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Ajax Offers £19m For Calvin Bassey

Ajax Offers £19m For Calvin  Bassey

Ajax and Brighton & Hove Albion are in deep battle to sign Calvin Bassey from Scottish Premiership giants, Glasgow Rangers.

The two clubs have already made approaches but are yet to put forward offers that would be deemed acceptable by Rangers.

Ajax have offered £19m plus-add-ons for Bassey, while Brighton have offered £16m.

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Rangers are keen to retain the versatile defender but will accept an offer in the region of £25m.

Bassey was one of the top performers for the Gers last season.

Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s side made it to the final of the UEFA Europa League where they lost on penalties to Eintracht Frankfurt and won the Scottish Cup.

Bassey joined Rangers from Leicester City two years ago for £230,000. He has two years left on his contract.

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  • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

    Is the OFFER not to too SMALL??

    Considering that this GUY is YOUNG, GOOD and PROMISING…

    If na ENGLISH PLAYER now, or from other COUNTRIES, you go dey hear 30m, 40m..


  • Elijah samson 1 month ago

    But guys between Ajax and Brighton, which one do you think is best for him.

    • I tire O! When I first saw the news, I got mad! Why will all Naija players believe so much in English League?

      * Ajax Offers :-
      – Dutch Eredivise League (almost every season
      – Champions League Appearances every season
      In summary, lots of silverware.
      – Bigger Teams will come calling

      e.g Sabastien Haller to Dotmund
      Matinez to Man Utd
      De Jong to Barcelona
      De Light to Juventus etc.
      I wish this guy can read our opinion here, well, Balogun had once played there, may be he has contacted him.

  • What’s manner of representative do our players have for crying out loud? Preferring albion to Ajax like serously? Even when Ajax offer more?

  • Bassey is moving to Ajax confirmed from a reliable source…..He is having a medical in London soon…..Rangers sell on clause is the stumbling block but that will be sorted soon…..am so excited

  • Yinkus 1 month ago

    Better move to Ajax, see how Senegalese were moving, mane to bayarn, ciloubali to Chelsea, that is how you know country with players far above average. Berssy please go to Ajax abeg.

    • Ignatius Abo 1 month ago

      Nigerian players too are moving to Pieta Hotspur, FK Sarajevo, Nottingham Forest, Cardiff City, Sochaux and Adana Demirspor.

  • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

    Ajax will help further is development to a world class club unlike Brighton that is very unpredictable.

    • Ignatius Abo 1 month ago

      Well said Brodaman Chima. He should go to Ajax. Heaven bless Bassey and all deserving Super Eagles players.

      • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

        Amen not taking your prayers for granted because some players deserves great teams indeed.

  • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

    Abeg no go Brighton and give oooo…..Just like someone said Senegalese team is looking stacked and solid. 2 players in Chelsea 2 players in Bayern Munich, 2 players in Psg just to mention a few…lol and all regulars no benches..

    • Ignatius Abo 1 month ago

      Nigerian players are not doing too badly either. 1 goalkeeper in Isreal and another one in Malta. A defender in Wales and Ozornwafor is in French division 2. One striker in Saudi Arabia and the captain is in Turkey. One striker in the Forest of Nottingham and Dessers is linked with a move to Serbia for Red Star Belgrade. So don’t rubbish Nigerian players

      • Gernot Amaju 1 month ago

        God no go forgive you, my broda.

      • Yinkus 1 month ago

        @ignatus, as you typing this I know you your self will be laughing anyhow.

        The truth be told our players needs to develop beyound average, it is just the way it is.

      • MAJOR GLEX 1 month ago

        Man, are you trying to be funny? Southampton, union Berlin, Leicester, ajax, Napoli, porto, Anderlecht, we have players here, so you’re not hilarious man, pretty dry

        • MAJOR FLEX 1 month ago

          Even sadiq Umar would end up in villareal, sevilla or Valencia, but you guys prefer to make jokes about the negative

        • Yinkus 1 month ago

          Kai Major Glex, don’t brake the line, we meant club capable of winning champions league.Those clubs you mention are close to it. Then no dey forbid our players from playing in those big club.
          We love them, wish them well, and we want them to also be thinking big.We want our players to win continental awards abi them we must let them know that they needs to think big and always aim for bigger clubs.

          • MAJOR FLEX 1 month ago

            Indeed we can be better, but people should stop making it look like we are too bad, the saudi arabian striker doesn’t play for Nigeria no more, in Senegal their second best attacker is sarr of watford, but Dennis is Watford’s best player, we take their positives and compare with our negatives never with our positives. We have to be patient, the future is looking bright, new boys are coming up, and some old boys are getting better, the progress to a bigger club would happen, might be slow but would happen,

  • Golden Child 1 month ago

    For a young player like him and he will be guaranteed to have a starting berth at Ajax, it is better to go to Ajax.

    He will play champions league football. Though , EPL is widely watched but a young player like bassey needs to play regularly.

    • Ignatius Abo 1 month ago

      Well said Brodaman. Bassey is made for the champions league. He is the best. Heaven bless Bassey and all deserving Super Eagles players.

  • Yinkus 1 month ago

    We have three of our major players playing in champions side Watford if Dennis couldn’t secure a good club the guy might end up being a champion side players.
    To see another player aimming for small,mid table or relegation battle prone clubs is not what we should be praying for joooooo

  • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

    Why isn’t anyone advising Bassey to go and battle relegation for 2 years and pray he gets noticed by another bottom half EPL team like Awoniyi was encouraged to…. Lmao.

    I just hope Bassey has a very literate management. It will be outright silly for him to choose Brighton and Hove Albion over Ajax Amsterdam

    • MAJOR FLEX 1 month ago

      Does it matter? I watched cucurella in sociedad, man played like he belonged to the biggest clubs, but he went to Brighton to get noticed, because he trusted in his abilities, now man city need him. ajax is better, but had he chosen Brighton, if he shows his ability, big teams would still go after him

      • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

        No, it doesnt matter, Ajax isnt better….LMAOoo. He should join Brighton, burn his ass off battling relegation and hope to get noticed because he is a Barcelona product like Cucurella…..LMAOOoo…when the Eredivisie title and regular champions league football beckons in Amsterdam.

        You claim to have watched Cucurella in Real Sociedad when the boy never even wore a jersey of Sociedad. But whether Real Sociedad, Eibar or Getafe, none of them played in an European final before he moved to Brighton (a very horizontal move) as compared to playing in an European final with a team like Glasgow Rangers and making a downward move to Brighton when an Ajax beckons.

        What sort of notice comes bigger than that. Dennis that got “noticed” at watford, how many clubs (big or small) have so far tabled bids to buy him, compared to how swiftly Aribo and Bassey have been swooped on thus far, much thanks to being European finalists…?

        • Yinkus 1 month ago

          Dr.Drey with facts, wo koni baje fun o jare. Thanks.

        • MAJOR FLEX 1 month ago

          My man thanks, getafe, you said bassey and aribo have been swooped, who swooped aribo? Is it not a club in the same Brighton’s level? After three very solid seasons in rangers, three europa league competitions, why didn’t even Leicester or Westham who have been hot these past two seasons show interest, why didn’t sevilla or Dortmund show interest? What would you say about a van dijk who was obviously a player with a huge potential at Celtic moving to Southampton? Not every one gets as lucky as bassey or tierney and co, visibility in the premier League is better than Scottish League + europe visibility, you said why hasn’t any better team gone for Dennis, the transfer market isn’t over yet besides, the lad has been here for only a season, and to be getting speculations after just one season, that’s something. Noa lang better player than Dennis in brugge, why hasn’t any big club gone for him? With all danjuma’s exploit in champions League and Belgium, no big team came calling, man had to move to second division Bournemouth, where is he now? At villareal, with the potential of moving to a bigger club. I repeat, visibility in the premier League is better than the Scottish League+ Europe visibility, big clubs get to watch how you perform against the big boys week in week out, there you stand a bigger chance of moving to a bigger club than remaining in Scotland where you are player against farmers like hearts and dundee united. Whether cucurella made a downward move or horizontal, isn’t he being talked about now?

          • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

            Aribo didnt have the option of an upward move to a perennial league winner like Ajax or a potential cup winner like RB Leipzig. If he had such option I can vouch he would have gone for a bigger club than Southampton.

            Try as hard as you want, you still will not be able to make sense of abandoning a RB Leipzig for Nottingham Forest, or an Ajax for Brighton and Hove.

            There is no amount of visibility and career success the latter two will give that the former two will not give triple in dosage, not even when there includes a remote possibility of even ending up in a second division to booth.

            We should stop encouraging potentially damaging career decisions by these boys. Nottingham Forest can NEVER give Awoniyi a bigger career platform than RB Leipzig, Neither can Brighton give Bassey a bigger platform than Ajax even if they play Mancity and Man U twice every week.

            RB Leipzig has sold more players to top 4 clubs in the top 4 leagues in the last 5 years than Nottingham Forest and Brighton put together. Same goes for Ajax.

            Its not just about moving….its about moving UPWARDS when the opportunity is there for the taking.

            A player who does well after moving to a small club will be attracted to a big club. But a player who does well after moving to a big club will get a bigger club. That’s the difference.

            I hope one day somebody will not come and tell us Osimhen should move from Napoli to Fulham in order to get noticed by Chelsea or that Ndidi should move to Rayo Vallencano in order to get a closer attention from Madrid and Barca.

            Becuase for every Danjuma that escaped such career regressing moves, there is an Okocha who almost ended up in the championship in his prime and an Etebo who is a good as having sentenced himself to life jail with such blindly optimistic move.

            I wish all of them the best of luck in their careers.

            Enough said already…!

        • MAJOR FLEX 1 month ago

          I still stick with my opinion, but we all want our bros to succeed, very happy for bassey, man’s a beast, i have not seen such a blend in a long while, if he continues to improve at this pace, man shall become among the best of the best

  • Bassey is already an Ajax player signed for 27million

  • Tristan 1 month ago

    I’ll keep it short, he should go to Ajax!

  • @ M.Flex and Dr drey, you know you both have points, as we can’t be advising our players to be going to clubs like Young boys, Anderletch, Rosenberg, Spartak Moscow etc all in the Name of Champions League, Europa and Conference league appearances to get noticed (those clubs I mentioned qualify for European competitions than Arsenal in recent times doesn’t make them better than Arsenal). At the same time our players can’t continue to be moving to those struggling teams all in the name of Fame or playing in England, Indidi one of the best we have has been there for ages now and injuries is already Finishing him little by little, I pray he doesn’t become useless before he leaves the club.
    So, Whatever the moves, let’s support and pray for them. We’ve seen players moving up from Brighton e.g Whyte to Arsenal, this African Midfielder to Tottenham(forgot his name) and even Southampton that have the history of building teams for top table premiership clubs. Virgil, Mane, WanBissaka etc are good examples. An adage says, “Wether you CRAW, WALK, RUN or FLY, just KEEP MOVING” let’s hope for the best for them.