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Aiyegbeni: Rohr, Some Super Eagles Players Not Good Enough

Aiyegbeni: Rohr, Some Super Eagles Players Not Good Enough

Former Nigeria international Yakubu Aiyegbeni has launched a scathing attack on Gernot Rohr and some Super Eagles labelling them not good enough.

Aiyegbeni stated this after the Eagles’ double-header against the Leone Stars of Sierra Leone in the 2021 AFCON qualifiers.

The Eagles secured just two points out of a possible six points against the Leone Stars.

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After surrendering a four-goal lead in the first-leg in Benin City, they were held to a goalless draw in Freetown on Tuesday.

And reflecting on the games Aiyegbeni believes it is time to relieve Rohr of his position as Eagles coach.

“The coach is not good enough, let him go,” the former Everton striker said in a phone interview with Lagos Talks.

“Some of the boys are not good enough, I don’t know where they are bringing them from. Who is inviting these players?

“Our football is getting worse every day. When I was there, people criticise us, but we’re way better than these ones.

“The coach is not good enough, no clue. Gernot Rohr is one of the worst coaches in our history. He is not good enough.”

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  • See who is talking. You also lacked ideas when you were playing. The reason why you never won any silverware with Nigeria. The you made your points showed how clueless you are too. Yes rohr is not good enough but not the way you made your points.

    • Presh 9 months ago

      I agree with you. Many people here are angry due to the bet they lost. But not facing constructive reality. 

  • Oakfield 9 months ago

    Lol….. Even this one get mouth to talk. You that has the record of the greatest miss in football history has the effontry to judge others as not being good???? Chai. You said your set were better than the crop of eagles we have now. Shoooo!??? Have u forgotten that it was during your own time that every family had calculators and high bp pills stock piled in cupboards just in case?? Did your set (when they eventually qualified for ordinary afcon) do that with games to spare as it is being experienced now??? You are just a shameless dude. I never knew you’d have the face to come and start judging other people’s performances after you were responsible for sending lots of people to their early graves at the world cup against south Korea. Don’t tbink we have forgotten so easily. It is only in nigeria that you see monumental failures come and criticize others who are even doing better than they did or even occupy positions that they don’t deserve. Square pegs everywhere. I only blame rohr for all this nonsense. If he had stuck with his guns, all these good for nothing idiots would have the room to spew garbage. Imagine!? Person wey dem chase from the national team even get mouth to talk. Chai, wonders shall never end ooo.

    • pompei 9 months ago

      Hehehehe, Oakfield, to think I was actually defending the guy on this forum some time ago when fans were yabbing him for the greatest miss in world cup history! I regret defending him that day!
      It was their set that originated the expression SUPER CHICKEN. He has forgotten the heartache and disappointment their set caused Nigerians. Failure to qualify for 2006 world cup, losing out to a hitherto unknown Angola. Then putting Nigerians thru heart attack football, before they managed to scrape into the 2010 world cup.
      Now he has mouth to talk. Wonders indeed shall never end!

      • Oakfield 9 months ago

        I’m speechless @ pompei. In fact, that guy no get shame. In fact, the garbage he and his left was left smelling until rohr came around. Shameless idiot like him.

  • lanre 9 months ago

    ahhh time is truly a healer……so Mr worse miss in the history of world cup can come out to say a coach nd his players are bad,anyway your worst miss cost lass lagerbach to lose his job in 2010……what a country

  • JimmyBall 9 months ago

    Make una free Aiyegbeni… The jury is out for Rohr. We have seen the best of Coach Rohr. Let him just accept one of those offers from other numerous African countries who have been pursuing him… Rohr sorry, but we are just fed up with drab results.

  • Awww see the person that missed an open goal that my grandma would av scored talking?

  • Ayegbeni u are still going to pay my lost bet on eagle/ Korea. My lawyers are filing the case at the supreme Court.

  • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

    Hahahahaha….this guy just wants to ridicule himself….LMAO

  • lanre 9 months ago

    rohr will see out his contrac,you people should stop your undue celebrations nd jubilation over AN EXPRESSION OF INTEREST that can not go past some powers that be who are satisfied with the coach’s achievements

  • Yakubu see what u cause for your self….
    Even if na persin send u,,, u for just tell the pesin make e come by himself come talkam…..

    Those players would be laughing at u now….

  • JimmyBall 9 months ago

    Rohr… See you on your way to Germany and never to return. Please take one of those your pending offers… We want Amuneke/Manu… thanks for the rigid football. Hahaha… Gernot Rigid Rohr!

    • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

      Hahahahaha….he is rigid because he refused to be conned into inviting a mediocre striker from Egypt who cannot even guarantee 15 goals per season even as a regular starter in 5 seasons in ordinary north africa……LMAO. Gernot Rohr has rendered so many people hungry in this last 4 years, that is why they will not stop at anything to get rid of him so that business can start booming once again….LMAO

  • pompei 9 months ago

    Person wey miss open net sef get mouth to yarn!
    The Yak knows what a challenge it is to be a national team player for Nigeria, a country that demands the best from the coach and players, but won’t invest in them. Ordinary stadium to play match we no get! The only stadium that comes close to standard is Uyo, but I’ve not seen that one in a while. Who knows, perhaps they have allowed that one too to dilapidate!
    The Yak knows all the problems Nigeria coaches and players face. Yes, we all are angry with Rohr and co, but there are serious underlying issues to be addressed! Instead of using his mouth to unite and motivate the team, the Yak chose the path of division and disharmony.

  • Yakubu no get shame at all, foolish guy a female coper fainted when this idiot missed that glorious chance in katsina state his here running is stinking mouth god punish you.

  • Ben T 9 months ago

    U guyz should pls stop attacking d YAK, his records speaks for himself! dis is a footballer who has achived alot 4 himself and has score more dan enough goals. He is nt d only footballer dat has missed a sitter and secondly he is entitled to his opinion. Wel as 4 Gernot rohr, he has done his best 4 supereagles in d past 4yrs+ though criticism is expected wen ur nt getting it ryt! d only way am faulting him is its tactics. Tactically Gernot rohr is nt doing wel!

  • Am not one of his fans when he was playing but I will agree with him. Tank you yakubu you have spoken like a true nigerian. Is time for nff to sack Gr.he is not a coach. Super eagles is too big for him to handle. a club like enyimba will never employ rohr as a coah. He is a disgrace to nigeria football. Rohr–bish.

    • NFF do not have the capacity to sack the coach am afraid, it looks like we are stock with til the end of his contract

  • daniel 9 months ago

    If NFF should sack Rohr, tell them dont bring black coach because our players will not respect him and African coaches chose players by tribe, NFF should look for world class coach from Brazil, Itali, spain, France, Germany or even England if they will agree to come because our NFF don fuck soo many coaches up. we need young coach, a midfielder or striker in his playing days.

    • Imnas 8 months ago

      Let’s get a black coach who preferably is Nigerian.Our players might disrespect him but the nff should compel them.. maybe by having them sign code of conduct.Discipline is key.They are professionals so you must respect your coach.If you feel too big to respect the man we collectively give the job,then you are not fit to play for us.The coach must also be above board and not pancer to all these petty matter of favouritism, tribalism etc.
      Black coach understand our mentality,our aspiration as a people, he’ll live here and study the local talents and give them chance to shine.Look all the top 10 teams in the FIFA ranking or even the last afcon.They all have local coaches.Of course local can fail we should give them chance as we give these oyinbos.infact let’s make it a policy, strictly home coaches.Before we know we’d even start exporting and earn foreign exchange.more local stars would be unearthed.This oyinbos are killing our raw home talents but promotes Europe stars thereby supporting their economy.

      • Dr Drey 8 months ago

        After 2010 WC NFF and sports ministry said no more foreign coach. 6 years later we had missed 3 afcons, normally top 2 teams in each group qualify for AFCON, it was that bad….our vice captain during that period couldn’t even earn a successful transfer to lowly Birmingham city. It was the same NFF that ditched the useless policy and went foreign and the story has changed since then. Infact we have now gotten so used to winning games now that a 30% win ratio combination of coaches is looking to some racists (and people whose CGPA in school was computed with only the results of their worst semester) like a beautiful better replacement for a 56% win ratio coach. You cant force or command anybody to respect anybody…respect is earned.

        • Imnas 8 months ago

          Still on the matter the nature of the person to get the SE job, apart from his technical abilities we should also make it a matter of policy to give it to fellow Nigerian who has lived a significant proportion of their life here.Coaching is somehow tied to culture, and with many elements of psychology.A fellow Nigerian would easily galvanize our boys to victory invoking,apart from technical abilities, familiar can-do spirits familiar with our boys.They unify in one soul,one mission in battles.They have same wavelength of determination to conquer odds, dispelling lethargy in whatever forms.It worked for belmadi,worked for keshi,Cisse, Senegal coach missed the last afcon title only by whiskers.On the global stage, virtually all the big teams has got home coaches, starting with WC winner France,deschamps, Southgate for England, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina and other leading teams have only indigenous coaches.So as black people, moreso, the most reputable, arguably, black country in the world,we should set this example, believing in ourselves,skin color, encouraging one of us,only then shall we truly discover our potential and by extension our hidden gems.

  • Lol! The Yak? OK o!
    Firstly I’ll like to say kudos to Akpoguma if he’s one of those players you are refering to.
    I’m sure Benin stadium will be the worst Stadium the guy first played his football under hot weather so, any realistic person will know that it must surely affect his game and me and you know that he played better in sierra leone on a worse pitch..that shows he’s improving/Blending and by the tym he blends, he’ll be like Balogun as Balogun also started as a right back for us.thanks again for chosen to be an Eagle.
    Respect also goes to Balogun as he’s the least player I expected to come out of that bad pitch in sierra Leone unscratched. He survived that 90mins without injury..thank you very much our defense General.
    Then Shehu!..hmm some better coaches wey sabi work more than Rohr first questioned his call up over Nwakali.
    The guy came in for Etebo and did the job well. Thanks shehu.
    Aina has always been my best side back the one with many attacks/assists for eagles..congrats on getting back to the first team.
    And to you yakubu.. I have just one Advice for you…..

  • Larry 9 months ago

    Thank you ” The Yak ”
    Don’t mind the progressive regressive, your records as top scorer is never in doubt..Highest number of goals scored by a Nigerian in PL, Leading scorer for SE in the past 2 decades..
    They will continue to attack everyone that criticizes World class GR aka Belmadi’s boy. Since they have no reason to justify his abysmal records in recent time..
    They will keep referring to past performance of GR like no other coaches have done before..
    ANC ,,Keshi won the Nation’s cup and took SE to the second round of the WC in his first attempt.
    WC: Amodu took over a sinking SE and twice qualified for the WC.
    Fifa Ranking ; Under Amodu, we were ranked among the top ten in the world..

    The same sets of people were creating numerous falsehood about GR being the best coach. Best coaches attract interest from top teams, best coaches don’t go low on contract renewal, great coaches are bold not timid.. If GR tecord is that good and can get better offer elsewhere, he will be bold enough to call the bluffs of the nff and sport minister.
    It was clear from the beginning that the nff and sport ministry doubted his ability, the same reasons why his inotial contract was allowed to expire, the same reason why his contract value got reduced and conditions got inserted.
    The progressives highlighted GR’s deficiencies hoping that he would improve.
    After the renewal of the contract, GR has not disappointed some US who saw it coming..

    After record renewal, the records don’t lie..

    Against 83rd ranked Benin; struggled to win by 2:1

    Against 137th ranked Lesotho; won comfortably away by 4:2

    Against 29th ranked Algeria (SE was ranked higher before the match ); taught technical football lesson by Belmadi and lost 0:1

    Against 26th ranked Tunisia; unimpressive draw 1:1

    Against 120th ranked Sierra leone; New record, miracle of Benin, 4:4, 0:0

    Played 6: won 2 (83rd & 137th ranked) drawn 3 (26th and 120th ranked), lost 1 (29th ranked).

    Good riddance..

    • Edoman 9 months ago

      @Larri You said it all for me. Thank you mate. None of these folks talking bad of our Edo son Yakubu, have contributed as much as this illustrious Nigerian as Yak have done for himself and his Country. Some bad mouthed folks wants to denied him his fundamental human rights to express himself in a game he played at the highest level in Isreal, England and above all, for his Nation. If Yak missed a goal, so what ?, tell us who have never miss a goal, a paneity, then l will tell you that player have never played the game at the highest level. You all have a right to disagree with his views on weather to retain your idol coach or fire the the fake coach that is taken you all for a ride on his way to the Bank. That is your choice. But you are basically wrong to distort, abuse Yakubu for what he has done for himself and for the Nation. Yak is Edo son, his investments is noted and still standing in Benin City to date. Your preferred Rohr is a foreigner of a European decent. If he loves you so much and not the huge money he milking every week and every month from Nigeria, he would take the advantage to become one of you by simply marrying a woman. Yet, here you are beating our own Edo son like you are beating a drum and beating your chest doing so. if our hon. minister fires your Rohr, he goes home laughing with his suitcase full of your beautiful
      Naira. Love your own. Yakubu is your own. Rohr is not and he will never be. He must be fired for his incompetence.

      • Larry 9 months ago

        You are welcome @ Edoman,
        Don’t mind the cry cy babies, they think they can bully everyone. We will continue to take them on with facts without insult.
        I am not from edo but facts don’t lie..Edo remains the highest contributors of talent to not only soccer but sports in general in Nigeria.
        I repeat, No state in Nigeria possibly in Africa can match the number of talents contributed to sports by Edo State..
        Strategically, I mentioned the records of notable Edo greats like Yak, the big boss (RIP), Amodu (RIP).
        Facts; Edo greats; Keshi & Amodu have better records than their World class GR aka Belmadi’s chick..

        • Collins id 9 months ago

          @Larry and Edoman let me add to your beautiful thoughts, Edo is the only state in Nigeria that have produced the highest number of progressive Super eagles players in the entire country apart from amodu and keshi who are edolites remains the best coach’s of our history. I don’t know where that cursed Dr fool. low life internet addict came from, he should come and see so called cursed Edo vs the remaining 36 state of Nigeria

          Edo national team products
          aiyegbeni, aghahuwa, odemwingie, ighalo, v osihmen, v moses, Thomson oliha, efe ambroos, uwa echiejile, nosa igiebor, ben iroha, Austin eguavon, agbonavbahire, B bazuaye, Friday elahor, akpokor, if you add her sister delta state( old bendel) oruma, okocha, oliseh, obodo, ikpeba Etebo etc ebuehi and ehizibue the names are too many. the so called cursed land will not stop producing national heroes make Dr fool come and list his state contributions in our history. Dr cursed internet addict, have you ever seen any Edo man begs for a living in that entire country? do you know anypart of that country apart from Edo herself where Edo people are crowded helplessly? the ants in Edo are well fed than Dr drey

          • Omo9ja 9 months ago

            People are coming out to point out loopholes in Oga Rohr’s team and this doesn’t help the situation.

            Instead of his fans to tell the world class coach the truth, they are getting everything twisted.

            They will soon call Yakubu enemy of progress.

            They also said I hate the gaffer forgetting that I’m saying the truth and I put Nigeria first not the coach.

            It was sports minister yesterday and today it is Yakubu.

            “The coach is not good enough, let him go,” the former Everton striker said in a phone interview with Lagos Talks.

            “Some of the boys are not good enough, I don’t know where they are bringing them from. Who is inviting these players?

            “Our football is getting worse every day. When I was there, people criticise us, but we’re way better than these ones.

            “The coach is not good enough, no clue. Gernot Rohr is one of the worst coaches in our history. He is not good enough.”

            “The coach is not good enough, let him go,” the former Everton striker said in a phone interview with Lagos Talks.

            “Some of the boys are not good enough, I don’t know where they are bringing them from. Who is inviting these players?

            “Our football is getting worse every day. When I was there, people criticise us, but we’re way better than these ones.

            “The coach is not good enough, no clue. Gernot Rohr is one of the worst coaches in our history. He is not good enough.”

            How market our people?

            Oga Rohr fans should come out in numbers to defend the gaffer.

            If I hate the gaffer, how about Mr. Ódęgbami, sports minister and now Yakubu?

            We don’t hate anybody but we passionate about .football

            I’m sorry they can’t deceive us no more. We need action period. God bless Nigeria!!!

          • pompei 9 months ago

            Edo is a big part of Nigeria. The ancient Benin Kingdom was a Yoruba kingdom.
            Many of the players you mentioned here are Delta, not Edo.
            Nobody is attacking Benin people or minimizing the importance of Benin in Nigeria.
            What we are saying is that an important match was played at Ogbe stadium on 11/13/2020, and on that date, the pitch was sub standard, not fit for a match of such magnitude.
            In future, quality should be the major parameter for pitch selection. Not “whose turn it is”, or quota system. By choosing a good pitch, we are actually helping our boys, who we know perform their best on good surfaces. I don’t give a damn where the pitch is located. If the Edo govt revamps Ogbe stadium and it becomes as good as Old Trafford, you will see me here canvassing for matches to be played at Ogbe stadium. I will be fighting for Ogbe stadium even harder than you! I promise you that!
            So once again, this has nothing to do with insulting or looking down on Benin and her people. This is 100% about pitch quality.

      • edoman see you now yakubu owen na mistake but roha na still mistake from 4 zero to 4-4

    • Mozambique 0 vs Nigeria 0
      Tunisia 0 vs 0 Nigeria
      Nigeria 1 vs 0 Mozambique 90th goal from nsofor in Abuja
      Nigeria 2 vs 2 Tunisia Abuja
      in Kenya Nigeria won 3-2 we robbed them there own back house yakubu goal eas offside you know.road to 2010 world cup qualifier
      Larry stop spreading lies,this team didn’t come near 10th in the world under amodu or i you saying 10th Africa?

      • Collins id 8 months ago

        @pompei, don’t say things you are not sure about, Benin kingdom is not a Yoruba kingdom, the players I mentioned are 9 percent Edos, and the ogbe stadium pitch is a perfect pitch even for a uefa champions league match. stop embarrassing your selves with stupid excuses, tell me one part of the game where the pitch stopped any player from doing the right thing. delta state gave us a nice stadium(Stephen keshi stadium) u guys still complained. you defeated sychelis 3 1 there and also defeated Egypt 1 0 these opponents didn’t complained about the size or the standard of the pitch but when you drew Zimbabwe and Uganda all of a sudden the field becomes your problem and the choice becomes political. you guys think you are talking to kids here! I am sorry we are men and we hit the nail on the head. Rohr is simply not good enough

        • pompei 8 months ago

          Collins ID, looks like you need to brush up on your history. Benin Kingdom was a Yoruba kingdom in the past. Fact.
          A good number of the players you mentioned are from Delta, not Edo. Fact.
          On 11/13/2020, the pitch at Ogbe stadium was not in good condition for a match of that magnitude. Maybe it was good when last Fifa inspected it, but on this date, it was not good. I get am before no be property.
          You say I should stop embarrassing myself with stupid excuses. It is obvious that when you feel strongly about an issue, instead of using facts and sound reasoning to get your argument across, you resort to insults. As if insults will overpower your opponent. Hahahahaha! You can insult me all you want. I won’t trade insults with you this time around. But my position has not shifted an inch. I still maintain that the Ogbe stadium pitch was poor, and if we had played that match on a good pitch like the SA pitches, our boys would have felt much more at home!

    • maxi ceelaw 9 months ago

      Gernot rohr is a dumb coach…let him go abeg. Repetition calls for emphasis.
      Technically he’s good, tactically, he’s not.

      • Adewuyi Olaosenikan 9 months ago

        Is it true that Gernot Rohr is Belmadi’s Boy?

  • Abdul 9 months ago

    I have always supported Rohr, and i still do, but to be honest, Rohr himself invited all these attacks, and he should sit back and suck them all in. If he had won that match in Benin, all these people wouldn’t have come for his head for those friendlies and the freetown result.

    On Yak’s comment, well, he is a Nigerian like every other Nigerian and he has every right to think the way he does. And i definitely don’t see the reason why people have to call him out for that miss in Korea every time he makes a comment. All these top strikers have missed so many goals of such nature (if you haven’t seen, i have). And if you look at his record, Yak had a great career for both national teams and clubs with handful of goals, and he was one of Nigeria’s best export in europe during his playing days. It’s not like his opinion decides the fate of Rohr, that should solely lie with the NFF (i hope so).

  • abayomi alale 9 months ago

    my fellow Nigerian ,dare the sport minister or what ever yakubu his name is ,sometimes my my Nigerian people just talk,without looking at the outcomes. which coach want to come to Nigeria?which coach you want to bring now ,and which Nigeria coach do you have that have the caliber of keshi and amodu, the nearest perosn is siasia and no body or dare sport mnister or nfa chairman ready to pay is court fees to clear is name ,and olishe run away and and some people dont want egauavon and anunike need to try under 21 or under 23 forget about yobo he need to go back to europe and get his licence and if you let roah go you still have to pay him the remaining contract for 2 years .leave him let him plays all the qualifiers especially world cup qualifier and see if he dont qualify .and he know all this present team he just need to stick with 70% of majority of nation cup 2019 squad.

  • Omo9ja 9 months ago

    People are coming out to point out the loopholes in Oga Rohr’s team and his doesn’t help the situation.

    Instead of them to tell the world class coach the truth, they are getting everything twisted.

    They soon tell Yakubu now is a enemy of progress.

    They also said I hate the gaffer forgetting that I’m saying the truth and I put Nigeria first nit the coach.

    I’m sorry they can’t deceive us no more. We need action period. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Marvelous 9 months ago

      Pls who and who sees my comment. I want to be sure am seen here. Please refer to me.

  • Chima E Samuels 9 months ago

    People with Average thinking like Drey and his Cohorts are the main reason Nigeria will remain below average because I find it strange that your kinds do not have a vision called growth. If Rohr of yesterday was doing well and Rohr of today is failing why not move onto the next level of growth instead of dwelling on his past glory.

    Better people comot leave here because of your kinds flooding here with low reasoning and celebrating mediocrity. Even matches that was played in sorry stadiums those days of Sudan and etcetera we still overcame but today you are giving an excuse because of your shameless loyalty to a man who can not win in his home.

    Continue fooling one day God will raise an administration that will do the needful instead of accommodating an unfit cadet to lead a great nation.

    • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

      Hehehehehe…your SE was above average in 2016 LMAO…..your football was growing, that was why Paul le Guen dumped your damn asses after your guadiolas failed woefully. As “poor” as the SE is today….it is still in a far better state than it was in 2016….infact Nigerians in 2016 would have wished we were in the same state we are in today. If top of the table places could be bought we would have bought our ways to the top back then….LMAO.

      The last time I checked, better people with sound minds are every present here and exchanging ideas with reason. It is an arrogant nincompoop like you who overrates himself that left thinking anyone will miss you or beg you to come back. As nobody beg you na you dey waka kurukere they look for how you go come back come belong….LMAO

    • Bomboy 9 months ago

      God bless you Chima E. Samuels.

      Although I advice that next time you shouldn’t mention anyone’s name in order to avoid a fight.

      You made a great point. I wish the so called fans of Rohr would show more loyalty to the SE than to their idol of a coach.

      Yes, the man has done a great job, but HE HAS REACHED HIS PEAK. In fact, the last AFCON was his peak.

      We need a more ambitious and technically sound coach to take over from here.

      • Chima E Samuels 9 months ago

        Baba you no go understand this guy no get shame. He is just making a fool of himself, he thinks this is play ground for debates. E pain me say Omo9ja write up na him dey give them mind dey yarn dust.

        Edoman from New Jersey self don realize the truth and admit it that the whole system is messed up. But this talkative no wan align with the truth instead he is always on the internet looking for who to debate with like say them dey pay am for all this noise making.

        Now let him tell us the Statics of Rohr this year or are we living in past glory? The year is almost over self what is our win ratio for the year 2020 Nigeria Super Eagles of Rohr????

  • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

    NFF SACK ROHR NOW and get us a BETTER perfect replacement who MUST qualify for Qatar 2022 WITHOUT DROPPING A SINGLE POINT and MUST win 2021 AFCON. Period…!

    • Chima E Samuels 9 months ago

      Can you beat your chest that Rohr will win the next Afcon? Mr stats what is the statistics of Rohr in the year 2020? The fact that I don’t argue with you doesn’t mean I don’t have answers to your low reasoning. I just got to understand that what is excellent for you is below average for me. You can continue celebrating a life of E8 but a great mind will never take C4 as an excellent result.

      I won’t advice you to aim high maybe your kids will ask you one day why you are living and satisfied with a low life when others are flying first class. By that time you’ll start answering yourself from the days of CS

      What separates us is the mindset and ability to see life differently that is why we don’t take fail as pass. Let this ring in your ears as you continue celebrating the 2points, instead of overcoming the witchcraft of regression.

      • Chima leave roha alone, him na the best for now

      • Dr Drey 9 months ago

        Hahahahaha…look at this lifetime failure. This one whose life has been ruined by gambling. Look at this one whose children cant stop asking why destiny made such a nonentity their father. This nicompoop who used to brag here that he lives in Europe as if that is supposed to be an achievement, whereas he is holed up in one shit-hole in west africa. This fake lair who used to brag that he knows top managers in europe before I cut him to size and put him in his place….this perpetual disgrace. I know your biggest grouse with Rohr is because of the money you lost to betting. Useless betting addict. There is no betting site in this world he does not know. The same one who told us owngoal is a fake site that publishes lies but cannot till this day tell us which of their news headlines are lies.
        Crawl the hell back to the hole you came from, as you can see you are not missed on this forum, you dont even have the intellect to even subsist on this forum….LMAO. If you want lessons in aiming high I can give you some for free. I am lettered to the highest level of education possible and never spent a dime of my own in getting there…that’s as a result of aiming high. I run my own outfit across several borders with distinction…thats also as a result of aiming high. Im a highflyer and will school your miserable life in highflying. Let me shock your senseless brains by letting you know that I can beat my chest that Rohr will win the next AFCON….he was one step away from winning the last (even when useless fellows like you and your tin-god omo9ja predicted he wont get out of the group phase) and why wont he go a step further. He is already priming his team and rejigging them in readiness for the next. He is bringing reinforcements already into the team and all they just need now is the time to gel….the team is more experienced and the coach too is more experienced so I can beat my chest he will win the next AFCON. He has shown that he is a coach who meets targets so I have no doubt he will once again pass this one with flying colours…Imagine he threw away 4 points and still sit on top of the table, qualified, with 2 games to spare….LMAO. How many of your world class gaudiolas could afford that…? LMAO. You talk of the team being average today was the team anywhere close to average when he was engaged to pick us out of the latrine we were in. As “Bad” as u want to paint the team today we have still qualified fit yet another tournament with games to spare. If a child used to score E8 before and now scores C4 then with support and encouragement he will score A1. I know your brain cannot phantom that becuase you were such a looser that nobody even bothered registering you for exams in the 1st place.
        If it pains you so much that you cant guarantee a replacement who will DEFINITELY WIN 2021 AFCON and qualify for our next major tournament without dropping points, go and ask your children to hang you with a chain over the niger brigde.

      • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

        Your hatred only lets you see 2 points but the reality is that we have 8 points, we are topping the group and we are technically qualified for the next AFCON already, yet again, with games to spare….LMAO.
        But that is too hard to phantom for a lifetime failure like you. One whose life has been ruined by gambling. One whose children cant stop asking why destiny made such a nonentity their father. A nincompoop who used to brag here that he lives in Europe as if that is supposed to be an achievement, whereas he is holed up in one shit-hole in west africa. A fake self-acclaimed financial analyst who does not know the place of statistics in decision making. A lair who used to brag that he knows top managers in europe before I cut him to size and put him in his place….this perpetual disgrace. I know your biggest grouse with Rohr is because of the money you lost to betting. Useless betting addict. There is no betting site in this world he does not know. The same one who told us owngoal is a fake site that publishes lies but cannot till this day tell us which of their news headlines are lies.
        Crawl the hell back to the hole you came from, as you can see you are not missed on this forum, you dont even have the intellect to even subsist on this forum….LMAO. If you want lessons in aiming high I can give you some for free. I am lettered to the highest level of education possible and never spent a dime of my own in getting there…that’s as a result of aiming high. I run my own outfit across several borders with distinction…thats also as a result of aiming high. Im a highflyer and will school your miserable life in highflying. Let me shock your senseless brains by letting you know that I can beat my chest that Rohr will win the next AFCON….he was one step away from winning the last (even when useless fellows like you and your tin-god omo9ja predicted he wont get out of the group phase) and why wont he go a step further. He is already priming his team and rejigging them in readiness for the next. He is bringing reinforcements already into the team and all they just need now is the time to gel….the team is more experienced and the coach too is more experienced so I can beat my chest he will win the next AFCON. He has shown that he is a coach who meets targets so I have no doubt he will once again pass this one with flying colours…Imagine he threw away 4 points and still sit on top of the table, qualified, with 2 games to spare….LMAO. How many of your world class gaudiolas could afford that…? LMAO. You talk of the team being average today was the team anywhere close to average when he was engaged to pick us out of the latrine we were in. As “Bad” as u want to paint the team today we have still qualified fit yet another tournament with games to spare. If a child used to score E8 before and now scores C4 then with support and encouragement he will score A1. I know your brain cannot phantom that becuase you were such a looser that nobody even bothered registering you for exams in the 1st place.
        If it pains you so much that you cant guarantee a replacement who will DEFINITELY WIN 2021 AFCON and qualify for our next major tournament without dropping points, go and ask your children to hang you with a chain over the niger bridge.

        • Chima E Samuels 9 months ago

          Big mouth answer the question will Rohr win you an Afcon that Keshi last won? Ewu is there ranting history of what he doesn’t know. Only an idiot talks about things he wasn’t asked and knows nothing about. Your regressive group will come and clap for you. Moron you’ll keep wailing and we shall keep rising…. Lol the comfort I am enjoying on a daily basis is something you might never near all your miserable life if you don’t wake up in life.

          • Dr Drey 9 months ago

            Mad dog….even to read e nor sabi. Call one of your chidren to read and translate for you. The answers to your weeping and gnashing of teeth are clearly spelt out above. Bloody drop-out of a gambler, coming here to give us fake financial analyst wannbe-ism. Opening his wide mouth to talk about comfort….LMAO. We can see the comfort in your addiction to gambling and betting. You really live in comfort, that is why you have to tell us fat lies of living in in Europe as if the day breaks differently in Europe or as if it is a lifetime achievement to live in Europe….LMAO. Common illiterate. Its the same stake you have that I have on this forum but have people to clap for me while you are a filthy orphan because of your stupidity….LMAO. E dey pain am say people dey clap for me. Go and rent people to clap for you too na or go and hang yourself. Ordinary charlatan. Bastard…!!!

  • Marvelous 9 months ago

    One of the worst player in super eagles uniform is spewing out trash. People like Mikel and victor moses should talk not ayegbeni. Even Sunday Mba is better than ayegbeni. Sack the coach if you want. You can employ yobo. Our league is useless as a bad toilet, U17 and U23 teams all over the world are playing friendlies, where is our own? Fuck ya all hypocrites, wolfs in sheep clothing’s. Nigerian sport as a whole is dead under dare. Can Nigerian sport minister meet the standard of professionalism of any sport minister in the world? What is his qualification? What has he achieved in the past and present. All of them are depending on only super eagles to gain glory because they are incompetent to develope other sports. Sack Rohr at this point and get it hot. The only luck the next coach will have is that Rohr had already qualified the team for Afcon.

  • In a year time, the picture will be clearer!

  • Smith k 9 months ago

    I saw a post on Instagram by one of the super eagles Instagram handles,where it was written that Rohr should be sack.I was surprise to see chidera ejuke and ndidi liked the post..it tells a lot..

    • Abdul 9 months ago

      Do you have the link to the post? If you do, you can share…..may be the problem is on another level.

  • Smith k 9 months ago

    Yes.search Team Nigeria UK on Instagram..you will see the post

  • Smith k 9 months ago

    Meanwhile I heard amaju will be live on a sports show..the Parliament on NTA by 10.30pm this night.. So let’s see what he is going to say

  • lanre 9 months ago

    @drey nd others please ignore the sadists nd pessimists,we have them in every family,the never see good people.But i can assure them that gernot rohr will be the super eagles coach till 2022 nd possibly after,nd the easiest route to heaven is to just find a nearest lagoon nd jump into it……shameless people

    • Amicable 9 months ago

      @lanre, kindly make your point without dragging Holy and spiritual things into it.
      Which C.R.K teacher or pastor taught you that “the easiest route to heaven is to just find a nearest lagoon nd jump into it……”.
      @lanre don’t invite the wrath of God upon yourself. Be warned.

    • OmoEsan 9 months ago

      Leave the clueless Yakubu to be yearning dust. He thought we’ve forgotten why Chukwu expelled him from 2004 AFCON camp in Tunisia or how he threw our 2nd round ticket away in SA 2010.

      Kanu is a leader and legend anyday, I dough my hat for him.

  • OmoEsan 9 months ago

    Let’s even assume that Rohr is sacked, does the NFF have the capacity to appoint a capable replacement, indigenous or foreign?

    Sports minister Dare, Aiyegbeni etc that are running their mouths, have they considered the possible implications of this sack they’re clamoring for? Come to think of it, can the NFF even afford to pay him off? The contract is binding ooo!

    If Rohr must go, at least his replacement must be much better than him technically; who is he, where is he and how much will he cost? No one is talking about this but they’re all wailing that Rohr should be fired.

    Which world class coach that is worth his onions will accept to work with an NFF that coaches have been turning down for almost three decades; Carlos Alberto, Paul Leguen etc. Even on the home front, did Oliseh not abandon us?

    Mind you, for Eguavoen to have accepted the technical director’s job, he’s done with coaching any Nigerian team. Amuneke also turned down the NFF even when Pinnick dangled an offer of N5m monthly at him. He knows them too well, they won’t pay.

    Who do we run to, Siasia has been abandoned to his faith, Yobo has no certificate talkless of experience and Emenalo will NEVER work with this NFF. Unfortunately, Keshi and Amodu have gone to rest, so there’s practically nobody to run to.

    All you guys singing the sack anthem, please come up with capable recommendations that the NFF can afford to pay and on the other hand will accommodate NFF’s inadequacies.

    I will rather we encourage and manage Rohr till 2022 while we beg, yes beg Amuneke (cuz NFF cannot afford him)to assist him in the meantime and take-over from him fully after 2022.

    The devil we know in Rohr is much better than the angels we don’t know in others.

  • lanre 9 months ago

    @omo esan maybe they want former cameroon’s coach clarence seedorf nd co who gernot rohr dismantled at the last nations cup to come nd win the next afcon nd qualify them for Qatar 2020 without losing any point home nd away……imbeciles

    • Edoguy 9 months ago

      Clarence Seedorf is better than Gernot Rohr…far far better. He will be happy to work with our players both as a mentor and from a technical point of view.

      Seedorf’s assistant, Kluivert is currently a coach of Barcelona’s youth side. Cameroon do not have the talents we have. With Seedorf and Kluivert handling Nigeria’s squad, I am much more satisfied and believe that they can deliver with the young squad.

      Osimhen will be learning from a classic number 9 in Kluivert. Ndidi, Etebo and Iwobi will be learning from a classic midfielder in Seedorf….

      Please NFF get Seedorf and Kluivert
      Seedorf did a DNA test and he found out he is 60% Igbo by the way

      • JimmyBall 9 months ago

        @Edoguy… Seedorf/Kluivert is not a bad idea. Cameroun did not have the talent when they took over…

        • Kenneth 9 months ago

          Great combo, what more can i say. Yes Yakubu has his flaws but please give him his props. When players who have played the game at the highest level are telling you what is wrong, the least you can do is be quiet and listen. odegbami said the say thing about rorh, you all called him all sorts of name. so many ex players have complained, you all insult them. Well no problem, we watching what the outcome will be.

        • Dr Banks 9 months ago

          Cameroon did not have the Talent??? But they are the defending Champion, have you forgotten? @Jimmyball, you really drop the ball here. Same Seedorf/Kluivert that was taught the rudiments of soccer by our own GR is now all of a sudden better than GR? Nawa for you ooo

          • JimmyBall 8 months ago

            @Dr.Banks… Aside Onana, Vincent Abubakar,Clayton Njieri who else is in Cameroun?

          • Dr Drey 8 months ago

            Have you ever heard of Fabrice Ondoa, Toko Ekambi, Anguissa, Choupo Moting, Christian Bassgog (2017 AFCON MVP), Pierre Kunde of Mainz or Koln, Gaetan Bong of Brighton. Those ones are not talented enough. They dont have talents yet they won the 2017 AFCON, Produced the best keeper and MVP of the tournament. Seedorf couldnt win more than 3 matches all through his time as coach of Africa’s defending champions (with overall win ratio of 30%) but he is the BETTER messiah (better than a coach with 56% win ratio who took over a team that was so bad that it FAILED to even qualify for ordinary AFCON -with best 2 teams qualifying from each group – back to back) that will win 2021 AFCON and qualify for 2022 AFCON without dropping points. LMAO

          • Lol..what about Evina from Hannover96, Olinga, Eteki from Granada, Nkoulou From torino, Fai from standard liege, Anguissa from Fulham, Castellito from Nantes and Oyongo from Montpellier?
            That’s why u pple dey always feel untouchable..
            So na Ebuehi, Akpoguma, Etebo,Aribo , Dessers,be Star players? Or na shehu and Musa? Lol! No wahala

          • Dr Drey 8 months ago

            Hahahahahah @ Sean…..leave these fat lairs….Cameroon does not have talents…that was why Seedorf/Kluivert combo has a 30% win ratio with a defending champion. But Nigeria’s players are all playing in Barca, Madrid and Bayern, that is why this clueless rigid coach has 56% win ratio despite inheriting a team that couldnt qualify for afcon back to back even as best looser….LMAO. They should go an bring their better world class coach who will collect $45k per month not as when due and MUST WIN 2021 AFCON and MUST Qualify for 2022 WC without dropping points. If a dumb coach can be qualifying unbeaten with games to spare and getting inches away from AFCON in his 1st attempt, the better coach has no excuses not to dust the clueless one….LMAO

          • @drey, Remember that Junior Ajayi plays for Baryern Munich so He’s more popular that those cameroonians. Lol!

          • Dr Drey 8 months ago

            Hahahahahaha….you mean the Junior Ajayi who is better than Iheanacho, Dessers and Onuachu combined but manages just 10 goals per season average in north africa…LMAO. Cameroon didnt have talents like him when Seedorf took over after they had won the AFCON with the same players…LMAO.

          • Kingston 8 months ago

            Lolz! @drey and @sean… Lolz!!!!
            @jimmyball has a special talent for shooting himself in the leg!

      • pompei 9 months ago

        Seedorf is a good idea.
        The problem is will NO FUTURE FOCUS pay him his wages on time? Can Seedorf cope with all the wahala, and still deliver, like Rohr has managed to do?
        If the answer to these questions is YES, then Seedorf for me is definitely a capable option.
        Note below – NO FUTURE FOCUS must pay Rohr his entitlements after an early termination of his contract. Even if it bankrupts them. So, whoever is making the hire/fire decision should count the cost carefully!

  • lanre 9 months ago

    @amicable God’s anger is meant for the wicked who takes pleasure in frustrating other people’s efforts nd always jubilates over other people’s downfall,so if you are one of them nemesis will soon catch up with you

  • De Star 9 months ago

    @OmeEsan , I cannot agree less with you rather than sacking Oga Rohr , we should rather beg technically sound Nigerian coaches Amunike or Egbo to join technical team and help out in Afcon before showing Rohr exit door because of the huge compensation that will be paid to Oga Rohr ( Sports Minister too was also too was being too diplomatic, Rohr ought to have been shown exit door after the expiration of his contract, doing so now would cost NFF huge compensation) . Salary of  Amunike or Egbo should be paid upfront in a consolidated account to guarantee regular salary as given to Oga Rohr, so that , they will not suffer the perennial humiliation cum frustration given to the past Nigerian coaches Keshi ( who achieved with backlog of unpaid salary  in 1year on the job Afcon cup  plus WC good show which  Oga Rohr cannot achieve , even if given 2 decades , despite collecting whopping 20 million Naira steady salary ) , like Siasia bad experiences and that of Oliseh who have to fend fend for himself and paid all his assistants and players from his pocket for 6 months without salary until he walked out).

    Rohr is just an average PHE glorified coach overhyped by his just few white skinned prone unpatriotic supporters, who did not only believe Nigeria should continue to be a dumping ground for anything in white colour but would also insult any great minds among whom have also played the game to the highest level , that ventured to tell the gospel truth about many glaring technical deficiencies in Rohr , that was so glaring that he needs not Pep Guardiola of this world or Jose to expose him but an Algeria local coach  Belmadi ( not even foreign coach ) to tutored him rudimentary of soccer lesson 101) , unfortunately Rohr did not help himself by not going for the required training as advised by his employer NFF who were equally embarrassed by the way he was completely overwhelmed in the World Cup and tutored in the Afcon ,he is satisfied chopping awuf money from his business partners NFF and would not listen to those knowledgeable  and critics but would prefer to listen to his few fans who never help him to improve as to some of them White can never go wrong ( Big Sege, Amunike , Finidi , Etimi , YAKUBU etc have all spoken loudly , even King Kanu ( though Kanu was of opinion then that , the botched 2019 was too close to sack the clueless Rohr;

     but could anyone blame Rohr for the backwardness thinking Nigeria ? Definitely NO , It is only in Nigeria that we continue to do same thing same way and except different results.
    Algeria team was at a time in her lowest ebb , beaten blue and black not only by SE in the recent past but was as bad as beaten by lowly Benin and could not qualify for major tournament including last WC , Algeria nation brought in their own local young coach Belmadi that had been recently sacked in foreign land  and decided to either sink or swim with him and back him up with super condition of service with regular salary , less than a year on the saddle , the Belmadi struggled to qualify for Afcon where his team had been written off just like Keshi team that couldn’t qualified for the past Afcon edition  , but in the tournament proper he taught every other coaches particularly our own Roh that had qualified with 2 games at hand , to teach him that qualification is different from knowing what to do at the big stage.

    Rohr’s left over fans cannot stopped to turn themselves to jesters just like their role model Rohr , who has never won Tea Cup in his coaching career, would say Rohr qualified for tournament with 2 games to spare (I don’t know when tournament qualification now becomes special achievement in a tournament that Nigerias cannot readily count the number of medals won in that tournament let alone qualification, What could Tanzania have done then who sacked our own Amunike who broke a record of 40 years Afcon qualification that of which none of his players were born when last the team qualified for Afcon, but our own super coach that was overwhelmed in WC without a single win , bundled out in Afcon not by foreign coach but a local coach ) , what do we say of late Keshi that won Afcon less than a year on the job with unpaid salary ; what do we say of Belmadi who is tormentor in chief and Rohr’s technical coach. It is better we don’t qualify for a tournament  than qualified to be messed up and wasted tax payers money . 

    Thank God , many are now joining patriotic  progressives group to see what we have seen long time ago 

    • Ayphillydegreat 9 months ago

      Tournament qualification is not a special achievement, but missing out of 3 out of 4 AFCONS is a special achievement?? Lmao!! It is better we don’t qualify for a tournament then why all the cry?? Is it not because of two draws that you guys are crying like this?? What would’ve happened if we can’t qualify for the AFCON?? Did you say Rohr did not get a single win at the WorldCup?? How did we beat Iceland??? You can make your points without lying.. Amunike took over the Tanzania team when they’re on the brink of qualification. They only needed a win at home to secure qualification when he took over the team. I’m not even sure if Tanzania win or draw any matches at the last AFCON. (I stand to be corrected) If he had done really well they should’ve retained him. No problem Amunike doesn’t have to be Rohr’s assistant. Let him take over the team now and see if he can take us to the promise land. I don’t think anyone here called Rohr a world class coach. At least you agree that he’s an average coach. Tell me which coach in Africa is a world class coach??? Or which African team is a world class team??? My concern with people like you is that you’re the one who will come here and call the coach gather and play and then again come back here and say he made a good selection decision. I’m waiting to see what else you will say in the next FIFA window. The standard of the SuperEagles is winning an AFCON and progression at the WorldCup. Before Keshi Westerhoff did it after 3 attempts. In fact Nigerians never really like Westerhoff. It was his achievements in 1994 that made every SuperEagles fans fall in love with him till date. Keshi did it with Nigeria, but you forgot that prior to that he couldn’t even take our U20 team out of the group stage in a ordinary U20 AFCON. He couldn’t take Togo and Mali out of the group stage at the AFCON before winning it with Nigeria. What happened afterwards he couldn’t qualify to defend the AFCON he won. People like you are the ones calling him gather and play back then, but always quick to remember his achievements now. The same Rohr took Gabon to the Quarterfinals of the AFCON which was their greatest achievement to date. Granted Nigeria have won more bronze at the AFCON. But missing back to back AFCONS and claiming bronze was step in the right direction. I believe this team can win the next AFCON if we can modify our game to the first 45 minutes against Sierra Leone. Both the players and the coach have been apportioned there blame. Therefore, I’m looking forward to an exciting SuperEagles next year and beyond. If Rohr get the sack we will always support whoever the next gaffer his as long as he’s a better option than Rohr. 

    • Larry 9 months ago

      @De-star, great contributions from you.
      It looks like someone is trying to compare Keshi’s record with GR. The difference is clear..

      Keshi qualified Togo for W’Cup in 2006 (Togo’s biggest achievement)
      Keshi qualified SE for World Cu, reached the second round (equaled SE record)
      Keshi won the nations cup..
      GR has never won a trophy in his entire career..
      Keshi (RIP) is far better than GR .

      • Ayphillydegreat 9 months ago

        No problem na. Go and bring Keshi back from his grave to come and take us to the promise land. Are you not one of those who used to call him gather and play back then? I’m not surprise that you can ever come here and claim Keshi is a good coach after all the bad things you’ve said about him in the past. Lmao!! Keshi equaled a SuperEagles record preceded by a foreign coach. He won the AFCON in his third try so nothing new. We’ve won the AFCON as far back as 1980 by another foreign coach so I have no doubt it can happen again after the same Keshi was part of the reason we missed out of 3 AFCONS out of 4 before we could qualify for last one. I don’t have any problem with Rohr been sacked, but I’m sure if the NFF can afford Rohr they can afford any other foreign coach. As long as they’re able to replace Rohr with another better foreign coach I will continue to be optimistic. If it’s going to be a local coach with all the talents we have and their immediate potentials, then braze yourselves for the next era of missing 3 out of 4 AFCONS and miss out on the next WorldCup. 

    • Dr Banks 9 months ago

      @De Star, your long story here were simply stupid and devoid of any intelligent thinking. Egbo was sacked after only a half season wonder, Ammunike won U17 with overaged players but failed woefully with U20 when he has 2 previous U17 WC winning team to chose from, coached in Sudan with nothing much to show, Qualified Tanzania by luck for AFCON but woeful in AFCON proper and sacked, demoted in Egypt from a chief coach to academy scout and you guys are celebrating. Guys, best bet is to retain GR, Amunike to assist and understudy GR, Egbo as GK coach……that will be a good technical team to win next AFCON and do well in next WC 

      • Kenneth 9 months ago

        So you saying oshimen, nwakali, bamgboye, are all overaged players, because na you born them and you sabi there date of birth. Please don’t come here and say rubbish if you don’t have something meaningful to say. And you said he qualified tanzania by luck, but it is on record he took them back fter 30 plus years.

  • lanre 9 months ago

    it’s simple if you believe rohr is not supposed to be super eagles coach but his employers insist he should continue,why not have A JUMP into your ETERNITY,the lagoon afterall what is worth believing is worth DIEING for…….just have a jump into eternity!

  • I used to marginally support Rohr, but I honestly believe it’s time for him to leave. After watching how the SE capitulated from 4-0 to 4-4 by a team like Sierra Leone and Rohr didn’t have a clue on how to plug the leakage (instead, he was making ridiculous subs and further making the team porous), I knew he had reached his peak.

    Bring in AMUNEKE. He’s the best we have now. His team plays beautiful football and with a rich arsenal like SE players at his disposal, the SE will really step up in world football.

    Amuneke has the capacity to coach in Spain and he recently complained he was being discriminated against, despite making some of the shortlists and having a superior CV. Is it when one Spanish club finally employs him and he starts performing wonders that we’ll realise his worth? He qualified Tanzania for AFCON for the first time in the nation’s history. This time, that team is struggling without Amuneke.

    Sack Rohr.
    Sack Alloy Agu.
    Disband NFF.
    Stop inviting some of the current players.

    We need a new NFF board and president. Pinnick has become a politician, politicking with venues of SE football matches. He has also turned our jersey design into a business. What was wrong with the Russia 2018 the whole world fell in love with? Now, we don’t even have a jersey identity (even Cameroun, Morroco and Egypt have clearly distinguishable jerseys, no matter any minor redesign).

    Some of the players have no business with SE standard. Playing in top European leagues should no longer be a guarantee for an SE call up. It should be exceptional players, regardless of where you are. Some of the current SE players are stiff, no flair and no real skills. Yet they keep getting invites and playing times under Rohr. We thank him but it’s time to go.

    • pompei 9 months ago

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but the thing is Pinnick is unsackable. Not by the sports ministry or the govt. If these 2 sack Pinnick, we will incur Fifa’s wrath and face possible bans. Disbanding NFF will anger Fifa even more!
      The only way to get him out of there is to vote him out in the next elections. Or, perhaps impeachment. Can an NFF president be impeached?
      It is unfortunate that things have deteriorated to this point. Pinnick actually did well at first. Organizing grade A friendly matches was one area where he really impressed. If the fans are turning against him now, he has himself to blame. He knows what to do to get himself back into the fans’ good graces. Truth is, getting rid of the NFF president at this time is not good for our football. Continuity is important in football. But if Pinnick continues to mess up like he has been doing, then the fat will end up in the fire!

      • You’re right @pompei. Nigeria will incur FIFA’s wrath with any form of government or outside interference in the running of the FA. But hopefully there are other smart ways of doing it and avoiding FIFA’s attention.

        Pinnick did fairly well in his first term, but like the traditional Nigerian politician, he got infected with 2nd term syndrome – that is, become self-centered (since you’ll no longer be seeking reelection), amass filthy wealth and polictrick with SE match venues and Nike jersey contracts, among others.

        The fish starts to get rotten from the head and when things go bad, the leader can hardly absolve themselves from blame. Fix the head and you’ll likely fix the body.

        – Our NFF admin has gone rogue, so impeach Pinnick.
        – The SE coaching crew has gone clueless, so sack Rohr.
        – We’ve not had a decent goalkeeper in 5 years or so, so sack Alloy Agu.

      • Mr Hush 9 months ago


        I do agree with you that we shouldn’t always try to tribalise issues that concerns us all. I find that simply petty.
        What should matter is the best for us. Nigeria is Nigeria. Any every part cojoins to make it so. So whatever part produces the best then we go for it. All we simply want is the best. Good pitch, good facilities, good administrators, good players ; no matter where! All we care about is best.

        As for Pinnick tarnishing his “false start” , I can only hope he goes back to administration rather than being the poster boy he thinks he is.

        Forgive my digress;
        But I have to clarify some information you gave about Ancient Benin been part of the Yoruba Kingdom.
        That has never been the case. Stating this as a verified source based on my craft;
        The Benin Kingdom has always been a stand alone. Yes there was a Yoruba dynasty which ruled the Benin Kingdom through the Oba Oranmiyan based on entitleship and heritage of the aforementioned but the Benin Kingdom was never conquered or a part of the the Yoruba State. Cousins. Yes. Related by historical connection and source. Yes. But never part of the other. It is like The European Royalties ( United Kingdom,Denmark,Sweden,Luxembourg,the Netherlands, German Princes, even the former Russian dynasty etc.) All connected by bloodline through the late Queen Victoria ;so cousins but separate entities. Denmark was never part of the UK.and so on.
        On the contrary, it is well documented, that the Benin Kingdom actually conquered and ruled some part of Yoruba Kingdom. Lagos is a big example. With the name Eko a Benin word for “Kings camp”.

        I know this is a sports daily. My apologies again for the long write up and the derailment. Just had to pass out some vital information .you never know.

        • pompei 8 months ago

          Mr Hush, your digression is forgiven, and welcome.
          You may want to re-examine your position. See the link below:


          This is just one of many souces of information on the subject.
          Please be guided.

          • Edoguy 8 months ago

            @pompei please stick to football,

            the yoruba benin controversy is a huge topic.

            As Benin man, I know my story…we have no affinity with the yoruba people. We look different from them, we dont look alike by no means necessary. You can see that in our ancient sculpts. While we were carvers, the benin got the lost wax process from the Ife under Oba Esigie and we have records of this and tell the truth about it. I wish the yoruba will learn the same.

            Please, Leave us out of your Oduduwa rubbish.
            We know where Oduduwa is from and my question to your Ooni (who is not even a descendant of Oduduwa or a king) is tell us where Oduduwa is from? dont tell me he is from heaven? If Oduduwa is from benin, then it means that Oranmiyan only have a yoruba mother and just like some of our foreign born footballers, he is both 100% benin and 100% yoruba. That we agree, if he was not, he would have been killed by the enemies of the Ogiso at that time.

            Oranmiyan did not bring war, neither did he come to force himself in the throne, he was called upon by the chiefs who wanted to correct an injustice they all witnessed. There also seem to be some deeply misconstrued facts about the benin name and where it came from. Please correct this, Ubini has always been the name of the city of Benin from time immemorial, Oranmiyan derrogated the name out of disdain because he was not allowed to step foot in the city by the Ogiamens, so he called it Ile Ibinu corrupting the name Ubini.

            Stick to football please, we benins are not yorubas neither are we Ibos, we are the oldest known civilisation in that region currently. by archaeology only the Igbo Ukwu civilisation should be older than us if only there is any trace of it.

  • De Star 9 months ago

    @ Ayphillydegreat, I am very sorry for missing out his one win from the ingenuity extraordinary efforts of 2 great strikes from Musa (as a matter of fact, it was part of the reasons in my past post  I had supported Rohr for retaining Musa aside from being team captain, even though I never advocated musa starting).

    Now point of correction on Rohr’s record of achievement with Garbon as you wrongly claimed  , Rohr never achieved what has never been achieved by Gabon , the country has never qualified for WC ( Rohr never qualified Gabon before showing exit door having been evaluated given 20 years , Rohr doesn’t have that technical capacity ) , Gabon never worn any medal in Afcon ( Rohr never won them any Afcon medal also ) , Gabon has qualified Gabon 7 times for Afcon and reached quarterfinals once but not as a host country with host advantage, Rohr was also booted out in quarterfinals even with Gabon’s host country advantage , hence was shown straight EXIT DOOR (so he did nothing special for Gabon and was rightfully shown exit door not with pass mark but F9 ) .

    In Bukinafaso , having noticed his glaring technical deficiencies, he was rightly booted out just 1 year , couldn’t allowed him to complete his 2 years contract before being sacked same thing in the 3rd country ( so by that singular fact of been concurrently sacked in the past 3 countries he had worked for with F9 CV record , the corrupt NFF should have all been in jail by now , if Nigeria nation were to be run by sane leaders ) .

    Now back to assertion that nothing special in qualification, yes , I repeat , qualification is special to a country who has never achieved that before , hence Westerhof qualifying SE for 1994 WC was celebrated to high heaven ( so it was no longer special, that was why 2 past coaches local coach Amodu and Philip Truesse were sacked despite qualifying for WC , because Nigeria don’t believe in just participating in a tournament without a coach they have confidence and convincing technical ability ( Brassil would rather not qualify for WC than been sent packing early in the competition) .

    On your belittling Amunike achievement, same as Keshi ; that is where I cannot be in the same camp with you, this mentality of running down great achievement of your fellow Nigerian and praised to high  heaven shambolic record of a foreigner ( that is colonial mentality of inferior complex we ought to have overgrown by now with the level of our exposure , Westerhof , Bonfere as white coaches were great achievers just as Amunike, Keshi , Siasia Amodu , irrespective of skin colour, as a matter of fact if our Nigeria coaches were to be given same super treatment and Steady salary even without match bonuses, they can win WC sliver ) ; Technical acumen, Amunike is far ahead of Oga Rohr as till date , Rohr has never achieved anything spectacular that has never achieved in any country he ever coach but Amunike qualified tiny Tanzania to Afcon that was not achieved in the past 4 decades where none of all the players were born when the country qualified for that tournament ( you even amused me the more , our people would say when you see an Elephant, rightly confirm , not to belittle a giant animal of saying something passed you by ; not by age nor long years on the job Amunike stands taller and higher than the clueless Rohr ;

    Comparing Oga Rohr to late Keshi is abnormal , even Oga Rohr’s undisputed tormentor and master Belmadi would have been gladdened to picked tutorials from late Keshi if he were to be alive ; with methuselah years of Oga Rohr coaching career, give him 20 years with his age again he cannot smell Keshi records till he will be forced to retire ( Keshi went to a tiny Togo , set a record of achievement that no black nor white coach ever achieved since anyone was born in Togo including all the football administrators and president and the age of Togo as a country till date , came to Nigeria less than a year on the job won Afcon, qualified SE as second country to WC and got to the second round of WC in his first attempt , now compare to your so called white expatriate coach Oga Rohr who in his entire career has never won a tea cup in his career and got booted out in the first round of WC; if Keshi had gotten half of steady income of Oga Rohr minus Allowance, Keshi would not be distracted , he would have surpassed Westerhof achievement ( Rest In Peace Keshi) ; it is therefore , great insult, comparing a clueless coach Rohr who at best should have been sent on 1 year training attachment in Algeria under Belmadi who has always been teaching him rudimentary of football.

    As for your purported claimed hatred for Westerhof and lowering his achievement on his start with SE ( Please your assertion is totally not correct ) , Westerhof was loved by all apart from setting record of first ever WC qualification, in his first Afcon tournament, he was only beaten by the host country Algeria with host nation advantage in the final , but everyone could see a new dawn in Nigeria soccer where 20 years old Amokachi of not great local teams like Rangers International, not 3SC or Bendel Insurance but Kaduna ranchers bees benching France and Belgium foreign based top strikers , just as he used young Amunike of Egypt league  to win Afcon and performed wonder in WC ( clueless would not invite anyone playing great football in Egypt let alone Nigerian league ) , Westerhof took SE to the N0 5 ranking in the FIFA world ranking , lost in the second round to the great Italy with poor officiating and forced to extra time , his team despite the first time ever got award of recognition as the most entertaining team in the World Cup ; yet Westerhof honourably resigned for not being able to reach semifinals target he had set for himself ( that is a white man with honour , not Oga Rohr that does not have shame in his dictionary, he was overwhelmed in the WC , and sent packing in the first round, he was not bother , in Afcon he was booted out in the semifinals by his Boss local coach Belmadi and he connived with NFF to get fraudulent increment of 20 Million Naira a month , when a local coach Keshi that won the main cup went to WC with backlog of unpaid salaries. 

    Finally, gullible Nigerians that still support shambolic and shameless of Oga Rohr’s performance is unpatriotic, a coach is as good as his 3 last games , in the case of Oga Rohr, in his past 4 games , he cannot record a single win !!! , expectedly he was completely beaten again by his perennial Master Algeria local coach Belmadi , run out of idea even with bad selection and wrong positioning of players against Tunisia , and messed up against 120 ranked Sierra Leone ,going by away goal rule , Rohr’s team actually lost to Sierra Leone because , they scored 4 solid goals away against our  goalless draw in away ( technically Rohr actually lost 2 games and drew 1 in his last 3 teams he played against ) . 
    A coach with self esteem and moral should have voluntarily resigned but not shameless Rohr . As a matter of fact, those players are technically better than their coach.

    More than 4 years on the job , excuses galore , if Rohr and his gullible supporters are not complaining of young ages of players right from WC ( what a bunch of jokers , a team of retiring players Victor mosses , Igalo, Mikel and the ageless Musa , Balogun , Ekong etc were dubbed young boys as if the boys were forced on him ) , then on a better field they will complain of absence of player , tomorrow, it is  football pitch, rather than humble himself go on training attachment, he was deceiving himself and the remnants of his gullible supporters; 4 years no Nigerian goalkeeper N01 , no patter of style of play , we don’t know who is our N0 7 , who is our N0 11 …..  all are excuses galore .

    Money would not be wasted on Rohr’s planned compensation rather , he would be indirectly demoted until his contract expires and then get him dismissed.

    @ Dr Banks , I will not dignified your stupidity with response until you show any sign of someone with great minds and argue in a right manner 

    • Ayphillydegreat 8 months ago

      Rohr did took Gabon to the Quarterfinals of the AFCON and that’s their best record in the competition till date. He did qualify Nigeria for WorldCup. Deal with that. A coach is as good as his last 3 matches, but he hasn’t lost any of his last 3 matches. I don’t have any issues with Keshi and Amunike. I’m not you and your fellow regressive group that used to label Keshi gather and play before una send him to early grave. Now bragging about his achievements. The fact is that Keshi took Togo and Mali to AFCON and failed to make it out of the group stage before finally with Nigeria. Yes Nigerians never really like Westerhoff especially after Senegal 92. If the then NFA have a day they would’ve fired him immediately after Senegal 92. Because of his attachment with Augustus Aikhomu that’s why they couldn’t sack him. It was after qualifying Nigeria for the WorldCup for the first time and finally won the AFCON at the third try that Nigerians fell in love with him. No number one goalkeeper, but you jumped quick to appreciate Okoye after the October friendlies. So you can come here again and say we don’t have a goalkeeper??? Lord have mercy. You don’t know who is number 7, you don’t know who is number 11 lmao!! In fact I give up. Just continue writing your epistles. 

  • Chima E Samuels 9 months ago

    Stupidity is the only reason Drey and his Cohorts will compare Keshi to Rohr. If Rohr who is technically inept be the best for us when we have coaches like Renard, Bemaldi and etcetera doing wonders in Africa football then I don’t have anything to argue anymore with people who refuse to learn but blinded to loyalty in failure and egoism to their commitment of a fellow failure.

    Good day life goes on I wish una well with Rohr on your boat to continue battling Congo, Sierra Leone, Malawi and Sao tome. People are even forgetting this is a world cup representative called Naija now been classed to Sierra leone losing on head to head and their FA justified it’s an insult that our minister thinks we will beat them. Shame no dey catch us yeye dey smell….

    • no na mr chima you can’t name this Algerian coach na him new him no day dere when we play dem for qualifiers him new make we give am two years or three then if e keep this momentum then him go they up dere but for no

    • Ayphillydegreat 8 months ago

      Keshi lost to Congo on home soil Not DR Congo. Lost to Sudan away. Failed to qualify for AFCON in a group that produced two qualifiers yet they didn’t even sack him at the time. Nobody force you to support Rohr in the first place. Are you not the one who confessed here that Rohr is a good coach doing a good job?? If it’s even someone who is not addicted to betting and gambling I will understand, but you!!! Abeg go sit down somewhere. How many times have you claimed to have left this forum and still coming back? You claim own goal Nigeria is a fake site yet you’re always sleeping and waking up on news coming from the site. Lmao!! See as you smart reach. I don’t even know that you exist here leave us alone with our forum if you don’t have anything meaningful to contribute other than looking for someone that for don collect at the Baba Ijebu spot you’re staying. 

  • Dr Drey 9 months ago

    Hahahahaha….see them…..see the progressive regressives under serious pressure…. giving all their usual rhteorics…LMAO. We have given them the go ahead to sack Rohr but his “better” replacement MUST WIN the next Afcon and Qualify for the Qatar 2022 WITHOUT DROPPING A SINGLE POINT….afterall if Rohr can be 1 step away from winning in 2019 and Qualify for tournaments unbeaten with games to spare, the Guardiola that will replace him must be able to much better than that…. and since then their voices have been shaking….LMAO. Thier anger has increased….they are here giving us their usual cock and bull stories…..LMAO. They are even recommending Seedorf whom this clueless coach took to the cleaners (not with own goals or individual brilliance of Mahrez) with well worked tactical goals from open play. They even lie that Cameroon does not have talents (the same way they wanted to lie to us that Senegal does not have talents the until I shut them up by reminding them that 2 of their GKs met in the UCL to start with). Cameroon does not have talents but won 2017 AFCON…..LMAO. what an excuse for Rohrs apprentice who was earning about $86000 per month in Cameroon but was bundled out by a coach earning just half of that and still sharing it with 5 assistants…LMAO. Cameroon does not have talents but the have Andre Obama, they have Fabrice Ondoa (2 great goalkeepers in mainstream Europe) they have Ngadeu, they have Bassagog a deadly winger and 2017 AFCON MVP, they have this Villarreal guy Anguissa, they have Choupo moting, they have Vincent Abobakar…etc players who will walk straight into the SE staring line up and they don’t have talents o…..LMAO.
    We have told them SACK Rohr, that clueless Rohr who has the highest win ratio of any SE coach till date and has once again led us to where there guadiolas failed woefully….even despite dashing SL some promo points and goals. Their guadiolas will huff and puff and will still not qualify even till the 95th min of the last match of the qualifying series…..LMAO.
    We don’t want rhetorics…we don’t want excuses, give us Rohrs better replacement ASAP and he MUST WIN the next Afcon and Qualify for Qatar without dropping a single point. The dumb Rohr finished unbeaten with extra 2 points even after a 3 point deduction. We are no longer 70th in the world and 16th in Africa, our team has more experienced players now….most of them have 2 tournaments experience already. We are not rebuilding we already have the youngest team in Africa. So NO EXCUSES. Mr Better replacement MUST WIN 2021 AFCON and Qualify for Qatar without dropping a single point and get to the semifinals. He must do better than the clueless Rohr since he is better…..finis and klaar!!!

    • Elijah Dela Ahiadzu 8 months ago

      Dr dry na only you dey refresh and give yourself multiple likes because nobody is happy that Nigeria can not win Sierra Leone on home or away front.

  • Dr Drey 9 months ago


    “…The African football great insists the three-time African champions’ inability to defeat John Keister’s men is not a sign of decline…”

    Nigeria’s greatest footballer of all time has spoken….Kanu must be stupid too for saying such stupid things. Rohr must have bribed him to say so. Charlatans can continue their perpetual weeping and gnashing of teeth.

    NFF please we and begging you with the name of your ancestors and those of the progressive regressives, SACK ROHR NOW and get us a BETTER perfect replacement who MUST qualify for Qatar 2022 WITHOUT DROPPING A SINGLE POINT and MUST win 2021 AFCON. Period….! We are not in anyway in decline….so whoever it is that is the BETTER coach MUST and I repeat MUST win 2021 AFCON.

  • Kingston 8 months ago

    Impatience is our undoing in this country. To build takes time. I will admit… Rohr won’t be the first name I would call if asked for the most tactical genius that has coached super eagles. Saying the coach is as good as his last three games is a wrong indices for measuring progress. People who speak like this has never in any way coach a club (be it virtual game manager or secondary school teams or local street tournament)
    The best criteria to judge a coach is by the goal you set for him. But funny enough, have you ever asked yourself why Germany didn’t sack Low after the poor display in last world cup?
    And remember that we’re speaking about coaching a national team not club where they train together all the time.
    I bet you that if rohr leaves now, the next coach will have the same problem rohr has now; which are :
    1. Working with the lackadaisical and inefficient NFF (No Future Focus)
    2. Impatience from supporters especially in Nigeria where it is thought that it is their birthright to win 100 games out of 100. Even complained of “arm-chair coach fans”. Funny enough, it is those same hypocrites that called keshi gather and play coach are the ones comparing him now to rohr. Funny people with funny reasons!
    3. The building principle : construction, reconstruction and construction again. That is, you make it, then you break it (to build a better one), then make it again (to surpass previous achievement and current rivals). This happens to any good coach – they come in, immediately starts to do well, then rivals start to learn their trick (this is where it seems like they have start to lose form, especially for a club side), then have to reconstruct themselves in order to stay ahead. That is the pattern, ask guardiola man city, kloop liveroool, rodgers leicester, zidane real madrid. But here’s the downside for national sides, the moment they reach the reconstruction stage (where opponents have figured what makes them tick), and because of the long intervals between games, many people immediately thinks that the coach has lost it. This is where I also want to highlight the inefficiency of NFF (No Future Focus). Moments like this is where the administration should have brought in a new assistant coach to provide tactical input, bringing in new and fresh perspective after observing the state of the team from outside. This will in turn aid the current coach, but my question is this: what is yobo doing there!!!!
    You see, our problem is not rohr. You want proof? Have you forgotten the same keshi we are all singing his praises now was played around by NFF. Remember how they sack him, employed him and sack him again. What happened? We couldn’t qualify for afcon! Remember how they forced keshi to drop ideye for the world cup and bring the likes of babatunde. Where is babatunde now? Who knows! Where is ideye now? Playing in the Turkish league!
    Our problem is NFF!
    Our problem is NFF!
    This people wants to do to rohr what they did to keshi, and what they will do to any new coach that comes in. I don’t care whether it is Mourinho partnering guardiola, when you are owed six months salary, when they use politics to determine what pitch you will play on, give you unrealistic goals (like reaching the semi finals of world cup with your kind of fifa ranking) and force players on you, you would do what olishe did : run! (Though olishe is a terrible coach)
    Super Eagles all the best!!

  • JimmyBall 8 months ago

    The only pattern Gernot Rohr has is called Rigid Defeatist Pattern… What he does is place Osimhen upfront as a lone attacker and get the likes of Ekong to shoot the ball in his direction from defence, then lump all others to huddle themselves around the middle… if failure and loss results, blame pitch, blame late arrival to camp, blame youth, blame long balls of opponent and lastly blame the ball itself for not bouncing well if there is nothing else to blame… The coach really hit jackpot with Nigeria, earning so well for less than average results… Teams keep defeating him everywhere. Even Madagascar shamed us at Afcon 2019. Yet he celebrated bronze that we must have won like 15times… Hahaha!

    • So @ Jimmyball, how many assist has Ekong had from his kick to Osimhen? From the super Eagles that I watched their games (may be you are watching different eagles).the assists come from Aina, Simon, Musa, Iwobi, Osimhen and so on and not from balogun and Ekong so try and give Rohr’s pattern another name I beg.

      • Dr Drey 8 months ago

        @ Sean…leave that pathological lair…LMAO.
        Vs SL in freetown…. through ball from Musa to Iwobi…cross to Iheanacho to head in to the net
        VS SL in Benin…. 1st 3 goals were from neatly worked passes and movements from defence to attack.
        Vs Tunisia…. neat interchange of passes between Nacho, Musa Iwobi resulting in 1 goal and 1 penalty.
        Vs Lesotho…..all 4 goals were from neat buildup from midfiled to attack.
        Vs Benin….another neat exchange betweem Iwobi/Aina and Iwobi, Kalu got us the goals.
        Vs Brazil….Nice switch in play neat 1-2 btw Simon and Aribo.
        Vs Ukraine….another neat interchange of passes freeing iwobi to square play for Aribo. Lightening quick counter attack wining us penalty for 2nd goal.
        Same thing all through AFCON.
        All the goals are there on youtube. Some people are just too shameless to quit lying for once….LMAO.
        For the 1st time in recent history we now have a SE that puts the ball on the ground and works the ball inside the opponents penalty area to score their goals.
        But it is a 30% win ratio coaching combo of Seedorf and Kluivert despite coaching a defending champion team, that is their replacement for a 56% win ratio coach…..LMAO. FAT LAIRS want to lie to us again that Cameroon does not have talents as if we are their children in the village….LMAO. Cameroon does not have talents yet they were defending champions…with a large chuck of the 2017 team featuring in 2019…..LMAO

        • JimmyBall 8 months ago

          @Dr.Drey… Why didn’t you mention vs Algeria and vs Madagascar? Hahaha… Rohr came with a frightening badluck… South Africa that has never defeated us in a competitive game… this Physical Education Instructor just stone our reputation for ground and let South Africa come rape us for Uyo go back. Right then I knew the man was just a dense coach. Home and away you could not defeat lowly rated Sierra Leone… Very timid coach. Wasted Victor Moses against Argentina in the world cup in the name of wing back pattern… Let those idiots go and look for job in Europe. Countries with pride like Algeria and Senegal have now realize once they treat their own country men well as coach they will deliver…

          • Dr Drey 8 months ago

            Hahahahaha…..how does Madagascar and Algeria justify your lies…? I thought you said Rohr’s only tactics is to “…get the likes of Ekong to shoot the ball in his direction from defence and then lump all others to huddle themselves around the middle…” You are not ashamed coming online to tell white lies over things that are verifiable. You lies have been busted now you wnat to shift mouth as usual.

            We lost to Madagascar and Algeria and so…? Is that the source of your frustration in life that has made you resort to telling lies to stay alive..? Which coach does not lose matches…? Klopp lost woefully to Villa, Loew just lost 6-0. Congo Brazaville beat us in calabar…Uganda beat us in Uyo….were these under Rohr too…? Your lying ass saw the legit goal we by which you defeated SL in Freetown but your hatred refuses to accept it. The same Victor Moses is the saboteur that didnt allow us to make R16 in 2018 WC doing bigmanism for us in a wing he plays with all gratefulness in Chelsea and Inter.

            Despite dropping point vs SL we are still topping our table, and have one leg in Cameroon already…. your guadiolas wouldn’t even qualify as 2nd best in the group if they dare drop points. It is you 30% win ratio combination of coaches of an AFCON defending champion that you want to replace a 56% win ratio. Imagine if it was Seedorf alone, the win ratio would probably be 15%….LMAO.

            We have told you to go and bring you BETTER coach who MUST WIN the next afcon. We dont want EXCUSES. Your better coach who was demoted from head coach to academy coach….LMAO. Rohr might be the dumbest coach in the world but he has never been demoted in his career to coaching nursery school children….LMAO

  • @Jimmyball.

    So Rohr even has a pattern?

    I thought he’s clueless & has no game pattern?

    This people are so confuse; They don’t even know where they are.

    Well, let me just use this time and larvish praises on the man wey sabi….

    OGA GERNOT ROHR thank u very much for taking us thus far….

    U have done what we never thought can happen….

    70th to 32nd (world ranking)
    16th to 4th (africa)
    infact u made us get used to winning bcos b4 u came we were already use to using calculators, or praying for BARCA to beat TP MAZEMBE so we can qualify but u change everything, a clear evidence is seen now were a draw isn’t welcome any more…. Infact draw is now a taboo in SE.

    They’re shy of coming out to praise u but i can’t…. i’ve to do it openly.

    Lastly lest i forget; progressive regressive, typing sack letter isn’t pregnancy that one must wait for 9months, we’re still waiting for the sack letter pls. Do it fast biko…

    Abi hand dey hevy una to type?


    • Ayphillydegreat 8 months ago

      UBFE you no go kill me with laugh this morning. They’re so used to winning that a draw is now like a loss. Lmao!! 

    • JimmyBall 8 months ago

      @UBFE… The question we need to ask ourselves is that what is that a white man knows about football that a black man does not know? Even Ndubuisis Egbo wey do good job last season wey @Dr.Drey the use yab other ex-internationals say them dey jobless… OYIBO don remove him Cap despite the solid job he did… Without taking a critical assessment of the team they now have for the season… they have eased him out. Whites can never tolerate anyone who is not their own… Yet we here continue to reinforce mediocrity. @Dr.Drey… Will any European National team ever allow a Blackman handle them? You that Blackman regardless of your coaching credentials can never ever even dream of pushing your CV forth for the job… Yet once their coaches become old and outdated… knowing Africans as idiots and timid people, they will rush here to look for coaching job with expired knowledge while our own go begging other African countries for job with small national teams… If you bring Maurinho to coach Super Eagles then I know NFF is serious about foreign coach not someone who coached Niger and chad…

      • Mr Hush 8 months ago


        Why I do share some thoughts with you; I totally disagree on the ” race card”.
        The question is, how many top black coaches are out there?
        Even if they are available, can you really be comfortable with a black man ( an African mainly) managing your team without the fear of him getting corrupted at the long run by his greed, selfishness and ineptitude. Experience has showcase how many top African coaches have desecrated their own legacy by simply been corrupt. They might have the ability and technicality but their corrupt personality overwhelms both.
        One thing I know about the Westerners, if you can prove your ability, they would always go for you.no matter what. For them it is all about success ; they care less about sentiments. The day you fail to maintain such success, then you are gone. They are that ruthless.
        Egbo been sacked by his club after his brief success has nothing to do with his skin colour but by not maintaining that success standard. After all, he was black when he was given the job and he actually replaced a white man at the helm.
        Besides, many top western coaches have been sacked after a successful stint; Mourinho, Ancelotti, Van Gaal, Capello, Pellegrini etc. All top coaches, all Westerners, All axed after been successful at the helm but couldn’t maintain such.

        The Senegalese and Algerians went for their own because the duo of Belmadi and Cisse have cut their teeth outside their shores, positively so; Belmadi especially. Cisse learning his craft outside.so they do deserve their position.
        And to be fair, the level of professionalism with both countries differs from Nigeria. You and I know how the system here works as regards management in all levels. Trust me, I always worry when a Nigerian is In charge of our teams( especially the Eagles) not for anything but because I know they would crack under their corrupt and inept tendencies, they just can’t help themselves. The last days of Keshi proves it. And the self destruct nature of Oliseh further drives this point. Not to talk of Aigbogun, Imama etc. They all falter somehow.

        It is never about race.
        It Is about getting the best for the Eagles.
        And I assure you, the best coaches prefer managing clubsides. Even if they are free, how many would want to come to Africa not to talk of Nigeria with her infamous ways of nefarious management. We must understand Africa is between the devil and the blue sea, mostly caused by herself. So we should try to make the best of what life throws at us with all reasonabality. After all, if life gives you lemon , you make lemonade.

        • Dr Drey 8 months ago

          He didnt do probability is school. Lolz. put 200 red balls in a bowl and 5 blue balls in the same bowl and the laws of probabilities tells you which one will be picked first. The fact remains there are more white footballers out there playing at the top level than blacks, similarly there are more of those white footballers who go further to become coaches even while still playing than blacks who would only remember coaching years after they have squandered all they made in their playing days. Already the ones who started while still playing have an edge and will be picked ahead of the ones that spent 6 yrs at home before waking up to think of becoming one.
          Just like you said, the blacks who have been engaged so far, were they white when they were engaged…? After being engaged, to what degree of consistency have they maintained their performances…? Gullit won FA cup with Chelsea, Rijkaard won UCL with Barca…..after that what next…???
          We talk about Belmadi and Cisse today….who knew belmadi when he packed his CV and went to start coaching in Qatar…?? Who knew Cisse when he went to start coaching in the 4th division in france…? Both of them had 8-10 years experience before been given their national teams to handle. But our own want to start their own coaching careers with a job in the SE. How many of them have 8 years plus experience. How many of them have CVs that are better than the one this dumb Rohr brought to Nigeria in 2016. Our ex internationals walk around with empty CVs and expect to get favors from NFF…most times they dont even sign contracts sef….LMAO. White man will come, sign contract and put binding clauses in it and some racist educated illiterates will complain they are treated better, why wont they be treated better when every thing has already been put down in black and white even before they assumed the job…? Of all of the I still respect Amuneke the most…..he came to Nigerian league, humbled himself and started with Nitel abi na Bridge boys sef in Div 1, humbled himself and started as asst coach of U17s. I heard Finidi said he is too big to be asst coach of U17 hence lost the job to Amoo. This is a finidi that has never even coached an U20 team in Europe for 1 season o. Must you start your coaching career in Europe…? There are 20 teams in NPFL our ex internationals cannot coach any of them. Their eyes is on the SE job. Who will give you job anywhere with an empty CV….you think they care about sentiments in other parts of the world like we do in Africa/Nigeria….? LMAO.
          If you are good, if you are an achiever, if you have pedigree, if you have a profile, they will come for you. The current Alhaly coach is a Black man….the 1st time Alahly will ever employ a black man as coach. But before now he has won the league in him homeland 5 times, he has won the CAF CL once, gotten to the finals and semifinals 3 or 4 times. Why wont teams from outside SA come for him…? If he wins the CAF CL like 2 or 3 times with ALhaly and then wins the club world cup 1ce or 2ce, you thing they will not come for him from Europe…???
          How many of such black coaches do we have who have bulit their careers to such heights and have such pedigree. Our own Eddie Newton started as youth coach in chelsea, today he is leading Trabzonspor, If he win the turkish league like 3 times on the trot and then gets to the final of Europa league of even wins it, do you thing bigger teams will not come for him…?
          But some people sit down in their sitting rooms, supported by shallow minded racist cry-babies and expect favours to be thrown at them and when they dont get it bcos they dont have anything on their CVs or no pedigree they quickly throw the race card to wip up sentiments. Make dem continue.

          • JimmyBall 8 months ago

            When I say black I mean even those who are citizens of European countries… The problem is naked in England… Sol Campbell remains one of the best defenders England ever produced… He did his badges up to UEFA pro and was ignored for countless coaching jobs in his native England. He said blacks are regarded high enough to manage teams in England even the lower leagues. Go to YouTube and watch Sol Campbell interview and documentary specially on the subject. On the home front… Mutiu Adepoju, Finidi George, Amuneke, and Sunday Oliseh all have UEFA Pro license. Some seasons ago a blackman coach of PSG at the time, I think Stambouli or so was humiliated out of PSG… allnof a sudden they say he did not fit. That one incident was a clear case of looking down in someone just for colour… @Dr.Drey… despite the Argument you want to make just know that even in the eyes of Europeans native Blacj Africans no dey same level with Africans of European nationality.

          • Dr Drey 8 months ago

            So if they dont “give” you job in England, they wont give you job anywhere else across the world abi…? Eddie Newton that stooped low to be youth coach 1st and then asst coach at Chelsea before taking his trade to Turkey is white ehn kwa…? Thierry henry has taken his own trade to the MLS. Campbell retired from football in 2011 but his 1s managerial job of any sort was in 2017 as trinidad and tobago asst manager. Pls what was he doing for 6 years. But a certain Scott parker for example was still a Tottenham player when he started his UEFA B training and was assisting with the U18s, even while still playing. He transferred to Fulham as a player and was also assisting at Fulham academy, while still playing too. By the time he retired from football in 2017, he already had about 3-4 years coaching experience and was almost done with his UEFA A license. If you are a club Director who would you appoint between the two without looking at their colour…? Anybody who sits at home and throw the race card is just pure lazy. Kombouaré was a disaster at PSG, Tigana was a disaster at Fulham, Oliseh was a disaster in the SE and went to Holland when given a 2nd chance to start physically assaulting his players and assistants. Mutiu was a disaster at 3sc too. Finidi does not even have a UEFA A licence yet….his highest coaching experience so far is a 3 month internship with an U20 side in Holland. You dont blow your chance when you get it knowing fully well it is a rare opportunity. By the way white coaches also get fired when the screw-up. White coaches also get fired when their teams are relegated. White coaches also get fired when their teams underperformed. The black coaches were hired to replace whites in the first instance and they weren’t white when they were hired….they were black….but still got hired. If nobody wants to give them jobs bcos of their colour why where they then hired ab initio…?

            And when you cant get a job in europe what does your sense tell you…? White coaches are sensible enough to come to Africa even with the very terrible environment in africa when they dont get jobs in Europe, but black coaches are too arrogant to come to Africa when they dont get jobs in Europe. Belmadi started from Qatar, Cisse started from 4th division in France. Reinhard started with one club in Rwanda or so. A certain Milutin Sredojevic who is now coach of Zambia or so started with one club in Uganda or Kenya or somewhere in east africa. The current coach of Zimbabwe started with a club in Kenyan league, Uganda’s current coach started with one academy in Ghana or so, current coach of Zimbabwe Logarusic started with one club like thats in Ghana when he 1st came to africa……he later moved to sofopaka or so in Kenya. I still remember in in the kenyan league then as the one who smashes his board on the groud when his team scores. Today he is coaching Zimbabwe and we all saw how inexperience was the only difference btw Zimbabwe and Algeria in this last qualifiers….b4 you know know all these guys who are coaching the small teams now will be contesting the AFCON final with big teams. Current CIV coach was Renhard’s assistant in Zambia. Rohr has a Tunisian assistant who has been apprenticing with him for almost 10 years now…..but the time the guy becomes Tunisia coach and leads them to AFCON win with all the expereince he has gathered under this clueless rohr, you guys will be praising him as if he came out of the blues…I can go on and on. But our own Ex internationals and black guys are too big and arrogant to be an assistant/assistants. They want the top jobs now now now….today today….even with empty CVs. The black guys want to rise from no where and start rubbing shoulders with Klopp and Guadiola all of a sudden. I wish them good luck. If they dont give you jobs in England sit down there….dont go to turkey or Romania or , finland, or poland or Belarus or Bulgaria or Northern Ireland. If they dont giv you job in europe sidon in your parlour and be crying….dont pack your loads and go to Africa, asia, middle east or MLS.

      • Proudly 9ja 8 months ago

        I told myself I won’t talk about the firing or not firing of the coach anymore, if tge NFF think they are justified for firing him, they should go right ahead. The SE is bigger than any coach or person or player. Dem say “soldier go barrack stays”. We are all fans of the SE 1st and foremost. @Jimmyball u made a valid point about black coaches coaching European clubs, I will disagree with u slightly, there are lots of black coaches coaching NFL teams (American football), coaching NBA teams (badketball) etc. I know these sports are not football and this is the US and not Europe, I get that. The truth is how many black coaches have the UEFA PRO coaching license? Don’t get me wrong ooo, I know there are some but is it up to 5% when compared to their European counterparts? Then of these 5%, how many are Africans, that some here are calling for? I am not sure other than Amuneke and Egbo if any nigerian has the UEFA PRO license (I could be wrong). Yobo played for Everton for a long time, same with Aiyegbeni (maybe he chooses not to go into coachin) but they are in the unique position to not only obtain their coaching badges but for playing for Everton for that many years it would have been relatively easy to join the coaching staff of Everton even if its to start with their academy team. Kolo Toure is doing this, he was with Rodgers in celtics and now with Leicester, it won’t surprise me if after Aliou Cisse term is finished they cone knocking on Toures door. He could even pick up a championship team to coach and I won’t be surprised. I blif if you show you meet the requirements and explain your football philosophy and how you can add value to the club or team, you will be given a shot. The truth is some of our African brothers don’t do their part, they are only hoping to land a coaching job in africa, some think like you just said that how many black coaches coach European clubs, that’s a defeatist attitude. I know most 9ja and Africans working as expatriates in Europe, Asia, Middle East, etc bcos of dia credentials and values they add to organization. Some 9ja ex players think after football they either start an academy or get into punditry without trying something different. Egbo did it, Emanalo is doing it, Kolo is doing it, these are examples others should follow. You are also right that some of the Europeans coaching African teams won’t get a clubside in Europe’s premier league teams. They are average at best but the difference is that most of these average coaches have tge UEFA pro license or something adequate that our indigenous coaches don’t have. Have u guys noticed that the criteria that Pinnick and his NFF use in appointing local coaches for the SE are that tge person has to be an ex international and they are pundits for supersports? Oliseh, Yobo, even Keshi all fit the bill. Oliseh and Yobos appointment confirms it. If the Sports minister and NFF want to help our sports, there are coaching course online that they can have our indigenous coaches take to acquire the relevant licenses. You don’t have to be physically in Europe or America to attend these courses and these are courses from reputable organizations not dagbo. To obtain a UEFA Pro license takes 2 years after passing the UEFA pro A & B licenses. This is how to be proactive in helping develop coaches. Same can be done for our referees, here the sports ministry and NFF can subsidize the registration fees as things are hard for some coaches. The various clubs should also buy in as well, this way a criteria for coaching league clubs can be set and maintained. Just a thought tho.

        • Dr Drey 8 months ago

          I support your motion 100%. More over, There was a time when it was unheard of for a black player to play for a top club in Europe, it took some determined ones to break that jinx. Now black players even captain clubs and national teams in Europe. In this age, the paradigm has shifted to it is impossible for a black man to coach in Europe, but some serious and determined ones are also working to break that jinx too. The few ones who are there now only need to show they are truly better, the way black professional footballer pioneers showed they are as good or better than their white counterparts back then, for more black coaches to get opportunities….and we also need to progressively increase the number of black coaches with requisite qualification and experience in the pool. We need to drop sentiments aside. Westerners dont work with sentiments. Patrick Viera has been with Nice now for a few years, but we havent seen much, whereas teams like Rennes, Lille, Nantes have been making progress….let Viera lead Nice to the UCL and see if he too will not move up his coaching ladder. If there are black professionals hitting it big in the west in other professions why wont we have black coaches, if they show they truly have what it takes. The journey to the top is never going to be smooth. Nobody will hand you favours ….you just have to dust everyone else contending with you…thats it…!

    • Dr Drey 8 months ago

      Hahahahaha @ UBFE…im telling you. Rohr has made them used to winning so much so that a draw is now like a loss to them. In the days of our Guardiola, 2 consecutive draws would have knocked us to 3rd position or last in the group….LMAO we will now be chasing best looser spot and be praying that Wikki tourists should help us beat Germany away from home while Los Angeles lakers should hold Juventus to a draw so that we can qualify. Even that best looser spot we will eventually not get it. But under Rohr we played 2 consecutive draws and e nor even shake our position for the table….LMAO. They want to go and bring 2 coaches who join head together yet na only 30% win ratio them get from AFCON defending champions….LMAO whereas our dumb coach get 56% win ratio with team wey e pick from refuse dump….dem come lie give us say na bcos Cameroon nor get talent…LMAO.

  • Dr Banks 8 months ago

    Well, Pinnick has spoken as copied below from Soccernet:
    However, Pinnick insists “Nigeria can’t afford to sack the German right now given he just signed a new two-year deal in May”. “We cannot afford to sack Gernot Rohr, We cannot,” Pinnick said in an interview with NTA.

    So i guess all of you Anti-Rohr can shut up for now and support the team to succeed

    • Dr Drey 8 months ago

      If it pains them so much, they can contribute money to pay Rohr off. One of them has always been bragging on this forum of how he is living a comfortable life….LMAO. it is time to show how much of a comfortable life he is living now…..LMAO

    • Proudly 9ja 8 months ago

      @Dr Banks, I said it before that NFF didn’t have the balls to it. NFF officials don already share moni wen for dey as contingency plan in cases like dis. So now that that case it done and over with. GR needs to step up his game ooo. He must learn to always remind his team that soccer isn’t a 45 mins affair, the players fitness, psychology, mental strength, attitude towards games has to be improved. He denand clean sheets in games, curbing us conceding goals from set piece has to be paramount, holding on to leads against any team (big or small) should be the norm, devising strategies for using our own set pieces to score goals should be worked on. Not all set pieces should be shooting at goal, some cases could even require 3-4 people touching the ball b4 it ends in the net. If he doesn’t know, he can Google soccer freekicks and corner kicks treats. In basketball and American football, there are trick plays that coaches in these sports use to score. GR should learn to device those strategies and use them to our advantage. Another strategic area GR should look into is how to get opposing team players red carded in games to have a numerical advantage. For example, if I know I have an opposing player with a yellow card and I have a player that is very crafty in dribbling or speed, I will send my crafty player to attack that defender and also leave a rrailing leg for the guy to hack incase, if that happens another yellow card equals a red. These are strategies smart coaches employ. Guys some of the things we discuss here are things people in the technical department (if bad belle no dey) of NFF should be pointing out to GR as areas improvement is required. These are things than can be measured and then assessed if progress has been made or not. Question, who takes statistics of game for our teams? Remember how we dropped points against algeria for playing shehu who was not supposed to play that match due to cumulated number of yellows? These are areas people in the NFF needs to address and not only for the SE but for all the other cadet teams too. Just a thought

      • Dr Banks 8 months ago

        Thank you my brother @Proudly 9ja, constructive criticism like this is what we need for our dear SE. It’s not always productive sacking a coach anytime there’s a bleep in performance. The prudent thing to do is to assess and analyse the situation and come up with a workable solution in fixing the problem. I strongly believe that if NFF is a progressive organisation, they will swing into action by redeploying Yobo to one of the Age group teams to learn the ropes from there, then appoint Amunike to assist Rohr, Egbo to come in as Goalkeeper coach. Do proper Administrative duties by ensuring we have all amenities available such as ensuring a permanent home ground for SE with Pristine soccer pitches that will enable free flowing soccer to the admiration of us all. These players plays and train on excellent pitches in their clubs, when they come to Nigeria for matches, they should be able to feel at home on our pitches for a favourable outcome

        • Proudly 9ja 8 months ago

          My brother well said. Just to add to your point, since CAF like NFF are bereft of ideas, what our NFF and sports ministry should do is, scout the stadia across Africa to have a sense of the kinds of stadia most countries have, then replicate some of these stadia and then train on these type of fields b4 playing against them in dia similar field. Just imagine b4 playing in that Siaka Steven’s stadium in SL, the SE had trained in something similar in 9ja b4 going to SL, we would have gotten a little used to that type of pitch. I think SE belongs to all 9ja, so having all the SE matches played in Uyo isn’t exactly fair to other parts of the country. Don’t get me wrong ooo I blif for now the uyo stadium should be our national stadium until the Lagos and Abuja stadia is completely renovated. But people in the north, South, west and Eastern regions of Nigeria should be able to see their soccer stars. That’s a good way of improving the brand and show as well as inspire young kids from all regions in Nigeria. BUT, and that’s a big BUT, individual state FAs in conjunction with NFF and sports ministry should work to ensure that all the stadia in Nigeria in terms of playing surface meets or surpasses that of Uyo or those stadia in North Africa and SA. That way when a soccer game is played in any stadium in Nigeria, the playing surface won’t be a reason people use as excuse for the team not performing since a standard must have been met b4 a game involving SE can play in any stadia friendly or actual competitive game. Just a thought.

  • lanre 8 months ago

    @drey….the funny thing was that i sarcastically mentioned clarence seedorf nd co to them nd they immediately jump at it,that he was FAR FAR BETTER in fact haters have serious issue,once they cant have their way with you they discard you nd prefer any other people,Barabas the armed robber was prefered for amnesty instead of Jesus the christ……world of darkness indeed

    • Dr Drey 8 months ago

      Hahahhaha….they are blinded by hatred and racism….LMAO. Seedorf and Kluivert are also black, so even if they were woeful as Cameroon coaches with 30% win ratio after inheriting African champions, they are FAR better in the eyes of these town criers than Rohr who even at a point had %60 win ratio despite inheriting a team that couldn’t finish as best place 2nd team in ordinary AFCON qualifying group back to back….LMAO

  • pompei 8 months ago

    Edoguy, I was accused of insulting Benin when I said the Ogbe stadium pitch was bad. If you don’t like what I said, feel free to embark on a hunger strike. It won’t change my opinion that on 11/13/2020, the Ogbe stadium pitch was not fit to host an international football match.
    It seems like you struggle comprehending simple English. How else can you accuse me of saying Benin people are Yoruba people? Where in my post did I ever say that?
    I said the Benin kingdom used to be a Yoruba kingdom. And the link I posted backs up what I said.
    Haba! Is it by force that you should even respond to my comment? If I said Benin people are Yoruba, or even Italian, how dat one take concern you? Even if I’m wrong, I’m entitled to my own opinions and set of beliefs. Why insult and harass me because I have opinions that differ from yours?
    If you have an issue with this, why not take it up with the authors of the article in the link I posted? You speak as if Benin has always existed from the begin of humanity. Most if not all of Nigerian tribes came from ancient civilizations that were not originally based in the geographical location known as Nigeria today.
    The original name of UBINI was mentioned in the link I posted. So you’ve not said anything new.
    You said I should leave you out of our Yoruba rubbish. Are you a racist bigot? What have I said that makes you refer to the entire Yoruba race has rubbish? Are you well at all? Why is your ego so bloated? For me, all your insults should find their way BACK TO SENDER.
    Back to football, as much as I love Benin culture and food (I’m a huge fan of starch and groundnut soup), I can’t give Ogbe stadium a pass mark, based on the pitch quality on 11/13/2020.
    It would be great for the authorities to revive a maintenance culture, and take steps to restore Ogbe stadium to the level that was good enough to receive Fifa’s approval.