AFCON 2021: Salah Inspires Egypt To Dramatic Quarter-final Win Over Morocco

AFCON 2021: Salah Inspires Egypt To Dramatic Quarter-final Win Over Morocco

Mohamed Salah was the star of Sunday’s AFCON 2021 quarter-final clash with Morocco as Egypt came from behind to beat Morocco 2-1 after extra time.

The Liverpool forward drew Egypt level before providing the assist for the winner in first half extra-time.

Morocco have now failed to reach the semi-finals at the AFCON since 2004.

Sofiane Boufal gave Morocco an early lead with a penalty after Ayman Ashraf caught Achraf Hakimi, a decision given by the video assistant referee.

But Salah tapped in an equaliser after Yassine Bounou parried a header and the game went to extra time.

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He then set up substitute Trezeguet for the winning goal with a low cross which the forward tapped into an empty net.

Egypt should have scored a third right at the end after Morocco keeper Bounou came up for a free-kick. Morocco played it short but Egypt made a mess of their counter-attack and Salah shot into the side-netting.

Morocco will be kicking themselves for not taking advantage after Egypt’s second choice keeper Gabasky went off injured and was replaced by uncapped 22-year-old Mohamed Sobhi.

Also, the Pharaohs has to play most part of the game without first choice defender Ahmed Hegazy.

Egypt will now face hosts Cameroon in the semi-finals on Thursday.

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  • Rooting for Burkina Faso for the trophy. I don’t want either Cameroun or Egypt to add to their Afcon tally. Senegal maybe a second choice, even though they’ve been drab and underwhelming in this tourney – so they won’t be deserving winners.

    In contrast, Burkina Faso has played exciting football in Cameroun and their Bance and Traore set came very close in 2013.

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    Wait! Na the same Egypt wey we beat with one stupid philosophy and still crash out don enter semi final so?? LMFAO..

  • Gritty 2 years ago

    If not for Okoye’s porous and baskety goal keeping nonsense, we for still dey AFCON now o.

    Pls Coach Eguavoen or whosoever is taking over should, as a matter of urgency, search and screen out 3 quality and reliable shot stoppers with unflitching reflexes and quality ball distribution.
    Enough of all this goal keeping embarrassment! Pls, pls, pls.

    Again, SE players should be made to understand that national team duty is not a time for relaxation/holiday but a moment of serious business and to improve upon their club level.

    A SE player should add something to his game after each international window. Going back as an improved and fitter player.

    Those that want holiday or relaxation during FIFA windows should honourably excuse themselves and stay away. All this YouTube videos, interviews and fun everywhere in the SE camp should be curtailed.

    Our players cannot play acurrate shots, R2, no dead ball specialist, some cannot use both feet, many cannot head ball well and our frees kicks are very poor except for the few Nwakali took vs Guinea. These are some of the areas each SE player should improve on, not the fun fun fun and crash out at crucial moments.

    World Cup is a very serious business. Period!

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      After 6hears of Rohr… All we got was an amateur shaky goalkeeper whose Instagram talent is more obvious than his footballing one… We warned about Okoye, there is hardly a game where he is tested more than three times and called to duty that he won’t let in goals. Just hype of playing Eredivisie. The Israel based guy was sounded for the longest but they shut him out of the team… peole like Akpeyi are just perpetual squad members just to share match bonus. If Akpeyi is no longer useful give the opportunity to a younger goalkeeper. If devil wan punish Nigeria they should field Okoye against Ghana in Accra and see Ghana whitewash us… Ghanaians are in all Nigeria sports forum gathering infos for their team based on what Nigerian fans are talking about weaknesses in our team…

      • Edoman 2 years ago

        Okoye was the worst goalkeeper that ever keep goal for Nigeria. Rohr put him there because he is a German national and to help him secure a better team to keep for. Okoye is never good. God will punish him for the pain he inflected on the Nigerian people.

        • JimmyBall 2 years ago

          I said this long ago but was insulted here…

          Rohr refused to look to other goalkeepers and brought us an amateur division 4 Regional Liga goalie.

          Okoye was with Kai Hervertz in the youth team of Duesseldorf but never quite impressed to move up.

          For a country as large as Nigeria, there is no goalkeeper good enough to allow to grow from the league if we say Akpeyi, Uzoho are no better than Okoye. For two successive nations cup now goalkeeping has been an embarrassment for Nigeria.

          If our league could produce the likes of Enyeama and Ejide in the past… It means we can still search and find younger goalkeepers with such level of pitentials.

          Rohr just came to take our football backwards for 6yrs. Where we used to be among nations in Africa that are sure semifinalists in Afcon… the likes of Burkina Faso and Senegal have taken our place.

          We keep inviting annoyingly average players who go to tournaments to just sit in the bench. I can list up to 7players who went to Afcon as spectators and I am afraid if Eguaveon will not finally crumble the team.

          What was Henry Onyekurus contribution in AFCON… A player struggling to cut it at professional club level… Frank Onyeka, what did he bring onboard? Yusuf Alhassan of Antwerp should have taken Onyekas place…

          For a team with Simon, Musa, Ejuke, Iwobi and Olayinka… One won’t be wrong to ask what purpose did Henry Onyekuru going to Afcon serve?

          Most of these useless players have backers in the NFF, they bribe those officials from time to time to continue to project their interest in National team.

          We struggle in games when faced with adversaries of formidable degree… How we will be able to best Ghana over two legs is still hazy to me…

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    Our players are very unprofessional… See the embarrassment of sex parties just before a crucial WCQ game… last time. Some of them just see playing for Nigeria as routine… A country with so many good players like 9ja for that matter… Most of the games they struggled before the Afcon was down to their lackadaisical and slow approach like how they showed against Tunisia… Unfortunately lots of friendlies we could have used last year to test budding talents and potential Super Eagles materials were wasted by Rohr on the same hapless and rudderless old brigade…

    • Jason 2 years ago

      Mr Jimmyball, why do you have this strong passion and unhealthy obsession for running down our players.

      Do you have an ulterior motive for doing so? Do you have something to gain when you unjustly lambast our players from the big leagues?

      It is almost as if you hate them or maybe you are jealous of them. Or maybe you have some kind of affliation to some players playing in more average or smaller leagues.
      Hence your resolve to regularly attack the ekongs, aribos, Iwobis & Ndidis and the rest blocking them from featuring for the super eagles. It makes no sense and I genuinely do not understand your deal.

      Our problem at afcon was obviously our bench. There is nothing special about the Tunisan team at all. They won only 2 matches out of the 5 they played in the tournament. Our boys were clearly better, Only thing we lacked on the night was a good tactician.

      • JimmyBall 2 years ago

        @Jason… Are you not ashamed of what you posted above this? I don’t have time for jejune writeups like yours above… You won’t get my attention for 2cent.

        • Jason 2 years ago

          Oh my… And who are you supposed to be? Oga pack well abeg.

          While others forumites come here for dead woods in the team like Noble, shehu (though he hardly plays a bad game for Nigeria but we have better options). You are always here attacking players in top leagues. For example, aribo had a fine tournament for us (one of our best performers) which everyone agrees to but you still found a way to drag him.

          It is almost like the tag of epl, serie a, Ligue 1, eredivise etc. on any player at all puts them in your bad books. Like you get PTSD from knowing this players are playing at such level. Like there is some terrible back story to it all.

          Not sure what the issue is but you need to understand that for us to compete with the best football nations in the world not just here in Africa. We need our boys to continually cut it at the best leagues, the champions league, among the best players in the world.

          That is what we should be pushing them to aim for. Not staying in mediocre leagues that does not challenge their talents to step up. We saw an improved Ekong playing the ball out better, finding our players in forward positions with long passes better because his abilities has been challenged in the epl. And he has had to step his game up( watch out for an improved player when he returns to Watford).

          That is what playing with and against top players does for you. Not going to lower leagues to shine and the funny thing is that most of them do not even have good stats in those leagues. Let us encourage our players to play in the best leagues. Those already there should aim for the big teams in their league.

          • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

            Jason listen well I think you this new generation guys don’t know history that is why you don’t know the power of super eagles, when was the last time we had goal keeping crisis if not starting with Rohr? A lot of you plus today’s eagles don’t know the value of Nigeria Super Eagles no wonder Rohr always look down on the players. I will not anything again. When was the last time a great team signed our players after Mikel? Or is the handicap Lago master Ighalo that was signed to Manu’s Bench? Rohr is a player agent coach. He is the most corrupt of all Coaches hiding behind his deeds, if not common sense will tell you after he invited Musa and said sometimes he helps his players find club. Omo e no make sense why didn’t he help Alampasu develop so that he can find club? Una no get sense to see say the coach will rather develop average talent of Super talents. Alampasu, Musa Mohammed, Nwobodo, Alhassans two and a host of the golden youth team players that had winning DNA he choose not to develop them, even Osihmen was fortunate to fight his way because at first na Bench e wan use murder the guy. SMH I hope shame will not make you reply or you can say I’m writing nonsense. LMAO

          • JimmyBall 2 years ago

            @Chima no mind the dude. See Burkina Faso took Tunisia apart. I have moved away from the red card to Iwobi and the goal scored by Msakni…

            See a youngman Dango destroyed Tunisia central defence alone… a job Iheanacho and Awoniyi looked like pigeons against eagles.

            The young man wearing number 9 for Burkina Faso, Tabsoba or so… at barley 20yrs his game is more mature and confident than an Ekong who isn’t better than Semi Ajayi and is almost coming the end of his useful career point…

            All we keep hearing is our players play top5 league, play EPL and so on… yet when it’s duty time they can’t even matchup against less fancied opponents yet if you talk one Hallelujah praise singer will say you are slamming our players…

            There are decent uncapped Nigerians than NFF and our coaches should approach but their parochial interests and tribal sentiments won’t let them do the needful.

            Tosin Adabioyo is better than all the central defenders we have currently, he has no cap for England and has said he ain’t interested in Nigeria simply because of how NFF officials play and ask for money… I won’t be surprised someone has asked that dude for money before… They only focus on players ready to play ball with them… We know all these. It will be interesting to see how Ekong coordinate defence against Ghana in a vociferous stadium… We count down! For me… If a Balogun, Awaziem is fit, they should be paired with semi Ajayi even if they chose to play a back three of Central Defence… People have forgotten how Ekong almost allowed Salah equalize that first game against us… Because he has a man of the match against one squirrel opponent… I group Ekong and Maduka in the same shaky boat.

      • Jason 2 years ago

        Chima, Once again you jump headstrong into a conversation while missing the main grit of it. Once again you comment offpoint. Na people like una them dey talk say their sense no done well. I engage you anyways.

        The power and history of super eagles abi? Please tell me what we have achieved as a football nation in Africa or on the world stage that other African countries have not achieved and surpassed. What stops us from looking past afcon and dominance in Africa to looking at dominating and competing properly in the world stage. Or don’t you realise that if we achieve dominance on the world stage Africa will become our playground. Aim for the skies everytime so if you fall you will at least drop to the clouds.

        Now what is the difference between us and the Spains, Brazils, France, Italys etc. Their teams are always comprised of players playing in top leagues, competing in the latter stages of champions league. This top level competitions imparts a winning mentality into this players. That is why we always have a France, Brazil, Germany filled with players from real madrid, Chelsea, Juventus, psg, Bayern etc. seemlessly translate same mentality into their national teams on their way to winning & dominating the world cup.

        Now in our super eagles we have the Osihmens, Iheanachos, ainas, Ndidis. Very young decent players yet to fufil their enormous inate potential. Playing in decent leagues but not in the best clubs renowned for their winning mentality & history. I mean imagine an Osihmen plays for real madrid, ndidi plays for a man UTD, aina goes to Juventus,awoniyi at Bayern or Dortmund, and the rest of our squad in top teams. Tell me how Nigeria will not get to the quarter finals of the world cup and beat a Spain to move into the next round. Let us not even discuss Africa again cause they’ll piss themselves at the thought of meeting us. Look no further than Salah of liverpool. Look at how his winning mentality carried his team past morroco yesterday. Now imagine they have at least 9 players on their team that thinks and plays like Salah on the pitch. Imagine how domineering that team will be.

        Let us push our players to take the challenge of aiming to play for and with the best. And in our own part we must set the standard for qualifying to play for us. When this is done you’ll see everyone of them aim everytime to improve so they can change levels. The ripple effect on our football status will be wow.

        Okoye, Uzoho are good goalkeepers. We don’t have too many out there better than them. The Adeleye you guys keep mentioning will go through his own baptism of fire and teething issues if he mans the post for us today. Why? Because they are all very young in the goalkeeping trade. Young Enyeama, casilas, de gea, Buffon were not as good as they became or are at 21,22,23 years old. But their teams kept faith with them because they had obvious talent. Once again, Uzoho, Maduka will come good.

        Rohr’s time is past. You should leave him in peace.

        He was never wrong to make his players know that he wanted them to move to bigger clubs for their own sakes.

        Alampasu, Musa Mohammed unfortunately could not cut it at the level beyond U-17 football. It is not the fault of Rohr or any other coach for that matter. That level is the lowest cadre of international football and as we have come to understand, success at that level does not guarantee nothing one when steps up to senior international football.

        • Jason 2 years ago

          Jimmyball, Burkina Faso is not Nigeria. They do not produce as much talents as we do. Those players on display yesterday are their best players all over the world. They do not have players in Napoli, Leicester, Torino etc. And if they do, players playing in lower leagues will not be selected ahead of them. Their coach only used the best of what he had available to him to beat Tunisa. You yourself have admitted that Eguaveon messed up on that night. A better coach would set our team to beat that understrength Tunisan side everytime.

          Semi Ajayi played in the Epl only last season and was culpable in so many mistakes, that lead to goals against west brom. I remember he conceded a lot of penalties too against his side. Now he’s back in the championship with them and is a consistent bench warmer, Less than 15 caps for Nigeria. Now Compare him to an Ekong who is still playing in the Epl, captains the super eagles with close to 60 caps on his belt. They are not on the same level baba.

          If semi will usurp any one in that defence, it will be an omeruo. Man has lost pace and is not same player he was under Keshi.

          “There are decent uncapped Nigerians”
          Name players better than those we took to afcon and you will start name dropping players like olayinka, nwakali, Kingsley eduwo of esperance, adegenro from Rosenberg, Npfl players. Mediocre players that are not in the level of some players even waiting in the wings for their opportunities talk of our more of our main team. Olayinka came in twice as substitute and was running up and down the frontline like a headless chicken. Losing possesion and tripping himself all over the place. Nwakali came in twice and killed our rhythm. Day he was started our free flowing build ups became slow and laborious. Thank God it was an inconsequential match against a weak opponent.

          If we do not want to descend to the days of yore when we were struggling to qualify for afcon with no hope at all for world cup qualification then player selection should always be for players who have risen to play in good leagues. Any others with ambitions to play for super eagles must move to stronger leagues. Funny how those days we couldn’t qualify for tournaments with the profile of our players reading Slovakia, Czech republic, Sweden , china etc.

          Tosin Adarabyio’s case is open knowledge. Nigeria started courting him when he was with man city’s youth teams trying to break into their first team. When he moved to Fulham, he was approached again and after early reports said he had accepted, he eventually said he’ll wait for his chance with England. Don’t know what you want us to do about that. Except you want us to go cap in hand to beg him.

  • benakay 2 years ago

    @ Gritty.

    Its Okoye that prevented Ndidi from marking Nabil Makni who uselessed Ndidi before taking the shot.
    It was also Okoye that made Sadiq Umar missed to sure-banker goals that could have tied the game.
    Abi na Okoye who stopped Ndidi from shooting on goal twice after being put through, which any decent midfielder would at least test the keeper.
    Or it was Okoye who gave Iwobi to go and step on the Tunisian player, making him get the red card.
    Or even better, it was Okoye who told Eguavoen to come up with the dumbass strategy of focusing on wingplay, as strategy that even my 10 year old kid knew the Tunisians will nullify.

    If not for Okoye, there wouldn’t be poverty and starvation in Nigeria…

    • onwajunior 2 years ago

      @benakey let’s be objective. The goal was Okoye’s fault. He’s a goalkeeper for a reason, not to be playing goalkicks. We raised the alarm way b4 the Afcon that during our qualifiers once our defence is beaten its a goal. He’s a good keeper, agreed, but let’s stick with others for now.

    • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

      Okoye is not consistent so it’s dangerous to have him keep for national team because he can not have a consistent run of games without leaking shitty goals common it happens to him at both Club and National team. Some matches he will shine and after that he will leak annoying goals against average players. Listen Okoye is suppose to be No4 goal keeper of Nigeria. He is not in talent frame of Enyeama and Co. This calls for Emergency if we must go far at other major tournament. If I see Okoye as No1 I will not watch the match again because I except anything no wonder Sierra Leone and Cape Verde invaded him LMAO. I miss Vincent Enyeama!!!

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    Congratulations to Egypt. A well done to them. My observations. Super Eagles doesn’t have a leader in the team. Ekong have that qualities but he have to do more.

    There most be three players the rest of the team can rely on. One in the back, one in the midfield and one in the front.

    Eagles strikers and wingers are selfish. Egyptian team doesn’t care who score but they care more about their country.

    Super Eagles doesn’t have reliable goalies. I always said it, Agu should be replaced. Egypt’s first goalie wasn’t on the pitch today and the second choice did a fanterbulous job.

    Those saves he made today similar to the one Okoye misjudged that led to Super Eagles exit. Meaning, Okoye is a good goalie but he’s not yet there. He’s for the future.

    Lastly, coach Eguavoen should strengthen the team. Oga Rohr did a shabby job in terms of selecting the best and right players and goalies to represent Nigeria and I hope our own will change that. Super Eagles need to play at least two friendly matches before Ghana encounter.

    Coach Eguavoen should wake up and get the job done because we have fantastic players.

    God for bid, if Ndidi is not available who will replace him? The best player to replace him is Nwobodo. That guy is too good. Why did Oga Rohr/Mr. No nonsense ignore Nwobodo, Adeleye and Dessers? Well, I still can’t find a better answer to that. It is beyond my imagination.

    I can’t tell the difference between Ndidi and Nwobodo. Even, Nwobodo is very good at goal. I have been scouting for a while and if I see a quality player, I can tell.

    Also, that Micheal is another fantastic midfielder. We have the players to get the job done but to select the best squad for Nigeria is very difficult due to corruption of the coaches and NFF.

    This also happened during Oga Rohr time. He preferred shehu over Ebuehi and Ola Aina. He preferred Ighalo over Osimhen and Dessers.

    Am in support of our local coaches because they understand their fans much better than the foriegn coache. The indigenous coaches understand the way we wanted the Super Eagles to be playing and our target. Let’s give them another chance.

    We all have a role to play if Super Eagles have to be in Qatar.

    Congratulations to Egypt once more. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Coache 2 years ago

    It was Iwobi’s ill luck. That red card. Remember when they went to Benin by sea, it was Iwobi that was adjudged to have had COVID 19 albeit a lie.Why Iwobi of all people.

    He will play all qualifying matches and gets benched when it is tournament proper. Like in Russia and of recent Cameroon. Pls lets pray for him. He is talented.

  • Eguavoen’s technical deficiency was glaring.How could he rely on just a pattern of play.He killed/ limited SE’s chances right from when the final 28 players were named.One could see that he was only prepared for wing play.I was really disturbed that it was when Moses Simon came into the final group game that the SE started making dangerous moves into the GB’s danger area.Without Moses Simon SE couldn’t fly.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    After losing to Nigeria, Egypt moved Mo Salah back to his preferred right wing position. They have won all their matches since then.
    Playing your players in the right position can make a huge difference.
    Now we have Egypt, Cameroon, B/F in the semifinal. In the match to decide the 4th semifinalist, Senegal are in a battle as they had the lead, but EG have drawn level!
    The winner of this match will face B/F.
    Most expected Nigeria to be in the spot B/F currently occupy. That has not happened. OUR OWN failed to do what B/F succeeded in doing. Congrats to B/F, commiserations to OUR OWN.
    Cameroon will believe that the trophy is theirs for the taking. The Pharoahs are looking to claim the African throne yet again. Senegal have another great chance to win their first ever trophy (if they can see off EG today). If EG manage to get past Senegal, they will face B/F for a spot in the final. And what a story it would be if the winner of that semifinal gets to take home the trophy! They are the underdogs, but judging by the way this tournament has gone so far, the day may yet again belong to one of them when the dust settles.

  • Gritty 2 years ago

    @Chux, this is where intelligent Midfielders should have used their discretion to use the midfield more to penetrate the opponent 18 and pass to the attackers or wingers upfront wen the opportunity opens up. Midfielders can even play some trickery and score goals anywhere close to the 18.

    I noticed the Tunis choked the midfield. What about dribbling skills and long balls to the attackers???

    Congratulations to Mo Salah’ Egypt go do your nation proud!!!

  • Marvelous 2 years ago

    You guys remove a real coach for a gather and play coach, and you expected to go past round of 16?

    Which coach in this tournament has gone to YouTube to make video of himself and expose his tactics?

    Equavon only plans was Moses Simon. That shows that Rohr is far better than him, because you hardly know Rohr game plans and tactics. The highest you can know is that the came might be dull or rigid. I bet you Rohr would have read the tempo of the Tunisians and do needful, even it means playing as dull as the Tunisians were play,and score when the chance is quite clear.

    Congrats to Egyptians. Am supporting you guys just for the sake of Mo Salah!!!!!!!!

    • Rohr is a past tense here@Marvelous!
      U lie big time, Rohr invited lots of good goal keepers in one of the camps ago and ended up wit this below par Okoye not bcos of superior quality but bcos he is privileged to play in eridv.. Football is beyond where you currently play so long as you are very good, a little exposure can skyrocket your status.

      Coach Egu should look beyond Rohr’s myopic wavelength and get us your own quality and worthy additions to d team if you want to go far else the exit door awaits him.

      Look for quality midfield motivators who can dictate the game from the centre; gather plenty of them and screen them; Olise, Amoo, Alhassan,Nwaobodo, Michael, Ejaria, Nwakali, even within our local leagues here for naija…, et al.

      Strong, skillful, pacy, foresight for accurate quick passes and long passes like the post office (directly on the head of his attackers), shooting ability (very key), R2, etc.

      I wish our Coach and players quality time at work as we look forward to some friendlies and WC play off vs Ghana.


  • DeSTAR 2 years ago

    @Gritty @ Omo9ja @ JimmyBall ; you all have made brilliant and valid points; lessons have been learnt

    Yes I agree with you on the need to look inward and outward; definitely Okoye will be great for future; that is where he needs our morale lifting support considering his age , otherwise over emphasis on his costly mistake that lead to the ouster of SE will only compounded his problem and weaken his confidence, also would have a negative effect on the team because until we see another keeper, as at today as chosen also by Rohr Okoye is still our N01 goalkeeper.

    This is where he needs our support just as the young Saka that was subjected to racial abuse and his fellow blacks just because he lost his penalty which lead to the defeat of his England team; because of that morale support Saka’s quality remain great as usual.

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    You guys have spoken well, but we need to stop overhyping our players for real. These boys lacks leadership skills, no passion no commitment to win, some of them see the super Eagles camp as an Avenue to party, make friends and have fun. Hope they’ve learned their lesson.

  • DeSTAR 2 years ago

    @Uyi ; May your ink of wisdom never dries ; take a deserving champagne for your brilliant submission.

    I only hope Eguafon have learnt his lesson, if he messed up with senseless sentimental decisions or fall on any banana peals that would be his end of his coaching career in SE ; we would box him out.

    If Eguafon should take to your golden advice, then I see a better future ahead.

    I have never been impressed with Eguafon’s Yes-Man character , suffering in silence and given in into manipulation by NFF , and that was what earned him technical director job in the first place , as more principled coaches turned down the offer ; his tactics of recent is not like before;
    Eguafon has improved greatly.

    ( that Eguafon accepted to take over SE job without demanding his rightful entitlement, even 30 percent of Rohr’s salary, still beat my imagination, and that is part of the reasons Eguafon is not my fan , a coach that is not paid would not have choice other than to help himself ( that was the main reason he wasted a slot for the retired Igahalo that was not needed in the team for football reason going by his apologetic flopped performance in his last game , rather than brining in Amoo or Dessers).

    But I must confess; the sublime displayed by Eguafon’s SE was something I never bargained for , particularly transforming SE to a scary team in just 4 days training sessions and considering the circumstances of taken over without pre tournament participating nor playing friendly matches ; yet he emerged the best coach in the group stage with our players eventually founding their mojo.

    I pray for overall success against our perennial enemy Ghana

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