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AFCON 2021: ‘Why Guinea-Bissau Can Beat Nigeria’ —Egypt Coach, Queiroz

AFCON 2021: ‘Why Guinea-Bissau Can Beat Nigeria’  —Egypt Coach, Queiroz

Egypt’s national coach Carlos Queiroz says there is the possibility of Guinea-Bissau beating the Super Eagles of Nigeria in their AFCON 2021 Group D game on Wednesday.

Guinea-Bissau pushed seven-time AFCON champions Egypt all the way before eventually succumbing to a Mohamed Salah strike.

The Djurtus thought they had equalized but Mama Balde’s superb volley was overturned by VAR, after he was adjudged to have fouled an Egyptian player in the buildup to the goal.

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It was Egypt’s first win of the tournament following their 1-0 defeat to the Super Eagles last Tuesday.

For Guinea-Bissau, they must now beat the Eagles to stand a chance of progressing into the round of 16.

And Portuguese coach Queiroz believes with the way Guinea-Bissau played against Egypt, they can shock the Eagles.

“Guinea-Bissau gave us headache in the whole game, I think if they play like that against Nigeria they can win the game,” he said in his post-match presser.

Egypt will face Sudan in their final group game and will advance into the knockout round if they claim all three points.

By James Agberebi

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  • Because OF This Coach Egypt WILL Not GO Far In This Tournament

    • He has tortoise brain. I won’t tell u wat he meant until after Egypt qualified….but think if Nigeria lose to guinea fowl den Egypt might be third on the table but if Nigeria be guinea chicken Egypt wil be 2nd. Guarantee spot.wat do u think he wanted.

      • Ibrahim 2 years ago

        I really love your analysis, his comment really was strictly personal, this mean he has personal grudges with the super Eagle.

      • Sylvanus 2 years ago

        Shouldn’t he focus his energy on beating Sudan in the first place?

      • Sonny 2 years ago

        Truly speaking, Nigeria needs to ditch their casual and lackadaisical approach to games against Guinea Bissau or they will be shocked. Anyone remember the recent defeat against CAR in our own backyard?

      • Chima Ezeobi 2 years ago

        If Guinea Bissau beats Nigeria, they will end up with 4 points and if Egypt wins Sudan, Egypt will have 6 points, so I don’t understand how Guinea Bissau will come second if they beat Nigeria

  • Naija 2 years ago

    This coach cannot take Egypt far in this competition. He’s disrespectful of opponents and appears arrogant. Who does he think he is? Yes, on paper he may have been the most experienced coach for any national side on the continent but thankfully he hasn’t been able to show that on the field of play.

  • Four four two 2 years ago

    This man has started running mouth again. After match he go change mouth. Guinea played so well especially in the midfield. But against Nigeria that rhythm will be broken. Nig ³

    • Bello 2 years ago

      The coach should find slots for Simon, Ebuehi, Ejuke and Chukwueze in the match to keep Queiroz quiet. They must be advised to be pacing and forceful.

  • Richie 2 years ago

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha dis man (Queiroz) no know say, ògógóró and water resemble, no mean say dem taste the same….hahahhahahahahahaha….now I see why he wan fight that Egyptian fan for stadium after that our match LOL…be like say he too “High” like Adekunle Gold LOL….and, as for Guinea-Bissau….all i can say is, “Wọntimagbọ” on Wednesday lol

  • The Sudanese coach ran his mouth like that against the super eagles even before the match and after the tie, he changed his confession and now instead of the Egyptian coach to concentrate on his game and qualify for the next round he is busy running his mouth against the super eagles after he has been dealt with by the same team in the same competition,he will be silenced on Wednesday.

  • Kunle 2 years ago

    What concern this man about naija? I pray we meet Egypt again and beat them in this tournament.

  • He needs Nigeria to beat Egypt. He is just playing mind game for us not to be complacent against Guinea Bissau. If we loose to Guinea Bissau by more than a goal margin and Egypt fail to beat Sudan, Guinea Bissau will be second in the group.

    • ” He needs Nigeria to beat Guinea Bissau”

    • Danny 2 years ago


    • Ndubest 2 years ago

      @Deji you nailed it he want us to beat Guinea Bissau for him but disrespecting us is unacceptable.

      • Everything na disrespect. Guinea Bissau can beat Nigeria if the eagles don’t take it serious because they already qualified.

        He is speaking fact

        Didn’t Nigeria lose to Madagascar?

        Eguaveon will play reserve team

        • Before I read the content of his message, that was my thought, but after reading it that thought change, he should have easily said he felt that way because we might use our reserve, but he categorically said because guinea gave his team tough time, so they might beat us, see even if eguavoen use completely different 11 to prosecute that match, the worst gonna be draw, I don’t see that guinea winning us, we won Sudan without even switching to 2nd gear.

  • dominic 2 years ago

    shut up this man and pray you win your last game in the group to qualify this man is silly

  • The thing is Nigeria will not play its first team and that can make a difference.

  • Henry 2 years ago

    Hmm, I think the Egyptian Ciach is having mental retardation. His aim of saying that is more of psychological after receiving a beating of his life from Suoer Eagles and tongue lashing from Salah. Egypt was extremely lucky to escape being disgraced by Guinea Bissau.

  • Danfar 2 years ago

    Nigerian pastor predicting to fool people while claiming it’s a prophecy should be regulated to avoid abuse on the believer faith. It’s annoying

    • Detruth 2 years ago

      All those Pastors and prophets are scammers and fraud. Religion needcto be regulated in Naija, they are ruining people’s lives.

      • God'sown 2 years ago

        I think you don’t know what you are saying, tell me any profession that doesn’t have bad eggs, even Police have fake, not to talk of Pastors, but that doesn’t mean all is bad, I know how bad o would have been if not for Christ that saved me

  • The thing is that Egypt coach is arrogant and jealous so he don’t know how to humbly ask help from super eagles but he should be careful watch his arrogance cus he might not go far with Egypt.

    • Rotexy 2 years ago

      Him wan use reverse psychology on us to ensure we beat Guinea Bissau to make passage into the next round easy for Egypt!

      • onwajunior 2 years ago

        Passage for Egypt depends on Egypt. Egypt currently has 3pts while Guinea has 1, so he should make sure he wins. Even if he draws and Guinea beats naija, they’ll both end up on 4pts. I believe head-2-head takes precedence, unless I’m missing something.

  • ABBA rossi 2 years ago

    is simple he playing mindset game to qualify from d group,I wish Nigeria coach will change d whole squad again Guinea and other a chance

  • indirectly this full was trying to say that they are better than Nigeria.

    And if you see the way I was praying for Egypt to win yesterday match. And was so happy when the goal against them was cancelled yesterday. Can you imagine same foolish coach speaking trash today.

    For saying this you have lost the support you needed.

    • Same here, for just no reason I supported them yesterday, and this moron talking trash.

  • MOTION 2 years ago

    Please coach play the Guinea game with all reserve even if putting the rest in second half let the fans access the strength of our bench I know you can do it just like against coton sport and the Egyptian coach psychology game is dumb I blame that VAR and referee for disallowing that goal gosh

  • Swizborn 2 years ago

    For the fact that SE qualified as group winners is enough for me. We love teams that play like Guinea Bissau, always looking for goals. E go shock them.

  • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

    This tournament will be the last for a lot of Players, if only they have sense to put in a great performance before Dennis,Bassey and Osihmen comes around for world cup playoff. Rohr is gone and more good players will be invited to strengthen the team. Eguavoen is bleeding…..

  • I don’t think he disrespected Nigeria. I believe he wanted yo say if they play this well against Nigeria they may shock Nigeria. It’s a possibility. We have qualified, we will field an almost second team against Bissau.

    Instead blaming the Egypt coach,bit should rather be a wake up call for us to know how we approach the game.

    Though the match will not stop us from qualifying but it can go a long way to determine who we will meet in the next round..We should be ready to face any team anyway.

    I believe strongly that our second team can beat guinea Bissau very well. Egypt is just an average team in this competition. Our bench is filled with quality

  • Rabiu Muye 2 years ago

    He said guinea bissau can beat Nigeria because they gave them (Egypt) headache. He say they will beat Nigeria. That’s according to his thinking.

  • there is the possibility of Sudan beating the Egypt in their AFCON 2021 Group D game on Wednesday…. Simply put

    • tElLdEm 2 years ago

      Ngwa bia dream on ewu!
      TellDem don yan, fowl yansh must expose

    • tElLdEm 2 years ago

      Bia biko nna
      na misread cause misyan
      Sorry o

    • Ibecent 2 years ago

      That will be the greatest shock ppl are not even thinking about . That will be interesting too.

  • Detruth 2 years ago

    Egypt is not going to beat Sudan on Wednesday.

    The man was trying to solicit help from Nigeria but went about it the wrong way.

    He’s not sure of his team’s ability to overcome Sudan so he tried to remind Nigeria that using a weakened team for the final match might mess up the Eagles’ perfect record which in turns will eliminate them if Sudan play the same way they did against us in yesterday’s meeting. That is his fears but there is no need talking too much about that, we’ll talk after the game on Wednesday

  • ABDULRAZAK 2 years ago

    This Queiroz man sef! Why take paracetamol for another man’s headache? Wetin concern you, concern Nigeria and Guinea Bissau match? Face ya front oga Sudan dey there.

  • Johnson Chima Onyeagoro 2 years ago

    Egypt was able to win the match vs Guinea-Bissau because the VAR consisting 99% North Africans cancelled the goal scored by Guinea-Bissau towards 90 minutes of play. The referee signalled for a goal and the linesman did not raise the flag for a foul play. Both players struggled for the ball but the Guinea-Bissau player was more physically fit and he won the possession, the whole stadium applauded the goal. IT IS INDEED THE BEST GOAL OF THE TOURNAMENT. If the goal was not overturned by the VAR goons from North Africa, this Egyptian coach would have kept his mouth shut for good.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      I saw that VAR room too complete with four(4) video analysts who were clearly North African Arabs… They canceled the goal to save Egypt’s blushes…

    • Ibecent 2 years ago

      Exactly. You are correct with your analysis. Both players pulled each other 50-50. The goal was not supposed to be disallowed. Egypt would have been in a very hot soup now.

  • Bello 2 years ago

    Although, I don’t blame u,because u narrowly escaped humiliation so u can run ur mouth as u like, if our almighty strikers were around u might still be crying by now

  • Jide Dola 2 years ago

    Lol, I can’t stop laughing, look at this man playing mind game, challenging us so that we could take our last match serious. At the same time this shoes that Queiroz is lacking ability, he’s not confident that he can advance without the help of Nigeria which is the sign that he may not be able to go far in this competition due to lack of self believe

  • Igwe ABDean 2 years ago

    Egyptian coach is taking style to beg us to beat guinea fowl, sorry Guinea Bissau so that his team with a draw can be guaranteed qualification to the next round. LOL

  • He {Queiroz} is indirectly begging S.E. to play well to win their next opponent to give Egypt and easy landing into Round of 16.
    Mathematically, Egypt would win Sudan if they play well because Sudan isn’t a pushover though.
    If they could win Guinea-Bissau then what about the Eagles that taught them{Egypt} some superb soccer lessons for 90mins?
    Queiroz must concentrate on qualifying his team than planning on how another team that beat him hand-down can be won by another team he struggled to win.

  • Sumaila Umaru 2 years ago

    I expect this Queiroz of a coach to concentrate more about his own job than poke nosing into the Super Eagles of Nigeria affairs. As it is right now, his Egyptian side only stand a mathematical chance of going through to the next stage of the competition. He should be more worried about his team than opponents.Egypt has since lost its touch in the round leather game on the continent. I do not see this Egyptian side going far in Cameroon.

  • The problem with Queiroz is that he thinks his team is fantastic. He assumes he is superior than every other coach or person at AFCON judging by his utterances since this competition began. He believes the Super Eagles are not better than his team despite the loss. Someone should please tell him he isn’t presently doing well as the coach of the Pharoahs. And if care is not taken, the Sudanese will stun his team on Wednesday. I hope they do anyway just to silence him forever

  • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

    Egypt will sack Queiroz after AFCON He has let them down, and is now tryìng to talk his way out of an embarassing situation.

  • Prince 2 years ago

    Two things will happen on Wednesday. Nigeria will beat the hell out of Guinea Bissau and Sudan will defeat Egypt. Then Quentros or what is he called can shut the 4k up.

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