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AFCON 2021: I’ll Invite Five New Players To Eagles –Eguavoen

AFCON 2021: I’ll Invite Five New Players To Eagles –Eguavoen

Super Eagles interim coach, Austine Eguavoen has revealed that he will extend invitation to five new players to the senior national team for camping ahead of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.

Eguavoen stated this in an interview with Brila FM, where he said that he won’t make big changes from the list of players that former Nigerian coach, Gernot Rohr had in place before his sack.


“90 percent of the players in the team have been together, we’ll stick with the team that has been together, but we will bring in a few maybe 5. Only a few new faces will get called up.

“Our players aren’t as bad as some of the results may have appeared.

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“I hate to say it was a problem, but we want to inject discipline. Something went wrong and we have to fix that.”


The Super Eagles have been drawn in Group D of the competition alongside Egypt, Sudan and Guniea-Bissau.

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  • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

    Injecting 5 new players doesn’t change the fact that you are trying to ride on another man’s success to glory….if you be man and a true tactician or a genius you for scatter the list and do a new one na.. why sticking to the script??? 5 players ko, 5 alive ni… LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • chris uzoh 5 months ago

      5alive noni

      • Okechukwu Johnson 5 months ago

        The coach should go and watch our international friendlies with Ukraine and Brasil and try and assemble those boys they were active on the ball the gen gen pressing

    • Is that a monkey talking? Just asking sha.

      • chuks haifa 5 months ago

        Maybe a monkey replying too! Sometimes people need to be more tolerant and respectful

    • Chairman 5 months ago

      Oga MonkeyPost calm down,
      Rohr gave his all, the longest serving Nigeria coach ever but he didn’t do anything new, before anyone starts saying he qualified for world cup, bronze medal and all that, we have achieved all that and even more with other coaches. Since he is no longer the coach we have to move on.

      • Obong_Ben 5 months ago

        @Chairman u hv made total sense. Let the caveman continue to remain in his cave. Apparently he is not ready to face reality. Let hin continue to leave in the past.

        I am very sure he is piling up energy to banter the SE when the Afcon kicks off. We are here waiting patiently for him.

        I wish i knew how the caveman is. I imagine he will be the 1st to scream his longs out once the team scores its 1st goal at the Afcon.

    • Does that make sense. Monkey post you are still pained by the sack of rohr. Sorry my brother. Rohr is history. Eguavon you are right. Leave the bulk of the team because thebyime is short. We want to see the new 5players.

    • Patrator 5 months ago

      This post is a Monkey post

    • Obong_Ben 5 months ago

      @Monkey Post don’t be naive or rather disgracing ur village people here pls. Chelsea’s current coach won the Champion’s league using players that Lampard brought into the team. Did that made his success less convincing??

      I think rather u should give credit to the players who hv chosen to up their game and remain consistent in a bid to fight for their father land whenever the opportunity comes calling.

      Stop whining, Grandpa Rohr has absolutely nothing on Eguavoen. They were both ex-players & now Coach. Stop crying over spoit milk. We don throw am away let it go. Abi u now like fresh things ni??

  • Marvelous 5 months ago

    If you like AFCON add 10. Have have paid for subscription already, waiting for AFCON. Even though I live in Akwa Ibom I don’t I will cross the waters to Cameroon. Have done my own preparation by subscribing, Equavon do your own. We need the cup, that was the TARGET.

  • Jide A. Briamhon 5 months ago

    Continuity at work and exactly the right way to go, Coach, what are the names of the 5 inclusions Amoo??

  • Umoru Abe 5 months ago

    Besides having only 2 weeks to deliver, I think I will support the guy who mentioned continuity. With that, the SE coaching crew could easily save time and resources while organizing the players to deliver.

  • Hassan Tia 5 months ago

    I think five players are Akinkunmi Amoo, Usman Mohammed, Alhassan Ibrahim, and tow of NPFL.Eguavoen must make overhual on Super Eagles tactic and pattern of playing which SE used to perform it; classical pattern of playing is demanded with mixing a modern style like pace,speed,sliding foot ball with also Tiki Taka as a modern style which means keeping the for a long time with playing through ball. Also Eguavoen must make strong line-up epecially Egpyt encounter like: making 3-5-2 with Okoye- V.Moses,Awaziem,calvin Bassey-Ndidi,Usman Mohammed-Dennis,Amoo,Iwobi-Victor Osimhen,Sadiq Umar; this I think is a perfecr or an ideal line versus Eygpt.

    • Jones 5 months ago

      Look all these tactics for Eguavoen? Bro I don’t think you’ve watched a game of SE during Eguavoen’s time as coach…

  • Sugar Daddy 5 months ago

    I hope odegbami and his cohorts are enjoying their hot coffee now having created this problem. This ‘I too know’ wey dey worry odegbami is so incurable that some people are allowing this infectious disease to rub on them. Look at what it’s caused and costs Nigeria.

    I have nothing against Cerezo. I know he is surely going to do well with the super eagles but please, run far from odegbami. He is full with jealousy and hatred since destiny has deprived him of any roles in the football administration in Nigeria. Imagine the destruction that would have ensued with him at helms of affairs at the NFF. Even commissioner post nor reach im hand sef for im state because dem know am Wella…!!!

    He has long wanted this confusion and some had played into his hands.

    • Jumobi Gbadebo 5 months ago

      You have any problem? C’mon stop being a frustrated ewu. Chief Odegbami is someone’s brother, uncle, name them, eran oko. What is wrong in what he said?

      • @Jumobi, so before now. Segun Odegbami didn’t know he was someone’s father, Uncle and so on. To be writing with hate so speech up and down on CSN. Please keep quiet. You are as confused as him. He should be causing confusion and we should be kneeling down to support him Abi???
        That’s the nonsense that is circulating in your brain.

        • My brother stop being frustrated person. At least we are all learned people, meaning we do understand. You don’t have to insult those who your father whether dead or alive can never measure up to. We are all concerned on how our team will do well in afcon, that’s what Odegbami is saying.

          • @Joel, please read my comments and point out my insult. To say someone is confused is an insult. Then go and read his last write up.
            If you are a journalist, your first job is to be objective.
            I have 3 journalists in my family so I know what their work is and it is not to ramble in the bush.
            Please what was the takeaway in any of his write ups.
            Let’s be honest here.

            After all, Segun Odegbami has said we possess slave mentality for logically appointing a foreign coach. Now Segun Odegbami possess a confusionist mindset. It is now an insult Abi??

            Back to the sentimentalism issue we all face in this country.

        • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

          And what are you @Trinity that finally commented on an almost stale sport news with cheap data and phone? A retard? Nitwit??

    • Mathematical Odegbami is a NIGERIAN HERO, AN ENGINEER TURNED FOOBALLER ONE OF THE BEST NIGERIAN HAS EVER PRODUCED AND SINCE RETIRING FROM ACTIVE FOOTBALL HE HAS CONTRIBUTED IMMENSELY TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF SPORTS NOT JUST FOOTBALL IN NIGERIA, IF YOU ARE IN DOUBT OF HIS CONTRIBUTION TO OUR SPORTS PLEASE CONTACT AJUNWA, THE OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST AND SHE WILL EDUCATE YOU WHO CHIEF ODEGBAMI IS. HE IS AN APOSTLE OF GRASSROOT DEVELOPMENT OF SPORTS AND FOOTBALL IN PARTICULR, SO IT IS NO SURPRISE THAT HE HAS A SCHOOL FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF SPORTS FROM THE GRASSROOT.YES, HE TRIED AT VARIOUS TIMES TO HEAD THE NFF AND THE POLITICIANS WHO KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT SPORTS, THE SAME PEOPLE THAT DESTROYED THE STRUCTURE THAT WAS LAID DOWN FROM EVEN BEFORE INDEPENDENCE FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF GRASSROOT SPORTS IN NIGERIA GANGED UP AGAINST HIM AND BLOCKED HIM FROM THAT POSITION. there was a time they claimed he was not qualified to run for that office, just to let you know the level of gang up and since then no footballer has ever headed the Nff which is mostly responsible for the poor performance of our footballers even at the U17 level.So it baffles me a lot when i read the insultive comments some of you make about a man who gave his all to play for Nigeria all through his youthful days and has not given up till date. Can somebody educate me what Chief Odegbami has done to deserve all the insults and name calling? HABA, let us give honor to whom honor is due Chief Odegbami deserves our respect and we should accord him just that.

    • Odegbami is a useless man I too know go kill am foolish man

  • Ali Gafar 5 months ago

    I hope none is still offended till date. My No1 player in the addition is Amoo, then 2nd to that, Tyrone; then 3rd person, Moses; then Coach Eguas should take 2 more from K.pillars of Kano. That is 5.

    • Ranti Babajide 5 months ago

      @Ali Gafar, your first three are quite alright but don’t forget we also have Dennis who is scoring. Though you did not mention the Kano pillars players, my suggestion is for the coach to include Akanni of Remo Stars. Just one player from the local team.

    • Golden Child 5 months ago

      We might as well put kanu and ikpeba in the list. Both were African footballers of the year. Since achievements is the sole reason for getting team invitation.

  • Ali Gafar 5 months ago

    I want to believe Coach Eguas is aware of super eagles problem. Akanni is a striker. @Ranti, our problem is the midfield that is why I suggested 2 midfielders from Kano pillars, Yusuf Maigoro and David Nnaji are very good at the center but they need exposure. Ask any league coach.

  • Chris 5 months ago

    @Ali Gafar, why not Dennis Ebuehi, Amoo, VMoses, Adeleye?

    • Prof. Tamuno Offiali 5 months ago

      @Chris, Ebuehi is already part of the team. The others are welcome development. If we have good midfielders in the local league, they should be invited to fight for shirt. The new FIFA rule admits 28 players for AFCON.

      The players that should definitely not smell camp are


      The following should be invited:




      • Goddy Egbesan 5 months ago

        Benching Afcon golden boot winner, a player with such experience makes your list silly. Aside from that, Onyeka and Iheanacho are waste of space, they have no role in the current arrangement. Or planning for the new crew to fail? Amoo is taking the place of Onyeka while Dennis will take that of Iheanacho. When will are we going to stop being sentimental?

        • Golden Child 5 months ago

          Let us include victor ikpeba, amunike. They were African footballers of the year. Since past achievements should be the only criteria for a team invite.

  • Alexis 5 months ago

    For those who are still frustrated for reasons best known to them, pls try and move on because nothing will stop our new SE coaching crew from being achievers. To be on SE Coaching crew is no mean feat as many might not be able to coach SE all their lives. Nigeria first as our slogan is the spirit…. Moses, Desser, Amoo, Ebuehi, Dennis should be invited to Coach Eguavoen Eagles.

  • Chidi 5 months ago

    Alexis, What about Akpoguma Kelvin?

  • Sam K 5 months ago

    make them cry from now to tomorrow, Rohr bye bye, Super Eagles is bigger than you. If you feel you are good,go and coach any team better than SE

    • Obong_Ben 5 months ago

      @Sam K this ur comment dey guve me Joy seriously lolzzz. Let Grandpa Rohr goan coach a team that is bigger than SE let’s see.

      • Sam K 5 months ago

        Exactly my brother,good coaches don’t complain when they are sacked, you see them getting back to the groove

  • Alexis 5 months ago

    @Chidi, he’s a flash in the pan. Eguavoen will be interested in players who knows their onions.

  • Baba Okemute 5 months ago

    Jide A. Briamhon said continuity at work. Nigeria biggest problem un-continuity, that is lack of continuity to the extent that people are used to let us build our own instead of continuing with a good programme of another official, it means no sense. Nigerian ministers and state Commissioners are worst off in this case and that is why Nigeria never develop. The former minister would have started metro line for lagosian but the new occupant will enter, and out of jealousy scrap or scather the plan instead of continuing with metro line as a good programme. That is why Lagos has no metro line till today. I just gave an example of un-continuity. Coach Augustine Eguavoen must continue with the wise decision to add to what is on ground, prepare them and ensure our flag flung the highest in Afcon, that is the benefit of continuity which Jide A. Briamhon is talking about but fools will never understand wisdom. I have no suggestion for the players to play for Eagles but let the coach put good boys there to show Africa why we are 3times cup winner. Good Luck Augustine Eguavoen

    • Nbanu Ikolie Nebolisa 5 months ago

      Baba, infact, you are a true Nigerian I am from Ibuzor, our former Commissioner started work on our village road but because of ozone layer interference, there was rainfall all through. The construction was halted. Guess what? In another regime, Hon. Enebili that was made Commissioner scrapped the contract, collected the contract from rce company and till today no road. I also believe continuity to continue with what we have started is better. I foresee SE winning the cup if Eguavoen will continue with continuity which is the best format. He might have started teaching our politicians how to rely on continuity instead of being wasteful. The former coach has 23 players and if 5 players are added, we would have met CAF quota of 28 players. Eguavoen has to do what is good and listen less to people, there is no time.

    • jude ilos 5 months ago

      Very sensible but any provision for the fool?

  • I agree totally, anybody overlooking Dessers is an enemy of super. The other four you mentioned are in order.

  • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

    Honestly ya niggas are delusional..so it is now that ya murdafuckers are realising and finally agreeing with me that GENERAL ROHR made a very good list and “you guys own” should continue with it and not strike it out… LMAO!!!!

  • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

    If e get mind and Sabi take risk him for strike out ighalo’s, Musa or even iwobi’s name and try to infuse his own a little bit na..Maybe him for leave only all those newbies na. Carry am go carry Afcon.. LMAO!!!

    • Mahmud Shuaib 5 months ago

      You go soon get hypertension for this matter ode. Ya grandpa Dr. Drey and his other lieutenants don since go on vacation. I dont know how you suddenly decided to constitute a daily nuisance here.

      Is the problem about your father Rohr’s 23 or his inability to deploy them accordingly.

      And for your information, its only a demented idiot who will go to Cameroon with an expired IGHALO. The earlier you get that into your stinking, sinking brain, the better.

      If EGU retains MUSA and Shehu, trust me its for political INTERFERENCE from above.

      No sane Manager will go to any competition with Musa, Shehu, Collins and Omeruo when DENNIS, BASSEY, AMOO and IZUCHUKWU are on fire. But this is Nigeria.

      Our joy and consolation with CEREZO at the saddle is the fact that SIMON, IGHALO, MUSA, COLLINS, IHEANACHO will not Starr a game in CAMEROON. Quote me anywhere!

      If any of them starts, may be 3rd match should Nigeria per chance win its first 2 matches!

      • Golden Child 5 months ago

        It just shows you the self worth of the players you mentioned above. How do you feel good about yourself knowing you are part of the team via ” quota system”. Mikel obi was captain of the team and the minute he realised he could not be a playing captain , he resigned honourably but for our current captain , if you like bench him for a year , his attitude is ” we die here”.

      • I disagree with you Mahmud Shuaib. Jamilu Collins and Omeruo are still very relevant to the Super Eagles. Jamilu was actually the Nigeria player of the match in the away tie against Cape Verde in Mindelo during the world cup qualifiers, where he played as a very effective left wing back and was actually responsible for initiating Nigeria’s first goal after his amazing forward run. Please lets be fair to the Super Eagles players while criticizing or making suggestions to the coaching crew.

  • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

    @Obong_Ben fine tuchel used almost the same players that lampard left to win the champions league for Chelsea. But if you are true follower of football, you will notice that when he arrived he made some technical and tactical changes and approach to the squad and the lineup… Players like rudiger was given more playing time than ever. Under lampard zouma was preferred to rudiger… Also christensen and jorginho enjoyed more more playing time than ever under lampard… You see… So those “you guys own” Lazy Eguavon have that kind of technical and tactical ability and IQ??? The answer is NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • We have to wait till the Afcon to see what Eguaveon brings to the table.

      • Musa Yahaya 5 months ago

        Leave the goat make he dey whine like a pussy @Akp

        Did anyone know Tuchel would win ECL if Chelsea didnt gamble on him?

    • Obong_Ben 5 months ago

      @Monkey Post, u hv not said anything believe me. Eguavoen have not played a game with d team yet. You hv not even seen his selected starting 11 yet so why not chill. Tuchel had time in training with d team before he made his technical and tactical input to the Chelsea team. Stop sounding like an unintelligently frustrated human being. U will like Eguavoen believe me. The man go make u forget Grandpa Rohr in a hurry.

  • Johnson Okechukwu 5 months ago

    The coach should go and watch our friendlies with Ukraine and Brasil and try and assembly those boys the ones that are still fit and equally try to play that pattern the Gen gen pressing

  • Chigozie 5 months ago

    Coach Egu could even come to my town and hand pick some players as long as he brings the cup. The truth is very bitter n nobody likes it, mostly Nigerians. The challenge of our leaders is how to change and do stuffs in other ways. They would rather continue doing the same thing while expecting a different result. Technology is never like that otherwise there wouldn’t have been advancement. Within two weeks you expect a coach to create a totally new team even when his precedessors with three years still relied on the team they met on ground, worked on then and possibly with few additions. That’s bullshit mhen! Infact, that’s the lowest of intelligence quotient should a rating be invented. Faulty thought processing brain, no one needs that. Egu should go ahead with his good plans after all the players are Nigerians. Nonsense.

  • SD Special Delivery Jones 5 months ago

    We need to invite Anayo Iwuala and Anthony Okpotu.

  • Omo9ja 5 months ago

    This is fantastic kę. Mr. No nonsense is about to shake things up.

    Just watch out for this man, coach Eguavoen.

    What Oga Rohr was unable to attained almost six years, Mr. No nonsense will achieve it in less than a month.

    I am expecting to see Nwakali, Dessers, Dennis, Sodiq and Adeleye on the Afcon list.

    I am also expecting Akpeyi and Ighalo to be left out of the team.

    Musa is the captain. His experience is needed.

    However, I am calling on Nigerians to support our “own”. Yes he can do it.

    Last but not least, you former Oga Rohr followers should be patient. I know many of you still in shock and also angry with the decision of the NFF but we can’t do anything about because they made the right decision.

    Hmmm. It doesn’t matter if you are former Oga Rohr followers or we patriotic Nigerians, we are all Nigerians.

    What we are looking for in sokoto is already in our shokoto kę. Mr. Eguavoen is the main man. He needs our prayers and support. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Dennis 5 months ago

      @omo9ja you have been the one complaining of miss’s inclusion in the super eagles team. You said he’s been taking the space for other players. Now you realise he’s the captain. Why now please? How come you just realise he’s the captain and his experience is needed? Make we dey look dey go

    • Omo9ja no be your amunike and egbo again you yeye sha you be any were belle face. So na eguavoen be your mr no nonsense now, okay I day look you if we fail in cameroon and you come this forum I go no say u no get shame at all.

  • Bomboy 5 months ago

    “Grandpa Rhor”. The name fits perfectly.

    Thanks to those who coined this new name. Ha ha ha ha!

  • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

    @Omo9ja Mr no nonsense taker is about to shake things up… LMAO!!!! Even when Mr no nonsense taker managed the most talented generation of players in Nigerian Football history,(the likes of Kanu, odewinge, Utaka, aghahowa, enyama, martins, Yakubu, chidi odiah, oruma, taiwo, Christian obodo, yobo etc) he could not shake anything up. Na now him go come shake things up?? Somebody say he should even come to his village to pick boys that are ready to play Afcon.. excuse me! Afcon?!! why are you guys stylishly mocking “una own”.Abeg don’t make me laf in Pidgin English…

    • Omo9ja 5 months ago

      @MONKEY POST, CV was the only team that beat Eguavoen’s team in that tournament. If not because of the defender’s error, Super Eagles would have played at the final of that tournament.

      Even, CV with Drogba and other falls to break down Eguavoen’s team.

      Aside from that, Eguavoen’s Olympic team was leading in their group but unfortunately, the players were not released his players to play the final match which Nigeria failed to go through.

      Yes Mr. no nonsense took array of star players to that tournament but you can see the difference between him and Oga Rohr.

      If Oga Rohr is good, he should have bn hired by other companies now.

      • Omo9ja no be your amunike and egbo again you yeye sha you be any were belle face. So na eguavoen be your mr no nonsense now, okay I day look you if we fail in cameroon and you come this forum I go no say u no get shame at all.

  • Bomboy 5 months ago

    Good luck Mr. Eguavoen. I am surprised that you were the one chosen to replace the old man. But I wish you well and look forward to a great AFCON.

    Stephen Keshi (of blessed memory) surprised us. You can do it too!

  • Goddy Egbesan 5 months ago

    @Prof. Tamuno Offiali, benching the reigning Afcon golden boot winner, Ighalo, a player with such experience makes your list silly. Aside from that, Onyeka and Iheanacho are waste of space, they have no role in the current arrangement. Or planning for the new crew to fail? Amoo is taking the place of Onyeka while Dennis will take that of Iheanacho. When are we going to stop being sentimental?

    • Monday 5 months ago

      @Goddy Egbesan, that is frustration finding an inroads. No mind am. The new coaching team are more than that. That will an unwise decision to even leave a golden boot owner on the bench assuming we aren’t talking about his experience.

  • Henry 5 months ago

    It’s like frustration has started to advise ‘Egu’ on team selection.

    • Vincent 5 months ago

      Ha ha ha, the SE coachie is also called “Mr. Eguavoen”. A gradual conversion is taking place. Wait for the next title.

    • Bola Olatilo 5 months ago

      @Henry, how did you know?

      • Dan oilmilk 5 months ago

        You pipl can make frustration bitter for Africa shaa, now he is showing origin colour. Lolz

      • Henry 5 months ago

        @Bola Olatilo, abeg o! Don’t you go to church?

  • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

    @Malu sorry @Mahmud Shuaib I have forgotten you are now the technical director who now know who will starr or who not to starr but funny enough from your last Statement is like you and “una own” gat something in common and that is the dependence on luck and chance.. You dumb antelope like your master Eguavon…You don’t even know whether SE will win their first 2 matches.. even if they win, you said by chance!! Oh my God! We don enter one chance with Eguavon and his blind followers…

    • Fasile Bunmi 5 months ago

      Sorry, it’s really frustrating.

    • Kenneth 5 months ago

      MONKEY: The forum is already aware but do take it easy.

    • Damian Iruojie 5 months ago

      @Kenneth, what about prayers?

    • Can you please go elsewhere and beat the drums to call attention for your clueless Rohr, The present coach should give us his own selection of players ? Are you okay ? Na Rohr na get Nigerian players ? If Coach Cerezo says he wants to stick to these present players , so be it.

      Rohr should get himself another job if truly he is a good Coach. See its rare to see a company dropping its best Operators. If Total should drop a good operator ,Qatar Gas employs that same Operator in no time because of his skills and technical know-how and in fact for the experience gained while working with Total.

      Your tactical Coach should found himself another employer , if he is really that good ….

  • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

    Oh what a shame! @Omo9ja all your statement that you made trying to defend your master are filled with if not, if not, unfortunately, which is typical of all Eguavon supporters. LMAO!!! You guys lack confidence.. and super eagles fans are not known for that atall.. And that is what we are trying to avoid… But you tell yourself the truth. If were even the one that handle that array of stars, with no qualification let’s not even go too far by mentioning Rohr’s name. bro I don’t know you in person o but with some of your contributions and analysis here am sure you would have won the Afcon back to back.. what rubbish!!

  • Grant 5 months ago

    Frustration is back to normal life, giam chance.

    • Prince Umunna 5 months ago

      Grant, From what I can read, he likes telling stories?

    • Jideola 5 months ago

      May be you are talking about being abusive, that’s his trademark. My gut feeling tells me he’s gonna change. Let’s see.

  • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

    LMAO!!!sick swine @Musa Yahaya have you forgotten I was with you when the ventinary doctor gave you instructions… Now it’s 19:53 so run along boy go and take your drugs..

  • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

    If you come here for pure football analysis, then am okay. But I will not bave some of you who supported the injustice, evil and unfairness, that was dished out to GENERAL ROHR come here to try to abuse me and then I will be quiet… As a man of justice and fairness I will soro soke.. get that please!!

  • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

    LMAO!!! Oh see who will have here…@Trinity So what are you now, after succeeding in borrowing evening cheap data from MTN I guess with your cheap phone and finally commenting on an already stale news?? A retard??. A nitwit??? LMAO!!!!

  • Dibia 5 months ago

    Oga coachy, Biko I hope ighalo is not included?

  • De Star 5 months ago

    @Goddy Egbesan ; only a daft , foolish and financial bankrupt coach as Rohr that will include a retired super flopped Igahalo in SE ; the likes of retired Igahalo can only add value to Eguafon pocket if he is not paid his salary online , otherwise Eguafon may have to go and take notes from the clueless Rohr how to beg Nigerians to give Igahalo more time to adapt in SE with the silly excuse from a myopic thinking dumbo grandpa Rohr

    @Mammud Shuaib ; I love ❤️ to read your brilliant analysis.

    @Omo9ja , please stop calling Eguafon Mr No Nonsense ; let his current action and performance speaks for him ; forget his past , and rather allow us to judge Eguafon on his current performance, otherwise your thinking may not be too different from the grandpa Rohr and his left over gullible dir hard supporters who are still making reference to retired flopped Igahalo’s so called golden boot of 2019 , in 2022 (4 years ago) , they could have as well asked for King Kanu or Ikpeba to come back to SE as former African footballers of year.

    We will know Eguafon as No Nonsense Coach , if he dares to do what grandpa dumbo Rohr could not do , by not calling the Musa to SE ; don’t be economic with truth , if you come up with excuse that Musa can be retained for political reasons as captain and where he comes from, I will agree with you as Eguafon definitely don’t have that liver , but to try to insult our intelligence by making shameful case for Musa is uncalled for ; you may as well make case for the flopped Igahalo, or what is the differences between Igahalo and Musa ( for 50 minutes, Igahalo could not add a single assist let alone making any meaningful contributions , and worse still , the 3 clear chances that came his way ; he was awful , and the stupid dumbo grandpa Rohr shamelessly still begging his gullible fans to give Igahalo more time to adapt.

    Eguafon is average coach but is far better than dumbo Rohr who is bereft of idea and messed up his technical deficiencies with corrupt call up players that he can influence to European clubs . All the same , our allegiance is to SE and Nigeria nation . We are going to give Eguafon our strong support

    • mercy 5 months ago

      Haha!!! you don’t have to lie in other to make your point. You may say the old man is technically inept and that is even subjective. That depends on the side of the divide you are but to say he is financially bankrupt that is not true. Someone that has many hotels and wine company in france and you say he is bankrupt????? No bro!!!!

  • Mahmud Shuaib 5 months ago

    God bless you always for your passionate and well laid out analysis on this forum. But for you mr DAFT NITWIT @Monkeyposting trash rubbbish; Every one here knows you are sufferings from chronic mental issues. Go seek medical attention pls. As you can see, everyone here is for the future and not the past where you and your dumbo Rhor (apologies DE STAR) belongs.

    Your analysis
    Your granmar
    Your attitude
    Your composure

    Ever since you started commenting on this forum have always been shitty, idiotic, moronic, warped, senseless, nauseating and grandiose delusional!

    Go get some life you petty little kid.

    • Prof. Tamuno Offiali 5 months ago

      @ Goddy, the reigning EUROPEAN championships Golden boot and golden ball winner from when Portugal won the cup didnt make the cut for the recently concluded one.

      Do you know who was Brazil’s top 9 two years ago?

      What you must understand is football is based on current form and not past glory.

      Ighalo who couldnt cut his teeth any more in any top 10 EUROPEAN or South American league CANNOT lead NIGERIA’s line playing in SAUDI ARABIA when AWONIYI and DESSERS have each scored 10 goals + in all competitions this season already.

      Dessers is 26 and top scorer in Dutch league 2 seasons ago and among the goals this season. Thats upward trajectory. He has experience now

      Awoniyi is 24 and in his second season with Union Berlin who finished top 7 last season in the 4th best league in EUROPE and is a leading scorer this season while his team is top 6 also.

      Only a clueless and daft coach will bench players playing in mainstream

      • mercy 5 months ago

        @ Prof Tamuno
        I wrote here sometimes this year that Eguavoen was clubless prior to US94 but you were arguing with me. You even went ahead to say that I am trying to mislead the people on this forum.
        Please listening to this youtube and be informed.


        Fast forward to 3:58 minutes

      • Afcon is not premiership, that’s were you are making the same error. Without experienced players, let’s say 3 of them, you won’t go beyond the group stage. Go figure it.

  • Tansky 5 months ago

    Cerezo the chief disciplinarian I believe you, oya help us carry nation cup for the fourth time as the second Nigeria coach to do that. Say yes if you gorrit, if you don’t gorrit, fogerrit!!!

  • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

    LMAO!!!!This is somebody talking of grammar, composure, etc He goes like:

    “Ever since you started commenting on this forum have always been shitty, idiotic, moronic, warped………….”

    Dude you ended up insulting yourself or what??… LMAO!!! Or is it the forum or my comments that have always been shitty, idiotic, etc? Cos I can’t see no “You have always been” or Your comments have always been” Damn! You must have failed all those your composition exams and classes during your school days. That is if you ever attended one anyway.. LMAO!!! Cos nigga you lack clarity of terms and organisation in composition… LMAO!!!

    You know what?? Your whole words stinks!! If I am to know you in person I am very sure you are suffering from halitosis…

    Are you trying to compare analysis with me?? When if you ask everyone here, they will tell you that I have never done any analysis here. Am just that dude who is standing against the injustice from NFF and anyone that supports it…And you know why I don’t do analysis here??? Well that’s because I gat so many bright minds here like @Dr Banks, @Dr Drey, and @Pompei etc. So I have always felt no need doing analysis…Plus if I am to touch the other camp,(“let us fail with our own” camp), boy I still gat bright minds too, even though we often clash.( Rohr haters). You belong in that camp too. But I gat much respect for these guys and honestly they are the reason I joined this platform talking about @Ugo Iwunze, @Chinenye, @Chima E Samuel etc.. All these guys are always spot on when it comes to analysis.

    So if it were your lame and dumb ass analysis alone, I would have left this forum a long time ago. You bungalow brain! Nothing upstairs!!!

  • @Bola, hmmmm, who is talking about European league?

  • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

    Is just that am not that nigga that like revealing himself… But that Malu have the guts to call a nigga that is up here in Turkey, in Istanbul to be precise for a year plus now all by himself pursuing his master’s a low life?? SMH…..

    Even when I was in Nigeria, you can’t look me in the face and call me that. Cos I played the game and made money from it from the streets of lagos where they named me MONKEY POST till the point where I almost wore the national colours. But was discouraged by their bribery and corruption. Ended up doing punditry for some news outlets, traveling to several countries in Africa until I felt I needed to go to school..

    For you using that word “low life” on a person you don’t know??

    Mehn you must be a dummy!

    • Mahmud Shuaib 5 months ago

      I called you a kid and you just confirmed it. You are pursuing a Masters Degree in Turkey in 2021 and have the audacity to disrespect me?

      I will be doing myself and everything I represent a disservice if I join issues with you on that front.

      Its needless. You are what I just called you; a little kid.

      This is a faceless forum, so mo need revealing to you who or what I am or have achieved or attained. I advice we stick to talking FOOTBALL. Unfortunately like I wrote earlier, you have always presented yourself here as a very annoying NUISANCE. No sense in your write ups. Like you confessed, you do not ANALYSE but constitute an OTINKPU….noisemaker.

      Why dont you allow fertile brains to analyse and argue with facts and figures while you sit back and read?

      This will be the last time I will respond to you cause, know what? We do not belong in the same wavelength.

      Good night kid.

  • Abdul 5 months ago

    I was a staunch supporter of Rohr, and I still don’t think he deserved the treatment he got from the NFF. However, I’m a super eagles’ fan, so, all supports have now been diverted towards the team and Mr. Austin’s screw, and Rohr’s era is gone. In as much as i think it will take a miracle for Egu to win the title in Cameroon, I also know that to achieve something, sometimes it just requires a lil bit of change. So, I’m waiting patiently to wave the flag and support this team all the way.

  • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

    LMAO!!!! Grown ass MALU! it seems you always gat to go rehearse a few lines before you come reply me. Or your 6-6 iron condemn work wouldn’t let you..LMAO!!! Little wonder you gat to creep in here every night to give those your lame ass analysis that you boast about. LMFAO!!! Cos I have even forgotten that a FLAPDOODLE like you still exist. Yea in 2021! And am pursuing it “all by myself”. I say it with open chest. Not on some scholarship shit, not on any government sponsorship trip.. And that shit is just one of my light doings.. You don’t expect me to mention all my doings. It’s gonna choke your bungalow brain . LMAO!! Nigga all your doings and all you are ever gonna do or achieve/attain in your life is gonna be struggling to catch up with some of my doings when I was in the streets of Lagos, Surulere to be precise…

    You retarded soul.. oh now you call me a kid and advise that we discuss purely football issues?? Because you just got served?? LMAO!!! Where was your sick self when you left the topic on ground to place an attack on my personality?? The last time I checked real men don’t deviate. Only children do that.

    And about the me never doing analysis shit. Literally, I mean you can’t be in a room with me where am dissecting football.. so get that into your Turmorous brain, you dick head!!