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AFCON 2023: Cameroon Edge Gambia In Five-Goal Thriller, To Face Super Eagles In Round Of 16

AFCON 2023: Cameroon Edge Gambia In Five-Goal Thriller, To Face Super Eagles In Round Of 16

The Indomitable Lions of Cameroon defeated Gambia in a dramatic 3-2 win to progress into the round of 16 at the AFCON 2023 on Tuesday.

Cameroon needed an outright win in their Group C clash with Gambia, to stand a chance of progressing after securing just one point in two games.

Toko Ekambi gave Cameroon the lead on 56 minutes but Ablie Jallow made it 1-1 on 72 minutes.

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Ebrima Colley then put Gambia 2-1 ahead on 85 minutes before Cameroon equalised on 87 minutes thanks to a James Gomez own goal.

Christopher Wooh got Cameroon’s third goal in the 91st minute which proved to be the winner.

Gambia scored in the 94th minute but it was overturned by VAR for handball.

The result means the five-time AFCON winners finish second on four points while Senegal, who thrashed Guinea 3-0, top with nine points.

Also, Cameroon will now take on Nigeria’s Super Eagles in the round of 16 on Saturday.

The last time Cameroon faced the Eagles was also in the round of 16 at the 2019 tournament in Egypt.

After 90 minutes of a thrilling contest, the Eagles won 3-2 thanks to a Jude Ighalo brace and Alex Iwobi solitary strike.

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  • It gonna be a good match

    • Selfmade KING 3 months ago

      If naija wins this afcon, they have four afcon cups like Ghana lol

      We die finish in ghana haha

      They way they ll destroy us on Twitter haha

      Wishing omo naija nothing but the best tho!

       We are wailing in BANKU REPUBLIC haha

      Pls naija dash us UZOHO pls because he’s better than all our big asses goalkeepers! Dem chop KENKEY and BANKU with okro stew de3 can’t dived anymore haha 

      Banku republic is going home oh haha 

      • pompei 3 months ago

        Selfie, you’re making me hungry.
        I need to go and look for banku and groundnut soup.
        Make I take am wedge body.

  • Very nice because to be a champion you have to beat the best.

  • John-1 3 months ago

    While Cameroon has shown defensive weakness, they’ve also show their efficiency upfront. It’s gonna be interesting

  • Sunnyb 3 months ago

    Oya, let’s how this overhyped players go perform, with the exception of Lookman, Aina, Bassey and Oyenka, the rest  ve nothing to offer, Osimihen plays with too much power, lacks technics to be a world class striker.. I won’t be surprised if Cameroon take their lunch money 

    • Please check the formation before blaming Osimhen. A striker needs ball supply to score that’s why you see him falling behind most times. Most times he is a lone striker upfront
      How Paseiro will play 3-4-3 defensive formation against Cameroon we will see on Saturday. All I know is either Nigeria or Cameroon is coming home.

  • Selfmade KING 3 months ago

    Herrrh omo naija get us lol! We are suffering in Ghana brutally lol!

    Am just imagine if omo naija wins this cup, they way we ll suffer and be jealous of them haha!!

    Now all our attention is turned on naija now but am wishing naija nothing but the best tho!

    When naija wins, we also motivates ourselves lol!  

    We still dey here tho  

    • Yabaoh 3 months ago

      But Why 9ja? We have nothing in comon with you people, we are far bigger in everyting than you. Why are you people so obsessed with Nigerian? is there no other country in Africa? You are not even closer to us like Togo, Canmeroon, Benin etc so what is your obsession with Nigerian? We are not level in anything so why not obsess with another peoples? go and be trying those closely to youre country and leaves Nigeria alone – tell all you crazy country man to leave Nigerian alone, maybe after that you will start to do better in life

      • Selfmade KING 3 months ago

        Ghana ll fit half of Nigeria! Go and figure! 

        And what better have u done in your miserable life!

        See his foolishness!

        Kwasia, keep quiet! 

        • Yabaoh 3 months ago

          you continued barking like a mad dog which is what you are.
          it is your life is miserable and all can see just look how decnt nigrian is having pity on your sorry life just look how rubbish you pipo are at football, what are you pipo good for ecxept stealing and jealosing – which ghana is fit where? abeg comot for road make see see front mad man
          so long as you pipo contineud jealousing Nigeian and showing youre haterd and infrority complex then you will never prosper.
          Kwasia, keep braking like dog , is what you are

          • Selfmade KING 3 months ago

            Dumb ass punk!! 

            Ur English sucks! 

            U can’t even spelled your own Nigeria correctly lmaooo!!

            Dumb as a WHEEL BARROW haha

        • Yabaoh 3 months ago

          My English sucks? haha See pesin wey dey talk. at least I still get English, while you nor get brain at all – yeye dumbass banku and kenkey ghanian haha- go back to school and learn grammar – understand the different between present tense and past tense – thick stone head illetirate black ghanian – to spell is not to spelled hahahaha- dumb goat

      • Ghana is our brothers. That’s not disputable. We wish them well. We hope Black stars bounce back quickly.

        • Yabaoh 3 months ago

          Nigeiria Christian
          they are your broda please not mine!! – Ahah! abi which kain agbero you be sef? Dem nor teach you for school to only speak for yourself? how can ou speak for others? are you a Ghanian too??

    • Ghana are our closest brothers in West Africa, not Togo, not Benin. They’re anglophone like us, while the majority in W/A are French, except SL, Gambia, and Liberia. Nah football dey bring rivalry. Otherwise, we be pally always. @Self Made, thanks for your wishes o. Our 4th Afcon trophy is landing on February 9. A nice val gift to the nation.

      • Yabaoh 3 months ago

        Oboy use your brain abeg – God gave you brain, and youre not using it – So someone wishing you bad in the ONLY thing that makes your life happy is your pally abi?? Do you know the pain and suffering it brings to Nigerians when the only thing in life they look to take joy from goes wrong? young old, male female – Nigerias have nothing to cheer for only footbal and you mugus are calling someone who always wishes you bad and hates you enough to even bring jazz so you will loose and you say he is your broda?? Okay like I say to Nigeria Christian, I say to you also – speak for yourself – Not all Nigerians even are brodas let alone some jealuos hate feeled black hatreds and if they are you broda, that one is your won palava but please don’t call them Nigerias broda – if you need them pack go live for dem yeye country and see wetin those bastards go take yer eye see! noncense

        • @Yabaoh you are actually right and @kel if you are Igbo or even Akwa ibom, Ikwere or even Delta the Cameroonians from the English Speaking part of cameroon are actually closer to us than Ghanaians Genetically. But you should know this. That is why there is Generally more love shown between Nigerians and Cameroonians than Between Ghanaians and Nigerians. Ghanaians are closer genetically to Upper Volta and Ivory Coast dem. Yoruba’s are Closer to Benin Republic and Togolese closer to Ghanaians.

    • Mahmud Shuaib 3 months ago

      I can guarantee for free that this is not the real SELFMADE KING… that’s not his style of writing. He writes better, coherent grammar than this imposter. Unless am proved wrong sha

  • Nnamdi West 3 months ago

    Cameroon are good because they have the players. It will be a good match, Nigeria have to be focused.

  • Nigeria versus midfield bullies. We no kuku get midfield. How Cameroon will be salivating because Nigeria have proven not to be a threat upfront.

    The chicks will finally come home to roost. Gambia danced round Cameroon well but who does that for eagles?

    Well, this will be officially Nwabalis baptism of fire because his defense will be bullied, heckled, tortured, run rings etc.

    The arrogance of Cameroon will be such that the 10 outfield players will camp in our half and their goal not protected because eagles would easily miss than score.

    That’s how low Nigeria rates in my eyes. Yusuf is out, Ekong is out, stubborn Ihenacho could likely be out unless he wants to aggravate his injury. Onyeka is already on yellow card that another card will make him miss the next match since cards are wiped out only in the quarter final.

    Game time. Sorry Nwabali. Against small Guinea Bissau, we only had one shot on target in the entire match. Cameroon, the one I watched today, will not create that chance.

    Players with courage and passion versus estacode-revelling ones.

    Cameroon scored 5, all from open play.

    P.S. our only saving grace should be that Cameroon pressed the self destruct button by fielding Onana in goal (which I think they will) but do you trust the eagles (“super” tag should be seen to be first earned) to take advantage after finishing the afcon group stage AS THE MOST WASTEFUL OF THE 24?

    Do not bet on that.

    • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

      So in your mind you think this Cameroon can beat the SuperEagles??? Okay no problem even if they beat us they have exceeded your group stage exit. Lmao!! People wey only watch football with emotions.

      • Qualification was surprising to me indeed. This route to the final would have been ideal since Senegal would not be met until final but Angola, Cape Verde are no push overs.

        • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

          Lmao!! So you now like the route we are going through to the final?? Lmao!! Don’t worry about our route to the final. Bring on Senegal we will face them with vigor and gusto. We are only worried about our next match. 

        • Greenturf 3 months ago

          @Sly the quality in the super eagles is at per with that of Senegal.Though Senegal is a better team overall but their quality is not better than ours player for player.
          Apparently,they could be eliminated in the next round.Because they finished tops in their group collecting 9 points is not a guarantee they will stroll to the later stages of the competition likewise Nigeria.
          When you have quality players and a quality tactically shrewd manager you can beat any team!

      • Sylvester, Ayphillythegreat is right. We fear no team. The Super Eagles will overcome.

        Fly fly fly Super Eagles into infinity and beyond. Vavavoom…

    • Greenturf 3 months ago

      Nigeria midfielders aren’t bad contrary to popular belief,instead the managers preference to be tight in that department has been the problem.Peseiro plays a system which requires the ball to get to the final third quicker.
      In this system the full-backs and front three are busier because he tends to utilise these 5 men more.
      The system is working which is why i sometimes call him professor.
      However,his players especially the front men,unfortunately,have consistently let him down.
      The ideas are working which is why you see the creation of chances upon chances but the execution has been poor.
      It’s worrying indeed.
      So if you look at it emphatically,the problem in the team are caused by the attackers who have failed in their primary duties of scoring goals.

      • Thank you Greenturf. I wonder why people don’t look at what you just mentioned.

        A coach sometimes will just get into a plan a strategy or a tactics that is just right for them with the types of players in their fold.

        I think that is what pesero discovered against Cote D’Ivoire.

        Some people wanted him to change it against guinea bisau but he stuck to the same formation. That’s brilliant. At the end of the day it’s the victory that counts.

        Let me go down memory lane

        In 1990 westerhof and bonfrere Jo used an all out attacking style against the host Algeria. We got spanked by 5-1. The coach realized because we were in that competition with most of our top stars absent.

        He changed course in the second match and third match against Cote D’Ivoire and Zambia. He used s more defensive approach with Friday elaho doing the work on the flank and crossing to yekini. Yekini did what Oshimen has not been doing. Yekini gave the goals when they mattered most.

        We got to the final.

        In 2013. It’s likely many people did not notice that keshi changed style and player personnel after our first match against Burkina Faso and second match.

        Onazi and Sunday were not starters in the middle. But onazi moved to defensive position and mba joined him in the middle.

        It worked and we won the cup. I still respect onazi mba and ideye for the great roles they play in that tournament. Nit forgetting s coach who stumbled on a pattern and stuck with it.

        So pesero may not be the best but digging deep to change formation that has not made them concede in two matches is worth celebrating.

        The attackers have failed him.

        Even equatorial guinea knew they were lucky against us. We should have scored at least three goals in that match.

        I expect the same tactics against Cameroon. If oshimen and other come to the party Cameroon is gone. But if they don’t, it may go into penalties.

    • So sly Cameroon had been superb. Because they scored only three goals in the group stages mean they can’t begin to do well in the knock out stages.

      How many goals did Senegal scored in the group stages last afcon. How many did eagles scored. Who got to the final.

      While not exonerating the attackers for being blunt and wasteful in attack, but it’s wrong to analyze this match the way you have done.

      Cameroonn have not been super in this afcon.

      Eagles will win this match.

  • Edoman 3 months ago

    If Osimhen is not living up to expectations, there will be a problem. l am not so sure of him these days. No one knows of which Osimhen will turn up. One goal in three is not something to talk about. Nigerians everywhere are grossly disappointed and disillusioned. This is where our Ighalo showed of what stuff he was made of. There could be something wrong with Osimhen why he is not performing to standard expected of him. l even suggested earlier for him to seek advice from his senior Edo brother, our Ighalo. We Edo people, by our DNA, are always united to assist one another at a difficult time like this if we want it.

  • pompei 3 months ago

    I would rather play Cameroon than Senegal.
    We dey chop Cameroon pepper well well.
    And with Onuachu nachu chu X, WE SHALL OVERCOME!
    Onuachu will score against Cameroon. Watch this space!

  • Ndubest 3 months ago

    Has Osimhen really played badly? The answer is No the only issue he has missed some clear chances but mark my words he will come good against and untill the end of the tournament. We are winning this cup. Everything is shaping up well for our triumph

  • Sylvester,

    Paul the Iroko tree Onuachu is our trump card. Trust me, we have an ace up our sleeves against Cameroon my brother. With Aribo, Simon, Onuachu and Onyeka we will be unassailable.

    • Lol Deo. Unfortunately you are not the coach. You will be amazed at how peserio will deploy eye scratching formation and personnel on Saturday night. How many matches have we said he got his playing personnel spot on in matches?

      Don’t be surprised the 4 players you mentioned start from the bench lol

      • Glory 3 months ago

        Yeah, if they start and we qualify over Cameroon, that’s is commendable.
        You sly, never gave Peseiro and team any chance. So take a chill pill and let us enjoy Peseiro and team. Peseiro is proving to be a tactically astute manager.
        These sort of managers always never satisfy ego centric fans whilst achieving the needed goal. Jose Mourinho his master, is one, Simone of Athletico Madrid is another.
        God bless Peseiro and crew. God bless all deserving SE players. God bless Nigeria.

    • Sylvester,
      I agree with you. Peseiro’s approach and player arrangements in the last 2 games proved dull and regressive as the post-match stats and data suggested.

      Just because an approach worked in club football under highly reputable coaches does not mean the result will always be the same in national team football.

      Thanks for the point bro. Good luck to the Super Eagles on Saturday.

      • @deo I am missing something do you want the coach to start with Moses Simon, Paul Onuachu and Aribo??????????????..

        That one be say, make we kukuma begin day pack our ogwor n gwo

        • Sorry Bro

          Lookman Osimhen , Moffi

          Iwobi, Iheanacho (CAM), Yusuf (CDM/Box to Box)

          Zaidu, Bassey, Ekong, Aina


          Subs for this game: Chukwueze (Will have no choice but to prove himself) Moses Simon, Onyeka.

          This is the winning formula anyother Personel And we will bottle it up

          • Sorry Bro

            Lookman Osimhen , Moffi

            Iwobi, Iheanacho (CAM), Yusuf (CDM/Box to Box)

            Zaidu, Bassey, Ekong, Aina


            Subs for this game: Chukwueze (Will have no choice but to prove himself) Moses Simon, Onyeka.

            This is the winning formula any other Personel And we will bottle it up

            If our was in the coach I will tell Iwobi and Iheanacho to alternante that position as well as Iheanacho and Moffi let them 3 be covering each others positions in-game

      • Hi Ugo,

        I can’t believe you will replace my Chukwueze with Moffi. What are you thinking? Leave my Chukwueze o!

        Also Iheanacho is no longer a midfielder. I will replace him with Onyedika.

        Uzoho has to return for this one. He has learnt his lesson. He is now a born again goalkeeper with evidence of keeping in glorious manner.

        Also, how come you left Musa out of your substitutes? He has to play na.

        Otherwise all other players you selected I can manage.

      • Tristan 3 months ago

        Please deo, as our resident CSN analyst, tell us what Aribo brings to the team. If you’re going to praise him, tell us what his skillsets are and what his midfield contribution is.

        • Those questions require detailed analysis which comes with a fee. Since u are my personal person Tristan, I will be kind and charge u 500,000 Naira per hour.

          My account is GTB.

          My name is deo the CSN Guru

          And my account number is 419419.


  • John-1 3 months ago

    Did anyone see Krepin Diatta’s deadball deliveries for Senegal today? Only Iheanacho has something close to those deliveries. The guy just dey cook the deliveries dey give Senegalese striker’s up and down. Our own people will either under-hit the ball or hoof the ball to stands.

    By the way, I worry about our midfielders inability to hold to ball and turn. Just like Senegal, Cameroon also have ball-jugglers. The only way to match them is to harass them and distort their cohesion.

  • Justin 3 months ago

    Hmmmmmmm, what a beautiful game. I don’t see Nigeria beating Cameroon, with the lackluster display we are have been displaying, na wototo we go collect. You will see the wounded lions come out roar. May i remind you Tunisia was another tough team we faced. Well all the best to the Eagles. Gambia were just unlucky

    • Greenturf 3 months ago

      @Justin,you shouldn’t be scared of Cameroon.Perhaps their rich history in this competition is what is giving you nightmares,but what you should also look at is their current team instead of their pedegree.
      From what i have seen of Cameroon so far in this tournament,they’re no match to the super eagles if we get our selection and tactics right.

      • ….if we get our selection and tactics right.

        Ideally, should right tactics and selection not be a given at this stage of peserios management?

        Players will play in unfamiliar positions on that day. Peserio dropped moses for chukwueze against CIV because he told the gaffer he is not a right footer so should not be deployed on the right.

        I think both he and chuks exchanged positions against GNB.

        So media ruled out both Yusuf and Ekong from the rest of the tournament. I still believe Ihenacho is not fit.

        Which playing personnel remains that will take the game to Cameroon big bullies?

  • Not even only Osimhen should turn up, all of them should especially the wingers. Sorry to say, a team that has other forwards not scoring goals as well is not worthy of being a champion. In 1994, we had the likes of Amuneke, Amokachi, Siasia, Finidi scoring if Yekini did not score. In 2013, Victor Moses, Sunday Mba etc were scoring plus Emenike. If Chukweze, Luqman and Simon are misfiring, the cup won’t be step an inch home. All of them should step up to the party.

  • I wonder if it is only Osimhen that is on the pitch for that Chukweze, he won’t pass if he does not see Osimhen even if others are free. The guy is just a dump head player. Iheanacho should be used in his position against Cameroun

    • John-1 3 months ago

      I didn’t know that another person noticed lol. Well, they’ve being great friends from U-17 days. But Chukwueze plays childish football

      • Samuel Chukwueze has become too selfish he plays for himself and not the team. eben Moses Simon and that Osayi samuels.. they are too damn selfish they run with the balll and don’t know how to look up and pass the ball the most simple yet effect skill is being able to survey the field of play at full speed and look for a player in space and pass the damn ball while in attack mode, most of our wingers lacked that skill hence they never succeed the only one in recent years that have that is Victor Moses and currently Ademola Lookman. One of Ahmed Musa biggest problems in his career was this simple ability i speak off. In laymens terms Assist king ability

        • Glory 3 months ago

          Truth is some of the players in this team are sadly playing themselves out of the team going forward. Not helpful mentioning names now,just so we don’t cause some damaging team spirit.
          But after the tournament,surely there must have to be some honest dissecting of the team to weed out under-performing players.

          • Glory 3 months ago

            … Whose ox is GORED… I meant to type

    • Tols I won’t take that from at all. Chukwueze-hating will not be permitted on this platform. Back in the days, my brother Ugo would have jumped on your throat for criticising Chukwueze. These days, he is too busy with his one-man crusade against Musa that he hardly has time to leap to Chukwueze’s defence.

      So, I will take his place. Leave our Chukwueze alone.

      • @deo my brother i can not come to Chukwueze’s defence now he is falling my hand BIG TIME, he is too selfish his current decision making and form is counter productive to our aim in this tournament which is too win. A selfish player is not good in tournaments of this magnitude

      • @Deo, you said back in the days, not now, lol. We are in the present. Your brother may have changed as well. Chukweze just need to get sense at all cost, otherwise, he should forget about eagles.

  • pompei 3 months ago

    Rohr has removed my fear of Cameroon. Before, I dey fear dem. I no go lie.
    But after what Rohr did to them, my fear of them vanished.
    Now, I dey look dem ayanya.
    If we play our best game, we should be able to dispatch this Cameroon.
    Na missed chances go be our problem. If we take our chances, Cameroon go collect. But if we continue the way we have been doing……hmmmmm!
    When you have the chance to kill a lion, you better kill it. If you wound it, and it rises up against you, it will not end well for you.
    Cameroon remember what Rohr did to them, and they will be gunning for revenge.
    We need to start converting our chances!

  • Chidi 3 months ago

    Regardless of the outcome of the match. Playing Cameroun for eagles is a bad luck sign for winning the trophy.

    When ever we play Cameroon we never win

  • Glory 3 months ago

    Yeah, if they start and we qualify over Cameroon, that’s is commendable.
    You sly, never gave Peseiro and team any chance. So take a chill pill and let us enjoy Peseiro and team. Peseiro is proving to be a tactically astute manager.
    These sort of managers always never satisfy ego centric fans whilst achieving the needed goal. Jose Mourinho his master, is one, Simone of Athletico Madrid is another.
    God bless Peseiro and crew. God bless all deserving SE players. God bless Nigeria.

    • Glory, yes Sylvester was an unbeliever but I think he is now starting to see the light so let’s cut him some slack. This game against Cameroon is Peseiro’s biggest test yet. If he prevails then I will demand a formal apology from Sylvester and Golden Child.

      Let’s continue to pray for this team.

    • Thumbs up Brotherman Glory. We know the unbelievers. After we defeat Cameroon, I will demand a formal apology from men-dem Golden Child and Sylvester.

      • Glory 3 months ago

        Hahaha…. Hahaha. Maaannnn dem. Brodaman Ignacious Abo. Oh sorry @Deo. Please don’t trust that man Sly. He is truly a sly. Lolzz.
        I can assure you, he is fasting and praying that Peseiro fails, so he can kick start a campaign for a pay master manager to get SE JOB.
        Some think say we no know dia antics here, dem fit use other people head, but no be my head, tufiakwa.
        So I go advice you brodaman dem @Deo to use corner eye dey waka with people like sly. Lolzz. These people no honestly care about SE and Nigeria. Na d persenal biz WEY dem dey do with SE concern dem. When e no favour dem, dem go come use those mugu heads amongst us to wanna settle scores. Lolzz

        • Lol. I don’t have any coach in mind oh. My grievances are legion:

          1. Coach has used 45 players in 2 years yet he still has NOT A stable, inspiring first 11.

          2. Uninspiring player display is rewarded with more game time. Haba! It will not augur well for competitiveness.

          3. In over 23 matches, I never fit pinpoint a match when the players turn up. Imagine say for this AFCON 2023 qualifiers, 80% of qualification goals na only for Sao tome two matches out of 6. And we still carry that “goal form” here after carrying 850 attackers.

          4. You know torture wey defense receive against civ? Okay, score one more to “bury” the game, na BP wan kill me cos of home advantage factor that would have altered the complexion of the game

          5. This one na my most motivating factor. Eagles don make me lose bets since Peserio enter. And anyhow.

          Osimhen will score. Na that time e go baloon ball.

          Okay, play clean sheet. Na we go concede first.

          Okay, play over 1.5 against minnows oh. Na one goal in 90 minutes from 600 billion Naira squad I go see.

          The needless loss of several stakes na my real pain.

          And the players causing this trouble ARE STILL YOUNG. See Chukweze whose sister is calling him “world best”. The lady looks above 26 already and UK nurse but chucks is still 24.

          Giving the nation hope the squad will be fearsome in a few years.


          AFCON 2025 will hold next year June but guess what? After this team “fumbles and tumbles” out of this cup, I pray we do a reset of both playing personnel and coaches.

          Swear that you have not admired the play of some so called minnows at this tournament. Them dey forbid us to “express” ourselves.

          Perennially, our midfield has been deliberately left tiny so that we can accommodate the avalanche of strikers springing everywhere.

          How has it panned out for us since the declining era of rohr?

          I want a coach that does not bow to “mafia” selection list. A coach that will try to love us more than we do small.

          Is it much to ask?

          Granted, I don’t have superior knowledge of the game as many of you but I no go fit dump my country na.

          Make them still give me joy.

          Before I traveled to Benin city after eagles first match, my popsi no gree let me on gen to watch us even though fuel full ground.

          E say e can never again experience BP on the team again cos Ghana own that time tell on am.

          When e first hear say guinea beat us for friendly, he cross mind.

          I believe though e go watch Cameroon own though timing is “bad” for him.

          Summarily, Peserio must go because 45 selections and leaving us with this, means this is his best personnel.

          Next AFCON qualifiers are just between September and November this year (6 important matches).

          Make we prepare for next year own with good tactician. THIS PHARAOH DON SABI JOSEPH DIE.

          No, I am not a “converted” fan oh. 23 matches are too long a time to give a coach opportunity to find a path.

          See Algerian rise and “fall”. Who’d bite the bullet if not the AFCON 2019 winning coach?

          Make small team no go disgrace us. Na my big fear also.

          Las Las, you can never “hate” your country because when we no qualify for 2 successive afcons after 2013 wonder, the world no collapse.

          Na prestige if your country do well. See millions Equatoguineans received from their president for qualifying to the next stage.

          I dey vex say only few players in the team are always hungry to do well but others appear their slots can not be taken away so they are casual.

          But since they know someone will bench them in their clubs if they flop, they bring ginger.

          Ah! Most wasteful in group stage – Eagles.

          Most market value team – Eagles (worth more than 14 other teams combined).

          They can do better na

          • Glory 3 months ago

            This your book long ooo. And no cover page. Na wah ooo. Come chop no be come belle full ooo. Make una WEY full page like this understand say many eaders dey reply from very time demanding and safety critical jobs nooowwww.

      • 🙂 I think Sylvester is a good guy. To be honest Glory, results and performances under Peseiro leading up to the tournament wasn’t always impressive. But I said guys should be patient to see how Peseiro will perform in a tournament environment before handing judgement.

        Anyway, like I said, this game against Cameroon will be Peseiro’s litmus test. I pray he passes with flying colours

        • Glory 3 months ago

          @ Deo most times Nigeria struggle through the qualifiers, we always end up doing well in the main tournament while the reverse is also the case. BUT IF WE MUST BE HONEST, HOW LONG WAS PESEIRO ABLE TO PROPERLY SPEND WITH THE PLAYERS TOGETHER WITHIN HIS TWO YEAR PERIOD BEFORE AFCON. In my calculation, I will say, arbitrarily, a sum total of 1month, spread across that 2 year period, broken into a maximum of 2 days training.

  • Chima E Samuels 3 months ago

    Cameroon minus Issa Hayatou is powerless against any serious African team. We have no excuse not to win after watching them gasp for survival.

    • John-1 3 months ago

      Was Issah Hayoutu the President when they defeated Egypt in the final? I think we should approach this game with caution.

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