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AFN Expresses Shock Over Okagbare’s Doping Rule Violation, Awaits Details From AIU

AFN Expresses Shock Over Okagbare’s Doping Rule Violation, Awaits Details From AIU

The Athletics Federation of Nigeria,AFN, says it received with great shock the press release by the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU), suspending Blessing Okagbare for a doping rule violation.

The Federation, in a statement says it is in the process of obtaining the relevant details of the announcement after which a full reaction will be issued.

The AIU in the press release says the Nigerian 100/200m record holder has been provisionally suspended with immediate effect after a sample collected from the 32 year old tested positive for human Growth Hormone.

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Growth Hormone is a non-specified substance on the 2021 World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List and a provisional suspension is mandatory following an adverse analytical finding for such substance under the World Athletics Anti-Doping Rules.

The AIU says it collected the sample from Okagbare during an out-of-competition test on 19 July and revealed the WADA-accredited laboratory that analysed the sample notified the AIU of the adverse analytical finding at mid-day Central European Time yesterday, Friday 30 July.

Okagbare was notified of the adverse analytical finding and of her provisional suspension Saturday morning in Tokyo. She was scheduled to participate in the semi-finals of the women’s 100m Saturday evening in Tokyo.

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  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    So it is racism that put the human growth hormone inside her Urine nde….? Or maybe it is racism that also made AFN ignore the 3 warnings from the AIU leading to disqualification of the 10 others. The likes of Cotedivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Ethipia, Jamaica, Bahamas, USA etc must be featuring White athletes to escape these “racist” antics.

  • GLORY 3 years ago

    @ Dr Drey. While I totally agree with you that we should not be throwing in the racism card on every situation as this, I’m honestly concerned to ask if Okagbare that knows she comes from a country like nigeria, that hasn’t got the political clout to defend her in cases like this, will still go on to take banned substances thus putting her career on the line. Please let’s kindly look into this.

  • Ikeben 3 years ago

    This is a very sad news at this time. I really thought this was her season to finally click at the Olympics. She will never has taking it. But who knows how this happened.
    Honestly this turning out to be a bad Olympics for team Nigeria. The remaining real contenders are Aamusan, Ese and Adekuoroye. I hope at least one will make the medal table.

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    I have said it countless times that majority of the people on this page has been mislead with ideas from a very naive mind who knows nothing going on within the sports circle aside what he reads on pages. If reasonable observers can digress from the words of Aruna the tennis player, he made a point highlighting the positive impact of the sports minister whilst stating that this impact and efforts by the minister are being tarnished and tainted by our various sports head of affairs body such as AFN, ITTF and the others. He also made a touching point how his coach was withdrawn from him, Blessing Okagbare also spoke about the people fighting for Puma deal instead of concentrating on the what has to be done.

    A lot of you came online asking the Minister to resign because he apologize on the flaws of these crazy bodies that you and I know his not his duty to appoint but to regulate. Listen you all the ministers duty is to connect all these bodies to the government for funding and development of Various sports and the rest is left for each bodies to deliver.

    For me I exonerate the minister of sports of any guilt because he has played his role well by making available the best training and preparation to all participating teams in the Olympics and many of our Athletes can attest to this.

    If there is anyone to ever blame you guy should dig into various head of each of these bodies starting from the AFN instead of coming online to tell a man who’s is not connected to the bad performances or mismanagements to retire. I will not stop laughing at the way you all keep thinking. Calling minister to resign and saying Dalung was better than him. The rate at which you guys think lowly and naive is just too pathetic and your ring leader is just a reflection of how we always mis target in this country whilst the main problems keep evolving because they know the masses are gullible and not aware of the main Devils!

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    Is it the sports minister that coaches our various teams or appoints the president of Sporting federations? Is he the one in charge of even the elections or the one fighting for Puma deal? Is he the one that made our basketball team players to take friendly matches seriously over the main event? This is a minister who is slowly and gradually fixing sporting infastructures that were abandoned and left to rotten by his wicked predecessors, a minister who has created and initiative that has led to better welfare and training of athletes by adoption as a result of a crippling Nigeria economy.

    Una no like better thing he should resign then those project he is directing will be abandoned by his new replacement. Lagosian especially are beginning to enjoy sports again and soon the national stadium at surulere will be revived. Everything takes time but some low thinkers as usual will always have something negative to say just to dent right images wrong. I sorry for those who don’t dig deep before saying shit. Check yourselves majority of you are struggling because of your wrong mindsets. I sometimes wonder why I keep coming on here to educate yours mindsets yet no changes. I feel it’s a waste of time and energy plus lunatics creating hates towards every light that is been shared. Make una continue dey chop una shit. I don’t really feel proud being a Nigerian in the first place but we leave this realities to God.

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    All eyes on the female wrestler now, I hope they’ll not see fault and ban her too! Since Nigeria is the only country that has 11 Athletes ban for various reasons. Who no get wisdom no fit think far that is why they point at what they see even though e no join.

    • Kenneth 3 years ago

      oga abeg no leave, don’t let those shit face commentator prevent you from expressing themselves, all the time it is the ministers fault, am happy you asked relevant questions. Is it the minister that will monitor there activities

      • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

        Oderinde. Prevent you from expressing themselves or prevent you from expressing yourself. Bloody illiterate from the gutters trying to scam people on the forum asking for proofs and real names. It’s only when he’s able to collect some paupers from one of his mugus that you will see him here talking rubbish. After scraping some data. OmoAnini.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Mumu…okponu. Have you and your co-fool ever heard the word “due diligence” before….LMAO….bunch of illiterates. Do you and your fellow pathological lair know at all that TEAM NIGERIA is the responsibility of the sports ministry or are you both just plain stupid..???

        Read what the same Minister said months ago when….I guess it only applies to football….LMAOOoo.

        “..Dare dismissed the claim in some quarters that he has no power to wade into the Super Eagles since there are elected officers in charge of the country’s football….According to the minister, as the chief custodian of Nigeria’s sports sector, he has the powers to correct any shortcomings he discovers in any arm of the sector, including football….He added: “The Super Eagles represent Nigeria, sing Nigeria’s national anthem and wear Nigerian jerseys. So, without Nigeria as a sovereign country, they have nobody to represent…..When we look at their operations to make them better, it is no interference. They represent 200 million Nigerians and not any association or any individual. They carry our hopes and aspirations and as minister of sports of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it is my responsibility to ensure that the interest of Nigerians is protected…..”

        he has the powers to correct any shortcomings he discovers in any arm of the sector – did he correct any of the shortcomings leading to the global disgrace we have been put through at this olympics…? Did he correct the shortcomings leading to us not even qualifying is some sports…? Did he have anything as simple as a checklist of what was needs to be in place before TEAM NIGERIA went to Tokyo…? Was every requirement from IOC, World Athletics etc ticked on the checklist before we went to embarrass ourselves…?

        When we look at their operations to make them better, it is no interference – Have the operations of all sports bodies at this Olympics been made better than 2016, are we seeing any signs of anything was done better than it was done previously..?

        It is my responsibility to ensure that the interest of Nigerians is protected – Has Nigeria’s interests been protected so far or the interests of himself, his errand boys and other officials going by the complaints of 3 elite athletes Leon Balogun, Blessing Okagbare and Aruna Quadri…?

        But now its time to hold him accountable to the terms of his office, bunch of ignorant idiots jump to his defence. How many countries have their sports ministers in Tokyo…? But our own is there with an entourage of people who are of ZERO use or importance to the athletes including his handbag Dan Amokachi and Mr “Eye on Tokyo” junketing all over the place while the athletes are being mistreated left right and centre.

        Breeze don blow, we don see fowl yansh. We now know who should SHUT UP and stop TALKING TOO MUCH. And we will hold them by their thorat to the terms of their office too….LMAOOoo…..What goes around indeed comes around. BUNCH OF BLOODY HYPOCRITES…..they can see the lapses in Rohr’s job but have glaucoma when it comes to their own…..LMAOOooo

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    Sports Minister Should Resign!

    Ex-internationals Should Stop Talking!

    Chima Too Will Leave Your Sports Forum!

    After All This Happens Nigeria Go Better!


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