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2023 U-20 AFCON: Flying Eagles’ Group Opponent Egypt Lose To Ghana In Friendly Game

2023 U-20 AFCON: Flying Eagles’ Group Opponent Egypt Lose To Ghana In Friendly Game

The Flying Eagles of Nigeria group opponent in next year’s U-20 AFCON, Egypt, lost 2-0 to Ghana’s Black Galaxies in a friendly game on Tuesday.

The friendly between Egypt’s U-20 team and the Black Galaxies was played inside the Cairo International Stadium behind-closed-doors.

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Goals from Kofi Kordzi and Sylvester Simba secured the win for the CHAN-bound Black Galaxies.

Kordzi opened the scoring in the 15th minute before Simba doubled the lead in the 57th minute.

Recall the Black Galaxies knocked out the home-based Super Eagles on penalties to qualify for the 2023 CHAN in Algeria.

Hosts Egypt are in Group A alongside Flying Eagles, Mozambique and Senegal.

The junior Pharaohs will open their campaign against Mozambique on 19 February before facing the Flying Eagles three days later.

And on 25 February, Egypt will round off their group stage fixtures against Senegal.

The 2023 U-20 AFCON will serve as the African qualifiers for next year’s FIFA U-20 World Cup held in Indonesia.

The top four teams from the U-20 AFCON will qualify for the World Cup.

Ghana were the defending champions, having won their 4th title in 2021, but will not defend the title after failing to qualify for the tournament.

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  • How the might have fallen! All of a sudden, Ghana – former U-20 World Cup winners – have now become training materials for Afcon (not even world cup itself).

    By the way, which team was largely to be blamed for binning Ghanaian hopes of qualifying for the U-20 Afcon.

    Ladies and distinguished gentlemen, let me jog your memories :


  • How the might have fallen! All of a sudden, Ghana – former U-20 World Cup winners – have now become training materials for Afcon (not even world cup itself).

    By the way, which team was largely to be blamed for binning Ghanaian hopes of qualifying for the U-20 Afcon.

    Ladies and distinguished gentlemen, let me jog your memories : Nigeria 2 – 0 Ghana.


    • Ghana should prepare their U-17 men’s team and their senior women’s national team to be training materials next year. I will personally beg the NFF to schedule friendly training matches between Nigeria and these Ghanaian teams next year.

      The outcomes are settled anyway: our U-17 team will decapitate Ghana again while the Super Falcons will wipe the floor with Chicken Black Queens. 🙂

      Happy New training material year to my Ghanian rival fans.


    • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

      This is the CHAN team for Ghana preparing for the CHAN in Egypt.

  • I really don’t know why CAF are so wicked. Every time the schedule the Super Falcons against the Chicken Black Queens, it always ends in tears for Ghana.

    Now the Chicken Black Queens will miss the World Cup next year.

    This is not fair.

    • This deo guy is so foolish you think he talks from his backside. Which team eliminated both your super chickens and the local chickens from their respective tournaments? Keep enjoying your women’s football and over aged men parading as u.20. Your elimination from the world cup and chan by ghana is affecting your brain. Why do you always want to talk about ghana. Is it an obsession? Boss, the world cup is over and you must think about how to repair your over hyped super chickens and local chickens and stop always talking about ghana. If self-made comes out to abuse you, people will start complaining but most times you call the abuse onto yourself. Stop the unnecessary rants cos ghana is not in competition with you. Kwasiakwa!

    • Yaw, you are the one who is stupid.

      We eliminated your Blackened Stars from the 2002 world cup qualification emphatically while you are here gloating over away goals rule fluke Qatar world cup qualification. Just stop talking like an idiot.

      As of the last time I checked, it was Ghana’s men Under 17 and Ghana’s women’s under 17 teams that were accused of age cheating this year. Despite that, both Ghanaian teams still failed miserably in their endeavours anyway.

      You are a fool Yaw for coming at me so strongly.

      Who is talking about the Qatar senior men’s world cup? that is now in the past. Nigeria eliminated Ghana from a world cup with an emphatic scoreline while Ghana needed away goals rule to prevail. But both games are not past so learn to move on.

      It is the future I am talking about and Ghana seams not to have an immediate future. Under 17 and under 20 tournaments will pass Ghana by in 2023 (no thanks to Nigeria’s ruthlessness) while the Ghanaian flag will be conspicuous in its absence at the prestigious women’s world cup next summer in Australia and New Zealand.

      Instead of you this stupid Yaw to go and bury your Ghanaian head in the sand of shame you are here running your mouth about a Qatar World Cup that is now in the past, a Qatar World Cup that Ghana failed woefully after Suarez’ Uruguay wiped the floor with your sorry blackened arses for the second time.

      Stupid Yaw, go and die.

      By the way, keep Selfmade out of your stupid mouth. I get on very well with him and I have utmost respect for Selfmade. He is intelligent to know that whatever I write about Ghana is just friendly banter. But you this Yaw are so idiotic that you can’t tell the wood for the trees.

      Go and enjoy your useless Chan Afcon, a tournament for local based players only which is why Selfmade will struggle to find any self respecting television station cover such a third rate tournament in the United States.

      You this dimwit Yaw, you better mind yourself and think twice before messing with me. Idiot.

      • You fool pass the word fool. People like you are the reason why we will not have peace on this platform. You jump at the least opportunity to write nonsense in the name of friendly banter. We shall all engage in your “friendly banter”. Fool! You will obviously struggle to watch the chan since you don’t even have electricity where you are. You are a cockroach leaving in the dark in the village country. 200m waste of space! Gyimii

      • And you Yaw are an idiot pass the word idiot. Nonentities like you are the reason why freedom of speech everywhere will continue to be trampled upon. If you want to be an ambassador for peace, why not join the United Nations? Fool.

        If what I jump to write continues to make you jump up and down like a gorilla why not volunteer to be caged up in a zoo to become an attraction for little children? Bastard. I struggle to watch Chan because they don’t have electricity where I live??? I laff in French. By that statement only, you just surpassed yourself as a compound fool. If I am a cockroach “leaving” in a village, you are an ape jumping up and down in cage with no hope in life of ever escaping your predicament, useless Ghanaian swine who is as worthless as a hand full of dust.

        If your parents Ghana did not train you how to conduct yourself in public, there are very many Nigerians on this platform who will cut you down to size and put you in your place on this platform.

        Worthless piece of shit.

        • Hahahahaha. Did you say freedom of speech? Mad men like you should not be allowed the freedom to speak because there is no sense in what you write. You are so stupid you didn’t realise it wasn’t ghana u20 in that friendly. You have a brain tiny like an ant’s to comprehend basic sentences and jump to comment without thinking and even when one sensible countryman tried to correct you, you still went on and on due to your foolishness and obsession of Ghana. Masa you cannot talk down a country which qualified to the world cup ahead of you even if a coin was tossed. Your super chickens come no where near the black stars on head to head, so give us a little respect. Nobody needs your “friendly banter”. It’s madness! Go and wash your stinking mouth before you come and insult. Kwasiato!

        • Hahaha, oh dear, I can’t stop laughing at the utterances of a lunatic like this Yaw. Your condition is too complex and complicated for even the most advanced mental asylum in Ghana. Hopeless bastard.

          What are you thinking? Do you think at all or has your brain been fried by the witches in your worthless Ghanaian village.

          I don’t need you to correct my perception or interpretation of the article above. I chose to interpret it in a way that suits and amuses me. If that bothers you so much, go and commit suicide by jumping in a lagoon. Son of a bitch. It will not be better for you.

          I didn’t ask you to comment under my thread. You claim I am obsessed with Ghana but it is you who is obsessed with me. Are you gay, bisexual or an Hermaphrodite? Go and make love to a lamp post and stop stalking my write ups. Idiot, beast of no nation.

          Son of a bitch is so paranoid about how Nigeria has brought misery to Ghana in 2023 that he keeps hovering around Nigeria’s football site. The peace you seek will forever elude you, scum bag. Go and learn manners if you want to comment here otherwise we will continue cutting you down to size and scattering your pieces inside useless match boxes. Hopeless bastard.

          I am free to interpret the article above however I like. Go and swallow rat poison if it bothers you that much.

          Worthless Ghanaian pig.

        • Additionally, idiot Yaw,

          1. Ghana is nothing compared to Nigeria in Under 17 football.

          2. Ghana is nothing compared to Nigeria in Olympic football.

          3. Ghana is nothing compared to Nigeria in senior women’s football.

          3. Ghana is nothing compared to Nigeria in women’s Under 20 football.

          4. Nigeria were first in eliminating Ghana from world cup qualification in 2002 in style without needing away goals rule.

          You Yaw are so dumb and myopic in your outlook that you think football is only about the Super Eagles and the Blackened Stars, son of a bitch.

          Go and die.

          • Lol…your brain is so weak. Why didn’t you add the super chickens to your list? Kwasia! Mad men like you are walking the streets of Nigeria. No wonder boko haram is bombing you. You are worthless like shit..lol. who cares about women’s football? Have you watched womens football at the stadium before? You were eliminated from the best world cup tournament ever by the mighty ghana and it’s affecting your brain. You are so stupid you don’t even understand what you are writing. Go and tell your useless father to set up a lotto kiosk before telling others not to comment here…kwasia! How many months now since you saw your super chickens play a competitive game? Who put you in that situation? Fool! You are here talking women’s football shit. Ghana beating and eliminating you from the world cup has taken your football 20 years back and we will beat you anywhere we meet. You list all those useless achievements and still fail to qualify for the world cup. Where are all those u20 players going if the senior teams are weak? Serious football nations play in the world cup and other senior mens tournaments and not any micky mouse over aged tournament. Idiot!

  • BigD 1 year ago

    This does not remotely look like @deo commenting

    • He did not take his medicine…lol

      • Reprobate Yaw, at least there is medicine for my ailments. There is no drug strong enough to cure you of your mental psychosis. Hopeless bastard. Let me remind you of what your Ghana will miss in 2023:

        – Under 17 Afcon.
        – Under 17 world cup
        – Under 20 Afcon
        – Under 20 world cup
        – And the greatest of them all: the 2023 prestigious women’s world cup.

        A whole 5 wonderful tournaments that you will be shedding tears in your bathroom for missing and you know why, Nigeria wholly or partly derailed your qualifications from all of them.

        Idiot lunatic like you who should be burying your Ghanaian head in shame is coming here to run your filthy stinking disgusting mouth.

        Go and enjoy your useless Chan for homebased players, the only tournament you have to look forward to in 2023 – isn’t that a pity?

        Mark my words, even in this Chan, the chances are that Ghana will not do anything meaningful. That was how you boasted your way into Qatar 2022 world cup only to emerge as the Worst African team in the tournament.

        Stupid idiot. You have no shame. Your Ghana went to the world cup to prove that Uruguay will wipe the floor with you every day of the week.

        Bastard Yaw.

        • Your own countrymen see say you fool. You did not even qualify for the tournament and you are here talking foolishly about somebody going to be eliminated. You see how foolish you are? Same ghana you are disrespecting eliminated you from the two most important football tournaments and you are here running your mouth. This shows that you have kerosene in your head. I don’t even know why I’m entertaining such a lunatic. Pls go back and take your medicine. Kwasia!

        • Your own country men have abandoned you because of the leprosy that has eaten up the fibres in your deluded brain. I said it once and I say it again,go and die with your worthless chan tournament, Nigeria has far more bigger fish to fry in 2023. May you continue never to value women’s football because of the misery poured on the heads of your prostitute blackening queens by the one and only Super Falcons of Nigeria.

          May it continue to pepper you that Nigeria eliminated your worthless Ghana from the great Japan Korea world cup of 2002 without needing away goals. Shameless bastard.

          I am glad you finally realise that you are entertaining me because I will only ever take you seriously once I choose to change my source of morbid amusement.

          Useless reprobate. Your rantings and utterances are as useless as the international record of your prostitute blackened queens Vis a vis our all conquering Super Falcons of Nigeria.

  • Israel k.bernard 1 year ago

    Why are you people fighting over something that has no benefits, the people who are making their money through football are somewhere enjoying themselves and both of you are fighting and insulting yourselves over simple matter , you people should stop that, is there any benefits in what both of you arguing?

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