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Bayern Midfielder, Goretzka: It Was Fun Embarrassing Messi

Bayern Midfielder, Goretzka: It Was Fun Embarrassing Messi

Bayern Munich midfielder Leon Goretzka says it was fun inflicting a humiliating defeat on Lionel Messi after Friday night’s 8-2 win over Barcelona in the Champions League quarter-finals.

The Bundesliga giants ended Barcelona’s hope of winning a silverware this season following the heavy defeat.


And during his post-match Goretzka was asked if it hurt to embarrass a possible childhood idol such as Messi, he told Sky Sports: “No, it didn’t hurt, it was fun actually.

“It’s difficult to put this into words so soon after the game. I think it will take a couple of days to process this result.

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“We have so much confidence, but as we just said in the changing room we’ve taken the first of three steps.”

Thomas Muller, who scored the opening goal of the game in the fourth minute, said it is difficult to comprehend the heavy defeat inflicted on Barcelona.
“It’s tough to explain. I think in this moment our team is in incredible shape,” Muller said to BT Sport.

“Thanks for the man of match trophy – maybe we have 12 to 15 players who deserve it. We worked so hard and have this intensity. It’s tough to beat us. It was so much fun today.

“For our style of players it doesn’t matter about the names of players we are facing. When someone presses and dribbles, it’s not a problem. Then we catch the ball and have so much talent in the offensive line.

“We feel good, but now we have to be quiet and regenerate.

“This is a big statement but the next game we start at 0-0. The statement doesn’t matter. The other teams will watch our game and they can be impressed or not. We start at 0-0 and have to win the next game.

“Today we have to be very happy. After we wake up and answer the messages on the phone then we have to focus.

“I know about these tournament situations. Most of the time after the big wins (he played in the 7-1 win over Brazil at the 2014 World Cup) it’s difficult.”

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  • It was really fun. Once upon a time only messi will score 5 and still want to score more. So, it’s all game shall no bad feeling.

  • Edoman 2 years ago

    Its like ” the King has fallen”

  • KangA 2 years ago

    I only wish there were a Nigerian player in Bayern. It would have been real revenge against boastful Messi. Listen to his atrocious statement after the 2008 WC: “Why did they (SE) make us suffer so much?” . . . as if it was their right to win.

  • Pompei 2 years ago

    There will be no desert for Bayern Munich, because they 8-2 much!
    This one na devouring, no be just eating.
    Utter destruction.
    It was a pleasure watching Mr. Messi squirm in disbelief, confusion and embarrassment. If it is Nigeria he is playing now, na so em head go dey hot like radiator wey no get coolant. Flying up and down the pitch, playing unbelievable football and scoring ridiculous goals. Against Bayern, he no fit do nuffin.
    Arguably the greatest player the world has ever seen was reduced to running aimlessly around the pitch like a headless chicken!
    What an awful, stinking, horrendous mess for Mr. Messi!
    This is football!

    • 8-2 much! Still reeling over your ‘Tales by Moonlight’ submission which tells of Okocha’s gripping effect over Ray Palour, you then come up with this!

      Only you can surpass yourself Chief Pompei. I am loving it!

      Good work and thanks!

      🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Greenturf 2 years ago

      Messi is at his best against Nigeria because our players are scared of him.

      So he shall as always have a field day ha.

      Germans aren’t scared of no one.They go to war with their head held high but a different case with Nigeria who have so much respect for big opponents the reason we hardly win big games not because of abilities rather mentality.

      • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

        Greenturf. I don’t think SuperEagles have ever been scared of Messi or Argentina all through our meetings. I really feel we’re on par with Argentina anyday anytime, they just have that superior technical know how to defeat us on the big stage as a footballing powerhouse. And with top superstar in their ranks they will always be favorite against the SuperEagles. We came agonizingly close at the last WorldCup and it can only get better with this  current set up. By the way MESSI seems to have lost a step or two as he’s not getting any younger. Bayern are the complete team both technically and physically. If they played that game 100 times Bayern will beat Barcelona by the same margin all the time. 

        • DiMastta 2 years ago

          Oxymoron: figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction.

          We (Nigeria football team) cannot be “on par with Argentina anyday anytime”, and yet “they just have that superior technical know how to defeat us on the big stage” everyday everytime (U20, Olympics and in five world cups).

        • greenturf 2 years ago

          They have top superstars rightly so,but we have stars too,with good team spirit,belief,tough mental strength we could come out tops against a much dreaded Argentina sides that has continually inflicted pains,misery,distress and heartbreaks against a Nigerian sides especially when Messi is involved.

          Let us be realistic sentiments aside,Messi’s presence scares everyone which includes the playing staffs,managers of the Nigerian teams and worst of all,the millions of fans who watch helplessly in fright,panic of what this great footballer could do next as the game drags in horror and defeat always in the bag.

          It can be tense,nervous and depressing.

          You can also agree with me that Nigeria’s best moments against Argentina even with all her superstars involved happened when Messi wasn’t involved.Our players plays with different mentality not minding this superstars.

          But with Messi involved,it’s just a matter of time that heartbreaking goal.Literally everyone is nervy and on edge!it’s a pain that will continue haunting us until our bogeyman and terror Messi!retires from international football unfortunately!

          • Ikeben 2 years ago

            I don’t agree with you, In 2010 world cup, Enyeama made Messi ordinary, he could not score against Nigeria even when he was in top form. Over 7 shots on target but all saved by Vincent Enyeama. Even though we still lost that game with a lone goal by Gabriel Heinze, the almighty Messi was shocked at not been able to score us.

            So all through our history with them they have been beating us in the big stage narrowly and down to technicality and not mentality. We have beaten them in Atlanta 96 on the final. Then twice in a friendly match under Siasia and Rohr, both without Messi.

            Just a matter of time this boys we have with a better techincal input will defeat Argentina in the World cup and I see it happening very soon, I just wish Messi will still be playing then.

          • Dr. Drey. 2 years ago

            Its not about Messi. Its about the overall competitive edge any of both teams have per time. Messi wasnt there when we lost to Argentina in 1994 and 2002. Messi has always been an x-factor figure for both Argentina and Barcelona against all teams they play against. Even almighty Real Madrid will sit tight when messi was messi. Teams who have fallen to Barca and Argentina during the heydays of messi werent lacking “good team spirit,belief,tough mental strength”. Its just that when a player is regarded as the GOAT, there’s just nothing you can do about it. Upsets may be created once or twice…..but 9 out of 10 times the team with the bigger players will always have the edge and carry the day….if you like have mental strength as hard as zuma rock….thats why clubs spend big to catch them big these days.

            Messi has been pivotal to Argentina’s victories against Nigeria since the U20s to the olympics to the senior WC itself. He’s just that good…..while we have never had a player of equal measure to counterbalance his influence against us in games. We shouldnt deride him now simply because he has aged. In his hey days he highhandedly destroyed even the biggest teams. I still cant forget how he made Jerome Boateng “lie down in green pastures” on his way to disgracefully chipping a tall goalkeeper like Neuer in a 7-0 aggregate bashing of Bayern some years ago.
            Even as old as he is today he still had over 20 goals and goal assists in all competitions this season. I cant remember ANY Nigerian player ever having as much goal contribution in a season

            10 kings…10 eras…!

          • greenturf 2 years ago

            @ Ikeben it doesn’t have to be Messi scoring rather his presence is a fear factor,a nightmare to the Nigerian team,i expect many to disagree with me for national pride.However,i like to say it as it’s.

            Thank goodness you acknowledged we won twice when he’s not in the Argentine team but remember the reverse fixture after we won 4 nil was a lose in Asia as Messi who wasn’t available for the first fixture played in the second friendly and we were whitewashed by Messi inspired Argentina by 3 goals to 1.

            If we could win scoring as many as four goals twice Messi wasn’t involved how come we struggle when he’s up against us?

            Some argued it’s not down to mental strength of course it’s in my opinion,because the likes of Iceland defeated Argentina they lose to Croatia as well with the “GOAT” as he is called present full time.They lose so many games on the road to Russia with Messi present even against opponents we are a lot better than but Nigeria would lose with Messi in the team always would!

      • NA ME TALK AM 2 years ago

        @Greenturf ….. Messi and Ronaldo both miss Champions League semi-final for first time in 15 years


        Messi is at his best with everyone and every team . As pointed out by @Ayphillydegreat , Messi have lost a step or two as he’s not getting any younger .

        For a player that has never missed the champion league semi-final in 15 years , shows he’s extremely talented and special

        The Germans are scared of everyone because BRAZIL humiliated the German national team ( 7-0 ) at the world-cup and they crash out at the group stage severally @ the world-cup with their last being RUSSIA 2018 and Messi / Barcelona have humiliated Bayern severally ( last match was 2015 UEFA Champions league ) . He made mockery of their defense

        Every team have their bad days and off day but still you can’t deny the fact that Messi is good against any team and every team .

        He’s not getting any younger ( 33 years ) , You can’t expect him to perform magic at his best like he did in the past .

        Messi and Ronaldo both miss Champions League semi-final for first time in 15 years


        God bless Nigeria

        • greenturf 2 years ago

          Messi is good against any team no doubt but Messi does not win always against every team he comes up against!its down to belief and strong mental strength.

          Messi getting older and not at his best wasn’t the argument.I think you are not getting the point.It’s about Nigeria and it’s bogeyman Messi!

          When you have so much respect for a player or opponent it’s very likely you not going to get the better of them!

    • NA ME TALK AM 2 years ago

      @Pompei .. You’re wrong as Messi is not getting younger and he’s 33 years old . 2015 Messi single-handedly dismantle the Bayern team and make a ridicule of their defense . Barcelona won the 2015 UEFA Champions League

      You don’t expect him to perform at the same level at 33 years old . Messi and Ronald have not missed the semi-final of UEFA champions league in 15 years


      So you should know it only mean one thing , THE END OF AN ERA for both MESSI and RONALDO


      I’m 100% sure if Messi and Ronaldo were younger , they probably won’t miss the Semi-final of the UEFA Champions league . They are both Legends and Of cos their time as a footballer is definitely coming to an end .

      THE END OF AN ERA for both football icons

      God Bless Nigeria

      • Pompei 2 years ago

        Na Wetin You Talk,

        Please refer to Greenturf’s reply to you first comment.


    • Chris 2 years ago

      …they 8-2 much… Don’t leave me, don’t leave me, don’t leave me

  • Collins id 2 years ago

    Despite argentina 5 times victory over Nigeria in the wcup, no team in the world can actualy guaranty it self victory over Nigeria in football. they must earn it eighter with luck or with strength, due to the fact that Nigeria is a world top team that is capable of defeating world giants in big stages. spain,france,argentina,italy,brazil,england,greace,southkorea.mexico. these above teams are all champions of football in their respective continents and worldstages. some of them lost matches to eagles and the rest had drew with the eagles. some cases we took the lead and they fight for the draw. we are all pars in the game and their fans knows it. you saw how the argentines where happy after their last minutes victory over Naija. which has always been the case(1 goal always seperate us).if this present super eagles presents fearless players like (eze,saka,osihmen,chukueze,ejuke,ejiara,kalu,dessers,onyekuru,nwakali,aribo,ndidi,iwobi,etebo,balogun,ajayi,ekong,aina,ehizibue,sanusi,sadiq,ebuehi etc) with a quality technical input i think argentina can not excape from these bullets wether messi or not. in 2014 if keshi had the likes of ndidi to support strength of onazi and mikel forms. and the likes of kalu and chukueze osihmen in addition to that attack to replace players like ameobi,babatunday,ibrahim,echiebo,nwofor. i think keshi would have defeated france and argentina in that worldcup. that is to say that with quality players both in the bench and field couple with a quality coach like the present one we have now, i think we can pepe anybody in anystage.

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    https://www.goal.com/en/news/ghana-coach-akonnor-wants-to-follow-nigeria-model-in-wooing/z0gclgbkgner1l6ges7v32bwn. Make una read and see how Ghana is trying to copy nigeria’s model of team management and provides a clear concise assessment of our current se team which they described as “transformed”. This is the same Ghana that one over hyped fool said some time ago were better than us.


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