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2022 WCQ Playoffs: How Ghanaian Supporters Harassed, Attacked Eagles Bus In Kumasi –Osimhen

2022 WCQ Playoffs: How Ghanaian Supporters Harassed, Attacked Eagles Bus In Kumasi –Osimhen

Super Eagles striker, Victor Osimhen has made some startling revelations on how the Ghanaian supporters harassed and pounced on the team bus prior to the 2022 World Cup qualifying playoffs game against the Black Stars of Ghana in Kumasi.

Recall that the two West African neighbours played out a goalless draw at the Baba Yara Stadium in Kumasi on Friday in the first leg.

In an interview with Elegbete TV Sports, the Napoli star stated that the Super Eagles players were harassed by Ghanaian supporters as the team bus made its way inside the Baba Yara Stadium in Kumasi, adding that they screamed at Augustine Eguavoen’s men and hit their bus, making signs.

“The experience in Ghana is a bit understandable due to the African thing, but it was surprising when we landed and we had to jump down and some of us carried big hand luggage which was quite stressful for us.

“When I first saw it it was really funny but at the end of the day it was a good experience.

“From our hotel to the stadium is about 25-30 minutes so on getting there, there was a huge Ghanaian crowd, screaming at us, hitting our bus and making signs.

“We were in the traffic for like up to 45 minutes before we got to the dressing room and when we got to the dressing room, it wasn’t up to 20 minutes, then Yobo came to us we had to go out.

“We didn’t even inspect the pitch like a normal game day but we are used to these kinds of things so we were not really bothered about that. It was really not professional.”



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  • Detruth 2 years ago

    “Rad this article” what’s that?

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      The article is there and u asking me what’s that!! Lol

      Do I have to teach u everything haha

      Read the article BRO lol

      • @Selfmade, you are foolish individual and God will punish you and your generations.

        • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

          Are u talking about stinking, eczema infested self and ur shitty cheating wife?

          U dirty BOKOM chimp lol

          Am like Michael I don’t rebuke but may the LORD REBUKE u

          Crawl back to ur yahoo yahoo cave

          Retarded BOKOM idiot lol

        • Solomonon 2 years ago

          But at last Nigeria will still qualify and this belief is very strong. the super Eagles are the best, thanks guys because u guys didn’t allowed such act to intimidate you guys.

  • Jaybobo 2 years ago

    This Osimhen guy is turning out to be a real punk

  • Coache 2 years ago

    Talking about tactical flexibility, I was privileged to watch Plateau United versus 3SC game and saw the tactical astuteness of Fidelis Ilechukwu. Plateau United won because they did not play the religious wing play of Nigerian teams. No wingers and that is why they are invincible thus far. Can Cerezo borrow some tips from Ilechukwu on how to play wingless football and win? Time is running out. Best wishes to the Eagles.

  • KENNETH 2 years ago

    Dr drey in disguise, please tell us the purpose of your link. Was oshimen lying. is that the appropriate stairs to exist the airplane. Those steps are used for aircraft maintenance. So please tell us something else

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      Read the article why they used that ramp!!

      Is there so read it ….

      The reason why the ramp was used at the airport was they the Nigerian airline authorities didn’t communicate with the Kumasi airport authorities by the plane they were bringing!!

      The peace Airline the Nigerians brought to kumasi airport was BIGGER than the planes the airport is accustomed to as they deal in SMALLER PLANES within Ghana!!

      Hence they didn’t have the right RAMP to the plane for the players to get down!

      That ramp was a make shift one that they had and hence the problem isn’t entirely on Ghanaians but on the peace airline authorities too!!

      There was nothing deliberate about it!!

      Osimehn is just been an asshole who want to find excuses to his complete capitulation in Kumasi!!

      Besides the black stars swapped hotels with the Nigerians!

      That’s was a god gesture but this GLASS EYE want to talked about this negativity!!

      Btw we are coming to ANNEXED ABUJA lol

      • This excuse about the ramp is too cheap!

        Would Ghana say that their Kumasi Airport wasn’t informed about the Nigerian aircraft, through the control tower?

        So, Ghana should give a better excuse!

  • He is explaining how anomalistic some Ghanaians are, thank God you guys are also coming to Nigeria, if your guys can’t jumb frim the plane to the ground they shouldn’t come at all because no staircase for you guys, the rubbish tin ladder you gave the Super eagles at your airport is a disgrace to Ghana as a whole you guys don’t even have shame, your own flag at Nigeria there won’t be a star inside the flag else it will just be a black spot. Lol, and if your players and fans can’t sing your national anthem loudly na them Sabi because we won’t even bother play your national anthem, just like you did to us at Kumasi, you displayed the wrong flag, our flag is green and white and green, vertical, you are displaying a dinner table cloth as our flag no national respect at all, all in the name if rivalry

    • SE Supporter 2 years ago

      That’s Ghana for you. I am not surprised.

      • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

        Ghana is superior to Nigeria infrastructure at least northern Nigeria validates this point tho lol

      • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

        Forget the antics of an ant. Pay back by winning on Tuesday

    • yusuf adebola 2 years ago

      Our National anthem was misplaced, it was not well recited and that was total lack of respect from the Ghanians.I watched some of video tape of Kumasi fans prior to the match day. The street was turn to a carnival. Even inside their stadium where their team was training.

      • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

        Excuses, excuses and excuses!!

        Nigerians always either they missed some players or they ll have an excuse

        These people are so soft is even beyond belief

        They are behaving like they live like kings in BOKOM hahah

        Oh pls l!! Get off the high horse haha

        Okada and things hahah

  • Ndubest 2 years ago

    Shameless and desperate country we will not treat you people badly here just to teach you guys valuable lesson on hospitality. We will not condesend low cos of football rivalry. We will beat you people cleanily just to prove that we are not mate. If you think we will play exactly as we did in Ghana you are in for a shock. Watch out for Dennis and ademola.

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      Stop with ur violence!! Nigerians are associated with violence and u threatening with ur shitty voice enforces that stereotypes!!

      This isn’t a battles grounds of BOKOM!!

      Preach peace and not violence!!

      Stop with ur stupidities and think like a Ghanaian, PEACE

      Ghanaians aren’t Benin for u to thrive with!!

  • There is no doubt, the pressure which followed SE to Kumasi is still there and even bigger as they play on Tuesday in Nigeria. The major factor behind this mobile pressure is because Ghana is seen as an underdog for the two-legged.
    I really wish Iwobi was available. I would have gone for a midfield triangle of Iwobi, Aribo and Bonke. But in the absence of Iwobi, a midfield mix of Aribo (offensive), Onyeka and Bonke is my best bet.
    But true to type, Eguaveon will repeat what he did in Kumasi and as it happened over there, Ghana will once be in charge of the midfield.
    But we are NIGERIA, playing in Nigeria and very motivated to be at the 2022 WC.
    We are going to win Tuesday match. In fact, by the end of first half, we must have scored one or two goals. We will surely qualify. But coach experimentation must end after qualification

    • Odion 2 years ago

      So u still call ggana underdog after the first leg ?

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      What they don’t see is this, egu has nothing new under his sleeves lol

      Once one dimensional, will always be one dimensional

      What changes can he bring to the team than KICK AND RUN, locate the wingers and let cut back in or cross period !!

      Dude has no tactical acumen and it was clear in Kumasi that he has no new tricks

      Ghana looks more dangerous because they have a MIDFIELD and never underrate any team with a solid midfield!!

      Ghana has a goal or two in Abuja!!

      The moment egu open up to pile and press us, there ll be A BIG GAPING HOLE in the midfield for us to carve them open

      Is not over until it’s all over! Watch and see

      • So dey couldn’t get a goal at your so called dread Kumasi baba Yara stadium but they will now win at Abuja, ok no problem

        • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

          U don’t understand football

          Eguaveon put 10 men behind the ball in Kumasi but in Abuja, he ll open up in search of goals and Ghana ll SCORE too!

          Am 100 positive that should the Nigerians open up, we have a goal or two in Nigeria!!

          No two ways about that unless eguaveon goes for a defensive setup again like he did in Kumasi!!

          Which he wldnt dare do in front of the abuja faithfuls

          He has no option but to open up for an early goal and Ghana with such a sting midfield put carve ur defence wide open

          • Chuks 2 years ago

            Bobo bet 500 cedis for Ghana to win, I will bet 10,000 for Naija to win let’s c who loses the bet

  • Steve O 2 years ago

    We have silenced this idiotic infested rat a little bit on this platform by Super Eagles performance in juju infested Kumasi stadium , we will complete that after Abuja massacre of the twinkle little stars from the half plot country!!!

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      What a stupid bastard lol

      Read ur idiotic comments and tell me if it makes sense to u lol

      There are a lot of idiotic like u and looking at ur comments can tell me clearly why NIGERIA IS BIG FOR NOTHING haha

      All these mugus are part of the failed naija one project haha

      Clap for ur self, THE PHAT ASS O STEVE for ur stupidities haha

      Lol ….. Nigeria is a funny place with a lot of unserious people haha

      Truly if there are 10 Nigerians, the one Ghanaian among them ll be the KING and the smart, reasonable one and u just confirmed it haha

      • You are extremely delusional. How can you even compare Ghana(a country of 30 million people) with Nigeria ( the true giant of Africa)? Please go get a life.

        • Selfmade 2 years ago

          Giant with clay feet lol

          Giant for NOTHING

          A giant that can’t produce 3 hrs of electricity is a PAPER giant lol

          NEPA controlled giant lol

  • Chokohead 2 years ago

    Self maid can you please leave Nigeria site alone? And go back to Your banku site?

    You have a very small mind. Tell me one player in your black Ass team that is more talented than Osimhen? You are a big fool. The young man is expressing his experience he had in your backwar juju drenched nation and the next thing is for you to start insulting him. You’re must be mad.

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      Ur NIGERIAN BOKOM brothers are not laughing with u but laughing at u hahha

      I don’t blamed u, I blamed NEPA for taking their lights and hence u didn’t have the privileged to watch the young,technically gifted and God given talents of the bs!

      I hope u ll watch the match on Tuesday depending on what NEPA says haha

      Btw get ur GENERATOR ready haha

      • Who is this one self . The last time I checked Ghana is living in self acclaimed civilization. Please wake up to the reality. Ghana is just like any other African country. Stop making a fool of yourself here Minster. The only Country that can stand toe to toe with Nigeria is South Africa and even that shit of country is greatly helped by the numerous businesses owned by Nigerians.
        Human resources . Ghana is nowhere near Nigeria .
        Entertainment . Your country is missing as well.
        Natural resources . Please no need to talk about that.

        The only thing you can say you have is your camouflaged government. Your government is as corrupt as ours . We are so so rich we don’t give a shit about our government. We have over 100million Nigerian who are richer than your entire country.

        We are so blessed that we don’t care about what you are boasting of . Compare Ghana to Benin rep.. you must be in dream land .

        You come here talking about electricity . We don’t need it . We are so rich we can run on other alternatives.

        If you can’t talk about football here please kindly go to your juju infested city of Kumasi.

        Nigeria is way too popular than Ghana. If that’s your pain. Then get a poison.

        • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

          Ghana is still better than ur LIGHTLESS, war torn and nepa controlled country haha

          Ur country is BIG FOR NOTHING and everyone knows how criminally stained ur country is lol

          Take ur NIGERIA because no Ghanaian ll swap ROYAL GHANA with that wasteful space called ONE FAILED NAIJA project haha

          UN ll divide this wasteful space very soon haha

          The failed project isn’t working haha

        • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

          Ghana is still better than ur LIGHTLESS, war torn and nepa controlled country haha

          Ur country is BIG FOR NOTHING and everyone knows how criminally stained ur country is lol

          Take ur NIGERIA because no Ghanaian ll swap ROYAL GHANA with that wasteful space called ONE FAILED NAIJA project haha

          UN ll divide this wasteful space very soon haha

          The failed project isn’t working lol

  • Cosbec 2 years ago

    I was there and I saw all this it was a massive crowd and we were harassed.pls my fellow Nigerians you all should go to the stadium to support the eagles they really need it

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      U sure u wasn’t trying to robbed someone that’s why u were harassed? Lol

      The well behaved ones wasn’t harassed and we saw them on tv jubilating and taking selfies

      Btw Ghana isn’t Niger for u to thrive with!!

      We ll take all the necessary precautions and report u guys to fifa!! We are well vested in football laws


  • Because of world cup ticket Ghana resulted in attacking super eagles bus, were they planning to beat them or what’s the motive of attacking the bus?? At end they cant even score half a goal ..shame. .. we don’t believe in vendetta, trust me ghanians will get the best treat but by 10pm on Tuesday we shall be planning our friendlies in preparation for the world cup proper

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      The most violent county in AFRICA is of course Nigeria!!

      No one believe ur lies and no one believes that z rated caricature looking misfiring striker who called himself OSHIT- man

      GLASS EYES is lying and is such a small man!

      None of the Nigerian players has come out to complained infact lookman said he enjoyed the atmosphere in the staduim

      That punk player!!

      Btw ghana is the third most peaceful nation in Africa and the true black freedom and hospitality is find in of course the originator of the pan Africanist ideas which is GHANA

      Osimehn is stupid!

  • nagwandu 2 years ago

    @Selfmade,, why are you violent…So delusional and frustrating. Couldn’t worn a fight at home, but dreaming of winning a fight at someone’s home, moreover Nigerian home.This is called nearfall!

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      Violent? That’s describes a perfect, everyday NIGERIAN not a Ghanaian KING like myself

      TUFIKWA…. apuuu

      Btw Ghana and Ghanaians were voted as the third most PEACEFUL nation in Africa and first in west Africa!

      U dig dawg !! That should tell u something about Ghanaians ! We hate violence

      The opposite is the case tho

      Thuggery is what describes a Nigerian lol

      • Ganamusgo 2 years ago

        Nigerians, brothers, I hail o!
        Please can I ask you all to stop responding to that barking dog and all his mates – self mad kid along with yam and the other one that was hiding here in plain sight – I forgot that one’s name but anyway, can I remind you that you wouldn’t respond to a barking dog in real life so why respond to a rabid animal from ghana – a place where they hate Nigerians?
        Please make no mistake – those who think this is about football rivalry or any kind of rivalry need to understand that this is not rivalry at all, ghanians hate Nigerians with a vengeance, in fact even more than they hate their own selves, it is because of jealousy – In short ghanians are very wicked bad belly people and I would advise people who have nothing to do with them to stay well clear.
        As for this animal going by selfmad dog, we have been tracking him and have collected all his aggressive insults, looking for trouble and passed them on to the police both in Nigeria and ghana, he will be getting a visit from the boys soon and then you wont see him posting here anymore after that – mark these words lol!
        In the meantime, can everyone just ignore the plank and let the odour fade away.

    • Barry A A 2 years ago

      Stories for gods of Nigerian ancestors.
      Are you saying that that was the reason for your poor and underperformance?

  • John-I 2 years ago

    Nigeria should give Ghanaian players the best hospitality. They should be lodged at one of the best hotels in Abuja. Let them carry the shock of an unexpected great hospitality into the pitch.
    It’s called ‘frightening to kill’ lol

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      We gave them the best hospitality!! We gave them our hotel or swapped our hotel with them

      All those silly excuses GLASS EYES should be thrown into the DUSTBIN

      He is a LOSER!

  • Honorable 2 years ago

    They’ll eventually get worse treatment here. We’re waiting for them in Abuja.

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      Stop ur violence!!

      Try and ur own POLICE LL BRUTALIZE u lot!!

      Keep on affirming the mantra that the average NIGERIAN is violent and a thug!

      Don’t confirm the mantra that nigeria is indeed a ZOO

    • Yaw opare 2 years ago

      @Honorable, you cannot intimate a Ghanaian. We will come to Abuja well prepared with a small plane that has an inbuilt stairs and lodge in the best hotel. We will not complain like you because we are ghana. We are not cry babies. You call yourselves big boys and always crying. Crazy heads!

  • Obviously someone is losing it right now…can’t imagine anyone in his right senses responding to all chats on this platform…it’s the beginning of craziness and I hope someone is not having BP..from the first chats to the last you responded to them all?? the way some people are going…after the match on Tuesday…may will not have casualties in my neighboring country

  • Danny 2 years ago

    I don’t even understand all these wing,wing we are talking about,na only wing dey pitch.
    As a winger,if wing no gree go,u come the middle and go through that.
    There should be fluidity. No be by force u must go through the wings
    I think k we need wingers who can use both legs,not necessarily of equal strength but atleast can push the ball forward with the other leg.

  • I think people responding to his senseless, incoherent rants and vituperation of zero consequences are the ones giving him the impetus to continue.He does not even look properly educated judging from his writings.What do you do to such people? You simply ignore them.When he gets tired of talking to himself he will leave.

    And for those glorifying Ghana as our rivals, I simply don’t see the basis for that.The basis of rivalry are two equals battling for supremacy.Ie.America and Russia,So I don’t know which index that qualify Ghana as our rivals.Yes we play football matches with them, they win some, we win some.As far as I am concerned that is where it ends.

    The idiot writing, was he aware that the Ghanian ambassador to Nigeria have to quickly run to our minister of sports here in abuja to quickly extract commitment from him that the outcome of the match should not affect the excellent relationship between both countries? And you guys still call them our rivals?

    The Ghanian team is coming in tomorrow morning.We will not grant them landing permission in abuja as everywhere is already filled up.So we will divert the plane to Gombe.Since there are no flights to abuja from Gombe on Mondays.We will send a bus to pick you up and journey through the night to abuja.You will arrive at 2am match day.

    You can complian to FIFA if you like, but nothing will happen as we will show who has the bigger clout within international circles.

    Enough of this Ghana glorification please

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      U the most stupid bastard I have I ever know on this forum haha

      U took 25 mins to respond to my comments but telling others not to do so!!

      U stupid boy with ur HAIRY, ashy balls!

      Ugly BOKOM chimp hahah

      U piece of rat shit

  • Anyway he confessed that they don’t use big planes within Ghana that they only use smaller planes that is why they don’t have the Ramp for the big plane that conveyed our team to Ghana.

    We do use big planes within Nigeria.Infact, the embrearer that went to Kumasi,is second in line to the propeller planes.We use Boeing 737 Next generation aircrafts that airlift close to 250 people at once on local flights! Are we still your mate?

    • Yaw opare 2 years ago

      Toni, don’t be stupid. He talked about the kumasi airport not being an international one and thus did not have plans for a big aircraft. The kotoka international airport is better than any airport in Nigeria and you should be ashamed. Your mutala Muhammed airport was just commissioned last week after Nigerians insulted your government and compared it to kotoka in ghana. Infact all the big international airlines preferred kotoka to your useless airports. So don’t open your mouth next time and talk rubbish. You claim to be a big country but can’t provide your people jobs and your citizens travel to ghana to rob us and they are being killed daily. Pls show your big boy status or shut up.

    • Olalead 2 years ago

      You are shouting Book Haram.. Who knows if this so called Boko haram are not from your country. Atleast you have notherners in your country aswell.. Already nigerians tagged all Notherners Bojo haram . so your country is part of the book haram.. Do you forget the years of dumso.. And your juju bukum banku. . lol even your Ayew cant even stand Kelechi

  • ESANG B 2 years ago

    NIGERIA 4 Ghana 0 Osimhen with a brace, Ighalo, Lone goal plus Ghana own goal! Do well to call and thank me soon after the match, Tuesday evening. NIGERIA with 5 U-17 golds, an Olympics soccer gold,a Six(6) appearances at FIFA world cups from USA’94 which it got to the round of 16 and eventually won Africa additional two slots,more than six (6) AWC titles in Africa with over 5 womens’ world cup appearances two of which extended Africa’s slots to (3)for lack of time, NIGERIA has done much much, more to prove we are big brothers (not rivals) to all our African neighbours. Please show respect, okay. There are lots of Nigerians who genuinely love Ghana but we don’t get humility from our younger brothers. May God help Africans!

  • With all due respect, Osimhen’s comments aren’t excuse at all.

    All he was trying to explain was that they were held up on the way to the stadium from their hotel, and weren’t given enough time to rest before the match at the stadium.

    How would the BS feel if they were given the same treatment in Abuja?

  • Dr Tee 2 years ago

    Sincerely I have been keeping quiet, but seriously you are a big idiot and a mumu to have altered this statement. This one of the reasons why African football is not progressing.

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