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Awoniyi Backs Finidi Despite Rocky Start As Super Eagles’ Head Coach

Awoniyi Backs Finidi Despite Rocky Start As Super Eagles’ Head Coach

Nottingham Forest’s Nigerian forward, Taiwo Awoniyi, has voiced his support for Finidi George, to continue as the Super Eagles Head Coach despite a challenging start to his tenure.

The former Ipswich Town and Ajax winger took over the reins in April after serving as Assistant Coach under Portuguese gaffer, Jose Peseiro, who guided Nigeria to the final of the 2023 African Cup of Nations but lost the title to Cote d’Ivoire, albeit with Awoniyi sidelined due to a groin injury.

Awoniyi made a triumphant return to action for Forest by scoring in a 2-1 loss to Arsenal at the City Ground in January. His six goals and three assists from 20 games in the 2023/2024 Premier League helped Forest to avoid relegation after finishing in 17th position.

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Awoniyi expresses optimism about Finidi’s appointment in an interview with SportsBoom.com.

“We want to keep progressing and it’s good to welcome a new coach,” he said. “I think it’s a good appointment and it will be good to meet him.”

Despite the Super Eagles’ recent 2-1 defeat to Benin in a World Cup qualifying match, Awoniyi remains positive about the team’s future under Finidi’s leadership.

“There’s lots of us [Nigerian players] now playing in the highest leagues in different countries,” he noted. “That can only be a good thing and shows how strong we are.”

His determination to continue growing and improving is evident, as he emphasises the importance of constant progression.

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Awoniyi added: “For me, it’s always important to keep on wanting to do more. That is the way you have to be, in order to get better.

“You can never settle, ever, for what you have got in football. You can never stand still.”

Despite the patchy start, Awoniyi’s faith in Finidi’s capabilities and the talent within the Super Eagles squad reflects a commitment to future success and growth with the Nigeria national team.

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  • World Exclusive: NFF Considers (Foreign) Technical Adviser For Super Eagles

    In the wake of Nigeria’s shambolic 2026 world cup qualification campaign, further exacerbated by the embarrassing 2:1 loss to Benin, I can authoritatively report that key decision makers are seeking to demote Head Coach Finidi George.

    It is believed that the NFF and sports ministry will butt heads together to mull over appointing a technical adviser to take over the Super Eagles before commencement of Afcon qualifiers later in the year and next year’s rounds of world cup qualifiers.

    A popular tabloid online media platform had initially reported that the NFF will retain embattled Finidi George as head coach. However, it now seems like the NFF and sports ministry will soon hold an extraordinary meeting on an alternative course of action.

    For me, this makes sense.

    Very many Nigerians requested an indigenous coach to replace Peseiro who left his post due to rejection of the salary offered to him. Some of us fans did clamour for a foreign coach but it fell on deaf ears due to politics between the NFF and sports ministry.

    It didn’t work as Head Coach Finidi could only muster 1 out of 6 points in world cup qualifiers against South Africa and Benin, leaving Nigeria tethering on edge of qualification failure.

    The brand of football was acceptable but the outcome, most unacceptable.

    Now it appears that we will see the return of a foreign technical adviser to replace Finidi with former Cameroon coach Antonio Conceicao, who was actually recommended by the NFF to replace Peseiro, highly favoured.

    It is believed that the NFF will now (again) table Conceicao as the way forward for a coach with experience and tactical expertise to rescue the Super Eagles from this degringolade.

    For the second time of asking, I hope the sports ministry accepts NFF’s recommendations and pull out all the stops to bring Conceicao on board.

    Watch this space!

    • Amuneke has won under 17 world cup, Samson Siasia took the Under 20 to win Silver (2nd place) at the U20 world cup in the Netherlands 2005. Silver medal at the Beijing Olympics and bronze 4 years later. Finidi’s only achievement is the highly corrupt Nigerian League which he topped on 2 occasions with Enyimba, and he failed at the CAF champions league on two occasions, he didn’t get pass the group stage, a cup another local coach, Okey Emordi won back back to back, 2003 and 2004.
      To me Finidi is not fit for the Super Eagles yet, he should be drafted to the U17, U20 or U23 or even CHAN eagles. Only if he performs excellent in those tournament should he considered for the Super Eagles job.
      For now, the Super Eagles shoes are too big for Finidi George

    • Four four two 1 month ago

      “The brand of football was acceptable but the outcome, most unacceptable.”
      LOLZ PMSL! this guy is the biggest comic on CSN with all these things he comes out with – dude why are you so confused? lolzz – the above statement is what you call an oxymoron – an incongrous and impossibe observation – in a results oriented space where you literally live or die on the results you produce then this one is saying things like -“The brand of football was acceptable but the outcome, most unacceptable.”
      dude you need to check your brain well and pack well – either you are saying one thing or you are saying the other, don’t try to confuse people they way you yourself must be confused in that strange head of your pmsl!

    • Four Four Two,

      I try not to reply to useless posts but I will make an exception for your inanity.

      You see, I found the brand of football played by Finidi’s Super Eagles – particularly in the second half vs South Africa and earlier in the first half vs Benin – as acceptable. But ultimately the result was negative.

      There is a difference between 1) Brand of football and 2) Outcome of a game.

      I hope you have the mental capacity to comprehend my response. But, I very much doubt it. Mr. oxy-MORON.

  • pompei 1 month ago

    This solution is tantamount to attempting to put new wine in an old skin bottle.
    How can we seek solutions with the old problem still in the picture?
    As we all know, Finidi has a share of the blame. The players also have a share. But the LION SHARE of the blame belongs to the NFF.
    The NFF is the elephant in the room, the enemy within. They have lost the fans, just like an incompetent coach loses the dressing room.
    Even if they hire Jurgen Klopp, how will he succeed working with these incompetent, corrupt, lackadaisical bunch? That task will prove brobdingnagian, if I may borrow an expression you recently used.
    If these NFF guys are to remain in office, which I strongly kick against, the only solution that will satisfy me now is:
    If we fail to qualify for the world cup, the coach they hired is out, AND THEY ALL MUST FOLLOW HIM OUT.
    They can continue on the job only if they agree to these terms.

    • Tristan 1 month ago

      Pompei this Nigeria you’re talking about. Where are you going to find efficient administrators? Sack the whole NFF, but isn’t it Nigerians that would replace them? Name any government institution that has been run efficiently by Nigerians. Is it the Nigerian Police, Nigerian Customs, Nigerian ports, Nigerian airports, Nigerian railways, NNPC, or Nigerian Central Bank?
      The most efficient government corporation in Nigeria is NLNG, and it is only so because the Nigerian government is a minority shareholder and lacks management control.
      However, I like your idea that their jobs should be tied to the performance of any coach they hire, and they should all (i.e. the President and NFF board) follow a non-performing coach out.

    • Pompei, if wishes were skyscrapers, all Super Eagles fans will own us. For me, one step at a time. Whilst I thank Finidi and rooted for him to succeed, results failed to justify my faith in him.

      A popular Nigerian football online tabloid initially reported that the NFF will stick with Finidi come-what-may. I think this is most inadvisable. Finidi did restore faith in Super Eagles abilities to play an attractive brand of football but, in the same breath he revealed the weakness of indigenous coaches to “outfox” oppositions with “tactical shenanigans”. We were not defeated by superior tactical routines by Benin. Rather tactical shenanigans in sneaking behind our defenders to steal the ball and an initial deceptive run in a corner kick routine totally took Finidi by surprise.

      Our indigenous coaches lack the trickery needed to win games “by any means necessary”.

      So, expecting the NFF to bind themselves to target-driven good practice is pipe dream to me. But, if they can recruit a coach with tactical knowledge, trickery and shenanigans (to win clearcut penalties, sneak behind oppositions, get key players sent off and draw fouls in dangerous places), then I will be happy.

      We need to win our remaining world cup qualifiers BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

      • *** Pompei, if wishes were skyscrapers, all Super Eagles fans will own one. ***

  • pompei 1 month ago


    If the NFF are not ready to bind themselves to target driven good practice, if they are not ready to put their money where their mouth is, then the federation should be dissolved and FIFA can go ahead and ban us.
    By giving them terms that their jobs are tied to the performance of the coach they hire, we are being magnanimous. In a normal business environment, these guys would all be fired ON THE SPOT.
    Tying their jobs to results is the only way to force them to care. Let the agreement be documented, and let them all sign. They have control in this situation. All they have to do is perform their fiduciary duty, hire the best coach we can afford, and ensure that only the best players are invited. In this scenario, success is almost guaranteed, and their jobs will be safe. Even if we somehow fail in this scenario, fans will understand that they did their part. But things can’t continue the way they currently are. NO.
    Something has got to give. Something has got to change.
    Yes, let their jobs be tied to results. Even if the Glass House becomes like musical chairs as a result, and the president and board keeps changing, SO BE IT. If they don’t deliver, KICK THEM OUT.
    Better for that to happen, than for us to keep carrying deadweights. Clueless, incompetent, corrupt officials who are there only to enrich themselves with filthy lucre.
    There is no job in this world that does not have targets, expectations, deliverables. You can’t just come into work, do anyhow, and expect to keep your job if things go south, or if you’re not pulling your weight. Guys, if such a job exists anywhere, please let me know, so I can go there and put in my application!
    Everywhere you go in this world, your job is tied to your performance. Even the most powerful man in the world, the President of the United States, has deliverables, and can be impeached if he fails beyond a certain point. And in the next election cycle, he can be relieved of his office in the elections. So why should the NFF officials have it different?
    If they are not ready to tie their jobs to results, then we might as well forget about football as a sport.
    Let’s kuku dabaru the whole thing. Either we start doing it right, or we don’t do it at all.

  • Pompei, you paint a picture of Utopia. The NFF officials has implied targets but who is there to enforce under-performance. Even FIFA statutes makes Football Associations a law unto themselves.

    It is possible for this NFF to recruit a credible coach to oversee Nigeria’s wounded world cup qualification campaign.

    They recruited and chose to retain Peseiro before the Portuguese chose to shove their post-afcon contract in their face. They retained Waldrum despite their tumultuous relationship.

    In the words of Nigerian fans in stadiums: ‘ALL WE ARE SAYING, GIVE US A CREDIBLE COACH!’

  • pompei 1 month ago

    At first glance, my position might seem utopian.
    But it can be done!
    The solution is CHECKS AND BALANCES.
    Now, I don’t have the ultimate answer as to how to accomplish this. But there are real world examples out there we can borrow a leaf from.
    Take the British government for instance. They have a ruling party, and an opposition party.
    The opposition party serves to check the actions of the ruling party.
    How about if we have a ruling NFF board, and an opposition NFF board?
    Both boards brainstorm and exchange ideas, but only the ruling NFF board has voting power and makes all decisions.
    If the ruling board fails to meet deliverables, out they go, and the opposition board takes over in the interim, until a new board is elected. At every point in time, the ruling board must have an opposition board alongside it. This will keep them on their toes, and force them to do their jobs, knowing that others are ready to take over from them if they fail to deliver.
    The great thing about this arrangement is that both boards will be recognized by FIFA, so we won’t entertain fears of FIFA ban if the need arises to kick underperforming officials out of office.
    This solution may seem crude or simplistic. Hey, I’m no administrator. I’m sure the professionals can come up with something much better.

    • pompei 1 month ago

      The other advantage this arrangement brings is that if they want to be sharing money, they now have double the mouths to feed.
      There is no way the ruling board will be sharing money, and the opposition board will fold their arms and be watching!
      If any individual is aggrieved in the sharing process, that individual can blow the whistle on them all.
      Hopefully, positive pressure will be coming from the opposition board for available funds to be used judiciously.
      Huge step in the right direction for us.
      If corruption prevails, and both parties end up sharing money, then if failure happens, the ruling board will still get kicked out. But they can now also blow the whistle on the opposition board. And if the allegations are proven, the opposition board forfeits the right to assume office, and a brand new board is appointed in the interim to run things until the next elections.
      This way, both boards serve to check each other, and of course, it is in the interest of the opposition board to keep their hands squeaky clean, if they hope to become the next ruling board.
      One last proviso – a board member of a ruling board that is kicked out of office, has to wait 5 YEARS, before he becomes eligible to become a board member again. With this, it becomes more difficult to recycle mediocrity from board to board. Besides, the ruling board members will be extra committed to ensure that deliverables are met, and their jobs are safeguarded. The 5 year eligibility requirement will work wonders.

  • Pompei,

    As laudable as your proposals are, these still have to align neatly with the framework set out by FIFA itself on how Football Associations around the world are to be constituted and its board held accountable.

    I thought you were going to posit a football relevant example of your theory in practice.

    The sad reality is: all over the world, Football Associations are a law onto themselves. They can’t be touched; they can’t be reasoned with or bargained with and they will not stop, ever, until they fulfill their self interest (do you know which movie I borrowed this line from? 🙂 ). In third world countries, they are less responsive and not at all accountable.

    Touch them and FIFA will wield the knife!

    So long as they engage a credible coach for the Super Eagles and allow him do his work like Waldrum and Peseiro, me I am happy.

  • Larry 1 month ago

    Hiring a technical adviser is a right step. The question is: Is it not the same nff that hires Finishi that is in control?
    The problems remain until we dismantle all apparatus of Picnic in the present nff, refreshen with reliable ones with a fortified policy.
    The nff is a money making machine for politicians who are only interested in their selfish interests. They don’t give a darn about youth and social development.
    Within a year none of our national teams (male) qualified for a competition.
    U-17 in limbo, U-20 in distress, U-23 is non-existing, CHAN team is in life support, Super Eagles in jeopardy.

    Have you ever wondered why its only the female team flying the national flag in global competitions ?
    The answer is simple= MONEY!
    No agent to bring the coach, not enough money to share from FIFA /CAF, the Waldrum and his girls revolutionary effects.

    • Ewo tu ni Finishi (which one be Finishi again)? hahahaha

      Dem don finish my Finidi. From Daft Finidi to Slim Shady to Ogogoro master, there is not shotage of undesirable monika for this once beloved national icon. Na Finishi Larry come use finish am. Finishi ko, Startishi ni!


  • Larry 1 month ago

    We can get better if journalists to be at least 50% loyal to their career by digging in on leads, making startling revelation, conducting nhold bare interviews to expose abnormalities.
    Taiwo, Osage, Ogbuke gave glimpses of things that go around in the Super Eagles but no follow-up yet.
    Ghanaian journalists exposed their nff at one time leading to the removal of the boss and its restructuring without attracting FIFA’s ban.
    The EFCC goofed by letting Picnic outplayed them.

  • Pompei 1 month ago

    FIFA had to wade in to pay our ladies at the last world cup.
    Does that align neatly with FIFA framework on how players bonuses should be disbursed?
    FIFA was prevailed upon to make an exception in our extraordinary case. They can be prevailed upon again to allow us have a ruling board and a shadow board. Our extraordinary situation makes us a good candidate for an exception.
    Not my intention to drag on this argument, but the alternative is that we do nothing, and allow the status quo to continue unchanged.

  • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 1 month ago

    For me, I would firstly advise against taking Awoniyi’s comments seriously, rather I would suggest to take them with a “pinch of salt” – it seems he is just saying this from a personal, almost selfish point of view (not that I accuse him of being particularly selfish as a person) but it is understandable for a professional football player who has been out (due to injuries of course) but nevertheless out for such a long period of time to want to get back playing football in some form or another and he probably does not trust Finidi (and who would after seeing how he conducts himself) to call him back into the fold on merit due to his weird and indefensible fixation on the likes of Onuachu, Iheanacho, Chukwueze, Iwobi, Sodiq etc at the expense of other able bodies (albeit in different positions but nevertheless in the 25 man squad) like Ekong & Balogun(Oyinbo wall + experience), Awo himself, inviting Luton’s 9ja contingent, playing guys who we actually should be playing like Onyeka, and bringing back all our tried and tested, reliable boys who are currently out injured like Simon Moses, Osimhen of course, inviting new blood – there are endless numbers that we all know about, Me trying to identify even the most obvious ones of all these options right now, would be a long, painstaking and arduous task, (as we all know them and no doubt every next man knows others as well that must have suggested here at one point or the other)! But anyway, inviting fresh blood which we have no end of, and for me (and this is the most crucial part)

    They are all over this world and playing in leagues everywhere that leagues exist in this world! –

    It ABSOLUTELY does not matter where anyone is playing as long as invitations are extended based only and exclusively on MERIT! –

    I am not among those who will be belittling any player because he plays in Zambia or Zimbabwe or Uganda or SA or Afghanistan or Saudi, if they like ehn, they can be playing in the South Pole as long as I can see with my eyes why such a guy is merited in the team, I really couldn’t care less where they are playing, there are usually many sometimes convoluted reasons why a player may be playing in a less favoured league and those players if good, will always eventually be seen and picked out from wherever they are and will always end up in the “better” leagues as long as that player him or herself have what it takes, and will represent Nigeria with heart, mind, focus and effective application, strong running and intelligence, either based on their own personal qualities or motivated through the intelligent planning of the coach/manager or whatever title they are going by.

    As long as that player will add to the synergy of the team and help us achieve our goals of winning games then it’s all good!

    I’m not sure if I have stayed “in sync” throughout this long “rant” but little matter! – I have a final and very important point that I want to make about all this “search for a competent coach” – Yes we have all suggested candidates but be sure to know that anything is possible in football – both in management or playing it on the pitch – and there are very very few if any guarantees at all!

    If I were trying to suggest a guaranteed candidate for the management/coaching of Nigeria’s SE’s, I may be reduced to One , Two candidates or maybe a maximum number that will not exceed the fingers on one hand!

    The two that immediately spring to my mind as ABSOLUTE guarantees who WILL turn the SE’s of Nigeria around 100% without fail, fall squarely in the “PIPE DREAMS” sphere!

    “PIPE DREAMS” simply because I don’t think that any of those candidates would agree to manage/coach our team because of the very undesirable rabble around it- aka the Administrators, ranging right from the TOP-DOWN, IE – the Fed Government of Nigeria it’s very self, and then working down to the shameful and “never fit for purpose” NFF and right down to even the average Nigerian, who may be appointed even if the current thieves are weeded out –

    There are so many layers of absolute mind-bending nonsense(s) to sort through just to be able to see the problems in Nigeria well enough and in such a way as to be able to even start addressing these problems but I digress gidi gaani!

    The 2 candidates as I was saying who would immediately spring to my mind at this current time, but who would NEVER I don’t think agree to work with us (as we are in our current state) are –

    Carlo Ancelotti or Unai Emery – after these two, then I may be able to add up to another couple, maybe three before I start struggling!

    My final point, which I started (it seems such a long time ago now hahaha) is that-

    If the challenge now is not being able to afford all these top level coaches, who by the way are still not absolute guarantees, but who will greatly increase our chances of doing much better, thereby leaving the dark ages we currently find ourselves in behind –

    So your Herve Renard’s, maybe Masimone, I still insist on Shola Ameobi, but anyway, if we cannot afford these guys, or the greediness of our “thieves” in high places will not allow them to extend up to the fees these guys will no doubt be commanding, because they refuse to share the money out to that extent, thereby cutting down their own regular flow of “EGUNJE”, then why not – (and this may seem controversial at first glance, but think about it! I have!)

    Why not RANDY WALDRUM!

    Yes our very own Randy! I have observed this guy for a long time now and I for one absolutely believe that he would do a MUCH better job than anyone we have there now and anyone that we’ve had there recently and that is including – Peseiro, Rohr and anybody else as far back as recent memory allows – Of course stopping at our late and great “Stephen O Keshi” RIP! – who I would give the job back to in a heartbeat! were he still alive today!

    Anyway, so there you all have it – I have said it – why not consider Waldrum ehn? Ask him if he is interested and interview him for the job if he is interested – I know he has only managed our women’s team and I have not done enough background research on him to know if he has any men’s team coaching experience, but from what I have seen of the way he works, I would be more than confident giving him the SE’s job and even if he needs any help then gladly provide that too!

    We have to start thinking strategically and “outside of the box” – There is a saying that ” Exceptional Problems require Exceptional Solutions” – Let’s be smart and start thinking outside of the box to address this “Elephant” and resolve this conundrum that we are being challenged by!

    My people, I repeat, I can’t shout o! We have issues and I for one am sure that we have enough brilliant minds and available solutions to put them right!

    E se!

    • Edozien Egbuiwe 1 month ago

      Wonderful write – up!! Great suggestion to employ Waldrum as Super Eagles gaffer. He comes with a cheap salary and tactical savvy

    • Four four two 1 month ago

      My good friend the Field Marshall – massive kudos to you for this wonderfully intelligent and free flowing write-up! As they say, great minds come up with great concepts and ideas and also great minds think alike. As soon as I saw your suggestions ranging from the un-affordable Ancelotti, Emery, to the desirable without any real guarantees, Renard, Masimone, Ameobi and I would even add Sia1 and the much maligned Oliseh to that list all the way to then arrive and suggest Randy Waldrum! What a brilliant idea my friend! Again kudos to you, if everyone in positions of power and authority in Nigeria were like you and I or think like people like us do, Nigeria will not be in the hopeless situation that we are in right now.
      CSN editors, take note of the ideas given to you for free here, especially in the Field Marshall’s write-up and make sure to alert your contacts in NFF about such great minds and ideas, it is only for the betterment of our country. One for all and all for one.

    • Arara Kumbie 1 month ago

      Y’all can thank Field Marshall Mango Brain later after NFF has appointed a coach of women’s football for the Super Eagles. Yeye dey smell.

      • Tristan 1 month ago

        And Hervé Renard that some people are suggesting for SE coach, what gender is he currently coaching? I’ll tell you the French Women’s team.

        • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 1 month ago

          Bless up my brother – leave that anumani alone – he either works for CSN or has some backers (literally lol) in there.
          They are blocking me from replying to his demented trolling.
          Little do they know that I am way too smart for them and got round their unfair and evil practices.
          Trust me fam, these plonkers called CSN are unbelievably slimy! They allow that retarded troll to continue trolling me but block everything I send back to him in response to his madness – but like I said, I am too quick for them, I have them right where I want them and they have no clue lol

        • Arara Kumbie 1 month ago

          Harve Renard at least has experience of managing a men’s team in Africa sef. Has Waldrum ever managed or shown interest in managing a male team?

  • Nigeria only needs 2 time AFCON Champion Herve Renard… anything other coach is a down grade from Rohr. And will be made to look like a fool by Hugo Broos in the 2nd leg. If Nigeria wants world cup emply Herve Renard. Simple!. He is available month end and a reliable source has told me that is who NFF wants

    I told you people

  • Nigeria only needs 2 time AFCON Champion Herve Renard… anything other coach is a down grade from Rohr. And will be made to look like a fool by Hugo Broos in the 2nd leg. If Nigeria wants world cup emply Herve Renard. Simple!. He is available month end and a reliable source has told me that is who NFF want

    I told you people

  • Nigeria only needs 2 time AFCON Champion Herve Renard

    I told you people

  • Infact that is want we Nigerian fans deserve the best.. and that is Herve Renard.. anything else is SE depriving us of what we deserve.

    They (NFF) must Find the money for him.

  • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 1 month ago


  • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 1 month ago


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      General Gibberish. Lolzzzz

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      • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 1 month ago

        i have placed some coded curses on you

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        God punish you and your csn boyfriends hehehe

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        he who laughs last laughs best hehe

        • Arara Kumbie 1 month ago

          Laugher of madness is the portion of your generation. Curses will never depart from you. The more you curse, the more you will be cursed. General John Bastard.

        • Arara Kumbie 1 month ago

          Omoale Oloshi Oloriburuku. Ko ni da fun e. Bastard General. Shey u want a piece of me?? Na me and you for this platform. Ashiere lasan lasan were buruku ajeku aja

      • Arara Kumbie 1 month ago

        Right back at you, bitch. May all your curses return back to you tenfold. May you never find peace. May you rot in hell. May destruction never depart from you. Field Marshal John Bastard.

        • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 1 month ago

          hehehehehehe….those curses have already attached to you lool
          you can never escape them hehe
          there’s a way that the laws of nature work – it is the instigator who is vulnerable – that instigator is you – I know you are too thick to have worked it out so I have broken it down for you hehe
          fire burn!
          boom bye bye in ah battyman ‘ead lool!

          • Arara Kumbie 1 month ago

            Ara lo ma San pa e. Thunder will strike you dead general zombie. It will need be better for you.

  • Respect is reciprocal 1 month ago

    Hurray Sport Minister has approved the appointment of a foreign coach. Finidi was used and dumped. Elegbete said in his youtube sport program that he warnwd Finidi not to accept the the offer but he refused properly because he thinks the availability of the super stars woukd make the job easy. Now his profile has been dent.
    NFF knew what they are doing when Finidi that was not interviewed was suddenly given the job while Amunike was left out. Am not an exponent of Amunike but i guess NFF knew Finidi is dull and lack the necessary ego to survive so knowing fully that Amunike might do better they gave finidi the job. They needed somebody to fail which will raise the tempo that will force the federal government to approve a foreign coach and this is what has happened.
    Now government has taken over , suddenly money is flowing here and there, Nigeria will most likely qualify. Everything is politicking. Take it or leave.
    NFF won , Finidi lost woefully. That was the reason Amokachi stayed aloof.

  • Arara Kumbie 1 month ago

    Field General Omoale. Come out o. Curse more. Were Jatijati ajeku aja.

  • Arara Kumbie 1 month ago

    Ashiere Field Marshal. All the Ghanians you cursed are still coming here to mock you on a daily basis. It will never be better for you.

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