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2021 AFCON Qualifier: Super Eagles Arrive Nigeria After Draw Away To Sierra Leone 

2021 AFCON Qualifier: Super Eagles Arrive Nigeria After Draw Away To Sierra Leone 

The Super Eagles squad arrived Nigeria in the early hours of Wednesday from Freetown Sierra Leone after holding the Leon Stars  to a 0-0 draw on Tuesday.

This is disclosed by the team’s media officer Babafemi Raji.

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According to Raji, the team arrived arrived the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja at about 2am last night.

The  Eagles still top Group L on eight points after four games played so far in second place is Benin Republic on seven points, Sierra Leone are third  on three points while Lesotho fourth on two points.

Up next for the Eagles is an away tie against Benin Republic on 22 March 2021 and they will round off the qualifiers with an home game against Lesotho on 30 March.

By James Agberebi 

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  • Dr Drey 2 years ago

    “…The Eagles still top Group L on eight points after four games played so far in second place is Benin Republic on seven points, Sierra Leone are third on three points while Lesotho fourth on two points…”

    Haters can continue to congratulate sierra leone for being in 3rd on the group with 3 points and for not being able to have a shot at goal on their own millet farm.

    • Pompei 2 years ago

      Miserable bloke. Do u have a life at all?

      • pompei 2 years ago

        Who is this impostor using my name? Kindly pick another name, as this one is already in use!

      • him call yoir name? why you day take am personal.

        • pompei 2 years ago

          He used my name to insult somebody, without my consent. That’s enough for me to take it personal.

    • KangA 2 years ago

      I heard some of the commentators making remarks about that their glorious pitch. They’re keeping it as a scare tactic against foreign teams. But indirectly it is inhibiting the development of their football. Which country would negotiate a friendly game there?

      • Dr Drey 2 years ago

        Even they themselves hardly score more than 1 goal on that pitch. Go and check their qualifying match records in the last 5 years. I laughed yesterday when their left winger attempted a leg over 2ce and the ball bounced away and he lost a golden opportunity to beat Akpoguma and square play for their striker. At a time the ball bounced behind him to throw-in and he was looking for it after leg-over-ing. How can you rise in Fifa rankings if your own pitch does not allow you to win matches at home…? They managed a fluke 4 goal bonanza because of the unseriousness of our player and some touts were praising the “tactical ingenuity” of their coach…abeg where was the tactical ingenuity in their own home where they couldnt even muster a shot at goal for 90mins now that the SE were more focused and serious. They even needed the referee to prevent them from loosing at home….but enemies of progress are there congratulating S/L because of their hatred for Rohr…..LMAO

        • Gajere 2 years ago

          @Dr Drey. Calling people who have opposing views to yours “touts” does you no credit.

        • Edoman 2 years ago

          Isn’t why Rohr would have “parked the Bus” after Nigeria scored four wonderful Goals in Benin City during the first half. Who is responsible for changing the players during that match in Benin.??? No one hates anybody. Rohr was just not competent enough for allowing S/L to come back from the dead to draw that match.

      • pompei 2 years ago

        Hahahahaha, KangA, the pitch is something else. A genuine scare tactic, as you said. Lol!

  • It a lesson going forward. Madagascar. South Africa and now serria Leone have woke up the eagles again. So eagles can score 4 goals in 1st have….hmm
    Again so eagles can concede 3 goals in 2nd half.

  • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

    By now some miserable idiots should be quiet, we have been playing and winning matches on away pitches worse than this.

    We should be discussing the way forward how we conceded 4 goals from 4 goals up and how we lost 4 points from possible 6 and these idiots are here talking of opposite fans not liking eagles.

    Drey you especially stop your stupidity i wonder why you just talk for talk sake. Nigerians needs to understand that the country need a revolution from A-Z…

    • Dr Drey 2 years ago

      Some retarded fools are still moping about past tense even when they know in their minds that it was just sheer unseriousness on the part of the players (a costly mistake) that let them become complacent and throw a match they had firmly under their control away….. something they have learnt from. These miserable fools saw how the SE rendered the same SL (who scored fluke Bonanza goals away) useless for 90mins without a shot on target when they took the match seriously and were focused for 90mins. Till now they refuse to acknowledge that we actually won the match in Freetown but the for the ref who still cannot explain how an Iheanacho who was standing behind 3 defenders was in an offside position. We should be discussing our next matches and preparations for the AFCON rather than a match which did not change our status on top of the table despite the mistake…..but unforgiving hypocrites who have never made mistakes in their lives throw the positives away and keep focussing on the negatives.
      Especially this arrogant and senseless Chima eberibe Samuel, a persona non grata who has never said anything sensible on this forum other that to grandstand as if he was the one that built Wembley stadium.

    • Chima E Samuels na lie dont say what you dont know,the pitch i will use in comparing this thing they called pitch is the one in Sudan,eagles won there 3-0 during 2002 world cup qualifier.In Kenya 1997 it was the samething the pitch was something else eagles drew there road to France 98. Chima E Samuels so name the other stadium

      • Why did Eagles lost 1-0 to sierra leone on this same pitch in 2001,even with our star studded squad,.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    There is an impostor in the house. A character named himself/herself Pompei.
    The insult from this person to Dr Drey did not come from me!
    Note that my name is pompei, all small letters.
    The impostor Pompei name starts with a big letter P. Impostor, your cowardly exploits have been exposed for all to see! What new trick do you have up your sleeve? Lol!

    • Dr Drey 2 years ago

      Hahahaha…..we know them. It’s the senseless bigots who are not men enough to even lace Dr.Drey’s shoes. LMAO. We know them….they’ve been changing names since last night but still vommiting the same senslesness they were born with.
      Dem never reach….1 million of them never reach. Dia jealousy will eventually drive them to permanent madness.

  • Ikeben 2 years ago

    My Take Away from the 2 Mathces played against SL

    1. Onuachu for now should not be invited for the National team.
    2. Semi Ajayi should not be invited either, the difference between him and balogun is like day and night.
    3. Victor Osihmen is still our No. 1 striker
    4. Kelechi can only be a backup until we have a better replacement. He should compete with Cyril or any other striker for that role.
    5. Akpoguma should partner with either Balogun or Ekong at the middle or be on the bench as a Centre back.
    6. Abdulahi is still useful to the team as a backup mid-fielder at least he is better than Ajayi in that position
    7. Iwobi remains a key player in the team, but we need a replacement to come in for him, when he becomes tired or injured.
    8. Sanusi can maintain his leftback but Aina should come in when he switches off.
    9. Awaziem and Ebuehi can battle for the right back
    10.Musa experience is sill relevant, even if he comes in in the second half.
    11.Chukwueze remains one of our best wingers for now.
    12.Our boys must learn that football is a 90mins game and should not be complacent when the are leading.
    13. Our coach should be allowed to see the qualifiers through, if we don’t see any improvement, he can be replaced. This is because the blame of the 2nd half first leg performance goes to both the players and the coach. We need him to read the game well and respond with changes that are on point that will affect the game positively.
    14. The second leg performance was not really bad due to the bad pitch and the questionable call from the referee.
    15. In all we are still on cause but with so much room to improve or finetuning before the AFCON and WorldCup proper.
    This is strictly my Opinion

  • pompei 2 years ago

    For those that say the awful pitch in S/L is not a valid excuse for our boy’s struggles, what exactly is their definition of a bad pitch? Is it until the pitch is made entirely of broken glass that you guys will concede that a pitch is bad? The Siaka Stevens pitch is worse than many secondary school pitches in Nigeria! And that is a Nigeria that can’t provide her national team with a good pitch to play home matches on! If you call Ogbe stadium that we saw last week a good stadium, well, that is your opinion. But if you tell yourself the truth, you know it’s not in acceptable shape currently. You know this deep in your heart!
    Some of us are so used to sub-standard, poor quality things, that we readily accept anything as ok, even an eyesore of a stadium. The SUFFERING AND SMILING syndrome Fela sang about.
    After failing woefully to provide our boys with a good pitch to play on, what right do we have to complain if their performance is poor?
    This is a wake up call for us to provide high quality playing surfaces for our players going forward! This is just one of the many things required. If we fulfil all these obligations, and Rohr and the boys still fail, then the calls for sacking become valid.

  • Samuel 2 years ago

    Please I don’t care what people say about my message here. Am an ardent Nigeria football follower since 1985 when I first watched U16 World cup in china. Everyone has the right for his opinion and I will not insult or start calling people different names. NFF and Gernot rohr are almost done killing our football. These are my points:

    1. The current super eagles players are not our best players apart from(Balogun,iwobi,osimhen,musa,chukwueze and ebuehi) we have .Why? Our best players are in the local league. Argue with me at your own peril. Please I want to challenge anyone to sincerely tell me if this super eagles team can beat our Team B that played Athletico Madrid the last time we met them. That Team B will beat sierra leone and will never concede up to that level of goals.Gernot Rohr wants a ready made team and players that he can use and get his credentials on a higher note.
    If late Stephen keshi can use home base and excel,i don’t see why GR will not do same.

    2. Before Covid 19 Gernot rohr never believe in our home base players.He prefers travelling out and bringing same average players to come and play for us.Please during westahof time,can a player easily walk into our team and get a shirt,NEVER.I travelled round south east and south south a lot and I can tell you that talents is scattered all over the place.I weep for this country because we don’t know what GOD has given us.

    3.Osimhen and Chukwueze were discovered right here in academies in Nigeria,and we where all begging SAKA and some players to come and play for us that’s an insult I wont take.

    3. In 2003/2004 when Enyimba of Aba wwere dominating Africa,it was only Enyeama and one other defender that were even playing from bench for super eagles.97% OF ENYIMBA TEAM where begging to feature for eagles.Apart from MURI OGUNBIYI and FRIMPONG that played for benin republic and GHANA,the rest were so hot but couldn’t play because we have quality already.

    4.Presently,in the super eagles how many of them came through U17 and U21 for Nigeria? Very very few.There is no longer that spirit of die hard as a Nigeria player.Nigeria cannot be leading 4nil and you equalized them,NEVER that is the spirit am talking about.

    5.NFF is the main issue and things need to be done.Am scared because the coming world cup qualifying will be the hottest.Thank you

  • How can u be selecting players from a league that is not running,a league where the teams barely make it out of CaF champions league…how na,