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2022 WCQ: Angry Abuja Fans Invade Pitch, Vandalize Stadium Facilities

2022 WCQ: Angry Abuja Fans Invade Pitch, Vandalize Stadium Facilities

Angry Abuja fans invaded the MKO Abiola stadium pitch and destroyed some facilities, following the Super Eagles elimination from the 2022 World Cup qualifying playoffs.

Going into Tuesday’s crucial tie the Eagles needed an outright win to qualify for a seventh World Cup appearance.


But after 90 minutes the game ended 1-1 which saw the Black Stars advance on the away goal after the first leg ended goalless in Kumasi on Friday.

Arsenal’s midfielder Thomas Partey put Ghana ahead on 11 minutes with a low shot which slipped through Francis Uzoho’s hands.

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But the Eagles equalized in the 22nd minute after William Troost-Ekong converted from the penalty spot.

Every effort to find the winning goal proved abortive as the Black Stars held on to qualify for a fourth World Cup outing.

After the final whistle, angry fans started throwing items from the stands, destroying the substitute bench and other facilities they could lay their hands on.

After close to 30 minutes, they were eventually dispersed with tear gas by security personnels.

By James Agberebi in Abuja

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  • They will still use our money to fix it, this is definitely not necessary and a complete misplace priority, you guys should release your anger and destroy the gathering of our stupid leaders, we all feel the pain of not been in the World Cup, but destroying and violent is not the way forward.

  • Till2026 3 months ago

    If Musa play . Wat wil happen… Anyway CAR Madagascar s/Leone cape Verde don spoil our leg .

  • Obinna 3 months ago

    If you can see pinnick and do to him whatever you like that will be good because it is him who destroyed our football

  • Edoman 3 months ago

    I say to all Nigerian people, if you lay your hands on Pinnick, Eguaevon and his fucking coach, kill him or any of them. They deserve to die for their sins against the Nigerian people. The so-called Minister too, who was responsible for sacking Rohr who would have taken us to World-cup with ease. If only they would allow Amoo to play.
    It will not end well Eguaevon and Pinnick who carry mango head shape.
    I shall spend the next four years abusing those who was responsible for sacking Rohr the way he was sacked.

  • Chima E Samuels 3 months ago

    They’ll not stop this old bad habits for Christsake Nigerians in Nigeria only have to travel just Benin to know how other countries are tagging us for everything they can name. You start to live a life of careful, coz of extra Shitty Nigerian false behaviours tag. Even though other countries mess up but it’s only Nigeria that is number one when it comes to Africa for everything good and bad. For real we need to clean our selves and stop every negative things we known for because the bad is selling more than the talents and good people of Nigeria. If we don’t start right now we’ll continue wasting who we really are, and allow little countries to continue disrespecting us. Maybe we don’t know it we are one of the leading countries producing crude oil, crude oil is what Saudi has used to bless America no wonder it is now exchanged in USD after abolishing the Gold standard exchange, So US makes tons of money for just this privilege as Saudi signed a 41year deal with US to have this power so as to protect the world with the abundant blessing that comes with such benefits, and with a promise to protect the world from war of old. Sad thing is this control will end soon and maybe if the us is power hungry they’ll have to look for another means to keep the USD high. Now the good news for Nigerians is very soon through Dangote Nigeria will start refining crude oil from December 2022, and over 650k barrels will be processed every single day, yes still miles below Saudi who produces 21million barrels daily but if we use how head to focus on having more functional refineries we will stand tall again we will be as rich as this Asian Monarchs. Common Nigeria will be the richest country in Africa by miles in less than 5years and the Naira will skyrocket like Magic into something more valuable that will help us as a nation and the future Nigerians, our wards many more because the value of a currency determines the overall strength a country ask Kuwait, because there has to be a benefit for Nigeria and Nigerians even though Dangote is the ruler of the Ship like the Saudi Monarchs who uses oil to cater for a whole country with high population, everyone has a decent pay from the rulers, and here’s a country handled by a king and his family. There’s nothing like president or election no, yet they experience a hassle-free life more than we who claim to be Democrazy LMAO. or is it Ukraine that is making billions of USD just by hosting a major pipeline that supplies Europe oil from Russia? How much more Nigeria housing a major Refinery. Let us start using our head in voting leaders by coming out to vote and also voting right, lol we hope votes will count one day else only God knows what the future holds after having to see how the country is facing alot even before the Covid and now Ukraine tension. LMAO I Pray For Mercy make wetin dey happen for another world no come affect us again lol.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 months ago

      *Saudi 12million Barrels Daily wow that’s still a lot we have a long way. The negative wild naija life has to calm down for once. Let’s flourish let us be more resourceful, creative, concentrate on self development, and by the time capacities are improves the productions, labour force and outputs will increase. A wishful Good Government will be a plus. One thing I know about life is knowledge knows a way to expose your arrogance to produce. Excuses will go when you have it in you because you know it that nobody is coming to help you and the brain creates a solution.

      • Ako AMADI 3 months ago

        Crowds have a psychological impact, but cannot score goals. Nigeria played 180 minutes of football against Ghana in 4 days and scored a solitary goal from the penalty spot

    • Domingo 3 months ago

      Bro you’re Smart. I’m sharing this. We still dey mourn our exit but this might be a blessing in this for a reform to happen in Nigeria football. Starting from overhauling NFF and replacing them with some affordable world class football administrators from within our country if we have some. They’ll run our football and make better decisions than Oga Pinnick. Shout-out to Deo and some other gengs here.

  • Edo man sorry. I tell u even if rohr was around Nigeria wil not get to Qatar .
    It has been destined. After watching in game before it was played . I was afraid to say the scores.. there was a guide from my senior colleague. And he said Nigeria has 75mins to win in the 1st leg.and Musa shud not be used.
    I came out with a bit of mine as revealed.but again it was just like it came . remember CAR Madagascar.i said how it will go hand it 100% .
    Well take solace in wat u read today. With good preparation the next afcon cup will be won by nigeria.. take heart. wen Ghana minister can to visit ur sport minister he did not come without prayer to shake hands only . He came to collect the ticket.big brother Africa.

    • Fat lie rohr would have qualified Nigeria for the competition and also go far in afcon…. Guess Nigerians didn’t see this coming

  • Edoman 3 months ago

    @Olu, my brother, this miss out is sad after Rohr has labored so hard to take us to this level, only to succubae to Ghana which is, to say the least, very disappointing. It was all because of incompetence and corruption at its worst. If Amoo and Pual Onuachu were there to play today.

  • Ololo 3 months ago

    Nigerians are suffering because they keep quiet a lot.. Who is pinnick or sport ministry that he will run our football like his family business, sacking coach to please his ego,.. Look at Cameron Eto who was with his team celebrating like he was part of the coaching crew .. Our pinnick is a demi god, and he does what ever he likes and he does away with it, who are Nigerians to challenge him…

    This protest is More than football, Nigerians are tired of the killings on a daily basis… Tired of leaders who get away with their bad decision making.. Tired of men who feel their lives and that of their families matters more than the lives of an average Nigerian.. Football was the only thing calming and keeping many Nigerians sane, a lot of Nigerians are depressed and tired of a country where your life and future is not safe… If we are serious in this country Nigerians should be on the street protesting so we can force these men out of their positions… We should stop keeping quiet

  • Mr Rohr would have done better

  • Presh 3 months ago

    All of you yeye sack Rohr, here is how the thing goes, every yeye agent you see them come in to the players nest, in Rohr’s time it never happened, sack rohr see now. Rohr would have been proud to be in the World Cup, but no, Nigerians are hypocrites

  • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

    They should look for PINICK and EGUAVON and BEAT them to PULP

  • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

    We are still gonna use the FACILITIES in future.. its not the cause of the problem. PINICK and EGUAVON are

  • It finished…..

    Foolish Abuja fans….

    When we warned you guys you people refuse to listen. Now look at it.

    Killing somebody because of a mere football game.



    The prayers of innocent poor ROHR is at work.

    I laugh in Ijaw.

    See how deluded they’re… Attacking the innocent CAF representative when those squandering our resources are in glass house planing how to share the remaining balance on Thursday.

  • winsome Dude 3 months ago

    It is good to express ones bitterness but when doing so, think wisely before you talk , comment or take any action.
    They invaded the pitch and now became criminals, won’t they suffer the more if caught or are they not giving them more roam to access money in the name of renovation?
    Or when you bit or kill them, what makes you differ from them?
    Does this bring back the ticket or a replay match?
    let’s think better and show that will understand the game with nice and ways forward comments though we’re not there to run the affairs.
    They have failed us. Yes they messed up.

    The NFF had failed us.
    lack of leadership skills
    lack of appointing the right personel for each positions.
    Imposition of players on the team coaches and many more.

    The Local Coaches had failed us again. just like I said in one of my comment before AFCON.
    But after a flash at AFCON we were celebrating he bought back the traditional 442 formation I laughed. the wing play: Where are the wingers? Yes Chukwueze, Simon Moses, Ejuke, Musa, Dennis, how many crosses have they made successfully both in their clubs and the national team.how effective is their squared play?

    The players had failed
    How many of this players have their own personal trainers? or developed themselves on the game, passes, dribbles, dead balls, long shot and so on?
    Also the media had failed us.
    Celebrating below average and inconsistent players. hyping players and trying to promote them.
    Yes we love the game but can’t overturned what happened last night but we can only provide a way or ways forward, hoping our voices are being heard.


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