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Amuneke: I Can’t Be  Assistant Coach Under Rohr

Amuneke: I Can’t Be  Assistant Coach Under Rohr

Former Nigeria international Emmanuel Amuneke has stated he can never be assistant coach to Super Eagles handler Gernot Rohr.

Amuneke made this known in a chat on Brila FM on Monday.

Reports has it that Amuneke is being considered for the assistant coach position under Rohr.

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But rhe 1994 African Player of the Year made it clear he has coached Tanzania’s men’s national team so cannot take up the role of assistant to the German.

“Rohr is the coach of Nigeria, I was once a coach of Tanzania not the youth team, so why must I come back to assist Rohr. Why are we trying to belittle ourselves.”

Amuneke qualified Tanzania for the 2019 AFCON which was their first since the 1980 edition held in Nigeria.

He led the Golden Eaglets of Nigeria Nigeria to win the 2015 FIFA U-17 World Cup in Chile.

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  • Coache 3 years ago

    Rohr’s errand boys or agent paid commentators begin to FIRE Amuneke now…. Lol

    • After they would say they love nigeria national team…..

      Love some times requires sacrifice….

      So if it requires u becoming assistant to Rohr to move nigeria soccer forward, u would declind it?…..
      Tomorrow now they will stand singing “i’m more patroitic than thou”….. (patroitic indeed)

      Mikel obi sacrifice his currency in 2016 by assisting olympic team…. But our “most” patroitic pple can’t swallow their pride for their country…..

      Oya, NDI “He’s better than Rohr” where are u pple?
      Come out and spew ur thrash bikonu…..

      • Ballers.com 3 years ago

        Amuneke has paid his dues to his nation. He aggravated the injury which eventually cut short his career while sacrificing for fatherland in Conakry – Guinea ’97. It’s high time people like you sacrifice for the nation in the name of patriotism. Abi, patriotism na for only one person?

      • al_caesarxz 3 years ago

        what are you even saying? Oga if you dont have something meaningful to type, log off!!!

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Lol… I call them magotts and e-diots.

      Just wait small, dem go soon begin crawl out of Amaju’s anus to. Do his bidding.

  • Larry 3 years ago

    @Coache, unfortunately and due to obvious reasons, the uncivilized ones or the local champions among them will not challenge or insult him.
    The name Amuneke doesn’t sound like Mr. Dare or Uncle Segs or the Yak or da Bull..

  • Amunike we have heard you loud and clear sir, speak no further about this.
    After all the man (Rohr) did not request for your service, it was NFF that want to force you on Him.
    Who knows may be NFF was preparing you for eventual take over of the national team which could be a better and painless transition because you would have understood the players and the situation of things then you can use your instinct to move the team forward.
    But agidi and igberaga would not allow you to think of this possibilities.

  • Presh 3 years ago

    Amuneke it’s okay, you beginning to annoy me, you can still learn, and become the coach in future, but no. Let’s move on, we heard last week you not interested. It’s NFF calling you, not Rohr. Rohr is a gentleman behave. 

  • lanre 3 years ago

    now i know that these people are ever not sincere…..this same amuneke spoke on a live chat sport program,TIKITAKA on fm 105.5 ibadan that he was READY to work as assistant coach of super eagles,precisely 11th of december 2020.But why are we so devilish,hypocritical nd unscrupulous as men?amokachi hand writing could be seen, he did same devilish machination against Rashidi yekini in his days as super eagles player,betrayed stephen keshi to become samson siasia assistant.shameless people……when last did you hear David beckham,teddy sherinham,muller,ibrahimovic,robbie keane etc talk PUBLICLY AGAINST THEIR NATIONAL TEAM COACHES,nd when they do it,they apply decorum because they know the inherent DANGER of going against POPULAR INTEREST nd the risk of squadering their hard earned respects.

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    I am so tired of these bla bla bla bla bla bla bla every day. Why blabbing huh? Are we not tired of these excuses ni?

    “Rohr is the coach of Nigeria, I was once a coach of Tanzania not the youth team, so why must I come back to assist Rohr. Why are we trying to belittle ourselves.”?

    This is the quote of the day period.

    Why we don’t like ourselves in this country?

    Not every Nigerian is a bad person but at least we still have 1% of us that we can trust.

    we have seen everything about Oga Rohr and we knew that he can not do anything new or adding any new idea to help Super Eagles.

    So, why are we deceiving ourselves by saying the future of the current Super Eagles team is very bright under Oga Rohr? Are you people kidding me ba? Seriously?

    We have to do something differently this time around kę.

    We went to Russia Eagles fumbled. We went to Afcon, Super Eagles failed to reach its potentials and in the end, Eagles won Bronze which to us is nothing.

    This Oga Rohr has two opportunities which were world cup and Afcon but the gentleman didn’t convince Nigerian in both tournaments.

    Instead of wasting our time on this issue, it will be a great idea to give Amunike and other ex players that are more qualified in that field to do the job.

    For you Oga Rohr followers, you people keep ignoring the truth like this. Is it hard to understand the truth and do the right thing at the right time?

    Are you guys helping the situation or adding to the problem? What has he Oga Rohr done differently upon having quality players in his team?

    We have to be optimistic here kę.

    NFF should stop their politics game. Favoritism and tribalism in our sports.

    If you don’t know what to do NFF, We patriotic Nigerians are here to help you out.

    For we patriotic Nigerians, the job is not done yet. We still have a lot to do.

    Everybody knows that I love Super Eagles too much and I don’t joke when the issue of Super Eagles comes up like this.

    Chai, I spent all my time, energy and money to scout and discovered quality new players for the national team specifically Super Eagles but you people couldn’t appreciate my efforts but praising Oga Rohr only but ignoring me for no reason. Kai, who does that huh? Why are you people belittle your own people like this?

    In the end, you people keep celebrating FIFA ranking and the Bronze medals? Why?

    Hmm. Nigerians are the problems of Nigeria indeed. Keep belittle your own people okay while others are celebrating their own ex players such as Senegal and Algeria.

    Both teams played in the last Afcon final in Egypt while our own foriegn coach couldn’t make it to the final.

    Coach Amunike is the man to do the job. However, I love Oga Rohr and his fans too but I can’t love you guys over our dear country Nigeria.

    Let’s join hands together to move Super Eagles forward. It is now or never. Mr. Amunike is the man.

    Africa…… Africa…..Africa…..think o.

    Well, what do I know? Truth is bitter. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Oakfield 3 years ago

      U see why you’re a very stupid person. U said bronze is nothing for a team that failed to qualify for 3 consecutive afcons and world cup inclusive???? And when they did, they qualified with games to spare and later eon something after all. Your tupidity has no grade. Its infinite.

    • @omo9ja.

      “Rohr is the coach of Nigeria, i was once a coach of Tanzania not a youth team, so why must i come back and assist Rohr. Why are we trying to belittling ourselves?”

      So is Amunike tell us that SE is in the same level with Tanzanian national team?

      Or is it that Tanzania national team is bigger than SE hence he can’t swallow his pride & serve his father land?

      No wonder pple say “in a country where everybody is blind a man with one eye is the IGWE…”

      it just bcos of the evil & corrupt pple in this country; in other “civilise” country pple rush to take it.

      Can an english, brazilian, spanish, italian, german ex footballer make this statement against his country?

      Just like @lanre rightly ask a question “when last did great & world recorgnised footballers like RONALDINHO, RONALDO DE LIMA, RIVALDO, CAFU, KAKA, BALLACK, KHAN, INIESTA, XAVI, CALOS, BECHKAM, HESKEY, OWEN, SEAMAN, FERDINAND, LAMPARD, ESSIEN, TOURE, OKOCAH, KANU, MBOMA, ETO, LT R.SONG, FIGO, RAUL et all” blast their national team coach?

      • FatherJP 3 years ago

        Again sir you are very wrong about Donald Duke rejecting that VP slot. By the grace of God I was privy to some of the horse readings and schemings that went down that memorable night at the Villa. If you know Duke personally (or any one close to him honest enough to tell you the events of that night), pls ask him to honestly tell you who used a white handkerchief that night and who gave it to whom?? (Won’t say more than that).

        If you feel keen to press on your narrative, pls let’s talk in private (for security reasons). Thanks and remain blessed.

  • Oakfield 3 years ago

    Which monday are u talking about @ csn??? Lots of misleadimg stories. this same story was published by a different sport website many weeks ago which he (amuneke) came out later and reportedly debunked but it’s here again. Csn, pls stop doing copy and paste. Nobody knows which one to follow again. However, if this story is true, Mr Amuneke, there is nothing wrong with you being and assistant rohr. The whole idea is not meant to belittle you but to ensure a smooth transition of power and playing philosophy that won’t be detrimental to the team. Do you get the loint now?? Your coaching of the Tanzanian team has absolutrly nothing to do with you being an assitant to rohr. A white man won’t think this way. His mission would be to learn one or two things from his superior whilst setting the precedent and stage for the main job. That’s common sense but I think pride is beginning to rear its ugly head in you. U need to deal with it asap otherwise u go hear am in the long run. U can’t compare the Tanzanian team to the eagles. Super eagles is a more complex team than the former. Use your head brah.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      God save us… Has any white country ever hired a blackman to coach them? Only blacks who don’t respect themselves do that…

  • As good as ur black man is, when last did ur black man take their national teams to semi finals of the world cup?

    So u are expecting a white man after spending his billions of dolar/pound to come & employ an unserious/incompetent black man to handle their national teams?

    Do u think all countries are like this so call country(nigeria) that would just throw a job to ex in the name of playing 100 caps.

    Infact, which african country does that?

    Pls tell DANGOTE to sack all the white men working in his company & employ only blacks.

    Intimidation, fear & inferiority complex at the highest level. (always afraid at the presence of white hence start crying)

    Emenalo(former CHELSEA, PSG technical director) was a white man;
    newton is a white man;
    egbo is a white man;
    toure is a white man.

    Fear, always bring intimidated at the presence of white, feeling inferior b4 the white.

    A white man would carry his CV and go anywhere in search of work… But blacks are afraid and feel inferior and okay in their comfort zone.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @UBFE… We should just stop playing soccer then and leave it to whites since they are better in everything. Why do we waste time attending tournaments… I support Amuneke, he should never accept any assistant job. If cisse can coach Senegal why not one of our own? We have people to do the job.

      • @Jimmyball….

        Ever since blacks have been taking us to tournaments (not age-cheat); how many have we won?

        If soccer is allowed for the white alone to play, how many job or company has your government provided for the youth?

        Rohr never begs Amunike to be his assistant, ur nff is the cause….

        I love Amunike in that he stands his ground…. Why am i saying this???
        Why can’t Nff and other ex force Amunike on Rohr the way they did with Yobo?
        (that is why i like Amunike…. A man of his own…. He’s not desperate & doesn’t meddle with anything and believe me, when he mount the podium, he would go places with SE….. Go through my comment, i don’t use any foul language against him…. I only point him to the truth of being a PATROITIC CITIZEN which some times require SACRIFICING ones pride and ego)…..

        To be frank, i like his resilience nature, he would have mouth when he steps into the “unconducive” NFF environment…. He would sit down and draft out his agreement well…. Not the one that just jump in, by the time NFF shows him their true colour pple would start crying “that we don’t treat our black coaches well”….

        How would they treat u well when u pass through the “nigerian way” into and office?

        Nothing is wrong being assistant in your national team….

  • Olusegun.B. 3 years ago

    Reading Amuneke’s comment makes me think of do many things . Being a coach of Tanzania national team is not bad , it still gives you a great cv. I also feel that they (NFF) need him to be with Rohr as an assistant coach so as for him to transition as full coach in the future .
    Mario Zagallo of Brazil played for Brazil , won the world cup with Pele. He coached the 1970 world cup and won with Pele again and in 1994 he was assistant coach to Carlos Alberto Perrerira and Won the world cup that had Romario, Bebeto and a 17 years old Ronaldo Lima who was an unused sub in that tournament and guess what, he’s far older than Perrerira whom I believed needed him because of his experience. Zagallo became coach again after 1994 leading the same Brazilian national team to 4 years of unbeaten streaks , the copa America, the FIFA intercontinental cup and the finals of France 98 where he lost to France .

    This may not be about belittling one self but rather he needs to look at it on a bright side . Isn’t it his dream to win tournaments for the super Eagles? So why not see it in another tune.

    Well I hope he looks at it in another corner. If not , I wish him the best of luck and hope for more success in his career.

  • Olusegun.B. 3 years ago

    Another thoughts also leads to how we place our own kind against whites . The truth again leads to why do we belittle ourselves or is it also due to our mentality as well esp when it comes to the way we handle issues relating to our things . Stephen Keshi win the nations cup but somehow the team that won it wasn’t the one that went to the world cup in Brazil and at the end the team was out in second round .

    Sunday Oliseh was threatened by the powers that be to put their players in the national team without merits and at the end forced him to resign from the national team as coach .

    Finidi George who asked to Coach u-20 wasn’t given that post because according to sources , he doesn’t have a godfather therefore the job was given to Ladan Bosso who ended up failing. Tell me what kind of a mentality do we have esp with how the national team is being handled .

    I again understand Amuneke’s comment on a second thought and really feel that things should be handled reasonably.

    At this moment we cannot boost of our youth system anymore , Kanu, jay jay okocha , etcetera came from the system and we produced amazing talents . Today we eye men born outside Nigeria as alternatives in which it’s not a problem provided they earn it and are given merits.

    After Jay jay left the national team we’ve not had another number 10 player till this very moment. I wonder how long.

    • @Olusegu B……

      This ur facts is painstakenly and chronologically analysed….

      I think this reminds me of one certain DONALD DUKE(FORMER GOVERNOR OF CROSS RIVER STATE) that rejected an open check of becoming the next president of Nigeria when he was asked to be a vice to YA’ADUA…. One man with vision (GEJ) saw it from far, jump at it and the rest is history…..

      Some opportunities like this pave way or can serve as a steping stone to greatness since not all are blessed with overwheming luck.
      (Yobo though one might see it as not being luck; but all which way, all correct after all others may have wanted to go the “nigerian way” but it didn’t work for them….

      How i wish Yobo is competent enough such that he can mount the podium and do wonders for years, by the time he steps down the likes of FINIDI, EGBO, OLOFINJANA et all are ready to make the seat theirs….
      I think by then Amunike would regret it all….

      My humble opinion though….

  • Marvelous 3 years ago

    If funny that those who suitable for the job are not making noise about it. The likes of Nwankwo KANU, JJ okocha, enamelo etc are far better technically yet they are good observers and supers of the coach. But someone who met Tanzania after they have already qualified and could not take them out of group stage like Rohr toke Nigeria is making unprofessional statement here and there. He is only exhibiting a Nigerian we have grown above. Humility is not costly is easy to achieve, Amunike should get that. Beside Rohr doesn’t need you even in his dreams, na NFF wan force u on him like they force the incompetent Yobo on him. Rohr needs his former assistant.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Marvelous… Those suitable for the job like Kanu. Does Kanu tell you he has a coaching badge? You played football does not automatically qualify you a coach. Amuneke was not an inferior player compared to Kanu… I even rate him higher.

      • Jones 3 years ago

        Your Joseph Yobo that was forced on Rohr does he have a coaching licence….

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          @Jones… I did not appoint Yobo. Please drop me this morning.

    • FatherJP 3 years ago

      I hardly get involved in arguments that adds nothing but whenever I notice some things that don’t sit well with facts and objectivity, I am won’t to come out of my shell. You mentioned Emenalo etal as being ‘technical’ than Amunike. I don’t understand what you actually mean by that but if your post was meant to rate Okocha and Emenalo higher than Amunike, then you must be way off the mark.

      Amunike achieved more than Jay Jay. Played for teams bigger than Jay jay did. Won more trophies than Jay Jay and Emenalo put together.

      Infact Emenalo never had any stellar football career. He only made it to USA 94 via the back door at the expense of Nduka Ugbade. Of you ask me, he paid his way to be there. Never played any minutes for the great Super Eagles from 1984-1994 only to find himself on the plane. He only made a name for himself as a Director of Football/Sports Director.

      And please go back and read how Tanzania qualified. Amunike was primarily responsible for that. Mind you, am not holding brief for him on his suitability or otherwise for the SE job. Only interested to correct an obviously wrong comment you made about him.

      Stay blessed always bro!

  • lanre 3 years ago

    JAY JAY OKOCHA scored Gernot rohr a 7 over 10,KANU NWANKWO who was known for his match reading EXPLOITS also spoke in support of the same person,nd by far these are the two major LEGENDS ever to EMERGE from this country,they spoke based on their respective experiences as footballers nd as ardent football experts just as other ex internationals from around the world do…..how would you claim to be having HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE because you want your national team coach sacked even when the coach has not performed too badly?…..it simply means that your life depends on it,logic suggests such an ex player has an academy or that he works as players agent aiming to OVERTHROW the national team’s authority for his benefits.

  • People should stop disrespecting Amuneke or trying to belittle his status/achievements just cos they want to decorate Rohr in colorful robes. I like Rohr too (to some extent), but will NEVER be blind to his clear shortcomings. Please read to the end and stop yammering dust and black smoke everywhere. Show some respect!!

    – Amuneke is one of the few Nigerians who was named the African footballer of the year (during our golden generation era).

    – He is one of only 2 Nigerians that has laced boot for the reverred Barcelona FC (I think Okunowo was the other).

    – He is a 2-time winner of FIFA U17 World Cup, with his team playing some tantalising football (as coach & as assistant).

    – By virtue of that, he discovered (or helped discover) and nurtured current great talents like Osimhen, Chukwueze, Iheanacho & Nwakali.

    – He is one of a few Nigerian coaches who’s so highly rated outside the country and coached other national teams & top clubs in Africa (others being Onigbinde, Chukwu & Keshi).

    – He’s a legend in Tanzania, qualifying them for AFCON since 1980. They were about losing out of the qualification before Amuneke steered them back, recording stunning results/win against East African powerhouse, Uganda.

    – At AFCON proper, Tanzania was grouped alongside Senegal, Algeria (the 2 finalists) and Kenya.

    – Tanzania was not disgraced, twice leading against Kenya before losing to experience at the last minute 2-3 (Remember Tanzania was last at AFCON in 1980 and came up against regular qualifiers & powerhouses).

    – Tell me, how would Nigeria under Rohr would have fared if we were grouped with Senegal, Algeria & Kenya (Remember Kenya almost ran away with a 1-0 win in Nigeria in 2015)?

    So please add perspective to your argument. Make fair and balanced arguments – criticise and praise. Don’t perch on one side only, even if the coach loses 7-0 to Lesotho. That’ll be daylight hypocrisy.

    • NA ME TALK AM 3 years ago

      @Kel .. To answer your question . Tell me, how would Nigeria under Rohr would have fared if we were grouped with Senegal, Algeria & Kenya (Remember Kenya almost ran away with a 1-0 win in Nigeria in 2015)?

      Did you forget Nigeria was in the same group with Zambia ( Afcon finalist ) , Algeria and Cameroon for the 2018 Worldcup qualifier and Yet the topped the group with a game to spare .

      Rohr qualified Nigeria for the Worldcup and defeated all the teams when Nigeria was at it’s lowest and missed the AFCON back to back . Yet he topped the whole group with ease and no stress

      Rohr is not perfect but you shouldn’t be-little is effort aswell .

      Both Rohr and Amuneke are good coach individually and both deserve their due respect from the FANS .

      God bless Nigeria

  • What the man means is that he can’t work with Rohr. He prefers to work with a top rated coach. What has Rohr won coaching other national teams?

  • Ako Amadi 3 years ago

    There’s a difference between pride and arrogance. Amuneke is suffering from acute inferiority complex. Doctors recommend medicine called humility for Amuneke’s fat head.

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