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2026 WCQ: Don’t Take Lesotho For Granted –Udeze Warns Super Eagles

2026 WCQ: Don’t Take Lesotho For Granted  –Udeze Warns Super Eagles

Former Nigerian international, Ifeanyi Udeze has warned the Super Eagles not to take Lesotho for granted in today’s 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

Recall that Nigeria will face Lesotho at the Godswill Akpabio International Stadium, in Uyo today at 5pm.

In a chat with Brila FM, Udeze stated that the Super Eagles must be careful with their approach and avoid taking them for granted.

“The Super Eagles must mot take Lesotho for granted in today’s 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers. The team must be careful with the way they approach the game.

“Like I said earlier, the Super Eagles must not take Lesotho for granted. I wish them all the best.”


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The Super Eagles head into the game on a four-match winning streak against the visitors and will look to extend their dominance in this fixture.

Nigeria picked up a morale-boosting result ahead of the World Cup qualifiers as they edged out Mozambique 3-2 at the Estádio Municipal de Albufeira on October 16.

Jose Peseiro’s men have now gone unbeaten in five games on the trot, claiming four wins and one draw since March’s 1-0 loss against Guinea-Bissau.

Having missed out in Qatar last year, the Super Eagles, who are currently 40th in the latest FIFA World Rankings, will look to begin their quest for a return to the World Cup.

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  • If Uzoho is in the starting 11 I’ll cry havoc and spill blood all hell will break loose.

    • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

      You better be ready to keep your words because you’ll cry blood today.

  • One major point I picked out from Paseiro’s press conference yesterday is that he’s kind of conservative, and doesn’t like taking a lot of risks with new invites. I can bet there’ll be no more new faces for Afcon in January and players like Collins, Omeruo, Aribo, Uzoho will likely still make the next World Cup squad if we qualify, no matter the hue and cry from any quarters. It’s like most of his players know they have guaranteed shirts.

    He basically said it takes time to infuse his tactical philosophy on new players and he doesn’t want to disrupt the chemistry he’s slowly building in the current crop. So except a player is exceptionally good and cannot be hidden like a goldfish, there’ll be no gatecrashing his team. He’d rather work with any player Nigerians now consider average and overlook a few mistakes they make than banking on a new kid on the block cos the former has a good understanding of his school of thought.

    A journalist even suggested inviting Enyeama, an Akwa Ibomite who might be in town in Uyo, to probably mentor Uzoho. Paseiro didn’t particularly like that suggestion and brushed it off.

    • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

      Was that not what we told you all during Rohr’s time…???

      Y’all think football is like video games..?

      You guys think its easy to teach 22 different people from different clubs how to consistently play together in a certain way within 3 days of training, that yall be wanting new faces in every SE list…?? Which coach does that…?

      Imagine yourselves being choirmasters, your choir has 10 songs to learn for the week…

      Day 1, 6 people come for practise, you learn song 1 & 2…..

      Day 2, only 2 from the previous day came, 5 that didn’t come the previous day now came today, you think you will be able to go ahead to learn song 3 and 4…? No ways, You will most likely have to go back to song 1 & 2 from the previous day.

      And then come Day 3, the 2 that came on Day 1 and Day 2 didn’t pitch up, those available are 3 of those who pitched up on day 2 and 4 of those who didn’t, trust me you are still going back to song no 1 & 2 on day 3.

      Then continue like that with such inconsistency in attendance and see if you will be able to learn up to 4 songs that week

      Nobody should fault Peserio. He is just not being foolish. Its not a matter of being conservative.

      National team football is not club football. Even clubs take almost half of the season to blend whenever there is a major overall of new signings during the summer

      lts even better if the new entrant is some phenomenal player…..but when you as a national team coach keep bringing in people who are not a tad better than those on ground, your team will never make progress.

      We have seen that happen in the SE over and over again.

      Fans should jettison this idea of wanting to see their fantasy XI in every international window.

      • Glory 7 months ago

        Hahaha. At least we will have to learn the easiest of songs…. “d day is bright, so bright and fair, oh happy day, a day of joy. D day is bright, so bright and fair, oooooooh happy day. Nigerians we hail thee…. People watch so much of premier league, la liga, serie A etc and quickly forget how national teams are a different ball game altogether.

        • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

          Hahahaha….Glory, even that one is not easy to teach. If you think it is, ask anyone who teaches in a kindergaten/nursery school.

          You teach today, the kids forget by tomorrow….LMAOoo

      • Dcardinal 7 months ago

        While your analogy of comparing the national football team to a choir is interesting, there are some aspects of your argument that can be counteracted,

        Firstly, while it’s true that consistently changing the lineup might disrupt team chemistry, it’s also crucial to acknowledge that new players can bring unique qualities and perspectives to a team. Football is dynamic, and different opponents may require different strategies. Inviting new faces doesn’t necessarily mean overhauling the entire team but rather strategically integrating players with diverse skill sets to enhance adaptability.

        Also your argument seems to prioritize short-term stability over long-term development. National teams should not only focus on immediate results but also plan for the future. Introducing new players gradually and allowing them to gain experience alongside regulars can contribute to a more robust and prepared team in the long run, as there would be healthy competition and avoid predictability.

        It’s good to know that Professional footballers are accustomed to adapting quickly. They play in different systems with different teammates at the club level, and many of them have experienced international competitions at various levels (youth teams, etc.). Coaches can exploit this adaptability by selecting players who are not only individually skilled but also quick learners, capable of adjusting to different playing styles.

        However Striking a balance between stability and progress is key. It’s not about bringing in new faces for the sake of it but identifying players who bring something valuable to the team. A well-thought-out selection process, considering both current form and future potential, can help maintain stability while fostering growth.

        In conclusion, your assertion makes valid points about the challenges of team integration, but it’s also essential to consider the long-term benefits of strategic player development and the dynamic nature of football. A balance between stability and progress is key for sustained success in national team football. I come in peace oo..

        • Ayphillydegreat 7 months ago

          The coach has already been introducing new players gradually into the team though. At least about 10 players have made their debuts under him since he took over the team last year. It’s just that he met a good number of players on ground who are still in their prime. No sane coach discard an entire generation of good players. Iwobi, Iheanacho, Ndidi, Awoniyi, Simon, Lookman and the likes can never be discarded by even a Pep or Klopp or Anceloti if they want to achieve results. He’s bringing new players and integrating them gradually since he took over the team a little over a year now. Let’s see how he can get the best out of them. 

          • Dcardinal 7 months ago

            It’s commendable that the coach has been introducing new players gradually, and it’s understandable that a complete overhaul might not be practical. However, my stake is While it’s acknowledged that the coach has introduced new players, there’s still room for finding a better balance. Gradual integration is essential, but it doesn’t mean ruling out the possibility of more strategic changes to enhance team dynamics. Other successful coaches have managed to blend experienced players with emerging talents effectively(eg Ghana 2010 world cup). Football is highly competitive, and the landscape is ever-evolving. The introduction of new players should not only be about filling gaps but also about fostering healthy competition within the squad. Competition tends to elevate the performance of all players, including those who have been in the team for a longer period. Note that Player form can be unpredictable. While established players like Iwobi, Iheanacho, and others have proven themselves, fluctuations in form are natural. Introducing new players doesn’t necessarily mean discarding proven talents but rather adapting to current form and exploring options to maintain a competitive edge.
            In essence, my thought is for more strategic and forward-thinking approach to ensure the national team remains competitive.

    • Dr Drey,

      That is why I sort of understand why Gareth Southgate keeps inviting Manchester United’s Harry Maguire. When a set of players buy into your philosophy, you tend to invite them even when they face hard time in their clubs.

      Aribo, Uzoho and Onyeka have bought into Peseiro’s philosophy hence he would prioritise their invitations.

      It’s just the way it is.

  • Dr Drey,

    That is why I sort of understand why Gareth Southgate keeps inviting Manchester United’s Harry Maguire. When a set of players buy into your philosophy, you tend to invite them even when they face hard time in their clubs.

    Aribo, Uzoho and Onyeka have bought into Peseiro’s philosophy hence he would prioritise their invitations.

    It’s just the way it is.

  • Ayphillydegreat 7 months ago

    Starting IX according to sources. Based on the last training 

    Uzoho – Aina, Semi, Bassey, Bruno – Onyeka, Iwobi – Iheanaco, Lookman, Boniface, Awoniyi.

    Let’s go boys. Ati Fọlọhun ṣọle. Let’s rally around Uzoho and hope he keeps a clean sheet today. At least 3-0 

    VAMOS ARRIBBA SUPEREAGLES!!!! Fly like an Eagle into the future. 

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