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Akwuegbu: Shameful If Nigeria Fails To Help Siasia; Only $616 Raised, Erica’s Soars To $23,691

Akwuegbu: Shameful If Nigeria Fails To Help Siasia; Only $616 Raised, Erica’s Soars To $23,691

Benedict Akwuegbu says it will amount to ‘national shame of the highest order’ if Nigeria and indeed Nigerians fail to help Samson Siasia raise the needed fund to clear his name following the ban slammed on him by FIFA on allegations of match fixing, Complete Sports reports.

On Friday, August 16, 2019, FIFA said the Adjudicatory Chamber of their Independent Ethics Committee found that Siasia was ‘guilty of having accepted that he would receive bribes in relation to the manipulation of matches in violation of the FIFA code of Ethics’.

Siasia, 52, with 51 caps for Nigerai, denied any wrongdoing in the allegation.

Insisting on his innocence, Siasia launched an appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sport, CAS, in Lausanne, Switzerland, in a bold bid to upturn the life ban from all forms of football related activities.

But CAS’ standing rule stipulated Siasia must deposit 100, 000 Swiss Francs, an equivalent of N36.4m in legal fees before his case could be entertained.

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Siasia’s inability to raise the money has forced the case to suffer several postponements before the emergence of Coronavirus Pandemic that shutdown sporting and economic activities since March this year.

CAS has now slated October 6 for the hearing of the case.

With less than four weeks to the commencement of the hearing, it appears Siasia has not raised the amount despite his spirited appeals to Nigerians in the past 13 months.
And with the stark reality of Siasia being shut out of his means of livelihood, the game he played and loved with passion, Akwuegbu has declared that Nigeria and Nigerians will cover their faces in shame if they fail to support Siasia with the funds.

While Siasia who has won medals for Nigeria, both as a player and coach, is practically begging Nigerians to remember the joy he has brought to their homes with his exploits on the football pitch, has raised $616 in almost 10 months through the crowfunding platform, Gofundme, Erica Nlewedim who was kicked out of BBNaija season 5 Lockdown edition, for failing to keep to its code of ethics has raised $23,691 from ‘appreciative’ Nigerians as at 7.05pm Wednesday, September 9, 2020.

“It’s a shame, a big shame of the highest order on the nation if Siasia is abandoned at this his greatest moment of need,” Akwuegbu told Complete Sports from London.

“This is one person that has given his utmost patriotism to his fatherland. As a player, Siasia represented this country at youth and senior levels.

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“He helped Super Eagles conquer on several fronts, including the Tunisia ’94 Nations Cup win, scored in Nigeria’s first FIFA World Cup finals tournament in USA.

“As a coach, it’s on record that Siasia took the U-20 Flying Eagles to the silver medal finish at the U-20 World Cup, Netherlands 2005.
“Have we forgotten how he nearly won the men’s soccer event gold medal at Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in China?

“Take a look at the number of players this man has produced for our country. Or how he has coached virtually all the cadres of our national teams!

“Why must he be rewarded this way? Why? Or are have we, in our usual attitude, passed a judgement of guilt on him?

“Why can’t we defend one of our own? Can’t we stand up and defend him no matter what?

“Siasia is a household name in Nigeria and we should make him realize he has not been abandoned,” Akwuegbu pleaded.

By Sab Osuji

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  • Please Nigerian should come together and help this man, Samson siasia. He has done enough not to be forgotten like a trash in a dustbin. May God reward you all as u take a bold step to help this great icon of ours out of this mess, no amount is too small.

  • What a country! misplaced priority…

  • The NFF or the Nigerian Government are the ones that have foresaking our ex stars. They should be able to have raised the money for Siasia (oh i forgot they have embezzled all the money lol), not expecting the public to do it. People can use thier money for what ever they so wish. it is the duty of the country to bail out or come to the aid their sons and daughters who have defended and competed for the colours of this flag and for our land period, not the public. Also women don’t view Football in the same light as men so please guys unless you have done a survey on which gender actually contributed the most towards Erica then please don’t jump to conclusions.

  • Collins id 4 years ago

    why are they disturbing Nigerians to donate money for siasia?, is that not a shame. did siasia give anybody money when he was in his prime? why are they looking the masses direction when they need help? as for funding siasia case, i think siasia should call footballers who are making money at the moment and they should stop disturbing us. abi them don turn beggers? call odion ighalo, ahmed musa, mikel, etebo, v moses(just donated oversabi money to wigan blabla ) azubuike, sadiq, efe ambrose, amaju picnic, gernot rohr, okocha, kanu, omeruo, e t c these are his coleages, they should be the ones to bear the bodden. at list he have directly or indirectly helped many of them before. if these guys donates 1 to 2 thousand dollers each, the money is fast completed. coming to ask poor nigerians for help, is rubbish or are you guys now Hush poppi the scamer?
    i also think that fifa judgement is simply bully to siasia and to africa in general, without showing any evidence to prove him guilty, if na me i will not appeal anyshit, i will sew fifa to either an international court of justice or ask the Nigerian govt to querry their baseless acusation. why should you pay 23 k dollers for appeal of what(murder)? when you know that you are inocent why must you pay such amount. i have never seen a lawyer charged such amt in my entire life, not in africa or europe. exept bross just need money to start new business. what is Peakmilk doing abt this siasia case by the way. i thought he has a sit in caf why cant caf querry fifa or at list demand more evidence from fifa or is fifa now the gods that must be crazy or gods that are not to be blamed? allthesame you people should live nigerians alone you can do your donations among your selves.

  • Gowetok 4 years ago

    Did i hear 36m naira or 36m dollars. If its 36m naira that siasia is struggling to raise then something very big is wrong somewhere. First , with the height Siasia has reached in football matters that shouldn’t be a problem at all. I beat my imagination how footballers become poor quickly as soon as they retire inspite of their big pay. Moreover, Siasia has produced many footballers who are still active in football . Players like Mikel Obi, Chinedu Obasi, Ogenekaro Etebo, Azubuike Okeke to mention but a few all emanated from samson siasia. Sme1 can comfortably give siasia 36m naira witbout raising a pin . So what is going on here. Is that Mr Siasia did not have a good with his players? Time will tell. Aside from footballers , senators, minister s and other privileged politicians should shield their wickedness and transfer 36m naira to Siasia or could it be that Siasia is not creating enough awareness

  • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

    Mikel and co are shame to the country. They only know how to give indomie and foodstuff during Covid-19 to their community to gain more popularity. Here’s a coach who gave them fair chance to make it accused of bribery and they have gone hiding like they have no ears. Fake and ungrateful souls, Mikel especially with all the Instagram enjoyment.

  • Here is what Wigan Athletic FC said about their former player, Victor Moses (JUST YESTERDAY HERE) concerning a plea for donations to save the club from bankruptcy.

    “Wow – what can we say? When Victor got in touch to say he wanted to help by donating such a substantial amount, I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing – it’s such an incredible gesture,” , the chairperson of Wigan Athletic Supporters’ Club, Caroline Molyneux, said.

    “Victor wanted to make the donation and remain anonymous but we simply had to make sure he gets the recognition he deserves.

    “Victor’s contribution has taken us past £650,000 and to within £100,000 of our next target of £750,000.

    “We are so thankful to Victor for his support. He is an excellent footballer, a true role model and someone we always enjoyed watching at the DW Stadium – he will always be welcome back here, even more so now!”

    Obviously, the money Siasia is begging for is ‘chicken change’ to Mikel, Taiwo, Musa & other Siasia boys.

    Question is: So, why are they not really helping? Do they not exactly like Siasia? Do they think he’s guilty as charged? Do they have a secret grudge with him? Keshi, I know, was popular with them and would have even got donations exceeding that figure tey-tey.

    Why has Siasia suddenly become an ‘orphan’? Even Pinnick too? Sports minister nko? Otedola? Dangote? Nigerian football fans? How about prominent Bayelsans like Goodluck Jonathan? So many questions begging for answers.

  • Is a shame that those who has not contributed to the appeal will have the boldness to talk. How can Benedict Akwuegbu talk about Siasia not being helped, when only $616 has been contributed. is he shameless? $616 shows himself have not contributed too. You loose every right to condemn someone else if you are guilty of same offence. Let Benedict contribute, then let him talk and we will listen. Thanks Collins, Kel, Chima etc. for saying the way it is. King and Sunday have you contributed? remove the log from your eye so you can see clearly to remove the speck in other peoples eye.

  • Ololo 4 years ago

    All over the world footballers are known for one contribution or the other.. Some give to motherless homes, some donate blood, some give free education and free health services.. No Nigerian footballer wants to help siasia, even those that played under him.. I smell something wrong somewhere.. If I pay to get a job and the person I payed to become suddenly sick, naturally I would feel no urge to wantimg to help( just an illustration, doesn’t mean it is exactly what happened with sia 1).
    I really don’t understand what is going on. Something doesn’t seem right to me

  • OmoEsan 4 years ago

    Benedict Akwuegbu is always very quick to blame others for what he should take responsibility for.

    The last time he was blaming NFF for not employing unqualified ex-internationals as if being an ex-international is all one needs to man a position in any of our national teams.

    Now he’s blaming Nigerians for not raising money to help Siasia’s case.

    Mr Akwuegbu, please answer the following questions if you truly care;

    1. Are you a Nigerian or not?(We know you have Austrian citizenship, so you might have stopped being a Nigerian).

    2. How much have you given to Siasia to help his case? (We expect you to at least lead by example rather than blame other Nigerians).

    3. Is it bad if you take responsibility and gather your fellow ex and current internationals to contribute and offset this cost for Siasia? What stops you, yes you Mr Akwuegbu from championing this course?

    It isn’t enough to just be ranting on the pages of Newspapers, blaming the NFF and Nigerians for a problem that you have capacity to solve by championing the course.

    Mr Akwuegbu, please stop your regular blame game and do the needful.

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