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Bonfrere, Amuneke, Yobo Combo Best For Eagles’ Next Level –Akwuegbu

Bonfrere, Amuneke, Yobo Combo Best For Eagles’ Next Level   –Akwuegbu

Former Nigeria striker, Benedict Akwuegbu has posited that a combination of Dutchman Jo Bonfrere, Emmanuel Amuneke and Joseph Yobo will be a good combination of coaches to drive the Super Eagles greater heights in African and global football, if the NFF and Gernot Rohr’s contract extension negotiation fails to materialize, Completesports.com reports.

“Amuneke and Yobo will make a fantastic combination,” Akwuegbu said.

“The two hold envious records in the game for the Super Eagles and equally played for the biggest clubs in Europe.

“And when you bring in a coach like Bonfrere Jo who is not only experienced but knows so much about Nigeria and African football particularly Nigerian players, it means Super Eagles are on the way to their best glory in Africa and World football.”

Zenith Ziva

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Recently, Nduka Ugbade charged Super Eagles to match their rating in the game with action by surpassing Ghana Black Stars’ quarter-final feat at the 2010 FIFA World Cup finals in South Africa.

Akwuegbu who is called ‘Austria Bomber’ says that feat is not far from actualisation if NFF puts in place the trio of Amuneke, Yobo and Bonfrere.

“Rohr has not really fared badly, but in the face of the unfolding dispute over contract terms, I think bringing back Bonfrere to work with Amuneke and Yobo is the best option,” he added.

“With Jo Bonfrere as technical adviser, Amuneke as Head Coach with Yobo as an Assistant Coach, Eagles are sure headed for the top once again.

“It is my candid conviction that with support, winning the Nations Cup and qualifying for the World and going far beyond the quarterfinals would not just be our target but our birthright.

“We’ve the talents, but all that is needed is the technical combination that will drive our possible first World Cup victory and I believe this combination can deliver that mandate.”

On suggestion that Bonfrere may not be physically strong enough considering his age and might only function better as Technical Director, Akwuegbu disagrees.

Bonfrere will be 74 years old on June 15,.2020.

“It’s not about age. It’s about experience and capability. Besides, he would work with younger coaches – Amuneke and Yobo. That will make a perfect blend,” Akwuegbu submitted.

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  • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

    As much as this looks exciting and promising I will want Rohr to be afforded total respect and liberty to finish the exciting project he started with Nigeria. Although I was one of the people who didn’t like him because of constant using of a then misfiring Ighalo but once proven wrong by his recent record and helping our foreign players to step up I have nothing but to throw my weight behind him.

    The plenty rubbish Rohr is taking from our administration coach Bonferee or even Amuneke and Yobo might not be wise or humble enough to thrive under this NFF leadership. Oliseh is a big example. Ex internationals please let Rohr be, the future is bright for Nigeria.

  • Benakay 1 year ago

    This is 2020 and the world of football has evolved since 2000.
    Akwuegbu was sub par player who was poor whenever he played for Nigeria. That was why he was stuck in the Austrian league all his career.
    The fact that he would even propose that looney called Bonfrere speaks of his intellectual capacity.
    I am shocked that this media outlet would even entertain such rubbish speak.

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    First of all, I give thanks to God for his mercy, knowledge and understanding over me.

    However, this is what I said last week and Benedict came out today and said exact words. If you love your country, Amunike Yobo and Jo are the best for the position. NFF, what are you waiting for?

    It is high time coch Rohr fans should respect me I omo9ja.

    They don’t like their country but they are just pretending. They prefer coach Rohr to their country because they love to celebrate agerage results. Who does that?

    The manager had two chances and wasted both.

    Akwuegbu have said it all. My advice to NFF is this, don’t waist another 4 years for nothing. Call Amunike, Yobo and Jo on board.

    “With Jo Bonfrere as technical adviser, Amuneke as Head Coach with Yobo as an Assistant Coach, Eagles are sure headed for the top once again”.

    I’m very satisfied with this move.

    “Former Nigeria striker, Benedict Akwuegbu has posited that a combination of Dutchman Jo Bonfrere, Emmanuel Amuneke and Joseph Yobo will be a good combination of coaches to drive the Super Eagles greater heights in African and global football, if the NFF and Gernot Rohr’s contract extension negotiation fails to materialize, Completesports.comreports.

    And when you bring in a coach like Bonfrere Jo who is not only experienced but knows so much about Nigeria and African football particularly Nigerian players, it means Super Eagles are on the way to their best glory in Africa and World football.

    Rohr has not really fared badly, but in the face of the unfolding dispute over contract terms, I think bringing back Bonfrere to work with Amuneke and Yobo is the best option,” he added.

    “With Jo Bonfrere as technical adviser, Amuneke as Head Coach with Yobo as an Assistant Coach, Eagles are sure headed for the top once again.

    “It is my candid conviction that with support, winning the Nations Cup and qualifying for the World and going far beyond the quarterfinals would not just be our target but our birthright.

    “We’ve the talents, but all that is needed is the technical combination that will drive our possible first World Cup victory and I believe this combination can deliver that mandate.”

    On suggestion that Bonfrere may not be physically strong enough considering his age and might only function better as Technical Director, Akwuegbu disagrees.

    Bonfrere will be 74 years old on June 15,.2020.

    It’s not about age. It’s about experience and capability. Besides, he would work with younger coaches – Amuneke and Yobo. That will make a perfect blend, Akwuegbu submitted”

    Akwuegbu made my day today. Please NFF, give Amunike, Yobo and Jo a chance to do us proud once more. I’m so proud of we patriotic Nigerians. We have to take our country back. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Benakay 1 year ago

      Why do Nigerians always love living in the past???
      Isn’t it obvious to you that this man is way past it? His recent comments clearly suggest that he may be suffering from dementia – Postulating conspiracy theories and all sorts of nonsense.

      This schmuck had his chance and blew it! Not only did he lose to Cameroon in Lagos during the 2000 ANC final, but also LOST to Sierra Leone and Liberia in the 2002 WC qualification series.

      Is this the clown you want running the SE? I mean, lets use some common sense here, please.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Lolz. De ja vu.

      Let us kuku go an bring back Westerhof too na. No wonder this man has been in the news of late.

      When Pinnick came to the public to boast that many people are begging him on phone for jobs…did anyone of you think it was Pochettino or Mancini….??? LMAO

      This man had a hybrid of our Golden generation and dream team put together at their peak…playing for the best clubs in Europe and in the latter stages of European cup competitions….most of them with overflowing experience from 2 world cups and the Olympics, a team in which none of our present SE players can make the starting lineup (the likes of Amunike and Amokachi where starting from the bench in 2000)….with 2 of our best local coaches of all time Amodu and Keshi assisting him……he couldn’t win 5 AFCON matches on home soil.

      He abandoned his team (like Oliseh did to us) when our 2020 WC qualification hopes were practically dead and buried and we had to rely on bribing and funding the Ghanaian and Sierra Leone national teams to help us derail a more deserving Liberian team. (Pls don’t ask me what I mean by this….Oliseh and Finidi know better if they will be brave enough to tell us the truth someday)

      This man took an Olympic team comprising of Peterside Idah, Greg Etafia, Isaac Okoronkwo, Babayaro, Lawal, Christopher Kanu, Furo Iyenemi, Yakubu Aiyegbeni, Pius Ikedia, Julius Aghaowa, Victor Agali to Sydney and all we got was 1 embarrassing win in 4 matches before Chile sent us packing the the most humiliating manner in our Olympic football history. Apart from these guys I mentioned who were all established SE players by then, none of the rest ever came close to SE level. Need I remind us that we even had to wait for Ikedia’s 95th minute goal in the last qualifing game for the Olympics before we could qualify from a group that had Zimbabwe, Angola and was it Namibia or Eritrea in the first place…???

      And pls don’t tell me about Atlanta….Coaches Willy Bazuaye and Musa Abdullahi were the real heroes of that team…they assembled the team, led them through the qualifiers, led them through the preolympics camping….Bonfrere only joined the team in the USA having been appointed on the eve of the Olympics.

      This is the man we want to hand 3 years of hardwork, sweat and blood to…ably assisted by our 100 caps intern who isn’t even a coach yet and the man who couldn’t qualify for U20 AFCON…???

      Issokay. Na Sidon look we go dey as always. Dead body is about to get accident (apologies to Fela)

    • A.K 247 1 year ago

      Sorry, oga. Can you please remind me of the team that Bonfere Joe is in charge of at the moment or the teams he has coached in the last ten years?

      Akwuegbu should have rather suggested we dug up the corpse of Otto Gloria to come and coach the Super Eagles nah.

      What can Bonfere bring to the table in terms of technique at this time and age in modern football?

    • Forward ever…..Backward never

    • Omo9ja 1 year ago

      I can see the reactions of Oga Rohr fans. You guys really love Mr. Rohr indeed. I love him too but I can’t love him more than my Country.

      My people, don’t take this personal. I love coach Rohr too and I appreciate his work. What I’m saying is that, we can’t compare Westerhof, Jo even Amunike to Oga Rohr.

      For instance, Westerhof used home based players that didn’t have experience and exposure in the national team and won medals. Amunike also followed his footsteps and he took Tanzanian team to Afcon.

      He used inexperienced team to qualify to the Afcon. That alone, is a class.

      Coach Rohr has bn using our foreign base players still, we can’t beat top teams. given Amunike, Yobo and Jo a chance, they will beat top teams easily. Because, the experience and exposure already there.

      Coach Rohr fans should realized that Oga Rohr deserves to have at least two of our ex players with him.

      He failed in Russia because he had wrong assistant coaches with him. He also failed in Afcon last year because he had wrong assistant coaches with him.

      Now, NFF have realized that and introduced Yobo to help Oga Rohr but Yobo alone can not do the task ahead. NFF should please call Amunike on board too.

      NFF should strengthen the goalkeeping
      department as well. The goalkeeping department is weak. This is why Akpayi is our no1.

      Amunike, Yobo and Oga Rohr will get the job done. That is option one.

      Another option is this, Amunike, Yobo and Jo. This this perfect combination if NFF knows.

      Or, Amunike, Yobo and Finidi George.

      We have so many options to choose from my people. Mr. Rohr have nothing to prove to us anymore except our ex players help him.

      Coach Rohr is not doing bad but NFF can manage him still.

      Truth is hot. The only thing that can make him stay is to call two of our ex players to assist him otherwise, NFF should go for Amunike, Yobo and Jo OR Amunike, Finidi and Yobo.

      We have players everywhere and I am not seeing anything stopping us to have a solid team that can beat anything in the world no matter what their qualities or their FIFA rankings are.

      I am not seeing that and the best result we are getting now is draw against the tops.

      I appreciate Oga Rohr, he his trying his best but he need to do more so that we can have a complete team. A complete team that will have a good goalkeepers, reliable freekick takers and cornerbick takers.

      These are the things missing in his team so far. If what I said are the reasons why Mr. Rohr fans are angry with me, they should have a rethink jęję o. Because 1+1 should be 2 not 11. I love you all my people.

      Our primary focus should be on Super Eagles and its should not be on Oga Rohr. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Abdul 1 year ago

        @Omonaiaja….i’m deeply sorry, but it is either something wrong with your way of thinking or you are just working for some carbals. C’mon man! there is absolutely no ounce of common sense in suggesting Amunike and Yobo as chief coach and assistant of a team like Almighty super eagles. Like, are we talking about Gabon or Lesotho?……..Ask yourself, what is their experience and achievements? And Stop this phrases; “Oga Rohr fans”, “I love my country”, they are absolutely annoying. You have never convincingly argued out any point, making most of your judgements so vague and completely irrelevant, rather you just stress over these phrases. If you think im wrong, take a look back and read your write ups again. And if you are planted here to convince Nigerians, at least take a time to reflect on substantive arguements. You can’t just pick up your keyboard and start typing gabbage. Bonfere jo ko Bonfere dance ni. Nonsense….who does that…..?…….mtchwww.

        • Captain Escoba 1 year ago

          By their fruits, you shall know them. Rome they say was not built in a day, so far by my estimation Gernot Rohr has not done badly in the Super Eagle. Let’s check history, Clement Westernhorf took 5 year to create the best super Eagles team of all time after going through some tournaments with them before US 94, Consistency and Continuity is the rule of the game in modern Football. OK check the German Team that won 2014 world Cup, they starting building them from after Euro 2004 failure and it paid them good in 2014 cup and Gernot Rohr was part of that German Administration that achieved that Success. in Nigeria, we are used to fire brigade preparation before Tournaments and always expect miracles to come out of it and at the end it all failed but Thank God for Amaju Pinnick Led Administrations. Look at the current Liverpool Team that won the last Champions league it took Jurgen klopp years to secured that success they are enjoying now. If you like bring Pep Guadiola, Mounrinho and Bonferee Jo to coach this Super Eagles mark my words without Consistency and Contuity they can achieve success easily. So Gernot Rohr should be giving the free hands to finish the good Job he started, just look at the young team and foreign young players he has convinced to play for Super Eagles, tell who else has done that so I believe he is the Best hand for now and we should give him every support to make sure he beat his past records and by the grace of God Super Eagles will excel come 2022 World Cup. As for Emmanuel Amunike, Yobo, Finidi George and Oliseh their time will come but for now they need to learn the Craft of the game and acquire quality Experience and exposure about the round leather game. Thank you

      • steve 1 year ago

        maybe Amunike.Yobo and Papiluwe OR PAJIMO will still get the job done.as long as Amunike and yobo are there,no problem. Arrant nonsense

      • Chuck 1 year ago

        What a dumb suggestion. As a fan you should be advocating for Eagles success not its downfall. Your suggestion shows that you have no good intentions for the Eagles

    • You have never for once make sense, corrupt mind like Akwuegbu

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      29 Thumbsdown….???
      Ahaaaa…Why now…???

    • Chuck 1 year ago

      What a dumb suggestion

  • Y do Nigerians like saying rubbish. If Rohr should leave, someone beta should b taking his place. Not someone Dat has been inactive 4 years, and someone is here supporting dis rubbish.

  • Prince 1 year ago

    Why should complete sport even publish a news about Johannes-Franciscus Bonfrère at this 2020 !!!
    He left us at around 2001…..and thats 20 years ago and we never heard him in the football news !!!…because from 2001 – 2008; he never spend more than a year coaching clubsides…before he run go china from 2011.
    He is in his 70s now and suppose to be in his home as a retired man!!! with the likes of his fellow 70 – 80 yrs olds!!!

    If we are talking about managers like Massimiliano “Max” Allegri or Herve Renard…as a replacement for Rohr … I will have a thought about it.

    If Jo Bonfire is that good till now, why he never coach any club for his native country or even another African nation!!

    My people ooo, why are we this backward when we make decisions for our nation growth.
    Why do we allow nations to laugh at us ???

    na wetin dey worry us sef as a nation? Abi na so curse us reach !!!!????

  • Mr Akwuegbu I thought that u re a good person but now I know that you are not different from some enemies of progress like odegbami and co how can you ask Nff to go for that betrayer called bonfrere Jo that came out after more than 25 years to tell us how westerhof sold our match against Italy,he can’t take is no where,pls u guys should leave our coach Rorh alone to finish his assignments,God bless super eagles

  • GLORY 1 year ago

    One of, if not the worst player ever to wear SE jersey. So,not surprised at his baseless submission. He’s not worthy to even be called ex SE. Everytime Akwuegbu managed to get minutes for SE, it always turned out to be a case of SE playing 11 against 13 of the opponents. A complete ordinary player that benefitted from friends connection,that far better players didn’t manage to have. Anyway his comment here can only be taken in same breath as those coming from the market women, busy on their pepper/ tomato trade.

  • This is madness. I Know something is fishy when bonfrere begins to grant interview with brila and with the publication on CS. What’s wrong with us in this country. Why bonfrere for God’s sake. What’s wrong with us. Who has collected money from bonfrere. Who are the people working for him among the press people. Please let bonfrere go and rest. We don’t need him

  • Sunnyb 1 year ago

    I think the lockdown is really affecting this guy, guys please ignore him. Because  Amuneke won under 16 with some old players, some Nigerians now think ls the dude is the best coach in world, give him the super Eagles with the best working environment the guy would fail. We need to stop hyping nonsense. I just don’t want history to repeat itself from GEJ to Boko Haram in chief Buhari, we should be careful of what we wishing for.

  • Akwuegbu benedict the most undeserving and misfiring eagle to any competition ever…was even brought into the fold by bonfere jo…can’t even remember him scoring a competitive goal for super eagles…

    The trio looks good though but Rohr must finish his good work and amuneke is always welcome to work with Rohr and yobo we all know that…

    Please benedict pray someone else does not reap the good fruits of your hard labour… or is it that Oga Rohr continues to overlook the sub-par players your agency submits to him?

  • We have so many new names in this forum now, you guys should acknowledge the old guys here first.

    You guys should not allow any body to deceive you in this forum, we have so many enemies of progress here, be disciples of no one instead always use your brain, think deep over an issue before commenting.

    I will always be available in case any of you need advice.

    As for the matter on ground, we the real Super Eagles fans will give oga Rohr the chance to continue on some conditions: he must change his approach to game, the Eagles I knew very well are never cowards, we fear no foe! So Rohr must be willing to change and always listen to us .
    He must with immediate effect look for solutions to Eagles goal keeping problem, we are not confident enough seeing akpeyi in goal post.
    Iwobi mustn’t play 90 mins all the game as a no 10,he needs a fight in the position likewise chukwueze too.
    Dennis have matured enough in his game and should be played ahead of Moses simeon on the wings.

    As far as oga Rohr continue to listen to us then we have a deal and no one can remove him not even the incompetent NFF.

    • I think some of your conditions are valid… but let your comments below devoid of point accusing fingers at esteemed forumites….
      Goal or owngoal or offside or over the bar which one you nor day Sefton? Lol

      • Devoid of pointing accusing fingers
        I meant…forgive my typo

      • Pompei 1 year ago

        Person wey em name na GOAL, but by his behaviour, he is not scoring. Rather, na so so OFFSIDE, OVER-THE-BAR, AND OWN GOAL we dey see! HEHEHEHEHEHE!
        But this time, I will call him Goal. The man sha tried today. At least he spoke English, and also made some valid points.
        But if he goes back to speaking German, then we will revert back to his other names – Offside, Over-the-bar, and Owngoal. Lol!

        • I’ve always made good points, it’s just that you guys don’t have your own minds.
          If I’m not angry I wouldn’t speak German.

        • Hahahaha lmao Pompei Pompei ah un want kill me with laff??? Lol

    • A.K 247 1 year ago

      Oga, it’s a public forum. Everyone is here to vent their opinion. No one is an understudy to another person.

      I still think Rohr is not timid in his approach to Super Eagles’ opponent, he might just have been cautious. When you’re building a new generation of players, you won’t want to subject them to defeats in order not to dent their growing confidence. Two super powers in football (Brazil and Ukraine) narrowly escaped defeat in the hands of the young Eagles. The man deserves his job.

  • Edoman 1 year ago

    Bonfrere was a disgrace the way he left the Country. Either some Nigerians have such a short memory or they are so stupid to supporting an Oldman of 78 years old to come and replace a coach who has done so well for Nigeria.

    If you are supporting Akwuegbu to bring Bonfrere who is a non-Nigerian to return to a Country he ran away from some thirty years ago, then you deserve any insult you got from other reasonable and faithful Citizens.

    I still can’t understand what sins Rohr has committed to warrant talking about replacing him with an old and dementia infested non-citizen Bonfrere.

    Why are some Nigerians so backward looking when it comes to the game we all love that they are ready to sell their conscience for a pot of porridge. Yes, Akwuegbu may be taking money from these jobless individual before promoting their interests,
    then, if you buy into it, you are a fool.

  • Pompei 1 year ago

    The AUSTRIA BOMBER don drop bomb with this one ooo. Self destruct bomb, that is. The forumites have said it all. Nothing more to add. Please, please, please, leave Rohr alone to finish what he started. After Qatar 2022, we can talk about his replacement. Until then, enough of these silly distractions!

  • Hello guys, 
    The truth is that Gernot Rohr has underperformed with Super Eagles. Celebrating third position in this 2019/20 is shameful indeed. Westerhof won  Silver at Algers 90 with homebased players  he won bronze as Senegal 92 and followed it up with 1994 Nations cup victory. Since then all our indigenous coaches got is bronze in 2004 ( Chukwu)2006 ( Eguavoen) before World class coach Berti Vogts got us knocked out in quarter final in 2008.
    Our Indigenous coach again Keshi won the cup for us in 2013. Now we returned to bronze again with Mr Rohr. Are we goin forward or backward i ask those opposed to Bonfrere appointment.  If you read Super Eagles matches one thing stands out. Lack of combination play!! And laxk of technical input by the coach. 
    The same lack of rhythm in the games we saw at the world cup repeated again at the Nations cup. The same lack of technical input we noted at the world cup was again at play at the nations cup.  I am sure Mr Amaju notice it hence his recommendation that Rohr proceed on voaching course in Bayern Munich haba!!
    Bonfrere lack of coaching activity has nothing to do with his competence. We have tried world class coaches in Berti vogts  Thijis Libregt  and Lar Lagarback but what did we get? Failure!!!
    Bonfrere knows the terrain and when you analyze his contribution on Sports channel  during the nations cup you would agree with me that Eagles would have done better with him in charge.
    I support  engaging a Dutch coach due to similarities with our playing pattern and more so Bonfrere Jo for his Nigerian experience.

    • Chryx Royce 1 year ago

      so you mean in 2020 we should hiring Bonfere jo what happens to coaches like Max Alegri , pochetino , guadiola , Rogers and other world class coaches that should be an upgrade to Rhor ? instead you are going for a downgrade to him because anyway you put it check Rhor and jo Rhor is way above jo . Rhor has been a member of the german coaching crew technical dept and you should know that position cannot be giving to someone without a record , he has caoched a club and won europa cup silver and you should know what that means

  • Pompei 1 year ago


    Good comment. Here’s my rebuttal.

    You said the team lacked combination play.
    At the Afcon, Ighalo’s goal against Burundi, Iwobi’s winner against Cameroun, Ighalo’s second goal against Cameroun, Iwobi’s goal against Lesotho, Osimhen’s first goal against Lesotho, just to name a few. These goals were all direct results of the best COMBINATION PLAY you will ever see anywhere in the world! Combination play that even the Barcelona of tiki taka fame would have been proud of!
    Lack of technical input? Rohr switched us from 4-2-3-1 to 3-5-2 in the Argentina friendly, and in other games, to enable us cope better with teams that are very strong offensively. He switched Awaziem, a center back, to right back, with great results. He switched Iwobi to the number 10 position. Kept faith with Ighalo when most Nigerians were calling for his head. Got the team playing as one unit, with emphasis, not on individual stars (we have none), but on team strength. And you say we play with lack of technical input?
    My dear brother, when we had “combo play” and “technical input”, we failed to qualify for 2 consecutive Afcons, and languished in number 70 position in the world rankings. I would rather have a coach with no combo play and technical input, who qualifies us for tournaments with games to spare, and has us playing in a way that the Brazils of this world now want to play friendlies with us!

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Hehehehehe. You see how people come here to tell fat lies because of sheer hatred…??? LMAO

      Our 1st goal Vs SA
      All goals Vs Cameroon
      Goal Vs Tunisia
      2nd goal Vs Benin
      1st goal Vs Ukraine
      1st 3 goals Vs Lesotho….abeg na 200m relay baton exchange we take score all these goals…??? LMAO.

      He says no technical input…has anyone noticed a similar pattern in build up to our goals against SA, Ukraine, Benin, Brazil and Lesotho…??? Is it Pinnick that taught them such…? Has anyone noticed we are now dangerous of late with corner kicks…?? Was it Yobo that taught them that…? Has anyone noticed that our fullbacks now record more assists of late than before…??? Was it Odegbami that plotted the gameplan that results in that…???

      And people born with hatred say no combination play…no technical input…in this same team that is now so tactically flexible and can switch from 433 to 4231 to 352 to 442 at will and depending on the opponent…???

      @ Pompei has already said it all

      “…My dear brother, when we had “combo play” and “technical input”, we failed to qualify for 2 consecutive Afcons, and languished in number 70 position in the world rankings…”

      Pls leave us with our coach without technical input and combination play. We love him like that. That’s was how they decieved us with “African Guardiola” until we started digging deep into the FIFA rankings table as if we are exploring for crude oil.

      • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

        LMAO!!! Don’t mind them. Technical input and combo play made us miss out on two consecutive AFCON. There’s no combo play and technical input when we’re now qualifying for tournaments with games to spare lolzzzzz! Abeg we like it that way as long the result are favorable. I’m still rolling in laughter at the number of dislikes on omo9ja comment.

  • Chryx Royce 1 year ago

    for me i think it would be better if just add amunike to the coaching crew maybe in the technical side or second assistant instead of bringing jo because the question for me is when last did jo go for a refresher course on coaching or when last did he coach ? any team even as good as messi or ronaldo are if they liv the game for ten years wen they come back, they can never be as sharp as wen they left . and i don”t think we should give our darling team to rusted hands to rebuild their brand or should i say relounch their careers. westerhof here first won bronze in 1990 with largely homebased players { rokies } then next he won silver 92 and remember the teams were not as much as wen RHOR won bronze meaning if you wanna put the number of matches played wen they won their own bronze and silver and the number of matches Rhor won to get his own bronze you would see that Rhor actually won a gold especially wen you consider our rating before he took over and the strength of opposition teams we had if you are honest you appreciate his work . i came across this article on owngoal.com lets go through it it maybe it can help you understand better where all the fuse and delibrate ploy off layoff Rhor is coming from link below https://www.owngoalnigeria.com/2020/04/10/revealed-how-rohr-and-pinnick-clashed-over-players-invitation-and-lineup/ read and make your own conclusion GOD BLESS NIGERIA

  • Chris 1 year ago

    I stopped reading when he recommended Bonfrere. Football has evolved since then, my friend. Don’t be stuck in the past.

  • OmoEsan 1 year ago

    Much love to true Super Eagles fans
    in this forum like; Dr Drey , Pompei , Hush and co.

    Few weeks before Yobo’s appointment was made public, Elder Segun Odegbami was the first to sell that idea in the media, followed by this same Akwuegbu. Of course it was a PR stunt executed
    with a view to guaging public opinion and prepare grounds for the announcement.
    In the Public Relations we call this third party endorsement and of course it comes with a price. Yobo’s subsequent appointment did not only prove this, but it also proved to us that our Elders can also be bought at a price.
    The so called Austrian Bomber must have taken 3rd Party endorsements as a full time profession now as he has always been a nobody in the scheme of things as far as Nigerian football is concerned. As a player, he was a nobody and post retirement he’s yet to contribute anything meaningful to Nigerian football; be it coaching, scouting, agency, punditry, name it, he has been very unproductive in the scheme of things. So I am not surprised that his professional job now is to be used by some unscrupulous elements in the football house to sell the idea of hiring a certificateless ex player as a coach and a spent force, worn out betrayer like Bonfrere as technical adviser.

    Much respect to Amuneke, but I advise him to warn Akwuegbu to desist from soiling his name, as Amuneke’s progress is still being monitored closely by well thinking Super Eagles fans. Amuneke did well with our U17 team, but I’m afraid that’s the nest the world has seen of him as a coach so far. By my standards, he didn’t do well with Tanzania cuz his team wouldn’t have made it to AFCON if CAF had maintained her 16 team format. Tanzania picked one of the last slots by a stroke of luck hence their poor AFCON outing was not a surprise to close observers. Amunkeke’s stints in the Nigeria and Sudanese leagues also leaves much to be desired, and so we’re watching his current Egyptian surjoun with keen interest.

    Bonfrere for me has always been a betrayer. He owes whatever he has achieved in coaching to his former boss and sworn enemy, Clemence Westerhof, yet he stops at nothing to betray our hero. He betrayed the NFF and the sensibilities of Nigerians when he abandoned the gold winning team in Atlanta, yet returned to ruin whatever good we had left.

    If NFF,tries anything close to this, then Nigerian football is gone for good.

    As for those of us who know what we’re doing, we will swim or sink with Rohr.

  • Complete sport what to just hear our mouth….they want us to vent our anger on them….If anybody try to touch Rhor,I will personally lead a 1million man match to the glass house and kick pinic out by myself…NKITA ALA

  • I am not surprised, Agents at work.

  • KangA 1 year ago

    So the best option for the SuperEagles is to hire a dementia-ridden betrayer as a coach? As if the SuperEagles’s fans would fold their arms and do nothing.

    Pinnick and those goons in the Glass House should try it. They’ll get what they deserve.

  • EZEUDO 1 year ago

    Hey Guys,
    what is worth doing is worth doing well,i remembered when rohr was appointed as SE coach so many people blamed insulted and said all manner of negative things against the PINNICK administration. Rohr said nothing but to silence critics with footballing result.
    1. he qualified SE for world cup with a game to spare
    2. qualified SE for nations cup with a game to spare, after 2 consecutive failures from previous coaches.
    Na where man dey work e dey chop ooo, Mr ROHR done work on this team and not just qualifying them for tournaments he has installed discipline, football science and winning mentality to the group..
    Lets appreciate this Man for once and support him he has not done badly, he accepted to work in Nigeria receive salary without increment and his going about his job professionally.
    convincing more players to come…
    please lets support him which coach is better than ROHR EH??

  • Gr fans are blind because of the love they have for him, there is sense in what akwuegbu said but am not in souport in bringing back bonfere jo. Nff should go for frank rijkard as the technical adviser.amunike and yobo. @omo9ja dont mind them they will soon realize that rohr is not klop or guadiola.

  • Larry 1 year ago

    It looks unlikely that Gr contract will be renewed.Judging by obvious ineptitude in Gr output and subsequent recommendation to send him on refresher courses, the SE needs a management that can effectively read matches, instill winning mentality in the players, transform raw talents to super stars,identify and invite capable goalkeepers,and before competition in the squad.
    If the nff is considering going local, I will recommend a combination of Oliseh/Emenalo/Yobo/Rufai.
    Compared to other local coaches, Oliseh is the only coach with a better record as SE manager and as a coach in foreign teams. Give Oliseh half of the contract offered Gr, he will give us the best.
    Emenalo is the only Nigerian manager with a steady growth in global soccer. His experience with Chelsea and Monaco will provide the much needed boost for our players mentality in matches especially in big games.
    Yobo is the most capped retired SE players and his wealth of experience playing consistently in top leagues in Europe for 15 years is no fluke. As a former captain of SE and his European team, he will bring leadership.
    Rufai remains one if the most intelligent and discipline SE retirees, as a GK, he was one of the best in Africa. Played in Europe and bagged a degree and several licenses after retirement. Presently, he us involved in several youth soccer initiative across the country. He will discover great GKs.
    Carl Ikeme can assist the SE with training and relationship with our foreign players.
    If the nff decides to bring in a foreign coach, the foreign coach should be someone with a much better experience and exposure than the ones I just mentioned and Gr.
    If they decide to hire a foreign coach, frank rijkaard won’t be a bad option.
    Rijkaard,/Oliseh/Emenalo/Yobo/Rufau/Carl can take us to the promise land.
    I do understand that some GR fans may not like this. I will be happy to have a conversation if they can support their argument with fact and not insults.
    GR has done nothing new. the big boss (RIP)qualified Togo for the first and only world cup, won the nations cup and equaled SE world cup record. S.Amodu (RIP) qualified SE for 2 world cup and took our football to the best FIFA ranking.
    Oliseh was one of the best defensive midfielder in his time, played for top teams like Juventus, Ajax and Dortmund, he has one of the best winning ratios with SE while he was the coach, coached a foreign team in Holland and performed creditably well.
    No nation has won the world-cup with a foreign coach. Oliseh can bring 5he world cup home with technical supports from Emenalo/Rijkaard/Rufai/Yobo/Carl

    • KangA 1 year ago

      You’ve forgotten what Oliseh did? After sacking the one and only Enyeama, the best ever Nigerian keeper, in a shameful spell of tantrum, he abandoned his job and fled to Europe.

      Oliseh has bungled his golden opportunity of coaching the SuperEagles. Don’t twist history.

      Just  forget him.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      “…Give Oliseh half of the contract offered Gr, he will give us the best…”


      Oliseh was earning N60m per annum (in the region of $30k at that time) same as what Rohr was earning when he was given the job. LMAO

      The rest as they say is history…LMAO

      Correct yourself while you still can.

  • Guys,
    I like to be engaged on points. Mr. Pompei  outlined his points but i want to react this way. In the military , failure is not reinforced at all! Stupidity is when one continues to do same thing and expect different outcome!!. If any of you supporters of Rohr have got some training in match reading, then i will  ask you what u think went wrong or what we should have done in the match between Nigeria and Argentina at the world cup 2018 and the match between Nigeria and Coroatia in the same tournament.
    Again, I will need you all to tell me if these same mistakes were not repeated against South Africa at Afcon 2019 and against Cameroon  and Algeria in same Afcon 2019.?
    Whereas motherluck saw us through Cameroon and South Africa same luck couldn’t carry us past Algeria. 
    Mr Rohr no doubt is a good manager of men but he  is neither technical sound nor a good match reader. The  build up to the goals cited by Mr pompeoi are not product of training rehearsal but brilliance of the players. 
    Whenever we play, our transition from defense to attack has  always been neither fluid nor smooth. What we see is disjointed movement from defense and confusion in the final third.  We cannot continue like this! Goals are created and made!!   Sometimes I identify our problems while watching  our matches from the comfort of my house and yet surprise that Mr Rohr wouldn’t see such. Even when he identifies the problem,he always hesitate to make the right substitution where necessary to stay in the game. 
    At USA 94. Sachi saw that Amokachi and Amuneke were our livewire and  he neutralized them and got victory from the jaws of defeat. At Brazil 2014 Deschamp saw Onazi as arrowhead of our play with his disruptive play and he neutralized Onazi and won the game. These are example of coaches that read matches. When they do all within the textbook and cant find solution they deploy other means to eke out victory.  In Rohr we do not have a coach that read matches and manages games very well. 
    I am quite confident that with Bonfrere residing in Nigeria his combination with Amuneke/ Finidi and Yobo can make a good team. I do not see Rohr lifting this team beyond  where we are now. We need  a Dutch coach that is grounded in attacking play to get the best out of the numerous talent in the present Super Eagles.

    • Larry 1 year ago

      Provide the complete contract of Rohr including remuneration and freedom given to Rohr. Oliseh did not get half of that.
      Besides, I look forward to a genuine rebuttal on more important factors that I emphasized. Can you compare the performance of Rohr and Oliseh with SE and tell us who has a better winning ratio ?
      It’s obvious that people like did not support Amodu to take us to the world cup on the two occasions that he qualified us for and we ended up paying more for the silly decision.

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Oga….who are you waiting for to help you rebute your lies…??? So you were just talking without even having facts…go and do your own factfinding before coming to say things you don’t know about in public. Rohr’s pay when he was employed is not a secret…it’s in the public domain. He started with what Keshi and Oliseh was paid QED.


        5 wins out of 11 official games is a 45% win ratio.

        29 wins out of 49 games is 59% win ratio

        Maybe the school you wen to taught you that 49 is greater than 59.

        • Larry 1 year ago

          You are wrong Mr..

          Matches played: 14
          Lost: 2

          Goals scored: 19
          Goals conceded: 6

          Oliseh; above 80%
          Rohr: 59%

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Hahahaha…another fat lair….first of all that is not how to calculate win ratio….what you calculated is ratio of matches not lost. Rohr has only lost 9 out of 49….his ratio of matches not lost hence is approximately 82%

            Secondly these are oliseh’s official match records as super eagles coach.

            Tanzania -D- 0-0 AfconQ
            DRC -L- 0-2 F
            Cameroon -W- 3-0 F
            Swaziland -D- 0-0 WCQ
            Swaziland -W- 2-0 WCQ
            Niger -W- 2-0 F
            BFaso -W- 2-0 C
            BFaso -D- 0-0
            Niger -W- 4-1
            Tunisia -D- 1-1
            Guinea -L- 0-1

            This confirms the kickoff.com like I posted above

            11 matches
            5Wins 4draws 2losses

            Win ratio 45% QED

            Stop arguing blindly and give us the list of the phantom 14 matches you are giving us.

            Lastly go and learn basic arithmetics. Ratios and percentages are taught at primary school level.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Hahahaha…so out of 49 matches and close to 30 wins….you single out only 2 out of 9 matches he lost to conclude he’s a failure and attributed the ones he won to “luck”….and you call yourself a match reader…LMAO. Can’t you see you are bias already…??? If you can say he was lucky with the ones he won….we can also conclude he was just unlucky with the ones he lost….after all…it was V.Moses that was ball watching when a left footed defender ghosted into our goal area and even had all the time the the world to perfectly place a ball in the net with his weaker foot Vs Argentina. Even the greatest coaches in the game always pray for luck too cos they know it’s an important part of the game.
      Loosing with the last kick of a very balanced match or with 3 minutes of normal time to play against a clearly superior opponent can be judged to be a typical case of being unlucky…but I know you won’t judge it that way. After all we must give a Dog a bad name to kill it. Lolz

      And for you to claim goals came just out of sheer brilliance of players is the highest level of bias a critic can attain. LMAO….otherwise if all goals being scored by the SE are as a result of the brilliance of the players….then where was their brilliance in the 2 matches you’ve all chosen as you yardstick…?? Typical case of when the teams win….it’s the players…. but when they loose it the coach.

      When something happens once…they say it’s accidental…when it happens twice…it’s a conincidence…but if it happens 3 times or more….my brother tell yourself the truth….I must have been rehearsed. The same pattern of build up has resulted in goals against SA (1st), Ukraine (1st), Benin (1st and 2nd) and Lesotho (3rd) and you claim it was not rehearsed….?? The same build up pattern against Cameroon, Tunisia, Brazil…and you claim it wasn’t planned…??? Whereas a certain Jose Mourinho will say before anything that isn’t a fluke works on the field, it must have worked at least 7 times on the training ground. But you sit in your parlour and just blab what you don’t know….as if the rest of us have glaucoma….???

      The Bonfrere that didnt lift our vastly talented and experienced golden generation 20 years ago is the one that will (after 20years of wandering around the world without anything to write home about) lift these young boys whom GR has moulded into a formidable team that teams have to dig deepest into their amoury before they can managed to finish them off…??

      Sincerely…you need to quit match reading and look for more profitable ventures to do…LMAO

  • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

    People like omo9ja, Stan, goal abi over the bar, Larry and Ike are not worth arguing with. They don’t Worth the time at all. You can observe that they’re either high on something or suffering from one kind of stuck on ingredient before they come here to post utter rubbish. They’re living in stone age, they’re some of the chronic liars I’ve ever seen on a public forum along with a certain aviation technician LMAO!!!! They don’t know anything about what they’re even talking about talkless of knowing something about football.

    • Omo9ja 1 year ago

      Ahahaha, this is very funny o lolz. Ah, I’m still laughing at you @Ayphillydegreat.

      Just because I’m saying the truth about Mr. Rohr, you labelled me and other patriotic Nigerians these kind of names?

      Are we threat to you GR fans?

      Nobody said Oga Rohr is not trying his best.
      His best can not win trophies for us except Nigerians help him.

      We love coach Rohr. I can say none of you, “Oga Rohr fans” love Oga more than me but if you understand the game of football inside out, then you will agree with me that the best thing Oga Rohr is good at is to have a good team without winning trophies unless we help him out.

      We can’t keep doing that. Instead, Amunike and Yobo are the best to get the best out of coach Rohr.

      Is that what you called rubbish?

      Listen @Ayphillydegreat, Olishe, Siasia, Kieshi and Amodu were not enjoy working with NFF like Oga Rohr still, they achieved more than coach Rohr.

      How long it took Olishe to get a good goalie?

      How long did it take him to built the team he left for Oga Rohr?

      Ayphillydegreat and his company should know that Super Eagle is bigger than Coach Rohr and Mr. Amaju and no matter amount of excuses from you guys can make me change my mind from saying the truth you guys known me for since the days of KickoffN.

      Coach Rohr is not good enough to take Eagles to the highest level. I’m not against him to stay if two of our ex players are going to assist him. I want Oga Rohr to stay only if our ex players and him join hands together to work as a team.

      He is not doing badly but NFF have to strengthen the coaching staffs both mentally, physically and technically.

      @Ayphillydegreat and coach Rohr fans are feeling the heat already. It’s okay that way because if we don’t talk, Oga Rohr will feel relax. We patriotic Nigerians will try our very best to help Mr. Rohr. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Mercy 1 year ago

        Hello sir, is fracis uzoho a referee or ball boy? Because you keep hammering on how long will it take Rohr to get us a goal keeper or are you saying uzoho is not a proper goal keeper?

  • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

    Oliseh of all people should not even come anywhere close to the SuperEagles not to talk becoming an assistant. Someone who abandoned the team when they needed him the most. Same with Bonfere how could someone suggest such a spent force to come back and coach the SuperEagles after 20 years? Who does that? What has he achieved since leaving the SuperEagles?? Rohr was a member of the German football administration that developed their youth system that built a formidable team which won Germany a world cup since 1990. Anyone who thinks Rohr is not doing a good job with these SuperEagles team that is young and gradually gaining experience by the days should go and sleep on the express way or better still make use of a lagoon because Rohr will still be here till after 2022 world cup

  • DeStar 1 year ago

    @Ike @ Larry . Brilliant busy guys like you hardly have time to come to the platform. You people have just came up with sensible analysis. @Ike and @ Omo9ja seemed shared the same sentiment in Jo , apart from his option C , that excludes Jo . ( I also disagreed with the choice Jo, Bonfere Jo is a tested hand but it is high time we should stick with our own )

    @Stan @ Goal and all the progressives in the house , please take your time to evaluate brilliant submissions from @Larry , he did not only dissect oga Rohr team , his strong point and his numerous flaws as an average coach , which I have always pointed out but Rohr army of supporters are blinded to his flaws as Oyinbo is their  JM& Pep combined together, and killed their fellow Nigerians coaching careers .

    I refused to buy scrap of their inferiority complex of “ If Rohr is not allowed to do it “ Nigerians coaches can never do it “  Yobo cannot be assistant etc ; we have seen record of  Rohr , in all honesty, oga Rohr did his best but his best celebrating 3rd place match with super condition of service , is simply not our standard, if our local coaches are given the same salary with the same condition of service with support from NFF, I can bet , none of them would celebrate Sliver medal in Afcon.

    If we cannot afford world class coach , why wasting our money on an average coach like Rohr , who if given 10 years development plan ,he cannot win tea cup  ☕️ ,  as he does not have record of ever winning cup in his coaching career with Countries he has handled in the past and has never done any particular thing with the his past and current job unlike Amunike  and Keshi who did what has never done I’m Tanzania in 40 years and Keshi in Togo  who did what has never been done in the history of Togo till date (if any of his supporters can bet it  we will implored oga Rohr be retained to see the wonder he will perform in the next Afcon ). Combination of of the names as listed by @ Larry is simply the best ( due to the current problem with Siasia ) . Rohr cannot give what he does not have , even his employer admitted his failure in the two tournaments he participated in , hence, the recommendation of undergoing coaching training  rather than sacking him ,that is a vote of no confidence !! , but NFF wouldn’t sack him as they would have also shared in the blame, because they knew the highest achievement in the African countries he ever coached was crashing out in the quarterfinals of Afcon and came with F9 records in his last 2 assignments before he was employed as he was always dismissed except in Nigeria less than 2 years in all the countries he had handled, but for corruption in NFF, rewarding him with ridiculous almost double increment from $30k to 50k !!! with clause to continue working from his sitting room in his country as Pep of our time has come ; What a joke country . How many percentage increment would he have been given if he were to win Sliver in Afcon ?
    A failed NFF, that did not reward his local coach for surpassing set target with $1 by winning Afcon but gave a failed coach , almost double increment for coming distance 3rd !

    @ Larry , the problem is , except assurance given to Oliseh that he would be given the same support and condition of service as given Rohr, Oliseh will never accept to work under this present NFF as they only frustrate our local coaches that knows their onions except the yes sir type , NFF are always ready to destroy the coaching careers of our local ones . When Keshi won the Afcon where the NFF have already bought their return ticket except 3 of them that believed in Keshi in the quarterfinals as Drogber , Toure etc were the greatest ever assembled players in the African then , as Drogber , Toure  we’re sharing African footballer of the year pamong themselves , with eagle who were just coming from the previous missed tournament and with some local players from the league that has been written off . Keshi was frustrated to such extent resigned until GEJ came in , that was why Oliseh walked out on them without looking back

  • Collins id 1 year ago

    Hmmmmm. Nor be smallthing for this matter oh. To be honest to my self i am not fully satisfied with rohr but i love his progress and i feel scared of loosing that eagles progress if his contract is not renewed. I also think that he deserve more time at list till the end of 2022 world cup to do real justice. Though i dont agree that he is better than all what we can offer or can get from outside but it will be verry ridiculous of us to sack a coach who just won 2 of is opening qualifiers matches and drew with brazil a current southamerica champion. For the sake of diplomacy and coutsy i think he deserve new contracts. The NFF could have replaced him after the worldcup or after afcon not now that we are in the middle of qualifiers and some new invities are coming in to join the team i think he should be allowed to integrate them.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Don’t get things twisted, nobody has said he is the best we can find all around the world….but one thing that is a fact is that he is far better than those we can find locally.
      The advocates of local coaches always put 2 names forward…the late Keshi and Amodu…but currently, there is no local coach who has the profile of these 2 in terms of experience, exposure, performance and honours as at when the national team was handed to them.
      Amodu had won titles even on the African continent with BCC lions and 3SC and even coached abroad, before he was first appointed as SE coach in 1995. Keshi had been asst coach for 4 years, flying eagles coach, Togo and Mali coach before being given the SE to handle. These 2 guys were proven at the highest level…they were as good as any average oyinbo that will be ready to work in Africa…they were competent enough to be saddled with the job of coaching one of the biggest teams in Africa. Unfortunately both of them are late now.
      Every other Nigerian coach that comes close to them have had their chances and crashed seriously…..we had to turn to oyinbo again after they messed us up so bad our players couldn’t even get transfers to small teams like Birmingham city in England….yea we were that messed up.
      So why ditch a man who is steadily taking us back to the top…every year we have been climbing 10-15 places on FIFA rankings, we are now qualifying for major tournaments with eyes closed….even in our heydays, our road to qualifications has always been bumpy. Our youngest team in the last AFCON (almost out U23 team) needed a moment of brilliance from a world-class star in the very last 2nd of the match to deny us a place in the final after being absent from the previous 2 editions. Our boys are now beginning to attract even the Man Utds, Barcelonas,Real Madrid’s and Liverpools of this world…. everything is now looking rosy for us and it doesn’t even seem we are done yet or that we are stagnated yet….and some racist enemies of progress have suddenly woken up and seen that we are not playing tiki taka or that we have been winning all our matches by pure luck…???
      Really….Are we cursed in Nigeria…?

      If we are to go foreign…which coach will settle for always being owed 2-4 months the paltry $50k we are paying Rohr(which he still has to share with his personal staff). Even small boy Seedorf was earning close to $90k as coach of Cameroon…what was the end product….? Renhard was earning around $100k….what was the end result…?

      If any coach (local or foreign) should replace Rohr currently, it has to be a coach who has at least won something in his career (not youth tournaments o) and has coached at the world cup….that should be the minimum requirement…that would be an upgrade….not the colour of their skin. And unfortunately….there’s currently no local coach…I repeat….no local coach who is an upgrade to the current coach of the SE. Take it or leave it.
      Even the NFF knows there’s no reason to sack a coach whose team is on the ascendancy.
      Our fears has never been Rohr leaving….our fears have always been who will be called in to replace him….and the signs are not looking good at all. First it was Mr 100caps who has not even coached primary school kids…. we’ve not yet quenched that fire, now we are hearing of a man who has never achieved anything tangible since 20yrs ago when he ran away abandoning the team in 3rd position in our WCQ group with 3 matches to go.

      The signs are not looking good….!!!

  • Oga with bonfrere we were conceding goals home and away….away wins where far fetched even against minnows and with the array of superstars he had at his disposal then and judging by results he was a colossal failure…where was bonfrere’so match reading when Congo drew us at AFCON 2000 IN A BARREN UNININSPIRED DRAW? And against Senegal if not for Oliseh and Aghahowa? Where was his match reading against Cameroun in the final couldn’t help have won that match in regulation time? (and this view has nothing to do with my love for him).

    Mission 1
    Rohr came on board and his first set target for himself was to rejig our porous defence converting Balogun to a centerback as against rightback he was initially known for today we are proud of the oyibo wall…today scoring against the Super Eagles is not an easy task be it Brazil or whichever team….mission 1 accomplished with flying colors

    Mission 2
    Rebuilding the team without destroying the core unlike past coaches

    Rohrs has introduced the elimination by substitution to phase out under-performing and aging players..that we don’t miss the absence of any particular player these days so much so that even Victor Moses wantso to comeback…accomplished with flying colours.

    Mission 3
    Rohr has employed 3 cardinal principles of fairness in building this team for the future and the 3 principles are:
    3.Top form
    And if you have yhis three requirements godfather or no godfather you’re sure to be in the Super Eagles Radar.

    So Rohr isn’t perfect so is everyone but his work and results are speaking for him.

  • KangA 1 year ago

    Beats my imagination how people write jumbled epistles to justify the sacking of a coach who has put us on the progressive path. Someone has guided our team from the 70th position in FIFA ranking to 31st position, and you say he is not making progress? You are shouting for the return of Oliseh and aging Jo who abandoned our ship midstream? And the ship sank to the bottom, to an ignominious level such that we became whipping boys in the international arena.

    And people want to twist history, insisting that these same failures and traitors should be handed the national team. Is coaching the SuperEagles their birthrights? Even if Pinnick and his fellows are so irrational as to hand the SE to this disastrous combo, what is the guarantee that they won’t jump ship again at the slightest turbulence?

    We want only a brave and compassionate coach, like Rohr, who will stick with us at good times and at bad times.

    It’s high time we quit acting like a cursed people, shooting ourselves in the feet at the very time we are making progress. Philosophers inform us that life can only be understood by looking backward, but must be lived forwards. It’s only a fool who would not use events of the past to shape his present conduct.

    I can only surmise that some unreasonable people want us to resort to the days of using calculators, goal-differences, away matches, use of ineligible players by opposing teams, and other obscure criteria to qualify for events, unlike now that we qualify with matches to let our able bench see action. Rohr is not infallible, but the SE has never had it so good.

    And we count on the good people in the Glass House to let Rohr be.

  • Hello Guys,
    Let me first reply @Dr.Drey who posited that no NIgerian coach has the pedigree to replace Mr. Rohr. Can i ask @drey one question? What was Pep Guardiolas record before taking over at Bacelona beyond handling their youth teams? What was Deschamp record as coach before becoming French Coach?  Tell me Xavi Hernandez record that  Barcelona has been trying to woo him back to coach them? What did Zidane achieve as coach before Real Madrid made him their coach?

     Ok let go to National teams tell me what Bruno Metsu achieved before  taking Senegal to finals of 2002 Afcon and quarter final of  World  cup same year? Tell me What Pierre Lechantre and Bross won before taking Cameroun to win Afcon in 2000 and 2017 respectively? Renard Herve was nobody before taking Zambia to win Nations cup  and please kindly tell me if his sojourn in his homeland with teams there didn’t end in disaster before he returned to Africa with Morroco?

    I can tell you confidently that any African coach especially black coach that  white people trust enough to hand over their youth teams to manage alone is considered good coach. The racism in the game especially in the  area of  coaching  has been problem to the game.  Black coaches are not giving opportunity to handle clubs overseas but here we pamper them and give them more than their Countries will offer. No black coach is coaching in the English Premiership today . In fact all the top clubs in Europe beside Patrick Viera of  OG Nice are coached by white coaches.
    Oliseh graduated from the UEFA pro license class with like of Franco Zola  and other top coaches but today he has proven that given the opportunity he can match his colleagues as he did during playing days.

    Oliseh took Fortuna Sittard to the elite league in Hollland but was not allowed to continue due to bonuses the little club would have paid him.
    Emmanuel Amuneke won Under 17 with Chukwueze , Osimhen Nwakalis etc and today the guys are in the Super Eagles team. Amuneke coached in Sudan and Egypt after qualifying Tanzania to Afcon 2019  yet  Dr. Drey thinks na moi – moi. Finidi George is coaching youth team of Real Mallorca and doubles as Sporting Director yet Dr.Drey thinks it is easy for European clubs to hand tutoring their future players to anyhow coach.

    I sincerely believe that Mr. Rohr is a good scout and man manager but his  lack of tactical prowess , poor game Management and matching reading  are his greatest flaws. We need a Dutch coach with flare for attacking football. If you compare the Atlanta Olympic team of “96 and the present team of Super Eagles combination play and seamless transition from defense to attack  u will agree with me that we have regressed.