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Aiyegbeni Visits Flying Eagles In Camp, Backs Team To Win U-20 World Cup

Aiyegbeni Visits Flying Eagles In Camp, Backs Team To Win U-20 World Cup

Former Super Eagles striker Yakubu Aiyegbeni is upbeat that the Flying Eagles can win the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup finals in Poland, reports Completesports.com.

The former Everton striker paid a visit to the team’s training camp in Germany and was pleased with the perfect blend of home-based and overseas-based players in the squad.

“I have played in the youth sides for Nigeria and I know what it means to these young lads (the Flying Eagles) to represent their country, ” Aiyegbeni said in a media statement made available to Completesports.com by the Communications department of the Nigeria Football Federation.

“It was a pleasure to come here and speak with the boys and also encourage them to go all out and do the country proud.

“I am happy with what I’ve seen in training and I urge them not to rest on their oars. They have the quality to do the country proud.

“The blend is good and I hope the boys will bond well before the tournament starts. The technical crew has done well with what I’ve seen and I believe Nigeria will go far in the competition.

“I urge them to win the Cup to celebrate President Buhari’s victory in the last elections.”

Aiyegbaeni, a former Everton and Portsmouth striker, is also happy to reunite with his former teammate Wilson Oruma who is the welfare officer of the team.

“I am also very happy to meet Wilson (Oruma). He’s my former teammate and brother, and it is nice seeing him today. I wish the team all the best in Poland and hopefully, they win the trophy for the first time.”

The Flying Eagles will take on Saudi Arabia U-20′ on Sunday, 5th May in their second preparatory game after drawing 3-3 with SC Freiburg U-19s in their first test game in Germany.

They will face USA, Ukraine, and Qatar in the Group B of the competition which holda from May 23 to June 15 2019.

By Johnny Edward

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  • ***please young folks read and digest this.
    Copy and share to your whatsap and Facebook groups.
    Let the black race wake up.
    Life is more than SPORTS.


    *The brutal words of “Richard Smith”, famous British guitarist, during an interview …*


    *I have been asked many times what I think of Africans, here is what I think of Africans, without language and without taboos.*

    *They sell everything to the highest bidder, even the land. Then they poison themselves with everything that is edible.*

    *”I am not racist because I do not believe for a single second that I am superior to a Black man”.*
    *The difference with them is that, “we think of our descendants”, we are calculators, we protect our interests and we’ll kill for that if need be”*.

    *”We are not emotional, we have passed this stage”. If the Lion has pity on the Gazelle, it is he who will die of hunger. “They have lions at home, but they do not understand the laws of nature”!!!.*

    *”For everything, they confide in Superstition and Religion”.*
    *The difference between the others and Blacks is, “while others reflect, Blacks do not think, they do not use their intellectual capacity and very few Blacks are analytical”.*

    *And when a few Black people pierce through, we admit them to our side or eliminate them in one way or another, most often, with the hand of other Blacks.*

    *”We brought them our God and continuously invent fuzzy concepts to confuse them more”.*

    *In a hundred years, their descendants will be more slaves than they are now!!!*
    *”They are already more unhappy than the generation of their parents”, and they naively believe that numbers will be their strength.*

    *”Just watch how they drown at sea to come here”. We conquered them with a few tens of ours and the active help of theirs.*(Blacks selling their own for FAKE JOBS/PROSTITUTION)

    *We forced them to speak and write in our languages!!!..they even judge each other by how much one can speak like us*
    *We will control their descendants more than we control them right now.*
    (Happening already!)

    *Other people understood our game, (like the Chinese, Indians, Koreans,etc.) they started to use the same technical knowledge as us to protect and dissuade, but the Blacks did not understand anything.*

    *”I’m sorry to be so brutal in my franchise. Nothing personal, I’m just plain.”*

    (Richard Smith)

    If you have ever read please re read and reflect

  • Mr Hush 2 years ago


    It is good you posted this on here,so you can as well acquire knowledge.
    You putting this on here,means you totally believe in Richard Smith’s narrative.you believe that he spoke all these with all sincerity?
    But forgive me to lecture you on what I know; after all,
    I think Knowledge goes beyond skin colour or age.and knowledge is a continuous process.

    1.Richard Smith is just one man,and no matter what he knows,he can’t say he fully understands the full mind of the black man.cause man as it is,is a complex being and placing complexity in one box is showing ignorance..
    So in this sense.Richard is ignorant.
    2. The West ,which covers the white race which Richard belongs to,also sells their land to the highest bidder.to the extent,that multi culturalism is the norm right now in Europe , Canada, Australia.so I don’t understand how that is a black problem.last I checked,the West are strong in capitalism,and capitalism is all about the free market,with the highest bidder having his way.
    So how is that a good thing for the White,but terrible for the blacks?
    3. If very few blacks are analytical,that means blacks do think.it doesn’t take many to change a system,it only takes a few to guide the many.it is just simple analogy Mr Smith should understand.it is unfair,but that’s what life is..not every one is born a leader.there can only be a few.and it cut across all races.
    The few leads the many.
    And Mr Smith went on to say how far the Whites goes to admit the few blacks that are analytical.or in other words, eliminate them.
    But this is after he said,blacks don’t think.
    Can you see the irony in that!

    4. What God did they bring to the black race? Cause the last I checked Jesus,the founder of Christianity,is Semitic;Ancient Semites aren’t really White.
    Is like calling the Arabs,Ethiopians, White! Whites are Caucasians not Semitic.
    It is a total different race.
    Christianity was spread from Judea to Europe by the Romans,who are white,then from Europe to Africa.
    So I guess the White world was played too by a ‘concept’ invented by the Semites!.
    I think Mr Smith needs to read his history more..

    5. If he thinks in hundreds years black descendants would be slaves ,then he must understand that life doesn’t really work that way.
    Yes you can predict based on probables,but we should know,the only thing constant in life is change.
    Life has always thought us that.
    Before the US,there was the British empire,before that,there was holy Roman empire,before that,there was the Ottoman empire,before that ,the Islamic empires,before that, the Roman empire,before that,the Mongols,the Greeks,before that,the Persians,the Babylonians, Egyptians,Chinese,you can go on and on .
    What it means,someone was a slave before he became a super power.
    There can only be some few leaders,but no one ever know tomorrow..

    6 .why can’t numbers be strength?
    Things happen as you want it to be.
    You just have to used it to your advantage.

    7.and how do you think it is bad to learn your language?
    Why don’t you think it is an advantage for the blacks!
    After all,they speak theirs,and now they can speak yours ..
    Can you speak theirs?or yeah..
    You don’t care.
    But no one cared to learn the Chinese,cause in the past,you never saw them coming.
    You gave this same speech about them.
    But now,you are all jostling to learn Mandarin..
    All rushing to move to China.no matter the cost.
    And why is that?

    Sometimes you learn ,to beat the teacher at his game.
    And tomorrow,the student can the master …

    Mr Smith should know;culture moves with time.it is never stagnant.
    What’s language today,might be gone tomorrow.
    What matters is the understanding.as long there is communication.we are good ..

    8. The Asians have always understood your game.
    They have always been around.even when the West,your world,was in the dark ages,they were already established.i think,if Mr Smith has read his history,he would have known this.
    The Asians have always chosen to remain Homogeneous,cause they don’t have that much greed as the West.
    Yes,if they have learned something from you,it is greed.
    And we see what greed has caused the world..
    You have your world,the West, imploding,Brexit,far right growing,EU almost falling apart,and high rate of terrorism and civil wars .
    Yes.the West might seem happy.but pain is right there in the front door….

    Mr Smith claims he isn’t a racist ,but his speech was written with so much venom,that only a racist can write such propaganda.

    The black world is far behind in terms of development,but we aren’t stupid.
    We got intelligent people.
    And we have proven it.
    We just need to get our acts together and get the dumb ones filled with greed ruling us,out of power.so the right one leads..
    It can be done . cause some of us are already working towards getting it done

    Mr Smith words are taken.
    But only with a pinch of salt….

    Now let’s go back relaxing, reading sports,.

    • Kenny 2 years ago

      What a powerful write-up @ Mr Hush. Oh!! Thank you for being among those who still believe Africa shall be great someday. Your write-up lightened the saddened and sorrowful eyes that first read the so-called Racist in the name of Mr Smith.

    • God bless you, Mr hush for this reply.

      • Glory 2 years ago

        @Hush, I applaud your write up. It expanded on what I tried to say but for lack of time. Very proud of your level of intelligence. Anyone buying into that sick write up from Richard Smith is only playing into his hand. NO WHITE PERSON WILL TELL THE Truth, AS HE THINKS HE IS DOING FOR THE GOOD OF THE BLACK RACE AS AGAINST THE WEST. While reading through his piece, I was expecting to read him, saying they the West, are getting the black race to accept GAY marriage as normal even when it’s evil and geared into controlling population explosion in d long run and that we the black race are foolishly buying into it. But I have read his write up over time, yet couldnt find that. I strongly think the theme of his write up is to destroy our faith in God. They see our believe in God as the biggest obstacle to championing their world wide campaign for Gay marriage. THE FACT IS THE BIGGEST THREAT TO WORLD GOVERNMENT IS POPULATION EXPLOSION HENCE THIS SATANIC CAMPAIGN FOR LEGALISATION Of GAY MARRIAGE. THEY ARE INTRODUCING THIS TO SCHOOLS, RIGHT FROM NURSERY IN THE UK. Even some our players because of their straight orientation are suffering marginalisation in their clubs,not getting game time simply because they refused to be “good team player” ( Join up in gay conversation n participating in gay parties). Almost everywhere you go now to work in the UK, they try to codedly bully you into joining in that sick gay conversation and when you politely tell them you believe in God’s word n way and not will never be interested in such conversations, their eyes go blood red. they hate you, lie against you n go on telling almost everyone, you are not a team player. They do every thing to get rid of you.

  • Glory 2 years ago

    This is just some satanic piece smartly written to get black people to stop believing in God. It’s coming from d pit of hell. Same tactics they used to deceive our forefathers is what this idiot thinks he is gonna USE to deceive the black race again. The game is use some very valid points to win their trust n destroy them with the twisted facts. Despite all their wickedness towards black people, they ve got all sophisticated technology, food everywhere but you only need to get closer them to see they are the most unhappy sets of humans. England for example is a country where sadism reign supreme. They enjoy seeing people suffering as that become their topic for evening meet in pub without which they become some very miserable lots. They ve got free medic but some of the strangest kinds of sicknesses n diseases, Everyday has become a story of someone committing suicide or 9 Yr old stabbing 6year. Or father wakes up stab 6year old daughter multiple times or mum being raped at bed time by druggy son. They used the good fact of Bible to soften us n penetrated everything good about us after winning our trust with the good fact. But that doesn’t mean that the good fact isn’t a fact. Just like d case of Esau n Jacob. Now this idiot wants to come use another good facts that is how we are being manipulated through learning their economy, method of doing THINGS n also how they use our own to destroy us n more also how they do everything they can to kill those amongst us that try liberate the rest, to get us to stop believing in God which has being our strongest point that despite all their evil the black race is still getting on stronger n stronger. This is what infuriate the white man d most. Their eyes turn blood red when they see a black man doing well n happy that they cant fathom how. EVIL AS THEY ARE, THEY KNOW THEY CAN ONLY COMPLETELY BREAK A BLACK MAN BY GETTING HIM NOT TO BELIEVE IN GOD. WE BELIEVE IN GOD BEFORE THEY CAME N JESUS DIDN’T COME EUROPE.

  • Glory 2 years ago

    Written in a hurry after reading that piece of rubbish. I have come to know these whites very well n their manipulating tricks. Saddly we have truly being locked in some of it but it’s satisfying to know.

  • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

    Ighalo senior I greet you but old leave our body a lot they don’t need your lecture on how to miss the net?

    • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

      CS Don kill me… edit pls
      Ighalo senior I greet you but pls leave our national team alone they don’t need your lecture on how to miss the net.

      • Ralph Palmer 2 years ago

        ” Leave our National Team alone?” Sorry, Bro whose National Team? YAK is a bonafide Nigeria to the core, at least he represented his country in his playing days and he’s very good at what he does, one of the best strikers for this country, Bro, what have you done for your so-called country?

        YAK played for record 15 professional football clubs with 428 Matches and 172 goals.

        With 57 games for Nigeria and 21 goals

        YAK was the first African to score a UEFA Champions League hat-trick.

        YAK is the highest Nigerian goalscorer in the Premier League (95 goals).

        YAK is 3rd highest-scoring African in the Premier League with 95 goals, behind Togolese Emmanuel Adebayor, 97 goals and Ivorian Didier Drogba, 114 goals.

        YAK has the most Premier League hat-tricks for an African player (4).

        YAK is one of 2 African players to score four goals in a single Premier League match.

        YAK is one of the three teenagers to have scored a hattrick in the UEFA Champions League [Maccabi Haifa vs Olympiakos] 2002, alongside Raul Gonzalez and Wayne Rooney.

        YAK is Nigeria’s third highest goalscorer in history with 21 goals with 57 caps behind Rashidi Yekini, 37 and Segun Odegbami, 22.

        And you wanna run your mouth and talk crap about him just because he missed some goals? even world best players miss goals and YAK world cup miss is nowhere near the worst you go and check and you`ll confirm.

        Criticism is a vital part of the game but only when you apply it with common sense.

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    @Chima E Samuels, funny you bro lol. At least he’s a Nigerian and he has a right to visit the team. Don’t compared Ighalo to Aiyegbeni. Yak is a good finisher while Ighalo is not in his class. Forget about the kick he missed in South Africa 2010.

    So therefore, We have no choice, we just have to forgive both Aiyegbeni and Ighalo which I did but coach Rohr doesn’t know how to use Ighalo I my own opinion. He should be given Ighalo 20 to 25 minutes in every match In Egypt and you will see new Ighalo. That will bring the best out of him because he deserves more than that but truth is hurt. I rest my case lol. Happy weekend my people. God bless us all. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Edoman. 2 years ago

    Folks, if you read Smith article, you must read Mr. Hush’s response.

    l an American but born in Benin City, Nigeria . l am proud to call myself a Nigerian.
    Americans viewed England as a Under-developing World.

    America control England and all its interjectory. Let me say it again, to an American, England is a Colony. If we cough, England will catch Cold. l hope you saw how Donald Trump deliberately allowed the Queen to wait on him for 20 minutes or so during his last visit. What does that tell you, superiority . Trump will be back there soon.
    An average guy here in US, is a big man over in England. You see the Americans in U.K. Trains or in the Buses or in the Hotels and in everywhere in the big Cities. They let you that they are Americans. Most effective textbooks that are used in most of the U.K. Universities are by American authors. That is where, perhaps, the inferiority complexes of the British people are coming from. Folks here in New York City can sight an English JJC from the distant because of the way they dress, the color of their skin and their girls hair make-up, even their teeth and so on.
    IF smith IS SAYING that an Englishman is superior to Nigerians because we speck their language, that is exactly what we Americans are saying all the time that, the English people are inherently inferiors to an American. The British democracy is out molded. That is why it is now in a luck- jam and can not be able to correct itself because there is no Constitution to refer to at a time like they are now. The Queen is only human.

    The British people are always on the move because their Homeland is barren and full of contradictions. They emigrate to US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and that might have be the reason why they can not understand when other Nationals come to Britain to live. There are far more British people in Europe than the other way round yet, they still complain about the Polish folks. Now, as the very Polish petty traders are moving out, it is creating vacant lots all over London and other places. The Economics are in shamble. Major Banks have since exited with their money shift to Europe main-land.
    To an Americans, the British people are lazy, stupid, poor in resources, mean in character and so naïve. The British social mobility is extremely slow and always contracting and that is what is always creating the vicious circle that is predetermined, very often, their social status even before they are born.
    The British ruled India for one hundred and fifty years until Mr. Gandy came along from South Africa to drive them out immediately after the second World War which we, the Americans, fought hard and died for . Now, the British are far below India and China per every perimeter measurable, that is why you hear people like Smith praising India and others now that they are stronger than the British. The British ruled America yet,
    America came along to surpassed them. Nigeria will get there, it may take time. 50 years is a very little time in a life of a Nation. Only civil war can pull a Nation backward, otherwise we as a people, will get to the promise land.
    Thank you Mr. Hush for your smart rebuttal. May God Bless my Homeland, Nigeria.

  • Happy at last people are responding to this article.
    For the avoidance of doubt, I don’t believe everything he said, As a Christian I don’t even believe everything the preachers or priests say.

    But for goodness sake, the man said Africans are not Analytical, yet we can analyze soccer here.

    Why don’t young people analyze politics and Economics passionately like we do soccer?
    When the pastor says ” I see hundred millionaires and billionaires, receive it” why don’t anybody ask how?

    Why are criminals celebrated.

    Political criminals, Yahooo criminals etc.

    I felt insulted by Mr. Richards or whatever his name is, but you cant discount the fact that we are too simplistic.
    and care less about things we should care more about.

    • Glory 2 years ago

      @ CJ Very well said, celebrating criminals n materialism is one of his very valid point. Also dogmatic Christianity which is at variance with JEHOVAH God saying in Isaiah 1:8 “come now and let us reason together” is another valid point. There is no excuse for ignorance. An honest believer of truth can never be deceived because truth is same as being selfless(putting justice first before self).

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    @Edoman, I agreed mostly  with what you said, but bro I disagree with you saying Nigeria will get there, Nigeria will never gets there with barbarians Hausa/ Fulani Muslims calling the shots. For Nigeria to reach is full potential that country needs adopt regionalism.We can continue to lie to ourselves or continue to pretend, but Nigeria is already a failed state, So Mr Smith May be right to some extend. This year Afcon will be very explosive we need our best legs to be in Egypt.

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      @Sunnyb. I significantly disagree with you that Nigeria is a failed state. It is only people that are stucked abroad or doesn’t visit home quite often that will call Nigeria a failed state. As far as I know and I’ve known, Nigeria is a very important social political economy to the entire world. If I’m not mistaken I think we remain the best economy in Africa as we speak. Obviously, the wealth may not circulate however, there are various new found wealth by people who are creative enough to harness them. I’m a beneficiary to that and I’m proud that at least I’m creating employment opportunities for my people. 

      Of course Barbarians and Hausas are currently calling the shots because they are not allowing the corrupt Yamris and Igbos who are not scared to sell their families for money to drag down our beloved country. Was it not the same Yamris that were calling the shots in the previous regime? I was in a luncheon in NYC in 2014, bros you need to see how Goodluck Jonathan and his cohorts were lavishing bundles of dollars. Throwing bundles of Benjamins ($100 notes in bundles) to the performing artist. Which means they’re only interested in embezzling money. 

      How can we adopt regionalism? Do you think the Igbos or the Yamris will benefit from regionalism? The Amalgamation was for our own good. By the way how does Mr. Smith article correlate with our AFCON selection? The coach is already visiting his players in Europe. I’m sure he will select the best there is. Even if he selects both Ronaldo and Messi that doesn’t guarantee us winning the AFCON. There are numerous factors that can aid a team to a major championship. Keshis team in 2013 are not as talented as the current SuperEagles. It’s just the Africa Cup of Nations Not the FIFA WorldCup. A semi final appearance is definitely an achievement for me and I’m sure most Nigerians will take that. 

      • greenturf 2 years ago

        Aphyillydegreat my bruh,i respect you so much but was let down the way you disrespected the Igbos.As a Igbo man i felt bad reading your post i think is time we started seeing each other as one in Nigeria.
        Sectionalism can only take us backward.

        • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

          greenturf. My bro I respect the igbos a lot because they’re creative and ambitious. Corruption can go both ways not just the Hausas or the Yorubas. Labeling the country a failed state because Hausas are ruling is like loosing touch with reality in my opinion. As long as a Yoruba man or a Igbo man or an Hausa man is the president it doesn’t matter to me. The truth is that throughout Nigeria’s young history every major tribe have got their chances to rule the country. 

  • Mr Hush 2 years ago

    @sunny b

    I respect your point.
    And I share your disdain.
    No one is calling Nigeria a paradise.
    And No one is totally deranged enough to think Nigeria is going to get there with the way things are being ran.

    But to outrightly say Nigeria would never get there,is really far fetched.
    To say Nigeria is a failed state,then you really don’t know what a failed state is.

    1.The first way to solve a problem is accepting you have a problem.

    We all know we have a problem in Nigeria.
    We might not agree what’s the problem or what stage the problem has gotten to,but we all agree that there is a problem.
    So in that regard,I don’t think we are lying to ourselves,cause as stated,we agree we have a problem.

    Talking Everytime about your problem,doesn’t solve that problem .
    Being rude talking about your problem,wouldn’t solve that problem.

    Someone beating you down because of your problem,isn’t solving your problem.

    And seeing yourself worthless,cause someone told you so,wouldn’t solve your problem.

    You can only solve your problem by yourself.
    Thinking logically to get solutions.
    Believing you can solve that problem with those solutions.
    And get to work….

    I really doubt if Ethnicity is the problem of our great country.
    I don’t think the problem of the country is about the structure.

    The problem of the country is the lack of will.

    There is no will to change..

    We are broken in mind and spirit.

    And when that goes..

    So goes our belief.

    We have given the political space to greedy iliterates,who have no business being there.
    And we don’t really have the will to take them out…

    There is nothing special in making positive changes in Nigeria.
    It can be done.
    Nigerians run private firms in Nigeria.and they are all doing fine.The banking sector is great.
    The telecommunication sector is great.
    The Nigerian Stock Exchange always does good..
    And all these are basically ran by Nigerians.

    We have a Nigerian as head of the ICJ.
    Secretary general of OPEC.
    Head of the Afdb.
    Different international corporate firms.

    In fact look at the sporting sector.
    Daniel Igali is doing well in the wrestling federation.
    Same for the rowing federation.
    The cricket federation is been ran properly.
    Badminton as well.
    Rugby is been managed well.
    And not forgetting how good Pinnick team is doing with football so far..

    And all these are Nigerians..

    That said .
    Nigeria would never be a failed state.
    You know why .
    Because of you,and I,and the people.
    We are too intelligent,too hard working,to let that happen ..

    The road is still far,
    So it is time we stop beating ourselves down,stop being cry babies,and start doing something.

    No matter how small.
    Take charge..
    You never know ..

    And yeah,

    The super Eagles is a testament of strength.

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    I am very happy with same of the comments I’m reading here today. We are blessed with so many things in Africa. The only problem Africans are facing or having is our leaders.

    Nigeria is not a failed state. There’s a lot of things you can do to have a better life in in Africa or Nigeria with less stress.

    I am always pity those who believes if they don’t go to abroad, they can’t make it. America, Europe or anywhere in abroad, they are making immigrants to build their Countries.

    Do they have time to enjoy life? Maybe once in a while. I am sorry for saying the bitter truth here.

    Depression? Yes. They can’t do without it but in Africa less stress, happiness always. We are enjoying our lives in Africa because we are cutting our coats according to our sizes. We can do without depression but can they? Did they have to spend with their families? Maybe during the holidays period.

    It is always on the go in abroad but in Africa, there’s time for everything. Mon-Fri for work. Saturday and sunday for enjoying in Africa. Did they have this in abroad? I don’t think so.

    Work work work work, like Rihanna said. Hmm, I am blessed to be an African man Alhamdulilah.

    Do they believe in God? Maybe 1 percent of them.

    What do they have in abroad? Modern slavery. I’m very sorry but I think I know little about abroad scenarios because bn an African man doesn’t mean I don’t know nothing about their culture. In one word, Africa is the best place.

    I’m saying all these things above to encourage our government to have fear of God in mind. The white people have destroyed Africa for a long time.

    But we can take Africa back sports. We can bring Nigeria back through football because impossible is nothing and we have no time to check time to do so. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    I am very happy with same of the comments I’m reading here today. We are blessed with so many things in Africa. The only problem Africans are facing or having is our leaders.

    Nigeria is not a failed state. There’s a lot of things you can do to have a better life in Africa or in Nigeria with less stress.

    I am always pity those who believes if they don’t go to abroad, they can’t make it. America, Europe or anywhere in abroad, they are making immigrants to build their Countries.

    Do they have time to enjoy life? Maybe once in a while. I am sorry for saying the bitter truth here.

    Depression? Yes. They can’t do without it but in Africa less stress, happiness always. We are enjoying our lives in Africa because we are cutting our coats according to our sizes. We can do without depression but can they? Did they have time to spend with their families? Maybe during the holidays period.

    It is always on the go in abroad but in Africa, there’s time for everything. Mon-Fri for work. Saturday and sunday for enjoyment in Africa. Did they have this in abroad? I don’t think so.

    Work work work work, like Rihanna said. Hmm, I am blessed to be an African man Alhamdulilah.

    Do they believe in God? Maybe 1 percent of them.

    What do they have in abroad? Modern slavery. I’m very sorry but I think I know little about abroad scenarios because bn an African man doesn’t mean I don’t know nothing about their culture. In one word, Africa is the best place.

    I’m saying all these things above to encourage our government to have fear of God in mind. The white people have destroyed Africa for a long time.

    But we can take Africa back sports. We can bring Nigeria back through football because impossible is nothing and we have no time to check time to do so. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    Sorry for my typing errors. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    Guys, I respect everyone’s option from those who agreed to those who disagreed, @Ayphillydegreat, bro pls check all the bad indexes in world those guys from north comes last. Bro u talk about the Igbo and the Yoruba being very corrupt, very funny bro, u need to go back to Nigeria history. I wouldn’t go into details.All want is regionalism am sick tired of these barbarians dictating all our policies Everyone knows the truth Nigeria is toast. Rwanda from civil war just some years ego is way better than Nigeria.The Almajeri system of govt will never takes that country to is greatness.

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      Which tribe in Nigeria is not corrupt?? Are you the one that will tell me about the history of Nigeria. Bros you need to visit home more often, like Mr. Hush said nobody is calling Nigeria a paradise, but if you’re creative enough in this day and age there are numerous new found opportunities that abounds in Nigeria.

      You can’t just sit behind your keyboard and come to the conclusion that Nigeria is a failed state when we’re the largest economy in Africa. Keep deceiving yourself that countries like Rwanda or Uganda or even Tanzania and  Soumalia are better than Nigeria because of some videos you saw on YouTube. Have you ever visited those countries?? You need to visit those countries and see how majority of them are living in abject poverty. Go to South Africa and see how many of their young girls are selling their bodies for ordinary Nigerian Yahoo boys. 

      It is not country that will change itself. It is only people who have the will that can make a change. And it starts with me, you and every other well meaning Nigerians that can make it better. 

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    Rohr would pick the best legs to prosecute this Afcon, he knows Is  going to be very tough,  I think we can win it all.Soccer remains the only thing that still brings joy to that country. 

  • Edoman. 2 years ago

    Why do you digress from the very topic under discussion. My simple advice to you is to go back and read what Smith has said to his British readers in that article above.

    Smith said, among other things, that quote ” we brought them God and continuously invent fuzzy concepts to confuse them more.”

    He went on, In hundred years, their descendants will be more in Slaves than they are now. Smith continued, They are already more unhappy than the generation of their parents.” unquote.

    Omo9ja, don’t you think that any individual who writes like this do not belong to a civilized society but a mental Hospital ? Smith is a sick man.

    Smith is not talking about Nigerians abroad that are depressed, l really don’t know how many people or whom you know that fall within the depression preview you are referring to. If you, Omo9ja knows of anyone in America who is so depress and want to return to Nigeria, please contact this number 973-672-5950.

    Historically, only 40 or 50 years ago, the various British writers were saying more vicious and unspeakable wards to the Indians and the Chinese more than what they are saying about us today. But currently, China Economy is #2 in the World, while Indian Economy is #6 in the World. The British Economy is standing at #13 in the World. You can see how far down the former colonial Master have fallen.

    l listen, with great shock, during the recent British debate in their House of Commons when a Conservative Party member stood up to say that the British Govt should extend its hands of friendship toward the East (India & China) for Trade and Commerce if they are to survive in this 21st century.

    The British are very fond of thrashing other races and go behind to sign MOU (memoranda of understanding) for Trade & Commerce with that very Govts. Meanwhile the ordinary common people don’t know what is going on. The BBC never report bad news about their British Society. But will happily and enthusiastically point their camera lance towards Ajagunla or Ibiwe in Benin City. BBC will never show Ako Atlantic City or Abuja. With all Bridges that springing up all over Lagos.

    Omo9ja and other Nigerians out there, let me say this to you. Defend yourself, your Race, because that is all you have got. You don’t know what you v’ until you loose it.

    l talk about the British the way l do, not because l hate the British people as such, on the contrary, my Adult children and grand children are over there. l am a British citizen too. l went to Britain when l was 16 years old in 1963. l went to Keele University in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, from 1966-1969. l have my home in Edgbaston, Birmingham. l still receives all my social benefits that are due to me from Britain. However, when l read Smith’s article this Sunday morning here, l know l had to response by highlighting the British short-comings too
    Every Society have their problems, both sociologically, politically and economically. But, everybody have to play his or her unique role that foster and promote harmony in human society. Stop blaming others for your short comings

    Every Society grows constantly, Nigeria is and will not be an exception.
    Nigeria economy is number one in Africa today. It didn’t get there by sleeping on it hands. Don’t disparage any one who decide to go abroad. They are contributing greatly to the National economy by their foreign exchange remittance which amount to billions of dollar every year. It has help stabilize the Nigeria currency exchange rate

    May l repeat what l said in the post above.
    Nigeria, as a nation, will get to the Promise Land. l may not get there with you. But a time will come when every man and woman will say , Nigeria is a shining city on the hill. Industrialize and prosperous.

    God Bless who wish us good.

    • Fqtee 2 years ago

      Respect sir, I am encouraged by your contributions and the promise inherent in them… Just as other forward thinking folks in this forum have highlighted, the task to change our reality as a nation is individual and collective… It begins with a change in the way we think, which will affect our actions and inevitably influence the results we get… I am on personal journey of change, I recently quit pointing fingers and blaming our government or leaders, I am working on my mindset and taking necessary steps…

    • Omo9ja 2 years ago

      @Oga Edoma, can you please read my comment again please? I am not discouraged people not to go abroad.

      I’m not really moved if you are a citizen of Britain. If our Country is great as Britain, it should be a big shame as a Nigerian to attained another Country passport.

      Can English people come to Nigeria for a Nigerian passport? It is an abomination to them. Why we African? Because our leaders are selfish.

      Did you hear this word before?
      “Nigeria go better”? Since when?

      We have whatever it takes to be among the best still, many people are suffering for daily bread.

      It’s all about our leaders.
      It’s about individuals.
      If we are really serious to make Nigeria better, it will take us less than 10 years to be among the great Countries in the world.

      Nigeria go better and we are still having white coaches as our managers? Hmm, think about it Mr. Edoman. We don’t even believed in our own.

      We still have a long way to go in Africa. According to “Akon” Abroad is not designed for black people. Is it not true?

      I know what I’m thinking about. I’m not discouraging anybody to go over there. Some of the people living in abroad believes they were superior than those living in Africa.

      They believe they are exposed enough to be ahead of anyone in Africa. Not everyone of them but few.
      One thing they don’t realized is that, we may not having everything in Nigeria or in Africa but we have peace of mind.

      However, Oyinbo people knew that Africa is the best place to live. You know that and I do too.

      My point here is that don’t put in your comments that you are a citizen of another Country while you a Nigerian. It’s a shame to your nation, your Country.

      If you don’t, I will make it known to you today. If you do something terribly bad over there, they can ask for their passport. Google it if you don’t believed in what I just said.

      Bn a citizen of another Country is like a complimentary card. Just to appreciate your efforts. White people are smarter than you think. It is time we Africans have to think.

      Who created 419? But today, they are calling us 419. They are doing their things systematically.

      Once again, I knew what I’m talking about.

      Talking about Education system in abroad. Hmm, it’s not fun. Though, you will be given whatever it takes but in the end, you will pay the money back with interest. Abi no be so?

      Many of them doesn’t go to school. Am I lying? Many of them dropped out from school.

      That’s why I’m always laughing at those who were mocking other colleagues on this forum about their grammatical errors. Can these white people write a paragraph? Some of them can’t. They only good at speaking.

      All in all Mr. Edoman, to God be the glory. No place like home.
      I am not saying abroad is a bad place to live because our destinies quite different to each others which is understandable. Our government can’t do it alone. We needs to joined hands together to make Africa and Nigeria great. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Edoman. 2 years ago

        A man is judged by the contents of his character.

        As l demanded of you in my post, l am willing to help any Nigerian in America whom you know that is depress to call my #. l didn’t say that lightly.

        Good luck.

        • Omo9ja 2 years ago

          @Edoman, I won’t exchange words with you. I am deeply sorry if I have offended you sir. God bless Nigeria!!!

          • Edoman. 2 years ago


            Me too. l am deeply sorry if l offended you.

            It is all Richard Smith’s fault.

            He is a madman who abused my Race.

            l sincerely wish you GOOD LUCK in your future endeavor.

          • Omo9ja 2 years ago

            Amen. Thanks a lot Mr. Edoman. God bless us all. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • @Fqtee, men!!! Your contribution is the one that has struck the most cord with me in this discourse.

    It reminds me of what a (Late) Great man once said: ‘Ask not what your country can do for you ; ask what you can do for your country’.

    Thanks bro.

  • Tanco 2 years ago

    Pls Mr hush, I’m a proud but im still learning some tricks before I lunch my pan Africanism movement. You are great teacher and I will be so glad to learn from you sir. Pls pls pls this is my WhatsApp number +2347037192817, pls I will be gladly waiting for your message sir.

  • Tgrace 2 years ago

    In all contributions only Sunnyb sank down.

    Bless is my country Nigeria

  • Tanco 2 years ago

    Nigeria is a giant of Africa no doubt, my parents migrated from Togo to Nigeria in early 70s long before I was born. I was told by my parents that coming to Nigeria then was like travelling abroad for a greener pasture. This country has the potential to be world largest economy… More still coming. Driving and typing fast.

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    I shared u folks optimism about Nigeria getting better, but from  all indications that Country is toast.From cow colony to terrorism, massive corruptions and serious incompetence in all sectors, no light at the end of the tunnel for this geographical location called Nigeria. Bloody revolution or Balkanization is the only solution. From tomorrow smelly sharia police would be arresting ppl for eating during Ramadan,and u guys telling me Nigeria is getting better. Lagos state and Ogun State alone contributing more to FGN than all northern states combined, but Kano, Kaduna, sokoto takes more from the federation account than this two states. My problems is with Hausa/ Fulani Muslims, from  Niger to Chad, Mali, to Sudan, and Nigeria these ppl are not ready for 21st century. Aypillydegreat, DEO, Edoman I’m sorry guys I just need to let it out folks.Hopefully I would be proven wrong in ten year from now.

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      That’s why you need to visit home more often bro. Everything you’re saying are from articles you saw or read on a bbc thread. And if you believe that the country is toast then why are you still worried about the SuperEagles???. 95% of the SuperEagles live and work abroad yet it is always Nigeria’s call obey whenever Nigeria calls. Why didn’t they say the country is toast I’m not honoring the call??? That’s because they believe so much in their country and always do their best for the country. It’s not Nigeria that will change itself, you too should think of what you can do to make it better. Not just by sitting on a armchair being tribalistic calling other tribes barbaric.