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Abraham Demands £130,000-A-Week To Sign New Chelsea Contract

Abraham Demands £130,000-A-Week To Sign New Chelsea Contract

Tammy Abraham has reportedly told Chelsea he wants a new deal worth £130,000-a-week to sign a new contract at the club.

The striker has demanded that he is paid the same as fellow academy graduate Callum Hudson-Odoi.

The winger, handed a bumper new deal to fend off interest from Bayern Munich, is three years Abraham’s junior and has started just seven times in the Premier League this season compared to 24 starts for Abraham.

Abraham, an England international, has two years left on his current £50,000-a-week deal.

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He has been reluctant to commit his future to Frank Lampard’s side, waiting to see their movements in the transfer market before agreeing to sign.

According to The Times, Abraham will only sign a deal if it at least matches Hudson-Odoi’s £120,000-a-week plus bonuses deal, while he is also using new signing Timo Werner’s £170,000-a-week contract as a bargaining chip in negotiations.

Abraham, who spent last season on loan at Aston Villa, has scored 15 goals for Chelsea this season but has struggled for form in recent times.

He has failed to find the net in his past 10 games for the club and was dropped by Lampard for the 3-0 win over Watford on Saturday.

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  • Chairmanfemi 12 months ago

    It’s like this guy doesn’t know wharis going on..lol

    I don’t know what he does think of himself. Same way he felt he is bigger than Nigeria and now God of Nigeria whom he mocked and abandoned is against him – his career has been dwindling since then. Now instead of him to take caution and bring himself so low and take things as they stand, he is still raising his shoulders comparing himself to Werner. I pity you, either you chop bench with seatbelt next season or you go back to Championship… that’s what await you

  • Oakfield 12 months ago

    You can’t rate yourself higher than what you’re not. Cut your coat according to your size, my friend.

  • That Abraham chose England over Nigeria does not change the fact that he is a good player, and he has every right to ask for a wage/rewards he feels he deserves. As a country, we are so blessed with talents that if we take a good account of what we have, we will have at least three quality replacements for every position in the field of play. Hence, i don’t see why we remain so unforgiven when we get a turn down from one player. Personally, i am so proud a player of such calibre and level of talent has a Nigerian root, and sometimes that is enough to love him. However, a player that chooses to represent this country does himself more benefits than he will be doing us. In summary, lets love them all, irrespective of where they choose to play for, because that is what we are made up of.

  • How will this discussion about Englishmen favor the ascendency of the SuperEagles?

    • Pompei 12 months ago

      Abeg help me ask them oooo. Wetin concern us with the careers of “English” players?
      I laugh in Bengali 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • greenturf 12 months ago

    Abraham’s demand for a wage improvement is coming a bit late in my opinion because earlier in the season he was on fire then the management may have listened to his demands,however,he has not maintained that height or consistency,thereby asking for a wage raise at a time when goals have dried up does not seem a bright idea mate.

    Rather Abraham should work harder and get to the level he was at the early part of the season to have any real chance of getting his requests across to the Chelsea’s management with success.

  • Collins id 12 months ago

    I knew it will come to this stage, why will a black man with great origin like Nigeria choosed to play for his colonial masters over his people. Same masters that slaved and still slaving his people, same fans that call your kind monkeys, though i am not a racist but i dislike this kind of black men including bashuayi, origi and lokaku who plays football for belgium after what belgium has done to congo’s history. Systematicaly killing over 20 mil congolese and you will shamelessly put on that red national jersey to impress who? Your fathers slayer! Just tell me what then is left for congo? Imagine congo is african champion via these above mentioned stars do you know the happiness it will bring to these people of congo that has suffered for so long. It can even re enact a new congo. If i cant defend my people with my life by gun, i should be happy to put smiles into their faces with my boots. I cant imagine a jewish man playing football for germany national team exept one of is parents is german. Some black youths dont have sense of human if a great player like george weah who could easily gets european nationality chooses to represent liberia it shows that he realised his priority as a human being. If a black man that has forgotten his origin, or that is partly a european via one of the parent desides to play for england or france or any other european country i can understand, not this betraying fools that shamelessly admires their fathers slayers over their well known origin. I dont support them at all they can rot in bench. Some of you will clame that its becos of money and insurance, fuck that shit. Is the money they are getting from clubs not enough for them? Selfish folks. Ronaldo and carlos including ronaldinho at a time where not collecting salary from brazil fa. Eto was paying extral bonus to camerounian players from his personal pocket just for them to win games and make africans proud. Live for some africa youths is all about money and fame, what about morals, passion? Imagine abraham that is fully naija even when he our FA presido visited him and his parents he denied us and run after southgate call. He will regret it for sure. Baloteli despite his parents abadoned him and he was raised by italians, i dont blame him playing for italy. But that guy has donated alot to africa charity organisations. Believe me if you ask desser why he is desperate to represent naija instead of belgium, its becos the guy knows that belgium dont deserve any reasonable black man service looking back to history. Olisadebe despite poland interest that waited for naija for long before finaly going for poland that is how it should be. Ur origin must come first nomatter the situation death or live that is how europeans becomes great. As for Eze you will not succeed with England if you are reading go and mark my words.

    • Chaii…this one dey vex o! E be like say u be half Nigerian, half Congolese.

    • Calm down my brother. I understand your disappointment with African players turning out for their colonial countries. However those players would not have reached those height if they were born and breed here. The African environment is too harsh and unabling. Tribalism, nepotism and wickedness will not allow them to grow. Coaches and FA will collect bribe and not pick them. To hell with ‘africa’ patriotism!!!

    • RulerOfMen 12 months ago

      Bros, this your anger fit cook beans oh! Shuoo! 

  • Collins id 12 months ago

    My brother i am not congolese at all. it is just a matter of concern and as a football fan i feel ashamed that no african team have been able to win at list a worldcul bronze. And the players that are suppose to make that happen are rather doing it for france, creating history for their slave masters! honestly they disgust me. Another isue is how some black men easily looses their head and pride over the white man hypocratic smile. We as people dont know what will should priotise. For example the yorubas that i know have over 200 bilioniers worldwide. Some of the own airports, see ports, hestates etc in the U.S.A and england. But when i vidited naija 2017 i visited IFE and famouse Ijebu town i was totaly disapointed these historical yoruba origins are looking so horrible and shapeless in terms of infastructures and development thesame situation in many historical origins of our africa people. But when they come home for burial or festival these same towns will be full of luxery cars and money will be flowing like river. immediately after the festival they will all vanish to their international base or banana highlands(already made cities) not even puting the state of their origins into consideration, pretending not to have seen that many of their aborigins feeds by begging (i wonder if they too enjoys these situations) while their billions are overlaping in european banks. I dont care mentality, imagine dangote planning to buy arsenal when alimajeries in the north are in a long cew begging for daily meal, when our football league is there begging for sponsorship you can see that we dont prioties our selves at all. That is why we are been bullied and mocked by the western nations. The reason why i dont pity for hushpoppi today is not becos of the amount he stole from the europeans (i dont care becos they still from africa in daily bases for me its do me i do you) i dont pity him becos of the manner he was spending the money. Making himself gucci ambasador and buying unecessary luxery cars and homes, inderectely giving back the money to the owners while his people are dying in poverty and distress. I consider these black misspriority artitude as a desease called backwardness.

    • Thumbs up man Collins Id. Especially that point; seeing black people celebrating opportunity to meet a person all because he or she is white makes me wanna throw up. No hate to any white person but just nothing special about them being white. White or black treat the same.

    • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

      Oga, your anger is misplaced. Direct your anger to your fellow Africans. The leaders, rulers and administrators of the African continent who have been impoverishing their own people for over 60 years now. Typical African leaders, Ministers or Perm-Secs thrive when there is poverty in the land. I have out of patriotism written several proposals to the Nigerian ministries of minerals and petroleum resources on the development of our extractive industries for sustainable economic growth, but the truth is that they are benefiting heavily from the current state of things and will happily destroy any attempts to make things better. A lot of those handling the affairs of most African countries will NEVER allow progressive reforms. I say this having have a few months to years experience working in about 7 African countries from west to east to southern africa. Zambia today is an unofficial Chinese colony thanks to the long-throat and kleptomaniac leaders of that country. Africa is not poor. Africa is just poorly managed. African governments have created more poverty in Africa than the whites have ever created.

      Those rich men who you claimed abandon their homelands did not do it on purpose, they were frustrated to abandon it by the local politicians. Bcos if everything is in order, what will they use to campaign, what will they use to steal when they get into office, what will they need to make promises in order to get the poor masses to buy their votes in exchange to 4kg of rice and 1kg of salt…? A UK based Nigerian Doctor took some of his Dr colleagues home a few years ago for free health services as a way of giving back to his community, one of his oyinbo friends was kidnapped for ransome…even after the ransome was paid, they still wickedly killed the guy. Tell me if that guy will ever do anything like that for the community again in his life. There are many almajiris today not because people have not tried to intervene but because politicians know that there will be no more underaged voters and overbloated voting populations once the almajiri system is abolished. Dangote is interested in buying Arsenal today because the Oyinbo man has succeeded in turning football into a money spinning venture. In Nigeria, Nigerians have turn football to a pipe-drain to loot from the govt. Professional football was launched in Nigeria b4 EPL was launched in England. Today EPL generates close to $10bn while NPFL cannot even account for the sponsorship money given to them talk more of generating profits. And you want Dangote to waste his money of the NPFL….? Is he plucking the money on trees…??? The likes of MKO Abiola, Dan Iwuanyawu, Gabriel Ckuwuma (Gabros) and all others who invested their hard earned money in nigerian football have stories of regrets to tell. Even Dr. Olukoya (MFM) and Ifeanyi Uba (IUFC) are currently lamenting and counting their losses. Thanks to our people who are bigger thieves than even the whites.

      If our countries in Africa were good, africans will return home. These kids who represent European countries were offered a better life in Europe than their contemporaries in Africa. Or how come full blooded Africans with African blood in them can get to the heights that their brothers in Africa cannot get to…? We have never won the U20 WC but and England team with almost 50% Nigerian blood won the U20 just a few years ago. No African team has made it beyond the semi-finals of the WC but a french team made up of over 70% Africans has won the WC twice. We are now having more Africans in the national teams of European countries nowadays, propelling them to great heights, while african countries are still struggling to qualify from the group stages of the WC. The Same Full-blooded Africans like their brothers in Africa o. Why is that…? Simple, organization and professionalism in how football is governed in those climes. You will never hear players are owed bonuses, you will never hear that someone who isnt a coach is made Asst manager of the National team simply because he has 100caps, you will never hear that the FA officials are forcing players on the coach, you will never hear that the national team is going to a competition unprepared, you will never hear that FA officials pack their girlfriends with them to major tournaments in business class and 5star hotels while the team is flying economy class. The welfare of the players will be no1 in the hearts of the administrators. As much as we appreciate our foreign-borns accepting to return home to play for us, we should not kill them if they choose otherwise. No matter how bad your pikinbe, you nor go carry am give lion make e devour.

      Lastly, fraud in any and under any guise should not be encouraged. You cant steal from someone to establish a business and expect the business to succeed. You will end up like every thief…..IN JAIL. Stop encouraging our children to perpetuate fraud, it is denting our collective image and blocking the progress of other legitimate Nigerian businessmen.

      Direct your anger to the right quarters…!

      • Mr Hush 12 months ago

        @Dr Drey

        Aptly stated.

        Though I understand @Collins Id anger and frustration (which he is fully entitled to) but I feel it fell short of the real underlining issue.
        The problem of Africans and blacks in general has nothing to do with racism; the truth is the problem with the Black race is herself. We know this but truth is bitter and we fear to look at the mirror in order not to see the ugliness in ourselves, so we put blame on everyone and everything else other than ourselves.
        It is saddening to still read in 2020 that we are still in stalk in the thought of “slavery” and neo colonialism holding us back. You can’t be enslaved unless you give in. You can’t move forward when you are still stalk in the past. You can’t defeat racism with the same hate and vain thoughts similar to the hate racism begats. You want equality yet you throw tantrums at the Western world depicting as evil whereas forgetting your own stead filled with inequity.
        You talk about slavery like it is only perpetuated by the whites forgetting our own history where our different tribes and empires owned and sold black slaves (most times of other tribes, sometimes theirs) to this same whites for mirrors,spices and ammunition. Read about the Yoruba wars,the Benin empire,Ashanti kingdom,Arab slave trade etc.
        The whole brouhaha about BLM have been put to shame by the continuous murder spree and violence in black communities,acts committed by blacks.
        The BLM such as the NCAAP before it,has been politicised,monetised by some greedy Blacks who care less for their own kind ,more so their greedy self.People like Louis Farrakhan,Al Sharpton,Jesse Jackson etc. So called Black leaders who strive in the messiness of the black community to get themselves richer and more powerful.
        Not to talk about the disasters,ravageness and uncivility across Africa.
        Acts caused by bad leadership;leaders filled with greed and contempt in the highest order.
        Instead of holding such leaders to account; we sit back here and blame the white man for our troubles.
        Who sells our lands and resources to the Western world ,Chinese and Indians ? Our African leaders!

        We need to grow up, smell the coffee and face reality. Take responsibility for once. It is not rocket science.
        Botswana is doing well. They are Africans.
        Rwanda too.
        What’s the difference.
        They have great leaders in Masisi and Kegame who know what they are doing ,taking responsibility and fixing things rather than sit back and play the blame game,sulking in self pity and stalk their in the past.

        If our sons and daughters born abroad feels they have a better chance to living working in an organised world who helped them grow and cherish their endeavours , why blame them for choosing such path, when the alternative of an organised Black world is non existent!
        If many of us have that same opportunity, we would do the same. It is just fact and no sentiment.Sad yes.but True. Do you think those Africans that take the desert route, pass through the deep oceans and refugee flea camps to get to Europe aren’t patriotic enough?! Come on. They just want to have a decent living.
        We should understand, we are humans before our race or nationality. And all humans want a decent living. After all,we should be living to die instead of dying to live.

        So as @Dr Drey said.
        We should channel our anger and energy to the right source. Ourselves.

        • Collins id 12 months ago

          @ dr drey and mr hush, i am not blaming the white man for our problems(though they played a huge role at the begining) if you go through my comments you will notice that the anger is more on us than them. Trying to blame our govt for the main reason our rich fellows are not contributing to our progress as a people is not justifiable for me( i agree that our govt have failed but the people has failed more) deo to cowardise and ignorant. Moses had more comfort in pharoes palace as a prince and citizen of egypt, but soon as he realises that he is a jew and the jews are being slaved by his pharoe parents what did he do? I guess you all kno the end of that story. Every black man in diaspora knows where they comes from and they know the state of their people and land.(being the seen as the lowest set of people on earth surface) If they canot contribute at list a little to make a change to that reality means they are selfish to their own selves and their unborn generations. I consider them as lost souls. Secondly i am not encouraging crime or hate. But i refused to be hypocratic about the fact that france as a nation stills billions from africa on daily bases and you dont consider it as fraud. The chinese stole over 1billion dollets worth of gold from africa and you think the chinese govt or people dont know or u think the govt dont like it too? If you stole a bag of rice from a man who stole your fathers rice farm will you consider your self a thief? Up till now the benin empire bronzed arts works stolen by the british invaders are there in the british museum earning them millions of dollers every year, including quean idia mask ( festac head)are still there with them and they dont plan to return them in the nest thousand years, what do you call that? is he not fraud? His the british government not aware of the origin of thoses stuffs? I seezed to make my people always the scape goat when i know the real thieves that is inferiority complex. If a white man dies trying to help africa may God bless his soul. Do you know howmany nigerians and camerounian soldiers died in the second world war while trying to help british and french fight the germans. My brother no be today yansh dey back. I will live this argument for another better day. Neverthe less thanks for your contributions @ drey glory and hush

      •  Dr Drey

        You got it right. I still remember a journalist screaming: “Africa has won the World Cup for France!” 

        I almost shed tears. 

  • Calm down my brother. I understand your disappointment with African players turning out for their colonial countries. However those players would not have reached those height if they were born and breed here. The African environment is too harsh and unabling. Tribalism, nepotism and wickedness will not allow them to grow. Coaches and FA will collect bribe and not pick them. To hell with ‘africa’ patriotism!!!

  • Dr. Simon Idohou 12 months ago

    Complete Sports Magazine…..Please PLEase PLEASE !!!

    Henceforth, Please endavour to serve us fresh news updates about our very own players…!!
    Nigerian players are scattered all over the world and we need to hear more about them!!!
    We need to read more about Players that are currently in the Super Eagles….Players to be capped by the Super Eagles….Players aspiring to get invited and play for the Super Eagles…These are players I watch if I want to watch matches…players that will represent our nation and makes us a greater prospect in value and in world rating!!!
    I dont care if the news is ordinary or extraordinary, I dont care if the player is in a domestic league or in a lower division or playing in the desert or a place of no where, but as long as he or she is willing to be our own and represent us, add value and quality to our team….that’s what makes a nation progressive!!!

    Ordinary News like this one from the likes of Tammy, Tomori and co doesn’t raise a single hair off me!!!
    I dont hate anyone. I just feel there are prominent news about our very own players that we should be reporting to the delight of the national fans instead of telling us a story about someone that will like to score against Nigeria if he is given a slight chance to play for his preferred adopted nation.

    Na when News no dey at all about our very own players, then we can read about players wey reject to play for country wey their PARENTS originate from!!!

    • Chairmanfemi 12 months ago

      God bless you @Dr. Simon.

      Take for instance, ALAMPASU is back to Professional football in Latvia and hasn’t been benched since he made his debut last week. He made the Team of The week in Latvia this weekend yet CSN preferred reporting this one that rejected us and made jest of us in a grandstyle to Him and several other proud Nigerians

    • Pompei 12 months ago

      Dr. Simon Idohou, you don talk am finish!

  • Ayphillydegreat 12 months ago

    In another news Osimhen turned down Napoli. I think that’s not bad if true. However, I prefer him to remain in Lille for at least another season. #FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE#.