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AFCON 2023: Osimhen, Lookman Exceptionally Talented –Goncalves

AFCON 2023: Osimhen, Lookman Exceptionally Talented  –Goncalves

Angola coach, Pedro Goncalves believes Super Eagles duo of Victor Osimhen and Ademola Lookman are exceptionally talented.

He made this known ahead of the team clash with Nigeria in the quarter finals of the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations on Friday.

Recall that Osimhen’s link up play with Lookman gave the team their opening goal against the Cameroon in the round of 16.


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The Atalanta star later grabbed his brace to end the Indomitable Lions AFCON dream on Saturday.

However, in a chat with Sapo Desportovo, Goncalves stated that playing against Osimhen and Lookman will be tough for Angola.

“I myself, in the FIFA votes, also voted for him (Osimhen) as one of the best players in the world, so we will play against a selection equipped with players with a lot of talent, who have tremendous, mind-blowing playing capacity, a lot of speed, especially derived from of the two forwards, Osimhen and Lookman, who, in fact, add great vertigo to the game,” Goncalves told Sapo Desportovo.

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  • Glory 3 months ago

    There is something both Osimene and Lookman have in common ; A WINNING/CHAMPION MENTALITY.
    You only need to watch Lookman when he played for England in the U-20s to understand what al me saying . Reason I couldn’t contain my joy when he switched.
    For Osimenegooooallls, he’s showed that almost everywhere he’s played.
    That winning mentality characteristic of both of them will take Nigeria football to some enviable heights when they eventually start enjoying that perfect blend.

  • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

    Well done! You voted for osimhen.lol you go explain tire no evidence…

    Oga just know say all these your mind game no go work…

    But meanwhile is as if most of these guys come to this forum to read comments..lol cos I remember few days before afcon, I criticed lookman(not the first time thou) about him being very soft. Not tough or rugged for African football ( the likes of edoman even confirmed my assertion. Ayaphillydegreat disagreed though) and all of a sudden from the first game,I couldn’t believe my eyes. Lookman became very rugged…lol.. and he has been like that…

    • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

      MONKEY POST 3 weeks ago
      All these ones are not se materials..

      They are not rugged, tough they are too soft…

      Edoman 3 weeks ago
      Agreed. Very soft indeed.

      Ayphillydegreat 3 weeks ago
      Monkey Post, Edoman. Let’s rally around the SuperEagles. At least until we are no longer in contention for the trophy. Lookman is the most technical player in the team. I just felt he’s been played out of position in Peseiro’s 442. He’s more of a Siasia in today’s Eagles or an attacking midfielder.

      I think what Nigeria has missed with these generation of SuperEagles is that we’ve lacked that player that can do all the dirty jobs in midfield. Onazi did it to help Mikel when it mattered most in his career. I think Alhassan Yusuf or Raphael Onyedika can prove to be the diamond in the rough for the SuperEagles in this tournament.

      I know the coach is not anywhere near Gernot Rohr, but we don’t have Gernot anymore. Let’s wish the team all the best. Peseiro will most likely leave after the AFCON. I just appreciate the NFF for all to at least not making a mistake of sacking a coach on the eve of a major tournament.

      Whatever happens in Abidjan I just want to see how my SuperEagles can fight for the green and white. Our pride is still on the line. It’s either you measure or Koṣi danu after the AFCON. Therefore, VAMOS ARRIBBA SUPEREAGLES!!!! Fly like an eagle into the future.


      • Edoman 3 months ago

        There are times in life when things do not go as intended but then, with extra motivations and self-awareness, things begin to come around. The whole World sees the same you and will easily say, wow. Lookman is now the darling of Super Eagle. Nigerians are so happy about our Lookman that even @Deo called him “Lookman the Maestro.” The football World is very exacted that it is now recognize that Nigeria have a ‘genius’ in our hand. Nigerians are very happy about that.

    • Bomboy 3 months ago

      @Monkey post, instead of you to acknowledge that you were mistaken about your rating of these players, you are claiming that they stepped up their game because they read your abusive comments.

      I have no issues with you for criticizing these players when they perform badly. My issue with you and your likes is thst you downplay their successes and magnify their weaknesses. You are loud when they perform badly but silent when they do well.

      No be winch and bad belle be dat?

      • Shola 3 months ago

        Watery exchange

      • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

        Oga you guys have to give me my flowers, when it comes to bringing out the best from these boys thru my critiism in this forum. It may sound aggressive but yes some things need to be said to push them in giving their best..For instance I was the one that called osimehn the worst African footballer of the year and the next game against Cameroon, he became a beast..

        And also before the cameroonian game I mentioned Ighalo how we miss him(just like I have always mentioned) and how how a 31 year old nsue is the highest goal scorer in this tournament and before that it was abubakar and Ighalo too out of their experience.. And before you know it Daniel Amokachi in his commentary mentioned something similar to my comments

        • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

          MONKEY POST 1 day ago
          Wahala wahala wahala (in portable’s voice)…

          Na here una go know say 25 years osimhen dey learn work for where this old man dey..u guys will now know why I have been shouting experience in this forum..And na here una go miss Ighalo..


          • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

            MONKEY POST 1 day ago
            Roger milla wey comot for retirement at age 38 scored 4 goals that led Cameroon to the quarter final of the world cup in 1990 which experience e get?

            Your highest goal scorer in this current afcon with 5 goals(equitoria guinea) Emilio lopez age 31 which experience e get?


        • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

          MONKEY POST 1 day ago
          And mind you this same Abubakar was the highest goal scorer in last afcon at age 31 or so and before that it was Ighalo at age 30…

          So my guy wetin experience no fit do doesn’t exist…


        • ……. and you think you post brought out the beast in Osimhen? Bros, you dey joke. Osimhen wen Chelsea dey use Drogba and Mikel to lure, na you dey call that name. Na wah for you O! 

          • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

            And so even if a football club in heaven is coming for him, does it mean he can’t work on himself when being criticized??

  • Shola 3 months ago

    Why is Oseodion not here to give a better commentary?

  • pompei 3 months ago

    Ah, Monkey, so the players also read your post?
    I thought it was only my posts that the coaches and players are reading. In fact eh, Peseiro got all his ideas from me. With me around, he doesn’t need Mourinho. Na me sabi tactics pass.
    These are the ridiculous, baseless accusations a nincompoop recently leveled against me, just because I shared my opinions on how to move the SE forward. They said I was claiming credit for Peseiro’s success. E gba mi ooo! Which kain wahala be dis again?
    I suggested 3-4-3 weeks before Afcon kicked off. Peseiro happened to use 3-4-3 and is doing well, and I immediately became the enemy of jealous, small minded cretins. Bad belle pipo can no longer sleep because my suggestions were right.
    So many times on this forum, many other people have made suggestions that worked for the SE. Are we to conclude that SE coaches got their ideas from these forumites? Are these forumites ever going to claim credit for the coach’s success? So why has this nincompoop singled me out all of a sudden?
    Nothing way gateman no go see for gate!

    • Glory 3 months ago

      @ Pompei your level of idiocracy that is painstakingly seeking for recognition to the point of befriending everyone except I n I now know no bound. Lolzz. So called Self acclaimed master English that cant decipher the implications of using the word hypocrisy on someone,even when you yourself has been the worst hypocrite amongst all. You attacked and still attacking forumites here from criticising Rohr but even when no has even criticised you but merely called you out for support for Peseiro, your dead brains that is failing to see n understand the harmless call has lead you into biting trees. Brodaman you too small. You no reach. Lolzz.

    • Glory 3 months ago

      How laughable to find out that you have been an idiot all these while.For your mind, you have achieved so much that people will come and start envying you. Dem truly say you can never wash off the dark spot off a leopard.
      That VILLAGE, small minded mentality is written over your write up.
      Look yeah, I will cause myself to waste a second think about some low thinking faculty like you. I am only responding because I had foolishly thought you are some reasonable person.

    • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

      @Pompei no mind them! Just keep doing the good you are doing in this forum..God will reward us all…

  • Brotherman Monkey Post, I beg too much talk no dey full basket. Just leave that Pompei with me. If he should mess with me I tear him limb from limb.

    No be today I dey wipe the floor with am!

    The other day he tried to come in my lane I decisively ‘put Pompei in his place’ (did you notice that piece of eloquent alliteration? It was fantastic if I may say so myself).

    Back to the matter at hand. Frankly I am surprised this Pompei can even show his face again on this platform after trashing him black and blue the other time.

    I don’t take no sh*t, I do my job swiftly and with style!

    • pompei 3 months ago

      Shut you filthy mouth, you shameless fool.
      Why chook mouth into a matter that does not concern you?
      If you want me, I’m here. bring it on!

    • Calm down Pompei, this one that you are boiling like a volcano. Hahaha. Okay, let me put myself in my place sir.
      This your Kerewa Kerewa anger na wa o! 🙂
      Oh my goodness!

  • pompei 3 months ago

    I no mention his name, but the bloody idiot responded.
    They say the guilty run when nobody is pursuing them.
    Glory, your name should be SHAME AND OBSCURITY, because there is nothing glorious about your stupidity. You are a compound fool!
    I’m not surprised though. What kind of person says AWUUUURA? Is that the utterance of a normal person? This spliff you are smoking has finally twisted your empty brain inside out. The response you typed in capital letters, I no fit read am. Is that English, for crying out loud. Disjointed, illogical, senseless, useless.
    A total dullard trying to form intelligence. Your foolishness knows no limit. EWU, ANU MPAMA of the the deepest, most untamed bush.
    See me see wahala. I say beans for no soft if Peseiro had not changed his tactics. IS THAT NOT THE TRUTH? WOULD WE BE CELEBRATING NOW IF WE WERE STILL PLAYING 4-2-4, EXPOSED AT THE BACK? That’s all I said, and this lunatic just descended on me like a hungry wolf.
    If it is not jealousy, what else is it? You wish you were the one that came up with the idea, but as it is someone else, you can’t bear it. Jealousy has almost twisted your intestines inside out.
    SHAME AND OBSCURITY, you say I no reach, I agree. Your stupidity and craziness, I no go ever reach that level.
    Impudent fool. So all this while, you were just pretending to be refined and well mannered. The miscreant in you that you carefully hid is now out in broad daylight.
    Your foolishness is well encapsulated in your words:
    What? That is the most foolish, idiotic suggestions I’ve ever heard on a football site.
    Now I know exactly who I’m dealing with when I see your name, SHAME and OBSCURITY. That is your name.

  • pompei 3 months ago

    Deo, when did you wipe the floor with me?
    As far as I recall, I’ve never had issues with you. We hardly disagree on any subject. So all this while, you have been nursing animosity against me?
    Is it because of 3-4-3? You tried to discredit the idea and failed. You twisted it into 3-4-2-1, but that is still a variation of 3-4-3.
    You wiped the floor with yourself. I used to know a Deo who was highly respectful, a gentleman. I don’t know what happened to you. But it’s a reminder that people can change completely in a split second.
    You who share the same name with the MOST HIGH.
    DEO, that is a name that only the ALMIGHTY should have. So what kind of arrogance led you to pick such a name?
    Exhaust yourself with your baseless, unwarranted attacks on me. That is your prerogative!

    • Pompei take a chill pill a beg! 🙂

      This your anger dey boil pass the pepper soup wey I dey cook. Save your energy for Friday when my Uzoho will man the post against Angola , then I will wipe the floor with you again.



  • pompei 3 months ago

    Deo, my quarrel is not with you. It’s with that impudent fool who I have renamed SHAME AND OBSCURITY.
    But if you want to join the party, feel free! But I repeat, my quarrel is not with you.

    • But my own quarrel is with you Pompei because I have never been a fan of your Kerewa Kerewa analysis. Who you be? AYTheGr8t, Dr Drey, Golden Eaglets, sorry Golden Child or Ugo?These are the ones that deliver original Shakira Shakira analysis because their facts do not lie. But we are tired of your Keregbe analysis.

      A beg rest!

      • pompei 3 months ago

        Deo, na this kerewa analysis we go take win Afcon. And if we win, I must buy you a big plate of nkwobi with palmy to wash it down, whether you like it or not!

    • Glory 3 months ago

      Everything about your post runs contrary to your claim of being a master of English. Lolzz. OTHERWISE YOU, that is hiding under some ficticious name Pompei won’t relate someone who use his real name on here with obscurity. Or throw words as shame to him without first mentioning the shameful thing such may done.
      This just typifies a thinning little personality trait which I am not even surprised at; as that is sure the reason, my response to Femi pains you so much so as to respond in such disrespectful manner even when I never at any point disrespected you before then.
      Your compound foolishness deserves to be added to schools national corriculum for deep study if we must avert some impending danger within the spheres of football discussions.lolzz. Professor of English. Lolzz. You foolish ooo brodaman Pompei.

  • Glory 3 months ago

    Compound fool Pompei, as educated as you claim, you still can’t understand the logic behind using the phrase albeit in local terms ; THE beans go soft.. Lolzz. Foooolllll. That simply mean, in a way of pleading ; allow the coach sometime, he will get it right, which emcompasses trying out different tactics to eventually pick the workable one.
    Fool like you Pompei, with your variety of disabilities, hiding behind computer/CSN now thinking a coaches that has been in the business for years while you were still find your way out of the remote cave you grew up, will come and learn tactics from you. Omg. LOLZZZ. You surely must be a candidate for the most stupid of the lowest form of animals. Ooooboy na this nama, naim I dey respect all this while abi someone else is using Pompei. I can’t stop laughing albeit really shocked. Or has your disability gone outta the window. Lolzz. Please Pompei tell me this is not you, so I can apologise.

    • Glory take am easy or else we will eject you from this platform.

      Men dem people here are reading. It was just a minor misunderstanding between u and Pompei….

  • Glory and Pompei, which handbag una dey use sef, Luis Vitton, Christian Doir or Okrika?

    I know say na Okrika Pompei dey use because the way the thing dey swing, if it hits u na Intensive Care Unit be that. Hahahah!

    • Glory 3 months ago

      That cave man @ Pompei I bet if you see him in real life @Deo, you will quickly out of pity sell the okrika bag and hand the cash to am. Lolzz. Thanks to CSN, for giving millipede like this a forum to still mix with humans. Erannn..I honestly don’t wanna do this, as I am already feeling sorry for him but forumites, he pushed me into this. The evidence is there for all to see.

  • pompei 3 months ago

    SHAME AND OBSCURITY, you are fortunate.
    Deo has calmed me down. I will take the chill pill he prescribed, and leave you here to continue barking woof, woof, woof, like the mad dog you are.
    Sorry dogs, to call that idiot a dog is an insult to you guys. My sincere apologies!

    • Glory 3 months ago

      Woof woof woof. Lolzz. Agbarri konkon. Now I come in peace. What tactics make we use to finish Angola. Start press botton. Oya now muturu.

  • Respect Is Reciprcal 3 months ago

    Watching Senegal game now , this team is beatable . Ivory Coast have been disorganized , sluggish and lack speed which is what they need to finish this Senegalese team. A team with speed , power can outrun their midfield and defense Marshall by the ever slow coilibaly. It is unfortunate that ivory players are just too heavy and they lack intelligence to outwit this Senegalese team . 

  • pompei 3 months ago

    I no be master of English. Compared to some pipo in this forum, I still dey learn.
    There are many highly intelligent, widely read individuals in this forum. Individuals I am proud to admit I learn from.
    I will not insult you anymore, even though you thoroughly deserve it. Thanks to your friend Deo, who has calmed me down.
    But for you, O SHAMEFUL AND OBSCURE CRETIN, I will continue to lampoon the living daylights out of you, until you crawl back to the filthy depths of obscurity from whence you came!

    • Glory 3 months ago

      …. I no be master of English. Compared to some pipo in this forum, I still dey learn.
      There are many highly intelligent, widely read individuals in this forum. Individuals I am proud to admit I learn from….. Now you talking… Lolzz. That line satisfies. Just where I wanted you and away from your dreamy high horse.
      See don’t take it personal, I am only trying to help you, so you don’t continue in that free fall into hell by being so ego centric. Trust me, at some point in your life, you will beg to find me to thank. Whatever you may be thinking you have or are, you will be shocked to find out, loads have had it, been that, done that many many years before and many many times too. And ended seeing that, it’s all vanity, hence decided to embrace humility, which encourages support for those that are under constant attack.
      You can say whatever you like, such only makes me laugh, cos I enjoy it as it helps me crucify the old man in me; man of sin(SELF GLORIFICATION born out of PRIDE) and which is your biggest problem hence you feel really really hurt when people don’t give recognition to you. I laugh off these things for it’s my prayer everyday to crucify the old man in me.
      So you see now, I am only helping you by dressing you down to your smelly pants. Pack some dust, overlay the dust around your butt and eventually throw your muddy flunky claptrap self, beggerly seeking for praise at such desperation of painting everyone and anyone bad, into some pit toilet where you rightly belong.

  • pompei 3 months ago

    Ok ooo, beans analyst. We’ve heard you.
    So it was you that encouraged Peseiro to keep on going, abi? Peseiro almost quit, but you kept whispering into his ear that beans go soon soft, beans go soon soft, that is why he persevered. And now that he is doing well, all credit must go to the beans analyst himself. HEHEHEHEHE!
    Fool, if the beans soft, using your primitive analogy, and we win Afcon, is it not all of us that will celebrate? Or will the Afcon trophy be given only to you, to take home to your village?
    So what made you think I did not want the beans to be soft?
    I see your tactic. You take what I say and use it against me. Hahaha, that’s quite brilliant, actually. Reverse psychology. SHAME AND OVSCURITY, perhaps you’re not that dumb after all.
    You’re not dumb, just full of backstabbing wickedness.
    What a lowlife!

    • Glory 3 months ago

      @ Pompei you too dey touch botton lolzz. Abeg check properly, e be like say you don press your MUMU botton ooo. Everything you dey type since nigeria beat cameroun come be like a thin man WEY him trouser don loose grip around him waist. Hope you are OK. Abi na my predictions WEY dey come to pass quickly so dey cause am? Lolzzz.

  • Ndubest 3 months ago

    Ivory Coast is doing the work of the lord i see them winning either in full time or penalty shoot out. Senegal MUST go tonight

  • Footballfanatic 3 months ago

    Senegal bundles out lol

  • Footballfanatic 3 months ago


  • Ndubest 3 months ago

    Senegal is finally out am not surprised i knew they were going to loose to Ivory Coast i expect South Africa complete the job against Morocco tomorrow watch this page

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

    Something has been telling me Ivory Coast will knock Senegal out. Wow! Congrats to the Ivorians. It’s now between Nigeria and Morocco. But I also feel South Africa might end their run. Unless they’re truly a well drilled side. Ivory Coast beat Senegal today with pedigree. 

    • Nigeria v Senegal final?

      • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

        @deo I was actually looking forward to a Senegal vs Morocco final gong by current rankings. My expectation for the SuperEagles was at least a Semi Finals berth going by our pedigree and if luck shines on us we may nick the cup. Now we have Angola to worry about.

        I feel SA might upset Morocco though the AtlasLions looks like a formidable team that came here with a mission. 

        @Greenturf. It will Ivory Coast against the winner between Mali and Burkina Faso. 

        I just want to take it one game at a time if we can play the way we played against Cameroon it can definitely be coming back home. 

    • Greenturf 3 months ago

      @Ayphillydegreat.Yeah absolutely bro..The Ivorians were outstanding.The foreign coach struggled because he tried a different brand of football dissimilar to the traditional slow passing football the Ivorians are known for.
      What the domestic coach did was to play to the strength of the players backtracking to their traditional flair and slow passing football.
      It worked!Next on the line is Morocco!

  • Afeez 3 months ago

    I saw this and now it has come to pass. Bye bye Senegal.

  • Vincent Atungela 3 months ago

    The title of the article:

    AFCON 2023: Osimhen, Lookman Exceptionally Talented –Goncalves

  • Did you see ihanacho’s name in the writeup? So, what were you expecting? #Atungela

  • The puck eventually turned explainer is what I get here, geez.
    Presumably coming from coach Goncalves, a formidable coach in the tournament simply means the African best football of the year, Osimhen and his mate, Lookman have their ego massaged by no other. It means he’s very important to so occupy the page and it also connotes(mek i type small English too, lol…). It’s really due to their performance rating, though they need the massage.
    My take is the duo mustn’t be complacent but keep improving since there are 3 more matches to nick it. Sometimes, these coaches have a way of doing it while you’re completely pushed out of point(OP in local parlance) just like the S.E. of THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA turned coach Rigobert Song of Cameroon to an intelligent song typist n now singing immodestly because he couldn’t compete where it matters. It’s late here though, csn i wan sleep small so see ya later!

    • ‘Song the intelligent typist singing’ hehehehe. That one got me rolling on the floor. Never mind, after Angola, our Coach Goncalves is going to give us some redemption. LMFAO. .

  • Greg Nukie 3 months ago

    Kels, come back hia, lolo! Which sleep? You dey dia, we’re hia, Viillage hahaha!!!
    That pass from Osimhen to Lookman came in very late in the game, c’mon, lol

  • Edo people 3 months ago

    @ GREG
    which pass? Anyway let me first respond to #Kels. Redemption song abi? You pple mouth, sorry keypad eeeeh! Truth, Song’s conscience is pricking him otherwise why is he still singing- the toothless lions were going to defeat our own ‘SE do re mi la ti do. Hehehe! Obviously, Goncalves has given himself out as someone playing mind game on our talented players, here, Osimhen and Lookman and on our own completesports. He didn’t see how Osimhen connected Lookman to get that intelligent goal in the match.

  • Shola 3 months ago

    @ A won guys, kilode? I only asked of @Oseodion having not read from him in such a long time but what’s all these OP for na? Intelligent people make una mheen answer O. Whatever, that shouldn’t be the reason why una family members and tribes men had to runaway from home of insecurity and are now aplenty in my village. My question still goes thus, why is #Oseodion the much sought after not on this “space” before I comment on the AFRICAN FOOTBALL KING and the HIGHLY FEARED LOOKMAN ALSO knowing these are PROUD NIGERIAN, LO!

    • Shola 3 months ago

      *Typo is accepted in English o before they call me illiterate as if i no go sku, LWKM


  • Rookie, sorry, Nukie, trust #Kels to comeback with another intelligent -a robber dub styleee. Social media is so large that people often feel some comments are meant for them but that’s a weakling mindset because it isn’t unless there’s a skeleton (&&), then they begin to personalize which shows how troubled the mind is. Okay why doing things that would trouble all of them at home if there’s wisdom? Coach don rest anyways but h should allow our Nigerian big time players concentrate on the task ahead, talking about Angola ooo

  • Peter Ubi 3 months ago

    In reference to the last comment, Coach Goncalves of ANGOLA knows what the African footballer of the year Lookman and in fact, the entire S.E of Nigeria can do with the ball that’s he’s singing. Who even ask am sef???

  • C hey 3 months ago

    If to be educated is to be senseless like an ingrate, abeg, count me out.

  • Rainy 3 months ago

    #C hey: That means such education could lead those people there to shit at home, sorry ‘sit for yard, loo!!! Regardless, I’m inviting Angola coachie to visit my village to see the pure water those innocentis are lemming because they wanna win us. Like it has long come around.

  • olakunle wasiu 3 months ago

    I will tell Peseiro to drop the African footballer of the year and lookman to play your ineffectual tribal lads so we can rest.

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