2021 AFCON Qualifier: Super Eagles Will Fall To Benin – Omotoyossi

2021 AFCON Qualifier: Super Eagles Will Fall To Benin – Omotoyossi

Benin Republic forward, Razak Omotoyossi says he’s optimistic the team will defeat the Super Eagles 2-0 in the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier.

The last time the two teams met, Nigeria triumphed 2-1 over the Squirrels at the Godswill Akpabio Stadium, Uyo.

Currently, the three-time AFCON champions are top of Group L on Eight points while Benin sit second on seven points.

However, in an interview with Footballlive, Omotoyossi said that they are battle-ready to defeat the Super Eagles at home.

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“I believe Benin will win 2-0, but you must tell Mr. Musa (Ahmed) to prepare the team, as the captain,” said Omotoyossi.

“Nigeria won the reverse fixture, the Super Eagles picking up a 2-1 victory in Uyo.

“It’ll be my dream to play for a bigger team and move to a team where I can play even in in the European competition.”

By Augustine Akhilomen

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  • If Madagascar can do it.away . If seirra Leone can come from 4 0 .to 4 4 ..it is nothe new. This is ur time to beatime Nigeria

    • @Olu

      Let me save it for future purpose….

      Don’t change your ID o….

    • @olu.

      How far?
      How market???

      Tell your senior bros (OMOTOYOSI) SE refuse to fall.


  • Michel 2 years ago

    Is this guy still in the national team?.

  • Collins id 2 years ago

    Nigeria will beat them there, with highmargin. expecially now that the boys have been insulted by serrie leone, that serrie leone game is a blessing in disguise in way that it has tought us some lessons , which will help us also in the wcup qualifiers

  • Chairmanfemi 2 years ago

    I can’t vouch for the Super Eagles again unlike 2017/18 where there head are still intact and the Coach was still OK with his technicality. So Omotoyossi, say whatever you wish man you have the right and can even do as you’ve said. Sierra Leone did it, you guys can too.

  • If a particular person is not there, the Super Eagles would probably get a draw in the first-half and then win the game in the second-half. We lost the chance to qualify in Benin. It’ll be very difficult for us in Benin Republic. Rohr does not motivate his boys. He’s not technically sound and that’s why he’s never won a championship.

  • _Beninois Boasts of Bashing Eagles_

    Ageless Benin Republic Centre Forward Rasaq Omotoyossi has upped the stakes ahead of his country’s March qualifier against Nigeria by openly boasting with much temerity that the Super Eagles will be thrashed in Cotonou.

    It hasn’t been the best of times for the Super Eagles recently following failure to record a single victory across 4 matches in 2020 and Nigeria’s inability to qualify for a major tournament with more than 1 game to spare for the first time since Gernot Rohr took over as coach.

    In November last year, The Super Eagles sunk to an all time low when they allowed Sierra Leone come back from a seemingly unassailable 4:0 deficit to leave the country with a most unlikely 4:4 draw and then hold Nigeria to what in their own eyes was an admirably 0:0 draw in the reverse Afcon qualifier fixture.

    Having risen steadily in the Fifa rankings before 2020 – going as high as the 3rd best team in Africa – the Super Eagles have now dropped to be the 5th team in the continent with their place in the world regressing slowly but steadily in the rankings.

    That mantle of invincibility that once eloquently cladded the Super Eagles has slipped and fallen following the outcome of recent matches, Nigeria’s steady decline in Fifa rankings and controversial Press statements attributed to coach Gernot Rohr which serve to alienate him further among a swathe of Super Eagles fans.

    The Nigeria Football Federation has also been useless if truth be told. Stories of players being owed bonuses and pictures of NFF officials ‘training’ with the Super Eagles ahead of important Afcon qualifiers in November were a Public Relations disaster for the organisation. The perception among most fans is that the organisation is run by incompetent officials who have no viable plans for the success of the Nigerian football.

    Even the Sports Minister’s intervention and insistence on home-based players being mandatorily included in the Super Eagles squads has been derided as being delusional.

    All these coming as we fans brace up bated breath for crucial assignments ahead for the national team.

    Now with March Afcon qualifiers just round the corner, Super Eagles fans are badly in need of a lift; a boost to bring the smiles back to our faces and restore confidence in a national team at real risk of not fulfilling its humongous potentials.

    However, Nigeria-born Benin International Omotoyossi, 35 yrs old, has emphatically enthused that they will rub more salt in Super Eagles wounds when both teams lock horns on 27 March.

    “I believe Benin will win 2-0,” predicted Razak Omotoyossi with much temerity.

    If this should happen, it will be a lethal stab to a Nigeria team clearly on the decline (depending on how one chooses to interpret recent events). A loss to Benin in March is going to cost the Super Eagles more than hurt-pride as 2 favourable (though unlikely) results for Sierra Leone will be enough to knock Nigeria out if we then fail to win Lesotho outright.

    It is even unthinkable to consider this eventuality.

    Despite having 2 more games to go in the last round of qualifiers, the following teams have already qualified for the Afcon tournament: Cameroon, Mali, Algeria, Senegal, Tunisia.

    Not that long ago, Nigeria used to be among such an elite group.

    Gernot Rohr’s Super Eagles now have a chance to redeem themselves starting with an emphatic win against Benin in Cotonou on 27 March. Anything other than an outright win will be a disaster and should definitely lead to conversations about the future of coach Gernot Rohr whilst heads should also roll in the incompetent NFF.

    Nigeria fans have settled for less once too often recently. A defeat to Benin will be gravely unacceptable and represent a point of no return.

    But I believe in the Nigeria spirit and something tells me that we will prevail. But, I never thought this match against Benin would hold such significance!

    • pompei 2 years ago

      The mantle of invincibility was badly stained by S/L. It is now in the laundry room. Hopefully, it will soon be ready, and we shall wear it with pride once again.

  • lanre 2 years ago

    mark my word,super eagles will beat the squirrels of benin 3-0 right there in their country……..omotoyosi has always been an overzealous person,he did same in the days of osaze odewingie nd mikel…..even had a bet with the duo but lost at an afcon group stage match

  • Lord AMO 2 years ago

    It’s not about whether his prediction os correct or not.  The point is he has the temerity to even make such a declaration boldly.  That tells you that the intimidation factor we may have had is gone.  Of course I think we should win or at least get a result against them but if I were 68% sure of that between 2016/18, im more like 43% today.  

    This is down to recent performances and also the possible omission of Osihmen and chukwueze.

  • SD Special Delivery Jones 2 years ago

    Nigeria has already qualified for the Afcon. Only 1 point is needed. Benin Republic will be defeated easily.

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    Is going to be a very physical and fast paced just like against  Leone  stars The super Eagles need to be careful to avoid defeat in Benin. Rohr must not start Iwobi, Aribo, iheanacho in Benin, a midfield combo of  Etebo, ndidi,and Iwobi would be preferred. Folks pls don’t underestimate the squirrels, I ve seen a squirrel outsmarted a bobcat before. 

  • Well, the thing is, The Sierra Leone coach, John Keister made a similar boast to beat the Super Eagles prior to that match in Benin and he almost made good his promise.
    See the link below to refresh your memory.


    Some of us even laughed and ridiculed his statement but ended up eating the humble pie. For some reasons, the SE’s cloak of invincibility seems to have gone – just like nobody fears Ghana any longer in Africa like before (Mali crushed them 3-0 in a recent friendly).

    With Rohr, anything is possible. No result shocks anymore – good or bad. He’ll praise his tactics for the victories and make excuses for the shocking losses to formerly minnows.

    Just like Nigeria, the SE is brimming with precious, raw materials, but ironically “poor” at the moment. I think a good gelling is missing – just as we can see instant result with Waldrum as Falcon’s coach. Like smoke, it’s usually not so hard to spot.

    • Omo9ja 2 years ago

      If I’m getting you right, are saying Oga Rohr and Mr. Agu are not capable to be the Super Eagles gaffers?

      Sunny b, Sean and Kel are seeing what we patriotic Nigerians are seeing a long time ago.

      I am expecting Deo and Ayphillydegreat to say the truth about the current coaches of the Super Eagles.

      Are we lacking in qualities? If the answer I no. Then, NFF should let go of these coaches after the Afcon qualifiers.

      I’m ashamed of NFF for allowing Rasaq talking like.

      Where is Drey and Oakfield now? They thought we hate Oga Rohr but they can now see that we don’t hate him.

      Any way, fingers crossed. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • When Rohr was allowed to handle the team the way he want SE was invincible….

    Immediately they start using that their destructive weapon to push the man out so they can turn our nation team to alaba international markt things went the other way round….

    If i may ask, who’s loosing?

    Which country is taking the shame?

    He’s a foreigner and can leave any time but the shame and redicule sticks with us.

    Oh, how i wish they were wise, thye would have allow the man bring decency into the team.

    For now, nothing concerns HOMEBASE with SE…
    Why should our political football heads clamour for inclusion of “atleast” 4 homebase?

    Till tomorrow, nothing concerns YOBO with the seat of SE assistant coach.

    In a country where “sane” and “elterlecruals” exist, they don’t do things in a wrong way and expect a good result.

    What u sow is what u reap. ASAP.


  • Let me make it clear bcos some pple are already mislead.

    All these Judas that are playing the part of the 10 spy out of 12 that were sent to spy canan land are doing it for their own selfish interest but for the detriment of the SE.
    They’r creating unnecesary fear in pple’s heart even when there’s nothing to panic.
    Their aim is to make the heart of the gullible ones fail just like the 10 spy that cause the israelite heart to fail.

    But no shaking, we’ve JOSHUA & Caleb on this forum that would not close their eyes and watch these pple inject fear into the hear of any.

    Their comments tells the type of prayer they pray behind.
    They want this man to fail with SE so he can be sack and NFF can go hire the “share-the-money” coach.

    A sane and reasonable being should be aware that SE needs just 2 points from a posible 6.

    If this is the case, what calls for this trafic?

    When Rohr tells them the bitter truth base on the way their reasoning is they start complaining.

    How should a sane human believe that SE can’t qualify from this group when SE is playing their last group game against LESOTHO at home.

    They shed crocodile tears, pretend as if they love the team.
    Their comment speaks volume, how on earth would a person request for FENANDO ADI to be invited?

    Is such a person looking for the good of SE?

  • Marvelous 2 years ago

    Have screened shot the comments of everyone here. Talk is cheap, 22 march is not far.

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    If anyone doesn’t know the reason why NFF insisted that the match have to be played in Lagos, this is part of it.

    I supported the move because I have seen it a long time ago and I have been saying this before NFF borrowed into my idea.

    Yes Benin, Omotoyossi is right by saying this. Madagascar and Leone Stars did it so, Benin can do it as well because the coaches of the Super Eagles are not good enough to win matches. Bitter truth. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • @omo9ja…. Omojigijigi….. Omojagajaga…. Omosomething….

      I dey troway salute 4 u oooo…

      Infact, i dey kot cap for u….

      As a matter of fact we all love ur gabage & your comical thrash….

      Keep spewing it, tankiu….


  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    Remember too, Congo, Angola and Rwanda did it to us before and at that time it cost us dearly. That’s the “sour” truth. Using inconsequential games as justification for your hatred against this team is foolish. You should be ashamed of your sorry pitiful self.

  • KangA 2 years ago

    Omo’s comments have generated undue attention because SE fans failed to read between the lines. At 35 hoping to join a big team in Europe? Is there a geriatric league in Europe? And I suppose such mouthfuls of boasting is meant to attract the managers of these elite teams? 

    But for the purpose of trashing the SE, Omo should refine their game plans. NFF/Se/Oga Rohr have myriads of problems, but I humbly think the least of their worries is being beaten by this deluded Beninois enthusiast. 

  • Pls who still remember this our enemy that connive with our “enemy within” to make the heart of the people fail???

    Tell him SE destroyed that 8year old record of not losing a single match at home by the squireels…

    Still waiting for his supporters to come out and back this guy’s post…

    We now know the real SE fan…..