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Aisha Buhari Tourney: Waldrum Relishes Return Of Oparanozie, Nnadozie, Okobi To Super Falcons

Aisha Buhari Tourney: Waldrum Relishes Return Of Oparanozie, Nnadozie, Okobi  To Super Falcons

Ahead of the team’s preparation for Aisha Buhari Invitation Tournament, Super Falcons coach, Randy Waldrum says he’s delighted to have the trio of Desire Oparanozie, Chiamaka Nnadozie, and Ngozi Okobi back in his team.

Recall that Oparanozie was dropped from the team for some unforeseen reasons while the duo of Chiamaka Nnadozie and Ngozi Okobi was absent due to club commitments during Falcons four-nation tournament in Turkey.

In a chat with Super Falcon’s media officer, Waldrum stated that the trio would have made lots of contributions to the team if they were with them in Turkey and against the United States In Texas.

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“The new players that just joined were fantastic. We have tried to get all three of them (Desire Oparanozie, Ngozi Okobi, and Chiamaka Nnadozie) for a while now. We haven’t been able to for some reason. We can see the successes they had and now seeing them, one can see the qualities they possess.”

“I wished we had them in Texas against the US but it allowed us to see some younger players. Adding those veteran players that have got leadership qualities on the field can’t be replaced. They have been a great addition.” Says Coach Waldrum.

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  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    CSN, are you part of the Nigeria problem or you are working for the carbal government Buhari.

    Why you didn’t report the incident that occurred between the Falcons and the innocent man that fighting for our right in Australia?

    The video went viral and you can’t denied that you didn’t see or heard about the video.

    Oparanozie that were chasing out of the team was fighting for her right and the entire team but our oppressors didn’t like that but they kicked her out of the team intentionally.

    Let’s joint hands together to kick out Buhari out of the government.

    The level of insecurity in Nigeria is very high.

    You can’t get a job if you don’t know people.

    No freedom and if you talk, you will be arrested.

    Naira has no value anymore. Nigerians can not eat 3 meals a day.

    The minimum wage is too small.

    What is the purpose of Aisha Buhari Six nations tournament when Nigeria is facing too many challenges?

    Falcons is playing in Lagos Nigeria why are they camping Falcons in Australia?

    Buhari blood sucker and his wife wasting Nigeria money just any how while Nigerians are hungry and unhappy.

    Come on Nigerians. Enough of this now.

    Nobody can help us in this situation but ourselves.

    Buhari, Aisha, Amaju Pinnick and the entire NFF members should be ashamed of themselves for hosting a tournament in this kind of situation.

    They are evils. This is the next level of president Buhari. Sai Buhari, Sai baba. What a shame.

    We have young vibrant people to govern us but we opted for the old people that should be at home watching TV?

    Our oppressors have turning our youth to something else to the extent that they don’t know their right anymore. The youth that should be serving our beloved country are the one working for these blood sucker government.

    Nothing wrong if the country is peaceful and Mr. Buhari is doing well while his wife decided to host football tournament but at this time around, I don’t think is logical to do something like this because baba Buhari have failed.

    I will keep telling you all the truth. The video I saw yesterday was very embarrassing, shameful and unbearable if to say our government is responsible but I don’t think they are.

    Hmmm. Fellow Nigerians, it is time to act fast and make Nigeria a better place to live. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • @omo9ja this is indeed an immature comment. You always produced that Everytime anyway. If you don’t blike Buhari, you can go to pdp or apc or national assembly. If you want tonkick Buhari out go to Abuja tondo that. Stop spoiling your fun here with nonesens post. I come here to relax band enjoy myself not the nonsense you just posted. Pardon me if I have used wrongs words. It’s because you just spoiled the evening for me.

  • Chris 3 years ago

    If only OmoNaija will not be in a hurry to comment…. He will learn one or two things to add to his love for Naija.

    Thank you, Kel for pointing out the Needle in a hay sack here. It was a pure security loophole and the terrorist capitalized on it.

    This shows us that The Super Eagles are more secured than the Super Falcons. (See the gender Issue?)

    The NFF board needs to apologize to our sisters, mothers, and all women for this obvious neglect.

    What people should know is that everyone has his or her choice to either support or not the government in power… e no be by force oh

  • Kiliwi 3 years ago

    @kel I completely agree with your position about the man who harassed the girls in Austria.

    But I completely disagree with your position about the Lekki Toll Gate incidence. You are confusing symptom for cause of a problem.

    The protest and the resulting carnage was a symptom of dysfunctional system caused by bad governance. So don’t tag the protest as the cause of the carnage that followed.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    The Super Falcon’s security needs to be beefed up. How did the man get within touching distance of the players? That is totally unacceptable! I’m glad the man was not armed. It could have been disastrous.

    • Chris 3 years ago

      @Omo9ja did not see the security breach you are talking about oh… Posting his anger in the wrong direction will not amount to having human feelings.

      Simply put, If omo9ja has his wife or daughter in that bus with that terrorist disguised as a tourist pointing curse words on her, will his first point of argument anger be to the men in Aso Rock or directed to the danger before his loved ones.

      Think before you post… Imagine the unity that will befall this country if our SUPER FALCONS WINS THE NEXT WOMEN WORLD CUP…. and you are here supporting a violent attack on harmless women.

      • Omo9ja 3 years ago

        @Chris, Security breach ba? Do you think our government know the name “Security breach” if yes, they shouldn’t have bn kidnapping people and sucking blood like pure water.

        I am not angry with no one here but my points are simple and straightforward.

        You are more concerned about the safety of the Falcons that NFF neglected for no reasons while you keep ignoring the safety of our people, your own people in the Country called Nigeria?

        Why using a public bus for the female national team? The system is faulty I hope you see that.

        Let’s think out of the box a minute.

        God forbid. Would be thinking of winning the next Afcon if you were among those that lost their lives during the EndSars protest?

        Why are we so selfish in this country like this kę?

        I can’t believe what am reading here.

        This is what NFF/Government are trying to achieve.

        They are shifting our attentions to football when things are not going well rather than doing the needful things.

        I will like to stop here because Nigerians prefer deceiving themselves but only the one percent doesn’t.

        It is well. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • OKPONKU 3 years ago

          Point of corrections here, The Team was in a local Public Train not a bus, when that incident happened. So think before you comment. One thing that i know is that anyone that support or aides bad thing shall ever recieve it in one way or the other back. Just like the comments of the coach above, the Team had an effect on the absence of Oparanozie etc during their last 2 tournaments because the corrupt Management diligently refused to invite the trio.

          • Chris 3 years ago

            @Omo9ja over to you. Supporting a violent attack by an unknown (gunless) man on harmless women, wives, daughters, sisters on a public train is very heartless.

            You are just mirroring what the men in power are doing.

            You should SAVE LIVES first before you throw your anger on the system that may have caused such embarrassment.

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Hehehehe…as Nigeria matter take pain omo9ja reach, one would have expected his to have stopped eating food and quit going to work since the lekki massacre in protest against bad governance…but He still dey chop 4 times a day, still dey go work, but expects other people to stop eating and down tools for him….LMAO. One moment it was SE that should boycott matches, now it is Super falcons, yet he will come here to run analysis after each of their games…LMAOoo. Confused man.
            Even in war-torn countries, their national teams still come together to play, because they know they are not playing for the government, but for the millions of the suffering citizens of the country. Football in times past have been used to send strong messages across to governments, football has been used to prevent or end wars. The falcons hardly have opportunities to camp together, now they have one, but one selfish illiterate wants them to boycott it as if Nigeria is the only nation in the world going through internal crisis.

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    Really @Kel? I said this immediately I read the news on CSN that the first Lady shouldn’t be hosting any tournament this time around.

    Her actions showed that she doesn’t care about the citizens.

    Is this the right time to host football event in Nigeria?

    However, the ladies were harassed due to the fact that they are representing
    Nigerian government this time around not Nigerians because the tournament is not official by CAF and the Nigerian government are using football to cover their atrocities.

    Don’t tell me that the ladies are not representing Buhari but they are representing Nigeria this time around.

    Who is Buhari? Is he not a Nigerian? If no then, we should have a rethink.

    You were talking about the protest in Lagos. Hmmm. You fall my hands Kel.

    You should have known better. Those that were killed during the protest were fighting for you and I but Nigerians doesn’t care.

    We believe we can manage with the situation of things as long as we still alive.

    Is that a normal life? We have to be sincere with ourselves. The ladies should have turning their backs to the Nigerian government because the carbals are killing their people.

    If Aisha Buhari’s son or daughter were among those that have bn killed in that protest, I am pretty sure that she won’t be here talking about hosting any tournament.

    I am sorry to those ladies because they are doing their job but unfortunately, something like this happens to them because of our government.

    The guy that did this also a human being like you and everyone of us. You had his statement and all he said was true.

    We are all in this together Kel. So many Nigerians are in pain every day.

    If this is the only way to get the attentions of our government then we have to make the move.

    I love football so much but the situations in Nigeria is beyond football Kel.

    Watch out for Lagosians when the tournament kicks off. They will disgrace Aisha Buhari and her people in Lagos.

    We can’t blame the man for his actions that much but let’s put the blame on our government. Truth is bitter. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Thank you @kel. Thank you. @Omo9a you should always do some thinking before you post. Keep your dirty politics out if this place.

    • Omo9ja 3 years ago

      If truly you are a good citizen and a good Christian, you should have a rethink before jumping into the conversation like this kę.

      I guess you are working for blood sucker government. Isn’t it?

      According to your name, you should be well aware of the Nigerian government.

      Since our oppressors using politics to cajole the citizens, I am deeply sorry, I can only use the only language they understand to communicate with them.

      So, my dear Christian Ministries Nigeria, are you for God or for blood sucker government?
      I would like to hear from you once again.

      Just think about it. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • If super falcon qualified for Olympic football event, all these would not have happened, still blame NFF with their politics esp,the team former captain.

  • GLORY 3 years ago

    So ridiculously absurd to hear People ala some nigerians speak so vaguely that Nigeria’s problem is Buhari. You only need to spend few hours with such persons to see same Buhari in them at their best moral state, while at their low ebb morally, see an Abacha. Almost all Holy scriptures makes us to understand that leaders are a reflection of the people.
    If these lots that are constantly directing such diatribes to Buhari can understand that what the scriptures says is not any different from what democracy says, then they will know that a constituent entity is not about an individual but a system. Jonathan who many thought would bring a change failed, with his wife busying herself in same wantom embezzlement of public funds, stashing money in almost every foreign accounts, getting utterly arrogant to almost everyone, even logically usurping the position of the president. Did that surprise me? Not at all. Why because I always understand this to be a reflection of the vast majority of nigerians mindset. Nigeria situation is like a man buying a mirror (leader) looked himself in the mirror(image), saw strange ugly marks( corruption, ritual killings, greed, insecurity etc) and gets angry(complains) and destroyed(vote out,riot, kick out)the mirror. Went, got(campaign, bring in) another beautiful mirror, praised it to high heavens; looked himself in the mirror and yet saw the strange ugly marks. He got angry again and destroyed and went about looking for another mirror; where all he need do, is to get rid of the ugly marks on his face first, just so he can get good image reflection and be happy. Nigeria’s problems lies within 80% of nigerians. Remember democracy is founded on numerical strength. When the majority say even about 60% percent starts to have an incorruptible view/understanding of life, then automatically, that will translate unto the kind of leadership we crave for; otherwise anyone promising any good leadership now is only lying, waiting again to use the masses to satisfy his or her greed. On the last supper, Jesus Christ said to the disciples, that one of them was going to betray him. Every of the disciple started asking ” Is it I?”. Is it I? Just how to deal with life in relation to others;don’t quick to blame him or her but scrutinized yourself first before pointing accusing fingers.

  • kenneth 3 years ago

    What stupid massacre are you guys talking about again. Have anyone of you seen mass bodies to support this fake news. Even your so called DJ switch as yet to produce video to back up her claims. Even the so called dead body she carried. We are fond of propagating fake news, until they produce bodies to back up the claim, i strongly advise to stay away from such topic. By now the world court should have charged the government with killings. But nothing. Please lets leave the man alone. he was just expressing himself, and he was in no way a threat to the ladies, you could all clearly hear him say if he was attacked by anyone, he will get them arrested. So please lets stop all this fake stories about he was a gunless terrorist. The shame should go to the NFF for letting the team on a public train or bus. They will never make such preparation if it were to be the Super Eagles.

    Why that parrot dr dry no come save them, abi you no dey austria again, abi na sambissa dem deport you go.

  • Larry 3 years ago

    The press are the major culprit in the current challenges in Nigeria. Why is it taking so long for CS to report the attack on the girls.
    I find it difficult to believe that the nff could expose the national team to such danger. Are they telling us that they could not provide private transportation?
    This matter needs to be fully investigated because it could have been worse.
    For many reasons, the second term of this current nff could go down as one of the worst in history. Unlike in the past, participation in major competition is not existing:
    Chan:No, U-20:No, Olympic:No, ..
    Current nff can’t pay the coaches and provide basic needs but they are busy picnicking across the globe.

    The finances and activities of current nff need to properly investigated.

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