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Pinnick: NFF Preparing Yobo As Super Eagles’ Future Coach

Pinnick: NFF Preparing Yobo As Super Eagles’  Future Coach

President of the Nigeria Football Federation Amaju Pinnick says the body is grooming Joseph Yobo to tinker the Super Eagles in future.

Yobo, a former Super Eagles captain was appointed as assistant to handler of the side, Gernot Rohr in February, replacing Imama Amapakabo.


Pinnick states that Yobo have what it takes to manage the Super Eagles and hopes he will follow the footsteps of former captain of the team Stephen Keshi who guided the side to Africa Cup of Nations in 2013.

“When Yobo was captain of the Super Eagles before he retired, I saw inborn leadership character in him. His charisma and the way he carried other players in the team was exceptional,” Pinnick said, as per the Guardian.


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“Yobo is a born leader. This is why the federation decided to appoint him as one of the assistants in the Super Eagles team.

“We are looking up to Yobo to manage the Super Eagles in future and being part of the team’s technical crew will give him that opportunity to coach the Super Eagles in the nearest future.

“The late Stephen Keshi was also an exceptional leader when he was the captain of the Super Eagles. He later grew in the coaching job to handle the Super Eagles. Yobo needs to be encouraged.

“This is not the first time a Nigerian retired player would be given this type of opportunity. Yobo’s presence in the Eagles will help the team.”

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  • Paschal 2 years ago

    Definitely nah. We desperately need Yobo so he can help you extort mediocre players of some dollars and line them in the pockets of NFF members. Gernot Rohr is not useful cos he doesnt know how to play game. Yobo plays game very well. Part of the game is that he doesnt need any coaching certificate in order to coach Nigeria. And why does he even need a certificate when all the people you want him to include as players have no pedigree themselves. Am so disappointed in this Picnic man. He has eaten so much bribe his mouth has now shifted to one side and his moustache now looks like something that was drawn with a white chalk around his mouth. Shior !!!

    • @Paschal, u really crack my ribs, I can’t stop laughing with your description of Pinnick, come to think of it, Yobo was appointed because “he saw leadership qualities” Jesus Christ! This country deserves to be returned back to the British, (just a joke)

      • Goal ⚽️ 2 years ago

        It’s not a joke dear, that’s exactly the thought of a self-defeatist who has no honour and self belief.

        Who says Yobo can’t be a good coach? All he needs is to get all necessary certification.
        He has all the attributes for a good coach.

        • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

          As long as you agree that he needs to get all the necessary certifications. That should’ve been the first step and not the other way around. Anyway I hope Yobo will be able to qualify the CHAN team to the next CHAN tournament because that’s the team he will mostly be working with. I’m sure he’s only going to be with the main SuperEagles as a figure head or motivator for the likes of Omeruo, Musa and some younger players coming through. I can only implore him to use the opportunity to enhance his coaching badges. NFF can fire him anytime irrespective of whatever achievement he has with the team. 

        • Wasn’t it the same way he hyped Sunday Olishe then. What was the result at the end?. Not surprise at all that is pinnick for you I know he single handedly appointed Yobo without other opinions. That is how he does thing.

          • Tayo, he called Oliseh ‘the Pep Guardiola of Africa’

            Perhaps Yobo is now ‘the Gareth Southgate of Nigeria’.

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahahaha @ DEO. You got me reeling with laughter there.

            At least Southgate in addition to having managed professional clubs before, started with being England U21 coach for close to 4 years and also was on attachment at Barcelona’s famed La Masia during that period before he was made assistant manager of the national team. Lol

          • Pompei 2 years ago

            Gareth Southgate of Africa.
            Hehehehe, I’m cracking my ribs here.
            Mauricio Pochettino of Africa nko? 🙂

        • Pompei 2 years ago

          Over the bar!!!

    • Howard Nwoye 2 years ago

      Preach on countryman, that egg head Pinnick is up to his usual shinnenigan. Have we forgotten his Oliseh experiment. This guys are playing ball with Nigerians.

  • Abdulkadir Atolagbe 2 years ago

    Pinnick, will be stoned for impunity, corruption and maladminitration.

    • Howard Nwoye 2 years ago

      Preach on countryman, that egg head Pinnick is up to his usual shinnenigan. Have we forgotten his Oliseh experiment. This guys are playing ball with Nigerians.

  • Chairmanfemi 2 years ago

    Yobo cannot even be described as the Best Super Eagles Captain ever! So what’s the stupid hype from Mr Corruption-Pinnick about?? Even keshi was a more better Captain yet he went on to gain Coaching Badges. Moved on to Coach Club sides and Country. Even made history with Togo I think before he thought of Coaching Super Eagles. But Yobo is a Special Kid right?? Super Eagles Coach from heaven abi…Yeye dey smell. Tell us you want to use him as your tool to destroy the Super Eagles again by causing trouble in the Eagles camp and using him to Extort money from players in the NPFL and Abroad then scatter the Team Chemistry. Might even force Rohr to retire out of frustration

    • daniel 2 years ago

      Before yobo can be assitant coach, let him go coach Nigeria league first and one Africa national team or club side, Germany are now preparing kross atleast his now assitant in beryern munich

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    Chei!!!! I’m tired

  • Pinnick now talks with so much arrogance and empty air like a drunken emperor. You have not really confessed what’s your deal with Yobo cos most fans can’t figure out the obsession with Ogoni-born young man. He was good as a player? Yes. But spectacular? Pleaaaassseee!

    Pinnick should come and tell us how Yobo stands heads and shoulders above all other retired SE players from 1980 till now. Let’s even start with the 1994 set. How’s Yobo better than any of them that are now coaches? Yobo that’s always forming Mr & Mrs model of the year with Adaeze? Yobo that’s always on the front table with Dino Melaye & Richard Damijo at AY’s comedy shows?

    Funny, Pinnick thinks his position is inherited and permanent. Oga, your days as NFF president are numbered. You will soon be removed or impeached. It’s time we find Giwa and his likes to start the secret NFF coup. Pinnick, after you’ve been thrown out, all these your shallow, k-legged plans will be thrown out after you.

    Yobo, better not bank on this guy. He doesn’t own NFF. He’s just an employee in the glass house. He’ll soon be out!

  • Pinnick you are fantastically corrupt

  • Guys, let me encourage us to learn how to respond or react to issues. We should not he good at dressing people down with our words. The use of vulgar words that are disrespectful should be avoided. We can constructively criticize someone without any abuse. Please this is very important. God bless us all.

  • greenturf 2 years ago

    Pinnick started well as the NFF chairman but recent developments has been disappointing from a man touted to bring life back to Nigerian football.
    Sometimes you imagine why Nigeria has a problem with managing success.It’s sad how one has to be his own enemy,a lot of interests everywhere like vast swarms of locusts looking to strip the super eagles of the huge success they have achieved so far.Selfish people who are so desperate and dangerous are on the verge of bringing to an end what Rohr has managed to achieve in the past few years he has been in charge,as it looks the NFF president is no longer that promising young administrator with positive energy to bring lasting solution to football management in Nigeria.
    There’s something not right,you can feel it,you could sense it and like they have successfully done in the past,football may go on the downward spiral post Rohr.That consistent knack for getting it all wrong after a successful spell is at the building stage,hey!this is Nigeria,a country of majority selfish and desperate people it’s hard for consistency under this environment.
    It’s really sad,and it’s our country we have to live with it hoping a change could come through a crusader someday,but doesn’t look like it at least not in this day and age.

    • Good morning Greenturf,

      I thought about you the other day because it has been quite a while since you posted one of your refreshing pieces here.

      I do hope you have been keeping well.

      To you and other well meaning contributors: Keep safe, keep well.


      • greenturf 2 years ago

        Good morning to you too @Deo.

        It’s very thoughtful and warmhearted to express affection towards forum members,it leaves most of us content and happy,it shows we are family and well thought of even in long absence as the case may be.
        So much respect to you Deo for being a proponent of oneness in this forum.
        I’m keeping well and fine only has been busy with other things but i’m happy to be back to share my opinion of discuss with other members,this i have missed so much.
        I hope you and all that matters are keeping well too?

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    Hehehehehe…. Pinnick and his jokes. NFF is preparing Yobo to be SE coach….for year 2035 or 2055…??? Lol. The way France FF prepared Deschamps, or the way Algeria FA prepared Belmadi or the way Senegal FF prepared Aliou Cisse…???

    Congrats once again to daddy’s boy Yobo for being chosen (from the comfort of his parlour 6 years after retirement) out of and above a plethora of far more qualified ex captains and exinternationals, some who already have coaching experience, training and licenses.

    I hope the NFF will also prepare you to be a club coach because we are fed up with coaches who remain jobless for years once national team jobs are not available.

    No wonder every Jack and Harry now begs for jobs on the pages of newspapers because they are exinternationals. As the elders say, when a bad thing lasts for a season, it become a tradition.

  • daniel 2 years ago

    so pinik didnt see 1994 ex internationals, Amunike have coach another country and Golden eaglet, Finidi Geodge, JJ okocha should be NFF chairman not pinik, kanu is there, mutiu adepkoju, mike enenalo of chealsea, black man brain is like monkey sense

  • Picking only one person to develop is short sighted
    Two questions:
    1. What happens if he doesn’t meet up to development expectations?
    2. Wouldn’t it be better to have a cadre of coaches being developed, say between 5 and 10 and then select the best when the time for change comes?

    • KangA 2 years ago

      You would wonder if NFF has a mission statement. Even family units these days have mission statements. In reputable companies or even NGOs, meetings are preceded by recitation of mission statements. One may think that this is a meaningless ritual, but far from it.  It forces members who have stepped out of line to self-correct. 

      As you said, it is really myopic to focus on a single person in a succession plan. How sustainable is this?

      Sorry to say it, but NFF is a joke. 

  • Amaju Pinnick started well but he is recently falling out of line.

    You are grooming an ex-international without the requisite coaching credentials to succeed Rohr? Are you kidding me? Since when has the Super Eagles turned to a coaching training school? Something must definitely be fishy here;this is beyond the ordinary.

    So,Yobo is being accorded this ‘favour’ on the grounds of him being an ex-international and an ex-captain of the Super Eagles.Or is that not the message Pinnick is trying to pass across.Oh,I forgot, Yobo is the only ex-international we have around and of course the only ex-captain of the Super Eagles ever. So how dare we say he doesn’t have the necessary coaching credentials when there is no one in that calibre!

  • pinnick-disagrees-with- -rohr-over-joseph-yobo-lack-of-coaching-certificate/https://www.owngoalnigeria.com/2020/05/13/