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AFCON 2023: We Will Find A Way To Beat Nigeria — Cote d’Ivoire Boss Fae

AFCON 2023: We Will Find A Way To Beat Nigeria — Cote d’Ivoire Boss Fae

Cote d’Ivoire head coach, Emerse Fae has said he will provide a winning formula for his side’s clash with the Super Eagles of Nigeria.

The Elephants will face the Super Eagles in the final of the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations at the Alassanne Quattara Stadium, Ebimpe, Abidjan on Sunday.

The hosts recorded a hard-earned 1-0 victory against the Leopards of Democratic Republic of Congo in their semi-final clash on Sunday.

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“We will take stock in the next two days, we will analyze Nigeria, even though we played them in the group stage, we will see the strategy to implement for the final,” Faé said after the game.

The Super Eagles defeated Cote d’Ivoire 1-0 when both teams met in the group stage earlier in the competition.

The highly anticipated encounter will kick-off at 9pm Nigeria time.

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  • OJON ABIODUN 2 months ago

    The Super eagles are brimming in confidence and it will only take a football miracle for Nigeria to lose to ivory coast. Nigeria have smelled blood and it is only proper they bite and devour. Bravo eagles……we are winning come sunday.

  • Hmm! Here we come again! All countries want to beat Nigeria. 

    Abeg do it on the field not on the media. 

  • Yeboah 2 months ago

    The African Nations Cup has lost its shine. I stopped watching this tournament after the heavy weights like Ghana, Morocco and Senegal fell out. If this trend (the non qualification of the heavy weights) continues in the future, sponsors may pull out.
    My Nigerian neighbours have been taunting me with text messages about their victory over South Africa. I replied one of them that he should leave Ghana and go back to his country to celebrate. He couldn’t reply. I shut him up for good. What is my business about your lucky penalty shoot out? I didn’t even bother to watch it. Remember that Ghana has won the African Nations Cup FOUR TIMES but Nigeria has won it only TWO times. Now, tell me, who is the best?
    I am praying that Ivory Coast will beat these Chickens and shut the mouths of these boastful Nigerian fans once and for all. Amen!

    • I really feel pity for you….You are in a Nigerian site and telling Nigerians to leave Ghana…. Always wishing Nigeria to be beaten from the beginning but your wish and dreams has never come to pass just like in other aspects of your life…..I really feel so sorry for you.

    • Hello
      Not  good to be envious.
      Glad that your country’s economy economy is currently better than Nigeria’s. Remember lots of Ghanaians all over the world too.
      Because of people like you God will grant Super Eagles victory over Ivory Coast 

    • Wale Akinlatun 2 months ago

      I think this guy is just a clout chaser

    • Yeboah, you urself have never seen with your eyes ghana win Nations cup. All the AFCON ghana one was not televised. Over 42 years ago for a 2 interval year tournament.

      All d prayers u have been making since game 1 how far?

    • 4 times and the last one was in 1982? Lol. I just can’t get how Ghana should be counted among Afcon winners when 2 or 3 of their Afcon ‘wins’ was more or less a friendly competition of 4 or 6 countries. No qualifications, just invitationals. Let Ghana first win it when the real competition started in the early 80s till now and then you can start talking.

      The Yeboah guy has been down with a strange illness of Enviousculosis and Jealoscobia since the group stages when Nigeria was playing Guinea Bissau. He bet all his life savings for GB to beat Nigeria and couldn’t show face here since then until now.

      Now his morbid fear is about to come to pass and he’s going insane with hysteria that Nigeria would win the 4th Afcon title (the only thing Ghana brags about, although I only consider them 1 Afcon winner, which is 1982. I don’t think the others ones were technically Afcon, just friendly invitationals).

      You said heavyweight and you mentioned Ghana? Lol. The whole world says this is the most competitive and fiercest Afcon ever in the history of Afcon, and you’re here talking nonsense cos of envy.

      And how is Ghana a heavyweight? Let the new FIFA ranking come out and you find Ghana ranked 30th in Africa and 108th in the world. Lol.

      Except something drastic happens, I don’t even see Ghana getting to an Afcon semi-finals in the next 30 years. The Ghana I saw at the Afcon does not belong to this premier league of African football. This Ghana is League 2 level. Not even the championship league. I mean you can’t beat Mozambique, Comoros, Cape Verde etc. Whi can you then beat? I bet Kenya, Sudan, and Eritrea will soon start beating you. You escaped Madagascar last time.

      The new elite league teams in Africa are Nigeria, South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Morocco, Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, DRC, Cape Verde, and maybe Cote D’Ivore. And all of these countries will beat the Ghana of today black and blue. The beating will make Ghana see black stars for real. Hahahahaha.

      In fact, I am almost 100% sure Mali will win the World Cup group ticket in Ghana’s group. This Ghana can’t qualify for the World Cup. You no longer belong.

      And of course, Nigeria will be ranked number 1 after the Afcon. I know the nightmare it will be for you. But take heart cost it’s reality.

      This is no beef or banter. Just stating the cold truth.

      • Edoman 2 months ago

        Oga Kel, you de. After reading your well laced out comment, l mute my thoughts because you said it all. l am proud to be a Nigerian. Nigerian is number one at the moment. God Bless Nigeria.

      • highstar 2 months ago

        Na true 

    • Richie 2 months ago

      Chalé…….Kpele ohhh LOL

      You need to detox

    • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

      One advice I was given was to avoid confronting a fool and that’s who Yeboah is. Drunk boy saying sponsors will pull out because his rabbies lower ranked FIFA team can not win an Afcon match in 10 years. Madman just talking carelessly like Yaw and their many shenanigan kubolor locals.

    • Onwajunior 2 months ago

      Yet you are here, a Nigerian website. We’ve won it 3 times and have the most semi-final appearances.

    • Sonny 2 months ago

      No Nigeria has won it 3 times and will make it 4 if they win on Sunday. Ghana has never one  the expanded version of the tournament. The win the 4 nation and 8 nation tournament which proves  Nigeria is superior to them having won it more frequently in modern times.

    • Hassan Tia 2 months ago

      Yeboah you are spiteful and grudge against Nigeria , cause I think Nigeria now is better and stronger than your black jars not stars, black jars which have been breaking on any AFCON. tournament , since 1982 as the last tournament the black jars have won; Super Eagles has won three cups on shorts times , and I feel they will do it again for the fourth title ; Black jars not stars can’t win this tournament in close time , cause they have many problems, they are so grudge between them, have admisinterive corruption in their football ferderation, they choose players for their black jars team with semtiments and political interference, also with taking bribes by coaching crews and football ferderation administerators, you are underdeveloped people so I reiterate it more and more you cant’t win AFCON. in close tome with these bad manners; Nigeria football federation (NFF) have changed many things in Nigeria football , then have put arrays to reach AFCON. final then to win this tournament; Yeboah I advice you to return to your Ghanian football federation to fix their manners and administerating Ghana football to return to their lost golory.

    • KangA 2 months ago

      Your crooked thinking has no rival. Soccer weights weights who fell off like withered leaves? So these so-called heavy weights {including Ghana) are waiting for countries like Cape Verde/Mozambique to stop playing so they can win? No such guarantee again in Africa. Heavy weigh; go compete in the pitch.

      As things stand, Ghana is most likely not touching that cup in the next 50 years. They’ll live in their past glory.

  • @Yeboa. Please point of correction. Super Eagles have won the AFCON three times and not two. This will be the fourth time by the grace of God Almighty. Please always verify your facts before you express your view. Thanks but God will shame you on Sunday by his grace.

  • Jide Dola 2 months ago

    If not that you people are local, what’s big deal in Nigerians living in your country. People live in different places for biz.

    If I see opportunity for something that can sell in your country, I can come do biz. For example, I noticed Ghanaians don’t know how to dress, I can decide to come start fashion biz.

    I’m sure people from other countries are in your country and not even Africans but from other continents but you couldn’t comprehend.

    Like you couldn’t comprehend that Nigeria has won AFCON in three times and Ghana has come co their bus stop, darkest thing.

  • Omo9ja 2 months ago

    You and your team stand no chance the way Ivory Coast play in the semi-finals.

    Both Congo and Ivory Coast show unimpressive display in their semi-final, and both teams did not deserve to play in semi-final based on the poor display of both teams.

    May God lead us through on Sunday. The trophy is coming home. Abuja straight.

    No disrespect to the Ivory Coast, but Super Eagles will beat the Elephant in front of their home fans. As usual, the host country may call on other Africans to support them just the Cameroon did when they play our female national female team, Mama of Africa [Super Falcons] but Falcons won the match in the end.

    So, Super Eagles are ready for you, the host nation, on Sunday.

    What Oga Rohr failed to do in six years with the caliber of players under him, Oga Paseiro can do more than that on Sunday.

    As I said before the tournament, I don’t believe in oga Paseiro capability but if he convince me on Sunday by winning the Afcon trophy then I will be his fan just I did for Oga Rohr during his time before he started showing poor displays.

    For now, the Ivorians can say whatever they want, but they should ask Angolans and the South Africans what the Super Eagles of Nigeria did to them first before making mouth.

    God is in control. We move. Let’s gooooooo Super Eagles. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Edoman 2 months ago

      Omo9ja, you talk good but, you walked on your foot by not leaving our farmer Oga Rohr out of your mouth. as l always let you realizes that everybody always has their own 15 minutes of fame in their lifetime, Oga Rohr has had his own. Nigerians were happy him accept folks like omo9ja and his cohorts, Omo9ja please, move on now and stop talking about our former Oga Rohr. It’s always very boring to hear you talking about this. professor Pereiro is now our supreme coach.

    • @omo9ja….

      Are you tired of supporting your AFRICAN quadiolas to come and coach the super eagles????

      Success has many friends….

      PESEIRO isn’t a Nigerian o, he’s from Portugal .

      You and your cohort were the main reason we lost AFCON ticket to the worst GHANA team ever.

      You and your cohort were the main reason we got butted out in AFCON round 16 for the first time in over 40 years.

      If I were you I’ll be hiding my face in shame.

      You thought we’ve forgotten that you’ve never been a fan of foreign coach and their tactics?

      Now because NIGERIA is progressing under a foreign coach you quickly change your mouth and started supporting us.

      I congratulate you Shar…. If you can’t beat them, quickly join them.
      You’re a sharp guy….


      • BOBOYE 2 months ago

        Who are the cohorts? Dumb fool. Why not tell the NFF to give the african guardiolas the free hands to handle the team. Abi were you blind when peserio was losing matches that should be won. Abi the recent lackluster display of the Eagles in recent world cup qualifier wouldn’t have gotten a local coach the Axe. Please if you don’t have anything sensible to comment please move. Gareth South gate has been coach for how many years. During thick and thin, he is being supported by the FA.

  • Jide Dola 2 months ago

    ajhahahah, you will make this guy eat rat poison before the final match o

  • Hassan Tia 2 months ago

    I recommend you coach Fae for talking more and more before the encounter; I think this will form a great pressure against your team , so Super Eagles will find it easy to change match current for them…

  • Please my people stop responding to that senseless and dead frog from the darkest side of the world.their hearts are even darker than themselves.but he suppose to acknowledge that they don’t play football with juju again.thunder fire you with your so called country.

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