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2021 AFCON: Osimhen To Join Super Eagles Camp January 3

2021 AFCON: Osimhen To Join Super Eagles Camp January 3

Victor Osimhen is expected to arrive Nigeria’s 2021 Africa Cup of Nations camp on January 3rd, Completesports.com reports.

The Super Eagles will begin preparations for the competition in Abuja on Wednesday.


The three-time African kings will train in Abuja for few days before travelling to Garoua, Cameroon for their final preparation on January 5.

Osimhen, who had been a doubt for the biennial competition after sustaining a serious facial injury in Napoli’s defeat to Inter Milan in November was named in Nigeria’s 28-man squad on Saturday after declaring himself fit to play for his country.

AFCON 2022 Zabira

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“We expect Victor [Osimhen] to join up with the rest of the squad at least by 3 of January,” NFF director of communications, Ademola Olajire, told BBC Sport Africa.


“It is unnecessary to react to every report in the media about our players availability or potential non-availability for the tournament.

“But the NFF is confident that our players including Osimhen understands the country’s desire for a fourth continental title. It is important to have all our players show same commitment and ambitious traits as displayed by Osimhen.”

The West Africans will begin their quest for a fourth African title against the Pharaohs of Egypt on January 11.

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  • Richie 4 weeks ago

    We hope Napoli is fully aware of his movements sha……countryman go talk say, “Na where man dey WORK, na there e dey CHOP”

    I’m not saying he shouldn’t play for his fatherland; neither am I trying to stir controversy…..but, he should tread carefully….SSC Napoli are the ones with the proverbial “knife” and “yam” when it comes to his contract with them; and they reserve every right to pull the plug if any paragraph therein is flouted

    • Igbekun Abo 4 weeks ago

      Well said Brodaman. Sense no go kill you.

      • Richie 4 weeks ago

        @Abo… I just laid down the facts as they are; I didn’t mean to hurt anybody’s feelings oo 🙂

        Thanks for appreciating.

    • All European clubs have an agreement with FIFA to release their players for international duty once the player is fit to play football…… Refusal to honor the agreement with FIFA will attract a very stiff sanction…….. moreover Osimhen is not the only African player that would depart Napoli in January as 5 other African players are going to Afcon too from Napoli…….. thank me later.

    • They reserve NO right provided he is certify fit, this is FIFA approve tournament, heaven won’t come down, if you saying they deserve right to allow him or not to allow him then all the other European clubs deserve same right to withhold there player. Bale did it, hazard did it, why is VO own different? We should encourage him for been patriotic and not the other way round.

  • Machaveli 4 weeks ago

    @ Richie: The Eagles star striker is just displaying the patriotism which is lacking in many of his compatriots including you and me.
    Napoli did not say anything to their players representing Italy during the European championships. They should shut their trap. On a side note, they can’t do no shit. Osimhen is a hot marketable property.

    • GLORY 4 weeks ago

      Thumbs up @ Machiavelli. Perfect response.

    • Richie 4 weeks ago

      @Machaveli……we all love and admire his patriotism, no question; but he should be careful… let’s not all forget what happened with the likes of Ike Shorunmu and his club; when he decided to be fully patriotic with his call-up at one point. The story is well-documented, y’all can do a quick Google check on it if you’re not aware ooo

      • Igbekun Abo 4 weeks ago

        Richie, check out what happened to Nii Odartey Lamptey who picked country over club. When the going got tough, Ghana dumped him and moved on. We are only to myopic and narrow minded at times in this country.

        • Richie 4 weeks ago

          @Abo……my Broda……so many examples in history ooooooo

  • GLORY 4 weeks ago

    Napoli is just one of the loads of top teams that wants OSIMENEGOALS. He gives everything to Napoli when he plays for them even going on to almost losing his eyes.

    No amount of money in this world is truly worth losing any part of ones body, for those that value this magnificent work of Our Supreme God.

    In view of Osimene’s total dedication to Napoli’s course, they should n must in return respect his desire to serve his fatherland. They must understand that stopping him from fulfilling his dream of playing at AFCON can easily go on to negatively impacts on his commitment to Napoli going forward.


  • Michel 4 weeks ago

    He has undergone his final medical exam and has been given the all clear to go and play at Afcon, according to his friend named @pooja on Twitter yesterday,let’s forget about various reports making rounds and different blogs

    • Richie 4 weeks ago

      Great to hear!!

      Let’s go then!

      @Machaveli…..i think we’re good to go now 🙂

  • Dr Banks 4 weeks ago

    @Richie, Osimhen is not enslaved to Napoli, his contract which is in line with FIFA rule on international soccer rule will protect Osimhen should they try something stupid.

    Osimhen is a star boy, excellent at his game so Napoli needs him as much as he needs Napoli, however if Napoli pulls the plug today, plenty clubs in EPL, La Liga and Bundesliga will pounce on him like honey bee. Don’t you watch Napoli’s matches ever since Osimhen and Koulibaly got injured and unavailable, they are pathetic and so disjointed with no fear factor in the team.

    Let the guy’s patriotism to Nigeria be applauded because he values his root, the beginning of great things in his life. Home will always be home anyday my brother, he is only gonna be in Napoli for a short while before moving to greater heights so they cannot checkmate his progress.

    It is known that Napoli only wanted to play games to ensure he doesn’t get to play in AFCON, there’s nothing special about the so called medical check up scheduled but they only wanted to threaten him from coming to AFCON, by now there would’ve been a complete ossification and remodelling of the fracture, so all he needs is the protective face mask to be involved in contact sports again.

  • Igbekun Abo 4 weeks ago

    Rubbish. Osimhen should be mindful not to tarnish his relationship with his primary employer Napoli who have looked after him well following his facial injury. At the end of the day it is Osimhen’s perogative how he orders his priorities. He has picked country ahead of club, no wahala. If he aggravates his injuries, Nigeria will drop him like a sack of hot potatoes and just pick another striker leaving his relationship with Napoli damaged. We are so parochial in our thinking in Nigeria at times and we are only too comfortable to treat the clubs looking after our players with scorn only to satisfy some baseless conspiracy theories.
    Osimhen had a choice, stay back at Napoli to continue his physical, psychological and mental recovery or link up with Nigeria to draw ire of his club and run the risk of making his injury worse. He chose the latter and we pray things work out for him. If not, he only has himself to blame.

    • Richie 4 weeks ago

      Hmmmmmmmm…it is well bro.

      • Igbekun Abo 4 weeks ago

        Lolzzzz. Heaven bless Osimhen and all deserving Super Eagles players

        • Richie 4 weeks ago

          Amin…..and that word “DESERVING” is very importanter…..lolz

    • Dr Banks 4 weeks ago

      Stop talking about what you know nothing about. Napoli or any club do not foot the medical bill but it’s the medical insurance that pays for the surgery. Napoli will only be involved in his rehabilitation thereof. This premium for the medical insurance is deducted directly from his monthly salary and that’s what obtains in any developed world my brother

      Having said that, you also need to consider where the injury sustained was located. The facial muscles and bone do not take much active part in soccer as long as it is protected from direct trauma which is the reason for the face mask. So there’s no fear about aggravating the injury or reoccurence.

      Rudder has been playing with a mask in the last months of last season and early this season but now is free of the mask.

      So guy you have to chill and let Osimhen enjoy himself at AFCON. Forget about these cunning white folks who love to impose whatever believe on us that favors them

      • Igbekun Abo 4 weeks ago

        Dr Know-it-all does the national team have such a health insurance package for players or will he continue to be considered for Nigeria if injured long term or if his club productivity drops? Your ignorance is legendary. Are we talking about just his recent injury or the collection of mishaps he has had since linking up with Napoli. If you can read and digest, you would have been able to process the part of my statement where I said it is for Osihmen to decide. I just gave my own take on it. As per your own take, I think it sucks. All you want is to see Osihmen play at this Afcon without considering whether it will benefit his career long term. Who told you facial injury cannot be aggravated? You have your wish anyway as Osihmen will be reporting to camp soon. For your sake lets hope he stays fit.

        • Dr Banks 4 weeks ago

          Mr Ignoramus @Igbekun Abo,medical insurance covers your treatment as long as you receive the treatment in that country where you were insured or anywhere else in Europe. Initial emergency treatment in Africa too can be covered.

          Why do you think he was able to get his treatment in Italy after the shoulder injury he sustained in Ogbe stadium in Benin?

          Medical insurance cover is not restricted to only when you are playing for the club alone but covers you as a person because you’re are paying the cover premium monthly from your salary.

          In the days of Lamptey and Shorunmu, FIFA rule was soft then on involvement in international matches, that is why you see most players will decline invitations at that period because FIFA doesn’t have their back, it’s purely down to agreement between club and country then.

          Also most of these African players used to sign slavery agreement contract with European clubs then that doesn’t take care of the players welfare out of club duty but most of these current agents now enlist the service of reputable lawyers to assist with the contract before signing

          So no shaking my people, Osimhen is good to come

          • Igbekun Abo 4 weeks ago

            Dr Bitch listen, medical insurance or no medical insurance, it is prudent for Osihmen to put his health and long term well being ahead of the Afcon. As I already stated, Dr Dumb, the choice is for Osihmen to make. His club career is very important and I will do anything to prolong it. Even the so called medical insurance, have you seen the full details of Osihmen’s cover? If not, then shut the fuck up, bitch. I read your stupid contribution but I couldn’t deign to respond to it. I wonder why you didn’t just walk pass my contribution too rather than giving your stupid opinion. Shut your face.

          • Dr Banks 4 weeks ago

            @Igbekun Abo, I was only educating you on what you are ignorant of and I never said anything to curse or abuse you, so I don’t understand why you are so worked up unnecessarily.

            There’s no need to trade words with you because I and everyone else knows I am not Dumb or a Bitch so your abusive words doesn’t touch me at all.

            You were the one who commented on my response to Richie who never got worked up like you. You need to cool your temper my brother

          • Igbekun Abo 4 weeks ago

            Doctor Who, Go and educate your kids. Your choice of words is condescending and I will not tolerate it. I don’t need your education. Go and open a school if you are that passionate about education. Where did I curse you? Do you even know the meaning of curse? Yet you want to educate someone else. You can suck my dick.

  • ABDULRAZAK 4 weeks ago

    I wish Osimhen well but he should remember that if he picks up any injury at AFCON, aside the “Get well card ” NFF will not do ANYTHING for him. There are precedents if he cares to check.

    • Richie 4 weeks ago

      One only hopes Osimhen HIMSELF or anyone close to him is reading all these comments live.

  • pompei 4 weeks ago

    I agree with Richie and Igbekun Abo.
    Why is it that it’s only the players that are constantly under pressure to be patriotic?
    Why can NFF also not be patriotic by promptly paying players bonuses, and taking good care of players?
    NFF won’t pay or take care of them, won’t even give them good pitches to play on, yet we want the players to jeopardize their source of livelihood, in the name of patriotism?

    • Richie 4 weeks ago

      Thank u

    • pompei 4 weeks ago

      It’s not just livelihood that is at risk, more importantly, life and health are also at risk.
      Unless he has been given solid assurance that he’s ok to compete at the Afcon, Osimhen should please stay away!

      • Richie 4 weeks ago

        That’s basically all he needs……the all-clear to go out there and do what he knows how to do best. No one’s stopping him

    • Nice one Pompei. I am so with you on this. You come at it from the right angle.

    • Nobody want, the young man declare himself fit and ready to battle, why all the negativity though? Just like @GLORY rightfully said, injury can happen to any players at any time, so he is kinda allow to be injure while playing for his club but it’s a taboo to be injure while playing for his father land? He got the fatal injury while representing the club to even start with. Let’s encourage this young man pls.

  • Dominionwealth 4 weeks ago

    I lesson I learnt in life is that there is no permanent friend but permanent interest.
    1. Napoli wants to keep Victor Osimhen for thier interest.
    2. Super Eagles and I wants him in the team to win the trophy.
    3. Victor Osimhen wants to be at Afcon because he wants enjoy the fruit of his labour (contribution at Afcon qualifiers) and lift the Afcon Trophy (which will add to his personal cabinet).
    All this should inform your knowledge about how and why all parties are reacting.

  • Omo9ja 4 weeks ago

    For Osimhen to come all the way from Italy to participate in the next Afcon in Cameroon is something I call love. When you love your country, there’s nothing you can not do to help your country.

    On the other hand, it is not advisable for Osimhen to play football at the moment.

    If at all he have to play, may be ten to 20 minutes because African football is definitely different to European football. African football is more dangerous, physical and rough.

    This is why I am not and will never agree with Eguavoen list.

    How can he rely on Osimhen when his is not fully fit. Osimhen can’t be Super Eagles top striker in Cameroon because of his injury.

    Our opponents can getting him injured again and what is going to happen to Osimhen’s career and who will lead the attack? Is Ighalo who was struggling in front of goal against minor CAPE VERDE that Nigerians will rely on?

    In that regard, John Noble is not the best goalie in the NPFL, Adeboye is and he wasn’t included in the squad because coach Agu manipulated his selections. Well, that is another opportunity for Nigeria if we know.

    Why having four goalies in the team? Eguavoen should make a bold move to replace John Noble with Dessers. That is a smart move if I were Eguavoen.

    However, we have to be honest with ourselves Nigerians. This Afcon won’t be the last, it is better for Osimhen to stay away from football at least for now.

    It is all about Osimhen health. Opabunbi for example. He lost one of his eyes now and NFF did nothing to well the young man. Hmmm. Osimhen, be careful oooo. Nigeria is not a country you can die for. Our leaders doesn’t care about you and I but themselves. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Omo9ja 4 weeks ago

      To help the you man I wanted to say. Please CSN, EDIT button is needed back on this forum. Please and please, do something about the edit button. God bless us all, God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Mercy 4 weeks ago

    Omo Dennis dey hot o!!!! The guy need to be in the first eleven.

  • Dr Banks 4 weeks ago

    @Pompei, @Deo and @Richie, I maintained that Osimhen is fully fit to participate in AFCON because his injury is healed and all he needs is the protective face mask to protect against direct trauma.

    Don’t allow Napoli to bully him or Nigeria with their gimmick just because he’s an African. I know what am talking about as I am specialist surgeon myself.

    Did you guys forget so soon the Kevin De Bruyne injury on 29th May 2021 during Champions league final, he had surgery on 2nd June and was fit to play Belgium’s 2nd group game on 17th June 2021 (that was just a 2 week recovery period)

    De Bruyne, 29, suffered fractures to his nose and left eye socket during Manchester City’s 1-0 loss to Chelsea in last Saturday’s Champions League final and Martinez had previously said he would not need surgery.

    During a press conference on Saturday, Martinez said De Bruyne “will not need a long recovery” following the operation but remains a doubt for Belgium’s opening game of this summer’s European Championship on June 12.

  • pompei 4 weeks ago

    Dr. Banks,
    If it was up to me, I would seek assurance that his injury is fully healed.
    As a striker, he needs to head the ball repeatedly. Can his facial bones withstand the impact of him doing that? Can his facial bones withstand the impact if he clashes heads with another defender? What of an elbow to the cheek bone? A high kick to the face from an opposing player? The opposing goalie accidentally punching him in the face while trying to punch the ball out? Are his facial bones ready to sustain such contact?
    Every footballer faces a normal allowable risk when they take to the pitch.
    If the risk to Osimhen’s life and health exceeds the normal allowable risk because he is not fully healed, then Osimhen is advised to wait until he is ready.

    • Richie 4 weeks ago

      Football isn’t running anywhere at the end of the day, most especially for players from his current age bracket.

      Good health, na sense O!
      (According to a certain health presenter on Nigeria Info FM 99.3 Lagos)

    • Dr Banks 4 weeks ago

      @Pompei, for all that you mentioned above I summed it up as “Direct trauma”, that is the purpose of the special protective mask my dear brother