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2023 U-20 W/Cup: South Korea Knock Out Flying Eagles

2023 U-20 W/Cup: South Korea Knock Out Flying Eagles

Nigeria’s Flying Eagles have crashed out of this year’s FIFA U-20 World Cup in Argentina, after losing 1-0 to South Korea in the quarter-finals on Sunday.

Choi Seok-Hyun’s 94th minute header in extra-time from a corner was enough for South Korea to progress into the last four.

The Flying Eagles came into the game on the back of a shock 2-0 win against hosts Argentina in the round of 16.

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While South Korea also ousted another South American team Ecuador 3-2 in the first knockout round.

Just like in 2007 U-20 World Cup in Canada, Ladan Bosso once again failed to take the Flying Eagles beyond the quarter-finals.

The Flying Eagles’ defeat also means Africa’s four representatives (Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia and Gambia) have all crashed out.

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  • Selfmade KING 4 months ago

    Italy and Nigeria turned EBA lol

    It ll take AFRICA another 100 years to do what Ghana did in Egypt 

    Better luck next time BABE EAGLES 

    • Footballfanatic 4 months ago

      This is all you waited for…..All that fake support about Nigeria should win it for Africa…This and that was all an act by you to pretend like you were supporting Nigeria…..Lol wow. Ghanaians and jealousy

      • Selfmade KING 4 months ago

        I was supporting Nigeria for real!  Wanted Nigeria to win this cup and I wasn’t faking it! 

        Ghana already have this cup and if Nigeria add to it, fair play!  

        Nigeria played well but Korea had a plan period 

        • Greenturf 4 months ago

          I don’t think so brother,you waited for this day!Your statement above gave you away,you don’t want Ghana’s record broken for bragging right support my ass haha…You will celebrate this lose i know haha..Well enjoy your wish was granted after all!

    • DANURCHMAN 4 months ago

      You are a hypocrite. It’s now clear that unknown to everyone, you were seriously embittered while Nigeria was winning matches. You now celebrate like an imbecile simply because Nigeria lost. Shame on you. You have just shown your mumu hatred for Nigeria. Shame on you.

      • Selfmade KING 4 months ago

        I was supporting Nigeria and frankly anytime  AFRICA teams meet Asians, I always support African team! 

        I had a dream that NIGERIA have won the cup and I was supporting Nigeria! 

        I wanted Nigeria to win this cup but it never happened but Nigeria did well! 

        Nigeria can build on this success goinb forward by starting to use players with their real ages!!

        When Ghana is not in any competition, I support NIGERIA because honestly I don’t support any FRANCOPHONE AFRICA nation period! 

  • Oakfield 4 months ago

    I spoke the truth here somedays ago and some idiots called me a tribalist. Do not associate or dedicate anything to these dudes who have blood in their hands. Do not give to them what is meant for God but you decided to do otherwise and the Glory of the Lord left you immediately. Until u understand the spiritual and what happens in that realm, you’ll always walk in the dark and find it hard to make headways even when u have everything to soar. There are things u don’t do and say in order not to dent your hands with bad luck or allow spiritual forces to steal your glory. It has happened again and it is very unfortunate. Too bad. I hope he dedicates this unwarranted failure to Me president. Truth hurts….Good night.

    • Please don’t brng religion into sports

      • Did he mention any religion in his comment?…..haha who do us like this?…..we are talking of natural laws here….. let’s us learn how to say the truth in Nigeria no matter our region or religion then Nigeria will be great……let us condemn what is wrong even if it’s our brother who does it…..Bosso went ahead of himself and nature went against him…..God is God no matter the name you call him…..stop playing the tribal and religious card here abeg

        • Mahmud Shuaib 4 months ago

          Another senseless misguided irredentist

          What is SPIRITUALITY??

          Always claiming CHRISTIANITY when the while World know your RELIGION is MONEY

          Baby Factory children
          Fake Products Sellers
          Drug trafficking gangs
          Armed ROBBERS
          Pioneers in Kidnapping

          • Selfmade KING 4 months ago

            And ur religion isn’t money?

            U can attack him as an individual but leave CHRISTIANITY out of this!!

            Every religion have its good and bad and u bet ur religion isn’t different 

            Don’t be the very thing u condemning 

          • John-1 4 months ago

            Look this hopeless desendant of Usman Dan Fodio, the criminal jihadist. Imagine this Boko Haram,ISWAP,incest practicing tribe, suicide bombing champions, Fulani Killer-Herdsmen,hypocritical alcohol drinkers and imps o. Abeg shift

          • DANURCHMAN 4 months ago

            @Mahmood Shuaib.
            You are a big fool. Did he mention any religion here? He only talked about the superiority of God over all entities and then you brought in insult against an entire religion with personal insult. Is it that your perfect religion does not recognize God as a Supreme being? See how animalistic and idiotic you are. You couldn’t even hide your animalistic nature. People of your type always show how stupid they are anywhere they go to. Fool.

      • Four four two 4 months ago

        @AKP, Oakfield is 100% correct. The moment the coach said he dedicated the victory to Tinubu and also that he wana win the tournament for Tinubu the Glory of the lord left the team. Oakfield u said my mind . These Men are blood thirsty men who are in God black book. Imfact they are the reason a dark spiritual cloud is covering Nigeria and until they are eliminated according to the prophecy of TB Joshua Nigeria will continue to be stagnanted.U cannot separate spirituality and sports. The bible says by strength shall no man prevail

      • DANURCHMAN 4 months ago

        Are you sure you read what Oakfield wrote? Next time, if you read a text and don’t understand it, then keep your mouth shut.

    • To them whoever does not support the murderer who has innocent blood in his hands is an Igbo…..How can we succeed I as a nation when we see white and call it black?….. Dedicating God’s glory to a filthy murderer who is only good in stealing and killing…..God has told the fool who he is……God does not share his glory with anyone much to less a dirt like ti**bu……I only feel sorry for those young boys whose star was sold for a plate of porridge…..At least majority of them will get very nice clubs to further their careers……I know God will surely compensate these young players because it’s not their fault that they are coached by a brainless animal…….Federick,Daga,Haliru,Umeh,Nnadi, Sunday, Mohammed,and lawal will surely get good deals while Eletu ,Aniagboso and Ongwuchi who are already abroad will grow higher…..Amen

      • Mahmud Shuaib 4 months ago

        Your people have more BLOOD in their hands and am sure that’s why you are an endangered species world over

        Visit all the PRISONS in the world and 90% of AFRICANS executed in foreign lands ….all are your arrogant and pompous local IGBOTIC OBINGOS!

        You can go collide with a TRAIN for all we care ASIWAJU is NIGERIA’S PRESIDENT for the next 4 years at least

        • DANURCHMAN 4 months ago

          @Mahmood Shuaib
          Your parents unfortunately gave birth to a foolish animal and called him a son. As the idiot you are, I know you will talk again.

    • Mahmud Shuaib 4 months ago

      Idiotic moronic imbecile waiting to say I TOLD YOU!

      Religious hypocrites!

      With all your CHRISTIANITY, the SOUTH EAST is the most BACKWARD and UNSAFE in the SOUTHERN REGION of NIGERIA

      With all the RELIGION in INDIA, ISRAEL and SAUDI ARABIA…none of them have WON any meaningful SPORTING LAUREL

      Son of a baby child Mother produced in a baby Factory like you!

      Ewu ANUOFIA

      • Oakfield 4 months ago

        Just imagine the kind of creatures we are living with in this country. Chei! Smh…..this country is finished…

        • John-1 4 months ago

          Shebi when we tell una say mek we join hands fight for Biafra together una go dey shout ‘One Nigeria’ up and down. Nigeria has never being one and will never be!

        • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

          That Shuab guy is a mad person because it’s been a while he’s not allowing us to rest because of his Batman president. Huh see what happened to Abacha will surely happen to one of these doomsday president there’s no brainier about this.

      • Agbo chimezie 4 months ago

        Isreal is in semi final playing beautiful football

      • DANURCHMAN 4 months ago

        You should be living among pigs and idiots. That is where you belong. As the idiot you are, I know you will talk again. Oya prove me right that you are.

  • Gritty 4 months ago

    Truth will certainly prevail no matter how hard you try to suppress or conceal it. The end shall tell…

  • Abdul 4 months ago

    Dedicate anything to the Apc, Bokohari or Tifnubu and loose.
    Serves them right.
    Thank God for answering my prayers.

  • Fetch 4 months ago

    Looking at the things Africans do in this underage tournament and still finds it difficult to win. Then African football is a real mess.

    • For once, I got to agree with you. Someone was sharing close-up images of some of our players, starting with the goalkeeper and I was awfully disappointed in the coach. In fact, a part of me is happy they lost today cos I hate nonsense. Looking at the U17 team that crashed out at the Afcon in May, I was proud of the faces I saw, coupled with their youth and skill (although let down by experience in the end). But they competed fairly and it was enjoyable to watch.

      Bosso should retire from coaching if his idea of winning is by hook or crook. I’ve never been sold on him or his wobbly, gung-ho, and barely discernable team play pattern. What bare-faced cheating! Oh my God, look at the goalkeeper. Almost 20 years shaved off! Didn’t FIFA apply MRI scanning? The funny thing is many real and talented U20s that can run for 240 minutes and beat this South Korean team abound here but the lazy coach won’t do extensive scouting like Ugbade did.

      • FIFA does not carry out MRI for any team except under 17

      • bosco 4 months ago

        U must be sick usptairs. Maybe you need to see brazil’s no 6 and tell me if that looked like under 20

        • Bosso and Bosco? Hmmmm. Could that actually be Bosso masking as Bosco? Hahahaha. I must have hit a raw nerve. Pele. There’s no way else to put it and I had no water in my mouth when saying it. Take the bitter pill and swallow it with water. You’ll get well. Truth is bitter but it’ll heal you when you take it with grace and humble acceptance. Pele again. Ndo. Hahahaha.

  • Codex 4 months ago

    Just the other day i saw disrespectful and arrogant comments here from some of our fans who looked past korea and were predicting a semi against italy now we’ve been humbled by football.as for the match my analysis was that Nigeria were made to play possession based football by the koreans who knew from their analysis that the FE were always slow,ponderous and tend to take too many touches on the ball.The FE did well to neutralise koreas greatest weapon all through the match:Crosses from the wings only for us to conceed via a corner kick due to fatigue and that brings me to the last 15-10 mins when we were on top cos i have a few questions:-
    Why was Jude Sunday not subbed off earlier?
    Is Haliru Sarki injured why wasn’t he brought on?
    these above were factors as to why- despite dominating the shot count-did have a few on target.
    This performance proved me right when I said previously that this Ladan Bosso led Flying Eagles are decent,solid outfit but not spectacular and thats what wins you tournaments (the spectacular) or the X factor.Once upon a time we had always produced X factor players but not anymore which is why the NFF has to embark on setting up a national football program for our national teams cos thats the way foward and also must pay up the debts owed to coaches and players so that they can produce their best.

    • Helius 4 months ago

      Are you saying dat dis naija team na counter dem sabi? dem no sabi keep ball? so how is it dat their possession pass korea own? No talk nonsense here o..

      • Codex 4 months ago

        Ask your Ancestors? Always the annoying one with annoying views and questions,dont provoke me ever again otherwise I’ll swallow you alive. Be Careful

  • Ako Amadi 4 months ago

    Some Flying Eagles are definitely older thsn 25 years, and too old to fly against the young Koreans who won every contest for the ball

    • Selfmade KING 4 months ago

      U now telling the truth lol

      Ghana and Nigeria cheats too much 

  • DeSTAR 4 months ago

    What a myopic thought; bringing tribal ,politics and spiritual into the world of football OMG !!!

    If politics wins football competition, USA should have won wc severally, if religion wins football competition, Isreal and Saudi Arabia ought to have been passing wc among themselves; and if religion & tribal bigotry wins Peter Obi shouldn’t have been social media/ igbo President but ought to have been in Aso Rock by now.

    • Mahmud Shuaib 4 months ago

      I.just tire for the fools.

      You can hate TINUBU’for all I care but don’t twist FACTS….sacred and COMMONSENSICAL FACTS just to prove a stupid, myopic and warped reasoning.

      Suddenly, the ZOMBIEFIED fascist hordes here have forgotten that this same team defeated the host nation and most successful U20 NATION ARGENTINA before today.

      Claiming the SPIRITUAL bla BLA BLA

      I ask the bastard called OAKFOOL and his foolish alter ego called AKPAMU aka AKP why hasn’t ISRAEL, SAUDI AND INDIA won ant FIFA WC either JUNIOR or SENIOR, MALE OR FEMALE???

    • “Give the drugident/poisondent a drug cup”…!
      Congratulations South Korea!!!

  • Fatigue wan finish the so called Nigeria under 20 squad. Why will old men not tire before real under 20? See age na. Daga own pain me pass.


    Chijoke Aniagboso (age 19)


    Solomon Agbalaka (age 19)
    Benjamin Fredrick (age 17)
    Daniel Bameyi (age 17)
    Abel Ogwuche (age 19)
    Chimezie Njoku (age 18)
    Israel Domingo (age 19)


    Samson Lawal (age 19)
    Daniel Daga (age 16)
    Ibrahim Abdullahi (age 17)
    Victor Eletu (age 18)
    Joshua John (age 19)
    Tochukwu Nadi (age 19)


    Sunday Jude (age 18)
    Ibrahim Beji Muhammad (age 19)
    Rilwanu Haliru Sarki (age 19)
    Umeh Emmanuel (age 18)
    Kehinde Ibrahim (age 17)
    Salim Fago Lawal (18)

    At least 10 years of football suppose dey their legs but check if even 6 would be relevant again in only 4 years time.

    We are killing our tomorrow football by using age cheats oh unless we will continue to use foreign born players.

    • Selfmade KING 4 months ago

      Oh sad Daga ironically is the youngest player in the entire tournament lol

      Such a YOUNGSTER lol

    • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

      Hahahahaha…Daga wants to claim he is of the same age with those kids Ugbade took to the U17 AFCON……..LMAOoooo.

      My advice to SE coaches is that whichever of these so-called U20s they have identified to be good enough should be called up into the SE immediately and not wait for them to “grow”….these are all grown men. I said that already pre-WAFU tournament.

      Let’s not make the same mistake we made with Rabiu Ibrahim…..LMAOoo….waiting for him to “grow” before blooding him into the Super Eagles, when he was already operating at his peak at the age of “17”.

  • Fetch 4 months ago

    This is Africa. It might interest you to know people you graduated high school with will be playing under 17 and 20, 5 years later with ages 14,15, 16

  • chuks haifa 4 months ago

    Who doesn’t cheat. If you see a 50 yr old Japanese or Korean woman, you will feel she is 25yrs. The don’t age easily and that’s the gene they have. These guys cheat like Africans too. Nobody is innocent. Especially the countries that want to win. Europe will dominate this competition for a longtime going forward. They have functional youth league, UEFA youth champions league etc. They are way ahead of the rest. If Africa still continues with regional qualifications, the best teams will not represent Africa. It will be Senegal,Zambia, Morroco and Nigeria all the time. Ghana, Ivory Coast are cut off. The best teams don’t represent Africa again because of this South African’s man experiment and hatred for west African youth football dominance.

  • Ako Amadi 4 months ago

    Bosso, Gusau and NFF wanted to make money by advertising old players from football academies in Northern Nigeria for sale to European clubs. As a result the Flying Eagles never played as a team.

  • Ralph 4 months ago

    I thought we are here to discuss and analyse the match? What is all this about ?
    If we are can be composed and handle little things like analysing a bad match and criticise what led to the poor match outcome without throwing all these bomb then we have a lot to learn.

  • MuYiwa 4 months ago

    Hosanna today, crucify him tomorrow, that succinctly summarises the actions and reactions of many on this platform. The same dudes who were already dreaming of Nigeria winning the WC or Nigeria meeting Italy, are now bad mouthing the coach and players. Even when the match was going on, some said that the players played better than the Super Eagles, those ppl have now changed tone. Hmm. Eniyan abidi yanyan.

  • Ayphillydegreat 4 months ago

    Anybody that want to discuss Politics, religion and tribalism should please leave this forum and go to Twitter. At least you can get blocked easily there. In the last decade Nigeria hasn’t made it past the round of 16 at the U20 WorldCup. Amunikes team in 2017 couldn’t even qualify for the AFCON talk less of the WorldCup.

    What we need is a sustainable football structure which I doubt we can ever achieve because our best talents will always go to Europe at every given opportunity. We lost to a very organized Korean side and a football culture that is doing something better than us at this level. 

    I mentioned in my previous posts that South Korea recently played the final of this tournament in the last edition. Let’s face it apart from the U17 level where Ugbade failed Africa has lagged behind over the past decade at this level and beyond in international football. We kinda rely on mercenaries. 

    This team even proved a point because nobody ever gave them a chance to make it out of the group stage in the first place. Then why all the cry?? The only thing they lacked was cutting edge in the final third. Meanwhile I’m sure some of them will make it all the way to the SuperEagles in the nearest future. 

    Fredrick and Ogwuche have a bright future at least. That’s what this tournament is all about not necessarily winning the championship but have a solid foundation for your senior national team. I think this is Italy’s tournament to lose, but this Korean are not a pushover. 

    We lost today and we move on. U23 Lulẹ, U17 Lulẹ. Only U20 showed some promise. 

    • JimmyBall 4 months ago

      @Ayphillydegreat… thanks for your very relevant post. Our football culture has a problem of coaching methods, proper training methods, technical and tactical aspects of the game. Our coaches are doing their best but are still below par when they meet a tactician that is very sound and a team well organized like South Korea yesterday. Where tacticality helps is a situation where your opponent surrender possession to you to wear yourself out and you can’t figure out a way to Crack them open under 120minutes of football. When a coach is versed in methods and tactics of the game… surely there has to be a solution to such stubborn play from your opponent. We lost and I was not angry because last night we couldn’t manage a solution under 120minutes of football. Atleast we can count on bright lights like Nnadi, Fredrick, Ogwuche, Daga and Eletu. I was highly impressed with Nnadi and even yesterday, I felt the coach could have started Eletu from the bench just like against Argentina… I feel the Emmanuel Umeh guy shd have started from the left side of attack, Jude Sunday right side and Ibeji middle(Centre forward) such that Umeh and Ibeji could swap after thirty minutes and we still can’t Crack them open, while Nnadi played Attacking midfield and Eletu and Daga could play a pivot in front of our back four… I wanted to see Emmanuel Umeh who has been obviously and evidently imoactful start, Ibeji and Jude… I thought playing Salim Fago from the bench instead of starting ahead of Umeh will have profited us immensely. We look forward to 2025 now… God keep us alive.

    • Codex 4 months ago

      Exactly my point the key to success in football is STRUCTURE. A structured program for our national teams is what our football needs at international level while league creation and heavy investment is what our club sides need. Do these right and in a few years our country will be enviously talked about by the world. Unfortunately we have a technical committee that is for fancy,clueless administrators etc and as such we the fans will continue dreaming until goodness knows when.

  • * Last last, one Sam Edozie, Carny Chukwuemeka from England, Lesley Ugochukwu from France etc will dominate super Eagles in the future with few of Bosso’s rejects like Ola-Adebomi, Kenny Coker etc  will in the future join few names from this team in super Eagles.
    * Just like Lukman Haruna, Rabiu Ibrahim, Solomon Okoronkwo, Victor Brown, Sanni Emmanuel, Marculay Chrisantus etc  not all the names we fall in love with in this tournament will become future super Eagles star.
    And just like Obinna Nsofor, Francis Uzoho etc there are names we didn’t even notice in this team or already dropped before the tournament  that will later grow to be Future Eagles star.
    Next on table for me is super Eagles list, I wonder what is delaying it, I can’t wait to see the list.
    In conclusion,
    1) Bosso like Ugbade are only good for under age tournaments just to build our future team for at least 3 to four names will come out from their team to join the European born in the future. (We should not even try to imagine them as Super Eagles coaches)
    2) Let us start using the available players in this team to prepare for the next under 23 tournament for we’ve really suffered in recent time on that category.
    3) Let’s chill till the next episode (Snoop)

  • The Koreans knows Nigeria very well…. They know when to hit Nigeria hard, they did exactly….

    Can we flash our minds back to 2005 when we were drawn in the same group, after picking a draw against Brazil , we thought we’ll just walk over Korea but the unexpected happened.

    The Mikel and taiwo led team outplayed the Korean until eigthy-something minutes when Mikel was withdrawn from the game with Nigeria leading One nil, the Korean deployed their tactics of hitting Nigeria when they are exhausted, guess what? They scored twice and won the game.

    The same thing happened in the quarter finals, the Koreans parked bus for 45 minutes, and poured out in numbers when our boys became tired, it only took the mercies of God that we weren’t knocked out at regulation time.

    The boys may be above 23 or 25, but there are some positive in team.

    The likes of ELETU, DAGA, UMEH are ripe for super eagles midfield.

    Finally, with this result from oga Bosso, it’s confirmed that our indigenous coaches can’t make any meaningful impact if given the opportunity to handle the super eagles.

    It’s time we do a way THE them and bring in fresh hands like ENYEAMA (S.EAGLES GK TRAINER), FINIDI (U 17), OLOFINJANA/EFE AMBROSE (U20), MONDAY ODIGIE (U23 and home base).

    From these fresh young coaches we can pick our super eagles coach and assistant.

    Enough of recycling coaches.

    I rest my case.