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2022 U-17 WAFU B: Ghana Thrash Togo 3-0, Joins Golden Eaglets In Semi-finals

2022 U-17 WAFU B: Ghana Thrash Togo 3-0, Joins Golden Eaglets In Semi-finals

Hosts Black Starlets of Ghana have qualified for the semi-finals of the 2022 U-17 WAFU B tournament, after thrashing Togo 3-0 in their last Group A game at the Cape Coast stadium on Friday.

The win means Ghana qualified for the semi-finals alongside the Golden Eaglets of Nigeria from Group A.


Both Ghana and Togo went into Friday’s game on the back of defeats to the Golden Eaglets.

While Ghana suffered a 4-2 defeat to the Eaglets in the opening game of the tournament, Togo lost 3-1.

But it was the Ghanaians who eventually picked the second semi-final ticket, following the comfortable win thanks to goals from Pius Adua, Abdul Razak Salifu and Collins Agyemang.

Group B final games come on Saturday with Benin Republic facing Niger Republic and Ivory Coast play Burkina Faso.

The Golden Eaglets will take on the team that finish second in Group B and Ghana will battle the group’s winner.

The WAFU B Championship serves as a qualifier for the African Cup of Nations in Algeria in 2023.

By James Agberebi

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