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2021 AFCON Qualifier: Super Eagles Fight Back To Beat Benin 2-1 In Uyo

2021 AFCON Qualifier: Super Eagles Fight Back To Beat Benin 2-1 In Uyo

The Super Eagles came back from a goal down to beat neighbours Benin Republic 2-1 in their 2021 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying matchday-one fixture at the Akwa Ibom International Stadium, Uyo on Wednesday night, reports Completesports.com.

Lille of France forward, Victor Osimhen and Samuel Kalu were on target for the Super Eagles in the game, while Stephane Sessegnon got Benin’s only goal.

The Squirrels stunned their hosts when captain of the side Sessegnon put the ball into the net in the 2nd minute.

Super Eagles and the Squirrels file out at the Akwa Ibom International Stadium Uyo

Joel Dossou dribbled past Jamilu Collins before squarring for Sessegnon who fired the ball beyond Daniel Akpeyi.

Alex Iwobi came close to getting the equaliser for the home team in the 14th minute but his left footed shot was well saved by Fabian Farnolle.

Nigeria came close to equalising five minutes before the break, but Samuel Chukuweze’s fine effort from Osimhen’s pass came off the cross bar.

The Super Eagles were awarded a penalty on the stroke of half time after Ola AIna was upended inside the box.

Osimhen brilliantly tucked the ball home despite Farnolle diving the right way.


Kalu netted the winning goal in the 62nd minute following a brilliant solo effort.

The Squirrels nearly grabbed an equaliser late on when Dossou danced his way through the Nigerian defence and crashed a powerful shot off the crossbar.

Farnolle also denied Iwobi moments later palming away his shot from outside the box.

In the other Group L match also played on Wednesday, home side Sierra Leone were forced to a 1-1 draw by Lesotho at the Siaka Stevens Stadium, Freetown.

Kwame Quee shot Sierra Leone into the lead in the 77th minute. Lesotho’s hard work paid off late in the encounter when Jane Thaba-Ntso netted the equaliser in the 90th minute.

Nigeria lead Group L after matchday-one on three points. Lesotho – the away team in the Freetown draw, are second on one point. Sierra Leone are third on one point, while Benin Republic are at the bottom without any point.

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  • From today I owe South Africa with high esteem. I now see how important they are to us. Without them we’ve not been able to watch our under 23 Eaglets, now look at what I watched today a football game recorded with a java phone. A commentator that doesn’t know what to say he didn’t even know when the match ended. The final score he said super Eagles 2 Nigeria 1. Lol. Look at the substitution board, na paper they dey paste before substitution . I now see why some foreign players wouldn’t like to play. When they know they are good enough for the English national team. The misleaders of this country is a shame to humanity. I cannot refer to them as the leaders

    • wala; @tega it was at that point he said super eagles 2. Nigeria 1 I rolled in the floor with laughter…also when he said ..game over ..when Nigeria fans were jubulating…what A DEAD STATION.WHAT A DEAD COVERAGE AND WHAT A DEAD COMMENTARY..IS SIMPLY SHAME ON N.T.A.AND SHAME ON N.F.F.SHAME.

      • Oakfield 5 years ago

        @tega and samella Lol!!!! Chai!!! Na who do us this thing nah? What crime have committed for being in Nigeria.. I tire o!!

      • Barney 5 years ago

        What did you expect when the camera was always focussed on the grass and the crowd while the commentator kept describing the expressions on the faces of spectators when the match was on.

    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      Where is Samchi who was killing me when I said NTA is a disgrace? It’s not just NTA most things in Nigeria is not working normal by the time people travel out before they’ll realize what I’m saying otherwise let’s leave this conversation for another day and let’s us forget about Lesotho match because NTA will not travel and even if the picture will be worse DStv has been hiding our shame as a country. Greed is killing Nigeria 

    • Ndubuisi 5 years ago

      My brother d thing tire me oo. He said 5mins to the end of the match in few seconds the fans where roaring the next thing he said the match has ended. To cap a miserable evening he said super eagles 2 Nigeria 1. I wonder where they brought that one from. If this is how dstv picture quality is I wonder if we will spend our time watching football. Very embarrassing indeed.

    • Nicolsen 5 years ago

      Aswear… I tot I was d only one that heard that part… ie super eagles 2: Nigeria 1



  • Mediocrity on display. What a live TV broadcast. Where did we get it so wrong?

    • Glory 5 years ago

      Where we got it wrong? Really? We got and we are still getting wrong when we celebrate criminals however they come, be they politicians,yahoo yahoo, ritualist,our parents,our brothers, our sisters, our children,our pastors, our Imam etc..A people that will worship any idiot, all because of money. Until we start to spit on such calibre of people faces, we will continue to go down n forever continue to disgrace ourselves amongst nations.

      • Pompei 5 years ago

        My brother, see how far we have fallen?

        • Glory 5 years ago

          Brother, Sometimes I hear nigerians talk,where ever they are,even here on this forum, I just weep in my heart. You will smell selfishness, foolishness, wickedness, pull him down attitude etc in all the conversation. I keep saying our problem is not Northerner, Southerner, Easterner, Westerner but polluted mentality. A mindset that is more than a century backward. In the UK, Criminals can only raise shoulders in their hiding holes otherwise they will get picked by a small boy/ girl police officers. Seeing the faces of some so called rich Nigerian criminals male/ female disgust me, cause they have become wrong models for the up coming youths. Reason somebody will steal n send stolen money to foreign land, where they use that stolen Money to develop their country while our people suffer. But most painfully, the same suffering people worship these ugly fat face thieves to high heavens.

          • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

            You’re right about this no wonder the people like Hush puppy is bragging around social media!

  • That commentator should be sentenced to life jail walahi.please which of players is Victor Simon. I heard that from the commentator today. Even the commentator did not know when Musa and Moses Simon were introduced into the match.The match today is a serious show of shame by NTA and the commentator.

    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      Hahaha he said Iwobi is an Arsenal striker and the other said no Arsenal midfielder I just tire. Corruption has taken them to that post!

  • Mak thunder ⚡ strike NTA

  • Pompei 5 years ago

    Oh, so CSN is not on holiday today. I thought some sort of holiday was being observed, which is why there is no live blog on an international match day.
    It’s unfortunate that Nigerians can’t comfortably watch their national team in action. Can we in good conscience blame foreign born players who think twice about coming to play for us? Who in their right minds would want to be associated with such incompetence and mediocrity? Look at how the match was broadcasted. A shoddy, highly unprofessional effort. Somebody even said it’s likely the match was recorded via a phone! And that was the only version available on the internet. What a disgrace! They say CAF cancelled Supersport’s contract. Can NTA or one of our TV stations not step up and broadcast the match online, a match that we hosted, for crying out loud? How long will our country continue to languish in a perpetual state of backwardness and lack of progress? Other countries matches were online today. I saw the Cameroun vs Cape Verde game with my first search. Very easy, no problem. But to find the Nigeria game was an uphill battle!

  • All of you who complaining about the NTA and comentattor but failing to link it to Buhari and the APC government are part of the problem.

    There were the likes of Ernest Okonkwo,etc who ran great commentary.
    Nigeria is progressively Dying until the last breath is drawn.
    Nigerian youth should should dedicate more time to political and economic revolution than soccer.
    Their present and future well being depends on politics and they must get engaged.

    Soccer and entertainment provide only an ephemeral relief like codeine.
    They should and must pursue a lasting relief; REAL POLITICAL and ECONOMIC REVOLUTION for their present and their future

    • shege luzzy 5 years ago

      @ cj that is hate speech ooh.the reformed democrat whose attendance of a non existent school equals waec qualification will not take it lightly on you.We are progressing on a downward spiral and because of tribal sentiments we refuse to recognize a goat when we see one.Nothing moves in Nigeria,only the president who travels in all directions but actually no direction.The minister of lai ing
      is another sorry tale and all what we hear from his foul breath as confirmed by fani kayode are lies from an irresponsible old stooge.

      decadence at its peak,even our roads are not as bad as exaggerated.Maybe the picture quality and commentary from NTA are not actually as bad as we say. we are sitting on a keg of gun powder and our selfish leaders do not see it coming because they think their supression mechanism presently yields dividends .There would be a day for such a word.tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

  • Xhuxhu 5 years ago

    Shithole headquarters..Giant of Africa dragged back into pre-colonial times..Where is the British and French..please come and colonise us again ooh!


  • Its a shame how backward we have gone?

    Shame to NFF.
    Shame to NTA.

    What a broadcast.

    All those who wish Nigeria evil, may their daylight not come.

  • May death and destruction overtake all the evil and criminal looters both military and civilians who have conspired to impoverish migeria.

    We hate you. And someday you and your children will pay with your lives.

  • Pompei 5 years ago

    An assemblage of MEDIOCRITIES
    Mission – To mis-inform and un-inform.
    Highly unprofessional, incompetent, lackadaisical, inept, a total disgrace!
    It is better for us to scrap the NTA, and know that we don’t have a national TV station, than for us to continue to put up with this rubbish. We can’t even broadcast matches we host? Are you kidding me? In this day and age?
    The NTA has always, always been like this. Time for the NTA to be revamped or scrapped!

  • what i saw today. uptill now i still can’t get my brain. all my eyes are paining me after this horrolific broadcast. i almost had heart attack when commentator said. this match has end, and i stil see players running. untill he said super eagle2 nigeria1. that video coverage man should be givin 3imrisonment. nigerian government why put us in this big shame among other nations?

  • Osaretin 5 years ago

    I out of words on the broadcast of that match by NTA. Honestly are this the people the government are increasing minimum wages for and sending for training abroad. Today I realised we have no baseline to gauge our standards in handling our affairs without foreingners

  • Osaretin 5 years ago

    I am out of words on the broadcast of that match by NTA. Honestly are this the people the government are increasing minimum wages for and sending for training abroad. Today I realised, we have no baseline to gauge our development in handling our affairs without foreingners

    • If we have to look at this wholistically we should understand that this is a general Nigerian problem. Both private and public organizations are guilty of this.

      At JobzoneNews.com.ng and NowNowBooks.com.ng We carried out a research sometimes ago. We visited websites of common and popular private and public organizations and sent emails to them via their contact forms. The results showed how we are far behind in terms of standards in this nation at all levels.

      We received only one response out of about 25. Some contact forms were put on the websites but were not functioning.

      In an industry like publishing, we sent emails to online bookstores in Nigeria, we received no response even for the ones we were able to successfully fill and submit the forms. We put a call through to one of the bookstores, the phone rang ceaselessly but no one picked it up and no one called back!

      Even most of the phone numbers on these websites were not working. Even the ones that worked, someone will answer and tell you, “Sorry i am no longer working with the company”

      Even websites of our popular religious organizations are nother left out of this.

      That is how we value the souls of lives and customers. You will need to put on your fighting armour anytime you want to visit a bank or the offices if any government agency or even offices of some religious organizations. If you don’t have your armour on, you will nother be able to achieve you aims and objectives in those offices.

      Yet, as big as Amazon and Smashwords and other popular foreign companies are, we have received responses to emails sent to them.

      We need to really check ourselves at individual and organizational levels in this country to see where we have to improve. It is easier to blame others but can you confidently say to yourself that you will not do the same when you get into a top position or when you head an organization?

  • if this country can’t even make the football that gives us joy to be fair. then we wil divide this nation. and to biafra to enjoy. government should do somethin about this now, startin from this night.

  • May our Good Lord continue to rest Ernest okonkwo of blessed memory. If you know you know.

  • Pompei 5 years ago

    Finally found something that can pass for highlights….


    • Patrator 5 years ago

      Thank you!

    • Danny 5 years ago

      Thank u jor. Appreciation from those of us who didn’t watch the match

    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      Thanks for the link I can now clearly view the replay. Good play a couple of missed chances though…. I just pray we will be chanced to watch the Lesotho match else my DSTV app will be useless.

    • Glory 5 years ago

      I say a big thank you @Pompei. This surely has calm some nerves. God bless.

  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    @CJ,big Amen to  your prayers my brother, these cavemen will not stop until we begin to kill them and their families. 

    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      Ah sunnyb you want Bhuari to close down CS I guess

  • Gajere 5 years ago

    What a country. Incredibly unbelievable.

  • This smart phone video is a sole effort an individual brilliance.
    Thanks to the producer and the forumite that shared it.
    Thanks a million.

    If only we can find consensus among the great citizens of nigeria, it is time to revolt against the evil political class and their families.
    they deserve to die’
    we need to get angry and outraged enough with these criminals to the point that they will become scared for their lives.
    they are criminals , tire and petrol and matches is all they deserve.

    ARISE!! ARISE!! ARISE!!!!!

  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    @chima  Samuel, bro, the smelly hungry looking lizard can’t not close shit.Some countries needs bloody revolution to attain there greatness, I ve said it here many times, this Country will never attain is greatness with these subset cavemen from the north at helm of power, dissolve this unholy marriage or revert to regionalism, some naive southerners will disagree with me, but I don’t care. We can’t continue to live like this, history will never be kind to us if we allow this smelly Almajeris from futa  jallon to hold this county hostage.

  • Oralivato 5 years ago

    Seriously do we Stoll have a national TV?can’t remember ehrm last I tuned into such station.you guys should know by now that all govt ventures or establishment are moribund, name them Nigeria airways,Nigeria railways, MNPC the list goes on.solo friends please don’t be disappointed.

  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    Guys nothing works in that country anymore, even Rwanda is well ahead of Nigeria in all sectors. Soccer is only thing that brings joy and togetherness in that country. Still these Animals are all bent in destroying it.
    We are just wasting our collective time in this country, thinking there’s a solution in the hands of those who are causing our sufferings. I think divide, and revolution is what Nigeria needs ASAP 

  • A lot of the forumites have accurately captured the mood of any sensible Nigerian. I mean at this point it’s going even beyond disgraceful to utter pathetic and sad. I mean what kind of low mentality and self worth do you have as a person to put your name behind or be associated with such mediocrity and utter backwardness. Even some animals have more self pride than this. This useless, idiotic and moronic  Nigerian leaders have no clue that history and posterity will judge all of them. A lot of them will be non-entities and fade into oblivion once they are dead and their stolen funds will be a curse on their children and future generation. A bloody revolution might be just what these criminals will understand.

    An idiot stealing  $1 billion still remains an idiot. Just because you buy bunch of houses and cars with looted funds will not make you respected among ppl of substance. The money will be useless to your kids and squandered away be

  • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

    And I just heard the bill of death sentence on hate speech has been passed just yesterday by the Senate. we are now experiencing a new Abacha in the person of Bhuari.

    • Bomboy 5 years ago

      Thanks to those who voted this wicked regime into power. I hope they would be the first casualties of that bill. Ise!

  • @CJ i am from south south ijaw. i have not supported biafra. but with what i experience yesterday, all hail biafra. biafra 4life.

  • Bomboy 5 years ago

    Me too. Not an Igbo, but I have always been in support of splitting this nation. Let us go our separate ways. Let me see how they will come to another country to set up their cattle colony.

  • Samchi 5 years ago

    These are indeed dark days, personally i didn’t expect NTA to give me anything reasonable, cos they are the most useless Television channel in the world that was the reason i was angry at CAF; Most times some years back i rather tune off my telly than bore myself almost to death watching Black,white and green NTA Channel_
    That is what we get when people who are only called to be rearing cattles leave their natural habitat to enter into the seat of Rulership of all places. I will never stand with this Animals who see shading human blood as an atonement for Sin.
    All my yoruba sabo’s who Voted for this, Hope you are enjoying your Life Now.

  • Kayode 5 years ago

    This is my very first contribution here. I am a bit disappointed about all the comments above, and I wonder what an irresponsible society we are made of, we are quick to blame the government/institution. No one is sensitive enough to mention the DG of NTA who authorized such horrible broadcast. Someone who failed in his responsibility to manage the national TV to meet expectations. Someone who failed to recruit qualified personnels for the job.

    Has anyone ever noticed that same NTA usually deploys professionalism only when there is the need for broadcast on politics, especially political campaign.

    To me, I hold the DG of NTA responsible for this embarrassment. I doubt if he ever feel embarrassed himself, because no one calls them to account.

    • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

      My guy don’t mind Nigerians it’s only where the money is they worship. The best comment so far. As far as I’m concerned they need to bring the SuperEagles back the National Stadium Surulere. Anyway I’m glad we won because prophet of dooms have been kept quiet. VAMOS ARRIBA SUPEREAGLES!!!!!!! 

    • Ekene 5 years ago

      Two rubbish comments from Kayode and Ayphillydegreat. 

      • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

        You’re the one on dope displaying your highness on the fórum. Wetin concern me with your naive orientation?? Was I even talking to your dumb skull?? You crawl out of a cave only to mention four sentences. What rubbish!!! You better focus your miserable anger on your society instead of blaming the government all the time. Nonsense! 

    • Ololo 5 years ago

      Kayode I’m more disappointed in you… Who employed the DG of NTA.. Is NTA not a federal TV station.. In other civilized world no one appoint a dg who is not competent enough for the job but here we appoint Just anyone whether he knows the job or not. Yet you blame the dg,, he has done the best he can, when other better qualified for the job are jobless… Blame those who gave him the job not someone trying his best

      • Ololo 5 years ago

        When I looked at your name.. I knew it must be someone from the west.. Just imagine the comments, the dg employed incompetent workers. Why would he not employ such workers is he qualified himself, blame the root, when you tackle any problem from the foundation you have almost solved everything.. The same way the dg was employed that was how he employed his workers so it’s not his fault.. Very soon you would blame innocent Nigerians that they are the cause of the problems.

  • Mr Hush 5 years ago

    What happened yesterday showed what everybody already knew; there is a total rot in Nigerian State.
    The blame for such disaster can go round. Shame goes to.
    1. To past leaders, regimes ; who have allowes such decay to continue unperturbed whereas collecting budgets and pay for a job never done.
    2. To present leaders; from the presidency,to the his cabinet and the entire government infrastructure , that didn’t see it fit to make changes to this decay,yet still allow the rot to continue; and again collecting budgets and pay for a job not done.

    3. Shame to the past and present DGs , management team of the Nta. In a sane world; the DG should be tendering his resignation letter and making a well deserved apology to the Nigerian people. heads should roll. But I won’t hold my breath.

    4. To the Nigerian private sector, the so called big men, who don’t have the wherewithal or brains to tap into this media sector. They lack the will to show patriotism to give Nigeria something we can appreciate even it means Nigerians paying for it. The Private sector lack the business acumen to see that there is fortune to made in this field, one the South Africans have taking hold of unhinged. They are so blind by their greed and selfishness,they lack vision to see ,that there is a lot to gain in being selfless, patriotic and sensible.
    5. To the Sports minister,past and present; Sports fraternity and the FA,past and present , for not thinking out of thr box,to make things right in this regard.

    6. Finally, shame goes to us,the Nigerian people; our quietness, our stillness, I don’t care attitude have gone on too long. We only grumble in the shades,when the light comes, we keep quiet. We wage war amongst ourselves,fighting the wrong battle and using the wrong tactics; yet we expect change to happen. We give these failed leaders too much respect and expect too much from them, forgetting ,a man can’t give what he doesn’t have and respect is earned. They haven’t done anything to deserve our respect. When the fools talk and the wise clap,who is the fool?
    We fear they would put us down. Yet we are already down.

    Just a simple man filled with pain…

    • Glory 5 years ago

      Wanna give you a thousand like@Hush but could only accept one. My heart bleeds for Nigeria I love so much even against a foreign country that has given me so much to make a better living.

      • Mr Hush 5 years ago

        My appreciation.strong words

        No matter what.our hearts and minds would be green and white.

        Corrupt might reign today, but at the end; time always shows that good legacy always reign supreme.

        Even if it is not in our generation; one day,the good people of Naija shall rise.
        It is not a spoiler. It is a prediction.

    • Ekene 5 years ago

      Kayode and Ayphillydegreat please humble yourself and learn from the words of this wise man Mr Hush, NTA is government owned so I don’t know why we shouldn’t attribute their failure to Nigeria when they have the sole right to view this match. Other private owned media house will do a better job but Nigeria is a failed state take a look at Lagos I laugh because compared to common South Africa Lagos is like a gutter just like most part of Nigeria except Abuja this should tell you a lot that the leaders are greedy and neglect whatever doesn’t affect them.

      When we start thinking outside the box we will seek revolution. My brother I am based in Naples here in Italy and I know better after living in 4 different sub Sahara Africa so my brother no need to ridicule the people when they air their voice because the government is for the people.

      As for Nigeria I pity for those who think they are in paradise because of watching football. There is more to life we have the resources if we don’t wake up many will die without experiencing a better life where power supply good road and affordable systems is enjoyed

      • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

        Do you know how much the government itself allocated to NTA every year??? You only come here to vent your frustration on the government instead of the actual director of NTA who probably must have embezzled most of the resources without accountability. My brother I’ve lived in the United States almost all my life and I visit Nigeria regularly doing my own thing and helping my community in my own little way. Stay there in Naples and be expecting the government to do everything for you. It takes every citizen of Naples to make Naples what it is today not necessarily the Italian government. Same goes to every civilized society. 

        • Ololo 5 years ago

          Ay what I’m seeing here… I have never cross the boundaries of Nigeria and I’m below 25 but I can never reason in This fashion.. You claim to live in the US.. Plz over there when the government continually spend money on a sector and doesn’t see any reasonably output won’t such sector be called to order.

          The government spent millions on nta annually yet there is no difference in the nta of 1980 with the nta of 2019 and you say we should center on blames on the management of nta.

          When I spend my money on a business and it’s not yielding desired result I think of changes to implement and not keep quiet acting like all is well.
          One thing is certain with all our complains this matter would be swept under the carpet Till when next It reoccurs

          • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

            Thank you. In the United States the power of the state is larger than that of the federal government. The power of the City is larger than that of the state. The power of county is larger than that of the city. Every state has its own laws with accountability on the part of whoever resources is allocated. There is transparency. I bet you some of the ones complaining about the government can not even lead a local government successfully without embezzling money. It all starts with you and me. An American president once said “Think not what your country can do for, but what you can do for your country” JF Kennedy. How many of us in this forum can ever sacrifice anything for Nigeria???? It’s easier said than done. 

    • Patrator 5 years ago

      Well rounded lines Mr. Hush
      Undiluted truth!
      God bless you

  • Mercy 5 years ago

    In one of the late Fela Anipulapo kuti song, he said “if i sing say corruption na old news be that. If food no dey na old news be dat”. I left nigeria many years ago and as a result of my job I can boldly say one of the most educated people in the world are nigerians, yet the nation suffers as a result bad governance. And we the youths all we do is drink, have chains of girls/boyfriends and engaged in frivolous discussion on social media while our destiny is being wasted..smh

  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    @ololo, Ignore this trolls, Bro, pls don’t blame these guys moronic views on entire south west,some of these morons are supporting this government because of their religion affiliations, imagine people blaming the DG, I guess the DG must be blamed too for proposing cow colony. Some people are just too gullible, if Jonathan had passed Hate speech Bill, this worthless jihadist Buhari would ve been hanged by now. 

    • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

      You are the one being an ethnic jingoist who only come here to cry because your corrupt Jonathan was voted out of office. How was NTA when your useless Jonathan was in office. What did you and your sitting on the fence moronic fools ever did to revamp the station??? Is it not myopic minds like you that always advocate for DSTV back then?? Now you sit on your miserable couch blaming the government. I’m neither a Muslim nor Christian. I have no affinity with any religion. I live in reality and think freely. If you have a problem with my views just stay on your miserable couch don’t ever affiliate any of my comments to your herdsmen mentality or else you know what’s coming. You see how ololo made his comments without animosity. If you come here to affiliate my comments to derogatory words I bet you’ll get the wrath of me in fool fold. 

  • The disgraceful showing by the NTA just highlights the lack of standards, the laziness and “I don’t care” attitude of the broadcasting companies in Nigeria.

    It also presents opportunities. We have relied on Super Sport or is it DSTv for so long we have forgotten how to air simple matches. In fact fan footage from the stands were infinitely better than what was “officially broadcasted”. We.Simply.Don’t. Care. Anymore.

    Did CSN do their normal blogging article? If it did I must have missed it.

    Now to the opportunities:

    Sports broadcasting needs programs, and offerings at various levels. Simple radio commentary broadcast, on the radio as well as on social media (instagram, twitter and youtube). A single person can start small. All the social media platforms are free to use. One can simply sit in the stadium and broadcast audio commentary live to facebook, or youtube. Do you know this was how I got to listen to the U17 Nigeria/Ecuador match? In Spanish, from an Ecuadorean youtube channel? What stops 5 or 10 people setting one up, honing their skills and becoming a reference point for commentary. in the olden days, we would watch the TV with the volume down just so that he could hear Earnest okoronkwo comment on the radio whilst we watched the match.

    A comprehensive highlights video compilation like the one posted above. The footage is infinitely better than that offered by the NTA, again, costs nothing to film, edit and upload to instagram, twitter or youtube. A channel will get subscribers and before long, it can be monetized. This is the same way some photographers get jobs on twitter. Post their work and they are called to cover the HiFL (Higher Institutions Football league). Has anyone noticed that the images we now see of Nigerian matches are much better than they have been previously? This is because people, ordinary people like you and I are not waiting for the NTA, for the govt, for SuperSport journalists to provide content.

    There are serious opportunities to improve the offering at all levels, but they will only be taken by those who want better

  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    Hey homie I will, and trust me u can’t do jack, I’m not one of those fools that take broom to a gun fight, tell Me ur city in the states if u truly lives in the states, trust me u will get it, look at this one, I’m a Yoruba man, but lately too many Afonjas are disgracing us due to lack of their history, if u one those Afonjas then change ur ways homie, I repeat don’t ever come here and issue a treat u won’t back up. Again tell me ur location in the states and let see.No sane Yoruba will support Fulani unless their Muslims period . 

    • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

      I live in the great state of Texas. I did my high school and college days and basically grew up in the great city of Philadelphia. My house is still there till today. I’ve already established myself on a global level. I don’t need anything from any government I’m already an American citizen so nothing in this world can freak me. As I’m talking to you I’m in Nigeria taking care of my own businesses and I’m glad that I’m able to create employment for a number of people in my country Nigeria without any help from any government or whatsoever. I don’t give a hoot what problem you got with the Fulanis. That’s your own personal vendetta. You stayed in New York living in a one bedroom with about 10 people sharing rent and only come here to vent your frustrations because you got nothing to offer Nigeria. It’s better you stay in your lane and keep your miserable frustrations on your couch that is also your bed. Lmao!!! Be warned. No sane Yoruba will support Fulani?? What is special about Yoruba?? Do you think Fulanis only emanated from Nigeria??? Go and check there history if truly you’re learned. Only ignorant people like you are the ones that display there myopic psychological disorientation on public forum. Blaming the government for everything especially when they’ve already been stuck abroad.  

      • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

        People like you are the ones kissing the ass of the white men even if they discriminate against you. I’m sure you will lick their ass for a dollar. Yet you will always have issues with your own people. After worshipping the white men to make a dollar then you come here to vent your miserable life frustrations on the Nigerian government. Why don’t you stay in the country to fight the government?? Because you know you will be history. Lmao!!!!

        • mr Hush 5 years ago


          I want to take time out to approach your view.
          You are right in some sense that everyone need to contribute their quota to build a good society. We can’t blame everything on the government alone.every given society starts from the individual and his mentality towards the society,plus the effort he puts in.

          Giving that, you would agree with me the term ‘mob rules’ is a farce and an individual growth as it regards a society depends on how well that society functions. A society is run by a government put in place by the people out of trust,just because not everyone can rule at the same time. If such government fails and breaks the trust of the people,there is so much an individual can do to contribute his or her quota to the growth of the society no matter how much goodwill the individual possess.
          Simply put; the government holds the key to a good society.
          Bad government gives birth to a bad society.
          Good government begats good society.
          The examples are everywhere to see.
          There is a reason detriot is in shambles now, why states like new jersey,colorado flourishes. You might not like Trump,but his policies have helped the American economy grow,unemployment rate is low.
          If government does the needful and create the right environment,individuals would do good and contribute their quota. It all starts from the government and it’s policies.

          • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

            Tell you what bro. I love Trump to the bone. This is the best I’ve seen America’s economy since Clinton in the 90s or Reagan in the 80s. In fact every American liken him to Reagan. I agree with you that good governance begets good society, but who are the society?? Does a typical yahoo boy expect anything from the government??

            Some of my friends I went to college with in the States who’s parents are in the government back then are also the ones running most of the LGAs and Councils in Nigeria today. Are you telling me that someone who studies in the US does not know how to manage a sector successfully????

            If I may ask do you actually think it is Sai Baba Buhari that is ruling Nigeria???? I can tell you categorically today that it is a certain Professor that is ruling Nigeria. Where is he from?? Is he not a Yoruba man?? If you criticality investigate the background of the DG of NTA he could even be someone who study abroad. So who is fooling who?? We can blame the Nigerian government all we can, but our problem is way deeper than the government. America is a different ball game when it comes to politics. They’ve established a system for about 200 years and every State or City can stand on their own.

            For instance if Texas were a country it will be the third largest oil producing country in the world. That’s why America is now the number one oil producer in the world. I work in the Gulf of Mexico so I can say that proudly. Only two states Kansas and Nebraska can produce the food that can feed the entire world in abundance. Why can’t each Nigerian state adopt that strategy?? The entire nation depends only on Niger Delta. My brother our problem is beyond what we experience from NTA. Just do your best and move on. 

  • Mr Hush 5 years ago


    I am glad we share similar likee for Trump and his favourable economic policies.and yes he is the best since Reagan. He might have his brutish character but giu can’t take away his strong love for America.

    You have buttress the whole point I am making.
    That the Nigerian system is flawed.
    Who runs the system? The government. And when I say government as it is , I mean from the local council to the Presidency,judiciary and legislative arms,plus every other leadership in the Nigerian state.
    I assure you, it is the failure of the Nigerian leadership that has given birth and rise to flawed system where the yahoo yahoo boys you talk about thrive. If past and present governments,leadership have done the needful passionately and patriotically ,I assure such vices in the society today would never arise, even if it does , it would be minuit
    We talk like if Nigeria was never once on the right path. When the system did work ,albeit minimally,in the 60s/70s ; we never had so much vices.there was low crime rate, kidnapping wasn’t that rampant and Yahoo yahoo,wasn’t everywhere. Even if I stand against internet fraudsters, do you think most of the youth into it really want to do it? Do you think if they had a job or provided schools ,they would get into it? Predictably not.
    It is the failure of government that causes crime and vices to thrive in a society. They can never run from it.
    In the early years in the US, during the great depression and abolition period; crime thrived in america. Chicago was basically held down by mobsters, same with las vegas,half of new york and jersey. Because the system then failed.
    My point is; no matter where or when, if government doesn’t do their duty,society would rot.no matter thr individuals in that society.sane,insane ,educated or illiterate.

    It is the anomaly in the Nigerian state that the best hands are not allowed to take charge.mind you, the best hands are not necessarily the ones with the best degrees or such. The best hands are those with the zeal, will, experience and selfless passion to get the job done.
    Nigeria’s problem, like anyone’s problem,can be solved,when the people are ready to solve them. We know the problems,we do know the solution; The question is, are we ready to solve them? I guess most of us know thr answer to this question.

    Sic: my apologies to the sporting fans for bringing geopolitics into this forum. In some sense, geopolitics always affects sports as we saw in the broadcast of our last game against Benin.

    • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

      I like how you made your valid points devoid of animosity or derogatory racist comments based on ethnicity like that thing called sunnyb who only come here to display his frustrations in New York to the forum. Most of the government allocations and contractual agreements are signed by the professor. It is the Professor who implements the law Sai Baba is just a figure head who believes so much in the Professor. Which tribe is the Professor from?? No he’s ibo or almajeri. That’s the problem of the Yorubas trying to be too intelligent even when they’re wrong. The present government policies favors the Southwest than the Southeast. Yet we’re not satisfied stills crying about tribalism in 2019!! At least a white man will still give you a chance. But in our own case we cry tribalism and racism on ourselves in our own continent. 

  • Bomboy 5 years ago

    Mr Hush, na God go bless you. With people like you and a few others in this forum, I won’t stop reading.

    • Mr Hush 5 years ago


      My appreciation and God bless u too.

      We would all keep learning from each other and making valid points for the best of our sports, ourselves and our Country .

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