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Ejaria Dumps England For Nigeria

Ejaria Dumps England For Nigeria

Liverpool midfielder Ovie Ejaria has committed his international future to Nigeria, reports Completesports.com.

Ejaria, 22, was born in London to Nigerian parents and has represented England at the U-20 and U-21 levels.

The talented midfielder who is currently on loan at Sky Bet Championship club Reading was part of the England U-20 side that won the FIFA U-20 World Cup in 2017.

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Ejaria trained with the Golden Eaglets in 2013 but failed to make the final squad that won the FIFA U-17 World Cup in the United Arab Emirates.

“Ovie Ejaria has committed to Nigeria, an @NGSuperEagles team source tells me. Paperwork is already with FIFA, and Nigerian passport needs to be renewed. All but settled for the Liverpool man who is on loan at Reading,” former Super Eagles midfielder and ESPN journalist, Colin Udoh on Wednesday.

He has scored three goals and provided four assists in 35 appearances for Reading this season.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • GLORY 4 years ago

    Baller exemplary. Proud of you man. What a huge headache for Rohr, Iwobi, Ndidi, Aribo, Ejaria, Etebo, Azeez…..LolZ

    • KangA 4 years ago


      Good headache any coach would wish for; will raise the ante and call for healthy competition. I’m loving’ it!

      Wise guy. We appreciate your decision.

      • GLORY 4 years ago

        Brother man, this is just the beginning. Nigerian blooded kids have taken over almost all under age football in England, especially in London, right from under 7 through to under 12 n so on..Im kind of happy but at the same time worried for the home grown. NFf have to sit down to work out a 10 years plan on how to leverage things out, which must be founded first and foremost on lifting the standard of our local league, such as players welfare/financial status, quality pitches, TV rights, branding, insurance n many more and most importantly stop this mad exodus of players from the league. Infact make our league so attractive enough for foreign talents to want to come play in Nigeria. Then we won’t even beg for homebase to be invited to SE as the talents will be there to see and readily available. But for now let’s not decieve ourselves, our best are outside the country n national team assignments are for the best of the best warriors.

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          My brother….leave NFF o biko. Let them be waiting for Rohr to come and discover/develop their 30-35 year old home grown talents for them.

          • GLORY 4 years ago

            My brother @ Drey, truth is anyone clamouring for homebase now simply because they are home based is just like asking Nigeria to go to war with Awka made gun when we have got reservoir of SA80AZ rifles/ Mighty M4 Carbine rifles..at our disposal. Such person must be seen as having an intention to give nigeria/nigerians in for some disgraceful defeat.

        • Michael 4 years ago

          @Glory Really forgot to include age cheat. Most of them if not all playing in the professional league are older than what they present as they age. The NFF really need to seriously look at that and develop a strong strategy to tackle it.
          Good morning Drey.

        • King Jesse 4 years ago

          Good reasoning bro.. I toll your line of opinion

    • Pompei 4 years ago

      Glory, I see some sweet, sweet balling in the horizon for Nigerian soccer fans.
      Ejaria the big baller, midfield shot caller.
      Are they sleeping in England? How did they contrive to lose such a player?
      I’m not complaining though! They should please continue in their slumber, so that we can get more of our lads. Sleep on England! Sweet dreams!

      • GLORY 4 years ago

        Oh boy abeg make we talk small small oh. Infact make we pretend say we no want, so that England no go change their mind oh. E b like say d cocoyam wey we dey roast to confuse England eye dey work oh..

  • means iwobi have to play his last 4games for super eagle, two start and two subs. because ejuke young neymar also is coming. or maybe iwobi have to go left wing, thats position where iwobi do better. simon need to be drop for iwobi at the flank. though both iwobi and simon are not up to super standard now.

    • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

      I’m just a little bit worried about the speed of Ejaria, he is too tall for my liking which i feel will affect his acceleration, also the current super eagles plays counter attacking football, so how can he fits well to the team pattern?

      He is skillful though.

      There’s another news that Philip billing has decided to play for Super Eagles.

      • Unique 4 years ago

        Nigerians have started again o, Does he have same height with Fabinho, Bosquet and Nzonzi? If you have watched this guy games as you said, you wouldn’t have critize this guy height. He’s not a sluggish, he’s skillful and calculative. My brother, Ejaria is a blessing to Super eagle.

      • Ugwudede 4 years ago

        This philip Billing has lost it when he was approached and he was feeling that he is bigger than Nigeria. Come to think of who will he bench in that defensive midfield? Ndidi will always play 90 munites while the likes of Etebo and Azeez are also better than the philip. So let him go with his Denmark

  • Unique 4 years ago

    Good news for super eagle and Nigerians. Competition will make the team stronger. Beware off and on players, up your game or you will be drop. I would like Ebere Eze and Bukayo Saka to decide on time before it’s too late!

  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    Once again I thank you God for this great achievement.

    I’m proud of myself. When we are talking about Aribo and Ejaria, ÓMÓ9ja name will come to mind and the name will ring bell in the ear of Nigerians.

    This is a huge achievement for me and all Nigerians.

    However, I won’t be carried away because when you having a coach that can’t discover raw talent or know how to use his tactics to play these kind of players, everything is zero. We saw Jo in the Afcon 2000, using Tijani babangida as a striker and he played both Finidi and Tijani together in the same match, this is what I called good manager.

    We saw it at the world cup and Afcon. Iwobi and others players were benched in Russia.

    Osimhen was also benched with Onyekuru.
    Thinks have to changed because we can’t continue like that. Thank God that Yobo is part of the team now.

    This is want we want on this forum. Let’s continue saying the truth and I’m sure that everything will be OK soon.

    Those that can not do without bad words should be careful. Instead of doing that, they should find time to scout for more talented players like I’m doing.

    Here is another goalie that deserved to be with Eagles. Osaga. He is a world class goalkeeper. I have been saying this for so long but the gaffer is not interested in this good goalie.

    Another Kanu is back. Watch out for him. Congratulations to we patriotic Nigerians. We have done really well. Ire o. God bless Nigeria !!!

    • Chairmanfemi 4 years ago

      Lol…Omo9ja you make me laugh so badly! I’ve been waiting for your comment since CSN posted the news to come and boast you discovered Ejaria for Nigeria and you never disappoint..lol! Someone that has been in the news for long. Suddenly you discovered him for us. Weldone oo.

      The Osagie you’re talking about, I can’t even remember how long Nigerians have been talking about Osagie and even Osagie already claims he has contact with the scout team already. And now Omo9ja is just discovering Osagie for Nigeria..lmao! Old man, be current now.
      Am sure if Osagie finally gets the Invitation and makes an error or concedes a goal…boom! This same you will be the first to Criticize Coach Rohr for inviting such a Bad Goalie??

      • Darey 4 years ago

        Please who is this Osage and where does he play his football? Is he that good?

        • Don’t mind him …they are talking about the Osigwe (Sebastien). That have played Toulon tournament with under 20 with semi Ajayi then. Omo9ja the Scout!

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            ….infact he’s a scouter. Lolz
            I’m shocked he has not added Bukayo Saka, Ehizube, Dessers and Eze to the list of players he discovered..LMAO
            When Onuachu scored on his debut against Egypt, he went gloating about how it was him who discovered Onuachu…since when Onuachu bombed heavily at AFCON he has stopped mentioning his name… likewise esiti.

            Success indeed has many parents…it’s only failure who is an Orphan. Lol

      • Omo9ja 4 years ago

        @Chairmanfemi, this is quite interesting and funny lolz. Am I boasting now because of these players that I have discovered or introduced to our coaches? Absolutely no sir. I have discovered so many talents before now. No be today o Mr. Femi.

        Nobody appreciate what I am doing but the results are their to see.

        Osage is the next on line. Did you know how long have been clamoring for this Osage? Its also took me weeks, months and years for campaigning for Aribo and Ejeria before coach Rohr heard my voice. Now, you people are giving the honor to Oga Rohr. Isn’t funny?

        Enough of Akpeyi. Even, if these Osage, Okoye and Alanpasu can not be trusted by Oga Rohr, who else would be? Akpeyi ba?

        Risk is part of everything in life. Mr. Rohr have to take the risk. If our local coaches did risk Enyeama, he wouldn’t have manned the post for Nigeria for so long.

        Even, for everyone of us to wake up this morning is a risk. Nothing is guaranteed that is the reason why Westerners are ahead of us.

        This is why you people have to agree with me that we don’t have world class coaches at this moment.

        All our coaches are just average. Mr. Rohr need help while coach Agu also need help or he should be replaced sharp sharp.

        We have so many qualified coaches at this time Fęmi.

        How i which our ex players can handle this team for Nigeria by themselves?

        Africa, it is time to wake up oooo. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • Oakfield 4 years ago

          Csn, pls give us a ‘laugh’ button, it seems we have a clown in the house… Loooool…… I can’t just stop laughing….

      • Pompei 4 years ago

        Lol, no be only DISCOVER…..na MAUNFACTURE too. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      So switching Babangida from right to left is what made your Bonfrere Joke a good coach, as if we’ve not seen Sam Kalu switched from right wing forward to left or right wing back, Iwobi switched from left midfield to central midfield, Aina switched from right back to left wing back or Awaziem switched from central defence to right back in today’s Eagles. Your Jo was so good that we were in 3rd place (despite being the top seed and having one of the best SE of all time) in our WCQ group and almost missing out of 2002 WC before he was fired…LMAO

      • Omo9ja 4 years ago

        I know, you Dr. Drey will talk.

        Am I not deserve an accolade ni?

        Where is your pikin Oakfield?

        Sean also joined the fold ba?

        Chai, I can’t stop laughing ooo.

        Ah, some of us are getting scared of these players already. Why worried?

        Sebi we have Oyinbo coach that sabi coach? He should know how to use these talents to win trophies now.

        Kai, akoba gafara lol. Hmm, this is funny reading you guys comments this morning. Please don’t kill me for here ahahaaha. Stay safe out there my people.Ire o. God bless us all. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Oakfield 4 years ago

      Looooooool! Chief scout of Liars team….. Lol…. You’ll never cease to amaze and amuse me…. Chai…

    • Oh less I forget, @omo9ja, aren’t you the one that discovered Jay Jay okocha, Finidi, Amunike, Oruma, Kanu even the late Yekini, as the chief scout of Clemens Westerhoff then? Bad radiance to good rubbish! You should as well said you discovered the entire Eagles. Mr discovery… Hiss!!

  • on and off players really need to beware. because on and off players really hindering our team progress. but according to profiles ejaria has thesame height with aribo. 185cm tall. even osimhen that stand 192cm can speed like flash. Semi ajayi stand 195cm still can speed.

  • Omo9ja u made me laugh this time around. LOLs, hahahahahahahahahaha

  • This is a welcome development. Nice

  • Collins id 4 years ago

    This is a our journey to a world cup truphy. Afcon 3 times in a role, i am so proud of our tilents, imagine ejuke and chukueze flanking osihmen in attack, ejiara, ndidi, and iwobi or aribo in the middle. balogun and ajayi in the central back. Aina and ehizibue or collins in wing backs. Kalu,musa,ekong,awaziem,etebo,onazi,azeez,onyekuru,omeruo, are all equal to thesame quality. God bless Naijizi

    • Hi Collins id,

      I like your piece above. Thank you so much.

      • Collins id 4 years ago

        @deo thank you my honorable.

      • Michael 4 years ago

        @Deo please how can I get that your factual comment on Rohr’s substitution. I really need to use it and counter a lie. Please you guys should help with the link where the comment is @Drey and fellow progressive friends

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    Hehehehehe…Omo9ja discoverd Ejaria as far back as 2013 when he was in the U17 team…LMAO. Infact he was the one that recommended Ejaria to the England U20s in 2017 too…LMAO.
    I can remember him discovering Sebastien Osigwe (his “world class” goal keeper who plays in the Swiss 2nd division) too and recommending him to John Obuh as far back as 2013 when our U20 team was preparing for the U20 world cup. Infact he has discovered other players like Noah Okafor and Aribo AFTER they had played in Europa League….Lolz. He also discovered Esiti and Onuachu too.

    When I say some people are born lairs, its not an insult…it’s a compliment.

  • Gideon S 4 years ago

    I don’t even care if all SE players one day become foreign born. As long as we’re getting good results in a competitions, no wahala!

    Am Happy bout the news,
    Congrats 9ja fans

  • Mercy 4 years ago

    @ omo9ja
    The Christopher Columbus of Nigerian football!!
    Yes tell them. They don’t know that you are the one that discovered Ejarie, osigwe, odegbami, Amaju picnick, even papa yekini…Lmbo

    • KangA 4 years ago

      I’m amazed that you guys do  not know that Om9ja is is a veritable jester. He mops up honours everywhere. Mr Discoverer!!!

      • GLORY 4 years ago

        Loooolzzz … Up Omoja.. Just tune up to Discovery Channel Omoja channel 5..

  • Sunnyb 4 years ago

    Another great addition, let’s continue to build on this momentum, with few more addition of ballers i think we can challenge the world soccer super powers.

  • congrat! 9ja fans.

  • Nawao for this OMO9JA o!….
    His oga and boss of “ROHR’s HATERS ASSOCIATION of NIGERIA (R.H.A.N) @”ODEGBAMI” is in “ALLNIGERIASOCCER SPORT PAGE” talking thrash as usual….
    Blasting and condeming OGA ROHR and his effort…..
    Claiming it’s TUNDE ADELAKUN that is visting match venues in europe to watch raw talent and introducing them to Rohr to assemble……
    He said Rohr is not doing anything at all.

    I was wandering whether CSN have chase him away with his useless, racist and bias mind……

    Visit “ALLNIGERIASOCCER” sport and see it urself……
    Very soon he would come over to CSN to vomit his normal jagons of criticisms……

    I’m happy bcos i have the likes of:

    DR. DREY and co that are factual….
    No shaking at all…..

    • Oakfield 4 years ago

      We are waiting for him, he’s such an old fool. Useless ex cricket international.

      • Goal⚽️ 4 years ago

        I wonder if @Drey isn’t teaching his followers manner, how can one be insulting someone he never met face to face?

        You can criticise him but insulting an old man doesn’t show good home training.

        Dr Drey you have to careful, try and teach manners to your disciples.

        • Oakfield 4 years ago

          I will insult him again, and again, and again!
          until he receives some sense. Old fool!

    • CHRYX 4 years ago

      my brother don’t mind that funny old man like they say being old does not guarantee maturity or sense even if Adelakun is the one doing the job, GR is paying him 5000 dollar so he is working for his money and it is called division of labor GR cannot do everything by himself moreover if he is not letting Adelakun do it same old man will come and say GR is not letting others into what he is doing but if he thinks its adelakun’s power then he should and ask Pinic why he could not convince Abraham even wen the boy was his friends son i can tell you if GR was the one that went for Abraham he would have most likely committed to us .

    • Michael 4 years ago

      I don’t really think Odegbami means good for SE. He has always found a way to discredit whatever Rohr has done or achieved. Rarely can he acknowledge or point out a single thing good done by Rohr. Is it shear hatred or that he is excessively obsessed with home based coach managing the team or that SE is no longer a platform for player advertisement.

      I can see a strategically planned discreet script being played out with Odegbami the mouthpiece. He just puts it in public before their act.

      Mark what I said today, Yobo will turn coach of SE and Rohr’s contract won’t be renewed

  • How Good is this guy… Can he bench any of our current midfielders??

  • A little digression pls.. Read the above links, and imagine this rubbish from Odegbami, (the elder statesman) I said it last time that the man means of making money in SE has been blocked and he is broke, instead of him to publish his account details as I have advised earlier, this is what he resorted to

  • Chairmanfemi 4 years ago

    As @Omo9ja keeps cracking us all up with his sudden discovery of Ejaria and the whole Super Eagles team. His Chief Commander and Sense-less Elder ODEGBAMI has something new to say:

    Legendary Nigeria winger Segun Odegbami strongly criticized the decision of the Nigeria Football Federation to give a new contract to Gernot Rohr.

    The Franco-German football tactician is on the verge of inking a new deal with the NFF amidst all the conditions laid out in the proposed deal, including living in Nigeria to monitor potential Super Eagles players in the domestic championship and being paid in the local currency.

    “I don’t know about the plot to send him packing, I have been an advocate of the end of foreign coaches in Nigerian football and I stand by that,” said Odegbami.

    “It is very insensitive of people at this time in our history considering where we are now with the coronavirus opening our eyes to the new realities of the world for us to continue to go back to something that has failed us.”

    The highlight of Odegbami’s interview was when he revealed that English-based scout of Nigerian descent, Tunde Adelakun was the one doing most of the job assigned to Rohr.

    Adelakun has often been sighted at English Premier League match venues monitoring players of Nigerian descent with a view to a call-up to the national team.

    “Gernot Rohr didn’t succeed, he took all that money, didn’t spend his time in this country.

    “A black young Nigerian man, Tunde Adelakun was the one doing all the job, combing the whole of Europe to look for players and all Gernot Rohr was doing was spending few days to assemble players and play matches.

    “Besides that his scoreline is not anything that Nigerians have not done before so we must put an end to this slavery and colonial mentality,” Odegbami added.

    The 1980 Africa Cup of Nations winner concluded by saying that an indigenous coach should be in charge of the Super Eagles

    “Nigerians at this point have to look inwards, everything around us shows that these people out there don’t love us so they can’t love our country more than us.

    “We have Nigerians who can do the job, they have always done the job and they can still do the job.

    “Gernot Rohr, we have no business discussing with him, his contract expires in June, he should just go quietly.”

    Igho Kingsley – COPIED

  • Am not a fan of GR but i disagree with odegbami in this one. We must not go for our local coaches. Nff should go for a world class foreing coach. in football no nation is above foreing coach.

    • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

      @Drey please teach your followers manner, how can one be insulting someone he never met face to face?

      It shows lack of home training.

      You have not done your job very well or maybe they learnt it from you because birds of the same feathers they say fly together.

      It’s very embarrassing, please do something about it.

      • Oakfield 4 years ago

        Go and sit down my friend. Shuuushhhh.!!!

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        Hehehehehe…@ Over-the-bar.

        You should also help us to teach your disciples to stop being pathetic lairs…Or maybe they are just toeing the footsteps of their shameless master who can accuse someone he has never seen or met, of being a lair in public, but as a coward and a man lacking integrity as he is, cannot apologize in public when the truth emerged.

        It’s Such a shame that you still even show up here on this forum…! LMAO

        • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

          Can you please mention the lies?

          I never lied.

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            “…I never lied…”

            What a lie…!!! LMAO.

            Who lied to the rest of the forum that Dr.Drey was lieing about Ejaria’s switch which has now been confirmed by the media…?

            Who lied about Senegal dominating Brazil and Ukraine dominating Nigeria in friendlies…?!

            Who just lied recently that Rohr’s substitutions are ALWAYS LATE AND INEFFECTIVE, until some beautiful pieces of facts from painstaking research was pour down your throat by @Capt DEO and I…???

            I can go on and on…”You have never lied Indeed”

            I’ll just wait in one corner for you to come up with some of your usual senseless denials…then I’ll paste your own words here with dates and links to the site where you made such statements.

            I dey wait you..!


          • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

            You are really getting it all wrong, first of all I never said Ejaria is not interested in Nigeria, it was you who said said he has already filled for international switch to Nigeria and I asked you to provide evidence which you were not able to.

            It was recently that the paper work was completed and was filled to FIFA for international switch ( no where is it stated or writing that he is now ready for a call up).

            Secondly.. about Senegal I meant that the match was competitive, 47% to 53% is man to man to me, at least it’s better than our shameful outing against Brazil.

            On Ukraine game it was 50 .. 50 but the game management of Oga Rohr in that game was poor, from 2 – 0 lead to 2 – 2.

            I never mentioned anything with substitution, maybe you saw my ghost in your dreams.

            You can post your so called bomb you have been building which i know can’t hit me.

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Hahahaha…you asked me to provide evidence (after telling me I was lieing) LMAO…..so do you still need evidence now…?? Or is CSN lieing too…? Since your boy @ Ade has said all Nigerian media houses and others like BBC, ESPN and the rest are lairs too…Lolz. Is this not the same you now commenting on a thread that confirms the news I broke to the world on this forum…?? So Mr oversabi, this is your evidence…I hope it stays hooked in your oesophagus…Hahahaha….fat lair with no shame…now trying to change mouth. Your are lucky I forgot to save that very piece…but these ones are still very conspicuous even though you are now trying to rephrase/paraphrase your own words just to save face…

            Goal 2 months ago

            “Genort Rohr can’t take us to the height we wish or supposed to be, he has many faults, from late substitution to not giving players he called up a chance to prove themselves”

            Before @ DEO and I smashed your mouth with facts from intelligent his piece of research LMAO

            Or this lie

            “…(Brazil)..A team Senegal played man to man, even dominating possession…” Your own mathematics tells you that 47% is a DOMINANT percentage over 53%…LMAO

            Our match against Ukraine is now 50-50, we weren’t pleading for a draw anymore like you said back then, it has now become 50-50, maybe in another month now, it will be that we dominated possession…LMAO


            Really…even in your defensive mode, you’re still as awful as it can get.

    • Nnamdi 4 years ago

      All those involved in mr rohr setup ftm the assistant scouts goalkeeper trainer is a collective effort all we need is to give them our full support we rr almost there the addition of ejaria to the new eagle setup is the best thing that can happen to nigeria we meed to pump champagne calls for celebration nt for quarrel

  • Sunnyb 4 years ago

    @Stan, nice one bro for disagreeing  with uncle Sege without insulting the old man. I completely disagreed with uncle Sege on this one because without Rohr’s input or recommendations adelakun wouldn’t ve got anything done.Guys pls let’s stop insulting the man he truly contributed his quota for Nigeria, the man brought smiles and joys to many households in the 70s and 80s, unlike those useless, soulless, terrorists politicians ruling the country.

    • Bomboy 4 years ago

      @Sunnyb, your opening statement is classic: “nice one bro for disagreeing with uncle Sege without insulting the old man”.

      You get to know how cultured a person is by the way he speaks. Enough said.

  • I would rather be a disciple to people like DR. DREY, OAKFIELD, OLA, CHAIRMANFEMI & co…..
    These are noble young men that “call a spade a spade”…..
    The say the truth intoto no-matter how bitter it may be…..
    I would rather pitch in their tent of sincerity, faithfulness, truthfulness and above all “integrity”…..

    These pple will not call black ‘white’… Nor vice versa…..

    How would u discredit the effort of another man like u and expect reasonable pple, men of integrity, men with right conscience, pple that fears THE ALMIGHTY GOD to accept and follow ur hateful and racist speech…
    We (DREY, OLA, CHAIRMANFEMI, OAKFIEL & fellow future truthful leaders) cannot, i repeat “cannot” join ur racist, bias, envious, callous, blattant & tyranic group…..
    We have conscience and we are aware of the law of sowing and reaping (kama)…..
    What u do to someone another person will also do it to u if u will even get to such height in ur entire life…..

    • My brother @king, God bless you. Don’t mind them, majority of this people that are playing holy here insults Buhari, Obj, Jonathan, their state governors, etc, are those ones not elders? But they are due for insults simply because of their output and character. Same thing goes for Odegbami, he is not immune to insult because he also insulted GR who is older and far more accomplished than him. Respect is earned and not required. Your output, and your character will earned you the respect you deserve. Best Ogedengbe, Emma Okalla, Christian Chuckwu etc were all his mate but no one disrespect them because they maintained their integrity. Being an ex international does not give u the audacity to talk anyhow, you want him respected, tell him to respect GR too, who is far more accomplished.

  • Sunnyb 4 years ago

    @Bomboy, I hail my brother, I’m sure Brazilian don’t insult Pele because of policy differences. Uncle Sege will remain a legend in Africa forever, ask Ghanaians or North Africans soccer lovers about odegbami. Yes we have the right to disagree with him, but not by abusing or insulting the old man. That’s not the way to go folks. 

    • Adewuyi Olaosenikan 4 years ago

      I an hapi that ovie ejaria will plays for Nigerias. We will bicome invincible.

    • You’re very right, thank you! However, Pa Segun Odegbami isn’t portraying himself as an elderly one that he is. Elders don’t lie, infact, they don’t just open mouth and talk anyhow. Even though I’m not in support of throwing insults at him, he deserves every bit of it.

  • Emecco 4 years ago

    Segun Odegbami has his right to his opinions, what he doesn’t have is the right to enforce those his personal opinions down our throats,I can understand his passion in entrusting our National team in the hands of its own citizens,but Nigerian football has not reached that level where we can totally call the bluff of foreign coaches, Brazil ,Argentina, France , Spain , Italy , Germany can but we can’t,I can’t put Holland and England in that list, cos there are still lots of foreign input in their football, while the best Dutch platers ply their trade outside, The best players and coaches in EPL are all foreigners, For our dear country, almost 99% of SE players are based in Europe, we can’t say ,we just have to do away with foreign coaches, we can intermittently give chance for competent local coaches to try and prove their mettle, but we all know that European coaches are far much better, Uncle Sege ,must understand this, all of us want to be independent football wise, but we haven’t reached that stage yet.

  • De Star 4 years ago

    @Sunnyb & @ Bomboy , it is a pity you just visited the forum today only to note the usual insults and derogatory words that could portend an animal’s kingdom like forum . Kindly note that  , we have corrected them many times that this forum should be for the mature minds , one would have expected he who that cannot stand heat shouldn’t come near the kitchen.

    Just imagine reading  @ Goal today for the first time in this forum reacting to the constant uncomplimentary derogatory words from the Rohr’s promoters who believe it is only insult and name calling as ( ( racists , liars , fool etc )that would convince us that Rohr is so super Coach without technical deficiencies with previous flawless Contractual agreement with NFF.

    @Goal don’t , you don’t need to be distracted , thank God NFF is correcting the mistakes of the previous ridiculous contract extension of 2 years ago and Rohr himself has climbed down from his perceived high horse by accepting the new clauses. 
    Time shall tell 

    • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

      Thank you my brother @Destar, a good tree always produce fine fruit but the rotten ones produces bad fruit,so they can’t give what they don’t have.

      They kept accusing us wrongly, calling us liers but they can’t prove it.

      I’m still waiting for their master @Drey to bring his evidence.

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        Hahahaha….fat lair…!! You have no shame.

        What did you say when I told you Ejaria’s switch was imminent…??? Lol…your ignorant ass said I was a lair…is it not the same you now commenting on a thread that confirms the news I broke to the world on this forum…??? LMAO

        Your are lucky I forgot to save that very piece…but whose lies are these..

        Goal 2 months ago

        “Genort Rohr can’t take us to the height we wish or supposed to be, he has many faults, from late substitution to not giving players he called up a chance to prove themselves”

        Before @ DEO and I smashed your mouth with facts from intelligent his piece of research LMAO

        Or this lie

        “…(Brazil)..A team Senegal played man to man, even dominating possession…”

        Tell us you didn’t tell these fat lies on this forum…???


        Your master @ Destar is the team captain of your lairs Utd from lieing to us that Rohr has better working conditions and earns 4 times what our local coaches earned, to Keshi and Amodu dying miserable deaths, to Lufthansa is the reason AMCON took over Arik Air….it’s been a lieing spree on this forum for a 2 months now. LMAO

        Really…you and your cohorts have no shame.

  • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

    Fantastic development Oviemuno Ejaria will be another valuable addition to the SuperEagles. Very skillful box to box midfielder. The midfield competition is getting more and more fierce by every passing day. I personally think Iwobi will be moved to the left wing as he does at Arsenal and now Everton dovetailing to the middle to give extra advantage to the midfield. Ejaria, Ndidi, Arriball, Etebo, Azeez and Iwobi as an option is indeed a very good headache to have for any coach to have. All coming of age at the right time. Another great catch by the gaffer. Hopefully Chdera Ejuke gets a look in also. We have a coach that got an eagle eyes for talents. #FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE#

  • Prince 4 years ago

    Ovie Ejaria !!!
    This Boy is the NEXT future KANU NWANKWO !!!
    One sheer quality he has is the ability to make a clear precised decision of exactly what to do when the ball is passed to him with his back facing the opponent !!!

    He will be a solid addition to our Super Eagles and mark my word, he will be heading to a top club soon after playing for the national team!
    Most players don’t know that….”earning a cap as an international in the Super Eagles bring a huge blessing…and a prestigious status !!!”

    And there is something Mr Gernot Rohr has embedded into every players that is aspiring to star for the Super Eagles, be you a regular or Fringe or just joining the fold…and that is; YOU MUST BE PLAYING ACTIVELY IN YOUR CLUB !!!….YOU MUST BE IN THE FIRST ELEVEN OR ON THE BENCH in your club, every league week !!!

    Such is why most of our players that were not seeing actions in their club try to work extra hard and force their way into their team (kelechi Iheanacho, Shehu Abdullahi) or seek transfer or loan else where and get minutes (Alex Iwobo, Ahmed Musa, Kenneth Omeruo, Ola Aina, Chidozie Awaziem, Henry Onyekuru etc).

    In the past, we’ve had players playing a competitive World cup tournament for the national team as UNATTACHED…no club !!!

    I don’t believe Mr Gernot Rohr will give you a look and invite you for a match in the national team, if you are NOT playing active minutes in your club especially if you are not injured. That’s why players like Leon Balogun, Kelechi Nwakali, Dele Alampasu etc) are fighting hard to reclaim their form, possibly change their club, start playing actively again and get a call back into the national side!!!

    The Super Eagles is highly becoming a massive global brand.
    This team currently one team every other highly placed FIFA national team wants to associate with.
    This is because the team is on the RISE !!!

    The NFF has done a good job and they must put all kinds all negative distractions, bad advisers and selfishness aside and continue towards the right path to LIGHT !

    Mr Amaju Melvin Pinnick should sit-down in the quietness of his study, put his mind in a liberal state and have a good re-think of how the ship of the Super Eagles was before Mr Gernot Rohr was called upon to be the captain…AND how he orchestrate that SHIP through those huge storm, dark clouds and monstrous waves into a calm, steady and progressive path !!

    Just imagine the likes of Sebastian Osigwe, Bukayo Saka, Cyriel Dessers, Eberechi Eze, Bright Osayi-Samuel and co joining the Super Eagles…what a team, This German led technical crew is building for the future !!!

    I want to say this on this day that in the nearest possible future, a time will come when every player invited to camp for the Super Eagles will be playing key roles and active minutes in the top clubs in Europe (such as the Real Madrids, Barcelonas, Liverpools, Man Citys, PSGs, Ajaxs, Juves, Inter milans, Bayers).

    Please can anyone tell me why the likes of Wilfred Ndidi, Victor Osimhen, William Troost-Ekong, Semi Ajayi, Samuel Chukwueze, Ahmed Musa, Peter Etebo, Joe Aribo, Kelechi Ịheanachọ, Ola Aina, Kenneth Omeruo and many more … can’t make the team list of the top clubs I just in the previous paragraph?….IT IS JUST A MATTER OF TIME !!!

    Please Nigerians, let support NFF, Gernot Rohr and the team…..I see a solid winning team blended with youth and Experience !!!a

    I am a proud Patriotic kinsman and will support a qualify foreigner that has the Nigerian blood flowing in him and willing to sacrifice to continue his leadership role rather than a Nigerian that is not yet qualify …or that one that will just abandon or desert us and flee to a foreignland after steering our ship towards an ICEBERG !!!.

    To all the men of TRUTH and True friends of Nigeria, I salute you all!
    Please continue to stay safe and blessed !

    I hail ooo !!!

    • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

      Very eloquent and valuable contribution. You’re absolutely spot on my brother. What a team the gaffer is building!! It feels like the glory days are gradually returning with the prospect of this exciting SuperEagles. If you’re not playing regularly or at least be a regular option from the bench at your club, such a player is not coming anywhere near the SuperEagles. That’s why I always laugh at the notion of inviting home based players to the current SuperEagles when we all know that the best player in our NPFL at the moment is 40 year old Rabiu Ali. Who incidentally is still the captain of the home based Eagles. The league is nothing to write home about and you expect a reasonable coach to leave out our best talents abroad and be scouting a 40 year old masquerading as a 17 year old in the NPFL??? The imminent future is indeed very bright for this young and exciting SuperEagles. Most SuperEagles fans can now name at least 80% of our first 11 based on current form, unlike before when we don’t even know which club or league a certain player came from. We sure hope that some of our current top talents have the opportunity to play for big clubs in the future. #FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE# 

      • With the look of things we might no longer have a 1st eleven,but a 1st twenty-three(lolzzz).This is a situation when you get called up, you are as good as those on the field of play even though you are not listed as the starting eleven.

    • Nice piece @prince. What else to add

    • Pompei 4 years ago

      A sad, sad day for England. They have lost a gem of a player to Nigeria. A balling machine. Ejaria is a baller to the core. Midfield maestro.

  • Gideon S 4 years ago

    Soon! those foreign born players, making shakara for us will come nocking to wear green&White.. Not oda way round..
    rumor have it that “phili billie” wanna drop Denmark for SE

    • Chairmanfemi 4 years ago

      Oh..My..my! Thanks Pompei for this.
      We’ve gat a gem here in person of Ejaria.To me, he looks more like Kanu-kinda baller. He’s got the Height, Dribbles, Speed, Killer passes and an eye for goal. What more could we have wished for?? The No.10 role finally has yet another suitable candidate. Can’t wait to see him in the Green and White jersey…Super Eagles Attack will be Deadly henceforth. Imagine having Midfield combo of Ndidi-Aribo-Ejaria and in attack; Ejuke-Oshimen-Chukwueze. Rip opponent Defense. It will just be like a Replay of our First half against Ukraine with a more Clinical approach in front of goal

      • Pompei 4 years ago

        You’re most welcome, Chairmanfemi!

        • Nnamdi 4 years ago

          Odegbami nd some of this ex international that re clamouring for the sack of rohr has nothing to offer as long as super eagles is concern they re just jealous of the new srtup that is more likely to make a mark md surpass thier past record they re just jealous pf this setup. If we take a close look at jay jay them u wil find out they almost ruined that team if u follow.the build up after 98 to 2002 our super as of then that. Setup would hve been the team to bring major trophy to nigeria oliseh finidi amunike nd co was sacked before the 2002 yhat mistak broght the death of the them minister of sports md d question is y was they sackef nd y do they hve lobby jay jay onogbninde nd co ovrlooked oliseh nd co that qualified us to the worldcup in my own opinion we hve to b vry careful the way we re allowin all this our pplitician in pilotin d footbal afairs of nigeria even the so called ex that didnt make any mark in our footnball nd even the admostration wnt to destroy nd bring confusion to this wonderful setup players that rohr is assemblin we should remove sentiment wtr racial or etnic we should try nd look the future bcos i see this team makin a mark in the world football

      • chris 4 years ago

        that combo would be frightening to play against the speed is there , skill there , goals there , control there , pass accuracy there ………………………..wahala squad.

    • Sugar daddy 4 years ago

      Thankyou Pompei!!!

      I was just thinking of how to have a glimpse of what this guy Ovie is made of….Mine o mine!!! We have a gem in our hands! Glory glory glory!! What a baller there is!! Thanks, Rhor and keep the good works

  • Pompei 4 years ago

    BALLER, 1, 2, 3, testing the microphone.

    OK, Let’s go.

    In Ejaria, we’ve got a player who is in the mould of Jay Jay. There can never be another Jay Jay, but this guy is as close as it gets.
    Abundant skills, abundant confidence.
    The only thing he needs to work on is END PRODUCT. He has the tendency to over dribble at times. He is so good, the confidence just oozes out of him. As a reuslt, he believes he can dribble out of any tight situation on the pitch. The cautionary tale is that he must be smart with his game. Use his skills to the team’s advantage.
    A player like him should be scoring a lot more goals and having a lot more assists than he currently has. If he can work on his END PRODUCT, we’ve got ourselves a bomb of a player.

    • Sugar daddy 4 years ago

      …and you have said it all my brother. I just hope the coaches are hearing you loud and clear. The finishing in the form of goals and assist are the areas this guy needs to be tutored a bit…He needs to score more goals and do more assists. He is already a finished product with killer instinct!

  • Ololo 4 years ago

    Watching the above above.. I’m like wow!! What a baller.. Very similar to aribo, reminds me of aribo game against Brazil. Iwobi is obviously out of the attacking midfield position with ejaria coming in. Iwobi in most games goes missing, but iwobi is fantastic sometimes, I really can’t wait to see this baller play for Nigeria.. Ohh etebo, Mikel agu, and azzez this would spell your end in the first team.

  • Collins id 4 years ago

    I think mr Rohr needs to work on selection making, game reading, and effective subbs making, thats all he needs to work on, outside that he is a great coach, when i go back and watch the fullmatch of both algeria and argentina, i realise that i was previously blinded by emotions by giving all blames to rohr, i think our player failed us more than rohr, non of our player could even take accurate shots from outside the box while our opponents where hiting our woodwork with their antibalistic shots, our players keep making wrong passes to their selves even when there is no tension, imaging awaziem couldnt clear out the ball as wild as possible to take us out of that late danger, i think our players need to improve individualy via ditermination and professionalism, coaches dont win matchs players does, sunday mba gave us surprises that even the likes of jayjay and great kanu couldnt pull out by trying the impossible to give us 2013 truphy both in quarters and final, keshi didnt tell him to do that. He knew wat to do to change the game(i be big player nor be by premier league u have to make a defference in the field of play). As to mr odegbami sir, i understand where you stand sir and i am absolutely with you on the fact that we need to allow our coaches to be incharge of our team s looking at senegal, egypt, and algeria of late as an example i know where your reasonings are coming from sir, it is simply patrotism and i love you for that please keep it up sir, somebody have to keep advocating for our own before we finally lose everything, here in europe where i have resided for about 16 years. They dont allow non europeans to play in their third and fourth league (exept u have european passport) they even have maximum foreigners a team must posses in their first leagues. There are fans who are against colourd people mixing with their national teams, we have people in their parliament who want all foreigners to be packed out of their country. Its called patrotism in defferent style, brexit was advocated by those who thought other european country people are taking their Jobs and they voted them selves out of the EU and heaven didnt fall. So why should i be insulting my own legend over his decision to replicate wat the Europeans are used to doing. That will be self hate in my own part, there for i love you sir and i respect ur opinion regarding our football, but sir i no longer see mr rohr as a foreigner, that man is even more african than many african coaches u might have in mind. For example his love for the eagles baffles me sir even wen his swedish counterpart(denarby) left this man is still with us. He is like a friend that is morethan a brother i think he deserve to stay. I also use this means to call on my fellow furumites @ destar, goal, omonaija,and others, to put ur emotions down and support Rohr the man is a black man in a white skin, his carracter humbleness and love is indeed one to be embraced. In ancient Benin law if a foreigner stays 10 years in Benin, he is entitled to citizenship allowing him equal Benin rights and can becom odionwere meaning the head of a street or district. Gernort rohr has spent almost ten years of his carear dealing with africa football so i dont think he should be adressed as so called foreign coach anymore. But that doesnt stop anybody from critisizing his tactical failures when noticed. Finally i want to beg all of the Rohr surporters please stop insulting people over their armless thoughts or opinion over football. Its disgustin to read some of ur approaches. You can easily dislike or prove the person otherwise rather than insults. God bless Naija football

    • Michael 4 years ago

      I don’t really think Odegbami means good for SE. He has always found a way to discredit whatever Rohr has done or achieved. Rarely can he acknowledge or point out a single thing good done by Rohr. Is it shear hatred or that he is excessively obsessed with home based coach managing the team or that SE is no longer a platform for player advertisement.

      I can see a strategically planned discreet script being played out with Odegbami the mouthpiece. He just puts it in public before their act.

      Mark what I said today, Yobo will turn coach of SE and Rohr’s contract won’t be renewedI don’t really think Odegbami means good for SE. He has always found a way to discredit whatever Rohr has done or achieved. Rarely can he acknowledge or point out a single thing good done by Rohr. Is it shear hatred or that he is excessively obsessed with home based coach managing the team or that SE is no longer a platform for player advertisement.

      I can see a strategically planned discreet script being played out with Odegbami the mouthpiece. He just puts it in public before their act.

      Mark what I said today, Yobo will turn coach of SE and Rohr’s contract won’t be renewed

    • Sugar daddy 4 years ago

      I will humbly honour you with the “Odionwere forumite” title for your eloquent submissions. You are a true born Benin man, full of wisdom. Thank you very much, sir!

    • Sugar daddy 4 years ago

      I will humbly honour you with the “Odionwere forumite” title for your eloquent submissions. You are a true born Benin man, full of wisdom. Thank you very much, sir!

      All Hail our Odionwere Forumite!!!!!!!!

  • Just imagine this various team selections.

    Team 1
    Uzoho, ebuehi, balogun, semi ajayi, Kingsley ehizibue, aribo, ejaria, ebere eze, ejuke, osimhen, chukwueze.
    This team has skills, speed, directness, bags of goals, trickery, accuracy but lacks the balance that ndidi will give. I will still risk playing this all attacking team. Just see the midfield, attack, the opposition defence cannot hold anyone of the six midfielders and forwards.

    Team 2
    Uzoho, ebuehi, balogun, ajayi, ehizibue, ndidi, aribo, ejaria, ejuke, osimhen, chukwueze. Mouth watering too, has goals, balance of ndidi, trickery, speed, directness. Ejaria is the attacking midfielder here.

    Team 3
    Uzoho, ebuehi, balogun, ajayi, ehizibue, ndidi, aribo, eze, ejuke, osimhen, chukwueze.
    This team is hot like to the rest. Eze is the attacking midfielder here.

    Okoye, saka, omeruo, ekong, Aina, etebo, iwobi, eze, kalu, dessers, lookman.
    This reserve can still win any match.

    • Pompei 4 years ago

      Obj, e be like say you wanna kill sombori? This is a killer line up. I love TEAM ONE. Ndidi is incredibly important for us. However, as they say in my village – BODY NO BE FIREWOOD. Ndidi can’t play 100% of our matches. We have to be smart and use him wisely, so we can get the best out of him, and not burn him out. Which is why I’m very interested in line ups that exclude Ndidi. Ejaria and Aribo are great offensive midfielders, but these two are also very good defensively. So, they both can do the defensive job in Ndidi’s absence. This way, we can rotate the squad, keep all the players fresh, and keep the team strong!
      Even if Ebere Eze is not ready to play for us, Iwobi can step in nicely, and we are good to go!
      Frankly, I don’t see Ebere Eze benching Iwobi. That guy is extremely important to the way we play. Just my opinion though.
      The only change I will make is that I think Saka will start ahead of Ebuehi. And Aina is a very hard man to bench! Tough decisions! What a nice selection headache for Rohr!

  • Collins id 4 years ago

    I dont think we eze or ejiara and aribo can replace Ndidi. The only player that can effectively replace ndidi is etebo or onazi, finis, those guys above are not good tacklers, but good ballers though, i see ejiara keeping the central midfield to him self and aribo will be a replacement for iwobi when tired. But for now i will play iwobi ahead of aribo. Ramon azeez if he continue in form can also come in for ejiara as cm. Eze if he comes in, will play in right wing, to compete with ejuke, ahmed musa and sam kalu. the good thing is ejuke and sam kalu and musa can also dismis chukueze from the right if the guy is tired or injured and also wen he is not impressive. Dessers is there for osihmen and iheanach too. As for wing backs i think ola aina is a sure banker, i will not bench him for nobody unless he is injured or lost form, that guy is as good as an attacking midfielder, he is full of creativity i think his exclusion against algeria in the afcon semi final was a big mistake. Coach Rohr i hope say you dey feel us, some of us have Uefa K licence ooooh.

    • Chairmanfemi 4 years ago

      Thank God you admitted at the end that you have a UEFA K license..lol

      Cuz a right thinking Coach won’t scatter the Team Coach the way you did above. Coach Collin has decided to pick an in-form and proven baller in Person of ARIBO and place him on the bench while he starts Off-form Iwobi (that is widely praised as an Impact sub)…Abeg tell me who suppose start match between two of them??? After the Calamity Onazi displayed causing us to concede two cheap goals against England, UEFA K coach has decided to keep Faith with him and use him as a Replacement for Ndidi(if he’s not there)…Wow! Etebo sef no be DMF na CMF! Play Etebo in DMF and you’ll concede goals and fouls like outpouring of the HolySpirit…lmao!
      Meanwhile, Highlight of Ejaria is there above for you to see his ball recovering rates whenever he plays tht role for Reading and he’s done the Job well. Aribo became both DMF and CMF same time against Ukraine when Esiti came on and was lost… totally lost on the Pitch yet he carried out the Duty perfectly well else we would have conceded more than 2 goals that day.

      Ebere Eze is an ATTTACKING MIDFIELDER not a Winger! Stats has it. Check all the games he’s played for QPR this season. So how can you move him to the Wing when you’re supposed to move Iwobi to the wing. Come to think of it, if Eze is even a Winger…is he as pacy and tricky as Established wingers that we have in the team…Musa, Chukwueze, Simon, Ejuke, Kalu??? Where do we put those ones oo.

      Abeg make we just leave Formation matter if we no sabi this players wella

  • W eka 4 years ago

    1 maduka okey
    2 ehizube
    3 ola aina
    4 ndidi
    5 ekong
    6 balogun
    7 Musa
    8 etebo
    9 oshimen
    10 aribo
    11 chukweze
    12 ajayi
    13 ejari
    14 iheanacho
    15 Simon
    16 osigwe
    17 s kalu
    18 iwobi
    19 desser
    20 awaziem
    21 ebuehi
    22 omeruo
    23 uzoho
    Nigeria next 23 for afcon

    • Mercy 4 years ago

      Where did you leave ejuke, Dennis and collins. Jamil collins provide balance to the team. Ejuke is our best winiger in Europe this season and Dennis has proven to be a big game player.

      • Bro,no just bother yourself about SE team list.It is has become very competitive and is becoming unpredictable.Just believe that GR will make the right choice.

  • Tobenna 4 years ago

    Wish to disagreed with odegbami,gv us a Nigerian who can do better that him honestly we can allow him to go,his human resource managment z jt amazing we hv good exinternationals but they lackz experiences bcoz they are not Willing to start small,start doing somthin then you can gain experience, people can see what you can do then gv u opportunities,look 4 clubs either in Nigeria or abroad and showz what you can do,you most not start with the national teams,national teams z not were u test run if a coach is good or not.

  • wrong ejaria admitted his position CAM. thats why he struggle at rangers when gerrard play him CM. thats why klopp didnt use him because he (klopp) dont likely play CAM.

    Ejaria is like ronaldinho that can get out from crowded situation. ejaria is classic Centre Attacking Midfielder we were looking for after okocha.

    ejaria is better dribbler thane ebere eze.

    midfield of ejaria, aribo, ndidi can tear any stubborn defence and midfield. etebo alternative to ndidi.

  • I will welcome any development that will stop a situation where Rohr could not substitute Etebo, especially when he is obviously just hanging on because he was tired and the coach felt he did not have a substitute for him.

    Mind you, I am not saying Etebo is not good o. But we have lost 2 tournaments because of this reason of players getting tired and the coach cannot substitute them. Now, he has no excuse.

  • Saint Palmer 3 years ago

    So many gifted and young players everywhere, still when you watch them playing for Nigeria you wonder if they are the same players you saw playing in their clubs, something is wrong somewhere and until that is figured out o page is going to be turned, looking at the lists of players coming to play for Nigeria, the Super Eagles should be exciting to watch by now, but i don’t think that’s the case.

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