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Aisha Buhari Cup: Sports Minister Charges Super Falcons to Learn, Bounce Back from Loss to South Africa

Aisha Buhari Cup: Sports Minister Charges Super Falcons to Learn, Bounce Back from Loss to South Africa

Youth and Sports Development Minister Sunday Dare has challenged members of the Nigeria senior national Women’s football team- Super Falcons to learn from Tuesday’s loss to South Africa’s Bayana Bayana in the final game of the Aisha Buhari Cup and bounce back.

The Nigerians were outclassed by their opponents 4-2 in the final game of the inaugural edition of the invitational tournament against the expectations of many who had thronged the Mobolaji Johnson Arena, Onikan Stadium, Lagos to support them.


Dare told the Super Falcons after the game that they do not have to dwell too long on their disappointing loss.

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“I know you are all disappointed with this result. We all wanted a better result and performance but things like this happen in football.

“You have to raise your heads. Watch the game again and identify where you faltered, correct the mistakes then bounce back stronger. Learn from the loss.”

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The Sports Minister further encouraged the team to switch focus to their next assignment which is just a few weeks away.

“There is another opportunity around the corner. I am happy that we do not have any major injuries to any of you. So you can return to your clubs in good condition and be back for your next assignment in great shape.

“We will continue to appreciate and encourage you for your service to this country. We will always be a pillar of support for you,” Dare added.

The next competitive game for the Super Falcons will be against their tough rivals and neighbours, the Black Queens of Ghana who were also beaten by the South Africans 3-0 in one of their games at the just concluded invitational tournament.

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  • Bobby 1 year ago

    Shut up Minister. The great Zulu. Have Triumph again against chickens. Bayana are African best team now. Much money go into feed them to defeat all African nations.

    • When is Afcon starting? Oops, sorry, you couldn’t qualify again. Sit in front of your TV and watch Super Eagles win it. You can support us since Bafana players will also be watching on TV at home.

  • Bobby 1 year ago

    South Africa vision, is to destroy, other african nations .and we let you all crazy nations. know we are superior to you all put together. Fucking people

  • Dr Tee 1 year ago

    I can see that your mental health is under serious attack. You need help o. Well i doubt if you will ever be ok and if you will ever have sense. Idiot.

  • Bobby 1 year ago

    Nigeria players, are old and look like grannys.

  • Tunsak 1 year ago

    Please help me ask what has Bayana Bayana won, a mere invitational friendly. Typical of them, they will falter when it matters most. The Super Falcons should just learn from this and move on.

    • Bobby 1 year ago

      All africans always Jealous of my great South Africa. Come to Soweto and see lots of Nigeria drug dealers. You think? I lie?

  • Obest 1 year ago

    Bobby, you need some mental evaluation.Your Bafanana may not qualify for Afcon even. South Africa have not won any major competition in football.I will never travel to your country even if it’s for free. Ya all are haters.

    • Bobby 1 year ago

      You shouldn’t lie everyone want come to South Africa.

  • Monkey Post 1 year ago

    @Bobby you are damn right. Make we no lie o. Am a Nigerian and I(we) envy your country so much. Will jump on any opportunity to travel down there. Call a spade a spade my country is just operating on past glory. No longer the giant of Africa.

    • Bobby 1 year ago

      Truth this is not news anymore. Everyone know about Nigeria everywhere.

  • This boy @Bobby, have they injected you with soweto nyaope again that you’ve started running ragged naked in the streets even before the cock crows? Typical south africans, always jealous of Nigeria in everything sports and business competition, always panting like rabid puppies ready to jump and bark over small victories when their big brother wolf was just having fun.

    Run along and go and play cricket and body-slamming rugby with New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, India, Suriname, West Indies and other small countries that don’t matter in sports.

    Leave football to the masters, Nigeria, Ghana, Algeria, Senegal, Cote D’Ivore etc. Nobody blinks an eye or loses a heartbeat when playing South Africa in football (except cricket and rugby – you can continue to win that with the other only 6 nations who plays it in the world. Nobody cares about! It’s not a real sports!. It’s another form of wrestling without the ring).

    When the push comes to shove and the competition proper is here in football, whether in Lagos or your country, male or female, senior or junior, we will whoop your jealous, ranting ass like a cheeky, spoilt brat, like a lion swooping on a kitten, or an Eagle making a meal of a pidgeon. The AFCOn and AWCON will soon be here and you’ll soon cry us a river, howling and wailing like a chimpanzee in heat or mopping like a puppy which bone was taken when we make a mincemeat of your teams right there on your TV in front of you.

    Stick to Rugby. That’s where your talent is. Football, average. Ask FIFA who they think calls the shots when it comes to football. I’ve seen you a few times, huffing and puffing over friendly, meanigless matches here and guys going soft on you. I’m going to run you out of this place. Wating for you, nyaope bobby junior.

    • Bobby 1 year ago

      Kel, if you are strong. come to Soweto and talk to South Africa man like this.

      • Hahahaha. Bobby, if you are strong, come to Lagos and talk to Nigeria man like this.

        (Lol. Just mimicking your jibber-jabber. Does it even make sense to you?).

        Why don’t you come over to yarn all this dust on the streets of Lagos or Abuja? What makes you think I prefer soweto to Abuja or Lagos? Don’t you have respect? People pampering you here and you think you can go ballistic any time you want? 200 million people to 50 million population.

        Why is your pride inflated? Who is South Africa – just cos we have not maximised even 50% of our potentials? Otherwise, what is South Africa? Are you smarter, stronger and more prominent than the average Nigerian? Left to me, I’ll put you guys in your place, take over your corporations here through a board room coup or other sly moves – DSTV, MTN etc and empower indigenous ones to out-compete you, not just here but in the rest of Africa.

        And when you repeat all those your Xenophobia nonsense, I’ll issue a stern warning to your ambassador here and draw up measures to make your govt and people sit up and show respect to Nigerians and other Africans. We are not 200 million for nothing, it’s a strength we can use to muzzle you to submission – in terms of trade and your govt and people will behave!

        You guys have a bloated ego. Go and sit down, nyaope junior! You’re no bigger than a Zimbabwean or Zambian!

        • Bobby 1 year ago

          Shut up, we know how hungry you are to come here .your people are plenty here. And respect us .any nonsense we deal with.them all.i don’t want you to talk again now.

          • You think so highly of your little-minded, thuggish self and your small xenophobic country. We have the richest black people in the world and lots and lots of very comfortable people, living in the best neighbourhoods in Lagos, Abuja, and even in Johannesburg. You can’t rent a home where some Nigerians live in your country cos they’re richer than you in your own country!

            You’re only 50 million people. We are 200 million and 3 times more than your people. We colonise everywhere we go, including South Africa. Next time you try that xenophobic nonsense, we will send 50 million people from our 200 million to invade your country and colonise it as a satellite of Nigeria. We will still have 150 million to send more in case needed.

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  • Bobby 1 year ago

    Nigeria is a disgrace to Africa. Nigeria employ .white coach and lose to African coach. Shame on Nigeria.

    • Shame on South Africa! You’re a disgrace to Southern Africa. After we forced you to sack Baxter in 2019, you must have employed up to 4 other coaches and keep sacking them cos they all keep failing.

      Was it not small Sudan that knocked you out of Afcon 2021? Why don’t you employ a Nigerian to coach Bafana so he can teach you how to qualify for tournaments? We’ve had a few in your league like Keshi, Amodu, not try them for your national team too. Meanwhile, no South African has coached in Nigeria. That should tell you the difference in standard. nyaope bobby junior.

      • pompei 1 year ago

        Kel, Bobby na confirmed LOONY. His fellow South Africans are ashamed of him.
        After smoking or sniffing his narcs, he will come here to drop gibberish.
        He’s probably drunk out of his mind while typing the above. They probably just evicted him from a beer parlour, where he went to drink on credit.
        You can’t reason with insanity. For me, I just laugh at his foolishness.

    • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

      Who let this xenophobic monkey here lol??? A whole country ruled by whites and they can’t control their own shit. MAN shut the fuck up.

    • Omo9ja 1 year ago

      @Bobby, you need to apologize to Nigeria.

      You had a valid point but the way you presented it was very embarrassing.

      Instead of you to say, “NFF” is a disgrace to Africa. That means, you are sending your message to “NFF”, the Nigeria Football Federation.

      But you sent your anger/message to Nigeria as a nation meanwhile, Nigeria is not a disgrace to Africa point of correction.

      I hope Aisha Buhari and NFF are reading this today. They should be ashamed of themselves.

      However, I just said it in other trend. It is time to work so hard collectively with our ex players and our indigenous coaches.

      Algerian coach have shown the areas needed to be strengthen in Africa football but we ignored him.

      It is a huge disgraced indeed. We have Africans should wake up.

      Congratulations to Bayana Bayana of South Africa once again.

      God bless Africa/Nigeria!!!

      • Bobby 1 year ago

        This is the only reasonable truth coming from an African brother and not the other foolish Boko Haram people on this page

        • You re a bastard, you looking for attention bunch of fool

        • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

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      • Chris 1 year ago

        @Omo, you are a disgrace to this forum. After reading how @Kel single-handedly bites off the head of that South African Bobby trap you stoop too low to eat the shit he spits about your country (your only dear country).

        See why @Dr.Drey will always show your irrelevance when your opinion is pushed forward? You are even giving @Bobby tips on how to insult your country? WHO DOES THAT?

        You don’t know yet, but you will soon know how many followers you just lost by this single act of betrayal. Better change your name to @OmoSouthy… Rubbish!

  • pompei 1 year ago

    How come Bobby is so obsessed with the drug trade?
    The bloody idiot is their customer. He is hooked on narcs.
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  • The much vocal football loving sports minister is at it again. This time encouraging the Super Falcons to “man up” or perhaps “woman up” after allowing their South African counterparts steal their shine in the just concluded Aisha Cup.

    “You have to raise your heads. Watch the game again and identify where you faltered, correct the mistakes then bounce back stronger. Learn from the loss.” Said Minister Sunday Dare following the team’s dismal 4:2 loss to our bitter rivals (in a tournament we hosted Fa!).

    Under coach Randy Waldrum, The Super Falcons are yet to set the world of female football ablaze. In our last 5 games, we have lost 3, drawn 1 and won 1. In the process, we shipped in 10 painful goals while scoring 5.

    Are we making progress, stagnating or regressing?

    As unpalatable is recent results have been, they will pale in comparison if we fail to snatch the singular awfcon ticket on offer against Ghana in October qualifiers.

    According to Dr Drey (which has been proven time and again), the coach of our men’s team Gernot Rohr picks his moment to win matches. Under the German, we might falter in some friendlies but we are never quashed in qualifiers (always breezing through with – wait for it – games to spare 🙂 )

    I do hope and pray this proves to be the case for Randy Waldrum too!!!!

  • pompei 1 year ago

    “We will continue to appreciate and encourage you for your service to this country. We will always be a pillar of support for you,” Dare added.

    APPRECIATION AND ENCOURAGEMENT is not edible. It doesn’t pay bills.
    Paying salaries and bonuses on time is a great way to APPRECIATE AND ENCOURAGE players. No be for mouth only. Can Wazza Dazzler please mandate NFF ONIGBESE to pay any and all entitlements due to players in timely fashion?
    We can expect and even demand the very best from our players if their bonuses are paid timely.