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AFCON 2023: Onuachu Replaces Injured Sadiq In Super Eagles’ Squad

AFCON 2023: Onuachu Replaces Injured Sadiq In Super Eagles’ Squad

Super Eagles head coach, Jose Peseiro has handed a late invitation to Paul Onuachu as a replacement for the injured Umar Sadiq in Nigeria’s squad for the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations.

Sadiq has been ruled out of the AFCON 2023 finals due to a knee injury.

The 26-year-old sustained the injury in Nigeria’s 2-0 friendly defeat to the Syli Stars of Guinea on Monday.

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Onuachu’s invitation is now subject to approval from his Turkish club, Trabzonspor.

The lanky forward was part of Nigeria’s squad to AFCON 2019 finals in Egypt.

The 29-year-old missed the previous tournament in Cameroon due to injury.

He has scored nine times and registered three assists in 15 appearances for Trabzonspor this season.

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By Adeboye Amosu in Abidjan

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  • Ayphillydegreat 4 months ago

    Oya JummyBall, deo and Pompei. Una go do give away for this one OO! 

    • pompei 4 months ago

      Hahaha, free virtual beer for everybody.
      Na wa ooo, injury left, right and center. I wish Boni, Sadiq, Ndidi and all the others struggling with injury a speedy recovery.

    • Thumbs up Brotherman AY the great.

      Onuachu – the sacred Iroko Tree – will yield fruits of fabulous goals with Uzoho having baskets of confidence at the back.

      Afcon here we come. With Onuachu, nothing can stop us now.

      Ain’t no stopping us now, we are on the move!

      In the words of my wonderful brother and friend Glory: Jah bless Onuachu and all deserving Super Eagles players.

      • Ufuoma Douglas 4 months ago

        2 goals and zero assist since 2019 has become our savior, ok

  • JimmyBall 4 months ago

    …@PaulOnuachu… a.k.a Goaldemon… back with a banger. If God anoint you… no be fit do otherwise… now let’s go and win cup!!! Kponchem!!!

    • This super Eagles squad selection be like naija election we can never know there health status.

    • pompei 4 months ago

      The stone that was rejected. Could this Onuachu be the X-factor in Nigeria’s campaign for her 4th Afcon?
      Time will tell!

      • @Pompei Abeg no use laughter kill me S-Factor Ke. You are born with that trait it is not just assumed yes he may hit form but players like Paul Onuachu, Moses Simon and our very own Musa lack Consistency as Simon showed in Last AFCON that form is temporary while class is perminent. Simon has faded like i expect. If anyone would have proved to be a suprise X-factor between paul and Sadiq then it will be Sadiq anot Paul well unfortunately Sadiq is now sidelined.

    • Ayphillydegreat 4 months ago

      The coach is no longer clueless anymore? Lemaooo!! They can now go and bring the cup?? Let me say Amen! Before it return to your stomach. Lmao!!! For the first time you wish the team well. Lord have mercy. I hope Onuachu will come to the party. 

    • Ufuoma Douglas 4 months ago

      Someone with just two goals and zero assist since 2019 has become the one to save us now

  • Onwajunior 4 months ago

    Welcome to the team Onuachu. Next time Sadiq, I was looking forward to watching him.

  • And dude just score today.

  • Vincent 4 months ago

    No NPFL striker that is readily available or is there a rule that bars players from our professional league from playing. They will be there in a jiffy.

    • They should perform well first in CAF organized competitions such as confederations cup,CAF champions league etc. When we refer to the old times when we have local players were regulars in the SE,we should also note that our local clubs were doing well in CAF club competitions,most times they were playing at least in the semi-finals of the competitions. As of today,how many Nigerian clubs are still in contention for laurel in any CAF organized competitions for clubs.

  • Ako Amadi 4 months ago

    Sadiq will not be as much missed as Boniface. On current form, Onuachu should have been picked ahead of Sadiq.

  • pompei 4 months ago

    Dem kuku don invite you last last. Go dia and make us proud.
    If the nationality issue has been settled, I for like make dem invite Orban too.
    And one more midfielder could have been a welcome addition.
    LET’S GO BOYS!!!

  • Unique 4 months ago

    I actually prefer Kolawole Desser to him.. Welcome to the squad Onuachu.

  • Omo9ja 4 months ago

    Congrats to Onuachu on this. I am happy for him.

    On the other hand, it shows that coach Paseiro has no knowledge of football.

    Onuachu has never justified his inclusion, just like Moffi and Sodiq Umar.

    Dessers is the best option. I love Onuachu so much but Dessers is a complete striker.

    I wish Umar Sodiq a quick recovery.

    As I said before, I don’t have hope on this coach. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Abbey 4 months ago

      Paseiro will be the worst coach at the this tournament.Super Eagles will mess up big time under Paseiro

      • Emekus 4 months ago

        Onachu and osi are diff striker with diff approach… If we talking about header we can leave it for onuachu. All what the coach has to do is when playing with each strikers either osi or onuachu then there should be a change in formation… And also different players who are good in crosses this is for onuachu.
        But osi we can play a balance team with players who are fast not necessarily crossing cus osi needs just through balls.
        Honestly Nigeria is blessed with this players

        • Ufuoma Douglas 4 months ago

          So since 2019 nobody have given cross to score goals, why he had just managed 2 goals. Will Osimhen be where he is assuming he adopted the Onuachu pattern of play. 2013 all the attackers contributed there own share, from brown not scoring but assisting and giving defenders nightmares, can we say so for Onuachu who is wait and score person?

    • Abdul 4 months ago

      Peseiro doesn’t have a football knowledge, but you at ebute-meta, that has probably never done anything related to football aside watching is the one that has the knowledge…ko buru

  • Golden Child 4 months ago

    ROTFL, It is onuachu we are hyping like this? OK now!

  • FESTUS 4 months ago

    What a shambolic preparation. We are gradually building excuses for any failure at the AFCON. This dummy of a coach had 2 extra spots he could have filled, but because of the girlfriends they want to camp they opted to save the 2 rooms for themselves. It is God that will punish you Jose. Didn’t your midget self envisage injuries during the training camp. What if Nacho injuries re-surfaces during the tournament, he will not sit on the bench doing nothing. This is just ridiculous

  • Sunnyb 4 months ago

    I’m  done, we need to know  the names of  all technical committee members, inviting this guy and Onyedika is nothing but fraud, sentiments and tribalism, it’s ok, few hours from now boys would be separated from men. 

    • Onwajunior 4 months ago

      Interesting…in your opinion who should have been invited?

  • This owngoal website should be warned with their fake news most times. I think they always make up some stories.

  • Papafem 4 months ago

    What fake news did they post? Yet to see anyone.

  • I would have preferred Cyriel Desserrs based on how poor wingers are at pulling out crosses. I wish the SE well

  • Agbo max 4 months ago

    Some people self , you prefer desser that haven’t played against Africa team than onuachu based on what? They will easily muscle desser, onuachu is better in every thing, even Bonafice couldn’t played well against Zimbabwe and Lesotho na desser you low mind is telling you will perform well,I had that Yusuf couldn’t played anything against guinea but you all were here clamouring for him as our Savior what rubbish,we want tested and trusted

  • Deo, Deo, Deo. How many times did I call you? Lol. Cleverly, the players you desired have come to camp. Perhaps, you are a “godfather” in SE camp. Good predictions.

    However, the dumb gaffer, if team flops, would say players still didn’t have time to blend – after 2 years.

    CS, thank you for actual news reporting unlike some other clickbaiting sites lol “Sadiq will be in training on Thursday; Peserio will stick with 793 etc”

    Fit players got injured. What about half fit ones that want to still be in the team that’d play at least 3 games in 8 days in Africa terrain?

    Peserio is finally a lily-livered coach. Wasting precious dollars without monitoring his personnel until they have injuries 30 minutes to first match.

    Onuachu like Moffi will definitely not play first match unless he’s been inactive in club so only Osimhen will be proper striker. Chai.

    What if they marked him out? Can our expert showboating wingers come to the party?

    • My guy Sylvester Stallone,

      You know how it is bro. This is destiny. With Onuachu now in the squad the Super Eagles will be smoking!

  • Bobby 4 months ago

    Yes Dessers is a complete striker. He would have taken him to the AFCON. I said it before because of girlfriends, they only went with 25 players instead of 27 and the highly corrupt coach was okay it.

    Like I said earlier on, the NFF would not renew his contract.

  • Congratulations Onuachu. I actually prefer him to Sadiq, so this is a good development or just fate. This dude might turn out one of Nigeria’s jokers in this tournament. I always feel we’ve not seen maximized the full potential of Onuachu in Nigeria’s colors. He widens the coach’s options upfront.

    The only problem is it takes a good workman to truly know his tools and how or where to use each one. To some workmen like Paseiro, every tool in his workshop is a hammer or screwdriver.

  • Wow! The quintessential Iroko Tree with fruit of goals in the compound of plenty!

    Onuachu and Uzoho are the best!

    • Ufuoma Douglas 4 months ago

      Just 2 goals for the national team since 2019 have become fruit of goals? That is interesting 

  • Akor Adams would have been a much better suited player he has shown big Consistency and Like Alot of Top Players Osimhen etc and Moffi he is showing what he can do in French league 1…. He is quicker and has better Balance than Onuachu. We have seen how sluggish Onuachu is the Coach should have taken Adams Akor he would have been a break our star at this tournament. Nigerian Coaches and Poor tactics seems to be the bane of our existence of late

    • Ugo,
      You know how much I value your input here. Let’s celebrate Onuachu’s inclusion. He is the best Support Striker in the Super Eagles at the moment.

      • I am more convinced now that this not the real @deo that we know. Deo always drops balanced and insightful analysis per situation mostly void of personal bias. Hmmm,who is assuming this respected individual’s personality???

        • @Q It is Non other than My Dear Forunmate @Ignatious Abo.. That is who it is. How do I know from the post above @deo or Ignatious Abo used @Ignatious Trademark “Thumbsup Brotherman” lol.

          Also no one Love Paul Like Ignatious and Jimmyball on this Platform

          Or maybe @deo has always assumed 2 profiles. i guess we never know but both deo and Ignatious are cool nothing do them

          • Chiemeka 4 months ago

            There’s no one that’s not useful. Even if you’re carried to the pitch you’d think you can’t play until there’s a strength in your approach to the ball. It takes an eagle eye to observe this.
            we’re here to give our opinion it’s then left for the Coach to decide on which to pick.

          • pompei 4 months ago

            Ignatius Abo my main man.

    • Golden Child 4 months ago

      God bless you on this@Ugo Iwunze, At this rate one has to let things play out but we never learn. Onuachu can’t run to save his life, with such a striker the other team’s coach would just order his team to play a high line and the team to squeeze up the pitch , thus out numbering you in your own half in a way that they will punish you.

      At times I just wonder what goes on in the mind of people. Akor is doing well in a top 5 league whilst onuachu performed abysmally at the EPL. He can only shine in sub par leagues like Belgium and Turkey. Can he finish? Absolutely! The issue is that it is the other aspects of his game like link up, movement, space to beat one’s marker that he falls short. We had better pray nothing happens to Osimhen because it will be a wrap . My 3 strikers going into this tourney would have been osimhen, boniface and AKOR. People who write off AKOR have not taken time to watch his skill set but time is the best judge.

      Honestly for me the players available are not the issue, this coach is definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed.His poor judgement time and time again is what fills me with concern. I will be elated if he proves me wrong but I have strong doubts. I think we will see the back of him after afcon.

  • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

    Waste of slot…..Or of what use is going to war with a gun but without gunpowder…

    I hope and pray I get proven wrong this time.

    • Glory 4 months ago

      Hahaha… Haha.. Abeg Drey leave Onuachu for Jimmyball, Deo and Pompei. D thing tire me ooo. You never know, he may just turn out to be the mask gem. DEM TALK AM SAY, WHEN ORDINARY HAND SHAKE COME DEY REACH ELBOW, NA TRADITIONAL WRESTLING WAN START SO OO. So make we kpanji dey watch…

  • Chiemeka 4 months ago

    Each strikers should be treated like a King. I’d rather say there can not be two captains in a ship. this goes for Osi and Onuachu.. This guys are kings in there respective league and delivers as much same should be applied to the national team. and in doing this they’d both know that they’re special in there own way still doing same job and delivering same results they do in there league. This is not comparison but an acknowledgement of there differs Abilities. Thank you so much

  • Hi Q,

    I humbly apologise if my recent comedic posture has offended you or anyone else. At times I feel we take football way too seriously. Everyone here is my friend regardless of whether their views align with mine or not.

    I have always been a fan of Onuachu. I feel that he tends to excel in a formation that provides him 2 things: 1) a strike partner and 2) plentiful crosses from the flanks.

    As we all know, this is exactly the sort of philosophy that Peseiro espouses.

    We all know how rambunctious amd exuberant that Osimhen is upfront. I genuinely think that having a physically imposing less mobile strike partner will complement Osimhen’s perpetual motion approach.

    I believe so much in old fashioned centre forwards like Onuachu and Peter Crouch. With quality long balls whipped into the box 18 from all directions, this kidney of strikers can be lethal in providing knocked down assists and actually scoring goals, like he did yesterday in Turkey.

    Things are shaping up for an unforgettable Afcon for the Super Eagles. Disappointments could well turn out to be blessings in disguise.

    I will miss Sadiq Umar. I think he offers what Onuachu offers but with more trickery and better footwork. I wish him speedy recovery for World Cup qualifiers.

    Moffi is also a tremendous addition to the team although his inclusion was at a huge cost.

    Yusuf is burning to finally show Nigeria fans what he brings to the table. Should Peseiro channel that hunger with motivation, then we are in for a revelation in midfield.

    Uzoho has now regain much confidence having masterminded 3 wins in 4 games for his club.

    Buckle up guys, let the Super Eagles get the show on the road on Sunday!

  • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

    I prefer Cyriel Dessers but let us not forget this is the coaches last chance so whatever he does is his business. I wish super eagles the best after all Onuachu is not a bad player.

    • Hi Chima,

      I see where you are coming from but, to be honest, Cyriel Dessers hasn’t taken to the Scottish league like a house on fire. Onuachu is smoking fire and brimstone in Turkey, he even scored yesterday to celebrate his belated Super Eagles invitation.

      Cheers bro.

      • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

        You’re right I know he’s inform I pray he performs with Nigeria Abeg. He started well against Egypt after that he went to sell Agege Bread. I’m positive God will see us through and I wish him well Paul Onuachu!!!

        • Omo9ja 4 months ago

          @Chima E Samuels, you have spoken well, and that is my concern as well.

          No doubt Onuachu is a fantastic striker, but Super Eagles system has never worked for him due to our wingers and the midfielders we have.

          The last friendly Super Eagles had indicated what to expect from the coach.

          Super Eagles players will be frustrated, and Nigerians will mount a lot of pressure on the coaching crew and the entire team if our strikers do not get supply as much as needed in the team.

          NFF and the coaching crew have taken 25 players to Ivory Coast instead of 27 players leaving out two slots empty while to me, Nacho is a minus one in this year Afcon unless he proved that he’s fully fit which I doubt.

          If I were the coach, I would have had a rethink and changed my mind. In this case, Boniface and Umar Sodiq were injured, which were another golden opportunity for the gaffer to amend his error by getting a midfielder and one striker that is different from what he has.

          Now, we have two tall strikers in the team that have different styles.

          One is good in all aspects of the game while the strength of the second is on the air, but our wingers are poor in terms of providing croeses.

          Nobody should blame Onuachu if he does not scoring goals as he’s doing at his club.

          Our main striker will be markdown, that is for sure. Plus, he is an African football of the year, and all eyes will be on him, and he may be under pressure to deliver.

          This is where Dessers and Nwakali come in.

          Again, I am not a coach nor an agent, but I hope you people are seeing what I’m seeing?

          Onuachu is hot at the his club presently because his manager have studied him and provided him what he wanted and the gaffer and his teammates have better understanding of themselves compared to Oga Paseiro who has never gave Onuachu and other players a try before now.

          Nobody is wishing Super Eagles bad luck, but NFF and the coach have no clue of what they are doing. It is not that Onuachu will use Afcon to blend with the team? It is now that Nwabali, will blend with the defenders?

          All the blame should go to Amaju Pinnick for hiring a coach like this.

          To my surprise, I saw Amaju among our players in Lagos when the Lagos state governor hosted the Eagles before they left Nigeria for Ivory Coast.

          What Amaju Pinnick was doing there when he knew what he has done to Nigeria?

          He knew that the gaffer have no capacity to deliver and the former president of the NFF destroyed all our national teams before he left.

          If Nigeria is running the way it should, EFCC would have arrested Amaju Pinnick right away from that event.

          I believe he will be probed one day. This is why the current NFF is struggling to do anything meaningful.

          They tried to let go of the coach but was not successful due to the agreement Amaju signed with the coach. He did that with Oga Rohr which he succeeded with his atrocities.

          So, we have to be cautious as Super Eagles heading to their first match on Sunday.

          Let’s have it at the back of our minds that they are just going therr to make the numbers.

          Unless the players can replicates the 2013 form, never say die Nigerian spirit.

          As a Nigerian, I ọmọ9ja wishing our darling Super Eagles the best. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Ndubest 4 months ago

    Wow @Deo am highly motivated i love your optimism and courage. Let the game begin we may be in for surprises from Eagles. Win or lost life goes on but one thing is sure for me. I will watch all matches with less pressure.

  • At least, there is one positive news.

    AFCON 2025 qualifiers billed for preliminaries in March is only for lower ranked teams. Main qualifiers start in September and ends in November (3 months only with 6 rounds of matches).

    Eagles have not fumbled to be ranked a lower team. And even if they fumble in this AFCON, they will not so plummet in FIFA rankings to play in March.

    Can Peserio and his charges come to the party indeed? Thankfully, we will be spoilt for choice on how to watch the match.

    On TV and online. No hiding place for non performers.

  • Ufuoma Douglas 4 months ago

    2 goals with zero assist since 2019 for the super Eagles is same person people are rejoicing over is inclusion, were are those that crucified Rohr, those that called him PE teacher.
    Hope we are happy with the person in charge now, what will be our fate if God forbid Osimhen get injured, who will lead the attack. Moffi that have scored just 4 goals for the national team or Iheanacho that is not fit. Who will lead the attack. Ebuchi was dropped for the inexperience Bruno know body saw anything wrong with it. Balogun, the two other German guys were dropped for the calamities we have as a defenders, many are clapping for it. Ok.
    Many are citing 2013, they forgot in same year we have a reliable goalkeeper, a rock strong defense, combating midfield and assassins attack. Can we say that as for today, we Dey watch

  • pompei 4 months ago

    Hang the ball in the air for Onuachu, and he will do the rest.
    At 6″7, he is a formidable presence in the box.
    Watch his last goal against Samsunspor. A cross was dinked into the box, and Onuachu completely took over. His marker had no chance.
    Very few defenders can stop him when the ball is in the air.
    Strategically, Onuachu can be used when our first choice attacking options have been neutralized.
    With Onuachu, we have a different kind of weapon in our arsenal.
    Yes, he is not as fast, skillful and mobile as the typical Nigeria forward, but his aerial advantage is a weapon that may just be the difference maker for us. You never know.
    If all our strikers were fit and available, Onuachu might not have a place in the squad. But now that he has been invited, let him have our support. If he scores a goal at the Afcon, I will certainly celebrate that goal. A goal scored by Onuachu is a goal for Nigeria. It’s a goal for all of us.

    • Pompei,

      Just like England fans, Nigerian fans are obsessed with speed. If you are not Obafemi Martins, a prime Ahmed Musa or Ikechukwu Uche then you are not good enough to be a Super Eagles centre forward.

      But the truth is that so many express roads lead to the same market.

      Onuachu doesn’t need pace for his own version of centre forward play. He relies on positioning, timing, aerial prowess and physicality to get the job done.

      He hasn’t been overly successful in the Super Eagles simply because – in my humble opinion – Onuachu is not in his elements as a sole centre forward in a formation that caters for this.

      Also, let’s be honest, love Ighalo or hate him, it was impossible to wrest the centre forward role from Ighalo between 2018 and 2019 when Onuachu was trying to find his way.

      Sadly for Onuachu, Victor Osimhen took over the baton from Ighalo and the Napoli man has been unstoppable.

      Onuachu will always struggle to find home in the Super Eagles. His languid style and minimal footwork skills will always place him behind at least 4 strikers on a good day (which are Osimhen, Awoniyi, Moffi, Iheanacho and Umar).

      In the eyes of majority of fans, Onuachu also sits behind Dessers, Maja (if fit), Akpom and Orban.

      But the truth is that Onuachu is as much a lethal goal scoring machine as any striker available to Nigeria. The only difference is that his system doesn’t afford him much versatility and the formations that can unlock his potentials are limited compared to others.

      For me, if Peseiro remains in charge, a formation that accommodates 2 stickers up front and wingplay will always suit Onuachu. In this formation, Onuachu can function as either the main centre forward or the Support Striker.

      Good luck to him. However effective Onuachu turns out to be in the Afcon, truth is that he will never be able to win over his detractors.

      A leopard can never change its spots, Onuachu will never change his style neither will his detractors change their minds about him.

      • pompei 4 months ago

        You spoke well, Comrade Deo.
        Some pipo are determined to chop down this Iroko tree.
        Would it have been better if he declined the invitation? He answered the call, it’s a problem. If he declines, they will say he’s unpatriotic. Orisirisi wahala!
        Me I kuku no send who dey camp. I just support whoever is invited and hope for the best. Of course, I have my favourites. But wetin man go do now? Since Onuachu is the man there now, we have to support him. Not just him, but the squad as a whole.
        Vamonos Super Aguilas, volar el trofeo!
        Let’s go Super Eagles, fly to the trophy!
        Don’t allow NFF ONIGBESE to stop you!!!

      • Ufuoma Douglas 4 months ago

        My boss so two goals since 2019 is pass mark? Name one march the his introduction has changed the cause of the day for us, name one match his introduction brought gave us the upper hand. So you mean to tell me since 2019 till day no strikers in super eagles have scored with head. Did England held the national team hostage because of Peter crouch? Peter James Crouch (born 30 January 1981) is an English former professional footballer who played as a striker. He was capped 42 times by the England national team between 2005 and 2010, scoring 22 goals for his country during that time, and appearing at two FIFA World Cup tournaments. For duration of 5 years he scored 22 goals, but our savior onuachi can only manage 2 goals for four years with the eagles. Marvelous 

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