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2022 U-17 WWC: Ajakaye Named POTM In Flamingos’ Win Vs Chile

2022 U-17 WWC: Ajakaye Named POTM In Flamingos’ Win Vs Chile

Nigeria’s Opeyemi Ajakaye was named Player of the Match in Flamingos’ 2-1 win against Chile in Bhubaneswar on Monday afternoon.

Opeyemi set up Blessing Emmanuel for Nigeria’s opening goal in the fourth minute.

The 16-year-old came close to registering a goal in the 75th minute but her effort hit the crossbar.

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It was Ajakaye’s second in consecutive matches in the tournament.

She is however yet to register a goal at the ongoing FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup in India.

The Nigerian girls finished second in Group B with six points behind Germany, who sit at the summit with nine points.

The Flamingos will face either Brazil or United States of America in the quarter-final in Mumbai on Friday.

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  • William the conqueror 2 years ago

    Congratulations girl, more ball to your soccer boots.

  • Sunny 2 years ago

    Brilliant job, Ajakaye. Keep flourishing.

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    Congratulations to you Ajakaye. We are proud of you. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Greenturf 2 years ago

    Yet to register a goal so far but has won back to back player of the match,speaks volume of her quality.
    We have here a superstar in the making!

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    My MVP in this tournament!

    This girl should be nurtured carefully, she will most likely become the next oshuola.

  • Fetch 2 years ago

    Not 17 yet and you looking this old. Africa and their under 17 players… Hahahahahaha!!!! These white girls should not worry

    • Monte 2 years ago

      Africa will never change. I guess the truth hurts, right?

    • Fetch 2 years ago

      The white man is less religious but very truthful. The black man is clouded in religion but very corrupt. You call someone ape? Look in the mirror

    • Ezomo 2 years ago

      So many factors can get someone older than his or her age, simply do ur research or Google search it

    • Honestly 2 years ago

      She is definitely not u17. In fact, she is not even u20. Let’s be honest for once. We are Africans and we know ourselves. I’m a Nigerian btw

      • Ezomo 2 years ago

        OK tell me how did u get to know she is more than 20 years , pls explain to me the criteria u use to justify that, and pls don’t come here ND tell me her facial look ND physique, of course u know the situation in Nigeria can make u look otherwise

  • Monte 2 years ago

    Africa remains the most corrupt continent. From politics to football and in everything. Our leaders are corrupt because they know we glorify corruption. Even in tournaments meant for kids, Black Africa will take their thing there. Why can’t we do the right things, why is corruption part of us. I watched this woman throughout the game and I wonder how she qualifies as a TEENAGER, not only her. The captain, the girl with the cornrow and a lot of them. We complain about corrupt politicians, we all love corruption!

    • Greenturf 2 years ago

      Wow!!So bitter can’t deal with Nigeria winning,so sorry to break your hearts!
      I’m enjoying comments like this from enemies who wants you to fail instead you are flourishing which really hurts I can understand but what can I do?I have to keep winning that’s the surest way to go and the best hospitality you can give those who wants you to fail just keep winning and enjoy watching them hurt.
      The Nigerian team is genuinely young.I won’t even argue that no need,it’s glaring,Ghanaians will never stop on hating Nigerians.Unfortunately,they take this hate to the football pitch and for Nigerians it’s just another game.

  • Ezomo 2 years ago

    Hmmm mere looking at someone u can easily tell his or her age perfectly abi?
    No problem pls post your picture here and let’s also perfectly predict ur age , I am sure u will not complain if some of us put ur age for 80 years by mere looking at your picture

    • Monte 2 years ago

      It is only in Africa that a person will play under 17 whilst his or her high school mates are in their final year at the university. Let’s keep deceiving ourselves, since such things give us joy. This woman is the oldest looking 16 year old in Nigeria

  • Ezomo 2 years ago

    Talk with fact buttress efat u have said wi5h a pragmatic evidence, u Sabi book na, I was expecting u to hv posted ur pictures here so that we can equally use the yardsticks u used onvtge girl on u also

  • Ezomo 2 years ago

    I mean buttress what u have said with pragmatic evidence sorry for the typo error

  • Collins Id 2 years ago

    My brother how do you expect a 17 years old girl to look like, how was ronaldo and rooney when they where 17, we saw them in Manchester jersey, if they were africans i guess u will say rooney was 30 wen he was just 17 at everton,
    Please let us not look for any given opportunity to insult our race as a people, just becos we want to sound like a an activist, or a diplomatic hypocrate.
    There is a Medical tecknology that verifies their age via bone test and it doesnt fail in fetching out over age players, it errors can not eceed 2 years difference,
    Lets say 19 years, good under 17 team can beat a bad under 23 team,( wen i was in secondary school, my class use to flog our older class, like two class older, in italy when i was with a serie c, team we had a preseason friendly with intermilan premavera team (feeders) of wish baloteli was part of that team . they flog us wotowoto 7 1,)fifa tought our victory was achieved by age cheating, they brought all technologies, we are still champions both female and male level, our baller wharehouse is overflowing, from generation to generation we will always be there dyning and wining with the biggies of football. Wat do you expect from the most populouse black nation, wat do black represent in world sports?(beast). the People of westafrica are known as the black gold of africa, Nigeria population is bigger than all our westafrica contenders that are still tormenting the world from their little corners, mali ghana cotedvoir senegal togo burkina faso, benin serrieleon gambia niger capeverd and liberia, if you know these westafrica nations in football, wat do u expect of their senior sister like naija whose population is morethan all of them. I think we havnt utilise all our football potential up to 60 percent if we can reach 60 percent of our capacity i think we will dominate the world football. Stop downplaying our victories for age cheat an corruption. thats a shame, instead of you to congratulate her u are looking at her breast to know if she is a truly under age so that you can trace her and suck. Abeg the girl is a VG lols. We are not just coming my guy we are a very famalia foe in this game, our women are 9 time afro champion, our men are 3 times afro champion
    9 time finalist. under 20 two times finalist both mail and female world level, olimpic Gold, Silver And bronze in men football, 5 times under17 world champion male version, even the new africa for africa turnament, we already have bronze and silver Gold on the way, in all these contributions Nigeria can only be critisized when there is failure to convince, not wen they beat people like chile or newzealand u come and talk about age, wen they lost to germany age wasnt ur problem, if the usa bit them in quaters u will not talk age but if they surely win u will begin to clamour for gender text by that time. Let us big up we a bigboys.

    • Fetch 2 years ago

      Why does Africa success in world football is in under age level only. Don’t look at her chest, basically there’s nothing on it (BREAST) look at her facial bone structure, look at her hands, look at her forehead . If you go to bed at night with itchy anus, you wake up in the morning with smelly hands. Let’s enjoy deceiving the world and ourselves. Africa we dey, no be so?

      • Ezomo 2 years ago

        Lol very laughable so na for television wey dey see am na im make u see all those things u hv mentioned right?
        Common I was even thinking u saw her face to face , so u can pass a judgement on the girl by mere looking at your TV, u Sabi book now OK fine post ur picture here let me use it to predict ur age pls do that

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