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2021 AFCON: Eagles Will Be Battle Ready Before Facing Egypt -Rohr

2021 AFCON: Eagles Will Be Battle Ready Before Facing Egypt -Rohr

Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr says the team’s early camping in Nigeria will afford them the time to prepare well for the group opening game against Egypt in the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.

Recall that the three-time AFCON champions are pitted alongside Egypt, Guinea Bissau and Sudan.

The German tactician, whose fate as coach of Nigeria is uncertain, said that camp will open on December 28 in a bid to prepare adequately well against the Pharaohs of Egypt.

“My plan is for the team to camp in Nigeria in December and then play a friendly in the country before departing for Cameroon early where we have very good conditions to prepare in Garoua where our team is playing.

“We will be very, very well prepared. We need to be ready for the first match against Egypt in Garoua.”

“But let us see if I can still decide if we are preparing. We will see.”

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  • Ubah 7 days ago

    Old news

    • Samuel 7 days ago

      When are they camping for the tourney?

      • Biodun Awori 7 days ago

        hmmmmm! I think in 2 weeks time. Those guys need to bond well and you know it takes time and besides, we have at least accepted to wait till after AFCON b4 prioritizing coach Rohr’s office.

        • Dele Sapa 6 days ago

          @Abbey, see how dem turn ya to national mugu? You go dey learn from today. IT IS 28TH, 28TH OF DECEMBA.

          • Biodun Awori 6 days ago

            I’m not a blind house mahi.

        • Mahmud Shuaib 6 days ago

          Do you need forever to bond? For God’s sake, these crop of player have been playing together since 2018 WC!

          Loius Henrique took over Spain and started with almost an entirely new team. He’s doing well

          Hansi Flick is playing well with new set of players

          Roberto Mancini took over an Italian team that failed to wualify for 2018 WC and won EURO 2020 without losing a match for over 2 years

          ROHR DOESN’T have it
          Give him 10 years camping he will waste the opportunity

        • tayo 6 days ago

          And the Spanish team are doing well in your eye. The same Italy that failed to qualify automatically from their group after winning Euro less than a year ago. Truly hatred has becloud some people sense of reasoning…

          • Mahmud Shuaib 6 days ago

            You are the one who COMMONSENSE has left you.

            I confronted you with factual evidences and you are here blabbing.

            I just pointed out difference between quality coaches and junks like GR and you are here talking hatred. How do you hate someone you are not in direct competition pr business with?

            Argue with me based on the issues I raise and remove personal sentiment.

            In 6’years with 75% of same regular starters yet people are talking about bonding, inexperience bla bla bla

            I just gave you example pf coaches who took over and are building crack teams with NEW players, you are here talking ITALY that didn’t qualify outrightly.

            Has Nigeria qualified outrightly?

            Aint we playing two legged decider again?

            And you asked whether a Spamish team that made the quarters of Euros and top their group with new set of players is doing well. You must be in a state of perpetual hallucination man

      • Dele Sapa 6 days ago


  • Michel 7 days ago

    Joseph the dreamer,u want to take us to nation’s cup and continue benching ur best players, starting quack players who can’t use the ball, making our team an eyesore to watch, starting pregnant ighalo who cannot run.cant press,and I’m very sure that ur excuses are ready now that osimehn is injured.your young team,bad pitch,ur players didn’t warm up well,they travelled from long distance,all kinds of shameful excuses .in any case u will be fired after the nation’s cup cuz u can’t win it

    • Benji 7 days ago

      A coach that won bronze in his first attempt? You must be silly. To be candid, we need to be patient with coach Rohr though we really don’t even have any option. Rohr has proficient lads that are capable of winning the cup. They will need good playing turf, encouragement and their remuneration paid to them. It is well.

      • Luke 6 days ago

        @Benji, with the upROHRer and hullabaloo that emanated therein, I see Ighalo, Anwamzien and co bringing the cup to Nigeria. Let just wait and be magnanimous in victory. I don’t know why I so much believe in Rohr.

      • Chinenye 6 days ago

        @Benji some of of you people celebrate mediocrity and likes settling for less. A country like Nigeria has uncountable bronze of afcon, lots of silver and 3 time gold medals.Hence winning a bronze shouldn’t be something big deal to us again

        Countries like Congo, Guinea, Togo etc should be the ones jubiliating for winning bronz

        Advice your faultless Rohr to stop waisting our talents on the bench

        • Benji 6 days ago

          Ok don’t warri, I will tell coachie Rohr not to waste them in Cameroon next yr. Is it ok nah?

      • Mahmud Shuaib 6 days ago

        You must be a baby then.
        Winning Bronze at AFCONS is the least expected of any Nigerian SE right from time immemorial

        A poor Chukwu did it
        Equavoen did it
        Amodu Shuaibu did it

        All in their first attempts!

        We judge legendary SE coaches by them finishing higher than BRONZE medal places

        I mean the likes of Onugbinde (Silver at first attempt)
        WESTERHOFF (silver at first attempt)
        PAUL HAMILTON (silver at first attempt)
        KESHI (Gold at first attempt)

        A coachless SE will always win BRONZE at AFCON

        • Dennis 6 days ago

          Prior to him winning bronze, how did we fare? No appearance. The last nations cup had more teams than the ones you mentioned which means it got a lot harder to get to the semis.

          • Mahmud Shuaib 6 days ago

            Oga stop talking qualifiers. We are talking the business end. Algeria didnt qualify for 2017 but won 2019 in BELMADI’s first attempt

            Nigeria didnt attend 2 AFCONS 1996’and 1998’but BONFRERE won SILVER in his first attempt in 2000

            2. You talked about it being harder making semi in an expanded tourney. That too is blatant false. Its easier with more team now cos you get to be grouped with mediocres meaning navigating your group into the 2nd round is much more easier now than when it was an 8 team or 12 team tournament.

            Mind you, qualifying for the final tourney was much tougher then because it meant many nations playing to qualify with few slots

            Look for other excuses.

            Rohr failed in his first WC audition something even a BORA who didnt know the names of HIS players managed to excel in

            A much maligned KESHI who earned less than ROHR won GOLD in his first AFCON (SE failed to qualify for 2012 tournament too. See? ) and made second round in his first WC

        • Adeniyi 5 days ago

          Wow. I love your statistical discussion. You surely know what you are saying and with facts. Leave these guys alone.

          I cant wrap my head around Rohr still being the coach of the national team…since there is nothing i can do about it…na to sit down dey watch o.

          We are here celebrating bronze in AFCON? OH MY God!

          A coach will leave Dennis, Desser, Awoniyi, Adeleye, Sadiq and go for Ighalo Onuachu, Noble and Okoye…a coach that has spent over 5 years with the team, yet always looking forward to the team’s bonding….always a young team who is still growing….the last 5 games played by the SE have been eyesore…even when we win, its not convincing….mehn….i cannot can jare

          • Mahmud Shuaib 5 days ago

            Thanks bro.
            Well analysed too.

            The ROHR blind followers are just too proud to own up that they goofed supporting the wrong man.

            Objective and honest ones like @POMPEI, AYPHILLY, SPORTSFAN, ABDUL HANDSY have since seen reasons to question ROHR’s coaching credentials and especially game management decisions

        • Yes, a coachless SE will won bronze in AFCON. SE needs quality coach

  • Keep quiet old man pack your bags and go.. You are useless coach.. Look at what Victor Moses is doing in Europ League and it is Odion you went for, you are a useless coach. Look at how well Dennis is doing and it is Musa and Simon you stick with you are a useless coach.. Look at how well Awoniyi and Sadiq (35 mil rated) are doing and it is old legs you go for + no tactics and we scrapped through. YOU are a useless coach and human being and you should leave immediately

  • Sunnyb 6 days ago

    Lori iro the man needs to go and study ajax or Chelsea matches especially Chelsea vs juventus or ajax vs Dortmund. 3-4-3 was effectively used by Chelsea against juventus. I think 3 4 3 would be our best option at Afcon. With three central defenders minus ekong. Aina indidi Aribo Sanusi. Then Denis Awoniyi and Sammy upfront. Just my opinion

  • Truth be told… Some players are sabotaging the team… Ever wonder why some of our best players are left on the bench by Rohr? It’s a punitive measure for breaking camp rules… The team have been divided by some Football bigwigs in the country who have assigned those players as agents of doom in order to bring Rohr down…

    From my inside sources in the team…

    • @Cuteprince it can only be Musa, Shehu, Ighalo and Simon and maybe Onyibo wall. no problem they are all liabilities and can be easily replaced by the new coach. No time to wast Rohr must leave

      • Oakfield 6 days ago

        [email protected] ugwunze, u are a very big dreamer. For your information, rohr is going nowhere, u hear. U and your miserable group of regressives can continue giving urself false hopes, it is allowed. At least, e go make una feel better for the time being just like a junkie taking mpkurumiri.. Lol….The truth is, all you people (including ur block head minister and the ex cricket international, Mr “Ode”) clamoring for the sack of a coach that won bronze in his first attempt in a major competition with a team that was just refurbished after being in total shambles for years are very crazy. Only a fool will clamour for such. The nff knew at the time that it would only take a “miracle” for us to even reach the knock out stages talk more of winning a medal, hence, giving him the target of “qualifying” for afcon which he later made look ordinary, surpassed and brought back a medal. What matters most are results and not how we got them. History records results and not how we got them. If Brazil loses to Liberia for instance, it would be on record that Liberia beat Brazil even if the Brazilians played like aliens to prove their superiority. I’d rather sink with a coach that churns out results than with a coach that plays down the stars and fails to deliver the goods. Common sense is not really common as I have come to realize here. So, continue living in fantasy island and a fools paradise. Ndi Mpkurumiri lmao

        • See your Mediocre Mind listen hear young boy.. We are used to Bronze medal we need gold and your basket Mugu coach can not deliver gold. Mandate at World cup was round of 16 he FAILED!!!!!!… AFCON was to win the Medal he failed!!!!.. WE DO NOT WANT ROHR YEYE USELESS KID!!!!. ask us big boys we are used to this team and Bronze medal we need GOLD with our current crop that your YEYE STUPID coach cannot deliver because he is stuck in the past. you call us regressive is that not absurd in your low mentality brain. What is the definition of Regress is it not to decline or in some other context a definition of Backwardness? so who is the regressive minds here. the ones supporting the future or the ones like you supporting so called yeye experience that couldn’t even cut it in Man U or Kano Pillars for that matter in Musa’s case. You useless piece of non entity shit. Today I have you in my sights @ Okafield I go finish you for here. Anumanu!!!!!!!!!!..

          And for godsake ASSHOLE I ASKED YOU WHAT SPECIALTY DID IGHALO BRING IN SE MUTHER FUCKER.. CAN you not see what headline makers we have now you piece of Dog Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are any of them in SE ASSHOLE? and should they BE????

          • Oakfield 6 days ago

            Hahahaha…… Small jab u have suddenly resorted to biting the dust and scratching the walls like a horny miserable bitch….. Hahaha… Ony Mpkurumiri…. Lol…gold medalists my ass. Did u remember u were gold meda contenders when we couldnt qualify for 2 straight afcons or when that mugu left his ship in the middle of the sea and jumped into the sea or when every coach avoided to coach our team or when big teams avoided to play us as if we were infested with a deadly disease???? Big boy.. Tell us if na ur papa set winning gold at afcon as a target for him. Check and you’ll see that qualifing for afcon and world cup were the 2 targets given to rohr by the nff at the time.Block head, u no go know this nah. If say na where u go get the next fix u go know sharp sharp. . Ewu gambia.

  • Garry Effiong 6 days ago

    Thanks CSN for the updates. Not just Ighalo, we could also be hearing from other invited players on their preparedness.

  • Sean T 6 days ago

    I can only support the idea of retraining clueless Rhor if only he axe following players out of the team : Ighalo, Musa, Simon, Shehu Abdulahi, Ekong, Balogun and Samuel Kalu. If this player are excused from the team, we will see good football and luckily we might reach the Final bcos Rhor incompetence will still count. Why i included Kalu is because of his end product. His assist and goal record is not impressive at all.

  • Oakfield 6 days ago

    Wish u all the best man, it can only get better. Just try and see that ur backroom dept is reshuffled and beefed up with renowned professionals that can make positive contributions to the progress of the team, not those good for nothing hungry dudes (including the fashionista cum ball boy assistant coach with no qualifications).

  • lanre 6 days ago

    @oakfield God bless…….I wonder how some people’s sense of reasoning has so much been beclouded by hatred nd envy…. imagine a coach who has been meeting his employer’s target yet some shameless fools are clamouring for his sack even if it’s going to cost the entire country a successful outing at a tournament as close as early January…… they go about celebrating as if their miserable lives depend on the retrogression of Nigeria….. that old fool who has sold the house giving to him as a member of 1980 green eagles squad…. wretched idiot that recommended Joseph yobo as coach to the nff hierarchy has been going here nd there celebrating “GERNOT ROHR GOING GOING GONE”……… they want a new coach now,who is going to be their magician by winning the AFCON nd taking this AVERAGE TEAM to the SEMI FINAL of next year’s world cup….. bunch of foolish day dreamers……. people whose mentality is to either enrich their pockets at the public’s detriment or make sure nothing works. But for your information GERNOT ROHR is going to be here till AFTER THE NEXT WORLD CUP…….he would see out his contract…. so please manage your blood pressure well.

    • JimmyBall 6 days ago

      @Dr.Drey… I sight you. Lol… Just want to say goodmorning and welldone! Smile… how can anyone believe otherwise? Those wey know really know… One love!

      • Na everybody be dr drey Jimmy I respect you stop this dr drey of a thin. Thank you

      • HAHAHAHa Lol @JimmyBall if you know u know, Confam @Dr Drey no fit fool us LOOOL!!!!!

        • Akanlo Ede 6 days ago

          This Dr Drey is known no matter how many times he changes his name.
          The guy no sabi.

      • Dr Banks 6 days ago

        Why are you are so obsessed with Dr. Drey? Wetin this guy do you sef?

        Just because we found you out to be a fraud then it means anyone who disagree with you is Dr. Drew, nawa for you o

        • JimmyBall 6 days ago

          …obsessed? Such funny insinuation… with someone who started watching football in this era of Messi and Ronaldo? Naaaaah!

          I t just amuses me eachtime he morphs and slides in to comment with one of his many numerous other alias…

          Even you having to reply to me now confirms the fact you are one andthe same individual and I know you are baffled how I always know? Hahaha… quantum computing dont lie brother… every infos one seek on the internet is one nice handy soft tool away… Ciaoooo! Lol…

          • Dr Banks 6 days ago

            You are delusional bro, if you notice the trend of my write up you will decipher that I am a Medical Doctor while Dr Drey is a PhD holder in Engineering or something like that. How are we the same person?

        • Dr. Drey 6 days ago

          Hahahahaha…..Dr Banks, are you minding that empty barrel…? LMAOooo. Have you forgotten you are also Pompei, Greenturf, Kel, Oakfield and AYphilly too……LMAOOooo. He does not know you and I have had debates on this forum way back.

          His jealousy fueled obsession with Dr.Drey has already started altering his mental state…..LMAooooo. Every dissenting voice to his cacophony of lies is DR. DREY……LMAOooo…..Grade 3 madness.

          Or how can one explain a situation where a person just wakes up, and COOKS UP FAT LIES that he used Quantum Data Search to carry our word processed “SIMILARITY CHEKCS”…..LMAOOooo…..and 5 or more distinct, different people suddenly became one and the same person……LMAOOooo. A medical doctor became one and same person as an engineer, an Ibo man became one and same person as Yoruba man, a person currently located in the northern hemisphere became the same person currently located in the southern hemisphere, people like Kel, Greenturf, AYPhilly, Pompei, Oakfield and Dr.Drey who have been interacting since the days of KON suddenly became the ONE AND ONLY DR DREY….LMAOooo.

          The good-for-nothing lying fraud claimed to have used Quantum Data search, an evolutionary algorithm used for design optimization, using discrete or continuous numerical dataset to do similarity search of word processed dataset……LMAOooooo…more like claiming to have used Microsoft Excel to draw the architectural or process plan of an oil refinery…..LMAOooooo.

          If he had even claimed he used tools like Turnitin or Plagsacn or even Grammarly, his LIES would even have been a bit, just a little bit bankable….LMAOOooo…Bloody Pathetic simpleton.

          How someone who claims to have 2 bachelors and 1 masters degree in elect engrg doesnt know all the tools he claimed to have used in his cooked up similarity testing are mere algorithms which only work based on discretized numerical datasets beats stupidity itself…..LMAOooooo. That’s where he shot himself in the foot…..LMAOOooo

          He LIED to have done IP filtering, yet his IP filtering didnt reveal the difference in location of all the individuals he claimed are Dr.Drey…..LMAOooooo…that’s where he nailed his own coffin…..LMAOoooo. That was where he fell into the pit he used his own hands to dig….LMAOOoo

          The hopelessly senseless hunter became the haunted……Ngwa paste the IP addresses associated with each of those individuals and tell us the name of the so-called online AI software you used….inaaaa…..LMAOOoo……grown-for-nothing imbecile farted here and disappeared to Jupiter only to return smelling like a skunk to pollute this place again……LMAOooooo.

          Paste the comments where you claimed Greenturf, Oakfield, AYphilly, yourself, myself etc used similar words…..unless maybe Christ comes tomorrow to plead with him to do so, that’s when he will do that…..LMAOOooo

          Shameless liar even swore he ran his phantom tests…..LMAOooo….Ngwa swear with the life of your mother you did so truely, he resorted to the language of the gutters where he was picked by a good Samaritan kinsman and trafficked to Europe so at least his family can have a beacon of hope. No wonder everything to him always sounds like an achievement requiring a life time achievers award…..including securing a visa to another country…….LMAOOoooooo.

          When hate-filled people cannot reach you, all they are left with is to try pull you down……when no one talks about you, it only means you are nobody. He can talk about me all he cares……everyone here already knows what a chronic shameless liar and fraud he is…….LMAOOoo…..no thanks to 007 Dr.Drey……LMAOooo.

          Majority of the people here know Dr.Drey’s comments from a thousand miles….away…..they feel my comments right in their souls because it pierces through differently when read, it makes every reader quake and leap from the inside even before then reach the last word. It burns those it is meant to burn and sets alight with gladness those who are of the light.

          From impersonation to libel to character assassination to perjury, there is nothing that jealous devil’s acolyte has not and will not try in order to even at least bring the soles of my feet to the same level as the crown of his head…….but NEVER, LIGHT can never be on the same level with DARKNESS, talk more of being overcome or superior to it…….NEVER.

          Cheers my brother…Dr Banks and cheers to every one.

          I come nigh, tarry awhile…..I dey road

    • Mahmud Shuaib 6 days ago

      You are actually the biggest fool who thinks with his anus rather than his head here

      For the records, CROATIA sacked ANTE RACIK at the eve of 2018 WC and appointment ZLATKO DALIC who went ahead and win the Silver for them.

      You and OAKFOOL are clearly as dumb as ROHR. Imagine that one counting BRONZE medal in ROHR’s forst attempt as an achievement when I have on different occasion on this forum pointed out coaches who won BRONZE for NAIJA in their first attempts.

      Its only corruption that can bring a man like ROHR to NIGERIA I swear

      Its a monumental fraud that a coach released by lowly NIGER (a country with less population and inferior economy compared to KADUNA state)


      No foreign coach has ever stayed this long in NIGERIA that didnt surpass ROHR’s 5 years + record.

      Late OTTO GLORIA stayed less and won AFCON 1980

      MANFRED HOENER stayed less and won SILVER @ MAROC 88

      WESTERHOFF stayed shorter and won GOLD @ TUNISIA 94 after winning BRONZE @ SENEGAL 92(second tourney), SILVER @ ALGIERS 90 (first attempt)

      BONFRERE JO stayed shorter and won SILVER @NIGHA 2000

      Even BORA MIKITUNOVIC played in the second round of FRANCE 1998 having replaced PHILLIPE TROUSSIER on the eve of the tournament

      Lars Laggingbehind….lol and Berti Vogts failures are both excusable in comparison to GERNOT ROHR as non of them stayed up to 3 months before taking NIGERIA to SA 2010 and GHANA 2008 respectively!

      • Chinenye 6 days ago

        @Mahmoud dem don run away from you. These morons supports Rohr simply because he invites their favourite players to the national team. That’s all every other agement they raise is simply a camouflage

      • Benakay 1 day ago

        You neglected to mention that Ante Cacic was particularly despised by the Croatian players, including most of the senior members of the squad. That was critical in getting rid of him before their last game against against Ukraine. Prior to that, Croatia had posted poor results in their WCQ campaign, including defeats to Iceland and Turkey and a draw with Finland and were on the brink of not making the runner’s up spot. Rohr’s case is entirely different.

        One could also argue that even though Westerhoff won silver on his first attempt in 1990, he regressed and won bronze in 1992. He had the benefit of 3 Nations Cups, before winning gold. Rohr, no thanks to the pandemic, has had only one. No other coach had to deal with such a disruption to a football development program, as well as the momentum the team was building.

        Lagerback, Berti Vogts and Bora Milutinovic ALL had the luxury of picking up ready-made teams – so they never really had to build from scratch and it was very easy for them to take the baton and run. The same cannot be said of Rohr.

        I am stating these facts to let you understand that things are not that cut and dry. For instance, one of the major reasons why Rohr is still in charge is because the players have made it clear, to the powers that be, of their loyalty to Rohr and their insistence on him leading them to the Nations Cup. This is not being mentioned by the media, because they are in cahoots with the sports minister who has never liked him and wants him gone. That is the key stumbling block here.

        Lets keep our fingers crossed and see what happens.

  • lanre 6 days ago

    @jimmyball….. you are such an imbecile…..I have warned you several times not to ever insunate that I am someone else…..I am lanre nd just as DR DREY is free to his opinion, I am also free to mine….. you keep showing to everyone here how stupid, clueless nd shameless you are….. you claim to know all yet without meeting you one could imagine how stupid nd foolish you are….. sometimes ago you claim to have developed an app that decipher enocent members, you claim to have played football to the highest level…. you are such a shameless individual,a fraudster requesting for another person’s personal informations…..I have been a contributor on this forum for years….. just as DR DREY….. so why am I now SUDDENLY another DR DREY in hiding…… You a fool of the highest order.

    • JimmyBall 6 days ago

      @lanre… We are on positive vibes now… believe me I am just having fun on CSN. If insulting me will help @Gernot Rohr hypnotic magic again to work on forward thinking Nigerians and keep him in charge while delivering his usual High Blood Pressure coaching on the job again then I for vex reply you with even more venom but no… I won’t because no amount of propaganda from any group of CSN contributors or their editorial team in favour of the clueless Desert Turtle Ninja from France will make him continue… Nigerians eye don open! Rohr’s PR people should find new employment… “Ball Know im people” Lol…

  • pompei 6 days ago

    Fun fact – The name Gernot Rohr sounds like “Groundnut Roar”.
    With the escalating UPROHR after the CV game, the question in most people’s minds is – Will there be a coaching change as we head into the Afcon, or not?
    As it stands, confusion reigns supreme. Even the players are not sure about the status of Groundnut Roar. And as Fela sang – CONFUSION BREAK BONE OOO.
    NFF should clear the air, so we know where we stand.
    Instead of SUPER STORY and TALES BY MOONLIGHT, the NFF should inform the fans about their real intentions. Let us know what the deal is. Afcon is almost here!

  • chrisomega 6 days ago

    To sack a coach, it’s either the players or the club/country president. The football management (e.g NFF) does not have the direct power talkless of the football fans.

    When the players are in support of keeping their coach? You dare not toy with that bond… even if you are a diehard fan.

    When the president (house of rep + senate) are in support of keeping the man (especially when the team captain + players are in sync with the coach), dem no born you well to sign that letter to sack the coach.

    As it seems now:

    The players + the captain (yes, the same Musa) want to sail with this coach. And until it remains like this… me and you will name all the East European we know to take over, by then AFCON would have come and gone.

    My advice?

    If you do not trust this team, openly say so and choose/support any of the other countries that qualified for AFCON. It is what it is.

    NB: I’m not @Dr.Drey… but i’ll be flattered to be tagged as @Dr.Drey

    • tayo 6 days ago

      Bro i like your comment oooo

    • Dr Banks 6 days ago

      aThank you my brother for this comment

    • Chinenye 6 days ago

      What a deluded comments thwas are. NFF can sack any coach without Musa’s concent. Who’s Musa.

      They’ve sacked Rohr simply because he’s their puppet or the hefty payout not because of player power

      Lol Musa no reach

  • chrisomega 6 days ago

    Instead of SUPER STORY and TALES BY MOONLIGHT, the NFF should inform the fans about their real intentions. Let us know what the deal is. Afcon is almost here!

  • Footballfanatic 6 days ago

    Honestly Rohr should take us to the Nation’s cup…. The competition is in less than 7 weeks it will throw of the team completely. I’m a Rohr critic but this should be a significant opportunity to change playing tactics and prove to his critics but anything short of a respectable outing might dicey for his job and right after Afcon the WC playoffs so let’s see. I’ve come to the realization that there is a alot of corrupt, malicious, and Maladministration going on with the NFF. One can only watch.

  • Larry 6 days ago

    It is grossly delusional to expect a dumb and ineffective coach to do anything different from what he has achieved in decades of coaching.. (trophyless, wrong tactics, selecting retirees ahead of active ones, recycling underperforming players, my young team, ighalo will help us, top 5 leagues,..)
    The support for Dumbo Roar can only be echoed by recycled and ineffective players who are afraid of losing the preferential treatments they are currently enjoying..

    • Footballfanatic 6 days ago

      I’m in support of his change for a better coach but don’t you think it’s a little bit late to get a coach, familiarize with the team, and tactics as we have only 7 weeks or less before the Nations cup?

      • Footballfanatic 6 days ago

        If care is not taken we will end up with Salisu for the Nation’s cup if Rohr is relieved….Salisbury will come in as caretaker coach.

  • Hassan Tia 5 days ago

    Rhor hasn’t any thing to offer or produce for Super Eagles; he hasn’t a pattern of playing,he hasn’t a soul to grant it for SE, he hasn’t a tactic and technique to offer; Rhor is clueless and useless coach who choose a lazy players who havn’t a combative and fighting soul for thier logo and motto, they come to the matches as they are holding a heavy load or lading on thier backs.so Rhor must make an overhaul for his team with recalling new faces in the back and defensive midfield and attackting midfield and motiattacking.Rhor must motivate the players to perform a ferociousness and combativeness football.

    • Coache 23 hours ago

      Super Eagles of yore used to start camping in mid December for AFCON, celebrate Christmas in camp and win golden bronze. You are starting camp late You cannot win AFCON without some home based players.

      • @Coache: “You are starting camp late You cannot win AFCON without some home based players”. When last did the home based players play a competitive match? They have been inactive since July or August. You want to go to AFCON with match rusty and unfit players??

        “Super Eagles of yore used to start camping in mid December for AFCON”. What do you think will be the response if you call up EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Europa league players two weeks before the FIFA international football window? That just starts an unnecessary war with top 5 clubs. A war that you cannot win.

        Better to ask the NFF to start and end our local league on time. Start in August, end in May like they have said time and again that they want to. That way our local players will be ready for continental competitions.

        Today we cannot win even WAFU cup with the way our league is run (it has not started on time, nor run a full uninterrupted season for 5 years, since 2017/18 season), talk less CAF Confederations Cup, Champions League or CHAN. Asking them to camp for AFCON is a waste of time. They have not played a single competitive match for 5 months and you want them to come and face Mane, Koulibali, Salah, Keita and Ayew?? Really??

        That is just laughable

        • Coache 22 hours ago

          Enyimba and Rivers United are on continental assignments, there are good players there. Sunday Mba scored the winning goal in 2013 as homebase. Omeruo marked out a whole Didier Drogba with Oboabona while playing for Sunshine and YOBO BENCHED, THAT WAS ONE OF THE most INCREDIBLE SELECTION WITH HOMEBASED BEHCHING YOBO AND WE WON CIV with Yaya on the pitch and the golden generation of Ivorian players

          • @Coache, you’ll be happy to note that John Noble is constantly being called up despite sitting on the bench in these CAF games. His club coach Finidi George preferring to use Olorunleke Ojo instead.
            So much for merit based call ups

  • Teejet 50 mins ago

    Interesting and thought provoking discussions [email protected] Drey, Dr Banks, Mahmud Shuaib et al.