then it speaks volumes of not only Rohr’s competency as a Coach but also the racketeering and corruption and usefulness of Aloy Agu who himself was an average goalkeeper in his time.

    Super Falcon young goalkeeper is already competing as one of the best goalkeepers in the world as the 6th best goalkeeper in the world , while our own purported N01 goalkeeper Okoye can’t not compete in the west Africa let alone getting ranking in Africa , as Peter Rufai, Ike Shorumi, Enyema , Cal Ikpeme .

    Now that Okoye have spoken from the weakest department in SE , we also waiting to hear from his colleague John Noble who could not come near high flying Eyimba goalkeeper spot for the past 6 months , being inactive but was chosen ahead of his super quality goalkeeper that benched him perpetually by a sensible Coach Finidi that knows his onion

    We are still waiting for what the retired flopped Igahalo to also come out to say his own , now that Rohr that was shamelessly begging Nigerians to give Igahalo more time after his super flopped before he was yanked off with zero contributions in the only game he featured after his corrupt call up, leaving helpless Osimeh to over laboured himself.

    What a country, what a Coach !!

    Nevertheless, I think Igahalo deserves applaud , if he had not turned down N09 Jersey of Osimeh; the Mechanic Rohr and his business partner NFF Amaju Fraud- Pinnick could have ended our dream of qualifying for WC next round on trier (only God knows how the poor boy Osimeh morale could have nose dived and prevented him from scoring the only goal that enable us drew with Cape Verde )

    Now that Rohr has been dismissed, we are waiting for any other country again that can be gullible to engaged Rohr again as his one way traffic supporters would want us to believe .

    Good radiance to bad Rubbish

    • Ok o. We don hear. We day wait for results to compare and contrast.

    • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

      Bless you De star Chiamaka Nnadozie of Paris FC you got it!!!

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      Whilst you have made salient points, I wish you could shown a little more regard for Ighalo. To call him a flop is a bit harsh. He has served this country well. He was pivotal to us qualifying for the world and previous nations cup. He was also top goal scorer at the tourney. Making us all proud. We should show more appreciation for our ex players.

      • Chinenye 2 years ago

        @Golden Child all of that would be dragged into the mud if he does not respect himself and leave the national team.

        Footballers are hailed when they perform and criticize when their performance is quite the opposite. Remember when Okocha was stoned by some fans? They couldn’t remember all his dribbling and freekicks for the national team

        Greed is a terrible thing. He has had his time in his prime. Now that his performance has dropped due he’s in twilight of his career, he should step aside especially someone like him with a fragile feelings

  • De Star 2 years ago

    @Chima E Samuels ; did you just dared Rohr to go and prove himself elsewhere?

    Rohr dares not go and scam his fellow European people as he he did to the corrupt country as Nigeria, and I can bet it , you can never found a corrupt like Amaju Fraud-Pinnick lead football administrators or corrupt country in Africa that would engage an average coach as Rohr , as an assistant coach let alone technical adviser

    Did you listen to the Cape Verde Coach after our last game in which SE escape with a draw ?

    The coach declared emphatically that SE cannot qualify for WC ( it is short of declaring that Nigeria is a joke !! ,

    could Algeria local Coach Belmadi that was tutoring our so called foreign technical adviser, ever take Nigeria as serious nation with sane Football officials ? , would the likes of Lilliputians Unkown football Countries like Gabaon Niger Bukina Faso that all sacked Rohr in his first contract and declared him not having technical competency to handle their teams , would not be laughing at us scornfully?

    What a country!!

  • OYEDELE Josiah AYOTUNDE 2 years ago

    To all Rhor’s fanatics & Critics alike. A big applause to you guyz. All submittions I have been reading are actually based on our love for the beautiful game that gives us all joy. Kudos once again.

    To Rhor’s fanatics. Like every Nigerians should act, you have done so for the love of your fatherland even when Mr Rhor scores low. We have both believed he will take us to the bank of the river after so much positivities in his early reign.

    But, FAITH, as we say, without WORK, is DEATH.

    Our darling SE ‘died’ the very moment we lost to Argentina in the last world cup. A match we had no business to lose had Mr Rhor knows his onions.

    That is just a single case study out of many. So, don’t blame Rhor’s critics for been blunt about his deficiencies.

    In the language of my elders. “Amukun, eru e wo, oke le n wo ni? E o wo isale?” Most of us only look at the SE as our identity. No! We need to look beneath the SE.

    England is known for – EPL
    Spain. – LA LIGA
    Germany – BUNDESLIGA
    Italy. – SERIEA A
    France. – LIGUE 1


    That is where the NFF has failed as our league is dead. Mr ‘Picnic’ & co should simply throw in the towel as the have nothing more to offer our football.

    Develop our league, give us an identity & stop all these over-reliance on everything foreign.

    Like many others. I also await the appointment of a permanent coach for the eagles after the nations cup. In the mean time. Let us patriotically support Mr Eguavoen & his ‘Picnic’ members of staff hoping the 9ja Spirit can bring back that historical 2013.

    Nigeria shall rise.
    SE will fly.
    Members of this forum will stop insulting themselves.

    My Dream.

  • ABDULRAZAK 2 years ago

    There are rumours going around that the NFF is considering employing Festus Onigbinde as an assistant coach for the Super Eagles to balance the federal character.

    • Gritty 2 years ago

      I smell ethnic bigotry in all of this NFF cosmetic arrangement. Pls guys watch out for yourself.

      I will advise our true football legends and stars to be very careful not to be mocked by this perverted charade or better steer clear.
      Who God has blessed, no man can curse! Shalom!

  • Golden Child 2 years ago

    Guys, here is the reason why I believe adeleye is the best goal keeper in Nigeria right now. His kicking, reflexes,positional awareness and calmness with the ball at his feet. Assured with set pieces too. Gentlemen, behold your Number 1.


    • okponku 2 years ago

      @Golden Child i love this Adeleye reflex bro. Automatic IV should be offered to him.

      • Golden Child 2 years ago

        How this guy has not been invited to the SE is criminal. Is anyone going to tell me that an inactive Uzoho is better that this guy or john Noble better than him? It just leaves you scratching your head. For all Rohr did right ( and he did do some things right like the team spirit Nd togetherness, initially created competition within the team which has translated to good club performances, improved our fifa ranking, albeit it has been declining in recent times), decisions like this has tarnished his legacy.

        • pompei 2 years ago

          I heard that Rohr was going to include him on the next list of invitees. I think Eguavoen will call him up.

    • This guy’s reflexes is MAAAADD! A pure diamond in the rough. Positional awareness, agile as a monkey, point-blank saves, penalty saves, long-range throws and shootouts that almost reaches the opponent’s 18. Okoye has got a real competition on his hand.

      Rohr lost it when he killed the competition in the team and only stuck with his favourite players, even if Messi switched to Nigeria. The SE started to become more and more acreage with each game made up of his regular 11 – not necessarily our best 11 out there. Every hot talent he’s forced to invite is played 5-10 minutes in one friendly match and the chapter closes. End of story. No experiments. No adventure. It was same, same.

      We no longer looked forward to new list releases – as it was always still the old list with one new face added that would then still be dumped in the next match. He was a good man that had become too predictable – by even African opponents so his team was becoming easy to cage and shocked on home ground!

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Adeleye has been having a great season so far.
    Rohr had him in his plans.
    Punch newspaper reported that Alloy Agu urged Adeleye to keep working hard, stating that SE handlers were keeping tabs on him.

    • Mahmud Shuaib 2 years ago

      You and I know Rohr too well. If he eventually invites him (assuming everything still as they were), it’s to fulfil all righteousness. Rohr isnt one to take risks. Remember those infamous lines? Who is Awoniyi, Dessers and Dennis coming to replace?

      Whatever Rohr knew or knows how to do evaporated that cold night in Russia 2018 he failed to manage the last 5 mins of that encounter against a very poor Argentine team. He repeated the trick in 2019 losing to Algeria in the 90th minute too.

      Then he became unsure, confused and scared stiff that in the face of inform players, he resorted to playing 352 against inferior oppositions. His nadir imho was recalling Ighalo to lead his line at a time an Awoniyi was among the 3 best strikers in Germany. That was sacrilegious! That was unpardonable sin.

      If he’s that good as his worshippers would want us believe, he SHOULD be snapped up by a top playing COUNTRY by now.

      Its 48 hours since he was booted out. I have yet to see scrambles for his signature.

      • @Mahmud Shuaib thank you leave rohr Worshipers alone, Is it not @Dr Drey who said I will drink rat poison when rohr leads Nigeria to AFCON well all I have to say is, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAH!!! his basket coach God Rohr is gone. @Dr Drey how far wit the rat poisn na shebi u don already concoct am? oya begin!! LOL!!!!!!. Nonsense people when I said karma is a bitch you thought i was joking. Rohr is a sacrilege and his double standards and poor treatment of in form players have caught up to him. Bye Bye Clueless coach.

  • Nelson 2 years ago

    We have good goalkeeper across the global,but those that in charge of our national team they are too lazy to do the needful resherce

  • OYEDELE Josiah AYOTUNDE 2 years ago

    That this Adeleye has been overlooked, no be juju be that?

    I pray he makes the next invitation.

    CEREZO…Invite Adebayo Adeleye to prove himself PLEASE.

  • Frank AN 2 years ago

    Adeleye Adebayo looks very good, but his height of 1.80m puts him in a very disadvantage position.. he is competing against dudes of 1.96m (Uzoho) and 1.97m (Okoye).. This is really a massive deficit..

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      @Frank AN, jorges Campos, remember him? Perhaps shorter than adeleye. Higuita of colombia was not tall either. How tall was our own enyeama? Being 1.97m does not automatically make you a great goal keeper.

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      I pray the new SE handlers use good judgement in deciding who our number 1 is. Call them to camp and let them slug it out.I think adeleye has a better all round game to be honest.Him playing in an obscure league hasn’t done him any favours. Also, I have to say, I am worried with agu as goal keeping coach. He has proven to show poor judgement over time like picking akpeyi over uzoho at AFCON and we all saw Uzoho’s performance in the 3rd place match.He is probably responsible for picking noble ahead of the Enyimba no.1 Goal Keeper. Eguavoen would need to pay close attention to this dept when the camp opens and be prepared to override where necessary.

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