2023 AFCON: Guinea-Bissau Shock Super Eagles In Abuja To Go Top

2023 AFCON: Guinea-Bissau Shock Super Eagles In Abuja To Go Top

Guinea-Bissau recorded a shock 1-0 win against the Super Eagles of Nigeria in Group A of the 2023 AFCON qualifiers in Abuja.

This is the first time ever Guinea-Bissau will defeat the Eagles.

Guinea-Bissau, now on seven points, usurp the Eagles as Group A leaders.

A first half goal from Mama Balde sealed one of the shocks in the qualifying series.

The two teams will meet again on Monday, 27 March for the second leg.

Osimhen had the Eagles first chance on goal in the 4th minute but his header off Samuel Chukwueze’s cross went wide.

In the 21st minute a long range strike from a Guinea-Bissau player went just off target.

Guinea-Bissau took the lead in the 29th minute thanks to Balde who expertly controlled a long pass before slotting past Francis Uzoho.

Few minutes later Guinea-Bissau almost doubled their lead but the ball hit the side netting.

The Eagles came out more purposeful in the 56th minute and almost drew level but Moses Simon could not direct Chukwueze’s low cross to goal.

In the 61st minute Osimhen collected the ball and hit a shot which the keeper held well.

With 13 minutes left Osimhen missed the target off a Simon cross.

Richard Jideaka in Abuja

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  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago


  • Selfmade KING 1 year ago

    The SUPER CHICKENS are back haha

    Ghana nearly turned chickens yesterday too lpp

    • Onua Selfmade, the pitch was horrible but that’s no excuse. If we want these players to express themselves pls let’s fix our pitches. I’m very sure it played a part. It’s a shame Nigeria cannot maintain good playing pitch. Maintenance culture in some of our countries is terrible, Ghana no excluded. The last time I saw the Essipong stadium in sekondi I almost cried.

      • Selfmade KING 1 year ago

        Ghana and Nigeria are truly brothers! We can’t maintain anything for two years lol

  • Greatness 1 year ago

    Congratulations to NFF, the eagles and especially Peseiro. You are already doing your worst.

  • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

    There’s nothing shocking about this outcome because we have never got it right when it comes to hiring Coaches. @Monkey Rohr is not different from this man….. Nigerians should wish for a coach with winning and trophy history and not sweet talker…. With that said as long as we have corrupt NFF at helm of affairs nothing will ever be rightly done, the only hope for Gold at any level this year is U17 led Nduka Ugbade team the rest na old story!!!!

    • Dennis 1 year ago

      Rohr is miles ahead of this clown. I hope you know peseiro’s statistics as manager of Venezuela?
      Games played-10
      Matches won-1

      Rohr was sacked to avoid a disaster. Now see where we are

    • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

      @CHIMA deep within you, you know if it was GENERAL ROAH last last the game would have ended in a “BORING GOALESS” DRAW and HE will still go away and WIN these GUYS…

      Please Say the TRUTH and SHAME the DEVIL, PI NICK, and yourself

  • Nigeria will beat GB away on Monday to go back to the top of the group. We have the resources that very few African countries can boast of.

    Nigeria will win 3-1 away on Monday only if we change our formation. Paseiro got it all wrong. It was like a farmer using hoe, cutlass, spade, shovel, rake etc, throwing in even the kitchen sink all at once to clear weed or plant crop. Baba doesn’t know the best combination.

    It would be too late to sack him before Monday, but NFF should please pay him off after the match. The man is not Nigeria standard. He was a bad parting gift from corrupt mobster Amaju Pinnick.

    • Selfmade KING 1 year ago

      Haha …..  u in pains my bro haha

      • If we’re to summarize this pain our football is inflicting on us Nigerians these days despite the players we have, it is called CORRUPTION and the criminal is the man that hired a Paseiro with no pedigree as coach.

        If Houghton had come to Nigeria, Pinnck won’t hire him cos Houghton won’t play his corrupt game. So he gave us a disaster cos he was the cheapest. Is Nigeria poor compared to other African countries!?? That we can’t hire a tested coach? Agbo, Olofinjana etc.

        • Selfmade KING 1 year ago

          Nigeria have no midfielders damn! How can 200 million people can’t produce one decent midfielder is mind boggling 

  • Coache 1 year ago

    2 weeks before every match, open camp for home based. When foreign guys come, decamp some and keep some. That has been the result oriented formula for the Eagles. Rohr jettisoned that technique and it is back firing even with Peseiro. INTRODUCTION TO NOT QUALIFYING FOR THE 2026 WORLD CUP LOADING

    Nigerian players work best under pressure.

  • Ndubest 1 year ago

    Monday is the D-Day win and remain for now or loose and get fired. Congratulations Guinea Bissua you guys are fighters you played to win and deservedly you won. Nigeria has lost its relevance in football.

  • Dennis 1 year ago

    In the words of omo9ja, “any coach can achieve success with this super eagles squad except gernot rohr”

    • Lolz so funny. Where are those clueless fans now? They hiding in their shells like tortoise. Sack Rohr sack Rohr sack Rohr sack Rohr, now this is the result. Calamity upon calamity.

      • UselessKontri 1 year ago

        A big congratulations to NFF, Technical unit, Peisoro, the Pitch & INEC!!!
        Pls who rigged this match???

        My only plea is “Osimhen should avoid injury oooooooo! You have Seria A title, Golden boot Seria A, Champions leagues glory to pursue with Napoli this season o”
        Osimhen! Osimhen! Osimhen! Pls avoid injury o! No go overdo carry injury and jeopardize this season o. This may just be one of your best seasons in your football career o!

        Pls someone close to Osimhen should help us advise him. Thanks.

        NFF…. Continue!

  • Henry 1 year ago

    If nah Curse, I rebuke it IJN

  • This what you get after sacking a good coach in the person of Rohr just to bring in this calamity.

    I thought NFF said they sack Rohr just to avoid calamity. What are we having now? Is it not calamity after calamity

    If it was Rohr we would have been needing just a point to qualify by now, because Rohr was always in charge of his group after the first 3 match. We are back to the days of using calculator.

    Rohr never lost 3 matches straight as a coach.

    Rohr never lost to an African team back to back.

    Rohr never went down with 3+ plus to any team, whether African or non African.

    Can we comapare the win rate of this coach and Rohr judging from the numbers of games played already.

    When will we stop playing football in that Abuja stadium that the field is far below average. Why can’t we play at Uyo stadium?

  • Greatness 1 year ago

    Give Peseiro Manchester City or Bayern Munich and he will lose to Derby County or Paderborn, without apology.

    • Ololo 1 year ago

      I think we should not bring rohr into this… He did well and is far better than pesiro but we must understand that no coach will remain in their jobs forever..one day thwy will leave..

      This is a new nff administration.. the present nff were not those that sacked rohr rather it was the previous administration and some selfish Nigerians who wanted to cause trouble in the team..

      Thw new administration came to meet pesiro ,they didn’t hire him, and with his poor performances they should not bother to extend his contract, once it is done they should find someone else..I think a Nigerian coach will be better for me.. someone like an olofinjano

      • Marvelous Sunday 1 year ago

        We know the president NFF chairman wasn’t the one who spearhead the sacking of Rohr, but they were still part of the administration.

        With results like this, there is no way we will not remember Rohr because he gave us something far far better than this.

        He never lost 4 games in a row. This has now become a record.

        Rohr never played 3 games without topping his group. He kills qualifications with the 3rd match.

        Rohr never lost to any team with 3-4 unreplied goals.

        Ever since Rohr left, complete sport have been boring to me, no interesting news, no interesting argument among fans. The likes of Dr. Dre are gone because super eagles went back to becoming super chickens since Rohr was sacked.

        That was the most stupid decision in the history of Nigerian football.

        • Legendary 1 year ago

          Brooooo. You are on point. I come here from time to time to read Dr. Drey ‘s posts. I wish I had his social handles. I miss his LMAOOOOs.

        • mikee 1 year ago

          What is wrong with you and Rohr, you are talking like Rohr won the world cup and African cup for us. You forgot that the same Rohr lost to Central African Republic in Nigeria. You seems to love failure. I am surprised that none of you self haters mentioned that the Eguaveon you love to hate because he is not white defeated this same team 2-0 in Afcon less than one year ago in Cameroon. We deserve what we get.

  • There is no internal competition in the team……There is no motivation in the team…..There is no winning mentality in the team……The main team players are mostly unfit and they are relaxed because their position is never under threat……We need to bring in excellent players who are inform to bring competition in the first team…….We need creative Midfielders to make goals flow incase we meet a defensive or organized teams……We need a coach that can offend the NFF by dropping some sacred cow players and doing the unthinkable by including some exceptional players that can make a difference……But what do I know?

    • Legendary 1 year ago

      Bring in FC. This. That. Suddenly no one is shouting Dennis, Onuachu, and those ‘in form’ players of last season. Una go smell WENNNN. No be for here???? Y’all will pay for Rohr.

  • NFF has never get it right with employment of coaches for any of the senior national teams (U23, CHAN eagles and Super eagles) especially since the reign of incompetent and corrupt administration of Pinnick. We have always have average coaches both local and foreign. An example is Salusu Yusuff employed as assistant coach of Super Eagles for 2022 World Cup which ended in disaster with Nigeria failing to qualify for world cup. He was moved with the help of his God at NFF to CHAN Eagles he failed again. He moved again to U23 Olympic eagles the exit is knocking at the door with the result obtained at home. The final result will be known by Tuesday 28th March 2023. Just watch if he fails to qualify Olympic Eagles on Tuesday, he will be moved to Super Eagles again on rescue mission. Just watch. Even on the employment of expertrate coaches, the NFF has always employed poor, inefficient, technically poor coaches to handle Super eagles. A vivid example, Pessiero who handles Super Eagles. I said it in my comment when the list was eventually released 8days to the match that the list is full of inactive players like Aribo, Ndidi who just came back after long term injury, Onuachu who has not settled down well at his club in England and Ahmed Musa who has outlived his services at Eagles and who hardly played at his club. The clueless, Incompetent and Technically poor coach said he believed in the players he has invited and people should ‘cut his head if he fails” (Allnigeriafootball.com). He neglected to invited players like Tella, Chuba Akpom and Gift who can add real value to the mid-field and attack. His justification for the players he has invited is what we have seen and received today with O-1 lose to Guinea Bussau at our home ground at Abuja National Stadium. Watch he will give flimsy excuse again to cover for his stupid judgement and go with another wrong mentality to the second leg and fail and our NFF will not act fast and even if they do, he will be replaced with another worse coach in the name of cash crunch. This has been the circle NFF has always trend especially since the administration of Mr. Melvin Pinnick. Although this administration is yet to employ any coach of their own but I doubt if they will deviate from the practice norms. I have no confidence at all in this Eagles with this coach at the helm of affairs unless the NFF did the needful and change the pattern of employing coaches both local and foreign. This is when we can talk about moving forward in our football. if not, mark it today, we will continue to move in circle with no significant progress. I continue to keep my fingers cross. God bless Nigeria.

  • Jagaban 1 year ago

    The list of our strikers is nothing to write home about, you win the game at the midfield, Moses Simon n chukwueze are so dumb, the can’t get a decent cross to the 2 strikers.
    Selfish mindset naa me score am.

  • What did you expect from the game? I hope omo9ja and Roth 8tas will be proud right now they first call ighoefon Africa gardiola his better than rorh thank to then we can’t watch our national team in the world cup here comes pasero why 442 with this modern day football how can u Play two players in your midfield and load up upfront with that we can’t even score a goal I won’t blame any of the players I watch the game and I saw that guinea over power our midfield we only try to create from the wings but guinea knows our plane and block the two wings then omo9ja should come outside and defend there coach o cuz he said he didn’t know rorh pattern so he should come and explain passero pattern for me

    • Don’t mind those clueless fans who shouted that Rohr should be sacked. The likes of Omo9ja, christian ministry, Jimmyball, Igu iwunze, etc. They can now see their foolishness. They wanted total football without results, they wanted a 442 wing play that is so outdated, and every teams knows that that’s what Nigeria can play. They said Rohr pattern is sluggish but he was grinding out important results and giving us important winnings.

      Rohr never depended on 4_4_2 formation, most times he plays 5_3_2 and 4_3_3 and also switch formations in between games. He was good he selecting players and adding new legs.

      Now here we are, 20 steps backward again.

      • Legendary 1 year ago

        Thank you for listing them jare. It’s been long I came here. Chai! I miss Dr. Drey.

        Welcome back to missing back-to-back afcons, 70+ FIFA rankings,

  • Edoman 1 year ago

    It will never end well for Omo0ja, Ugo, Kennett, and all those who connive to sack Oga Rohr from Nigeria. Oga is now the new National coach for Benin Republic. For the first time, we will not even qualify for AFCON once again. Since the bastard coach was corruptly appointed, how many matches he won for Nigeria??????. Ogun go kill him, in Jesus name, Amen.

    • Amen Amen and Amen

    • Sean 1 year ago

      Lol! Nawa o! People dey vex now!
      Person wey don use thousands buy thousands for afternoon, super Eagles and their world best coach still spoil his mood join am. I beg make Ogun no kill am, make him just dey go him country jeje. May be we should try make we go one match without any coach in the dog out self and see.
      To the new NFF Chairman, 2 games , 2 losses already in this your new tenure, hope your English name no be Bad luck?

  • Yeye 1 year ago

    Don’t worry INEC is coming to call the match result

  • Solo Makinde 1 year ago

    Hello Beauties, marvelous men with lovely comments, love it. Xxx. Let’s keep supporting the team in hard times. Rohr failed. This team will win. Love you all . Xxx

  • Sportradio88.0 fm 1 year ago

    See all the ranting. By Tuesday morning all this rants will stop ..it is either dey beat eagles again and pasceiro sent packing and eguavon take over as the full time coach of eagles.
    Since sierra Leone came back from 4 0 to draw 4 : 4 super eagles has not regain their energy back.
    Something has gone wrong and to get back the bearing needed to start in guinea Bissau.
    The coach shud just build on the engine room of the team .a mid Field that can hold the ball is not good enough. Can u see that the defense of the eagles is a 3 man structure like rohr team 3 5 2: which exposes the defense when they move to near the circle wen his team is attacking.. those days of victor Moses taking on defense is gone . Those day of long ball from Michael to the danger man is gone which end in goals wat we have now are danger men struggling to get hold of the ball to find a way to score . The mid Field are afraid to hold the ball they just want to give it to the next man around. No space creation .. I said nff shud link up with Napoli coach for zoom lecturing of eagles players even if it is per hour payment @$5000
    Before going into a game.
    And even oshimen himself shud not succumb to the idea of going to premiership for now yesterday game attest to it .
    And by Monday we wil know better.
    I remembered Nigeria vs Sudan in omdanran.
    It ended 4 0 that was when everyone thought Sudan wil beat eagles on home soil .
    I remember zimbabwe vs Nigeria 3 0
    I remembered Zambia vs Nigeria na 2 1
    Wetin guinea come use head carry
    Dey wil chop it .. though I gave their coach ur loop hole . Dat team can’t survive u 17 in Lagos ooo and dey came to beat eagles in Abuja.lol

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