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Adepoju: Eguavoen Will Turn Around Eagles’ Fortune At AFCON 2021

Adepoju: Eguavoen Will Turn Around Eagles’ Fortune At AFCON 2021

Former Nigerian midfielder, Mutiu Adepoju has backed the newly appointed Super Eagles interim coach, Austine Eguavoen to turn around the fortune of the team at the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.

Adepoju in an interview with NAN, stated that the timing of the sack of Genort Rohr with just few weeks to the commencement of the bi-annual tournament won’t affect the progress of the team.


The midfield maestro, during his hay days however said he was confident that Eguavoen would bring his experience to bare in the team.

“ Eguavoen is the Technical Director of the NFF, so, he is an insider and had been with the team long before now.

“ He has the experience and am sure he knows how to utilise the talents in the team for a great result.”

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  • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

    If he likes let him turn it upside down, we don’t care. But please somebody that is very close to him should tell him to leave our experienced legs alone. Talking about Musa, Ighalo, coupled with Victor Moses. Thank you!

  • Rohr is gone. I think it’s time to support CEREZO especially as it involves SE.

  • Mr. Abudede 12 months ago

    Mutiu Adepoju was 33yrs when he last appeared at African cup of nation2002. I don’t think Odion, Musa and Moses are up to 33yrs old. Anyway, what I do know as a Super Eagles fan and a one time member of the fans club, our Coach, Coach Austine Eguavoen who we used to call Egu defense would need experience hands to prosecute the mission before him. Thank God he has at least some experienced players who are promising to do Nigeria proud in cameroon. This will be a good addition to the young boys.
    He must continue to look into that direction and avoid noise makers as much as possible. It’s not even all of them that want him to succeed anyway.

    Abudede in France.

  • M. Abbas 12 months ago

    One good thing going for the Super Eagles Head Coach, Eguavoen is his total acceptance by Nigerians. And that Nigeria is blessed with a whole lot of football enthusiastics who are already adding their voices on how the SE Coach should field players, select this, select that segment of SE support group. The truth is, it must be Nigeria first and since we have our own on the seat, fate demands he has our support. This is a good development and one of the aims of a forum like this. Ok I will suggest a sweeping line up for SE coaching crew.

    Goal tender: Akpeyi

    Ekong, Balogun, Awanziem, Aina

    MD: Nwakali, Ndidi, Iwobi

    V. Moses as a roving utility player, coming from flanks and MD.

    Supporting striker: Odion
    Top Striker: Osimhen or Desser

    SE Bench:
    Ahmed Musa
    Desser if Osimhen is fit.
    Collins paderborn


    The PHARAOHS of Egypt

    • Monday 12 months ago

      No no @ M. Abbas, I would prefer Okoye to Akpeyi 8n the goal. The other players are okay.

      • Johnson 12 months ago

        Monday, that guy is confused. He’s better left with his noise.

      • Gbadebo Pius 12 months ago

        Okoye kó Oloye ní. Why? Okoye is jittery in goal, rather we will have Adeleye at the post. Didn’t you see how okoye caused us tension in the match against Cape verdeans?

    • Are you alright? Don’t ever mention Akpeyi again in your life, Rohr hatrrs,

    • Can you imagine what u are saying akpeyi very laughable

  • Haruna Abba 12 months ago

    Chikena Abbas. Walahi, if Egus select your players Nigeria go win the world cups. Musa go enter for Moses 2nd term.

    • Johnson 12 months ago

      @Haruna Abba, Coach Egu is first of all preparing the SE for Afcon, World cup will come later. I am also of the opinion that Ahmed Musa should sub Victor Moses in 2nd half. God bless Nigeria.

  • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

    My brother @Abudede please help me tell them… Musa is just 28. Ighalo just turned 32. Don’t know why all the hate??

    • Monday 12 months ago

      Are you normal at all or is this out of frustration?

      • Johnson 12 months ago

        Monday, that guy is confused. He’s better left with his noise…

    • Mahmud Shuaib 12 months ago

      The hate isbyou who thinks upside down with your anus rather than brain. Mutiu at 33 was playing La Liga with Reql Sociedad. Please where is your 32 years old Ighalo playing his football?? Ode. Expected you to join your co confused travelers in following your tin god to his next coaching job. Dont know why no club pr country is bidding for him yet.

      You guys know better than everybody na. Did you read PINNICK’s interview? Go read and borrow yourself brain.

      Thank God your clueless Rohr is gone otherwise MUSA in Turkey will start ahead of Lukman or Dennis in Epl. A retired Saudi based Ighalo would have taken spot meant for one of DESSERS or AWONIYI. Moses Simon would have started ahead of Aina. Collins preferred to Sanusi. Onuachu starting ahead of Awoniyi.

      Iranu abasha

      • MuYiwa 12 months ago

        What’s so special abt Pinnicks interview? That he gave the coach all the support he needed. Imagine ur current boss owing u for 8 months and claiming that he’s been giving u all support. And mind you, Adepoju was on the periphery at Salamanca and a Turkish club around that time. I’m not even sure he was still I’m the SE at 33 in 2003.

        • Mahmud Shuaib 12 months ago

          If you are owed for 8 months and stick around that job, you must be a rhief. Must be cutting corners to survive otherwise you will throw in the towel.

          Keshi was owed for months. He won Afcon and played second round at the WC.

          Late Amodu is still being owed even in death. He qualified for two WCs.

          Salamanca in Soanish second division and Turkey league are both far ahead and competitive than Saudi league. Pls look for another alibi for your Ighalo.

  • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

    @M. Abbas Eguavon accepted by all Nigerians? Hahahahahahahaha (I laff in Pidgin) And did I hear you say our own? Or NFF own? My brother just talk about us supporting him and leave the rest in the restroom.(We will understand cos we have no other team and country). Thank you!

  • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

    nice line up by the way… But where is Moses Simon..SMH…It seems you guys are still underestimating that guy.. He was not used on his prefared position. That’s all I can say.

  • Omaskels 12 months ago

    Lets Support our own .. Remember, No foreign Coach has ever won d World Cup For any nation.#Fact. So no foreign coach will wanna win it for u..Let’s embrace n support Eguavoen and wish him well..

  • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

    @Omaskels Eguavon is only on a short time basis until we get a world class coach. And even though he is to take us to the world cup with the support of all the Ogbanje’s in the world he will not even smell semi final.. person wey no good, no good..

  • TALK UR OWN 12 months ago


  • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

    Who keeps for us doesn’t really matter as long as we have a “very very good” back four then the keeper can be as good as just relaxing on his goal post and drinking zobo… Except when it comes to penalties..

  • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

    For some of ya that will just come up here with a brain filled with debris spitting shit despite me trying to avoid your comments.. The last time I checked, Zlatan was 40 and is still with the SWEDEN squad

    • Footballfanatic 12 months ago

      It’s better to just read or contribute when the reasonable ones have something tangible to share. Some delinquents and nuisances have turned this place into bedlam smh…

      • Footballfanatic 12 months ago

        This guy called Monkey Post is a nuisance and a noise maker ….. Na sawdust full ur own brain abi?

    • Mahmud Shuaib 12 months ago

      When I say you think with your anus rather than your brain, people will think am being too hard on ypur sorry ass.

      Please what club and competitive does ZLATAN play as compared to your second god IGHALO?

      Just shut the stinking crap thst is your misplaced mouth.

      If your Ighalo is good, what is he doing in Saudi??

    • @MonkeyPost Please tell me you are not comparing Zlatan who plays competitive football for Sierra A Giants, AC Milan and Ighalo who plays in Saudi Arabia or Musa who isn’t even a regular for his relatively unknown Turkish club

  • So, does that means they don’t have any plan in hand before sacking Rohr?.

    When you look at these Nigerian coaches you can’t but just laugh, after Keshi, non of them understand jack, it’s not about sitting on the bench and shouting, well nothing is surprising though, it’s NFF so what do you expect. We have all the units in the football federation, task force, medical, technical, administrative etc but they have one thing in common “incompetence “ they just give them name so they can create their payslips under a department, they know nothing.
    Before ,you even make it public to sack a coach you will already have an idea of replacement, and when you made the decision to sack that’s it, no beating around, Rohr sacking has been in the news for week now, and I’m sure the interim coach will oversee AFCON, and then maybe someone else will come in for WC playoff. Any new coach will need time to acclimatise, so what is the best time to get to know your player if not now when you will have the opportunity of be in camp with them for 3-4 weeks and AFCON for another 2-3weeks if possible, and by the time the WC playoff is here you already have a clear idea.

    Or what opportunity would a new coach get between after AFCON and WC playoff? , at most he will get a shitty home and away friendly with a random country.

    What we have in Nigeria is not a football federation, what we have is a “Joke”

    • I’d like to wish Gernot Rohr all the best for his future endeavors… A good man with a good heart, more patriotic than these administrators and ex-cricket internationals who themselves are very unpatriotic citizens…

      I’d like to wish Cerezo all the best of luck he’ll need to succeed on this assignment cos he has always been a good coach but was unlucky on previous occasions such as the 2012 Olympics qualifiers. Where clubs refused to release his core players…

      By and large his tactics, team play and team discipline were very good… So please no one should cast aspersions on his personality because he isn’t your favorite for the job.

  • It’s like frustration has woken up.

  • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

    LMAO!!!The Rohr haters are beginning to come out.. Hmmmm Am loving this…

    • Detruth 12 months ago

      NFF can’t give what they don’t have same goes for your Eguavouen. What has he got to offer, and what has he done lately, what is the justification for his appointment as the coach?

      It’s not a good enough reason to say “support our own ” when “our own” has absolutely nothing to offer. When was the last time he was involved with a team as a coach and was hi record?

  • Benedict Oyemekun 12 months ago

    No Henry, frustration has set in.

    • Charton 12 months ago

      Uh uh umu, make una allow am. Won’t be far from the usual noise making. Frustration is dressing up and must to be abusive.

  • An important noise maker. @Henry, Please allow him na.

  • Michael Adelami 12 months ago

    Now the truth is coming up, see the kind of list there are now preparing. Unknown player from NPFL local content my foot.

    We don’t learn in Nigeria, egunje is loading.

    • Jakins 12 months ago

      I believe some of the new additions are necessary and long overdue. Watch Amoo,Nwakali and even the Yusuf gyy and you will agree that its not bad at all

  • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

    See who is calling one nuisance.. LMAO.. You! @Footballfanatic that will always run here crying for an indeginous coach. They finally gave you one and the dumbest thing that came out from your mouth was ‘Let’s fail with our own’. Thank God bright minds like @Pompei and @Dr Drey can testify. And it shows you don’t believe in Eguavon. Why don’t you try to be frank with yourself for once.. Am sure you don’t even believe in your own self to look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself the truth. LMAO!!!!

    • Footballfanatic 12 months ago

      You see you are full of lies and most likely schizophrenic. Pull up where I advocated for an indigenous coach and everyone here knows that Jimmyball was the one that said let’s fail with our own” instead make you dey calm down dey read and contribute… you’re just writing up and down like a lunatic. Idiot,imbecile, and a pathological liar. Fucking nuisance. I wonder what psychiatric hospital they let you out from.

  • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

    Oops!! My bad.. I took shot on the wrong guy. Lol… Just went through all that man.. I sincerely apologise @Footballfanatic honestly most times I see you and the other guy as one.. maybe because you guys share the same opinion sometimes up in here. You know just like they see @Pompei and @Dr Drey as same people just changing I.D here.. Infact I see all Rohr haters as one……Lol.. But you called me out First mehn.. you shouldn’t have cos I didn’t mention any name in my comment. Once again I apologise! Respect! One love

  • MuYiwa 12 months ago

    From all the comments I have read here since yesterday it’s so glaring that most Rohr haters are now regretting his sack and eventual replacement by Cerezo. Just like some of us on this forum have always believed that sacking Rohr was not the issue but getting a suitable replacement is, that has come to play now. Carlos Alberto Pereira (USA 94 World cup winning coach with Brazil) when sacked by Saudi Arabia after crashing out in the first round of France 98 world cup, said and I quote, ‘There are 2 kinds of coaches in the world, those that have been fired and those that will be fired’. So coaches come and go. Rohr has gone, but the NFF is finding it difficult to replace him. Before he came in 2016 same way we found I’m difficult to get a stable coach. Some were confirmed as coach, only to later abscond when they saw the rot in the glass house. We really need to put our house in order. Goodluck to Cerezo and the boys.

    • Chinenye 12 months ago

      @Muyiwa Rohr has no haters but critics. Humans beings finds it difficult to differentiate between the two. We’re not in any land or property dispute with Rohr. Neigther is he our kingdred. He’s just into a profession where criticism is unavoidably welcomed. If you and your likes does not have the mental capacity to understand that then it’s your business

      • MuYiwa 12 months ago

        Someone said it is better to fall with our own, meaning that it doesn’t matter what happens to SE, so long Rohr is out of the way, and u telling me Rohr has no haters but critics. Na u wise pass.

      • Mahmud Shuaib 12 months ago

        Respect bro. Well posited

        Rohr asslickers are so pained by his dismissal that they sre looking for exvuses upandan. If he’s good, countries will be clamouring for him. Allow Eguavoen and co to fail too please.

        Your Rohr had 5 years without a discernable pattern or known first 11.

        Discipline was at its lowest ebb that 3 first team players had the temerity to organize sex parties on the eve of a crucial WC qualifier.

        Rohr my foot.

        I challenge all ROHR apologists to mention any era where SE players will organize sex party begore a decisive WC qualifier?

        The same fraud brought a coach sacked by lowly Niger, Gabon and Burkinafaso as almighty SE coach.

        Give Eguavoen same 5 years let us compare scorecards

        • Dennis 12 months ago

          @mahmud shuaibu. 2014,yakubu,agali and someone else were sent packing during the nations cup for partying with ladies
          According to reports, Rohr has already sanctioned the dismissal of Iheanacho, awaziem and omeruo. Unfortunately, he is told not to do that by higher powers in the NFF.
          You might be one of the most stupid person I’ve ever come across. You guys think Rohr is the issue. Let’s wait and see how things pan out

          • Dennis 12 months ago

            *Rohr had already sanctioned

            *he was told….

        • @dennis God bless you for that response

  • Detruth 12 months ago

    One of the main reasons Rohr is no longer the coach is because he refused to use the Eagles as a platform to market NPFL players to Foreign teams,especially European teams. He was seen by NFF and the agents as standing‍♂️in their way and preventing them from using the national team to showcase the players to the world . Nigeria’s best players are all in Europe and any player picked from NPFL does not merit the inclusion to the team. Players who are not actually playing on a weekly basis are not fit to be in the national team. It is a double negative if you are an NPFL player who has been on brake for God knows how long to be included in a team heading to the Nation’s cup in a couple of weeks. That’s planning for disaster and calamity to come upon Nigeria.

    NFF got their stooge and NPFL player names will be popping up from lift, right and center because those agents together with NFF will determine who gets invited,who gets to play as well as who gets to be substituted in a match. This is really going to be a very rough and bumpy ride.

  • Abdulraheem ahmed 12 months ago

    What I know is that with present crops of players in SE, any average Nigerian coach with right selection will do well with them, even an average supporter will choose a very good starting 11 for super eagle, so support Mr ‘Egueavon’.

    • Marvelous 12 months ago

      Is that what you think?

    • @Abdulraheem ahmed, try and go through your post again. There is nothing like any Nigerian average coach? No way, no one buys…With the present CROP of players in SE, sure that’s more of it. Average supporter, NO! You’re rather a good or bad supporter, nothing like average.
      Team selection is at the discretion of the coaching crews. A chip in, looking at how disciplined the present crop of SE players are, the players know that their Coach is a disciplinarian and therefore are wont to keeping to camp rules and regulations.

      • Sorry, why are you using my name here on CSN. Can’t you find another one. Must you copy copy your all your life???
        There was no Ben before I started posting here, now all of a sudden, another Ben has showed up. Yet these are the same ones that criticized Rohr for not playing fantastic football when you cannot be independent and fantastic yourself. Mr, go and find another name to copy leave mine alone.

      • Timothy 12 months ago

        @Ben, It’s like some of these people didn’t attend pry sch at all.. @Marvelous, another commenter, was like is that what you think?
        Before I completely digress from the subject line, the SE Head coach has all it takes to do well in Cameroon despite given few days for preparation.

  • Ako AMADI 12 months ago

    Corruption will not sllow Nigeria to hire a quality manager

  • pompei 12 months ago

    After their 7 nil whitewash at the Etihad, rumour has it that Bielsa might be on his way out, and Leeds are looking at Gernot Rohr as a possible replacement.
    April fool has come 4 months early. Hehehehe!
    But seriously, the Leeds defensive performance today illustrates how difficult and unpredictable football is, especially against a quality opponent.
    Diego Llorente, a starting center back for the Spanish national team, had a nightmare, a stinker of a game today. The Leeds defense was completely overwhelmed by Man City attacking forays, and Llorente was one of the biggest culprits, making error after error.
    The first goal by Foden should have been cleared by Dallas, who was right there on the goal line, but Dallas swung his foot and missed, bizarrely slicing the ball into his own net! The look on Bielsa’s face as he crouched down at the touchline in his usual manner was – OH BOY, WE ARE IN TROUBLE!
    And he was right! By the 78th minute, Man City had added another half dozen goals to complete a 7 nil rout.
    I hope I don’t come across as being biased towards Ekong, as I do believe he has been poor of recent, but when I see performances of his fellow premier league defenders, I think we need to cut him some slack. Yes, criticize him, but recognize that he’s not that bad, compared to other defenders in the premier league.
    Llorente’s performance today makes Ekong look like Virgil Van Dyke.
    His center back partner, Luke Ayling, a make shift center back, didn’t fare any better. They both posted performances that will probably force Bielsa to approach the Leeds board for funds to shop for a proper center back in January.
    As poor as Ekong has been, I can confidently say Leeds would have fared much, much better if Ekong had been on duty for them today. In fact, Bielsa would be well advised to inquire about Ekong’s availability, if Ranieri no longer wants him!

    • Omo9ja 12 months ago

      That is life for us all. Oga Rohr is now Męta Ten kobo that one if the former Oga Rohr followers is now mocking?

      April fool in December period? Kai, na wa oo Ahahahah ahhhh. @Pompei, I hail you ooo lolz. You even put “Hehehehe”! in your comment towards the end lol.

      I can’t believe this kę. No no, this can’t be you Pompei. I know my friend too well.

      Ahhh. Can you imagine kę.

      “After their 7 nil whitewash at the Etihad, rumour has it that Bielsa might be on his way out, and Leeds are looking at Gernot Rohr as a possible replacement.
      April fool has come 4 months early. Hehehehe”!

      Lobatan oooo. Hmmm. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • pompei 12 months ago

        Omo9ja, you’re funny. So in the whole post, na dat one you grab hold of, abi?
        I told you before. I will not join you in refusing to acknowledge Rohr’s achievements with Nigeria. Even when he was doing a stellar job earlier on, you refused to acknowledge him because of his white skin. I do not approve of that.
        I may be unhappy with Rohr of late, but the fact remains that he did a fantastic job from 2016 to 2019. For the performance slump, I reserve the lion share of the blame for NFF ONIGBESE.

  • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

    Nice one @MuYiwa Don’t mind the “let’s fail with our own” people. They are now disguising as critics.. LMAO!!! Discipline was at the lowest ebb. SMH…I guess is give a dog a bad name so you can hang him… Continue with your rumor and fake news. Sex Party my a**!!

    • Chinenye 12 months ago

      @Monkey post your life-support(rohr) is not too big for criticism, period!

  • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

    @Chinenye nobody said sooo..there are some critism that are drawn from the mere fact that you just hate the person…. Some of you took the critism on Rohr too far. Left the issue on ground and started attacking the subject/personality. Now am beginning to see why president Buhari brought “Hateful Speech” into law.

  • Ako AMADI 12 months ago

    Nigeria’s former footballers never make consistent and intelligent conments.

  • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

    @Linkin Zlatan is playing competitive football with ac Milan because of course he enjoys heavy game time with his club. Musa is in a game time crisis with his club in turkey doesn’t mean he will not deliver in national team jersey.. He has always been a national team asset(player). Remember he faced the same game time crisis in liecester city but when called up afterwards for National duty, he delivered. These things are normal in football. It happens. And so it should not be used to judge a player..

    And Ighalo is our golden boot winner 2019 Afcon. What is bad in needing his wealth of experience again even if it means for the last time??? And the last time I checked it is the same football that they play in Ac Milan that they still play in Saudi Arabia. Abi they now play Ludo?? Even the Ludo game is hard. You need some level of intelligence to play.

  • Ako AMADI 12 months ago

    While Nigeria is sacking an incompetent Rohr to appoint the unqualified Eguavoen the Egyptians are playing in a tournament of Arab nations getting ready for AFCOM. We’re surely heading for disaster and disgrace!

    • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

      @Patrator of course no nation will go to a serious tournament with a daft that can not be able to come up with one or two brilliant saves on his own if trained properly. You must be able to have something to give on your own. It is called (individual magic moment) without the back four… But however, what I mean literally then was we don’t have goal keeping issues with Maduka Okoye involved if only our (defensive) back four is very very good… But as it stands now, the problem has gone beyond that cos you guys decided to sack the only person that can fix all those issues. So now you can tell we have a coaching issue cos your “our own” can’t fix those issues.

      • Patrator 12 months ago

        Your last statements depicts inferiority complex. 5 years isn’t enough to get a reliable goal keeper u mean?

  • Patrator 12 months ago

    Monkey post… I read most of your comments and laugh

    U need a reliable goal keeper! Yes a good defense will make the keeper look good but then there are instances where classy saves will be needed to get the team out of trouble. Chelsea’s defense is good but Edouard Mendy still make world class saves in matches, that’s what they call A TEAM, making up for each others mistakes, a cohesive unit.

    Okoye is still not reliable and it’s the truth but he has prospects.

    For people comparing Musa and Ighalo to a 33 years old who represented us in a particular AFCON, you lot should listen up, it’s not about age , it’s about the quality of what you can offer! Is that too hard too understand?? If you’re even young as a player and you got nothing much to offer a team, it’s reasonable to represent such young player with an old player that still got qualities to offer. Look at Muller or Bayern…but you’re here picking Ighalo over young and agile strikers scoring goals in competitive leagues

    And for people waiting for the failure of Eguavon, shame on you people and that questions your loyalty. We’ve got to support this man and even if u choose not to support him, that got nothing on him, he’s to prove himself with results. Many didn’t like Tuchel at the start, his result won them over .

    NFF, pls and pls, let these handlers handle their jobs. It’s a shame we don’t trust u guys to do that.

    Somebody was even picking Akpeyi over the other goal keepers…really laughable

    I wish Eguavon and Super Eagles all the best.

    • Golden Child 12 months ago

      My brother I tire ooo. Akpeyi who hid behind the freekick wall during afcon, let them kwontinue! If we had a dearth of strikers, i will understand the need to recall ighalo but you have younger, ruthless, faster strikers playing in the toughest leagues in the world and some think it is Ighalo that should be picked ahead of these strikers. Someone said Ighalo is JUST 32 but I am sure his official age is a lot older than that. He could barely run against cape Verde. Some people are just illogical in their thought process but rather sentimental. In their minds, Ighalo was the highest goal scorer at the last afcon and therefore he must be the best we have. It was reported that someone in NFF thought it wise to offer him the no. 9 jersey. That proposed offer defies logic but can only be sentimental.some people are just wired this way.

      • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

        @Golden Child you don’t have to say someone since you know it’s me that said it. Yes I said he is “just 32” cos age is just a fucking number. If you’re good, you are good. Age should not be factor. And it so funny after 2 and a half years absence from a team you use a game to judge him…

        • Golden Child 12 months ago

          Let me try to put it into perspective for you. Let say you have a younger athlete who regularly runs 9.67 seconds in a 100m dash on sand and another who much is more older and runs 11.05 seconds in a 100m dash on grass; if you are the Athlethics coach who do you think has a higher chance of performing best?? This is how logic works.

      • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

        That is pure hatred. After you people will say is critism That is how you people cause the sacking of rohr.

      • Patrator 12 months ago

        As in ehnnn…lol … I wonder how some people think. If we should have two strikers running at opponent defense the way Osimhen does, just imagine the outcome but na Ighalo dem choose …. U see ehn… Very obsolete people

  • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

    What will now happened if we decide to play both strikers. To help take off the pressure from Osimehn?? Or if Ighalo comes on second half or 75 minutes. Una go take otapiapia?? Na wa o! How una dis Rohr and ighalo haters dey reason una own. We didn’t say Osimehn should be dropped.. Osimehn is our number one striker even ighalo confirmed it. He is there to help.. give him a break please!!

  • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

    Why don’t you go and ask your “our own” how old he was when he last played for Nigeria.. And what league… Dude was fucking 32 going to 33 and was playing in an indomie league in Malta. was there no premier league then? What about la liga? Italian league nko?? Abeg make we hear word!!!

  • pompei 12 months ago

    I still dey on this Ekong matter.
    After the Ekong error, people have been shouting Akpoguma, Akpoguma from the rooftops. Akpoguma has suddenly become the best thing since sliced bread in the CSN forum.
    Behold Akpoguma last Saturday against Freiburg.


    See Akpoguma at 3:15 causing a penalty. His tackle was nowhere near the ball. Very poor attempt at a tackle.
    I guess Akpoguma too has joined the NO TALENT CLUB, abi?
    At this rate, there will be no defenders left good enough to play for us at the upcoming Afcon. Loooool!
    Just as it would be unfair to rubbish Akpoguma because of a mistake, let’s extend the same courtesy to Ekong.
    Let’s be patient with our players and keep encouraging them. Football no be beans!

    • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

      Hahahahaha….Pompei. “Akpoguma is just fortunate to be playing in the Bundesliga….LMAOooooo. Azubuike Egwuekwe is far better than him…..LMAOOOo”

      That was how people who juggled ball 1000 times at the age of 7 ….LMAOOOo…. rated Olisah Ndah above Ekong till we showed them tons of videos of Ndah scoring own goals, pulling down opponents and conceding penalties with reckless abandon in club and national team colours….LMAOOo.

      Calvin Bassey was inches away from scoring his 2nd own goal in back-to-back games over the weekend.

      Anthony Izu scored a hattrick of owngoals in a single match in Israel 2 or 3 weeks ago. Apparently he still needs to be taught in which of the goals he needs to be putting the ball….LMAOooooo

      Balogun was said not to be worthy to play for a local pub team recently after watching him being molested in the Europa league multiple times this season

      If we open everyone’s dossiers lets see who will be without sin to play for us…..LMAOOOooo

      • pompei 12 months ago

        In fact Dr. Drey, at this rate I hope Eguavoen is still fit, because he might need to be available for selection at the Afcon! LOL!

  • Eguavoen okay over to you the Boy is waiting for a call up. Gentlemen let me introduce the new Okocha along with Kelechi Nwakali our Midfield problems should be a distance thing of the past soon


  • I’d like to wish Gernot Rohr all the best for his future endeavors… A good man with a good heart, more patriotic than these administrators and ex-cricket internationals who themselves are very unpatriotic citizens…

    I’d like to wish Cerezo all the best of luck he’ll need to succeed on this assignment cos he has always been a good coach but was unlucky on previous occasions such as the 2012 Olympics qualifiers. Where clubs refused to release his core players…

    By and large his tactics, team play and team discipline were very good… So please no one should cast aspersions on his personality because he isn’t your favorite for the job.

    • Patrator 12 months ago

      Thank you for this brilliant contribution

      • @patrator thanks bro… It’s imperative we make certain corrections and set the record straight as most fans have short memories of events past while some will never see something good from their non favorite players and Coaches…while they reverse is the case with their favorites

  • The Money the ministero and NFF used in settling Rohr should have been used to organize and Host an 8-nation WAFU tournée for our super eagles when they open camp… But nooo they’re bereft of positive ideas because they becloud their sense of reasoning with hatred, nepotism and bigotry

  • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

    @Patrator It was not just goal keeper…He was trying to build a team that will dominate Africa and the world for decades…But you guys were so impatient…But however, if you think is easy to build a national “team” that is complete in all areas, why don’t you tell your “our own” to do it from now till January….