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Amuneke: I’m Not Interested In Super Eagles Job

Amuneke: I’m Not Interested In Super Eagles Job

Former Super Eagles winger Emmanuel Amuneke says he has no interest in coaching the team at the moment.

Amuneke, who is currently the sporting director of Egyptian club, El Makkasa has recently been linked with the Super Eagles job with current handler Gernot Rohr yet to reach an agreement with the Nigeria Football Federation.

The 49-year-old however insisted that he is not thinking about managing the Super Eagles for now and is solely focused on his job with El Makkasa.

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I’m not seeking for Super Eagles job, I have made myself clear, and I don’t need to be repeating myself,’ Amuneke told Brila FM.

“Nobody knows my life more than God like I said if it is the will of God one day, I will coach the national team.

“You have a coach there in the team, and I have made it very clear, the coach himself has done very well so there’s no need for baseless rumours.

“I have my own challenges that I have to face and see, I hope that post Covid-19 we will be in a position to see if we can reform our team and then get back to the plans we have in mind.”

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  • Michael 4 years ago

    Every progressive mind knows that Rohr has really done well for the Eagles.

  • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

    See Pinnick will only end up making our national team an international mockery. I really don’t want to comment on this issue because anything political is just to create music for the public to dance whereas the main figures know what they’re doing. But the implications of this propaganda might spell doom to the branding of our national team.

    Now all we read is bribery and expose of ex coach who have done the nation proud with laurels. If Pinnick will just let this Rohr be all this madness will not be unfolding. Already Siasia is in hot water for something I am sure he knows nothing about, if this sort of news and drama continues circulating then our national handlers are in trouble.

    • Oakfield 4 years ago

      @chima, it is risky to say u are “sure” siasia is innocent. You can’t vouch for a Nigerian coach no matter how sincere he appears to be. Virtually all of them have skeletons in their cupboards. Corruption runs in their blood. FIFA can’t just come up with mere allegations without proper investigation. They cant make such a mistake. Oyibo organizations are not like ours where you’d say they are prone to careless mistakes. The weight of the punishment should give u a hint that they are sure (after proper investigation) that he is guilty.

      • Adeyemi 4 years ago

        I pity black fools sometimes. Because they are whites or international organization, they are not corrupt or make mistakes? I have lived in various countries and the greed of human beings does not know color. Weapon of mass destruction in Iraq? Does it ring a bell? Fifa corruption scandal? I can make long lists. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I don’t support corruption but dont look down on your own people.

  • Ololo 4 years ago

    Let the national coaches get into trouble.. Many players are increasingly getting the morale to expose them… Take it or leave it panick is a blessing to Nigeria football, in as much as he might have been getting lots of decisions wrong, his delay in rohn job has lead to many secrets being revealed. This alone would cause fear on our indigenous coaches, soon efcc would come for many of them, let’s not forget bringing rohn as our coach is one of the best decisions any nff chairman has done for over 10 years now.. Let’s awaits more and more secrets, I really wish the uche brothers can expose theirs as well.. Next to be exposed should be manu garba

  • Peter Nwajiaku 4 years ago

    Amaju is a man I so much cherish and loved but he should be mindful of his words while addressing the press. I think he is talking too much these days as a typical Nigeria leader. On Keshi’s bribery accuse by Obasi. Where has he been all these years? Keshi is late, who will speak for him now. He should be careful to avoid the rot of Keshi’s spirit. If any player is sure a coach denied him/her of not representing Nigeria b/c of bribery he/she should come out open immediately this deed is done and tell the world and let the coach defend him/herself and not comming out after many years.

    • Many of our Nigerian coaches are corrupt, I had a close pal playing for Sharks and later Ifeanyi Ubah as a defender, he told me when Keshi demanded 800k for him to be included in the national team.

      But Keshi is gone now, he had some good records with the national team. Let’s dwell on the good works he did while he was here and forget the bad ones. Las las, nobody holy pass.

  • De Star 4 years ago

    Experience is the best teacher, once beaten twice shy so say the great minds. Amunike is no longer a stranger to the intriguing in the glass house . I have always been saying it like a broken record, no Nigerian born coach would likely succeed under the past and present fantastically corrupt NFF,  If corruption is not killed in glass house , corruption will kill our football.

    NFF have a way of frustrating Nigerian born coaches and the greatest weapon used is to denied them Salary , where many a times having to rely on the tips called bribe in local parlance for survival from foreign based players  ( as Awolowo once said , you don’t feed your enemy to have strength of attack ) ; only few very like the likes of arrogant Oliseh would rather take a walk than being humbled before their players , Siasia would even go extra miles soliciting externally  financial support to finance his team outside Nigeria ( can anyone easily forget the way NFF were jubilating in the stadium when Siasia team was eliminated from Afcon qualifier  on the head to head rule where the only loose recorded by the team was under the NF‘s local partner Eguafon) ; the jubilation can only be best described as the jubilant NFF at the Atlanta 96 Olympic football finals, as they knew it was the needed opportunity to go back to their Oyinbo business partners of 50/50 padded salary shared ventures.

    Amunike is a very good coach who have proved himself with the tiny Tanzania ,breaking 39 years old records qualifying for Afcon at a time, that no any single player of Tanzania was born when last the country played in the Afcon, if Rohr or foreigner were to break such long time record with our own S/E , not only would Rohr or such foreigner be smiling to the bank with padded salary but the NFF would not need to ask any player to pay bribe before being influenced to the team as they would have have enough alert in dollars accruing to them from the padded increase salary as implemented with Rohr 2 years ago . 

    Amunike is technically good but would be too soft for the corrupt NFF not to be undermined, with Siasia one of the best technically gifted coaches with strong character and the best loved  by majority of Nigerian football fans, already temporary out of the way ( I am very sure , NFF would never pray Siasia is set free), EFCC needs to have an annex in the glass house before NFF would support our Nigerian born coaches to succeed .

    Amunike, your time would surely come once corruption is killed in NFF which I am sure the current Sports minister would do sooner than later.

    • Oakfield 4 years ago

      Pls, Oga, withdraw and appologize for making reference to Awolowo’s statement that was made during the war and responsible for the starvation of about 2 million biafrans (Igbos) during the civil war. Common sense should have told u not ever make such a reference but u chose to do otherwise.

    • Oakfield 4 years ago

      Pls, Oga, withdraw and appologize for making reference to Awolowo’s statement that was made during the war and responsible for the starvation of about 2 million biafrans (Igbos) during the civil war. Common sense should have told u not ever make such a reference but u chose to do otherwise. You have no right whatsoever to make make such a reference here or anywhere! Be guided!!

  • Mr Hush 4 years ago


    Every statement should be looked in line with context of which the very statement is made.
    It is all about objectivity so we don’t get misled by being conniving or stating things just to suit our own narrative. Such doesn’t help us.

    I do agree that the NFF needs to clean house and if they have done that, they need to maintain a standard based on credibility, meritocracy,productivity and transparency. Objectivity should always stand tall.

    Amunike wouldn’t go for the job now cause he is a man with a plan. He comes out like a man that is always objective and lives beyond sentimentality; hence his continuous rise.
    He made such clear in his statement above; “..the coach has done well himself so there is no room for baseless rumours”.
    In context, he is giving credence to Rohr’s work and in the sense, throwing support to Rohr continue stay as manager of the Eagles.
    Amunike is a man with honour and should be respected for such.
    And as he knows, his time would come..

  • De Star 4 years ago

    @Chima E Samuels , You have just nailed it !! Nothing to add ( though , I am surprised that you did not allow your strong support for Rohr to becloud your ability to reason and think out of the box to be able to discern the destructive propaganda going on , playing politics with Rohr’s contract renewal ). Only a great minds like you would think deeply to that extent and then call a spade a spade but not farms implements 

    You worry that , the sponsored  propaganda can spell doomed for S/E branding ? you really amused me as if you are not a Nigerian, where they would loot treasury and then set the building on fire , ensure their refineries never work to enable them smiling to the bank with imaginary subsidies to the advantage of foreign country economy, empowering Boko Haram to massacre their fighting soldiers and slaughters citizens they swore to protect. 

    Do they care if Siasia remains banned for life , Siasia is the most hated coach ever by NFF because the success of Siasia is always a bad news for them , distracting them from their usual business ventures with their foreign business partners called white coaches, that is why they would do everything to ensue he fails in any assigned team but for the ingenuity of Sia 1

    All in all , with the new sherif in town , current Sports Minister, Nigeria is still on the winning side  , trust me .

    No more padded Salary 

    Rohr has to come down for real work in Nigeria , live in Nigeria and scrutinized as England National team coach to justify his padded salary of 2 years ago and never to celebrate mediocrity again.

    Snakes are no longer swallowing money in the glass house .

    The only business left for the NFF now is Rohr’s contract extension that would guarantee their 50/50 sharing formula .

    What is going on now is Corruption is fighting back , the whites coaches wanted to put sands in the NFF’garri , first it was Bonfere Joo that accused white Coach Westerhof of selling of match to Italy, Westerhof strongly reacted even threatened to go to court, surprisingly FIFA is looking other way (that is international politics) but A Siasia who was not handling any national team as at the time the so called bribe occurred was killed with sledged hammer , ban for life! While Ethuhu who actually eat a forbidden fruits was slapped with handshake of 5 or 10 years ban ( that is International conspiracy) .

    Then come again Erickson who did not play to the gallery by exposing the business NFF do with their foreign business partners like Rohr of turning down eagles job in 2010 because of the 50/50 salary sharing ( surprisingly no single reaction from any past and current NFF members , more surprising our super analysts, commentators, the Rohr’s arrays of soldiers in this platform  , no single reaction against NFF and their Oyinbo’s business partners like Rohr ), the news was not only effectively killed but would overhyped the bribery allegation against one of the most Nigerians successful coaches who is even dead that cannot defend himself, and worse still, NFF names itself in the scandal is as constant as salt in the soup ( but would they care , after all, they have never call themselves saints ).

    Time will tell 

    • Mr Hush 4 years ago


      Forgive me to say but It seems you have a personal vendetta against white people. I dare say, such vendetta is be clouding your sense of judgement and objective reasoning.

      I know we are all entitled to our opinions but we should try as much to be objective with such opinions since this is a public forum where the most of us come to acquire and share in knowledge. Such knowledge could be use elsewhere, so we owe it to ourselves and the larger sphere, a thorough and logical opinion based on facts rather than mere emotions.

      No matter how much I love and respect SiaSia, I can’t be too forward to stick my neck out for him simply based on emotions.
      He has been judged based on evidence given against him and he has the opportunity to clear his name ( or otherwise) till then we sit back and wait.
      And the case of Etuhu having a shorter sentence does not correlate with Siasia’s. Not every case is the same and every case is judged according to evidence presented and how far such crime went. The defence is also taken in coignance ; not forgetting the leniency level of the Judge in every case.
      The Fifa judicial/disciplinary committee that handles such cases is broad. Different Judges for different cases.

      Furthermore,It us quite true the NFF always ooze corruption (like everything Nigeria) but it is totally a different Nff executive in charge in the last decade when Ericsson, Hoddle turned down the job for the SuperEagles job. It has nothing to do with Pinnick and in a long run, Rohr’s appointment.
      And how do you know Rohr’s salary is being padded? You do know Rohr’s salary is mostly paid by private companies,led by Aiteo group since the government financial support to the FA is paltry; not really enough to cover all our football teams and responsibilities.
      The reason Pinnick is goes hand in cap to state governors to host the Eagles anytime they are around.

      As for the accusations against Keshi; we can’t just say the man is innocent of these just because he is dead. He wouldn’t be the first man to be accused and judged in absentia. Keshi’s record doesn’t cover the fact he could as well committ such he has been accused of.

      I find the accusers courageous for speaking out, with this , there could be positive changes made towards such habit. Cause now the populace know what’s going on behind the scene.
      Though most making the accuse haven’t really come out and name names, we as Nigerians know what is going on and how inept and corrupt those in power could be. It is an open secret. We can always smell the dead possum from afar.

      The point is instead of trying to drag everything towards Rohr or the Westerners at large, we should try to look inwards to ourselves. The problem is with us . Starting from our mental state of thought,logical reasoning and attitude towards objectivity. We should learn to keep our emotions in check and work to build ourselves on merit, productivity and results.

      • Well i believe we all are waiting for the proof from FiFA on what they have against Siasia. Has for the case of Ethuhu, the case was handled by the swedish government, i want to believe that if the case was taken to FIFA the penalty will definitely be different. In Ethuhu’s case the player reported immediately he was offered the bribe. He didn’t wait some years later to make that accusation

        As for the case of Keshi, we all are reacting to what is common in our society which is corruption. Everyone tends to believe all Nigerians are corrupt, i can’t judge a man becasue of the notion that we all are corrupt. Some of the ex players and coaches a debunking such accusation, so who are we too believe. Until a proof is shown, he is innocent until proven guilty. How did FIFA catch Amos Adamu?

      • Chuks 4 years ago

        The accusers were not really courageous because they failed to point to anyone who asked for the purported bribe. You cannot be said to be a courageous person when you make unsubstantiated allegation. Until that allegation is backed up with facts, including names of those who demanded for it, those accusers remain cowards.

        In my opinion, the bribery allegations from Ogbuke and Taiwo were made in bad faith (considering all available circumstaincial evidence) though I agree that corruption cannot be completely ruled out in the manner players are selected for SE.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Once again, Kudos for another ton of lies and unsubstantiated figments of your warped imaginations and innuendos put up there.

      Excuses upon excuse for failure of your African Guadiolas who cannot qualify for common AFCON and turned the SE and Nigerian players into a worthless brand in the 6 years they were in charge…..Before it was Eguavoen who lost the first match (As if Rohr did not also lose his 1st AFCON qualifier but still went ahead to qualify with a game to spare)…..Now it is “…Siasia is the most hated coach by NFF…” but this most hated coach has been employed once as Assistant FE coach, 2ce as FE coach, 2ce as U23 coach, 1ce as SE assistant coach and 2ce as SE coach. He is indeed hated by the NFF…LMAO. Infact if not for FIFA ban they would have expressed their hatred for him once more by sacking Rohr who has done Extremely well and replace Rohr with him. What depth of hatred. I don’t know which other Nigerian coach dead or alive has lived and fed on employment from NFF more than this “most hated” coach. But the most hated coach still keeps going back again and again as if he was banned from coaching clubsides or other teams elsewhere. Even before his FIFA ban, his last job for FOUR (4) whole years ago, courtesy still, of this same NFF that hates him the Most

      What amazes me is not the fact that some people do not have that shame and decency not to lie in public, what amazes me is the ease with which these lies flow from within them outwards to public domain where they can be caught.

      Like I previously stated, between…1. Rohr gets preferential treatment from NFF ahead of local coaches….2. Rohr gets paid 4x what local coaches get…and 3. Rohr shares half of his salary with the NFF….you have to choose which of these your lies you want us to believe and stick to it. Please, because your own lies are beginning to contradict each other o….LMAO

      Because I don’t understand how being denied a whole 50% of your salary is a form of preferential treatment compared to local coaches who were getting paid their (30k-36k) salaries in full and their assistants getting their own salaries (of close to $20k) paid directly by the NFF whereas Rohr still has to share the remaining 50% of his $50k (which amounts to about $25k) with four other assistants.

      How all these amounts to preferential treatment and earning 4x what local coaches earned is becoming confusing o.

      So pls stop lieing from pillar to post like Nigerian Fire Service. Stay in one lane and pls tell us which one of these lies you what us to believe and stop confusing us.

      I will rejoice one day when you post comments without falsities and substantiate your thoughts with sources that are concrete, verified and unarguable….instead of shadow boxing into thing air….LMAO

  • Chairmanfemi 4 years ago

    Amuneke has just slammed a heavy slap on the Faces of Chief Commander of Indigenous Coaches must rule -ODEGBAMI, His Complete Sport advocates ably headed by Omo9ja and followers up till latest recruit – Ade.

    The man you’ve all been wishing they sack Rohr for and replace him with – Amuneke has come out to Endorse Coach Gernot Rohr and he has humbly told you guys to stop “baseless rumours” also stating that His time will surely come which we all know. Bad market for you guys I think..lol

    So who’s the next coach on your list? Like Amuneke issa bad market for you guys

    • Typical nigerian way of thinking. Am no surprised, seems you need to go back to school. So how was Uncle Segun slammed here. Did he say Amuneke told him he wanted the job. Sometimes you just want to make noise and don’t know exactly what to say. The man only made recommendation and you now interpreting it to something. Am so disappointed in you. May be your Dr drey cooked this up for you to type in his backyard in Vienna. How dumb his your reponse in the first place

      • Chairmanfemi 4 years ago

        I won’t trade abusive words with you bro…lol. I don’t have your time. I come here to make my comment and Drey does same so what’s your prob with that??

        This news is heartbreaking for you guys as you’ve expected Amuneke to come out and say “Yes, Coach Rohr is a very bad coach. He isn’t any good infact am way better than him” but The Humble, reasonable man didn’t. So I know how you feel right now…Take heart bro. Enjoy your day

        • This is why your nigerian way of thinking will never seems to amaze me. Am beginning to get confused with your reply. When did we disapprove what Amuneke is saying. I don’t hate Rohr, the issue i have is the NFF not treating nigerian coaches with respect and giving them the needed support like they are giving to Rohr. Guess you comfortable with NFF owing nigerian coaches 6 months salary. Can you please defend that.

  • Mr Hush 4 years ago

    And to your logic ; you feel cause the accuser made the accusations over time then there is no legit case?
    The accusations are unjustified just because the accused is dead?
    And do you know that oral evidence could be enough as long as it correlates with the accusations?

    I will tell you this, most tend to believe the accusers based on past experience in the corrupt ways and actions of those in position of power in Nigeria; Nigeria coaches comes to mind; Salisu Yusuf comes to mind and as you mentioned, Amos Adamu.
    It is quite clear that accusations and counter accusations is like an every day occurrence in the Nigerian sporting space.
    So why you have the right to keep waiting for evidence, it is always wise to read between the lines. Not everything is spelt out.

    For Etuhu’s case, the Swedish court fined Etuhu in December last year,in extension with a probation. Of which he has appealed.same as the prosecution.

    The Swedish FA ( a signatory to Fifa and acting as court of first instance) banned Etuhu this April 2020 ,for 5 yrs from all sporting event.

    And I assure you can keep waiting for the proof from Fifa but my advice, don’t hold your breath.
    But if you really want to see the evidence.why don’t you petition Fifa in your personal capacity to see.
    Fifa wouldn’t fine or ban a person without concrete evidence.
    For one,Fifa has nothing against Siasia.
    He isn’t the only coach in the world.

    Fifa might come out wrong after an appeal but right now ,what’s factual is Siasia is banned.
    This isn’t any conspiracy theory.

    • Bros go and sit down, Please present a case where your so called oral admission was used to prosecute a defendant without evidence (only in Nigerian courts or any corrupt Judicial system in the world). Can you tell me what exactly to read along the lines guess am missing something. SO far from what have read, no one has called out Keshi’s name of collecting bribe, except taiwo whose statement says he didn’t like keshi because of his dealings( SO please let him explain or show us his dealings). Funny enough, have read where they claim he is an overage player using football age to play and then using Gods name to say he is clean. This is just a Nigerian way of thinking.

      • Mr Hush 4 years ago

        @ ade.

        You actually gave me a chuckle.
        I totally would stop relating to you not for anything but for the fact that, not everyone can appreciate knowledge even when they are surrounded by it.
        Ignorance sometimes is a choice.

        But for the sake of objectivity,I would give you this;
        In any given case, there are four forms of evidence;

        1.real evidence ie. Physical stuff; DNA,knife,blood ,gun,documents etc.

        2. Documentary evidence ie. Files,news papers,contracts etc.

        3. Demonstrative evidence ie. Diagrams,charts etc.

        4. Testimonial evidence ie. Basically oral evidence given by witnesses.

        All evidence are admissible according to their authenticity to the fact of the case at hand.

        A case might be construed by all type of evidence been admitted or only one as long as such evidence given has enough fact necessary to sustain such evidence.

        So my brother, a testimonial (oral) evidence can always be used free from any of the other as long as it is credible evidence as agreed by court as it relates to a case at hand..

        This is it for me…
        Wish you the best

        • I laugh in Austrian, you can’t even present a single case where oral statement was used to convict an individual. Bros are you for real. A scenario was pasted here, till now no one has responded. Maybe with all your highlight you can tell me how the person can be convicted.

          So let me repeat, you were accused of raping a woman 6 years ago. Mind you she didn’t report it then but just came out to accuse you now. Then 5 other women joined the bandwagon. So are u telling me a judge that is sane in the head will just convict you without due diligence. Me self am done talking because I can’t let my brain be tainted like you and your fellow friends. It is only in Nigeria you can get away with such without evidence. Just like snake eating money and yet no comment till date

          • Mercy 4 years ago

            If oral statement cannot be used to indict a person, while then is security intelligence agencies use a technological means of tapping a suspect phone or collecting information from telecommunications companies?

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Mumu….go and find out about Etim Esin and what ended his career…Go and research about how he ran back to Nigeria without even a pin.

            Go and read about Harvey Weinstein who was jailed this year for a crime he commited almost 15 years ago.

            Go and read about the #Me too movement and how their oral confessions where used to send an errant to jail

            You just rable rousing here with an empty skull like a pig on heat since as if you know anything…LMAO.

            It is still this same you who will claim to know more than BBC, Wikipedia & other sources of news. It the same you who will claim Nigerian media are lairs as if you know how to spell your name correctly. It is the same you who will claim Benjamin Francis and Erhun Obanor were better than Taiye Taiwo…..LMAO

            Go online and read on “Testimonial Evidence and the Right of confrontation in the US, Canada and Europe”

            Go and read about the many cases all over the world (including in Latin America) of clergy abuse most times coming into the open many years after it happened

            Search online and see tonnes of judgements based on oral confessions.

            Download any law journals and read hundreds of case studies….all based solely on Oral confessions.

            Oponu so’we nu…!

            Senior advocate of criminality.

            This fraustrated Lairs Utd people are all the same…. mentally lazy People. They will be the ones throwing blind arguements all over the place and still be asking you to provide analogies or records for them to clear their own ignorance.

            It would have even been understandable if you were to be one fairly intelligent fellow.

            I would have shared links for you to read but I won’t. Since you claim to know it all…go and do the fact-mining for yourself.

            Continue defending criminal acts, you will end up in jail soon….sho’gbo. Ode oshi.

        • I can’t stop laughing at your reply. Lets go to Number. How is Obasi an eyewitness? Who then is the accuser. Was taiye taiwo present went obasi was asked for bribe or vice versa. Am just thinking aloud. Maybe u can answer that part for me. So basically what u saying is Obasi is the accuser and eyewitness. So what proof is he going to present to get a conviction?

          To you moron friend in Vienna, am not stupid to know that some Judaical systems are corrupt like Nigeria. You talking of latin America, where lives are not valued. Abeg park well and get some sense. Go and read the Weinstein trail very well, and tell me where no evidence was presented.

          • Dr. Drey. 4 years ago

            Shior Olodo. You don’t even have shame. Just arguing blindly all over the place like a demented imbecile.

            See the way he is switching arguement from pillar to post like the scrotum of a pig, after being checkmated…LMAO

            It’s apparent that simple English you can’t even comprehend properly. That’s how low your IQ is. Keep on thinking aloud like a lunatic o. You hear.

            I thought you were looking for examples of convictions based on oral statements. I’ve given you tonnes of cases there.

            I didn’t even mention Nigerian judicial system there but the short-circuiting going on in your brain can’t even let you reason properly. You will tell us if Etim Esin was convicted in Nigeria or if Harvey Weinstein was convicted in Nigeria that you are making silly reference to Nigerian judicial system as if you read any word as such in my comment.

            Since you were in court during Weinstein’s trial you can tell us the evidence(s) that was put forward. LMAO.

            How does lives not being valued in Latin America correlate with anything I wrote above. Or is life also not valued in US, Canada and Europe too…??

            Keep on asking stupid and irrelevant questions and not get ur shameless self outta here…wait let me go and get answers for you from your village people. Because it’s obvious they are the ones behind your predicament. LMAO.

            From Obasi being accuser/witness you switched to Nigerian judicial system, switched to lives are not valued in Latin America switched to asking me to spoon-feed your dumbness with details of Weinstein’s trial….o boy, can’t you see that some people somewhere are playing ludo with your brain…??? Imagine the incoherence….LMAO

            Oversabi…! Ode oshi. Better go and get delivered from the darkness in your life.

          • Dr. Drey. 4 years ago

            Hahahaha….OMG…you are thinking aloud….?? LMAO. Don’t worry, we will get you a psychiatrist to install a megaphone in your brain so that the loudness of your thoughts can at least stabilize those shock waves in your brain that is responsible for your blind arguements on this forum.
            From “Keshi and Oliseh never had foreign assistants to Benjamin Francis and Erhun Obanor were better than Taiye Taiwo to Taiye Taiwo was a benchwarmer in Europe during Keshi’s reign”….LMAO. Very senseless and shallow arguements..LMAO

            What concerns us with whether OBASI is the plaintiff or whether Taiye Taiwo is the court clerk or whether Sunday Mbah is the minister of justice…??? Where did you see me mention Nigerian judicial system in my comment…? You just beating about with irrelevants like someone whose village people are using his brain as a dice to play ludo….LMAO

            Oga Ade I too know…wey nor Sabi anything, everyone of us can make mistakes. It is very easy and honorable to acknowledge when you make a mistake… especially when you have been busted in an argument….There is no better way to earn trust and respect. We already know you are a senseless fellow, but you shouldn’t add stupidity to your profile by completing harping on an argument in which you have been roundly defeated. Save what is left of your dignity and take a walk.

            You asked for instances where convictions have been made based on confessional statements and I gave you tonnes of them….and you are rambling about Nigerian judicial system, lives not being valued in Latin America and all sorts of incoherent irrelevants…LMAO. I already read about Harvey Weinsteins trial very well before I cited it as an example for you and it was a straight case of his word against those of his accuser and other victims…just as the case of Keshi whom 5 different players accused of same offence and whom his assistant at that time has confirmed such was a norm in the national team backed up with his selection of unfit benchwarmers, who had just played 1 or 2 friendlies for Nigeria, to the World cup ahead of experienced players who were playing and scoring on weekly basis in top leagues around Europe, with half of his selection to the world cup not nearing the SE ever since nor progressing in their careers ever since.

            Since you where in court with Weinstein during his trials you can as well tell us what transpired….LMAO…ehn oga senior advocate of criminality.

            It’s not a surprise that so much insanity flows out of you, for someone who claims to know more than BBC, ESPN and Wikipedia, and that all Nigerian media are lairs, the depth of your ignorance and shallow mindedness is not unexpected.

            Keep swinging up and down like pendulum clock according to @Ola. Lmao. Hopefully the people behind your predicament will return your senses to you one day.

  • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

    You guys should stop the fight.
    It’s true we are just managing Gernot Rohr,we all know he is not the best for the job but we can manage him at least he is fair in his team selection, he just needs to work on his attitude (we need a confidence coach),his tactics and he should study players very well before inviting so he can give them the opportunity to prove themselves.

    No need turning a blind eye on Rohr’s weaknesses.

    Who see the truth should say it.

    • Lord AMO 4 years ago

      Mr (or Mrs) Goal.  I’ve read a lot of your submissions on this topic of Gernot Rohr as well as the submissions of those who take a different position to yours.  Here are a few things I believe you are twisting a bit.

      One, I don’t believe the Rohr supporters (myself included) are saying that he is the best thing since sliced bread and is free of deficiencies.  I for one have pointed a couple out in the past.  Rather, most have pointed out that on on the balance of the scale, Gernot Rohr’s strengths far outweigh his weaknesses especially when held up against the local coaches available to us.  People like Dr. Drey, Ayphilly, Deo and others have provided a lot of facts to back that up.

      Another inaccurate label thrown around is that Rohr has flopped as Eagles coach.  Now that’s just factually incorrect.  The reasons have been repeatedly pointed out by the likes of Dr. Drey and co. but let me add to it.  He was asked to qualify us for the WC, he did it in style.  He was asked to get us to the Semifinal of Afcon, check.  You don’t call a bronze medal in your first afcon a failure anywhere when you compare it to the fact that we didnt even qualify in two previous tourneys.  Yes westerhof took silver in his first attempt but do people remember he also came third in the next afcon? Should we then have fired him since according to the placement he took a step backward? We recognized then that he was in the midst of building and we were only two years away from completing the project.  The same thing is happening here.

      Finally, we are two years away from the world cup.  Now is not the time for disruption.  Go back and look at successful teams and chart their progression  under their coach.  Any serious team will never just up and change coaches at this stage.  If the man was giving us rubbish results then I get it, but thats not the case.  After the mundial, then we begin a different cycle and we can then hire whoever we want.  Local or foreign, it doesn’t matter to me as long as that coach picks players on merit and is qualified to do the job.  This my friend is the reason being given for the support of Gernot Rohr.  Period

      • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

        I love your submission @lord Amo  … if others sound like you and Mr Hush then there will be great understanding here.
        I for once never turn a blind eye to the facts that rohr has done well but I’m also aware of his weak points, every one has a weakness which can be worked upon but tackling a person who mentions the area his team needs to improved upon is not a wise curse because criticism makes one better.

        I will say it again that I never hated oga Rohr, so his fans should always understand that.

        Thank you for your reply.

  • A wise man sees things afar and caution’s himself, but a fool want to touch it….

    @AMUNIKE…. From today i see u in the same page with the likes of OKOCHA, KANU, UTAKA, ENYEAMA,,,, that plays wiser than their contemporaries…..

    The more u hate Rohr, the more Rohr is being promoted by good and sincere ex….

    These are men that played good football in their playing days….
    Not all these below average ex-cricketers that group of persons are promoting with words to make them look presentable…. Hahahahahaha

  • _No Allegations ‘Yet’ Against Amuneke_

    It is increasingly becoming more difficult not to have respect for former Super Eagles winger Emmanuel Amuneke who has come out to frustratingly emphasise that he is not currently interested in coaching the national team, more so as the post is not even vacant.

    At a time when bribery allegations and other absurd stories are competing with coronavirus to make sporting headlines, this smooth operator called Amuneke continues to maintain a sense of focus with an angle that is not far fetched.

    From Benedict Akwuegbu coming to regret playing for Nigeria (after a rather forgettable national team career) to Bonfrere Jo claiming that his fellow countryman sold the 1994 world cup second round encounter against Italy. Taye Taiwo coming out to say he retired under Keshi’s currupt era after the coach clearly snubbed him came soon after Chinedu Obasi claimed he was asked for a quid pro quo to play under the same gaffer (having been ravaged by injuries for spells during that period).

    Online media outlets are flooded with these stories but Amuneke’s focus remains with his club assignment in Egypt and not bribery allegations, but will his time come?

    I still remember very vividly when the 49 year old was in charge of the successful Golden Eaglets team of 2015. A particular popular Nigerian online media outlet constantly (I mean constantly) ran stories about how Amuneke solicited bribes for youngsters to be included in that tournament winning squad.

    The 1994 Super Eagle was accused of all sorts as coach of the 2015 Golden Eaglets so much so that it was a miracle that he wasn’t sacked.

    Nepotism, tribalism, favouritism, bribery and corruption, you name it. Yet, these all seem to prove unfounded particularly as he brought the world cup back home with his hugely talented lads.

    Perhaps in 10 years time, the Kelechi Nwakalis, Victor Osimhens or Funsho Bamgboyes of this world or any of their colleagues that were dropped from the 2015 under 17 squad (like Chinedu Obasi just did) will come out and tell us something different.

    For now, Amuneke is concerned solely with his coaching career which continues to build from strength to strength since his days as Golden Eaglets coach.

    I am really proud of this man and do hope that he continues to garner the much needed exposure and experience so that when indeed the time does come, he will be fully ready to serve the Super Eagles with distinction, much like his Under 17 coaching days – only this time, without the filthy allegations of bribery that circulated in certain quarters at the time.

    And if indeed he does not have any skeletons in his cupboard, then no events from his past would come back to haunt him!

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      @ DEO.
      I also share your hope that Amunike will continue his development as a coach and one day come back home to lead the SE.
      With each passing day he keeps showing an uncanny sense of professionalism and maturity. Unlike his gluttonous colleagues, he plainly admitted the incumbent is doing VERY WELL. Of all our exinternationals, he is still the one I have utmost sense of regards for the most. It’s not a surprise he’s practically the only one who throws his CV around and gets jobs with the tap of a finger. I’m happy that he is intelligent enough not to allow himself be rushed into handling the SE yet. While the rest have made another man’s job their talking point on the pages of newspapers he has busied himself with his job in Egypt. That’s what happens when you are not jobless….it is when you don’t have job to do that people will use you as touts to disturb the neighborhood as some of the African Guadiolas have been disturbing our ears of late.

      Amunike indeed is on the right track, but he himself knows that the SE job at this point in his career will set him many years backward. He should continue his development with club football and low stake national teams…a league title here, a cup title there or a giant killing feat like that of Nicholas Dupuis’ Madagascar at last year’s AFCON and then he will command respect from even the wolves at the NFF.
      The worst thing that can happen to any SE coach is to let the NFF feel they are doing you a favour by employing you as SE coach. I’m sure Amunike knows that and isn’t ready to be at anyone’s mercy as SE Coach.
      Amunike has washed his hands well…… he’s got playing Experience at the highest levels, he’s trained to be a coach and obtained the highest licenses, he’s served of FIFA TSG, He has tested the coaching waters with a handful of clubs and Tanzania’s Taifa Stars….it’s only a matter of time before he starts dinning with kings. That I am very sure of

      • Prince 4 years ago

        Dear all,

        One thing we have to understand here is that Emmanuel Amuneke is not an idle man!!!
        Currently, He is actively involved in a job as a professional expatriate in the runnings, operations and supervisory affairs of a club which is operating in one of African soccer greatest nation …and in Egypt, Club soccer operations is being run at the highest professionalism !!!
        That’s why Egyptian clubsides remains a highly dominant force in the continental competitions for Clubsides.

        Emma Amuneke has coached a national youth team, a senior African national team and a big African clubside….I believe this is a man who sure know what he wants and he is steadily working towards that path!!!

        Since his active involvement as HEAD coach from 2014….He has being a busy guy and cutting his tooth and learning the trade gradually both in national assignments and clubsides management in the African soil.

        He came out openly to tell us that his time is not yet due to manage the National team because he knows that there are still a lot to be learnt to get to that point of being ready to captain a ship in the caliber of The Super Eagles.

        I tell you guys this today, if a time comes in the nearest future for Emma Amuneke to lead the Super Eagles, HE WILL LEAD WELL because by that time, HE WILL HAVE VAST EXPERIENCE AND AUDIBLE CREDENTIALS to guide him Forth!!!

        And….For all those that don’t want to work hard, earn a badge, get some experience by practically coaching a youth side or an age-grade team or a modest club for some good lessons;…you might be digging a pit and when you fall in it, your coaching career will pretty-much come to a premature end even before you take-off!
        This is because There is no success from shortcuts…Hard work, Experience and Educative qualification makes a huge difference!!!

        I hail ooo

  • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

    Amunike himself know that the SuperEagles are on the right track under Rohr. He know if he’s given the job at the moment it will not be the ideal time. Obviously, there’s always a chance he could coach the SuperEagles in the future, but not while we already have a coach doing a good job in bringing the SuperEagles back to prominence. Amunike is doing what he suppose to do by developing himself in a technical capacity from the national team of Tanzania to an Egyptian club. Continually gaining valuable experiences and certifications that will help him in a more challenging position ahead. 

    Yes we will continue to manage Rohr who have lifted the SuperEagles from 16th in Africa to 3rd and 70th in the world to 31st and still rising. Wether naysayers like it or not Rohr will take the SuperEagles higher than their current position in not too distant future. He has already built a team that will be around for another decade or more. Westerhoff built a team that lasted a decade. Keshi equaled his record, but he didn’t built a team for us to follow up with. Majority of the players he discovered never blossom to prominence since he left the SuperEagles only 5 years ago. It was quite amazing that we could go from AFCON champion to missing back to back AFCONS. The downward trend continue when the African Guardiola came in and ran away. At a time when everyone has written the SuperEagles off Rohr came and steadied the ship by qualifying for the WorldCup with a relatively young team that have continued to evolve since then. 
    Our defensive options at the moment is the best I’ve seen in a long time. The options in midfield are mouthwatering and the final third is booming with top quality finishers. The imminent future is very positive hopefully the world returns to normalcy and we can continue to enjoy the beautiful game. Starting from AFCON in January if it holds SuperEagles stand a very good chance to rule Africa again. We just need continuity with the present technical crew. Nobody else is more qualified than GR at the moment to be in charge of the SuperEagles. 

  • Tancosports 4 years ago

    Based on the history on how super eagley have been evolviy since 1989 when Clement Westerhorf took over as the Coach, his primary objective was never to win any trophy at the initial stage rather he channeled his energy in team building and did so for a very good 5 solid years albeit we qualify for each tournament in the process till we qualified for the main sporting event for the fist time in history of Nigeria football in 1994.

    After Westerhor left the team, other coaches had little to do because the team was already there, so we had this team till the year 2002 when a onigbinde came and scatted the team and forced most our players like Oliseh, Finidi and more to their retirement and his performance at the 2002 world cup was the worst in history of Nigeria football.

    We have been having “indigenous coaches” ever since then, from Christian Chukwu, Eguaveon, Shuaibu Amodu, Samson Sia Sia, late Stephen Keahi and most recently Sunday Oliseh otherwise known as the “Africa Gurdiola”. With all those name listed above, none of these coaches was able to give Us a team. All they did was gather and play and we all know how our team keep struggling on the continent of Africa that especially when we are playing the so called ” minnows”. Our local caches are NOT qualified or good enough to handle our national team, I even remember one of the Eguaveon interview, he said “I’m ready to work under any foreign coach” that was after the 2006 Afcon in Egypt.

    Now Genort has almost finished building a solid team that will be a model to all Africa teams to emulate in not too distance future yet some enemy of Africa football are advocating for the removal of this great coach who has brought back smile to our faces? ……. More to come

    • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

      Please you can rate all this local junks below standard but don’t add Siasia to that list because I will second anyone who tries to belittle Siasia. Siasia is a coach who yes may have failed in his last assignment with the main super eagles after coming on a rescue mission but I can boldly say his win and success rate is far above his rare loss.

      And when it comes to team play and fluidity I will rate Siasia’s team above what we have today. But not to disregard the honest work of coach Rohr. Honor must be given to those who deserve it. Even the ex coach Keshi we are convicting today have won us gold taken us to second round of a world cup so why must we go Savage on them because we qualifed for NC and WC with a game to spare or we won a bronze or got kicked out in the group stage by Argentina.

      If it was a black coach that played Ighalo against Argentina by now he would be called all names. Please my point here is we should know how to base our judgement so not to argue blindly, Rohr is on the right track but not the best we have ever had tactically nor technically but he is transparent which to me will help him succeed with the bunch of talents at his disposal.

      Please I will also beg you all to stop this keshi blame game against taiwo if you all remember there was a point in time taiwo was shaky defensively which led to vital goals conceded he was also frozen out of AC Milan, so why blame the coach who dropped him for a more discipline Elderson and went on to clich gold at NC or a coach that took short Babatunde to WC who did well not until his injury to france. We must be careful not to fall prey to what this players says even though some might be right but Keshi has achieved enough to be given accolade even at death.

      I love Rohr’s honesty that is why I support him and I hope he wins trophies to overhaul those before him then he will be called great.

      For now let’s respect late Keshi whose policy was to take yes boss players and every coach will also do same because no coach will take players he can not dictate to. It worked for him at NC and WC before we lost to france in some controversial fashion that the referee officiating was abysmal.

      • Bomboy 4 years ago

        @ Chima E Samuels, this is the best write up I have ever read from you. I like people who share balanced opinion and reason with their heads and not with their hearts.

        I wish I could give you a thousand likes for this.

  • greenturf 4 years ago

    Amunike was a great player and is gradually building his career potentially as a good coach.
    A very disciplined footballer from his days playing for Gaskiya college in the suburbs of Ajegunle.He has continued in that trend as can attest by one of his wards who has risen as a super eagles player,talking of Victor Osimhen to serve a clear evidence of his sincerity and professionalism as a coach and this has put him in good stead potentially as one to look unto for the future.
    Patience they say is a virtue,a useful skill and good aspect of ones personality.
    Acknowledging the good work of a compatriot who is doing a fantastic job and not soliciting for his job stands you tall and earned my respect.

    • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

      Greenturf I went to Gaskiya college Ijora you must be familiar with this place to know about how amunike started. From Gaskiya to whitesand. I have witnessed him myself.

      • greenturf 4 years ago

        @Chima E Samuels,I went to Araromi sec school Iganmu.I played for my high school which happens to be a force then in both the principal cup and other schools competition in lagos state.
        The first time i met him was in my year 4 in high school i was 15 years old and was playing my first game for the senior team,that game was a test match against coker all stars at coker football ground,i think he just signed for julius berger then.
        We won 2-1 and i remembered scoring one of the goals and Amunike scored for Coker all stars.
        After the game i had to ask my teammates who was that guy who played from the left because he made life hell for our right back the way he waltzed through our defence in a manner you think we had no defence.His speed was terrifying and he hit the crossbar repeatedly he was a colossus an extremely important player for all the teams he played for in his playing days.Sadly injury truncated his career at Barcelona.
        Kpoi has my respect.I wish him well in his endeavours.

  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    I won’t be pushed by you if I’m not ready yet. I like that spirit of Mr. Amunike.

    Since NFF have said Yobo is for the future, that means they are not ready for the future.

    The future started now not tomorrow. The future of Nigerian football falls on our ex footballers. That is the truth.

    Preparing Yobo alone for the future is not enough.

    Yobo has the qualities to becomes a great coach but can he do it alone?

    He, Yobo needed a partner. A person that he can understand well.

    Coaching job is beyond tactics and bn bossy.

    Humbleness is key. Can Yobo manage the ego of himself and his boys? This is what Oga Rohr have over our ex players.

    How can Nigeria rising up to the challenge is what i don’t still understand. You have to be like a father or an uncle to your team before you can becoming a fantastic coach.

    Among our indigenous coaches, Amunike, Siasia and the two coaches that has these qualities.

    We can not continue having foreign coaches. We have to go back to the root. NFF should find a way to build this man management attitude.

    It has to start from them. None of local coaches have enjoyed coaching the Super Eagles. I think this is why coach Amunike decided to distances himself from Nigerian football.

    I hope coach Rohr and Yobo combinations will works well. If not, is like NFF will waste another good four years for nothing.

    Mr. Amunike was ready before now but NFF didn’t look his side. NFF would have prepared Amunike, Finidi and Yobo for the next Afcon and world cup immediately after the world cup in Russia or Afcon in Egypt.

    Having Coach Rohr with Yobo is a joke. That means NFF are not capable of moving Nigerian football to the highest level.

    Having said that, the deficiencies of Oga Rohr in world cup and Afcon with the caliber of player he has showed that he and Yobo may not good enough to handle the Super Eagles. That is the bitter truth.

    The results of an average coach is to have fantastic players but to build a team and winning trophies with the team may be difficult.

    How about an assistant coach that has wealth of experience as a player during his days but as an assistant coach, zero experience. NFF are expecting someone like that to bring
    his experience over to support someone that needs help or support, is a total mistake that NFF have ever made. Hmm, it is well.

    Consequently, those that are in charge of NFF know nothing about football. If we really want the best for our sports, Nigerians should find a way to kick out these people calling NFF.

    If you don’t believe in what I just said, I will give you an example. An average coach + inexperienced assistant coach is a scammed.

    It’s a 50/50 chance. The current Eagles coaches may win something and at the same time, they might not. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Omo9ja 4 years ago

      Sorry for my typos. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Ah ahh….@ Omo9ja…but you said Yobo is tactically more gifted than Aliou Cisse and Belmadi now…! LMAO

    • Only God knows how many mouth you get, @omo9ja, Dr Drey was right after all by calling you a liar n double mouth. Aren’t you the one that always advocate for Rohr N Yobo combo?

      Now that u got what u want, u call it a scam, you claimed Yobo was inexperienced, are u just knowing that?

      You Almost arrest some of us that says the truth when you was appointed, now you are changing tune even when he hasn’t been in dug out for once..

      Haba! Stay one place, stop dangling round like pendulum clock.

      • Omo9ja 4 years ago

        @Ola, can you read what I wrote earlier very well?

        No doubt, Yobo is good and the best position for him is to under study an experienced coach. Can you compare Amunike or Finidi to Yobo?

        Don’t take this my comment personal. Don’t mind Drey, he knew the truth.
        At least, NFF should add another experienced ex player to the team so that Yobo can learn from them.

        Coach Rohr and Yobo need help. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • greenturf 4 years ago

      @Omo9ja,you said Nigerian coaching job is in the hands of it’s ex internationals.Well maybe but i’m not sure about that in my opinion.
      I think we are best with a foreign coach and should follow that precedent post Rohr.It’s rather,premature to trust the super eagles with an indigenous coach because the corrupt and unstable system in Nigeria may not allow for a smooth ground for whosoever is appointed to do a decent and uninterrupted job.
      Apparently,factors from the administrators of football in the country and also corrupt practices from the coaches and worst of it all sentiments on players invitations,obviously all this will negate any positives coming from the team.Perhaps Emmanuel Amunike could potentially rise to the challenges in the future but i don’t think Amunike and the football administrators are moving efficiently in tandem,as it’s now Yobo is in their good books,the preferred choice at least for now.
      Apparently,i do not see how an indigenous coach will work successfully under a very bad system,so i would rather we carry on with a good foreign coach end of the day,it’s not the colour of who we have as a coach rather the results he brings that matters.

  • Vitalis 4 years ago

    Things are getting out of hand oo, Emmanuel Emenike has backed Chinedu Obasi’s accusations of Keshi demanding for bribe

    • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

      If you read this new very well and other statement you’ll see that the fingers are pointed to the NFF not Keshi and if we must recollect this our NFF are the ones who force players on coach this was one o the reasons why Keshi left the team in the first place and Emenike also went on to testify that Keshi has once rejected a gift from him after his guiness endorsement deal even admitting that the NFF officials are behind this drama and not Keshi.

      Keshi is like an uncle to me and I can put my head that he will never collect bribe for from any of this said players I will appreciate if this players can go one step in naming who asked them for bribe as this will do us more good instead of creating more confusion.

  • Pompei 4 years ago

    Someone said the other day that Rohr reads CSN. There have been quite a few times that the man has made decisions that are in line with the fans’ wishes.
    This seems to be the latest instance – the TAPPING UP of Nnamdi Collins.
    Forumites including yours truly suggested that he should show interest in young players long before they become big stars. He seems to be following our advice……

    • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

      So you don’t know before that he reads our comments especially from we the progressives, otherwise he would have lost his job since.

      That’s one of  the fine attributes  I like from him.

      • Pompei 4 years ago

        “So you don’t know before that he reads our comments”

        OFFSIDE baba, how I wan take know? Am I living with him? Or have I installed cameras in his residence, so I can watch his every move? That sounds like something you might do. Not my cup of tea.
        Even you that claims to know, is it not from hearsay?
        And you definitely are not a PROGRESSIVE. A confirmed Rohr hater, that is your current status. It is subject to change of course, if you change your behaviour. But as it stands, you remain your old self.
        And your opinion that he would have lost his job if he was not listening to us is OVER THE BAR, as usual. In the past, we’ve had coaches who don’t care a hoot what the fans think or want, and it did not affect their jobs. Rohr’s case would not have been different. I think the man is just open-minded. When he hears a good idea, he goes for it. Which is great!
        BTW, that ball you put next to your name makes you look like a goal scorer, when the opposite is the case. Na so so OWN GOAL na em full your youtube highlights.

        • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

          Lol! @Pompei you crack me up. Progressive my foot. Abi regressive. 

          • Pompei 4 years ago

            Indeed, Ayphillydegreat. THE REGRESSIVES. That name really fits them!
            If they like, they can form THE REGRESSIVE PEOPLES CONGRESS (RPC).
            The PROGRESSIVES will continue to expose them! Enemies of progress who’s retrogressive ideas will ultimately undo all the good work that has been done on the team!

  • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

    The NFF are the real problems behind Nigeria football alongside some crazy coaches like Salisu and Amakpabo… You people should leave Keshi out of this pls let the legend rest this news is not good for his family. This man has done more good for Nigeria football before he won the last Cup of nations when was the last time Nigeria won it and after he won it have we won it again. Nigerians we need to be careful when making allegations.

  • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

    Ideye,Elderson and co also out to speak. Something will eventually be revealed but I hope it will help curb the corruption in our football the sports minister should not leave any existing culprit unpunished by the time investigations begins else this will be a total waste of voice and time.

  • Prince 4 years ago

    Emma Amuenke is making Baby steps before adult strides..Stay safe everyone!!!

  • De Star 4 years ago

    @Mr Hush , I am sorry for my late response to your remarks as you tagged me, you and @Deo are the very few Rohr’s promoters/ Whites coaches promoters that I do appreciate the intelligent way you deliver your views in a more matured manner devoid of your group’s trademarks of insults, I must admit, the forum is time consuming.

    Now to answer you , I don’t have any personal vendetta against Rohr and I couldn’t have had any reason since, I am neither a football agent, nor a coach , and none of my relatives is a coach as a matter of fact , all these Nigerian ex internationals coaches we are advocating for or defending Keshi, Siasia, Amunike, Oliseh,Emenalo, Finidi ; none of them are from south west where I belong to, my view is purely for the betterment of Nigeria and for the good of our ex internationals who have served their fathers land and more importantly to join the league of progressives nations who thinks inwardly especially in the face of the aftermath of C-19.

    Over reliance on anything foreign either best , good or bad is what brought Nigeria to its current sorry state . Every sane nations except Nigeria protect her citizens and promotes her products, that is the standard global practice . No sane nations crates unequal opportunities, condition of services against her citizens. 

    This aside international politics, Americans do it Europe does  it , lesser Africans countries are also teaching the suppose giant of Africa how to dot it , Algeria and Senegal did it with their local coaches in the last Afcon where our dearest Rohr was taught basic of football, we should be ashamed, Mozambique is teaching Nigeria how to do it again in the field of medicine without relying on the white , it is a shame of a nation that, there is no area that you can be proud of as a Nigerian.

    None of our Nigerian coaches ever received regular salary as Rohr , none of our Nigerians coaches ever allow time to grow on the job for 4 years as Rohr  , none of our Nigerian coaches that won Afcon bronze ever celebrated , rewarded with 99% increase salary nor allowed to continue on the job as Rohr , even Onigbinde won sliver with an hurriedly assembled team where 99% of the players were axed , yet he was sacked. If Rohr had set a record or broken even a decade record of medal  , I would have also praised him to high heavens , agreed to his salary increment and equally proposed that Nigerian coaches should never be allowed to near S/ E , anything contrary to this it is recolonization of mind . Rohr is not doing badly but certainly does not have spectacular results from the 2 tournaments that would have made him a great coach that his promoters were selling to us as if he were Pep Gurdiola . If he is to continue, he would need support of NFF to be given skilled assistants that can cover his technical deficiencies.

    Lastly, we should stop destructive syndrome against our countrymen, if we cannot help our countrymen in problem don’t let us join to destroy them, I still stand by Siasia until he is proved guilty. Siasia case is unprecedented, it is unlike FIFA not to come up with a convincing evidence with verifiable circumstances before banning a culprit for live . The timing of the incident cannot stand in a law court as Siasia was not handling any of our national team then .  

    The problem with Nigerian football is corruption in the glass house 

    …,, to be continue 

    • Mr Hush 4 years ago


      Thanks for the kind words; I believe objectivity goes above sentiments, no matter where my emotions lie,I always try to be factual and logical about issues. Hence my support for Rohr,juxtaposed with my support for merit and productivity over anything else.
      Patriotism for me is born out of mind,heart and action, with the logical mind leading the way. I am always keen for Nigerians to charge of our own management and production in all level and capacity but my fear is that precedence has shown that we haven’t gotten to that stage yet. Simply put, those in power are totally inept and corrupt to get things done. Those that are qualified have the tendency to be corrupted by the already corrupt. The youth that should be taking over are lost to the wrong mentality. And the few good ones out there, the true qualified patriot,aren’t allowed to take charge for the simple reason of not being sold to the “Nigerian” way. So we remain stuck in a virtuous circle.
      So I dare say,it is not our over reliance on things foreign that got Nigeria to her sorry state right now; it is basically corruption that got us where we are right now. It is this corruption that drives us to prefer working with foreigners rather than Nigerians, atleast you know they would get the job done based on merit and if they don’t get the job done, they have enough respect to leave without pressing the destruction button.
      That said,like you, I want Nigerians taking charge of our affairs,but we have to do the first thing first, get our mentality right. But I know you would agree with me,we aren’t really there right now.
      Even the Europeans,Americans know when they need help. Yes.They mainly use their own but you know theirs isn’t as inept and corrupt as ours here. They always give the job based on merit rather than allow nepotism take charge. Not saying the West can’t be corrupt but atleast they always get the job done.
      Besides,the West (most Foriegn developed states) always know when to seek assistance when they know they don’t have the capacity in respect of getting a particular job done. Hence while the creation of many international organisations ie. The EU,NATO,Eurozone, G20 etc.
      In fact across Europe,most of the national teams are coached by foreign born managers. For one ,German,Italian, Dutch ,Spanish and Portuguese coaches are hot demand across Europe ,North America and Asia. Whilst Brazilian,Argentine coaches are sort after in South America. These various developed nations do this cause they are smart enough to know that merit and objectivity goes over anything else, even blind nationalism. If you are a true patriot then you should be bold enough to know when to drop your pride and seek assistance from the best to develop your nation. It is simply been wise. No tree is a forest. Even the most nationalistic nations like North Korea,Cuba,China,Russia,Vietnam,heck, Trump’s America ,still sick assistance outside.
      Furthermore,I am glad you agree that Rohr isn’t doing badly and that he needs support. Most of of Rohr’s supporters knows he is far from being a ‘great’ coach, he has his flaws but he is good enough for us based on his results. We know he hasn’t won any laurels but we are humble enough to know where he met us and where are right now. There has been a lot of growth in his time and we keep seeing growth in every game. He needs our patience. If Westerhof could be given 2 Afcon and a wasted World cup qualifier before he got it right; then I think Rohr deserves such. Simply because we can see the ascendancy. And if when the time comes and the positive stops,then we pull the trigger and let him go.
      My support for Rohr has nothing to do with his colour of his skin but like I said,(which you slightly agreed with), he has done a good job so far. If he needs assistance,that’s up to the NFF to give him that.

      Lastly,about Siasia, no one can destroy you if you don’t give them the room to do such. Destruction always starts from within. I am not sure Fifa can just punish him without evidence. Fifa isn’t a western organisation. Fifa is an international organisation made up of most of the world. Why would they have a vendetta against Siasia? He isn’t the only Nigerian coach alive?
      Off course,Siasia has our support, he has his chance to prove his innocence; we should just be wise enough to be patient and not go in blindly base on emotions. We aren’t privy to the case,only God,Siasia and Fifa knows what really transpired. So let’s hold our horses and let time tell us the story. It has nothing to do with been against our country man. It is just been objective and acting like a reasonable man.

    • Douglas 4 years ago

      My brother it OK to sing the praise of our own, but it is a big calamity to take side with mediocrities. U said no Nigeria coach has ever last up to four years with our national team, please lets go back to Memory Lane. Christian chukwu took over 2002 after World Cup lead us to third position in 2004 nations cup and was sack after a draw against Angola in Kano. C. C. C was sack because there no hope of us qualifying. Eguavoen was called on,he is the only victim because he was doing fine before Berti was brought in. Amodu took over, his task was to qualify us to World Cup and qualify us to semi final which he did, again like 2002 he was sack. Siasia was employed after eguavoen was dropped 2010 his task was to qualify us to nations cup, he failed after a home draw against equatorial guinea. Keshi was employed 2012 his task was to qualify us to nations cup and World Cup, he met all the target but no team for the next coach to duel on, he was sack 2015. 2012-2015. Siasia was again employed to qualify is to nations cup, again he failed after losing to Egypt. Olise was given the job 2016 to qualify us to nations cup and World Cup, but he ran away seeing it as mission impossible, which brought us to the present stage. To u apart from Eguavone and Amodu who again was ill treated. Siasia who fail to qualify us to nations cup twice or Sunday who ran away, C. C. C who could not qualify us for 2006 World Cup. Am waiting for your reply

      • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

        Mr Hursh and @Douglas nice reply big ups to reasonable and valid points.

  • Nice points @De Star. But you’re mixing things up a bit – plus fellow proponents like @Ade are making a poor presentation with their half-baked arguments, confrontational attitude and energy-sapping approach.

    Make no mistake, all pro-Rohr forumites are nationalists who wish everything Nigerian should be handled by Nigerians. It will certainly raise the profile of the green white green and make all citizens stand tall, both at home or in the diaspora.

    In fact, beyond football, I wish Nigeria can nationalise and take over MTN, CCECC and ShopRite and also chisel down the reach & opportunities for DStv and float a stronger indigenous rival with some exclusive incentives to grow rapidly.

    But is that the case? Can Nigerians manage it well? Were is Hitv today? Where is TsTV? FsTV? DaarSat?

    Why does even Dangote & Glo hire expatriates as their CEOs or COOs and not Nigerians. If you owned those companies, you might do same based on past experiences. Perhaps Dangote & Glo noticed past Nigerian CEOs filled the who place with their kinsmen and pay-and-get-a-job candidates, thereby compromising brand quality and killing the product’s prospect in the market.

    You see, it’s basically the same with the job of the national team. We’re just being realistic, bro, not hating on fellow citizens. Not saying whites are angels. There are of course terrible coaches we’ve hires in the past like Bora Nilutinovic. But coaches like Rohr rarely have personal interests when selecting players.

    And of course, there are Nigerians with a strict merit mentality, but the ones that have held the jobs have shown they’re still the typical Nigerians after all in the end. Yes, Siasia’s teams play good football, but we’ve seen all the allegations by FIFA and other players. Besides, his teams are usually age-grades where Nigeria is notorious for age cheating. Yes Keshi won the Afcon (Even though Nigeria was almost eliminated in the first round. Thank God for Moses that he later relegated for his own boys). No objective mind can argue Keshi practically burnt our 2014 WC ticket with 60% of the team made up of his own averagely skilled boys. And please, people should stop mentioning Oliseh. He’s the worst of the bunch. His team plays no distinctive style. He’s desperately appaling in man management. And he should stop dreaming about SE coaching job.

    The only promising prospect at the moment is Amunike. And yet, you can see his maturity. He’s bidding his time, while Pinnick is trying to foist a total greenhorn Yobo on future SE.

    Yes, we love indigenous coaches too. But who has proven himself as technically and tactically world class, merit-driven, SE growth-inclined, clean and not induce-able by bribes. We’ve not really found him. Senegal may have finally found in Aliou Cisse. Algeria too may have. But Nigeria has not. Maybe Amunike some day. Maybe.

    • Patrator 4 years ago


      Very apt piece …thumbs up

    • I associate myself with the bulk of the sentiments expertly expressed by Kel above.

    • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

      @Kel my o my you’ve said it all. Very Apt and fantastically valid d points. You couldn’t have said it better.

    • Call me whatever name you deem it fit. But the last thing I will do is back down from one sided comments on this forum. Now everyone is making a case for amuneke has the best nigerian coach. How do you expect a coach to function without the necessary tools needed to accomplish his task. Please mention any of the ex coaches that got the support the current coach is getting. Guess the Olympic saga should send a message. Can you work for 6 months without getting paid? Kindly answer that question for me. And then you come out here and talk about half baked comment.

      I have no issues with Rohr. And have asked anyone here to show me one statement have made against rohr. My fight is fairness

      • Douglas 4 years ago

        My brother u are moving on the wrong direction. No coach has ever enjoy himself coaching Nigeria, unless u want to be economical with the true. It took westerhof to get access to Abacha for him to carryout it’s job. If u claim no Nigeria coach has enjoy support like the white coach, what will u say of Christian chukwu from 2002-2005. What of siasia first rein as the coach from 2010-2012. Nobody involved in his team selection that was why we drew our game against guinea. He place dele against vinceant, used ogude from right back. What of kechi, did anybody select his team for him. Taking about holding salary, it is very common with NFF

  • De Star 4 years ago

    @Mr.Hush , the take home from your brilliant submissions are , Rohr is not doing badly and that there is still room for him to improve even with skilled assistants who can complement him where he lacks technical ability and that he needs more time to win a befitting  Laurels we can celebrate in view of Nigerian pedigree in world of football ( that I agree with you)

    However , my issues with you and other pro Rohr/ whites is , you are all involuntarily being always forced to toe the laid down track of NFF, whose design is always to orchestrate the failure of our Nigerians coaches . As you crave for time to be given to a coach that had been given 4 years already and also quick to site case of Westerhof who had 5 years before he can get it right , none of you have ever advocated the same patience with our Nigerian born coaches to be given the same privileged as pleaded for the foreign coaches, when your people see any negative news that can cast aspersions on our Nigerian coaches you overhyped it , and tend to jump into conclusion , but when it comes to negative news against that would cast aspersions on the Foreign coaches you don’t jump into conclusion you will rather downplayed it or even worse never debate it nor take it against foreign coaches and their business partners NFF ( Bonfere Jo made allegation against Westerhof of selling Eagles match against Italy for $100k,  Westerhof and some officials denied , Erickson made more damaging  allegation against NFF that he turned down eagles job in 2010 because of 50/50 padded salary but the foreign coach who was ready to  play ball then m,accepted the offer , none of you jump into your usual conclusion as you will quickly jump on Nigerian coaches that  foreign coaches do business with NFF, up till now no single member of the past and present NFF could be bold enough to counter the damming allegation of the padded salary racketeering between foreign coaches and the glass house ; surprisingly you neither nor your group ever for once carpeted  foreign coaches and NFF on that serious corruption in the glass house. 

    Rohr failed  in 2 tournaments, NFF recommended corrective training for him to improve on his technical deficiencies , the cost of which would have been borne by the NFF it were not the current nonsense sports minister, ( has that privilege ever been given to any of our past Nigerian coaches in their father’s land ) , Has your group ever for once condemned NFF for always owing Nigerian coaches to such extent their players helping them out inform of tips or bribe. 

    Oliseh just like his previous colleagues was owing 6 months salary, worst still ,financing his team , his assistants and walk away rather than be at the mercy of players for tips or bribe , yet none of you ever condemned this ungodly wicked act of NFF against his countrymen while for almost 4 years , Rohr in his comfort home country in Germany gets constant credit alert ( that is wickedness) 
    The disparity and discriminatory conditions of services are just too dam many , no coach would ever succeed in such inhuman treatment, not even Pep or JM .

    Could there be any justification for this glaring unfortunate preferential treatment and in equal level playing ground for Foreign coaches and Nigerians coaches?  

    • Dr. Drey. 4 years ago

      Hahahahahah….some people’s lies are not adding up any more o.

      Oliseh was in charge of the SE for only 7 months, 3 months salaries were paid upfront plus a brand new car worth 4m when he signed his contract Pls how did NFF manage to owe him 6 months salaries again….LMAO…..abi na which kind abaracadabric mathematics you wan use explain this your matter now..? LMAO

      I’ve surfed the whole internet for any piece of news where any SE coach was owed for 6 months and I’ve seen none…pls share any if you have…LMAO. Because it seems like you know somethings that even the NFF doesn’t know….LMAO

      NFF shares Rohr’s salary with him, but it is on record, in public domain and online that every year since 2016 for every 6 months that passes, Rohr is owed for at least 3 months. In early 2019 he was owed 3 months salaries which they only offset in Egypt just before we started AFCON. After AFCON he was owed for 3 months again untill he cried out, with NFF denying it was only one month they owed only to pay him $150000 in October/November which was 3 months salaries. In 2017 he was owed five months….five good months salaries but he still stayed focused and qualified for the World Cup WITH A GAME TO SPARE from our toughest world cup qualification group in decades. HE NEVER FOR ONCE TURNED THE SE TO MAMMY MARKET…..THATS PROFESSIONALISM. That’s what most of your local coaches lack.
      If NFF shares his salaries, will they even owe him at all…??? Does it even sound logical that NFF will withold his pay since they are also benefiting from the same salaries……but lairs will say Rohr gets constant salary alert.

      All of a sudden being owed salaries is now an excuse for “pay and play, money for hand back for ground” in the national team as if Rohr doesn’t constantly get owed salaries and still selects teams based on merit.

      When I say some people are born lairs, it’s not an insult, it’s a compliment.
      If we are craving for more time for Rohr it’s because something positive is happening with our national team, it’s because our performance graph since 2016 has not even stagnated yet, not to talk of dipping. But you want more time for people who neither showed professionalism in their handling of the team, nor met any targets set for them by their employers nor built a SE team that Nigerians can be proud of…You want more time for people who used their own legs to Ben Johnson out of the team when they saw failure in the horizon after messing up the entire team.

      Oga righteousness uplifts a nation. If telling white lies all over the place is what you want to use to promote, uplift and make excuses for failed Guadiolas, even you yourself will FAIL…just as you have failed on this platform…!!!

  • De Star 4 years ago

    …. if the above issues are not addressed with collective efforts to kill corruption in the glass house, with the right mental attitude of self belief, 100 years time , we will continue to depend on foreign coaches as NFF will never allow Nigerian coaches to succeed for their usual salary sharing business with foreign coaches as alleged by Erickson 

    • Mr Hush 4 years ago


      I have to commend your pragmatic hold on your view to things. It is quite clear we would keep going like a ping pong because we both share differs views on this issue especially as it relates to foreign employees and as you put, their preferential treatment over Nigerians.

      There is nothing much more for me to state rather I would suggest you read through @Kel’s piece above; I believe he masterfully put out reasons why foreigners are seemingly favoured not for lack for patriotism or downplaying our own but for trust, merit and productivity.
      I also believe @Douglas thoroughly cancelled out the notion that past Nigerian coaches weren’t treated fairly as well(not in terms of salary payment cause The NFF never ever gets that right with both foreign and local coaches) but in terms of freedom of service and team selection.

      That said ,I would take from all these what we both agree upon.
      I want to believe we both agree the problem is with the NFF rather than the coaches hired(foreign or local); in terms of our they (the coaches) are treated, preferentially or otherwise.

      It is all good.
      We just keep being patient ,criticise when necessary and see how things plays out.

    • Dr. Drey. 4 years ago

      So you think sharing salaries with a coach is not enough reason to fail…??? You exinternationals get their full salaries, their foreign assistants also get their FULL SALARIES PAID BY THE SAME NFF, but couldn’t qualify for ordinary AFCON 3 out of 4 times…..but that to you is not failure…..but Rohr who “shares his salary with the NFF” and still has to pay his assistants from the fraction he gets has met ALL THE TARGETS given to him BY HIS EMPLOYER playing some good football and assembling probably the best and most exciting team we have had since 2000,despite being the one who rescued us from the mess your African Guadiolas dumped us in. But you and your Mathematical legend who has chosen to be foolish calls that failure. In your own blind sentimental imaginations, it is those who neither met the target of building a team for us, nor qualifying us for common AFCON that deserves more time ahead of someone who was inches away from equalling out best achievements ever despite inheriting our worst national team ever.

      Mr man are you allergic to progress…???

  • Agbo max 4 years ago


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