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Amokachi: Football Problems In Nigeria Beyond Coaching

Amokachi: Football Problems In Nigeria Beyond Coaching

Former Super Eagles forward Daniel Amokachi says the the glory days of the team will not return unless football administrators fix the major defects in the country’s football system.

The Super Eagles failed to qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar after their early exit from the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations in January.

Interim technical adviser Augustine Eguavoen and his assistants were disengaged by the Nigeria Football Federation in the aftermath of the team’s to qualify for Qatar 2022.

The NFF announced new assistant coaches for the team on Thursday with the position of head coach still vacant.

Amokachi however reckoned that simply coaches will not solve the team’s problems, and that larger structural issues affecting football in the country need attention.

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“Focusing too much on the coaching is like building a house from the roof downwards instead of starting with the right foundation and build upwards,” Amokachi told BBC Sport Africa.

“Do we have a solid developmental programme for our young footballers, a proper long-term plan for our national teams or develop a football identity for the game in our country?

“I am a product of the Nigerian league. But have we sorted all the issues around our domestic game, from players welfare to the lack of television rights and the chaos around the organisation of local football.

“I said something about our over-reliance on Nigerian footballers in the diaspora which was misreported in the media.

“My point is that when you consistently rely on players developed and trained by other nations to play for you, then you have seriously failed in your important role of building the future stars.

“There are bigger issues that have long bedevilled the Nigerian game and until we fix them, we will just be moving in a circle.”

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  • Taiju 2 years ago

    It is now clear Amokachi shares this point with me. Consistently relying on players developed and trained by other nations to play for us impede the important role of building the future stars. This is one of the reasons why the foreign coach who is only inviting foreign based players has no appeal and the reason why Eguavoen with an impecable result of 1 loss in 7 games and a well established interest in the domestic league should continue as the TA.

    • Tristan 2 years ago

      Are we the only ones in Africa relying on diaspora players? The only teams that rely on their domestic leagues are Egypt and S. Africa. Both have very poor World Cup qualification records. Yes, Egypt does well at AFCON but it was principally because African professionals playing in Europe were loath to play AFCON until very recently.

      How many overseas players did Cape Verde field against Nigeria or Comoros against Ghana? All Cape Verde players play in Europe, 80% of Comoros players were born in France and are diaspora players. Countries that used to be considered minors are using diaspora players to surprise and beat major African football powers like Nigeria and Ghana.

      If you want to develop the local league it takes money! It is not an organisational problem, you need to create an attractive commercial self sustaining league. Attractive to fans and TV, and with financial muscle behind it.

      Nigeria can do it but the money required if you’re serious is up to $2 billion. To build civilised soccer only stadiums with green pitches, organise merchandising, develop stadium atmosphere, create attractive camera angles for TV etc.

      You will need a conference of stakeholders that involves Nigerian billionaires, major companies and state governments. Only when you’ve done this can you be serious because what you’re doing now is pathetic. Only when your league becomes a commercial product with fanatical fans, fantastic stadium atmosphere, attractive TV coverage, proper pitches, commercial sponsorship, rich club owners, engaged state governments etc.

      If you can’t invest that money… then abeg keep quiet, and be thankful that diaspora Nigerians want to play for the Super Eagles and that European clubs are accommodative of our talent that migrate to their shores. Without these two factors, Nigeria will be nowhere in football.

      • Detruth 2 years ago

        @Tristan, Thank you bro. The truth has to be said, we know it’s not pleasant to many but it is what it is.

        • Taiju 2 years ago

          Mtcheeew, which truth? Truth deciding yourself little minded. A man who took the Super Eagles from 36th position to 30th within a short time is a winner. Amokachi and I are on the same page.

          • David 2 years ago

            Tristan makes a number of reasonable observations and his analysis is sound. 
            Amokachi is making soundbites that appear superficially sensible but are not grounded in reality. 

          • Detruth 2 years ago

            @Taiju I see that the truth hurts your ear and feelings but it most be told. Sentiment belongs in the dust bin, you have to be realistic.

          • DANURCHMAN 2 years ago

            Na for you. So na FIFA RANKING Don become AFCON success and qualifying for world cup, abi? You funny die.

        • Robinson 2 years ago

          Bros ,you are off line.We truly can not depend on foriengh players .We need to develop our local football and that is all the Bull is saying

          • Edoman 2 years ago

            Bull do not make sense. Brazil is relying on many of their players playing abroad. Many European countries relied on players, based on merits, playing outside their own Countries. FIFA regulations allow it. above all, Nigerians playing abroad are bonified Nigerians. What do you gain by discriminating against your fellow Nigerian just because they are playing their professional game in Italy, France or England? l does not want to waste time repeating a very solid rational points highlighting the obvious structural deficit that inhabits the Nigeria’s home football programs here again. Please read Tristan post above. the best Nigerians goes abroad while the failed ones stay at home.

            why did Amokachi not allow his twin sons play in Markudi?

  • Ebene Michael 2 years ago

    We do not need an expatriate for the SE and even if nff does bring one, he will be frustrated and shown the way put. Some people are only interested in quick fix thereby beclouding their vision, an expatriate will ‘never’ develop our local league. Full stop.

    • Detruth 2 years ago

      @Ebene Michael this is living in a fools paradise, you did not understand the clarification. Eguavoen is a complete failure and our domestic league is in an indefinite coma. Eguavoen staying on as the coach and the domestic league players representing Nigeria will only result to eternal death for Super Eagles. Stop glorifying cluelessness and failure.

      • Ebene Michael 2 years ago

        Just imagine the truant. A coach who lost only 1 game in as many as 7 matches is a failure? Then Amuneke who lost all 3 group games in Afcon must be an expert then. Idiot, reading is allowed.

    • Detruth 2 years ago

      @Ebene Michael, it is not the job of a National team coach and definitely not his responsibility to develop the league, his job is to assemble the best players the country can offer to represent the country in matches.

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    Yes o I think I agree with D BULL on that one..

    Anything “OVER” RELIANCE is not good atall

    Lets give some attention to our LOCAL TALENTS and LOCAL LEAGUES too if we must rub shoulder with the SOUTH AFRICAN LEAGUE and the PREMIER LEAGUE

    • Detruth 2 years ago

      @MONKEY POST, we can’t rub shoulders with them, presently South Africa and English premier leagues shoulder positions are way too high for us to reach, we are not even at the same shoulder level with sudan, Ethiopia, DRC,Ivory Coast,Angela, Zambia, Tanzania, Togo and Benin Republic, our shoulders are at their knee level so you can imagine what level that wouldbe in comparison with South Africa or EPL. We have a whole lot of work to before our league will be certified fit to supply players to the Eagles.

      • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

        DETRUTH why are you so PERSIMISTIC about the PROJECT NIGERIA…

        With MONEY PUMPED into our FOOTBALL we will get there..

        Yes it may take DONKEY of YEARS but we will surely get there..

        We have the RICHEST MAN in AFRICA from our COUNTRY… Couple with OTEDOLA, ADELEKE, ADENUGA and Even ALAKIJA the woman BILLIONAIRE

        Lets meet with these guys and talk them into Bringing their BILLIONS and INVEST rather than waiting for their 1 MILLION NAIRA in every GOAL scored during AFCON and WORLD CUP…

        • Detruth 2 years ago

          @MONKEY POST,
          I’m not being PERSIMISTIC about the PROJECT NIGERIA, I’m just being honest.

          Make no mistake about it I follow Nigeria league and can’t wait for the league to be reformed, improved and the domestic league players competing with their foreign based counterparts for shirts and positions in the Eagles but at the moment that is not Nigeria’s reality,our present reality only dictates that players based overseas are the only ones good enough for Eagles selection so we should put sentiment in the dust bin and face the fact.

          You made a valid point with what you said here, “With MONEY PUMPED into our FOOTBALL we will get there..

          Yes it may take DONKEY of YEARS but we will surely get there..

          We have the RICHEST MAN in AFRICA from our COUNTRY… Couple with OTEDOLA, ADELEKE, ADENUGA and Even ALAKIJA the woman BILLIONAIRE”.

          However those our billionaires are not really interested in developing the game in Nigeria, they rather form a group of confusionists trying to out do each other in distracting the players with monetary donations during games and tournaments instead of investing in sponsorship programs to facilitate the growth of the game in the country. The only time we heard about one of our billionaires diving into the game of football was when he was testing the waters to see if he would be allowed to acquire an English premier league club when he, through one of his companies could have invested the funds in sponsoring our league, that goes to show where his interest is.

          The people with the powers to effect change in Nigeria are the same people sabotaging the whole effort but would always blame others for their failure. I will love to see Nigeria league improve to the standards of France, Germany,Italy, Spain and England so tv networks all around the world would be competing against themselves trying to secure the rights to broadcast Nigerian league to viewers in their various countries but NFF and LMC that are supposed to come up with the framework, blueprint, master plan and strategies to develop, promote and improve the league do unfortunately not share the same views, all you hear from them is how a die hard Bayarn Munich, Arsenal, Manchester United, City, Chelsea, Liverpool,AC Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid fan they are. Pinnick and Shehu are NFF and LMC leaders but their only interest are in stealing the federal government allocation/grant, CAF and FIFA grants and sponsorship funds to aquire properties in Abuja and England, take trips to watch EPL and European leagues and leave ours to die. Even state governors leading states that have teams participating in the NPFL would brag about being “die hard Arsenal fan” but owes his state’s run team months in salary payments.

          Our problems are massive.

  • Moses 2 years ago

    All of you including the class94 are saying the same thing. We don’t need a foreign coach but a qualified local coach. NFF should assess the credentials of our local coaches and appoint one amongst them, there is no need for delay since we have matches scheduled for next month, June and September. God bless Nigeria.

  • Olakunle 2 years ago

    Foreign coaches are aberration, they will never develop our domestic league that is where it’s bad. I go for a local coach.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      So it is National team coaches that develop leagues…? National team coaches have become your league management company…?

      Samson Siasia developed your league when he was SE coach, or Oliseh, or Keshi or Eguavoen..???

      Bunch of hungry agents looking for how they will have their way with using the national team to market their homebased players.

      Some of you really need to go get a life.

      • benakay 2 years ago

        Why have Nigerians allowed themselves to be ‘dumbed down’ this much? I mean, are Nigerians incapable of deductive reasoning and would buy into the nonsense that Amokachi and these other crooks are peddling?
        Aside from destroying any hopes that Nigeria had for the Nations Cup and World Cup in a space of 90 days, did Eguavoen help ‘develop’ the local league during the time he colossally FAILED as Nigeria’s coach?
        Why are Nigerians this thick headed and cannot see through the smokescreen being thrown up?
        I tire o?

    • Detruth 2 years ago

      It is not the coach’s responsibility to develop our league. Does not matter if the coach is foreign or Nigerian his job is to select the best Nigerian player. The people tasked with the responsibility of developing, improving and sustaining the league standards are the NFF, LMC and the 20 club teams management staff. It should be the collective effort of these groups but unfortunately they are only interested in stealing the funds meant for the development of the game in Nigeria then engage in shifting the blame to the coach and folks who don’t understand how things really work join them in blaming the coach for failing to do what is not in his job description in the first place.

      Have you guys asked yourselves why Nigeria can’t sign league sponsorship contracts and sustain it till the duration of the deal, why did Supersport cancel the broadcast contract it entered into with LMC to carry NPFL on it’s network, was that the foreign coach’s fault or NFF/LMC?

      • Nelly 2 years ago

        You must continue making noise. Nff just finished appointing assistant coaches.

    • Edoman 2 years ago

      common sense not common. Olakunla. If you have nothing good to say, why don’t you keep quiet. You only expose yourself as a ‘ know nothing guy’

  • Danny Mokait 2 years ago

    Just like the commenter said, foreign coaches are quick fix. Even if one Blanc or Branch is appointed, he will still run away after too months then we begin to run in circles. A local coach who we can win and lose with is much more ideal. It takes time.

  • Lenukwe 2 years ago

    I insist we beg Eguavoen let’s see if he will be interested.

    • Ozony 2 years ago

      You can as well beg someone who spite you to douse his anger occasioned by your cry. I suggest you keep your pain if there are dearth ideas in your brain- you must not post always.

  • Chidi 2 years ago

    Amokachi is right expatriate coaches are drain in the pulse. I join those who want us to win or lose with locals.

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    What kind of talk is this…

    Is it the FOREIGN COACH that will help you DEVELOP your LOCAL LEAGUE?

    What is now the WORK of the LMC?

    • benakay 2 years ago

      I cannot believe anyone is paying attention to this clown. I mean, seriously???
      If we had a local coach at the time he arose from obscurity to be in the National team, would he have even been discovered?

      The stupidity of he and his class of 94 spewing the same nonsense knows no bounds. The NFF is not responsible for providing the INFRASTRUCTURE to enable the club sides play good football (training facilities, stadia, etc.) That responsibility is the ministry of sports!!!

      Unless and until that responsibility is accepted by the Sports Ministry, you are going to be stuck with a poor league and poor players. Period.

      I mean, how dense and stupid are these people?

      • Molad 2 years ago

        And the Sports Ministry and the NFF is 5/6. What are you going to say about that?

    • Detruth 2 years ago

      @MONKEY POST, our people are clueless and amazingly funny as well

  • Coache 2 years ago

    Picnic destroyed the NPFL with Rohr by saying the SE best players are in Europe. They now play two matches per week. Incredible

    • benakay 2 years ago

      Are Nigeria’s best players NOT in Europe?
      I don’t see the likes of Ndidi, Iheanacho, Emmanuel Dennis, Osimhen, Frank Onyeka, Chukwueze, Sadiq Umar, Yira Sor, Peter Olayinka, Chidera Ejuke and tens of others playing in the NPFL, or are they??? (notice I did not even mention one single Foreign born player!!)

      Please, don’t just gooble up the arrant nonsense these stupid people are say. The only reason they are saying this is because THEY WANT TO MAKE MONEY FROM THE SALE OF NPFL PLAYERS. It is good for their business that those players have ‘Super Eagles player’ on their CVs. that means more money. That is the ONLY reason!

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Help us ask the imbecile which of the Nigeria-born players in the current SE set up today can be said to be a bonafide, habitutated, long-served, veteran product of his NPFL apart from the old ones like Musa, Ighalo and Shehu.

        He should also tell us which of the Nigeria-born players making waves in Europe (out of scores of them making waves at the moment) is a product of his league.

        Rohr truly destroyed their league indeed……LMAOOoo. Rohr must be the one who instructed his league to play 2 matches per week now.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hahahaha…sorry ehn…Pinnick was lying…LMAoooo. I apologize on his behalf.

      The best Nigerian players are in the NPFL….LMAOoo.

      Cant you see that they are so good that reaching the group stages of CAF competitions is a milestone for them…?

      • Coache 2 years ago

        So playing two matches per week is a gold standard for qualification for African Champions league? Imbecile is your middle name and says a lot about your MORAL upbringing and quality of EDUCATION.

        Did I mention your name or am I in the same class with you? ARGUE MATUREDLY and INTELLIGENLY WITHOUT INSULTING OR KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. EDUCATED AGBERO

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          I’ll rather be an educated agbero than be useless illiterate and pathetic liar like you.

          In your mind you are an epitome of Moral upbringing and have received quality education with the lies you peddle here all the time…..LMAOOo

          The best Nigerian players are in the NPFL indeed….LMAOoo. Pinnik and Rohr were lying….LMAOOoo

          Rohr must be the LMC that has failed to develop your league. If not for numskulls like you, we wouldnt know it is the job of the National team coach to develop the local league….LMAOOoo…the way Southgate developed the EPL and the way Luis Enrique is the one running the LaLiga in Spain.

          Cant you see the quality of your own education is overflowing….???

          Useless domestic tout.

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    And other BODIES that are suppose to MANAGE our league to an ENVIABLE HEIGHT

  • Ebene Michael 2 years ago

    Only slave mentals brood over foreign coach, it’s unpopular. The most qualified and popular domestic coach today is Augustine Eguavoen. Guys name anyone you know of.

    • Alli Gafaiz 2 years ago

      @Ebene Michael

      1. Eguavoen
      2. Oliseh
      3. Amokachi
      4. Amuneke
      5. Yoni
      6. Agu

      • I can’t believe those who persecuted Rohr during his time as SE coach and called him different derogatory names after the man met all targets set for him by NFF with all the injustices melted on him are still the same people praising Eguavoen that failed woefully. They are even clamoring for him to be retained. Lol

        How gullible can thou be? Lol

        This country is going down the drain every day. No thanks to the unfortunate people that are supporting evils because they are benefiting from it in one way or another.

        I don’t even know how to think any more, it’s like the percentage of insane people are much more than the sane in this country.

        You criticize success and embracing failure. Are you people normal at all?

        Eguavoen fail abi e no fail? You people should answer the question with a simple yes or no.

        Yeye people.

        • Detruth 2 years ago

          @Mo that’s the level of mental retardation being suffered by our people, the ability to differentiate between success and failure has totally been lost.

    • benakay 2 years ago

      And it’s a case of ‘gross inferiority complex’ that drives the fear of a foreign coach.
      The fact that you would reference a man who, despite having the absolute BEST crop of players at in any time of its footballing history at his disposal, managed to singlehandedly DESTROY two great opportunities (AFCON and WC) within the space of 90 days, as your ‘best option’ goes to show how extremely low you have set the bar for yourself. How many times does a man have to FAIL before it registers to you that the man is incompetent and not good enough for the job?

      Thankfully, MOST Nigerians want the very best for our Super Eagles (and not some fake, Guardiola knock off from Alaba market so called Tech. Adviser – i.e. Eguavoen).

    • @Ebene Michael: Augustine Eguavoen

    • Gabriel 2 years ago

      Eguavoen @Ebene

    • Monday Balantag 2 years ago

      @Ebene, Augustine Eguavoen

    • @Ebene Michael, Austin Eguavoen.

    • Detruth 2 years ago

      @Ebene Michael this is a domb argument. What makes him the most qualified coach, what has he accomplished and what has he won in the last three to six years as a coach both domestically and internationally ?

      I don’t want to remind you of what he did not accomplish.

    • @Ebene, Eguavoen

    • Eguavoen

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    Hahahahaha…..their eyes don dey clear small small…..LMAOOo…bunch of hypocrites….LMAOoo

    Na after their owns fail woefully despite ALL THE SUPPORT GIVEN TO THEM…including a brand new stadium…..LMAOOo…. dem remember say “simply changing coaches will not solve the team’s problems”….LMAOoo

    When they were busy holding nocturnal meetings and gossiping in their whatsapp groups, scheming and perfecting plans to intentionally sabotage the Super Eagles so that the team will fail and they will have a sharpened axe to axe Rohr in favour of their owns, they didnt know that “larger structural issues affecting football in the country needed attention”

    Now that they are now victims of their own poison, they are looking for blames where there are none and even blaming the innocent foreign-borns for their failure…..LMAOoo. I dont know any country in Africa whose football has not improved for the better since they started incorporating diaspora born players in their teams.

    Even our basketball national teams are now highly regarded globally today, thanks to the influx of foreign born players into the teams.

    The Ghanaian team that eliminated us had NINE (9) of these foreign-borns in their team, PLUS the best and HIGHLY COMPETENT AND QUALIFIED COACHES OF GHANAIAN ORIGIN they can muster…..including foreign born Chris Houghton and Otto Addo.

    But useless administrators who cannot man-up and take responsibility for their failures now remember the larger structural issues affecting football in the country needs attention….LMAOooo

    I blame Rohr for all these…..LMAOOo….despite all these “larger structural issues” he was making qualifications easy for them, so they can pack their concubines with them on the business class section of 1st class airlines to tournaments while the players are sweating it out in economy class and on the pitch, without their bonuses, sometimes for up to 2 years.

    Now that there is no jamboree and estacodes for them, they have remembered the larger structural issues affecting football in the country that need attention…LMAOooo

    I wish there was a lever we can pull that will flush jobbers like Amokachi and his bunch of failed colleagues and administrators down the drains of our footballing space.

  • The mistake most of our former footballers make include our sports journalist is this claim that if we fix our local league the glory days of our football will suddenly bounce back , simply fixing our league will not fix our football because the root causes of the problems in our football are not in our league. Even if we pump one billion dollars into our local league right now it will not improve our football, instead it will attract footballers from other African countries who will all come in to flood our league just for the money. The only way we can truely contribute to our football is to take football to school, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions that will throw up talents to feed our local leagusand football academies in Nigeria.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      Having a good local league is a step in the right direction… If we had a league like Egypt and SA, we will produce more players that can be useful to the national teams…

      • That is not true at all , EPL is the best league in the World today but what has he done for England when it comes to their National team, they have not been able to win anything since 1966 and they have missed out of some World cup tournaments too, it got so bad that they had to go back to massive grass root development that led to their winning the U17 & U20 World Cup the same year and it has affected their National team positively. Since then, they got to the semi finals of the World cup and the Finals of European cup. So let us not deceive ourselves, if we invest in our local league without first investing in our grassroot football we would have succeeded in creating a platform for other African players to come and thrive. Investment in our league will not come from the government, it is going to come from the private sector and when a business man invest his money he will only be interested on how to maximize his profit ,so if there are not enough talents to win laurels for him he will go scouting elsewhere. Our league will become a training ground for players from other African countries and it will not be good for our football. Let all of us use this medium to campaign for a return to school football, let us push the sports ministry and not the NFF to take action. The sports ministry has a department for youth development that are doing nothing

  • Damian 2 years ago

    The two line comment of @Lenukwe concerning begging Eguavoen to continue needs immediate attention. NFF must act now that the ovation is loudest. Coach Eguavoen took the Super Eagles from 36th to 30th in fifa ranking just within a short time. At one time he defeated the Pharaohs of Egypt, held the Black Stars to draw in Mighty Kumasi. We must get it right this time around.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      ….and failed to reach the qfinals of AFCON for the 1st time in 40 years, getting booted out by 2nd string Tunisian team lead by a B-grade assistant coach after his tactics was found out, while immediately following it up by failing to also qualify for the WC for the first time in 16 years, getting booted out by the worst Ghanaian team in 50 years, after his tactics was once again nullified for 180 minutes.

      Please add that to your citation above.

      • Damian 2 years ago

        And after all, which local coach do you think is more qualified for the SE job? Not untill then, Austin Eguavoen merits the look in.

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          Your Eguavoen has won 2 league titles with 2 different clubs like Kennedy Boboye right…?

          Or he has taken an small NPFL club like Sunshine stars to back to back semi finals of CAF competitions like Gbenga Ogunbote…?

          Or he has transformed a team like MFM FC from being a grassroots club playing in the LSFA league to becoming a team that is playing on the continent like Fidelis Ilechukwu….?

          Or maybe he has won a league title in Europe like Ndubuisi Egbo.

          Maybe its not the Eguavoen that was sacked for leading sharks and sunshine to the bottom of the league table and for outrightly relegating Gombe united you are referring to.

          Keep fooling yourself with your 1001 Ids in support of a proven failure.

          • Damian 2 years ago

            At least someone is talking but your small brain didn’t tell you an Afcon Bronze medals is bigger than all the medals you listed here.

            Eguavoen actually won bronze back to back. One with Chukwu and another all by himself. Let me have a qualified coach if know any.

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahahahaha….AFCON Bronze is bigger than a league title….LMAOoo. Who gambled with your destiny…??

            You yourself just shot yourself in the footb by mentioning Christian Chukwu….LMAooo. I thought your tin-god failure was supposed to be the most qualified local coach….LMAOOoo because he won bronze….?? Christian Chukwu must be a Tailor…..LMAOooo

            Your own empty brain didnt tell you that Salisu Yusuf has been winning bronze medals as assistant coach to Siasia and later Rohr and himself won silver medals at WAFU and CHAN, plus winning 2 Cup titles and 1 league title…..while your failure shoe shinner Egauvowen who could only manage a bronze with a team that had the likes of Enyeama, Yobo, Taiye Taiwo, Mikel, Okocha, Kanu, Obodo, Oruma, Obagoal, Aiyegbemi, Aghaowa etc has been sacked 3 times for dorwning lcubs in rlelegation waters in the same league and has also been sacked again for relegating our national team 40 years backwards.

            I’ve listed 5 local coaches already who didnt need jobs from NFF like your Egua-failure to make a name for themselves. Once again keep fooling yourself with your 1001 IDs in support of a proven failure

          • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

            Hahahaha!! So all a sudden a bronze medal at the AFCON has become something to brag about after all Lmao!! I thought the last time we won bronze it was a failure?  Lmao!! Bunch of failures. Congratulations to Eguavoen for winning two bronze medal one with Chukwu the other by himself, but another feather to his cap is that he’s the only coach since we’ve been qualifying for the WorldCup in 94 to fail to qualify the SuperEagles for the WorldCup twice. One with Chukwu, the other by himself Lmao!! 


    • Yaw Naa 2 years ago

      My brother man, in Kumasi black star beat any 6:0.

    • Kenneth 2 years ago

      Eguavoen already has a contract that should run for 2 years. I think the NFF should revisit the clause since the parties already have any understanding. My worry is the afcon23 qualifiers that are very close. Do we really still have time to waste?

  • Yemi Atologbe 2 years ago

    If not for the error of Uzoho no one will be talking about foreign coach which of course is the inevitable slave mentality. The players will have their conscience worrying them. I will tip seyi olofinjana if nff is not allowing Cerezo. Sha we deserve a domestic coach.

    • Detruth 2 years ago

      @Yemi Atologbe what are you supposed to be talking about?…….

  • John John 2 years ago

    Coaching has a lot to do with with sports generally. Soccer is all about tactics, and this is the work of the coach. The NFF should be sending all these coaches for refresher courses to great leagues in Europe. Eguavoen with his present knowledge will not be able to manage Ronaldo, Messi, De Bruyne, Sala, and other top players. The reason is because he is using 1994 style to play in 2022. Soccer is all about tactics. Look at Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea against Real Madrid. He was tactically astute. All these Salisus, Obuhs, Eguavoens and whatever they call them cannot take Nigeria soccer anywhere.
    They should stop making noise at the glass house and go for refresher courses. With the crop of players Nigeria has, Ghana should not even be competing with us. The coach of the black stars who is an assistant coach with Borussia Dortmund should teach NFF a lesson. Please send all these coaches including Eguavoen for refresher courses. Without that, we are only postponing another heart break.
    I come in peace!

    • Mtcheeew! You mean the kick and follow play of the Ghanaians? If not for Uzoho error what did the black star played home and Abuja? The stats are there. My friend shut up if don’t have anything meaningful to say. The nff must assess all the local coaches and make its choice. We have a match next month and can’t be dilly dally.

    • Danny 2 years ago

      Lol. Tuchel is a club coach and the fact remains club game is not the same as the national team game. That is the mistake some of you are making. NFF needs to beg Eguavoen being the most qualified local coach presently. But I can assure if and when we do have another bester his credentials, I wouldn’t hesitate to assess him. For now, the general conclusion is for Cerezo to continue from where he stopped. This is the very reason why I align with @Lenukwe that we should beg him.

      • Monday Balantag 2 years ago

        Well thought out, Danny. Mr. Lenukwe’s comment is valid. NFF cannot continue to beat about the bush when a man with the right credentials is still available.

        • Pauly 2 years ago

          @Monday, we might even lose the services of Austin Egyavoen if the nff is not fast enough. The Pharaohs of Egypt just open negotiation.

    • Prince charming 2 years ago

      My own take on this is Nff build your leagues structure, give us a foreign coach, with good tactics, not local coach with express yourself tactics, good leagues give you good players good coach give you good tactics and win games for us,bad coach with good players gives us bad results

    • Detruth 2 years ago

      The coaches have to sponsor themselves to courses, NFF should not do that.

  • Amokachi doesn’t know his left from his right. Clearly, he doesn’t know the cause of our football woes. And obviously, he doesn’t know how to dissect and analyse football.

    South Africa, Egypt,Tunisia etc have the best leagues in Africa. But are they the best in Africa in terms of national teams? NO.
    League is not our major problem. Our major problem is not coaching. Our major problem is our football administration. Our football administrators, that is, those at the helm of sports and football, the NFF and Sports Ministry, don’t know their left from their right. They are knowledgeable about the game of football. They are just there for their selfish interests. That is why we are not progressing and will find it very difficult to progress, not league

  • Our problem is not becuase we had many foreign born or base players amo.

    The problem is NFF, the ex and football agent everywhere in Nigeria.

    Rohr was frustrated in so many ways, he was owe huge salary, players bonus were not paid and players where stylishlly forced on him and when he refuse he was labeled enemy of Nigeria local league.

    Stadium was forced on him, friendly matches were organized when NFF is fully aware that first national team member will boycott the game as a result of unpaid bonuses.

    Even He amokachi was among the problem we have today. You were part of those who selected unmerrited players to world cup in 2014.

    Get rid of corrupt ppl from NFF and see whether our national team will not do well.

    China has better league than Nigeria 1000 times but can china compete with Nigeria on a good day.

    So also some country in Europe has better league than Nigeria but really can’t competit with our se on a good day.

    Ukraine league was way better than Nigeria when rohr took their national team by storm in front of their home fans.

    Am saying all this so that we can understand the fact administratively we have gross incompetent people.

    Football is being seen as waste of money by government most especially at many state level therefor zero support was given to it.

    Sport is one avenue where Nigerian youth were gainfully employed before but now some state were even sacking them like what recently happened in Edo state about three weeks ago.

    Even if our league is transformed over night what about the insecurity.
    Has it been easy moving players from one state to another using road.

    Many sports administrators, agents and ex international chuk eyes into se just to make quick money and they can make bad decision so long is going to favor them.

    A good foreign or local coach can be frustrated by them. At a time amunike openly reject call to serve under rohr.

    But jump at it when he knew a vulture like him as ascend the thrown and what did get failure because the intention was not genius.

    If ex int want to help us out amunike would holistically worked with rohr and probably what happen wouldn’t have happened.

    They lied to Dare sport minister and made him believe rohr is the enemy of our league and now they are coming out to say our problem goes beyond coach.

    Ho we know this before now and you guys allow team philosophy to be changed over night at eve a major tournament.

  • MuYiwa 2 years ago

    Sometimes I just wonder why many of these former players are still out of job, yet they are the ones who always claim to know what the problems are with our football. Does a Tuchel or Klopp, or a Nedved have the time to talk about the problems with German or Czech rep football. These ppl talk so much and yet are jobless. Cerezo and Amuneke were jobless for months or probably years before NFF came to their rescue and offered them jobs with the national teams. Let these coaches work with smaller teams and succeed first before thinking of coaching Nigeria. For now, we need a foreign coach, since our consortium of local coaches have failed us, and the disaster we wanted to avert by sacking Rohr is now choking us with full force.

  • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

    I agree with Da Bull that the coaches issue is over-cooked.Why is the Nigerian League not as good as the South African, Egyptian and Tunisian leagues for example?I’m also glad Amokachi has dissociated himself from the statement that reliance on foreign-born players had to stop. It sounded racist and xenophobic

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    Hahahaha!! So all a sudden a bronze medal at the AFCON has become something to brag about after all Lmao!! I thought the last time we won bronze it was a failure?  Lmao!! Bunch of failures. Congratulations to Eguavoen for winning two bronze medal one with Chukwu the other by himself, but another feather to his cap is that he’s the only coach since we’ve been qualifying for the WorldCup in 94 to fail to qualify the SuperEagles for the WorldCup twice. One with Chukwu, the other by himself Lmao!! 

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    When Westerhoff came to Nigeria we already have a functioning league that had various teams playing to the later stages of CAF competitions in the 90S. Iwuayanwu National, Rangers of Enugu, Shooting Stars Oluyole Warriors, El Kanemi warriors, Julius Berger, Stationery Stores, Abiola Babes, BCC Lions of Gboko all doing well every year in various CAF competitions at the time because we had a functional league with high quality players.

    The major thing Westerhoff did was to identify our players with quality and develop them. Which s by helping them to get to Europe. The likes of Amokachi and Finidi benefited from it. Westerhoff never developed our league he only developed our players and the results was our greatest footballing era. 

    When Rohr came we don’t even have a league functioning. The only major option was to engage our diaspora born players and a few of our victorious U17 players that never played in the NPFL. Since there’s no functioning league I wonder if Rohr should be the one yo help you develop your league when our best players are in Europe. Lmao!! The results he qualified for the WorldCup and won bronze at the AFCON. A bronze medal some said was a failure but can celebrate with their own that won it 16 years ago Lmao!! Nigeria don Yakata!! No wonder the best brains fled the country. Lmao!! 

    • Raphael 2 years ago

      Wafu cup, ha ha ha! Despite your noise mention one Nigerian coach living that won an African Cup of Nation Bronze besides, Eguavoen?

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Na you kill Christian Chukwu abi, Or maybe na you kill Adegboye Onigbinde.

        Once again keep fooling yourself with your multiple IDs in support of a proven failure and relegator of teams.

        The last time I checked, the NFF has even named coaches for the national teams going forward. You can continue your Egua-failure campaign in futility.

        • Raphael 2 years ago

          Fool, how do you know someone is using multiple IDs? Pot calling kettle black. Read, your Chukwu is 70 close to an acestor, can’t be coach again. Onigbide in the same category, goat when are you going to use your brain? Mention a coach that counts or remain quiet.

          • KENNETH 2 years ago

            You responding to a parrot locked up in a cage in Vienna zoo. His brain is freezing right about now. have recommended they take the talkative into the basement and turn on the furnace so his frozen brain can melt. So hot spicy peanuts awaits him when he is normal

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahahahaha….please name the multiple ID
            I use/used pls….LMAOoo. Please name them…..LMAOOo.

            Maybe you too have used IP filtering and Quantum Data Algorithm like your master-in-lies jimmylie used, to detect that I am 7 different people from different parts of the world….LMAOOo.

            You think everybody is a cheap filthy shameless desperate rogue like you…??

            Bastard here’s what you wrote verbatim…..”Despite your noise mention one Nigerian coach living that won an African Cup of Nation Bronze besides, Eguavoen?..”

            Once again, na you and your papa kill Christian Chukwu and Onigbinde…???

            Oscar Tabarez was 74 and when he was coaching Uruguay even with crutches.

            Roy Hodgson is 74 and still coaching Watford in the EPL.

            Dick Advocaat is 74 and still coaching Utrecht in the Eredivisie.

            Lars Lagerback at 71 is still coaching Iceland.

            Na you and ya papa withdraw coaching license from Christian Chukwu hand because he is 70 abi…?

            Senseless idiot.

            Coaches who have won multiple league titles and cup titles both in Nigeria and Europe dont count….LMAOOo. Coaches who didnt need paddy paddy rehabilitation appointment from the NFF before making names for themselves in coaching do not count……LMAOOoo it is your failure who has failed at all levels from U17 to SE, led the last 3 NPFL teams he managed into relegation waters and failed woefully at both AFCON and WCQ that counts….LMAOoo.

            Eguavoen is indeed the most qualified local coach…LMAOooo. Cant you see how full his trophy cabinet is…???

            Shameless pig.

            Once again, he NFF has named coaches for the national teams going forward and your perennial failure’s name is consciously and loudly missing. You can continue biting trees because of your Egua-failure….LMAOOoo.

            Omo ale.

          • SD Special Delivery Jones 2 years ago

            Kenneth, you are going to be in serious trouble for insulting the good doctor. How can you say the brain of a doctor is being frozen? He will soon eat up all your spicy peanuts.

          • SD Special Delivery Jones 2 years ago

            Oh shit. Kenneth you were warned…. The good doctor is back. You better have enough spicy peanuts to hand. Lol

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahaha…Okponu ayirada Kenneth…you never disappoint.

            What pains me for you is not that you were born senseless and still irredeemably senseless…..what pains me for you is that your long mouth like that of a bush pig only vomits more senselessness anytime you open it.

            No wonder you are a persona non grata on this forum and only lick after the feaces of senseless folks like you when they are done messing this space up.

            At least I have a brain that is freezing/freezable. The fact that you dont even have a brain at all is the reason why your parents are still ashamed to have given birth to you till date.

            Incase you dont know, because news hardly reach poverty stricken riffraffs like you, the NFF has named coaches for the national team and your failure god Eguavoen’s name is not there…you can go using your rotten teeth to mow lawns henceforth for all we care….LMAOoo

            Abirun lasan lasan.

            Human beings are talking, wretched animal too wants to join in the conversation.

  • Shodimu 2 years ago

    Raph, body don dey pepper the fool as he sees the thing don dey near small small. The mumu doesn’t know all could be a adejoke, ewu goat!
    Meanwhile, we need Amuneke as assistant coach. Mumu.

  • Stanly 2 years ago

    Dr Drey, don’t mind the messenger but read message otherwise fans think you are fool. My understanding is that they have succeeded in moving coach Austine Eguavoen up the ladder. Try as much as possible not to be personal.

  • Enough of using bronze medal won by egu to adjudge him best local coach.

    Oke emodi that won CAF champions league with enyimba nko and the second coach that won with them.

    Bulk of local coaches that NFF have been recycling in recent times are good example of mediocre.

    They are Jobless people that cannot secure appointment outside Nigeria untill NFF came to their rescue.

    Can they leave se alone for a while and alow set of people to run the affairs of Nigeria football from lower age grade to se.

    That squad egu took to afcon in 2006 is 70times better than what is available to rohr in 2020.
    Team in 2006 was further fortified by inclusion of best players from the under 20 that made it to final of fifa world cup.ogbuke,taye taiwo and mikel himself. Winning the afcon then was the target for egu, because failure of se to qaulify for world cup.

    With all the stars available both young and old winning bronze medal is what some are celebrating as best living local coach.

    Christian chwukwu achieved same feet with very deplited team two years before.

    If afcon were to have round of sixteen like it does now. I doubt it if egu tactics would have survived the stage, because depsite the stars we won qauter final by penalty and eventually fail due to bad tactics against ivory coast in the semi

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hahahaha…my brother, AFCON bronze is bigger than CAF champion league title….LMAOOO

      If Eguavoen can be hyped this much, then Salisu Yusuf deserves a statue at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport.

      Eguavoen is indeed the most qualified local coach…LMAOoo. Since NFF has not reappointed him, let these hooodlums draft and type their own 10 years contract and email it to their eguavoen to sign.

      Bunch of drunkards…!!!

  • Abdulrazak 2 years ago

    The best two footballing nations as ranked currently by FIFA are Brazil and Belgium. Yet, only two players, Barbosa Gabriel and Ribero Everton in the current 29 man Brazilian squad ply their trade in the Brazilian league, the Brasiliero Serie A. The Belgian national team has only Simon Mignolet and Hans Vanaken playing for Club Brugge in the Juplier Pro league.
    So, for the simpletons on this forum calling for players in our non existent local league, to be included in the senior national team, i need say here that they need to invest in getting a little bit of education before setting out on issues that they simply have no clue on.
    As for Augustine Eguavon’s incompetence, inept tactics, technical ineptitude and the harsh lessons of March 29th, only persons with non existent IQs or retard intelligence would suggest retaining him as head coach of the senior national team.
    It is such propaganda, led on by one Arithmetical Segun Odegbami that have us where we are now as a footballing nation.

  • MuYiwa 2 years ago

    The Nigeria male and female basketball teams are dominated by players born abroad. What about the Onwuzurikes and co in the last u20 world athletic tourney, how many of them were born in Nigeria? How many of our so called locally grown footballers are playing at a high level as the ones like Ola Aina, Balogun and co?

  • Ako Amadi 2 years ago

    Unlike in South Africa and Egypt, all the local coaches in the Nigerian League are natives. What have they done to raise the standard of football in Nigeria? NOTHING!! But some people believe they should handle the Super Eagles. You cannot go to university without secondary school education.

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